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  1. 🔆  [b][url=]AmoledWalls Pro - Wallpaper [S10 hole punch Walls][/url][/b]  [i][color=green]Personalization[/color][/i]  [spoiler] More than 15 categories to choose from.
  2. Abstract,Animals,birds,quirky,simple,minimal,material,random,nature,sports,soccer,amoled,faith,god,flowers...[/spoiler]
  4. 🔆  [b][url=]WallHub - Pro Wallpaper [S10 hole punch Walls][/url][/b]  [i][color=green]Personalization[/color][/i]  [spoiler] Browse through stunning collection of Wallpaper that can change the way your Android screen looks. Black, quirky, colorful designs: custom made and hand picked.[/spoiler]
  6. ✔️  [b][url=]Word Tower PRO[/url][/b]  [i][color=green]Word[/color][/i]  [spoiler] Word Tower is a new and original word search game with 3 game modes & over 170K English words to be found! How many words will you find, how long will you protect your tower?[/spoiler]
  8. ✔️  [b][url=]Dungeon999[/url][/b]  [i][color=green]Role Playing[/color][/i]  [spoiler] Explore the dungeon with 999 floors full of various slimes with a wandering warrior Jack, the Black Hair, and a magician Rose. Train your characters, discover new magic, and utilize numerous items to get to the 999th floor and find out the cause of slime's rebellion![/spoiler]
  10. ✔️  [b][url=]Demon Warrior Premium - Stickman Shadow Action RPG[/url][/b]  [i][color=green]Action[/color][/i]  [spoiler] Demon Warrior is an action offline game with over 100 stages and interesting battle leagues. Play the game and collect powerful weapons and gems to upgrade your stickman ninja assassin sword and armors. Demon Warrior is the most challenging action game. Fight against the ferocious monsters and deadly dragons with your samurai swords, ninja blade, hammer, bow and many powerful weapons. The game is perfect for all the ninja warriors. It’s a fight to kill or die. Win the battle league and get a chance to become a true ninja shadow warrior.[/spoiler]
  12. ✔️  [b][url=]Boundo: System Tool Set[/url][/b]  [i][color=green]Tools[/color][/i]  [spoiler] 1. App API
  13. 2. School Timetable (for Chinese users)
  14. 3. App Shortcuts and Quick Settings Tiles
  15. 4. Image Modifying
  16. 5. Private Pics Hiding
  17. 6. Themed Wallpaper[/spoiler]
  19. ✔️  [b][url=]Fake GPS Location PRO[/url][/b]  [i][color=green]Maps & Navigation[/color][/i]  [spoiler] Are you looking for a powerful app that can change your current location to any other location? Do you want to send a fake location to your friends or simply post a new pic on Facebook with a different location? If your answer is yes, then Fake GPS Location PRO is just the perfect app for you right now![/spoiler]
  21. ✔️  [b][url=]Cannon Master VIP[/url][/b]  [i][color=green]Arcade[/color][/i]  [spoiler] Monsters are invading us from the sky. Create missiles to defeat monsters.[/spoiler]
  23. ✔️  [b][url=]The Hearts PRO[/url][/b]  [i][color=green]Casual[/color][/i]  [spoiler] Challenge yourself and other people in our new colorful puzzle & brain game The Hearts.[/spoiler]
  25. ✔️  [b][url=]Mystic Guardian VIP : Old School Action RPG[/url][/b]  [i][color=green]Role Playing[/color][/i]  [spoiler] As a great fan of JRPGs themselves, the two creators of Mystic Guardian were dedicated to create a game that has the feeling of classic JRPGs in the 90's. After 5 years of developing and refining to get the right atmosphere, Mystic Guardian is finally ready to bring you back to the past.[/spoiler]
  27. 🔆  [b][url=]River Legends: A Fly Fishing Adventure[/url][/b]  [i][color=green]Role Playing[/color][/i]  [spoiler] River Legends is an indie fly fishing simulation adventure in the great outdoors. Explore the wonders of Pine Canyon while searching for trophy fish amidst serene, retro landscapes.[/spoiler]
  29. 🔆  [b][url=]Funny Bunny Adventures: Fairy Tale[/url][/b]  [i][color=green]Arcade, Action & Adventure[/color][/i]  [spoiler] Funny Bunny Adventures gives lots of fun. At each level you must sow the accessible area with carrots and be in time for reaping the harvest. On the other hand, you must not be caught by various evil characters using the local relief and abilities of a good characters.[/spoiler]
  31. 🔆  [b][url=]Iron Marines[/url][/b]  [i][color=green]Strategy[/color][/i]  [spoiler] From the creators of the award winner, Kingdom Rush saga comes the most extraordinary space odyssey. Fight challenging real time strategy sci fi battles on amazing and unknown planets. Command brave soldiers, mighty mechas and powerful aliens against hordes of space monsters, swarms of insectoids and robot armies in a galaxy far far away.[/spoiler]
  33. 🔆  [b][url=]PowBall Renaissance[/url][/b]  [i][color=green]Arcade[/color][/i]  [spoiler] Very challenging brick breaking retro action with permadeath, weapons, resource management, farming, shop, sub-games. Farm Alchemite by destroying each level with your balls, or purchase weapons to help. Mysterious power-ups. Navigate through sub-games. Buy extra ammo, balls and lives to help you progress through increasingly difficult levels. Fun played solo or up to 3 players local multiplayer with game controllers supported.[/spoiler]
  35. 🔆  [b][url=]Unbroken Soul[/url][/b]  [i][color=green]Arcade, Action & Adventure[/color][/i]  [spoiler] Unbroken Soul is a retro-style action platformer game. Run, jump and slash your way through the huge world of Alaron![/spoiler]
  37. 🔆  [b][url=]WiFi Router Manager(No Ad) - Who is on My WiFi?[/url][/b]  [i][color=green]Tools[/color][/i]  [spoiler] WiFi Router Manager - Detect Who is on My WiFi is a free Network Tools (Who Use my WiFi, WiFi Signal Strength Meter, WiFi Extender, WiFi Security, Router Setup, Router Tools ,WiFi Tools, IP Tools etc.).[/spoiler]
  39. 🔆  [b][url=]Vibrant - Icon Pack[/url][/b]  [i][color=green]Personalization[/color][/i]  [spoiler] 6750+ Icons [/spoiler]
  41. ✔️  [b][url=]Auto-rotate Control Pro[/url][/b]  [i][color=green]Tools[/color][/i]  [spoiler] Our app lets you enable or disable Android's auto-rotate function for individual apps.[/spoiler]
  43. 🔆  [b][url=]ACE Academy[/url][/b]  [i][color=green]Role Playing[/color][/i]  [spoiler] In the year 2049, mechanized robots commonly called GEAR were developed for military application. Since then, their versatile functionality has led them to not only become commonplace in commercial use, but also spawned an entire sports entertainment industry. The prevalent use and popularity of GEARs has created a new academic field known as “Cenorobotics”.[/spoiler]
  45. ✔️  [b][url=]Earth 3D Live Wallpaper[/url][/b]  [i][color=green]Personalization[/color][/i]  [spoiler] Live wallpaper with great 3d graphics. Rotating Earth with day and night view[/spoiler]

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