2. Magic Mirror
  3. By Jessica Nolan
  4. “At midnight you’re gonna want to take a walk around the hotel, just to check
  5. on things. Shouldn’t be any problems. Then at around two in the morning
  6. you’ll walk around the hotel again, shouldn’t be any problems then either. At
  7. four in the morning…”
  8. I suddenly interrupt Alice, my new boss. “Let me guess, I walk around
  9. the hotel?”
  10. The older woman looks at me in stunned silence, her large eyes frozen
  11. behind the thick-rimmed glasses that perch between us atop her pointy nose.
  12. “How did you know?” Alice finally asks.
  13. “Just a guess.” I tell her, trying not to laugh.
  14. Alice smiles and nods. She’s a very sweet woman but achingly dull,
  15. much like the rest of this place. “Shouldn’t be a problem,” Alice tells me.
  16. Tonight is the first night at my new job and, despite my best efforts, I
  17. still don’t think that I’m quite prepared for all of this excruciating boredom.
  18. Of course, it could be worse. Most of my friends are working their way
  19. through college as baristas or flipping burgers, so my new position as night
  20. clerk at the local bed and breakfast is nothing to scoff at. It pays well too, and
  21. the fact that I was able to get this job at all was pretty astounding, seeing as
  22. I’m just one guy in a small college town of thousands, all of them looking to
  23. make a few bucks and alleviate the financial strain of the modern college
  24. experience.
  25. “Any questions, Mark?” Alice asks as she pulls on her large fur coat.
  26. She is slow and bumbling, her gray hair falling messily over her face as she
  27. tries her best to brush it away.
  28. I think for a moment. “No, I think I’ve pretty much got it. I just stand
  29. here and wait until someone wants to check in, I plug them into the computer
  30. and then help them to their rooms.”
  31. “And at midnight?” Alice asks.
  32. “I take a walk around the hotel,” I tell her.
  33. “And why do we walk around the hotel?” Alice continues.
  34. I think about this for a moment and suddenly the entire thing strikes me
  35. as a little odd. I’ve been so caught up in trying to avoid the inevitable
  36. drudgery of sitting at this desk all night, that I hadn’t really given any though
  37. to the reasons why I was asked to patrol the hotel grounds.
  38. First of all, this place has nothing that anyone would want to steal, at
  39. least nobody with half a brain. Calling it a hotel was a fairly generous
  40. assessment, and in reality this ancient manor was much more of a quaint bed
  41. and breakfast that was in serious need of a remodel. Of course, if spending
  42. the night in a haunted house is your style, then the Hilltop Hotel might just be
  43. the place for you. Regardless, there was little here of value; no television, no
  44. stereo, just an old piano out in the living-room-turned-lobby and that was
  45. much too large for anyone to make off with.
  46. It’s also not like there are all that many people here in our little corner
  47. of Maine who are looking to cause trouble. Sure, college kids are dumb, but
  48. there just aren’t enough of us out here to make the bad apples something
  49. worth worrying about. It’s a peaceful place, somehow existing outside the
  50. real world bubble of crime and disorder.
  51. “I have no idea,” I finally tell Alice, cracking myself up. “I’m sorry. I
  52. mean, I know when I’m supposed to check things out but I really can’t
  53. remember why.”
  54. Alice’s face immediately goes from sweet and good-natured to gravely
  55. solemn, awash with concern. “This is very serious.” Alice tells me.
  56. “I know, I’m sorry,” I assure her. “I really am.”
  57. “Check the hotel, check the garden.” Alice informs me. “And make
  58. sure nobody goes into the door on the fourth floor.”
  59. Suddenly it all comes flooding back to me; the fourth floor. I had
  60. forgotten about the old woman’s obsession with her late husband’s study,
  61. located in the pinnacle of this strange old house. The room was kept locked
  62. and was completely off limits to both guests and staff. To be honest, the
  63. entire thing had completely slipped my mind as it was just one less thing for
  64. me to think about while I sit here bored out of my skull, but now that Alice is
  65. making such a huge deal about it, I find myself intrigued. Was there
  66. something up there hidden away that would be worth someone stealing?
  67. Apparently, this woman thought so.
  68. “Of course!” I tell Alice. “I’ll keep an eye on it.”
  69. Alice nods. “Good, good. It’s locked anyway but you can never be too
  70. sure.”
  71. I smile and walk the old woman out, opening the door for her as she
  72. heads into the cold northeastern night.
  73. “Have a good one, Alice!” I call.
  74. The woman waves in return, disappearing into the darkness as I shut
  75. the door and head back to the hotel front desk. I center myself and look down
  76. at the smooth oak surface, taking it all in. This is going to be my new view
  77. five nights a week during the quarter.
  78. Unfortunately for me, there is no service out here in the deep Maine
  79. woods, distant from both the campus and the small central town, so I won’t
  80. be sending any texts tonight.
  81. I turn to the old desktop computer to my right and try to see is I can
  82. connect to the Internet, but my suspicions are correct and I soon find that
  83. even an online connection is nonexistent. I click through a few folders on the
  84. computer, searching desperately for a game of any kind and then suddenly
  85. breathe a sigh of relief as I find an ancient version of solitaire, which I
  86. quickly boot up and start playing.
  87. An hour flies by quickly as I relearn to play this card game of my
  88. childhood, not a single person entering or exiting the hotel lobby. According
  89. to Alice, not many people stay here, which is a strange thing for a business
  90. owner to be fully aware of and not do anything about. Regardless, it means
  91. that I could be going several nights without providing a service to anyone.
  92. Currently there is only one guest staying at the Hilltop Hotel, and they
  93. haven’t made a peep.
  94. Now that midnight has finally arrived, I pause my game and make my
  95. way through the ground floor of the building, scanning my surroundings for
  96. anything out of the ordinary. To be fair, everything is a little bit out of the
  97. ordinary around here, the furnishings consisting mostly of things that Alice’s
  98. late husband collected on his business trips back and forth between the
  99. United States and England. The entire manor has an eerie, old world vibe that
  100. can rarely be found on this side of the Atlantic.
  101. As expected, everything checks out on the first floor, so I make my way
  102. up to the second, which is basically just two long hallways with a few
  103. bedrooms scattered throughout. There’s nothing to see here, so I continue
  104. upward.
  105. The moment that I reach the third floor landing I immediately notice
  106. that something is wrong. The rooms here are as they should be, clean and
  107. empty, but a dim light shines down from the stairway to the forbidden fourth
  108. floor, casting the landing in a strange glow.
  109. I walk briskly over to the bottom of the stairs and look up them, finding
  110. that the door at the top has been left wide open. The lock on the door appears
  111. to have been cut by some kind of heavy-duty bolt cutters.
  112. “Shit,” I say to myself, my heart suddenly skipping a beat. I’m not
  113. superstitious in any way, but the way that Alice was acting about this
  114. particular room was unusual enough to make me a little cautious as I make
  115. my way up the stairs. The room appears slowly as my view finally crests over
  116. the top and reveals the attic.
  117. Before me is a seemly normal room with rustic hardwood floors, the
  118. wallpaper appearing to be exactly the same as it is the rest of the manor.
  119. There’s even a small table and chair positioned awkwardly against the far
  120. wall. However, in this particular room a medium sized mirror hangs central to
  121. everything; deep, black and foreboding.
  122. I take a few more steps up until I can see my form in the mirror
  123. hanging directly across the room from me, and then stop abruptly in complete
  124. shock.
  125. My reflection in the mirror is almost exactly as it should be, except the
  126. gender has been reversed. Instead of my usual, short-chopped hair, long
  127. waves and ringlets cascade down around my shoulders. My cheekbones are
  128. higher and my lips slightly more plump, and two massive breasts sit atop my
  129. chest.
  130. I glance down, just to make sure that I’m still me and, sure enough,
  131. nothing has changed. When I look back in the mirror, however, my feminine
  132. features remain.
  133. Suddenly, there’s a loud creak from the third floor hallway behind me
  134. and I spin around, just barely catching a glimpse of someone’s shoe as they
  135. take off down the lower stairs.
  136. “Hey!” I call out.
  137. Suddenly, the mystery man is running, their feet slamming hard against
  138. the floor as they race down the staircase. I immediately follow in hot pursuit,
  139. leaving the attic wide open as I sprint as fast as I can downward.
  140. No matter how fast I go, the man always seem to be just the slightest
  141. bit in front of me until we reach the lobby and, somehow, I manage to catch
  142. up with him, grabbing the guy by the shirt collar as he tries in vain to escape
  143. out of the hotel’s front door. I pull him back and spin him around.
  144. “What are you doing?” I ask firmly.
  145. The mystery man shakes his head, stammering something about getting
  146. lost on his way to the bathroom.
  147. “You got lost so you cut the bolt on a door?” I demand to know.
  148. “Please.”
  149. Suddenly, I recognize the guy. He’s the only guest that was checked in
  150. tonight, a quiet and unassuming man when I first saw him, now wide-eyed
  151. and terrified after being caught red handed.
  152. “Do you know what’s up there?” The man asks. “Do you realize what
  153. that mirror is?”
  154. “I’ve seen mirrors,” I inform him.
  155. The man shakes his head violently. “Not like this one, not at all like
  156. this one. That mirror is a piece of history, it belongs in a museum not locked
  157. up in this old bed and breakfast.”
  158. “Well, that’s not yours to decide.” I tell him. “Now sit down while I
  159. call the police.”
  160. “No, no, no. Listen to me.” The man says. “Have you heard of
  161. Lenoris?”
  162. “The god of change? Greek myth?” I respond, humoring him more than
  163. I probably should.
  164. The man holds up his hand, revealing an ornate tattoo of the male and
  165. female symbols combined into one. “Lenoris is the one true god, and that is
  166. their mirror.”
  167. I shake my head, suddenly realizing that this guy is utterly batshit
  168. crazy. “Okay, I’m calling the cops.”
  169. “No, wait!” The man protests again. “Help me bring Lenoris’s mirror
  170. back to the people. It can’t be locked away like this.”
  171. I stop for a moment and let out a long sigh. As much as I hate to admit
  172. it, this crazy guy has made my night much more exciting than I expected it to
  173. be and, if I have to be here for a few more hours, I might as well squeeze as
  174. much entertainment out of him as I can.
  175. “Okay, fine,” I cave. “Tell me about Lenoris’s mirror.”
  176. The man relaxes a bit, although deep behind his eyes I can still sense a
  177. crazed and frenetic energy. “Our god is the master of fluidity. Through
  178. Lenoris, your given body is just a starting point, not an ending.”
  179. Unable to stop myself, I immediately burst out laughing. The crazy
  180. guest is not amused by my reaction and immediately tries to walk past me, up
  181. the stairs again. I grab him and pull him back.
  182. “You need to leave right now,” I tell the man.
  183. He shakes his head. “Not without that mirror.”
  184. Suddenly, all of this messing around isn’t funny anymore. I march over
  185. to the front desk and pull it open, removing a can of mace that Alice has left
  186. inside for circumstances like this one, as rare as they may be.
  187. The second that he sees what I’m carrying, the man throws his hands
  188. up in the air. “Whoa, whoa, whoa!”
  189. “Get the fuck out,” I tell him. “Right now.”
  190. The man backs up slowly until eventually he exits through the front
  191. door, which I lock behind him. I watch as he walks off into the darkness in
  192. defeat.
  193. “Holy shit,” I finally sigh once he disappears completely, letting out a
  194. long breath of anxious air.
  195. I walk over to the front desk and pick up the phone, trying to decide
  196. whether I should call Alice or the police first. The dial tone buzzes in my ear,
  197. droning on and on as I hold the receiver like a statue. Suddenly, I hang it up.
  198. Despite the clear mental issues going on with this strange man, the
  199. mirror had actually been very intriguing. Now that the attic is open, it would
  200. be a complete waste for me to not go up there and check things out. Maybe
  201. my eyes had been playing tricks on me before, but maybe they hadn’t.
  202. I check once again that the front door is locked and then quietly make
  203. my way up the many flights of stairs towards the hotel attic.
  204. Of course, the attic door is still wide open when I get there, a shaft of
  205. eerie light shining down along the staircase below.
  206. I make my way up the stairs and into the strange room, immediately
  207. finding that the mirror now reveals nothing more than a standard reflection. I
  208. hate to say it, but I’m actually a little disappointed, some deep part of me
  209. yearning to be involved in the strange supernatural mystery.
  210. I step closer, and closer still, peering into the mirror’s hard, perfectly
  211. flat surface. Nothing seems out of the ordinary.
  212. I slowly reach out and touch the glass.
  213. Suddenly, pain surges through my body, causing me to double over and
  214. stumble backwards. I’m reeling from the sensation, trying hard to stay
  215. upright but eventually succumbing to the powerful aches that pulse through
  216. me. The next think I know, I’m on the floor, moaning loudly in a crumpled
  217. ball. It feels as though my body is being pulled apart, every atom within me
  218. stretching and mutating.
  219. Eventually, though, the discomfort passes. I now find myself laying flat
  220. on the wooden floor, staring up at the ceiling above as I struggle to catch my
  221. breath. I sit up slowly, thankful the chaos is over until I catch a glimpse of
  222. my own reflection.
  223. Once again, my gender in the mirror has been reversed, but as I slowly
  224. look down at myself, I realize that my reflection is not the only thing that’s
  225. changed.
  226. “Oh my god,” I gasp, reaching up and grabbing ahold of my brand new
  227. tits.
  228. I’m a woman now.
  229. I stand up abruptly and begin to explore this new body. My cock has
  230. disappeared, and in its place is a beautiful pussy, aching and wet. My muscles
  231. are toned, lean, and youthful.
  232. “Do you understand the power of Lenoris now?” comes a confident
  233. voice from behind me.
  234. I spin around to find the man from before standing in the attic doorway.
  235. “I don’t know if I… this is…” I stammer, not quite sure what to say.
  236. “It’s amazing, isn’t it?” the man in the doorway continues.
  237. “Yes,” I admit with a nod.
  238. “How do you feel?” the man asks.
  239. I consider his words, then take a minute to check in with myself, trying
  240. my best to calm down given the utterly surreal circumstances. My body
  241. certainly feels different, but there are many things about this feminine form
  242. that remain similar. I’m still a human being, after all.
  243. “I feel like myself,” I finally say.
  244. The man in the doorway smiles. “I never got your name,” he says.
  245. “I’m Mark,” I tell him. “You?”
  246. “Erik,” he says. “Are you a believer now?”
  247. I’m not quite sure if I’m ready to make this leap yet, but when I think
  248. about everything that’s happened in the last few minutes, it seems crazy not
  249. to. This isn’t just some flight of fantasy, this is a true-to-life miracle that has
  250. completely transformed my body. I can see it, and I can sense it.
  251. Truth be told, I’m starting to sense a lot of things now. For one, the
  252. new female hormones that course through my system are much more
  253. powerful that I expected. Maybe it’s simply due to the fact that I’m not used
  254. to them yet, but regardless of the reason, these emotional surges that pulse
  255. through me cannot be denied. At first, the feelings are hard to recognize, but
  256. the longer I stand here, the more they begin to take shape and form a potent,
  257. erotic venom.
  258. I’m horny, and not in the way that I’m typically used to. Now that I
  259. exist in a woman’s body, there’s nothing I crave more than a huge fucking
  260. cock. I’m not gay, and I’ve never been attracted to another man before in my
  261. life, but I can’t deny how good Erik is looking.
  262. The man in the doorway can sense it, too, I soon realize.
  263. I watch as Erik’s eyes linger across the curves of my body, lustfully
  264. taking it all in.
  265. “If you touch the mirror again, you can change back,” Erik informs me.
  266. “But, you know, if there’s anything you want to try out in the body of a
  267. woman, now is your chance.”
  268. I’m trembling with nervous apprehension, but I don’t stop Erik as he
  269. steps closer. Eventually, we’re pressed right up against each other,
  270. exchanging heat through our bodies.
  271. “I want you,” I finally coo, giving in to my desires.
  272. Suddenly, Erik and me are exploding with passion, kissing each other
  273. furiously as our hands tear away at the clothing the separates our skin. I’m
  274. pulling Erik’s shirt up over his head and tossing it to the side, and he does the
  275. same to me.
  276. Overwhelmed with arousal, I quickly drop down into a squat before the
  277. handsome man. I frantically unzip his jeans and then, moments later, pull
  278. forth an absolutely enormous cock, rock hard and swollen as it juts out
  279. toward my face in all of its fleshy glory.
  280. Erik lets out a long, satisfied groan as I wrap my fingers tightly around
  281. his shift, throwing his head back and letting the sound slip slowly from his
  282. lips. As I pump my hand across the man’s length he pushes back against me,
  283. rocking his hips in time with my movements.
  284. It’s not long before I take things to the next level, opening my mouth
  285. wide and swallowing Erik’s enormous shaft. The man’s girth stretches my
  286. lips to the brink, but I somehow manage to take him, bobbing my head up
  287. and down at an ever-escalating pace. With my free hand, I reach up and begin
  288. to cradle Erik’s hanging balls, drawing on my own previous experiences as a
  289. man to provide him with the best service possible.
  290. Honestly, I still can’t believe this is happening, but there’s something
  291. about it that feels right in every way. While I typically find myself on the
  292. opposite end of this sexual equation, my feminine desire is natural and
  293. unforced. This is who I am now.
  294. Eventually, I muster up all the focus I can manage and then push
  295. myself down onto Erik’s rod, much deeper than any previous pump until the
  296. head of the man’s shaft is pressed hard against the limits of my gag reflex.
  297. Somehow, I manage to relax my neck, allow Erik to pass through and
  298. plummeting his cock all the way down to the hilt. The next thing I know, my
  299. face is pressed hard against Erik’s muscular, toned abs, his dick completely
  300. consumed in a beautiful deep throat.
  301. Erik places his hands on the back of my head and holds me here for a
  302. moment, savoring the feeling as I submit myself to him. When I finally pull
  303. back with a gasp, spit flies everywhere, hanging between my lips and the
  304. head of his cock in a long, glistening strand.
  305. “I need you to fuck me,” I beg. “I need you to take this brand new
  306. pussy for a ride.”
  307. I fall back onto the floor, pulling off my pants and underwear and then
  308. tossing them to the side. I spread my slender, womanly legs wide, allowing
  309. Erik to get a good look at my wet slit as I tease him playfully.
  310. “Like what you see?” I ask, smiling mischievously.
  311. Erik nods and then climbs down into position before me. He takes my
  312. legs in his large hands and then spreads me even wider, allowing his massive
  313. dick to align with the entrance of my tightness. Even though Erik is clearly
  314. just as horny as I am, he teases me for a moment, allowing the head of his
  315. cock to just barely slip past the lip of my brand new pussy, then pulling back.
  316. “Do it!” I demand. “Fuck me right now!”
  317. Finally, Erik has mercy and slides forward with his enormous rod,
  318. impaling me across his length.
  319. I let out a startled gasp as Erik enters me, not entirely prepared for his
  320. incredible size. Regardless, the sensation of being penetrated like this is
  321. entirely foreign, and it takes me a moment to actually come to terms with
  322. what’s happening to my body. Nerves are being stimulated within me that I
  323. never knew I had, and with them comes a warm, pleasant ache.
  324. The sensation builds with every thrust, spilling out across my body and
  325. filling me with an erotic bliss. I reach down with own hand and being to
  326. massage my clit, running my fingers around the hood in gentle circles while
  327. Erik continues to pound me harder and harder.
  328. Soon enough, the man before me is slamming my body with everything
  329. he’s got. He’s clearly an experienced lover, his cock angled just right as it
  330. rubs against my depths.
  331. “Oh my fucking god!” I cry out in my new female voice, belligerent
  332. with lust. “I’m so close! You’re gonna make me cum!”
  333. The pleasure fills me more and more until, eventually, there’s no room
  334. left inside my body. I’m completely consumed by aching warmth, the
  335. sensations causing my frame to quake hard while I hurtle towards to edge of
  336. orgasm. I can sense that I’m incredibly close to lift off, but for some reason
  337. the climax never comes.
  338. If I was still in my male body, then this orgasm would’ve occurred
  339. long, long again. Instead, the powder keg of pressure keeps building and
  340. building, looming much larger than I ever thought possible.
  341. “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” I’m chanting now in a frantic
  342. mantra, my eyes rolling back into my head.
  343. Suddenly, the tension finally breaks and a powerful orgasm goes
  344. ripping through my body. I throw my head back and let out a blood-curdling
  345. scream, every muscle within me expanding and contracting in wild fits of
  346. ecstasy. Erik sticks with me throughout the entire ordeal, hammering away
  347. with just as much confidence as ever.
  348. When I’m finally finished, however, Erik takes his cue and pulls out of
  349. my tight, wet pussy. The man beats himself off with a few quick pumps and
  350. then, suddenly, jizz is ejecting hard from the head of his shaft. The pearly
  351. liquid flies everywhere, splattering across my stomach and chest, and even
  352. reaching the tip of my chin, where a hot, milky rope now dangles.
  353. Eventually, Erik falls back, completely exhausted.
  354. “That was incredible,” I tell him, still trying to collect myself.
  355. Erik nods, a wide grin creeping its way across his handsome face.
  356. “Ready to help me get this mirror out of here?” he questions.
  357. Sometimes a little extra can go a long way! As a special treat from me to
  358. you, please enjoy this nasty gender swap bonus story:
  360. The Cove
  361. A morning routine is important, and this simple fact cannot be stressed
  362. enough if you want to be a truly successful person. These are the first
  363. moments of your day, and from them will emerge an arrangement of events
  364. that can all be traced back to this singular starting point. If you get things
  365. going on the right foot then you can often expect smooth sailing until
  366. nightfall, but if you stumble right out the gate, you’ve pretty much ruined any
  367. chance of a fruitful twenty-four hours.
  368. Every moment acts as a foundation for the next, taking the past and
  369. transforming it into your own version of the future.
  370. Each day, my alarm goes off at six in the morning, just as the sun
  371. begins to crest over the distant horizon and fill my bedroom with a glorious
  372. orange light. I hit the gym in my apartment building for a solid half hour of
  373. cardio, then another half hour of weights, before heading out the door
  374. towards the nearby beach. Along the way, I grab a fresh vegetable smoothie,
  375. and by the time I reach the water it’s always empty.
  376. After all this intense physical work, I take a moment to get in touch
  377. with myself. I swim out into the cool Santa Monica waves, the sun now
  378. beaming down just like it has a thousand times before, and will a thousand
  379. times more. In this moment I feel like I can accomplish anything, and it’s
  380. only after I reach this awareness that I swim back to shore to shower off and
  381. head to the office.
  382. When people ask how I’m managed to accomplish so much in my life,
  383. this is what I describe, a sturdy, reliable foundation, and it’s why I’m so
  384. nervous when me and my business partner, Sam, touch down in Cancun.
  385. “What’s your deal?” Sam leans over to ask me, noticing the strained
  386. look on my face as our plane hits the runway and slows to a steady coast. “If
  387. you’re afraid of flying then you’ve got nothing to worry about, because we
  388. just landed.”
  389. I crack a smile and shake my head. “It’s not that.”
  390. Sam lets out a long sigh. “Tim, I get it. You’re nervous about the deal,
  391. but you’ve got this. I’ve seen you kill it in a million meetings before, and
  392. you’re gonna kill it in this one. Just because it’s with the head of
  393. telecommunications for all Central America, doesn’t mean you need to do
  394. anything differently.”
  395. Sam is messing with me now, but luckily I don’t mind. Despite the
  396. jokes, I’m confident in my abilities as a negotiator in the world of big
  397. business. What I’m not confident about, however, is my morning routine.
  398. “We’re on the beach right?” I suddenly ask Sam.
  399. My business partner gives me a quizzical look. “We’ve got the most
  400. important business meeting of our lives coming up, and all you can think
  401. about is whether or not we’re on the beach?” the man questions.
  402. “I know it seems weird,” I struggle to explain, “but it’s part of my
  403. whole day. I need to get up at six, then grab my smoothie, then swim in the
  404. ocean.”
  405. Sam laughs. “You’re a weird dude, but whatever works. If you keep
  406. pulling in these big accounts, then I don’t care if you sacrifice a goat in a
  407. volcano every morning.”
  408. I nod, thankful for my friend’s understanding.
  409. “The hotel’s got a gym and smootie bar,” Sam continues. “You should
  410. be just fine.”
  411. “And a beach to swim?” I question, filling in the blanks.
  412. Sam ignores my question, glancing out through the plane’s window
  413. with a suspicious air of detachment.
  414. “And a beach to swim?” I repeat.
  415. Finally, my friend breaks, turning back to me. “Well, we’re on the
  416. beach, but the cove had some kind of chemical spill recently. You’re not
  417. supposed to swim in the water.”
  418. “What?” I blurt, seized with alarm. Despite the fact that my swim is the
  419. most loosely focused part of my morning routine, it’s without a doubt the
  420. most important and effective. If I want to go into this meeting with full force,
  421. then I need to spend my time in the waves.
  422. “I know, I know,” Sam says. “When I booked the room they said you
  423. could swim in the cove, but you know how they are down here with industry
  424. regulations. Someone spilled tons and tons of a dangerous chemical that
  425. shouldn’t have been left unattended, and now the whole coastline is closed
  426. over there. I think the spot right around our hotel got the worst of it.”
  427. I can feel myself starting to hyperventilate, the breaths that move in and
  428. out of my lungs becoming more and more rapid with every passing heave.
  429. My mind is racing with possible solutions, grasping at straws. “Maybe I
  430. could walk down the beach a ways,” I offer.
  431. Sam shakes his head. “Dude, I said the whole coastline. The hotel’s got
  432. a pool though, you’ll be fine.”
  433. My friend doesn’t seem to understand that a connection to nature is the
  434. most important part of my morning moment, but the longer I sit here
  435. wallowing in this quicksand of stress and anxiety, the more I appreciate his
  436. attempt at a solution. I’m an adult, and a powerful one at that, I can’t be
  437. letting something like this emotionally destroy me without putting up a fight.
  438. I take another deep breath, and this time I let the calm pulse through me
  439. as the air slips out in one slow, satisfying purge.
  440. Above me, the fasten seatbelt chime rings loudly and everyone in the
  441. plane erupts to their feet, pulling their bags from the overhead compartments.
  442. We have arrived.
  443. This hotel is absolutely gorgeous, but as I stand here in the luxurious modern
  444. lobby overlooking the blue water below, I find myself incredibly frustrated.
  445. We’ve already been told a thousand times by our hotel staff that the
  446. beach is closed, and the large orange signs and fluttering tape that line the
  447. coast continue to be a reminder, but other than that, I remain unconvinced.
  448. The water itself is a magnificent turquoise, calm and clear as far as the eye
  449. can see.
  450. It’s the morning of our presentation and I’m up early, already clad in
  451. my swimming shorts as I head towards the hotel pool. This incredible view
  452. has stopped me, however, and right now I’m rethinking everything.
  453. One of the hotel staff notices me staring out across the water and walks
  454. over. “I’m sorry, the beach is closed,” he says. “Very toxic.”
  455. I nod. “I know. I’m headed to the pool.”
  456. This explanation seems to be satisfactory, and the man turns to leave
  457. with no idea that, at this point, I’m already lying through my teeth.
  458. Without another moment of hesitation I cross the hotel lobby, taking a
  459. direct route towards the swimming pool and then immediately veering off
  460. course. Instead, I head off onto a nearby path that leads out into the jungle,
  461. the trees blooming up around me in lush green ferns that cover my route.
  462. Soon enough, I’m completely hidden from any prying eyes, making my way
  463. down towards the waterfront.
  464. Of course, I can’t go swimming right out there in the waters directly
  465. before my hotel, so I angle my path slightly. I’m headed for a nearby cove,
  466. just beyond the sightline of any concerned staffmembers.
  467. Deeper and deeper I descend into the jungle, my path eroding away
  468. slightly as the plant life becomes even more overgrown around me.
  469. Eventually, I reach a single strip of orange tape that’s been stretched from
  470. one side of my path to the other.
  471. “Warning: Do not swim,” I read aloud, before slipping under the
  472. cautionary hanging plastic.
  473. I continue on my way.
  474. Soon enough, I find myself stepping out onto the sand of a sparkling
  475. golden beach, the entire cove completely empty as the blue waves lap softly
  476. against the shore. Around me are tall cliffs covered in thick greenery that
  477. hangs down in plumes of colorful flowers and vines. This is paradise, and it’s
  478. exactly what I need before my incredibly important meeting.
  479. I cross the sand with a steady walk that quickly begins to escalate,
  480. growing in speed until I’m sprinting towards the water. When I finally reach
  481. the edge I run full force into the waves, letting the gloriously cool ocean wash
  482. over me and then diving in the second that I have enough depth to work with.
  483. I’m swimming now, feeling the pull of the current against my body as it
  484. washes away all of the anxieties that had been building up within.
  485. When I finally come up for air, I turn over and lay back so that my face
  486. is staring up at the sun, it’s warm beams dancing across my skin. I float here,
  487. relaxing without a care in the world.
  488. As usual, the changes to the tension in my body are almost immediate,
  489. but in this tropical setting I can feel them even more than usual. The
  490. sensation is always powerful, but it’s more mental than physical. Right now,
  491. I’m sensing both of these categories in an incredibly potent way, my skin
  492. tingling with a light, unexpected sizzle as my mind continues to flutter about.
  493. I take in a deep breath, and then let it out, pushing into the positive
  494. cosmic sensations and allowing them to consume me. You’re going to do an
  495. amazing job at this meeting, I remind myself.
  496. I stay like this for a good twenty minutes until, finally, it’s time to
  497. return to the shore. It’s only when I start to swim back that I notice something
  498. truly off about the internal feelings of my body. I’m somehow disconnected
  499. from myself now, as though the commands of my brain are reaching my arms
  500. and legs in a way that’s just the slightest bit off. I’ve gone swimming
  501. thousands of times before, but something about this moment just feels… off.
  502. When I finally make it back to the sand, this awkwardness in my
  503. movements continues. I stand in the sun, turning my head from side to side
  504. and lifting my arms up and down, hoping that everything within me will
  505. simply line up again. It doesn’t.
  506. “What the fuck?” I say aloud, slight concern finally sneaking its way
  507. into my voice.
  508. It’s only now that I notice how slender my arm have become, the thick
  509. muscles now deflated into toned, yet feminine, appendages.
  510. Not knowing what else to do, I run back over to the edge of the shore,
  511. finding a large rock where some of the water has pooled and my reflection
  512. can be seen with undeniable clarity. I gaze down at myself, then gasp aloud
  513. when I see the tan face staring back at me.
  514. I reach up and touch my skin, as if this simple test could disprove the
  515. image that my eyes have so directly taking in.
  516. Somehow, during the course of my swim, my body has completely
  517. transformed from that of a rugged man, to a gorgeous young woman. I’ve
  518. retained most of my features, but my gender has been completely swapped.
  519. Long dark hair now cascades around my shoulders and my eyelashes have
  520. seemingly doubled in side.
  521. I turn my gaze away from the water and glance down at my own body,
  522. noticing now the two massive breasts that sit atop my chest. They’re
  523. completely exposed to the sun, tan and perky as I reach up and run my
  524. fingers across the nipples.
  525. “Whoa,” is all that I can manage to say, the single word falling limply
  526. from my lips.
  527. My hands drift down lower and lower across my toned stomach until,
  528. eventually, they reach the waistband of my swim trunks. I carefully pull my
  529. trunks out to peek inside, then immediately gasp as I realize my cock has
  530. disappeared, replaced instead by the slight slit of my brand new pussy.
  531. I stumble away from the rock, nearly toppling over into the sand as I
  532. struggle to collect myself. I realize immediately what’s going on, that the
  533. toxic chemicals in this cove have had a powerful reaction with the chemistry
  534. of my body. This is why the people here were so forceful with their warnings.
  535. Fear immediately overwhelms me, my mind flooded with an endless
  536. barrage of questions about my future as a woman. Is this permanent? Will I
  537. ever return to my former life or will I be stuck in this new body forever?
  538. Strangely, however, this tight grip of terror is quickly replaced by
  539. another emotion, one that is somehow even more powerful as it comes
  540. rumbling up from the deepest parts of my soul. At first, I’m not quite sure if
  541. I’m reading my own emotions correctly, the implications just too strange to
  542. accept, but as the sensations build and build they eventually become just to
  543. potent to deny.
  544. Soon enough, I find myself completely consumed by an aching lust,
  545. craving a chance at taking my brand new body for an erotic spin. I can feel
  546. my pussy getting wet, aching to be touched.
  547. At first, this incredible lust seems completely out of place, but when I
  548. remember the transformation that has just occurred within my body, it all
  549. starts to make sense. I’ve suddenly become overwhelmed with female
  550. hormones, an entirely new set of commands for my brain to process. Without
  551. any past experience to draw from, these feminine feelings are hitting me hard
  552. and overwhelming my senses.
  553. “Oh my god,” I groan aloud to myself. “I need to get off.”
  554. I make a move to reach down between my legs, but suddenly stop when
  555. I hear a smattering of laugher erupt from the nearby tree line. I glance up to
  556. see a group of tan men approaching, carrying surfboards as they make their
  557. way down the beach.
  558. Before I have a chance to cover myself up, the gang and I make eye
  559. contact. The guys instantly start to chatter amongst themselves, clearly
  560. noticing my enormous and exposed breasts. Eventually, they wave and start
  561. to approach.
  562. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,” I start to repeat under my breath, not exactly
  563. knowing what to do with myself.
  564. “Hey!” one of the guys offers. “How’s it going? You been swimming
  565. this morning?”
  566. “Yeah,” I reply, then suddenly shake my head. “No. I mean, don’t go
  567. out there. The water’s dangerous.”
  568. “I was about to tell you the same thing,” the guy says with a laugh. “I
  569. was the signs, but I think we’re fine.”
  570. “Trust me, you don’t want to go out there,” I continue.
  571. The surfers seem a bit confused by my insistence, but they shrug it off.
  572. As we stand here talking, I immediately notice the way that these men
  573. continue to sneak glances at my nude body, the way that their eyes linger as
  574. they make their was across my curves. To be perfectly honest, this newfound
  575. erotic power that I’ve discovered is quite intoxicating, and it only adds to the
  576. arousal that is already coursing through my veins. I’ve never been with
  577. another man before, but thanks to these powerful feminine impulses that
  578. surge through me, nothing could seem more natural than fucking all of these
  579. guys right here and now in the hot sand.
  580. “Instead of getting in the water, why don’t you stay right here and get
  581. inside of me?” I question, the words shocking even myself as they escape
  582. from my lips.
  583. Immediately, the eyes of the surfers go wide, taken slightly aback by
  584. this unexpected move. The men quickly exchange glances, but they all appear
  585. to be on the same page.
  586. It’s hard to turn down an offer this good, after all.
  587. “Well, what are you waiting for?” I continue. “Are you gonna fuck me
  588. or not?”
  589. Finally, the leader of the group cracks a smile. “I think we can help you
  590. out.”
  591. Immediately, I drop down into a squat before the guys, coaxing them
  592. towards me with a slender finger.
  593. “Come on, don’t be shy.” I coo, the lust now completely taking over.
  594. “Get over here.”
  595. At this point, I feel like nothing but a vessel of blissed out sexuality, a
  596. pure expression of carnal desire.
  597. Seizing the moment, this horny crowd of surfers make their way over to
  598. me, quickly surrounding me with a forest of erect dick that juts out from
  599. every angle towards my pretty new face.
  600. “Oh my god,” the leader of the pack moans as I wrap my hand around
  601. his enormous cock. “You’re so fucking hot.”
  602. “Thanks,” I reply with a grin.
  603. Eventually, I begin to make my way around the circle, beating the
  604. athletic men off two at a time while the others wait with their dicks planted
  605. firmly in their hands.
  606. Eventually, one of the surfers forcefully positions himself in front of
  607. me. I look up at his handsome, tan face, then down at the massive, erect cock
  608. that bobs in the air just inches from my mouth. I know exactly what he wants.
  609. Without hesitation I open wide and take the huge dick deep inside my
  610. throat. I swallow him greedily and push down as far as I can until his cock
  611. reaches my gag reflex, then pause for a moment, trying my best to relax. I
  612. look up at him again, this time without fear as I cradle his hanging balls with
  613. one hand. The handsome surfer bucks against me, slipping in and out of my
  614. lips as he puts his large hands behind my head and pumps my face up and
  615. down on his huge shaft.
  616. I love taking him as deep as I possibly can, and somehow I manage to
  617. engulf the man’s cock in a stunning deep throat. I retch slightly as the shaft
  618. plunges down farther and farther, but keep it together until, finally, I just
  619. can’t take it anymore and come up for a desperate gulp of air.
  620. I barely have time to collect myself before another surfer takes me by
  621. the head and pushes me down onto his even larger member. My eyes go
  622. wide, bugging out as he slips into my depths. The next thing I know, my face
  623. is pressed up against his toned abs as his balls rest firmly against my chin.
  624. “That’s a good girl!” the man tells me. “How does it feel to take all of
  625. these cocks right here on the beach?”
  626. Meanwhile, I can feel another handsome athlete climbing into position
  627. behind me, crouching down onto the sand as I bend forward into the doggy
  628. style position. The man pulls off my shorts and tosses them to the side,
  629. exposing my tight wet slit to the cool sea breeze.
  630. “Oh fuck,” I moan, unable to control myself. My voice is so muffled by
  631. the cock buried within my throat that its damn near inaudible, but it’s the
  632. thought that counts.
  633. I strain to look back over my shoulder as the hulking surfer straddles
  634. my rump and confidently slides his giant cock up into my pussy. He starts to
  635. push in and out as I brace myself against the movement, which allows the
  636. man in front to drive even deeper within.
  637. Soon, the guys are utterly pummeling me from either end, slamming
  638. back and forth against my body as I’m trapped dangling in the middle by
  639. each of their throbbing dicks. I reach back with one hand while balancing
  640. myself on the hot sand with the other, then use it to hold my ass open for my
  641. muscular new lovers.
  642. “Take me!” I command, the dick momentarily slipping out of my
  643. mouth as I speak. “Fuck me harder! Give me everything you’ve got!”
  644. The guys love my enthusiasm and quickly pick up the pace even more.
  645. Behind me, the leader of the pack lets some of the other surfers have a turn.
  646. They begin to switch out positions, running a train on my body as they fuck
  647. me like a filthy slut.
  648. Eventually, one of the men behind me leans back and hoists my small
  649. frame up into the air, carrying me against his chest as I’m lifted from the
  650. group and positioned before yet another one of the muscular men. The surfer
  651. before me has his cock at the ready, brandishing his member with incredible
  652. skill as my body is lowered onto his shaft, spread eagle. I cry out when he
  653. impales me and stretches the limits of my tight new slit.
  654. Behind, the beautiful tan guy who initially lifted me up now realigns
  655. his cock from below. I can feel the head of his shaft pressed hard against the
  656. rim of my asshole, aching to push through.
  657. “You both want inside?” I ask. “At the same time?”
  658. “You’re gonna take those dicks and you’re gonna like it!” another
  659. surfer confidently asserts as he watches the scene unfold, beating off
  660. frantically.
  661. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” I respond with a snarl, although I’m
  662. honestly finding the man’s aggression incredibly arousing.
  663. The surfer behind me begins to lower my body down onto his rod in
  664. conjunction with the man in the front. I can feel his cock enter me with a
  665. slight pop, brutally expanding the tightness of my asshole around his
  666. enormous girth.
  667. Now aided by the force of gravity, the surfers pump my small,
  668. transformed frame up and down on their double-barreled cocks. I moan and
  669. groan with pleasure, aching pleasantly as they ream me and kicking my legs
  670. out as wide as I can. Up and down I go, slammed over and over again onto
  671. their thick shafts.
  672. Eventually, the surfer in my pussy is replaced by a different, but
  673. equally muscular guy, who steps up and gladly joins the fun. He pumps into
  674. me for quite a while before giving a turn to the next man in line.
  675. This continues as each of the guys briefly slam me with all of their
  676. force and then pass me along, my pussy giving equal time to every cock that
  677. craves it. Meanwhile, the dick in my ass stays stiff as ever, plugging me up
  678. with a rock solid erection that just won’t quit.
  679. The gang picks up speed and suddenly I find myself trembling, quaking
  680. with a strange sensation that starts between my legs and then slowly spreads
  681. out across my body like a warm wave. It sweeps across my arms and legs and
  682. engulfs me with pleasure as I reach down and begin to frantically play with
  683. my clit. The feeling of being used by these horny surfer guys is incredible,
  684. and that anxious apprehension-turned-lust has now grown and morphed into
  685. something utterly beautiful and completely out of control. I close my eyes
  686. and clench my teeth tight as the powerful orgasm shoots through my body.
  687. “Fuck!” Is all that I can scream, suddenly rocking back and quaking
  688. with ecstasy.
  689. The men continue to throttle me with all of their strength and suddenly
  690. they’re cumming as well, blasting a series of hot milky loads right up into my
  691. pussy and ass. I can feel their cocks twitching and jumping inside of me with
  692. every ejection of spunk, filling my holes to the brim with their massive loads
  693. until there’s just no room left and the cum starts running out down my legs,
  694. dripping onto the sand below.
  695. When the sensation finally passes and the guys pull, their jizz spills
  696. everywhere.
  697. I’m now in a dizzying, post orgasm bliss, lying down on the hot beach
  698. and stretching out beneath the gang of handsome men.
  699. “Are you ready to blow your jizz all over me?” I ask. “I want you to
  700. cover me in your hot white spunk!”
  701. It’s not long before they’re blasting their payloads. I open my mouth
  702. and begin to frantically catch as much of the falling cum as I can, enjoying
  703. the salty flavor as I swallow it while the rest of the hot milk splatters across
  704. my face and cheeks. It runs down my neck and along my tits in long white
  705. streaks that I trace with my slender fingers.
  706. When the guys finally finish and stumble away I remain here stretched
  707. out on the sand. The overwhelming arousal has finally drained from my
  708. system and I now find myself in a state of utter contentment.
  709. A smile slowly makes its way across my face. Sure, I’m gonna have a
  710. hard time explaining why the presenter at this meeting has been replaced by a
  711. brand new face, but it’s a beautiful face so that’s not a very hard sell.
  712. Regardless, I feel more centered than I have in a long time, and more
  713. than confident I can land this deal at the meeting this afternoon.

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