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  1. Why Check?
  4. To make sure your license is valid
  6. Some drivers are surprised to learn when they are told by road service inspectors that their license is no longer valid. When drivers are stopped by a post office, they think that this is due to the need to write a fine. But, as a rule, this is not the main reason why the car can be stopped. And it depends more on the state you live in.
  8. To make sure information is correct
  10. If in your opinion, the status of the license is not true, this is a reason to change it. For example, provide proof that you graduated from the driving school. Or you forgot to receive the SR22 that was sent to you by the insurance company. Simply put, a systematic check of your driver's license status is an occasion to remind you once again of the importance of this document and the need to make certain changes to it in a timely manner. If this is not done, then this can lead to serious consequences, in addition to a fine.
  12. Suspended Driver's License
  14. What does the phrase "your driver's license has been suspended" mean? This suggests that your driver's document has lost the legal force for some reason at the moment. Therefore, you are not entitled to use and drive your own vehicle.
  16. There are two types of license suspension: temporary and indefinite. In the first case, you will have to wait for the expiration of prohibited sanctions, pay a fine at the established amount, and renew the license. In the second case, you will be deprived of a license due to definite suspensions: driving in a drug or drunken state, violation of traffic rules, and riding without insurance.
  18. The indefinite suspension of your license means that you can renew it only after paying debts and tax fees. These include child support, taxes, etc. Also, your license may be indefinitely suspended from administrative review suspension in some states if you have a medical condition that makes you dangerous on the road.
  20. If you decide to ignore the law and continue driving with a suspended license, then you face deprivation of rights and heavy fines. And if you get into an accident, then you can become not only the culprit of a traffic accident but also the person who can commit a criminal offense.
  22. Revoked Driver's License
  24. A revoked driver's license is when your license is completely revoked and cannot be reinstated. In order to obtain a license, you must again submit a request and receive a positive response from your state’s DMV, pay all fines, and re-pass the licensing process by passing tests. With a positive outcome of the whole procedure, you will be issued a new driver's license. Common reasons for revoked driver's licenses: driving without insurance, guilty of a serious traffic offense, fake documents, repeated violation of traffic rules, health conditions, age.
  26. Reasons Driver's Licenses May Be Suspended
  28. Analysis of the most common reasons for the suspension of a driver's license:
  30. Excessive Moving Violations
  32. If you, as a driver of a vehicle, systematically violate the rules of the road, then your rights will be seized and suspended.
  35. Driving Under the Influence
  37. If you are driving while intoxicated, you must understand that you may be deprived of your driver's license for driving while drunk. And the period of suspension of rights for this activity depends on the degree of violation. If you are stopped by traffic officers, you will need to take a blood-alcohol test. If you answer the inspectors with a refusal to pass the test, then you will immediately take away the rights. If you are found guilty of using DUI, then your license will be revoked for a period of 6 months to 1 year.
  39. Driving with a Suspended License or No License
  41. If you decide to drive with or without an expired license, then this act will be considered an offense. And you'll pay $1,500 for it. If you do not have such money, then you can be imprisoned for 5 days.
  44. Driving without Insurance
  46. The insurance pole is an important document in the process of burning. If you are driving, but without an insurance pole, then you will be fined for this violation. Without an insurance pole, the driver automatically deprives himself of financial protection in the event of an accident, even if he is not guilty. Some states offer citizens to insure themselves, but this process is much more expensive.
  48. Other Driving-Related Violations
  50. A driver's license can be suspended if you: recklessly drive a car, you are the culprit of a fatal accident; throw a car on the highway, convicted in another state.
  52. Physical or Psychological Disqualification
  54. DOT has the right to request a repeated examination of any person who raises doubts about driving behavior. The rights of any citizen to drive can be suspended if re-examination determines that the driver has a physical or psychological deviation.
  56. Non-Driving Reasons for License Suspension
  58. There are some violations that are completely unrelated to the driving process, but at the same time can lead to the suspension of the license. For example:
  59. ignoring the notification of the Department of Transport;
  60. - not appearing in court;
  61. - not payment of fines;
  62. - no tax charges;
  63. - alimony debt;
  64. - transfer of the license to another person;
  65. - the use of another person's license;
  66. - forgery of the license;
  67. - not legal use of the license;
  68. - indebtedness to DOT;
  69. - no notice of the accumulation of points;
  70. - truancy;
  71. - not legal conduct of a minor.
  73. Habitual Recklessness or Negligence
  75. If you were a participant in 3 or more accidents in 12 months or scored from 3 or more offenses in 1 year, then your license may be suspended.
  77. Habitual Offender
  79. If you participated in 3 or more accidents in 12 months or committed 3 or more offenses in 1 year, then your license may be suspended.
  81. Driving with a suspended license
  83. If you think that you can go to the nearest store with expired rights or no rights at all, then you go around. Driving a car with suspended rights will certainly lead to penalties, but if you suddenly get into a car accident, then the charges can escalate from an offense to a crime. Driving with a suspended license may not change your life for the better!
  85. For example, your license may be revoked without the right to restore. And to start driving again, you'll have to go back to your state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and resume the licensing process. In addition, you will have to pay fines. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to avoid revoking your license - do this, do not risk it.
  87. How to get your license reinstated
  89. To get your license reinstated, look into it at the local DMV. Perhaps this will be due to the departure of time and/or prison sentence, payment of a fine for reinstatement, etc.
  91. In addition to the above reasons, which may affect the suspension of the license, include:
  92. - Wait for the length of the suspension
  93. - Pay reinstatement fees;
  94. - Show evidence of motor insurance (and sometimes SR22)
  95. - Present documents confirming the completion of training sessions;
  96. - Pass the state exam - test for the driver of vehicles;
  97. - Analyze criminal charges that may or may have led to the suspension of the license.
  99. It is worth noting that restoring a license may take a certain amount of time. But this is better and safer than driving with a suspended license. Don't break it!

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