1. were washing over his skin, making him go limp, making him want to scream. The
  2. world around went dim, and then he was thrusting Mr Johnson’s cock as far into the
  3. back of his throat as it would go, desperately sucking as his new body screamed with
  4. pleasure.
  5. At last, Mr Johnson went rigid. There was a faint sigh, then a strange taste flooded
  6. Chris’s mouth; salty and musty and wonderful. Without thinking twice, he greedily
  7. swallowed, then suddenly Mr Johnson was pulling out his mouth, stepping back,
  8. standing over Chris with a hazy smile on his face.
  9. Chris’s pussy gave a final tremble. He slid his finger out, gave Mr Johnson a servile
  10. smile.
  11. “Thank you, sir.” He simpered.
  12. “Don’t mention it.” Mr Johnson was already zipping back up, his eyes unfocused.
  13. “That’s a special talent you’ve got there, miss-?”
  14. “Christina,” Chris answered, pertly. For the first time since his transformation, the
  15. name felt natural on his lips.
  16. “Well, whatever.” Mr Johnson flashed him a final grin. “Tell your mistress she can
  17. have her party.”
  18. Then he was off, striding across the living room to the front door. Chris watched him
  19. go, not quite sure what he’d just experienced.
  20. Just as he reached the door, Mr Johnson hesitated. He looked round at Chris, still
  21. kneeling before the sofa.
  22. “Just so you know,” he said, “My wife’s away next week. Feel free to come round any
  23. time.”
  24. Chris gave a little nod.
  25. “Yes sir,” he said before he could stop himself.
  26. Mr Johnson gave him a cocksure smile. Then he opened the door and stepped out into
  27. the bright afternoon, closing it with a slam.
  28. Over by the sofa, Chris picked himself up and drifted back towards his cleaning tools.
  29. He picked up his toothbrush, crouched down, and immediately got back to work.
  30. He didn’t realize it, but as he gently scrubbed the floor, lost in a sleepy fog, he had the
  31. biggest smile on his face.
  32. *
  33. By the time the sun fell, Chris had scrubbed the whole house clean and prepared it for
  34. the greatest party in their little suburb’s history. Decorations hung from the ceilings.
  35. Drinks and mixers were placed out on the table. Space had been cleared for a dance
  36. floor in the living room. Surveying his work, he felt surge of strange pride that
  37. somehow compensated for the aching limbs and twinge in his back.
  38. Finally, with an hour to go before their guests arrived, he’d tottered upstairs to get
  39. Jasmine ready.
  40. His sister (mistress, his brain automatically corrected him) was sat before her large
  41. vanity mirror, applying her makeup, her body encased in a tight blue dress. Her eyes lit
  42. up as Chris stepped in.
  43. “Was that Mr Johnson I heard earlier?” She asked innocently, watching Chris in the
  44. mirror.
  45. Chris swallowed. He could still faintly taste his neighbor’s cum; tangy and musty. At
  46. the mere thought of it his pussy started tingling like crazy again.
  47. “My, my big brother,” Jasmine drawled. “You really are a slut, aren’t you?”
  48. In the mirror, Chris saw Christina nod, a faint pink blush spreading out across her china
  49. white face.
  50. “Yes mistress,” he mumbled.
  51. “I always knew it.” Jasmine slowly applied her mascara, “You used to pretend you
  52. weren’t interested in boys, but I could tell.”
  53. Chris said nothing. In the mirror, Christina blushed an even deeper shade of red.
  54. “Here,” Jasmine held up her hairbrush, “come give me a hand.”
  55. Slowly, Chris stepped forward. His body picked up the brush and began expertly
  56. combing Jasmine’s dark hair, sculpting it into waves that tumbled off her crown and
  57. coiled around her shoulders. Framed together in the mirror like that, they almost looked
  58. like sisters.
  59. “Y’know, I always wanted a sister,” Jasmine murmured, as if she’d somehow read his
  60. mind. “Someone who’d go shopping with me. Someone I could talk to about boys.”
  61. Chris nodded.
  62. “I know.” He said.
  63. “When I made my wish, I nearly asked for exactly that.” Jasmine was watching him
  64. work with a strangely open expression. “For you to turn into my older sister.”
  65. Chris avoided her gaze, absorbing himself completely in his work.
  66. “I would’ve liked that.” He whispered at last.
  67. “I bet you would.” Jasmine leaned forward as Chris stopped brushing, pouting at
  68. herself in the mirror. In the artificial light of her room, she looked beautiful.
  69. “But then I suppose this is better, isn’t it?” She said at last, the old smile returning.
  70. “This way I get to pay you back for all those times you annoyed the hell out of me.”
  71. Her reflection shot Chris a playful look.
  72. “Take your panties off.”
  73. In the mirror, worry stole across Christina’s face.
  74. “M-mistress?” Chris stammered.
  75. “Now, maid.” Jasmine’s eye flashed dangerously.
  76. He had no choice. With a small moan, Chris reached under his skirt and slowly pulled
  77. his lacy panties down, over his long white leggings, over his high black boots. He
  78. carefully stepped out of them then them up for his mistress to see.
  79. “Good.” Jasmine smirked. “Now turn around and bend over.”
  80. Silently, Chris obeyed. Placing his hands on his smooth thighs, he slowly bent forward
  81. until his dress rode up, exposing his naked ass and trembling pussy to the world.
  82. Behind him he heard Jasmine giggle.
  83. “OK, that’s enough.” She said.
  84. Chris obediently straightened up and turned back to his sister, hands laced obediently
  85. behind his back. Jasmine had turned her attention back to her makeup now, applying
  86. red lipstick with expert precision.
  87. “Don’t worry,” she smiled. “I’m not into girls. Even though in your new body it
  88. wouldn’t technically be incest. At least, I don’t think so.”
  89. She leaned back to admire herself, winked at him.
  90. “I just want you looking your best for my party.”
  91. The color drained out of Chris’s face. A cold finger wormed its way into his heart,
  92. sending chills through his body. All this time, he’d assumed Jasmine would keep him
  93. out the way during her party, keep him hidden. The thought of all the kids from school
  94. seeing him like-like this made his old feelings of horror come flooding back.
  95. “Jaz,” he croaked. “Please, you can’t…”
  96. “I can do whatever I like.” His mistress declared, “You’re my maid, remember? And I
  97. want you at my party.”
  98. Her eyes twinkled at him.
  99. “I’ve invited everyone.” She purred. “I want the whole school to see you like this. I
  100. want you to remember forever when the whole world saw you as my slutty little maid.”
  101. “What do you think, Christina?” She tilted her head. “Good idea?”
  102. No! Chris wanted to shout. It’s a fucking terrible idea! You’ve gone too far, Jaz!
  103. Instead, he simply felt his body bow its head.
  104. “Yes, mistress,” he said, humbly.
  105. “Excellent.” Jasmine finally stood up, gave herself a twirl. “What do you think?”
  106. “You look beautiful,” Chris whispered. He really meant it.
  107. “I know.” Jasmine shrugged. “You’re not bad yourself. Huge improvement on your boy
  108. body. Some of the girls might even fancy you now.”
  109. Chris wasn’t quite sure how to respond to this. In the end he said nothing.
  110. “Now come on, maid,” Jasmine swept past him, out onto the landing, “let’s get my
  111. party started!”
  112. *
  113. It was the strangest night of Chris’s life.
  114. From the moment the first guests arrived, he was thrown headlong into his role as
  115. Jasmine’s maid. Every time the doorbell rang, he dropped everything he was doing and
  116. scurried over, opening it with a big, servile smile. In between he mixed drinks in the
  117. kitchen, then carried them round the house on a large silver tray, offering them to his
  118. unsuspecting classmates with a flutter of his eyelashes.
  119. At first, Chris was terrified someone would recognize him. That his new life as a
  120. compliant, busty maid would be exposed for the entire school to see. But as the night
  121. wore on, it dawned on him that not only would no-one ever guess this attractive girl
  122. was Jasmine’s scrawny brother, they simply didn’t care.
  123. He was all but invisible.
  124. It was at once a great relief and a deeply unnerving experience. As he threaded his way
  125. through the crowds, drinks tray grasped before his gigantic breasts, no-one gave him a
  126. second glance. He was just a servant, hired in for the night by Jasmine to give the party

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