Some history of Doorfield
  1. Early in the year 980 was found on the territory of the future of Berwood four brothers, Berii, Wudii, Laymen and Malay, and they agreed that in a few years this place will grow a great city that will rule honestly, the law and justice. Thinking how it will look in the city, 3 Junior, Berii, Wudii and Malay in 985 started construction, and senior Laymen, did not want the city, he wanted them all together, built a great castle. When the brothers told him that's not happening to the castle on the ground Doorfield decided senior meanness. He went to the far southern land, where he joined the murderous Rubicam. In the year 986 led Alimen Rubliczs war with Doorfield, which by that time was already built, and which was already inhabited by people no less than a thousand. Long and stubbornly fought inhabitants cities with nasty mercenaries. Rubliczs won, and brother scoundrel less said: "someday I will give you a great Ledmin*, and you'll suffer from disease forever his". And with the need to protect a resident, the brothers decided to create a few cities, and the resulting country to be called Doorfield, and the city that bore that name before, called Berwood, in memory of Berii and Woodii and the city, which was the second built called Mildi, in memory of Malai (source: "History of Doorfield from the beginning to the reign Gerbe(up to 1765)" in three volumes. vol. 1). Later this city was called Old Millwood and in 1569 it became the capital of Doorfield. In 1990, the construction of New Millwood began, which ended in 2018, after which it immediately became the new capital, Berwood since 1990 was destroyed so that it can not be restored, now it is a city, the entry to which is prohibited to all but government workers.
  3. Ledmin* - Rubliczs God of plague.

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