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  1. ahem ahem...
  2. SP beatdown: "I shall be the one to judge !"
  3.  SP grabs target by the neck and beats it up with the other hand, ending with an punch that ragdolls (same range as a heavy punch)
  5. SF beatdown: "Farewell"
  6. SF extends its arm and if it hits anyone, the target gets pulled in and looses a limb on the finisher (same range as arm detach)
  8. TW beatdown: "This is the greatest high !"
  9. TW teleports to where the mouse is and if anyone is in the range of 10 studs (around 2 normal sized robloxians) they get kick barraged and ragdolled on the finisher
  11. CD beatdown: "You are in my range..."
  12. CD uppercuts target and starts barraging them, and shoots dried up blood as the finisher
  14. KC beatdown: "Trash ability of a trash user.."
  15. KC impales target and chops them 3 times
  17. SC beatdown: "Burn in hell"
  18. SC teleports 15 studs forward and hits enemy from the back, if it hits the target is barraged with a sword and thrown in the air
  20. TH beatdown: "Die you little !"
  22. TH pulls in anyone near them (same range as erasure pull but longer startup) and the user directly punches them, TH then pulls them back and it repeats for some time untill TH finishes it off with a limb erasure
  24. MR beatdown: "What's this.. the fire..!"
  25. MR grabs nearest target and chokes them with a flame, leaves burn damage but can be stopped by hitting the user
  27. PH beatdown: "after gaining the courage to do all this.."
  28. PH grabs the target and puts 2 bulbs on it. it injects some poison into their lungs directly and punches them to the ground causing the bulbs to break dealing poison damage
  30. WS beatdown: "excellent..!"
  31. WS grabs 2 discs and pushes them into target disabling their stand and spec, then finishes them off with a chop and 3 second long barrage
  33. Cream beatdown: "YOU DUMB DOG !"
  34. Cream chops target causing a leg to fall off, the user then kicks them and ends it off by riding cream through them
  36. KQ beatdown: "you wont be getting away !"
  37. KQ grabs the target by the head and explodes them, pulls them in the air and does a short barrage as a finisher
  39. HG beatdown: "my final emerald splash !"
  40. HG loads in a emerald splash, if even a single emerald hits someone they get blocked by a hierophant barrier that makes them unable to move anywhere
  43. TWAU grabs target and stops time, then does a barrage and finishes them off by throwing knives, time then resumes
  45. D4C beatdown: "i will do anything to protect my country !"
  46. D4C chops target and barrages them, kicks them and the user finishes it off with a gunshot
  48. Tusk act 1 - 2 (not really humanoid but why not): "If i spin my nails..."
  49. The user starts spinning their nails and barrages target with their own hands, then finishes the beatdown with a nail shot
  50. Tusk act 3: "Wormhole nails !"
  51. Tusk puts a wormhole on the target and user, they swap places and the user shoots some nails, then finishes it off by gliding through the target
  53. GER beatdown: "you shall never reach the truth"
  54. GER stuns the target and barrages them and heavy punches them, and as a finisher a car rides through the target
  56. KCR beatdown: " [edgy quote here im not good at being edgy, something related to pain and the demons inside me] "
  57. KCR takes out it's scythe and slashes forward, if it hits anyone it teleports to target and slashes 10 times from every direction
  59. CR beatdown: " Sweet dreams "
  60. CR stabs the target with an arrow and pulls it out, then starts a barrage and cuts off a limb
  62. C-moon beatdown: " It is time for the new moon..!"
  63. C-moon punches the target making their organs get out of their body then flies up and uses gravity negation to crush them with various items
  65. MIH beatdown: "You were... one second too late..."
  66. Mih dashes forward, if it goes through an enemy the user will start running so fast around them it'll look like teleportation while throwing knives in the process, if someone will stop time during this move the MIH user will be damaged and the beatdown will stop, although it will do a chop if hit/TS-ed to the nearest target. If the beatdown wont be stopped a chop will finish it too
  68. CDR beatdown: " If i were to fix myself using you, it'd be fair, wouldnt it ?!"
  69. CDR punches the target stunning them and draining their HP, while healing itself, then makes a wall and traps the enemy in it
  71. TWOH beatdown: " REALITY, BEND TO MY WILL !!!!!!!"
  72. TWOH donuts the enemy making them fly away, then teleports them back to where they were and barrages them, finishing off with a knife
  74. Standless beatdown: "bruh"
  75. the user starts saying "bruh" while slapping target

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