1. You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
  3. You both like celeb roleplay, and celebrity roleplay.
  5. Stranger: Hello! Asl?
  7. You: Hi! how's it going
  9. You: m18
  11. Stranger: It's going alright. How are you?
  13. Stranger: I'm F. Got a list for me?
  15. You: Doing alright, thanks! here's my list
  17. You: Lily James, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Karen Gillan, Daisy Ridley, Aubrey Plaza, Brenda Song, Milana Vayntrub, Ana de Armas, Phoebe Cates, Emma Stone, Elizabeth Olsen, Alexandra Daddario, Isabela Merced, Gillian Jacobs, Alison Brie, Emma Watson, Anna Kendrick, Alison Pill, Ellen Wong, Camila Mendes, Rashida Jones, Hayley Williams, Jenna Coleman, Jayma Mays, Lea Michele, Melissa Benoist, Natalie Dormer, Emilia Clarke, Rosabell Laurenti Sellers, Felicity Jones, Trisha Hershberger, Meg Turney, Jessica Nigri, AnnaSophia Robb, Olivia Wilde, Jennette McCurdy, Gemma Arterton, Kimberley Nixon, Belinda Stewart-Wilson, Alice Eve, Lea Seydoux, Ellie Kemper, Lia Marie Johnson, Taylor Swift, Pom Klementieff, Natalia Dyer, Jewel Staite, Christina Hendricks, Jenna Fischer, Jane Levy, Scarlett Johansson, Hayley Atwell, Kathryn Newton, Emily Axford, Ariana Grande, Marisa Tomei, Kate Upton, Aimee Lou Wood, Laura Marano, Isla Fisher, Ariel Winter, Sarah Hyland, Margaret Qualley, Auli'i Cravalho, Katelyn Nacon, Kali Uchis, Anya Taylor-Joy, Lindsey Lohan, Zooey Deschanel, Kiernan Shipka, FaeryFawn, Dodger, Pokimane, Shoe0nhead
  19. Stranger: I like: Lily James, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Karen Gillan, Brenda Song, Emma Stone, Alexandra Daddario, Anna Kendrick, Camila Mendes, Natalie Dormer, Emilia Clarke, Gemma Arterton, Lia Marie Johnson, Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansson, Hayley Atwell, Kate Upton, Zooey Deschanel, Kiernan Shipka. What kinks/turnons/fetishes do you wanna include in the rp? Maybe what scenes do you like?
  21. You: wow, you have great taste! all my kinks are VERY optional, but I love multiple women, flirty foreplay, dirty talk, dryhumping, making out, lip biting, multiple orgasms, lots of cum, tease/denial, femdom, cheating/caught cheating, college/library/flight/hiking/costars/roommates/hitchhiking/and road trip scenes
  23. Stranger: Are you alright with the celebsbeing used faceclaims?
  25. You: Totally!
  27. Stranger: Then how about we narrow the list down to 4 girls and do a hiking scene? Well, more like camping :) We can delete girls one by one and keep sending the shortened list until only 4 are left :)
  29. Stranger: I have ideas for some fun roles :P
  31. You: sounds great to me! I'll delete the first girl
  33. Lily James, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Karen Gillan, Brenda Song, Emma Stone, Alexandra Daddario, Anna Kendrick, Camila Mendes, Natalie Dormer, Gemma Arterton, Lia Marie Johnson, Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansson, Hayley Atwell, Kate Upton, Zooey Deschanel, Kiernan Shipka.
  35. Stranger: Lily James, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Karen Gillan, Emma Stone, Alexandra Daddario, Anna Kendrick, Camila Mendes, Natalie Dormer, Gemma Arterton, Lia Marie Johnson, Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansson, Hayley Atwell, Kate Upton, Zooey Deschanel, Kiernan Shipka.
  37. You: Lily James, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Karen Gillan, Emma Stone, Alexandra Daddario, Anna Kendrick, Camila Mendes, Natalie Dormer, Lia Marie Johnson, Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansson, Hayley Atwell, Kate Upton, Zooey Deschanel, Kiernan Shipka.
  39. Stranger: Lily James, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Karen Gillan, Emma Stone, Alexandra Daddario, Anna Kendrick, Camila Mendes, Natalie Dormer, Lia Marie Johnson, Scarlett Johansson, Hayley Atwell, Kate Upton, Zooey Deschanel, Kiernan Shipka.
  41. You: Lily James, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Karen Gillan, Emma Stone, Alexandra Daddario, Anna Kendrick, Camila Mendes, Natalie Dormer, Lia Marie Johnson, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Upton, Zooey Deschanel, Kiernan Shipka.
  43. Stranger: Lily James, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Karen Gillan, Emma Stone, Alexandra Daddario, Anna Kendrick, Camila Mendes, Natalie Dormer, Lia Marie Johnson, Scarlett Johansson, Zooey Deschanel, Kiernan Shipka.
  45. You: Lily James, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Karen Gillan, Emma Stone, Alexandra Daddario, Anna Kendrick, Camila Mendes, Natalie Dormer, Lia Marie Johnson, Zooey Deschanel, Kiernan Shipka.
  47. Stranger: Lily James, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Karen Gillan, Emma Stone, Alexandra Daddario, Anna Kendrick, Camila Mendes, Natalie Dormer, Lia Marie Johnson, Kiernan Shipka.
  49. You: Lily James, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Karen Gillan, Emma Stone, Alexandra Daddario, Anna Kendrick, Camila Mendes, Natalie Dormer, Kiernan Shipka.
  51. Stranger: Starts getting tough, haha :D
  52. Lily James, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Emma Stone, Alexandra Daddario, Anna Kendrick, Camila Mendes, Natalie Dormer, Kiernan Shipka.
  54. You: oh yeah you're telling ma, haha
  56. Lily James, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Emma Stone, Alexandra Daddario, Camila Mendes, Natalie Dormer, Kiernan Shipka.
  58. Stranger: Lily James, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Emma Stone, Alexandra Daddario, Camila Mendes, Natalie Dormer.
  60. You: oof that one stung
  62. Lily James, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Emma Stone, Alexandra Daddario, Camila Mendes
  64. Stranger: Oh man, last choice is on me, haha. Alright, I guess we're going with Lily James, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Emma Stone and Alexandra Daddario then :)
  66. You: nice! so what exactly did you have in mind?
  68. Stranger: So, this idea might be super weird, but I want to do this kinda like "choose your own adventure" type of story :D It starts with you and your college female friend going camping in the woods. So if that sounds interesting to you, I'd like for you to pick the girl who you think would be fun to have as a college friend :)
  70. You: ooh, this sounds interesting indeed ;)
  72. I think Emma Stone would be the most fun college buddy
  74. Stranger: Do you think she would be a cute nerdy grad or post-grad girl, blissfully oblivious of how attractive she actually is? You and her, perhaps, bonded over work in the dorm? She probably is the whatever it was called, the one of the students or graduates who like manages the dorm, I forget the word.
  76. You: Oh yeah I really like that, actually! Cute nerdy grad, the thingy dorm manager title I've forgotten the name of.
  78. Stranger: Emma is probably has some sensible education, like finance and economics major, but she's also a theater club president and a huge D&D nerd, and social activist with quite a few visits to college's students ethics committee under her belt for unsanctioned events on campus, like anti-Trump rallies or a strike against college's garbage separation policies.
  80. You: Hahaha, you're really good at this.
  82. That sounds perfect.
  84. Stranger: And just as a final touch, a girl like that just has to have a boyfriend ten years older, with greasy shoulder-length hair and a beard like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo has, who plays guitar in a local band, having one gig every other month, spending most of his time smoking weed in Emma's dorm room.
  86. You: Yeah that definitely checks out. :)
  88. I feel like I'm not contributing much, you're doing all the heavy lifting! We better start this scene off so we can balance things out, ay? ;)
  90. You: oh hey, since I like you a lot, if omegle disconnects us
  92. You: here's a chatzy room as a backup :)
  94. You:
  96. You:
  98. You:
  100. Stranger: (Yeah, sorry, took some time to type it out, haha! Alright, here we go)
  101. So, it's the summer 2019, your very first year of college is finally officially over. After much anxiety and nervousness you can finally breath freely. Your newly acquired friend Emma suggests you two go camping in the Rotheiwch Thicket, the woods not far from the campus that go up the Digtawa Slope, the local mountain. You grab some equipment, food and beer and when the day comes you go. It's a warm afternoon, and after about an hour of walking in the woods on the hillside you finally found a small clearing and started setting camp. Emma is wearing skinny jeans with ripped knees, combat boots, a plaid shirt over a t-shirt with some D&D print, jean jacket on top of it, finger-less gloves, glasses and a beanie. She has a big backpack full of stuff.
  102. (What hair color does she have? Emma went through quite a few, and she kills every single one of them, so your pick)
  104. You: (no worries, was just concerned we might be having some connection issues, I've got no problem with you taking your time typing!
  106. And no disrespect to the gorgeous looks Emma has rocked with brunette and blonde hair, but there is no beating her ginger hair!)
  108. Stranger: (Fair enough!)
  110. You: I run a hand through my shaggy brown hair and take in the sight of the camping equipment, thoroughly intimidated by the sheer scope of it. Poles, sheets, pegs, straps, covers, rods. I just smirk, shaking my head. "Em, I'm hoping you have some sort of idea of how to, like..." I broadly gesture at the pile of equipment before me. "... tackle... that situation?" I'm wearing a somewhat loosely fitting polo shirt, a colorful, complex pattern inked across it. My baggy denim jeans are clinging to my waist by virtue of a worn leather belt, old white running shoes poking out from underneath. My brown hair twists around my head in medium-length waves and curls, my skin is somewhat pale with freckles strewn across my nose and cheeks, my face characterised by slightly darkened undereyes and a crooked, boyish smile.
  112. Stranger: "Sure thing", she smiles, "You just grab a beer for a good start, then start putting shit into shit until you realize that the beer was a mistake, take another one, and then half an hour again you scream at the tent for being an asshole until you give up, and in that zen state you finally set it up, right in time for bed time", she laughs. While she talks, she unstraps a small cooler box off of her backpack, opens it and pulls out two beer cans. She throws one to you. "Don't worry, I'll take care of the tent if you will arrange a fire, deal?", she winks at you, opening her can and reaching it out for a cheers.
  114. You: I smile warmly at her, popping my can open and clinking it against hers. "Sounds like a plan... Always a good idea to get a bit of alcohol in you before working with pyrotechnics," I comment, grinning and nodding as I take a big swig of the can, my eyes lingering on her for a moment before I look around, taking in the surroundings.
  116. Stranger: Emma chuckles at your words and takes a sip of her beer, putting it then back into the cooler. She immediately grabs poles and straps, wraps a few ropes and string around her legs and arms in order to not get confused in them and starts assembling the tent, making it obvious she's doing it for not the first time. For a moment there is something weirdly sexual in a hot young girl voluntarily tying herself with ropes, while holding several oblong objects in her hands and between her thighs wrapped tightly in skinny jeans, but you shake out of it. "There should be a creek not far from here, I think. You can get fresh water from it and some brushwood for the fire over there, should be, uh, south-west from here, I think", Emma says pointing her finger away, not looking at you, too concentrated on her task.
  118. You: Snapping out of it I nod my head, cracking my knuckles and reaching down to grab our water bottles. "Yeah, yeah I remember, we kinda saw a bit of it on the way here, right? Yeah good call, b'right back..." I shoot you a little wave as I depart in the direction I remember the creek being in, my eyes holding on her for a good couple of seconds, managing to witness you briefly bending over from a pretty ideal angle. I blow out my cheeks, shaking my head and looking where I'm going.
  120. You: (ah sorry if I slip in and out of pronouns a little here and there, I'm most used to "you" but trying to catch myself out of doing that)
  122. Stranger: (It's alright, I understand. Yeah, makes sense for one on one scenes, but I just started going with third person immediately since there will be more girls, so as not to get confused between them :) Here comes the fun part, haha, or the weird part)
  123. You step away from the clearing and go back the way you came from, trying your best to track back from where you came. Soon enough you stumble upon a path slightly turning left from where you are. You don't remember there being a path as you walked, but you also don't remember there not being a path - you two were too busy chatting. You can also hear a faint babbling of water but it sounds like it's coming from everywhere around you, so you're not sure if you should follow the path or keep going the way you were going.
  125. Stranger: Where do you go? :P
  127. You: I exhale, spinning on the spot and kicking up a few leaves, questioning my memory. We wouldn't have gone off the path, Emma prepared this virtually to the T... We must've come from here. I continue along the path, noq extra aware of my surroundings, constantly trying to spot familiar imagery.
  129. Stranger: And lo and behold, a minute later you hear the babbling get louder and a few moments after that you see sunshine reflected in running water behind some bushes. You push branches out of the way and get to the edge of water. It's so fresh and crispy cold, like only mountain water can be, you can feel air getting a bit chilly around it. Water is crystal clear, you can see every little stone at the bottom of the creek. You find a place to kneel down comfortably and fill the bottles, lowering them in the water, cold stream stinging your skin. After filling them, you get up and notice something you didn't see before - several beer bottles, seemingly full and unopened, stuck into the bottom of the creek a few feet ahead. Will you go investigate them or just gather some twigs and sticks for fire and go back?
  131. You: I squint my eyes, cocking my head and making sure I'm not just looking at some odd rocks or the light hitting the water in a weird way. No that's definitely what it looks like, to my total disbelief. I twist the waterbottles shut, my eyes locked on these mystery drinks, and set them down, kicking my shoes and socks off and taking a few steps towards the bottles. "Hello! Did anybody- wait, fuck am I doing...?" I mumble to myself, obviously nobody just put these here and forgot about them...
  133. Stranger: And as soon as you think that you hear a female voice say: "Hey! Care to explain why are you stealing my beer, buddy?". You raise your eyes and see uphill from you, from where the creek is streaming down, a young woman. Dark, almost black waterfall of wavy hair down her shoulders, pale skin, extremely, almost unnaturally bright blue eyes that almost shine compared in contrast with her dark hair, slim figure with round hips and toned legs, not unlike the one of your friend Emma's, but with MUCH larger breasts. The simple white tank-top the girl was wearing was clearly struggling to contain its owner's ample bosom. Other than that poor tiny piece of cloth showing much cleavage and midriff, she's also wearing bright red sneakers, form fitting beige pants, and what looks like a pale-pink dinner jacket. In general she looks very out of place in the woods. Albeit very hot. "Excuse me, can you hear me?", she snaps her fingers at you.
  135. You: My eyes are totally absorbed by this stranger, running up and down her striking figure until she grabs my attention with her voice, only leading my eyes to now become fixated with hers. "Oh... shit, no I wasn't... sorry, I just... spotted them, and, I didn't see you, and- I mean, I wasn't even sure that they were actually beer or anything, I just- I was just curious. Wasn't try'na steal from anyone..." I ramble, my cheeks flushing a pale shade of red as I try to justify myself, my eyes having a hard time staying above your neckline.
  137. Stranger: She squints her beautiful blue eyes and looks at you. "What are you even doing in the woods all alone, creep? Should I call the cops? Are you, like, a rapist or a serial killer?", she asks and her delivery is so dry and deadpan, you can't tell if she's serious or being sarcastic.
  139. You: I freeze, my facial expression desperately trying to read your tone. I just take a breath, stepping back towards the waterbottles and my shoes, and slowly raise my hands in the air. "... You got me, I'm a rapist. Those drinks, in the creek? I wanted to rape them. But oops, shit, you got me. Darn." Not sure if you were even joking in the first place, I figured the best way to break this ice was to just throw all my chips in.
  141. Stranger: The young woman looks at you with the same intense glare for a few awkwardly silent moments more before bursting into laughter. "Alright, you're alright. I'm Alex", she says. "Since you've wet your feet anyway, could you do me a solid and get the bottles out and help me bring them to my place?". She is standing on the opposite side of the creek.
  143. You: I smile, letting out a pent up sigh in relief. I smirk and shake my head, running a hand through my hair. "Yeah, sure! I'm George, nice to meet ya..." I say casually, returning to the creek. The water has run up to about my knees as I grab the bottles from the rocky creek floor. "Was this, like, a hiding spot for you and your friends?" I ask, filling my hands with them and quickly hopping out of the water, the freezing chill already enough to render me kinda shiver-y.
  145. Stranger: She takes four bottles from you with a nod, leaving you the other four. "Thanks. Yeah, stuck them in there to chill, because lights are out for some reason and the fridge isn't working. Nice to meet you, George", she gives you quite a friendly smile. As you follow her lead, she tells you that she and her friends are hanging out in her parents country house which is not so far from here on the mountain side. But the lights were out, so one of the friends went to find a ranger to ask what could be the reason and meanwhile the other one went to find some help about it. Alex stayed here, trying to cook something up with no electricity. A few minutes later you arrive at the mentioned house. It's cozy looking two-story building, stone, with wood paneling, one side covered in vines, with a few flowerbeds near the entrance. Alex lets you in first and shows where the kitchen is. "Well, thank you for your help, George!", she smiles. "How can I thank you?".
  146. By the way, on the way here, what did you tell Alex about you being here in the woods?
  148. You: When she asked, I told Alex that I was here with a friend. A genderless, nameless friend, that Alex proceeded to learn nothing about. And that this friend I had just set up camp and were exploring the local area individually. Which was not... in-correct.
  150. I just chuckled a little in responce to that, opening the fridge door and sliding my four bottles inside. "Dude, I literally only got my calves wet. It's chill, I'm just glad to help out!" I say in a friendly tone, glancing over at you and stepping aside, the fridge open for you.
  152. Stranger: (Lemme slip into first person too)
  153. I put my bottles in the fridge too, even though it's still not working. After the fridge is closed, I turn to you. "Oh come on, don't be so coy... sure I can do... something...", I say with a very unambiguous smirk on my face, running my finger on your chest, looking you in the eyes.
  155. You: My eyes widen a little, eyebrows raising, my face slacking into a sort of disbelieving scoff, a grin curling up at the very edges of my lips. I smirk, "... You'd... You'd really...?"
  157. You: I can feel my jeans starting to tighten around my crotch, my cheeks blushing up a storm, I try to keep my breath in order.
  159. Stranger: "I'd really what? Suck off a cute guy I've never seen before, whom I've met in the woods five minutes ago and who openly told me he's a rapist? Sure, who wouldn't", Alex chuckles, pressing herself against you, pinning you to the fridge. You can feel her massive tits strained by that tiny top press hard against your chest. You can feel her warm breath on your face. You can feel her hand gently landing on your crotch and giving it a soft squeeze.
  161. Stranger: (Oops, haha, sorry for the 3rd person again)
  163. You: (haha, you and me both)
  165. You: "Fuckin' hell..." I can't help but whisper under my breath, my heart racing as this gorgeous stranger comes on to me. I swallow, taking a breath and letting my hands gently take your waist, my mouth hesitantly, nervously smiling. "Well, I mean... fucking the bottles was my preference, but I s'pose you'll do." I tease, in a rush of adrenaline my right hand slipping down to feel up your ass.
  167. Stranger: I smile devilishly, grab your head and pull you in for a kiss. Greedy, passionate, wet and slobbery kiss with a lot of saliva and tongue that leaves you gasping for air. I finish it by biting your lower lip a bit too aggressively. "You can touch my butt, you can touch my tits, we can kiss. We don't fuck. I suck you off. As soon as you cum, we're done, you leave. You got the rules?", I whisper loudly the instructions in your ear, my breath feeling hot and wet against it.
  169. You: I quickly nod my head, heavily breathing, my cock now rock hard and bulging against my jeans. "Totally yeah- hundred percent, just um... yeah, no, uh... yeah." You've taken control, leaving me panting and eager to please. I brush some hair out of my eyes, my lower lip hanging open, stinging a little from your bite.
  171. Stranger: "Good boy", I say as I turn around. I shove my hips back, hitting you in the crotch with my round juicy buttocks in beige pants and start grinding my ass on your bulge, arching my back. "Strip me", I say, as I keep grinding on you, moving my shoulders, letting you know I'm talking about the top parts of my clothing.
  173. You: I do as I'm told, quickly reaching for your jacket and swiftly pulling it down your shoulders and off your body, tossing it aside as I reach around to grab your tank top, attempting to pull it up and off you from your belly. Meanwhile you can hear what an impact your grinding is having, my whimperings and gasps, you can feel my bulge throbbing and shifting, even growing further as you stimulate it.
  175. Stranger: I drop to my knees and turn around. I undo your belt and the zipper, pull you pants and boxers down to your ankles. "Mmmm, would you look at that!", I smirk. (What do we have down there? ;))
  177. You: (I'm just shy of 8 1/2 inches IRL, but I can as big or a small as you want! I don't mind at all!)
  179. Stranger: (Mmmmm, thanks, lemme re-write it then ;P)
  181. Stranger: I drop to my knees and turn around. I undo your belt and the zipper, pull you pants and boxers down to your ankles. "Holy fuck, would you look at that!", I gasp. "That's more wood than the whole Rothewich Thicket!", I chuckle with lust and satisfaction, looking at a rock hard cut cock, easily 10-11 inches long and 4 inches thick, with big heavy balls hanging low, with not a single hair in sight, slightly curving upwards. I grab a hold of it and start stroking it slowly, spitting on the tip and spreading the spit with my hands. I wrap my plump, soft lips with bright red lipstick around the thick purple head of your cock and start sucking it like it's my last day on earth, tickling the dick hole with my tongue, looking up into your eyes.
  183. You: It's as if every tense muscle in my body has gone to my rock hard cock, leaving me writhing in ecstasy as you go down on me. "AH god, HOLY FUCK, oh fuck Alex!" I moan, running my hands through your silky dark hair, my face reddening and breath sharp and heavy. "Hnnng, mmm fuck..." I grown, somehow, amazingly, already feeling my balls start to clench, precum oozing from my tip, providing you with further lubricant.
  185. Stranger: I use all that much needed lubrication to swallow your huge monster cock deeper and deeper until I'm all in, balls deep, with the tip of your cock way down my throat, my neck bulging, my mascara running, face red, spit and precum leaking from the sides of my mouth... I hold it there for a few seconds before starting to bob my head back and forth, basically throatfucking myself with your massive horsecock...
  187. You: I knock the back of my head against the fridge, moaning out in pleasure. "FUCK, fuck, fuck ALEX, OHHHhhh fuck me, god... You're so fucking- GOD, fuck, god I've never- mmm, god I, I... I'm gonna fucking cum, OH fuck..." My cock starts violently throbbing, my balls tightly clenched up against my shaft. My arms hang limply from my sides, all the energy in my body focused in on my erection.
  189. Stranger: With a cocky (pun fully intended) smirk, at least as much as it's possible to smirk with a dick in my mouth, I swallow the whole thing again... and immediately regret it, as your meatrod starts shooting cum like a fucking fire hose, making me choke and gag, and some cum spills out of my nostrils. I pull back but keep stroking your cock, squeezing your balls as you shower me in cum, glazing my face like a donut or cupcake. I squeeze every last drop of your hot load and just sit there on my knees, panting, my big sweaty tits going up and down, face invisible under a thick milky white layer of your love goo, some of it dripping down on my boobs.
  191. You: I have no words, leaning against the fridge as I try to collect some semblance of composure. My eyes are glued to the absolutely state I've left you in, dripping with buckets of my cum, almost as out of breath as I am. My cock is still semi hard, a little string of cum hanging from my tip, the flesh completely red and beaten, slowly deflating as I kneel down, getting eye to eye with you. I lean forward to kiss you, sliding a hand onto your sweaty boob.
  193. Stranger: I kiss you back, shoving some of your own cum into your mouth with my tongue, moaning from your touches as my nipples are extremely hard and my boobs are very sensitive from arousal. They feel silky smooth and so soft but firm in your hands, just perfect shape, size and firmness. A little bit sticky.
  195. You: I silently break away from our kiss, leaning forward to tenderly kiss your neck over and over. Over and over, all across your slippery flesh, slowly working my way down to your chest, scattering kisses around your tits, carefully avoiding your nipples for the moment.
  197. Stranger: "Ah... oh...", I gasp and whimper, feeling your fingers and lips on my breasts, slamming my open palm onto the fridge behind you to stabilize myself, because how weak at the knees I get when you do so.
  199. You: Grinning at your clear enjoyment, I move forward. I lean in and delicately tickle your left nipple with the tip of my tongue, softly teasing your flesh, my eyes hold on your face, gauging your reaction.
  201. Stranger: I moan, my eyes closed, biting my lip, but the I push you away and stand up, my legs still shaking a little. "No! No, get out!", I whimper, "Remember the rules! I am the only one here who makes people cum. You came - now leave", I pant, I grab a roll of paper towels off of the counter and start wiping cum off my face and tits. sometimes gathering a bit with my finger and licking it off.
  203. You: I back off, nodding my head. "Yeah- yeah, okay! Okay, I'm leaving..." I lift myself to my feet, pulling my boxers up and over my now flaccid little cock, tugging my jeans up and fiddling with the fly and my belt. I clear my throat a little, as I steadily back off. "Uh, Alex? Could I, uh, maybe... grab your phone number?"
  205. You: (let me know if this sort of reaction doesn't work for you, it's all flexible ;) )
  207. Stranger: She looks at you with my eyebrow raised and grins. "Alright, I'll make an exception for you", she grabs a sharpie fridge-magnet and one of the post-it notes from the fridge and rights her number on it. She hands you the paper. "Hit me up when you need to cum again", Alex wink and pushes you outside, closing the door behind you. You're now outside, fresh air feeling a bit called on your exposed privates - you had to grab the paper and didn't fully cover yourself... which was unfortunate. You see another woman standing about 10-20 feet away. She's tall, has medium to short dark brown wavy hair, beautiful brown eyes and nice cheekbones. Her figure is hard to tell underneath a forest ranger uniform. "Uh... is everything alright, sir?", she asks, approaching slowly with a confused look. "Ranger Winstead. And you...?"
  209. You: With everything that's just happened, the feeling of cool open air, and the sight of this striking new woman, it takes me a second to digest the situation. "Ranger..." I echo, my eyes focusing on your beautiful face. When I feel a slight tingling of sensation, it hits me. "OH fuck, god." I immediately tense up, thrusting my hands down to pull up my jeans, frantically buckling them up. "Shit, I am so... sorry, I wasn't, I didn't... I'm not a freak."
  211. Stranger: The woman smiles an unsure smile. "Uh... well, you don't look like one for sure. You look like someone got in a fight with his girlfriend and got kicked out", she puts her hands on her hips, stopping at the bottom of the stairs that lead to you and the entrance. "I was told you guys have no power over here, I have some info about that. Is that your place? May I come in?"
  213. You: I just glance over at the door, tucking my hands into my armpits and bobbing my head a little on the spot. "Um... I'd knock." I say, shooting you an empathetic smile. Somehow, despite what I've just been occupied with, I find myself eyeing up this ranger woman. I catch myself doing it, just turning my head to the ground.
  215. You: (sorry for long wait there, roommates)
  217. Stranger: She looks at you. "If you don't want to enter, I understand. But please, don't leave. This is important". She walks up the stairs, knocks and enters after hearing an affirmative reply. A few quiet minutes pass, you start worrying that Emma might've lost you at this point, but the woman was very stern in her town. You end up making a circle or two around the house and sit down on a bench under a big tree not far from the house entrance, throwing pine cones in the creek. Then ranger Winstead walks out. She walks up to you. She looks worried. "George, right? The woman inside told me you're camping with friends? We should probably go find them. Would you lead me to where your camp is? Your friends might be in danger".
  218. (How about we stop at this cliff hanger, haha? I have to g now, unfortunately, but I would really love to continue)
  220. You: (haha, sure okay! this has been really fucking hot, definitely one of the most immersive roleplays I've ever done! will you enter the chatzy so we can reconnect around this time tomorrow? or so we can at least organise a time to continue?)
  222. Stranger: (Of course! What time is it over there now btw?)
  224. You: (10:51pm)
  226. Stranger: (Oh wow haha alright, was gonna say I can come back in a few hours, but it will be late at night for you haha)
  228. You: (haha, well I'll keep the chat open and if I'm still up, I'd be down!)
  230. Stranger: (Good! See ya)

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