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  1. Privacy policy
  2. The policy of personal data processing (hereinafter – the policy or privacy Policy) is developed in accordance with the Federal law of 27.07.2006. №152-FZ" on personal data " (hereinafter – FZ-152).
  4. This Policy defines the procedure for processing personal data and measures to ensure the security of personal data of the website owner (hereinafter 1xWin or Operator).
  6. The purpose of this privacy policy is to ensure the protection of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen in the processing of his personal data, including the protection of rights to privacy, personal and family secrets.
  9. If you do not agree to the terms of our privacy Policy, do not use the site!
  11. This Policy contains the following information:
  13. - purpose of personal data processing;
  14. - the list of personal data for processing of which the consent of the personal data subject is given;
  15. - name or surname, name, patronymic and address of the person processing personal data on behalf of the operator, if the processing will be entrusted to such person;
  16. - a list of actions with personal data for which consent is given, a General description of the methods of personal data processing used by the operator;
  17. - the period during which the consent of the subject of personal data, as well as the method of its withdrawal, is valid, unless otherwise established by Federal law;
  18. - information on how you can withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data.
  19. Key concepts used in this privacy policy:
  21. Personal data - any information relating directly or indirectly to a specific or identifiable natural person (subject of personal data);
  22. Operator - a state body, municipal body, legal or natural person, independently or jointly with other persons organizing and (or) carrying out the processing of personal data, as well as determining the purpose of processing personal data, the composition of personal data to be processed, actions (operations) performed with personal data;
  23. Processing of personal data - any action (operation) or a set of actions (operations) performed using automation or without the use of such means with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data;
  24. Principles of personal data collection:
  26. - Processing of personal data is carried out on a legal and fair basis
  27. - The processing of personal data is limited to the achievement of specific, predetermined and legitimate goals.
  28. - It is not allowed to combine databases containing personal data, the processing of which is carried out for purposes incompatible with each other.
  29. - Only personal data that meet the purposes of their processing are subject to processing.
  30. - The content and volume of personal data processed correspond to the stated purposes of processing.
  31. - When processing personal data is assured by the precision�...

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