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  1. hi this is Iain tonight I saw a chorusline at Signature Theatre first of allwhat a wonderful way to start off thenew year and not just new year newdecade by seeing such a wonderful showand at one of my favorite theatres inthe whole entire universe so I I hadnever seen any production of A ChorusLine and I had known pretty much all thesongs because I love listening to SiriusXM and you know there's such famoussongs that are so wonderful and fun tosing and I had known a bit about thisshow but I had always wanted to see itand we never really got an opportunityto and that was always very sad so whenI heard it was gonna be playing here Iwas so excited now the story of thisshow is there's a director who needsfour men and four women for parts in achorus line of a new show he's going tobe directing and use in in most membersof the chorus are you don't really getto know that much about them usually theleads are the only ones really get tohave a story and the people in thechorus really support the show and itshows you that while everyone in theshow is important the people in thechorus are some of the most importantpeople because they had so much vibrancyand they make the show so much richerand in this show instead of justlearning about the leaves and getting tohear their stories you really get tohear the stories of the people in thecourse and the reason that happens isthe director instead of just wanting tosee everyone's dancing he also wants tohear about their personal lives sort ofand wants to know them as people as welland the way they do that is through songwhich in my opinion is the best way todo anything so you get to learneveryone's story but it also makes itvery hard because there are so manypeople and you can only choose eightpeople and all and so you you get toknow each person individually so it's sohard to know that some of them aren'tgonna get the part and aren't gonna youknow be in the chorus line and Danthing is a little bit like being anathlete it is like being an athletebecause it's very demanding on your bodyif you've ever seen you know what if youever seen a wonderful dancer you see allthe kicks and spins and jumps and leapsand crazy things they have to do andit's so beautiful but it's so taxing andat a pretty early age usually it's it'staken such a toll on their body theyhave to end it and do something else andnear the end of the show the directorasks what will you do when you can'tdance anymore and everyone sort ofthinks about it and the director sort ofsays do you wishdo any of you wish you never went intodancing or you never started dancingbecause you'll have to end it so soonyou only you get a very short career andthen they sing the song what I did forlove about you to be a dancer you reallyhave to be devoted and you really haveto love dancing so much and to have sucha burning passion for it and it's likethat and pretty much everything ifyou're an athlete if you play any sportif you are singer an actor or any otherjob in the universe you have to be verydevoted but dancer especially and it'ssuch a beautiful moment and these peopleare so devoted to their careers it's sowonderful now also all the differentpeople some of them are you know like 21first audition of her first or first orsecond audition haven't done any bigacting things but some of them are youknow there's a lady who's kind of maybenear the end of her career and she sortof knows it and she thinks if I if Idon't get the show I might not be ableto do another dancing part and it's sowonderful to hear the stories of allthese people and this is gonna soundkind of strange when I say this butChorus Line is a little bit like theshow cats because each and every personyou get to hear their story and in catsyouyou're a cat story I am so obsessed withthis show and you know whether it'swhether they're talking about theirfamily life how they got out of theirtowns and came to Broadway into New Yorkor you know how they wish they have awish they looked or how they wish theydanced or whatever it's so beautiful andI love this show so much please go see.

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