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  1.  Chapter 401 - Omnivision  
  3.  What happened?
  5.  Gentle Snow, who watched the fight from the spectator stands, focused on Cao Chenghua, her mind replaying Cao Chenghua’s last attack .
  7.  No matter how she looked at it, Zhao Yueru had blocked the attack . Yet, somehow, Cao Chenghua’s sword had appeared somewhere completely different .
  9.  It was like a magical sword .
  11.  Zhao Yueru was just as confused . She could not understand what had happened . However, she no longer had the time to think on it .
  13.  Cao Chenghua’s attack dealt -1,241 damage, reducing Zhao Yueru’s originally low HP to 470 points . If she suffered another attack, she would die .
  15.  Mages were especially weak in terms of Defense, Strength, and Agility . If a melee class like the Berserker close in on a mage, only tragedy awaited them .
  17.  Zhao Yueru instinctively used Flame Circle, a type of instantaneous activation spell . Immediately, a ring of flame expanded outwards, forcing her enemies to retreat .
  19.  Cao Chenghua remained unfazed by the incoming flames as he swung his greatsword down at them .
  21.  Boom!
  22.  Cao Chenghua’s greatsword sliced apart the ring of flame . However, he was still forced to take a step back due to the resulting impact, abruptly stopping his attack momentum .
  24.  Taking this chance, Zhao Yueru retreated while pelting Cao Chenghua with Frost Arrows .
  26.  “Don’t even think of escaping!” Cao Chenghua roared . Enduring the attacks from the Frost Arrows, he sent a Horizontal Sweep at Zhao Yueru .
  28.  Zhao Yueru used her staff to defend
  30.  once more .
  32.  This time, Zhao Yueru focused on the greatsword, devoting her full attention to determining the weapon’s trajectory .
  34.  Just as Iron Cutter was about to land, Zhao Yueru quickly shifted her staff to block the attack .
  36.  Cao Chenghua, however, simply revealed a mocking smile as he focused all his power into his slash .
  38.  Once again, something strange occurred… 
  40.  Cao Chenghua’s Iron Cutter suddenly disappeared before reappearing and striking Zhao Yueru’s blindspot .
  41.  Before Zhao Yueru realized what had happened, her body was on the ground, her vision darkening .
  43.  “Zhao Yueru, do you understand now? Only by following me will you have a bright future ahead of you,” Cao Chenghua said as he looked down at Zhao Yueru’s fallen body .
  45.  Zhao Yueru wanted to rise and retaliate . Unfortunately, her HP had already fallen to zero… 
  47.  Victor in the first match: Cao Chenghua!
  49.  Meanwhile, not only had Zhao Yueru lost a level after dying, but she had also dropped a piece of her equipment and lost a significant amount of Skill Proficiency .
  51.  After resurrecting, Zhao Yueru walked up to Gentle Snow, her disappointment written all over her face . Feeling deeply ashamed, she said, “Snow, I’m sorry…” 
  53.  Her loss had undoubtedly increased the burden on the later fights . After all, out of the next four matches, they needed to win three to win this competition .  
  55.  “It’s not your fault . Cao Chenghua hid his strength too well . Not only did he learn a control removal skill, but he also learned a new, mysterious skill . There is nothing wrong with losing to him,” Gentle Snow comforted . “Leave the rest to me .
  57.  . ”
  59.  “Mhm . ” Zhao Yueru silently nodded, her eyes shining with unshed tears .
  61.  Although Gentle Snow had consoled her, she could not forgive herself . What frustrated her the most was the fact that she didn't even know how she had lost .
  63.  Shi Feng, who had observed the fight from a distance, was similarly surprised .
  65.  Since when had Cao Chenghua become so strong?
  67.  Thinking back to Cao Chenghua and his team’s expressions, Shi Feng finally understood why they had been so confident in Cao Chenghua’s victory .
  69.  “Big Brother Ye Feng, do you know what sort of skill this Cao Chenghua used? Even after watching the match, I still failed to discern the attack pattern of that strike of his . Cao Chenghua’s attack clearly wasn’t that fast, yet, his blade had suddenly vanished and reappeared somewhere else . How can anybody block such an attack?” Violet Cloud was curious about Cao Chenghua’s previous attacks .
  71.  If Cao Chenghua possessed such a strange skill, then one could only kite him and kill him from a distance .
  73.  “Did you think that was a skill?” Shi Feng chuckled .
  75.  “Was it not a Berserker’s skill?” Violet Cloud asked, surprise filling her face .
  77.  Shi Feng shook his head, explaining, “That isn’t an in-game skill .  Rather, it is a martial arts technique . ”
  79.  “A martial arts technique?” Violet Cloud gaped . If anyone else had said these words, she would suspect that they were boasting . However, if they came from Shi Feng, they must be true .
  81.  “Cao Chenghua used a technique similar to rock-paper-scissors, using ‘scissors’ before he took action . Zhao Yueru, upon noticing Cao Chenghua
  83.  Cao Chenghua was about to use ‘scissors,’ naturally chose ‘rock . ’ However, before the two clashed, Cao Chenghua suddenly changed to ‘paper . ’ . So, Cao Chenghua won, while Zhao Yueru could not figure out how Cao Chenghua had used ‘paper . ’ 
  85.  “That’s the general idea of this technique . Although it sounds easy theoretically, it is actually quite difficult to pull off .
  87.  “One needs to have learned Omnivision and carefully observe their opponent . However, I’m not referring the ordinary observations we make .  One needs to see the whole picture, looking at everything objectively without bias to gain insight into the enemy’s actions . When Cao Chenghua had attacked earlier, he had analyzed Zhao Yueru’s actions, her body’s movements, defensive positions, everything . Hence, when Zhao Yueru was about to defend herself, Cao Chenghua changed the trajectory of his attack, striking Zhao Yueru’s blindspot . By the time Zhao Yueru reacted, she had already taken damage .
  89.  “Of course, when Cao Chenghua swung his greatsword, he had also used a technique called Second Acceleration . When he swung his greatsword, he had not attacked with his full power, using only around 40% . Only when he changed his attack’s trajectory did he use his full power . Such a sudden acceleration leaves an after-image, causing one to think that the greatsword still followed its original trajectory . So, when you saw Cao Chenghua’s sword suddenly vanish, what you actually saw was a false image produced by your mind .
  91.  “Zhao Yueru does not possess such combat experience, and she has no martial arts training . It is only natural that she lost . ”
  93.  A realization struck Violet Cloud as she listened to Shi Feng’s to Shi Feng’s explanation .
  95.  After hearing Shi Feng, Violet Cloud felt as if a door had opened within her, and she had discovered a whole new world beyond that threshold .
  97.  So, players could use such techniques in battle…
  99.  As Violet Cloud recovered from her shock, a new thought suddenly popped into her mind .
  101.  Since Big Brother Ye Feng can explain it in such detail, does that mean that Big Brother Ye Feng knows how to do it as well?
  103.  The thought excited the young Cleric .
  105.  As Shi Feng and Violet Cloud discussed the fight among themselves, the system revealed the next pair of combatants .
  106.  Shi Feng then shifted his gaze to the electronic display above the arena .
  108.  Second match: Gentle Snow vs .  Blackhearted Arrow .
  109.  Gentle Snow was a Berserker, while Blackhearted Arrow was a Ranger . Comparing classes, Berserkers were the more dominant of the two classes . Although Rangers had some close combat capabilities, their advantage lay in their ultra-long-range attacks . They were more suited for fighting in jungles or forests . In this arena with limited space and no obstacles to use as a cover, Rangers were at a disadvantage .  Furthermore, Gentle Snow’s techniques were stronger than Blackhearted Arrow’s .
  111.  Despite being in such a disadvantageous position, however, Blackhearted Arrow was still very calm . There was even a hint of scorn in his eyes, his gaze void of the respect he had shown Gentle Snow in the past .
  113.  When both fighters entered the arena, the countdown for the battle began .
  115.  5… 
  117.  4… 
  119.  3…
  121.  2…
  123.  1…
  125.  Start!
  127.  Blackhearted Arrow immediately spun around and activated Wind Chaser, intending to increase the distance between him and his opponent .  
  129.  However, Gentle Snow’s first attack stunned everyone present .
  133.  Chapter 402
  135.  A+ A- Chapter 402: Chapter 402 - The Terrifying War Goddess
  137.  Chapter 402 - The Terrifying War Goddess
  139.  “What is Gentle Snow trying to do?”
  141.  Everyone in the spectator stands was baffled .
  143.  Even Zhao Yueru, who was very familiar with Gentle Snow, was dumbfounded by her friend’s actions .
  145.  Gentle Snow had thrown her blue greatsword the moment the battle started .
  147.  Any player who lost their main weapons was tantamount to a beast without its claws and fangs . Yet, Gentle Snow took the initiative to discard her main weapon in order to attack her enemy…? 
  149.  Berserkers were not ranged fighters . Although the greatsword she threw possessed some power, its attack pattern was very straightforward . The greatsword was not very fast, so players could easily dodge it .
  151.  Meanwhile, if Gentle Snow lost her main weapon, she could not attack or defend . If she relied solely on a Berserker’s mobility and dodging capabilities, an expert Ranger like Blackhearted Arrow could defeat her effortlessly .
  153.  Zhao Yueru’s loss had already forced Gentle Snow to the edge of the cliff, and she could not afford carelessness in the second match . If Gentle Snow lost her match as well, their hopes of victory would be dashed .
  155.  “It seems that Zhao Yueru’s loss was quite a blow to Gentle Snow . ”
  157.  “Why is she acting so impulsively?”
  159.  Many of the Elders who silently supported Gentle Snow lamented at this sight .
  161.  Before this battle had even begun, the victor of both this match and this competition had been determined . If even Gentle Snow lost, the other members of her team didn’t have a prayer . The only person who had a chance at victory was Fierce Snake .
  163.  However, Cao Chenghua still had Nimble Snake and Soaring Snake fighting for him . As for War Wolf, even Cao Chenghua treated the Shield Warrior respectfully . The man must be astonishingly powerful .
  165.  In the arena, Blackhearted Arrow discovered the blue greatsword soaring towards him . He grinned .
  167.  Gentle Snow, you’re seeking death; don’t blame me for being merciless .
  169.  Blackhearted Arrow immediately adjusted his footwork . Side-stepping, he twisted slightly . His movements were incredibly subtle, and his dodging techniques were reminiscent of a martial arts master .  In the next moment, Gentle Snow’s Blue Sky flew past Blackhearted Arrow, missing his side by a few centimeters .
  171.  At this moment, Blackhearted Arrow revealed a savage expression . Whenever he had fought Gentle Snow in the past, the latter would always beat him into a pulp . Even today, he was not absolutely confident that he could triumph over the Snow Goddess . However, she had foolishly thrown her greatsword, assuming that he couldn’t dodge it . Now that she no longer had her main weapon, she could not deflect his rain of arrows .
  173.  Blackhearted Arrow retrieved the deep-blue longbow from his back and retrieved the precious Wind Breaking Arrows from his bag . He then nocked the arrows, aimed at Gentle Snow, and drew his bow into a full moon .
  175.  Wind Breaking Arrows . There was also an additional Knockback effect when the arrow hit its target . Furthermore, the bow Blackhearted Arrow used, Blue Wings, had an effect that increased an arrow’s speed by an additional 15% .  Compiling both of these effects, even an agility-focused
  177.  agility-focused Assassin would struggle to dodge his attacks . At most, they could use their weapons to deflect the arrows .
  179.  Previously, Blackhearted Arrow had tested the Wind Breaking Arrows with Nimble Snake . Within 20 yards, even with Nimble Snake’s skills and extremely fast reaction speed, he could only use his daggers to defend himself against the arrows . Hence, there was no way a low-Agility and unarmed Berserker could protect herself from them .
  180.  This was one of the reasons why Blackhearted Arrow was confident that he would defeat Gentle Snow .
  181.  Just as Blackhearted Arrow was about to fire three Wind Breaking Arrows at Gentle Snow, the Snow Goddess suddenly revealed a faint smile .
  183.  “Watch how I’ll get rid of…
  185.  “Ah!”
  187.  Blackhearted Arrow suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back, and he plunged, face-first into the ground . A damage of -1,342 appeared above his head, his HP decreasing by almost half .
  189.  Blackhearted Arrow’s mind was blank as his body fell to the ground .
  191.  What happened?
  193.  Hadn’t he been the one attacking? How had he fallen?
  195.  There was even an additional Heavily Injured debuff on him now; his Movement Speed and Attack Speed had decreased by 20% for six seconds .
  197.  Moreover, by the time he looked up, the blue greatsword Gentle Snow had thrown had somehow returned to her, and the Berserker was charging at him .
  199.  Wasn’t that Death Throw? When did Gentle Snow learn it? Moreover, the skill’s level has actually reached Tier 1 . Is it an innate skill of her weapon? With his wealth of experience, Shi Feng had immediately discerned the skill Gentle Snow had used .
  201.  Death Throw was not a skill unique to
  203.  unique to Berserkers .  Rather, it was a Special Skill with a two-staged attack .
  205.  Those unaware of this skill would simply think that Gentle Snow had thrown her weapon . However, Death Throw basically made her weapon boomerang . Normally, after players dodged the first attack, they would launch a counterattack, failing to notice the second attack from behind . Moreover, Death Throw’s second attack contained far more speed and destructive power than the first . At Tier 0, Death Throw would inflict a Heavily Injured debuff upon hitting the target . It was even more powerful at Tier 1 .  This two-staged attack fooled many players, and as a result, they would lose their lives .
  207.  Blackhearted Arrow knew that he was in danger at the moment . However, Gentle Snow was still more than 10 yards from him . Hurriedly, he climbed up from the ground, intending to escape while firing the Wind Breaking Arrows at Gentle Snow, knocking her back .
  209.  However, the moment Blackhearted Arrow stood, he suddenly discovered Gentle Snow slashing down her blue greatsword despite the distance between them . In the next moment, over a dozen blue wind blades flew towards him .
  211.  With both his Movement Speed and Attack Speed reduced, Blackhearted Arrow would have a difficult time blocking or dodging .  The Ranger immediately released an angry bellow, intending to activate a lifesaving skill, Backward Jump . However… 
  213.  “Why can’t I use any of my skills?!” Blackhearted Arrow discovered that he could not use Backward Jump . He then looked at the blue wind blades that were suddenly before him, crying out in confusion .
  215.  Shua… Shua… Shua… 
  217.  The dozen or so wind blades shredded Blackhearted Arrow’s body and damages over -300 appeared above his head, one after another . In . In the end, his HP fell to zero . As the Ranger’s body transformed into particles of light, a deep-blue longbow had been left behind in his place .
  219.  Victor of the second match: Gentle Snow!
  221.  Cao Chenghua, his teammates, as well as the Elders of Ouroboros standing at the spectator stands, were dumbfounded .
  223.  Gentle Snow had only used two moves to defeat Blackhearted Arrow, Ouroboros’s Third Branch Leader . It was simply unbelievable .
  225.  “Is this her true strength?” Cao Chenghua watched Gentle Snow’s figure as she departed from the arena with a grim expression .
  227.  Fortunately, Gentle Snow’s opponent had been Blackhearted Arrow, the weakest of the five on Cao Chenghua’s team . If she had fought anyone else this round, Gentle Snow might have had a chance of becoming the victor of this competition and the Guild Leader of Ouroboros .  
  229.  “Big Brother Ye Feng, Big Sis Snow is so amazing! She took out an expert with just two moves!” Violet Cloud exclaimed with awe .
  231.  “Indeed . ” Shi Feng nodded, smiling faintly .
  233.  Blackhearted Arrow did not know that, if struck by the Tier 1 Death Throw, players would also suffer a Silence effect, which prevented them from using any skills for a short time . This was why the skill was known as the Death Throw .
  235.  Gentle Snow’s brilliant victory had undeniably increased the morale of her team . They now only needed to win two of the three remaining matches . Moreover, Gentle Snow’s intense domination had given the opposition some pause .
  237.  Just as Zhao Yueru and Fierce Snake celebrated Gentle Snow’s victory… 
  239.  The next combatants were announced .
  243.  Chapter 403
  245.  A+ A- Chapter 403: Chapter 403 - Boiling Fury
  247.  Chapter 403 - Boiling Fury
  249.  Cao Chenghua’s team, who had fallen silent due to Gentle Snow’s display, suddenly smiled upon seeing the names for the third match .
  251.  Third match: Fierce Snake vs . War Wolf!
  253.  Fierce Snake was a Berserker, while War Wolf was a Shield Warrior . Regarding combat power, Berserkers held the advantage over Shield Warriors . However, Shield Warriors possessed high HP and Defense, as well as plenty of lifesaving skills, making them far more difficult to deal with than other classes .
  254.  In general, neither class had an edge over the other . Hence, the players’ techniques would determine the outcome of this third match .
  256.  Gentle Snow looked at the Shield Warrior who had remained silent and calm throughout the competition . Despite doing nothing, War Wolf exuded a faint pressure that made one unconsciously distance themselves from him .
  258.  No matter how Gentle Snow examined War Wolf, she could never mistake him for an ordinary expert . Even her core team’s MT, Ghost Chop, had admitted that he had only started playing a Shield Warrior because of this man . Furthermore, Cao Chenghua and the rest of his team treated War Wolf with great respect . This showed that War Wolf’s standards were top-tier, and he should not be any weaker than Nimble Snake .
  260.  Of the Twelve Apostles, Soaring Snake ranked first, Nimble Snake ranked third, and Fierce Snake ranked ninth . If Fierce Snake fought Nimble Snake, his chances of victory only hovered between 30% and 40% .
  262.  If War Wolf was stronger than Nimble Snake and was about equal to Soaring Snake, then Fierce Snake’s chances of victory were only around 20% to 30% .
  264.  However, War Wolf did not play a damage-dealing class; his attacks would not be very powerful . On the other hand, a Berserker also wore plate armor
  266.  . Unlike leather and cloth armor classes, Berserkers would not die so easily . Knowing this, War Wolf was prepared to fight a battle of attrition and slowly exhaust Fierce Snake to death . After all, that was the Shield Warriors’ specialty .
  268.  “Fierce Snake, your opponent is not simple . Make sure you don’t cross swords with him for too long and give him any openings,” Gentle Snow whispered a reminder to Fierce Snake . She then took a gold-rimmed skill book from her bag, carefully handing it to Fierce Snake, saying, “Learn this skill . If you use it at a crucial moment, you might defeat him . ”
  270.  Fierce Snake’s heart pounded the moment he read the introduction of this skill book .
  272.  This skill book was an extremely rare burst skill for Berserkers, Boiling Fury . For a short time, the skill increased the player’s damage by 40%, Strength by 15%, and Attack Speed by 30% . Moreover, the less HP the player had, the faster their Attack Speed would become . To a Berserker, this skill book’s value far surpassed that of one or two Dark Gold Weapons .
  274.  “Big Sis Snow, Boiling Fury is too valuable . I can’t learn it,” Fierce Snake said, shaking his head .
  276.  “War Wolf will not be easy to deal with, and you know this . You don’t want me to lose, right?” Worried that a powerful enemy would appear, Gentle Snow had prepared for this competition . As the Underground Arena prohibited players from using any tools, the only way to raise a player’s combat power was to learn new and powerful skills . Boiling Fury was one such skill Gentle Snow had prepared . She also had another Advanced Skill for Nimble Snake . Unfortunately, that skill book would not come into play during
  278.  during these matches .
  280.  Sitting a short distance away, Shi Feng was slightly surprised upon seeing the skill book Gentle Snow passed to Fierce Snake .
  282.  Gentle Snow had actually obtained such a super-rare skill book .
  284.  Boiling Fury would only drop from High Lords ranked Field Bosses, and its drop-rate was 2% . One needed immense luck in order to obtain it .
  286.  “I understand .
  288.  “I will not lose . ”
  290.  Fierce Snake nodded and chose to learn Boiling Fury . He then watched the thin War Wolf walk into the arena, his eyes blazing with fighting spirit .
  292.  Originally, he only had a 30% chance of defeating the Shield Warrior . Now that he had obtained Boiling Fury, he had a 70% certainty of coming out victorious .
  294.  Following which, Fierce Snake also entered the arena .  
  296.  “Snow, you’re simply too amazing! I can’t believe you had something so powerful hidden! Fierce Snake will win for sure!” Zhao Yueru hugged Gentle Snow excitedly, her previous depressed mood scattering to the winds .
  298.  In response, Gentle Snow lightly tapped Zhao Yueru’s forehead and revealed a faint smile .
  300.  Meanwhile, inside the arena, the battle between Fierce Snake and War Wolf had begun .
  302.  “I’m interested to see just how powerful you are . ”
  304.  The moment the battle started, Fierce Snake lifted his silvery-gray battle axe and charged at War Wolf . When his axe descended, even the air roared . However, without even retrieving the shield and saber from his back, War Wolf simply took a step back and allowed the battle axe to brush past his body, slamming into the ground .
  306.  War Wolf immediately stomped down on the battle axe, the weapon becoming completely embedded into the ground . He then unsheathed the saber covered in golden magic runes from his back and slashed at the Berserker’s neck, the weapon creating a beautiful arc .
  308.  arc .
  310.  The entire process flowed like water, and everyone who witnessed it was amazed .
  312.  Before Fierce Snake could respond, a damage of -536 points appeared above his head .
  314.  Although War Wolf’s attack had not dealt a significant amount of damage to Fierce Snake, who had over 3,200 HP, this strike had dealt a heavy blow to the Berserker’s mentality .
  316.  Before he could even react, War Wolf’s attack struck him . In Fierce Snake’s memories, this had never happened in any of the PvP battles he had participated in before .
  318.  Seeing War Wolf’s saber slashing at him again, Fierce Snake hurriedly used Whirlwind Slash . At this moment, War Wolf lifted his shield, blocking Fierce Snake’s skill and taking a single step back .
  320.  Fierce Snake took advantage of his small victory to follow up with a series of attacks, using skill after skill to force War Wolf into a continuous retreat . Yet, to everyone’s surprise, Fierce Snake’s HP continued to decrease despite being on the offensive .
  322.  Every time Fierce Snake attacked, War Wolf would effortlessly block it with his shield and counterattack with his saber .
  324.  Fierce Snake had no idea what was happening . Although he had tried to dodge and block War Wolf’s counterattacks, the Shield Warrior’s saber would always somehow land a hit .
  326.  Even when War Wolf took the initiative to launch an attack, he couldn’t dodge or defend himself .
  328.  War Wolf’s saber would always disappear in mid-swing before suddenly appearing elsewhere . By the time War Wolf’s saber reappeared, it was too late for him to react . He could only watch as his HP fell, powerless to do anything about it .
  330.  “Damn . ”
  332.  Seeing that he had less than 1,000 HP remaining, Fierce Snake gritted his teeth and activated Boiling Fury .
  334.  At this point, if he hesitated to activate Boiling Fury, he Boiling Fury, he would die in a few moments .
  336.  However, even after activating Boiling Fury, Fierce Snake was no different than a baby swinging a large axe to War Wolf . This time, the Shield Warrior did not even bother to use his shield and relied on his reflexes to dodge every one of Fierce Snake’s attacks . It looked as if Fierce Snake’s axe actively avoided War Wolf as the weapon brushed past him, never hitting his body .
  338.  Fierce Snake nearly crumbled .
  340.  This scene dumbfounded both Gentle Snow and Zhao Yueru .
  342.  They were familiar with Fierce Snake’s strength . Yet, War Wolf could toy with him so effortlessly . Even Gentle Snow admitted that she was not capable of such a feat .
  344.  “Just who is he?” Gentle Snow could not believe her eyes . Cao Chenghua had actually found someone so impressive . Most likely, only Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, One-hit Asura Black Flame, could contend with such a powerful expert .
  346.  Inside the arena, War Wolf walked up to Fierce Snake, utterly relaxed . After swinging his saber twice, Fierce Snake’s body fell to the ground, reluctance and frustration filling his face .
  348.  Their strengths were on different levels entirely .
  350.  “Gentle Snow has definitely lost . The difference between our external player and hers is like heaven and earth . ”
  352.  “However, this is fate . Not everyone has the chance to connect with such an expert . ”
  354.  “If Cao Chenghua becomes the Guild Leader, he might be able to invite more experts into our Guild . This would benefit the Guild’s future development . ”
  356.  The Elders seated in the spectator stands expressed their admiration of War Wolf’s performance . They began to anticipate the future of the Guild . As for Gentle Snow, they no longer expected anything of her .
  360.  Chapter 404
  362.  A+ A- Chapter 404: Chapter 404 - The Difference Between Outsiders
  364.  Chapter 404 - The Difference Between Outsiders  
  366.  “Gentle Snow, you should now see the difference between us, right?” Cao Chenghua said, laughing as he grinned at Gentle Snow . “From the very beginning, you never had any chance of winning this competition .
  368.  “There is only one ending for you all today–defeat!”
  370.  Gentle Snow, stoic and beautiful, refused to respond to Cao Chenghua’s taunts .
  372.  It was true that she had never expected Cao Chenghua to invite such an expert .
  374.  Suddenly, this competition was no longer within her control .
  376.  Originally, she had hoped for Fierce Snake’s victory . Then, as long as Ye Feng secured another win, she would dominate this competition .
  377.  Yet…
  379.  Now, there were still two matches left . Even if Ye Feng won his match, they would end with a tie . However, they didn’t have any experts for the final match .
  381.  “Big Brother Ye Feng, what is going on?” Violet Cloud’s eyes widened in shock when she witnessed War Wolf’s demonic attacks . “Why does he know it, too?”
  383.  “Seeing as War Wolf can use Omnivision and Second Acceleration to such a refined standard, Cao Chenghua must have learned those techniques from him,” Shi Feng calmly explained .  
  385.  Realization immediately dawned on Violet Cloud .
  387.  However, Shi Feng’s words had undeniably given Gentle Snow and the others a shock, each one of them falling silent .
  389.  If Nimble Snake and Soaring Snake had also learned such mystifying techniques… 
  391.  “Hahaha! That’s right! Both Nimble Snake and Soaring Snake have also learned those techniques! Moreover, they are more proficient than I am!” Cao Chenghua could not help but laugh when he saw Gentle Snow and the others’ expressions . “Gentle Snow, you understand now, right? You have no chance of winning this competition! On top of that, the two outsiders you’ve brought are merely
  393.  two Level 22 players! How could they possibly compete with the empowered Nimble Snake and Soaring Snake? Gentle Snow, just admit your loss right now . If you do, you won’t have to suffer a humiliating defeat!”
  395.  At this time, both Nimble Snake and Soaring Snake shifted their gaze to Shi Feng and Violet Cloud, disdain filling their eyes .
  397.  “How boring . They are the last opponents . With this, I can’t test out my new techniques,” Soaring Snake sighed with disappointment . “If I fought Gentle Snow, I might have been able to display some of my strength . ”
  399.  “I heard that Ye Feng is quite strong . He was previously the first player to enter White River City and had even defeated hundreds of players by himself during the initial stages of God’s Domain . He should provide some challenge and serve as a warm-up for the both of you,” Cao Chenghua casually explained as he smirked at Shi Feng .
  401.  At this moment, War Wolf opened his mouth and said, “That’s right . You should not underestimate Ye Feng . I have seen his battle videos . Even though everyone’s Levels were very low at the time, based on the way Ye Feng moved and took action, I guarantee that he possesses a significant foundation in martial arts . Although he has yet to grasp Omnivision, you two should still be careful when fighting him . ”
  403.  After War Wolf had agreed to aid Cao Chenghua, other than speaking while he trained them, he was usually silent . War Wolf’s sudden and casual comment drew everyone’s attention .
  405.  “Him?” Nimble Snake looked at Shi Feng, unable to feel any power or pressure from the ordinary-looking man . The corners of his mouth twitched slightly as he laughed and said,
  407.  said, “Big Brother War Wolf, you worry too much . You taught both of us personally . Against such an amateur martial artist, I can easily take care of him alone . ”
  409.  Before Nimble Snake had joined Cao Chenghua, he had never known that he could apply so many martial arts techniques to playing a game like God’s Domain .
  411.  When Cao Chenghua had first approached him, Nimble Snake did not even humor the thought of defecting . At that time, he felt that Gentle Snow’s combat techniques were the epitome of what it meant to be an expert . However, after dueling War Wolf and suffering an overwhelming defeat, Nimble Snake realized that he had merely been a frog in the bottom of the well .
  413.  It was like meeting Superman .
  415.  Superman was the creation of man’s imagination, a fictional character that could never exist .
  417.  Yet, reality suddenly revealed that such fictional characters actually existed . This revelation had shaken Nimble Snake’s beliefs .
  419.  Hence, Nimble Snake had joined Cao Chenghua’s side without hesitation and received special training from War Wolf . After spending a lot of time and effort, he finally grasped the technique called Omnivision .
  421.  After grasping Omnivision, Nimble Snake finally realized how huge of a gap there was between him and War Wolf .
  423.  If Gentle Snow was the peak of mortals, then after grasping Omnivision, Nimble Snake had exceeded mortal standards . The two were on entirely different levels .  
  425.  Top-tier experts?
  427.  Great experts?
  429.  They were just jokes in Nimble Snake’s eyes .
  431.  “Nimble Snake, stop speaking nonsense . Brother War Wolf definitely has his reasons for what he said . No matter who faces Ye Feng, you must go all-out against him, understand?” Cao Chenghua reproached Nimble Snake, glaring at the Assassin .
  433.  “Yes, I understand,” Nimble Snake hurriedly lowered
  435.  hurriedly lowered his head .
  437.  At this moment, the fourth combatants had been revealed .
  439.  Fourth match: Ye Feng vs . Soaring Snake .
  441.  “Hahaha! Perfect! Since Big Brother War Wolf said to be careful of Ye Feng, then I’ll use him to test my new skills and see just how much I have improved!” Soaring Snake walked into the arena excitedly .
  442.  Soaring Snake was not a brawny man . On the contrary, he was very lean . However, although he was thin, his muscles were packed with explosive power like a cheetah’s . Out of everyone in Cao Chenghua’s team, War Wolf was the most optimistic about Soaring Snake . Not only did he possess the highest talent for combat, but the speed at which he learned also left everyone speechless . He had only taken half the time to learn Omnivision . Moreover, he was a natural-born fighting maniac .
  444.  Under War Wolf’s tutelage, Soaring Snake had developed with unimaginable speeds, and right now, he was definitely the number one powerhouse in all of Ouroboros .
  446.  If not for Cao Chenghua’s wish to hide Soaring Snake’s strength, the latter would have long since made it on the God’s Domain Experts List .
  448.  “Ye Feng, how confident are you?” Gentle Snow suddenly asked as Shi Feng was about to enter the arena . “If you don’t feel confident, just admit defeat . You are Zero Wing’s backbone . It would not be beneficial for you to lose a level here .
  450.  “This competition was a miscalculation on my part . I never expected that Cao Chenghua had such a monster on his team . Not only is he a powerful fighter himself, but he has also enhanced Soaring Snake and Nimble Snake’s strength .
  451.  “As for the losses for the losses you have suffered by joining me, I will pay five million Credits . ”
  453.  In Gentle Snow’s opinion, Ye Feng was undoubtedly stronger than Soaring Snake . However, after finding out that Soaring Snake had completely changed, even Gentle Snow didn’t think that she had much of a chance against him . Meanwhile, how much stronger could Ye Feng possibly be?
  455.  “A promise is a promise . Since Miss Snow has already invited me here, and I have agreed to help, how could I possibly flee without a fight?” Shi Feng revealed a faint smile as he entered the arena .
  457.  “Ye Feng is such a fool!” Zhao Yueru huffed angrily . “Didn’t he see how powerful War Wolf was?
  459.  “Since War Wolf guided and taught Soaring Snake, even if he is not on par with War Wolf, he is probably not too far behind! Ye Feng is just trying to die!”
  461.  “Alright, Yueru, everyone has their own bottom lines and styles of conduct . It is my fault for telling Ye Feng to give up without a fight,” Gentle Snow placated Zhao Yueru . She then shifted her gaze to Shi Feng inside the arena, a mix of feelings filling her heart .
  463.  However, while Gentle Snow and Zhao Yueru both worried, Violet Cloud suddenly giggled and said, “Since Big Brother Ye Feng has given his promise, he will fulfill it . You can rest assured about this . ”
  465.  Both Gentle Snow and Zhao Yueru turned their heads to look at the little girl named Violet Cloud, confused . Just why was Violet Cloud so confident in Ye Feng?
  467.  Violet Cloud simply smiled and remained silent .
  469.  Only she realized that their opponents should be the ones worrying; Soaring Snake was about to fight none other than Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one powerhouse, One-hit Asura .
  473.  Chapter 405
  475.  A+ A- Chapter 405: Chapter 405 - Techniques are Useless
  477.  Chapter 405 - Techniques are Useless
  479.  Seeing  Violet Cloud’s confident yet silent smile, Zhao Yueru grew anxious . However, she also could not do anything about this situation, so she could only return her focus to the arena .
  480.  Gentle Snow, on the other hand, was very calm, observing Violet Cloud .
  481.  Previously, due to her anger over Nimble Snake’s treachery, she had only glanced at the Cleric, not paying her any mind .
  482.  Now that Gentle Snow paid closer attention, she discovered that, although this little girl named Violet Cloud seemed like any ordinary spirited and harmless girl, she could feel a faint indescribable pressure from the girl . It felt completely different from the pressure War Wolf gave off .
  483.  War Wolf felt more like a slumbering, feral wolf: cruel, domineering, and vicious .
  484.  As for Violet Cloud, she didn’t know how to describe the girl . This was the first time she had encountered such a feeling .
  485.  Violet Cloud felt like the starry sky at night: silent, awe-inspiring, and profound .
  486.  Just who is this little girl that Ye Feng brought with him? Gentle Snow was quite confident in the accuracy of her sixth sense . After she started playing God’s Domain, that sixth sense had only grown keener .
  487.  Naturally, Violet Cloud noticed Gentle Snow staring at her . In response, she only nodded her head lightly and beamed a playful smile at the Snow Goddess .
  488.  Inside the arena, Shi Feng and Soaring Snake faced each other, both observing their respective opponent .
  489.  Both were Swordsmen, and the only difference between them was their level . Shi Feng was only Level 22 while Soaring Snake was Level 24 . With a difference of two levels and Soaring
  491.  Snake’s grasp of the combat technique Omnivision that granted him insight far beyond the average person, the battle was definitely tilted in Soaring Snake’s favor .
  492.  Yet, even though the starting signal for the battle had already occurred, Soaring Snake remained motionless . He stood there calmly, without any apparent intentions to rush at Shi Feng .
  493.  “Soaring Snake, what are you doing?”
  494.  “Why aren’t you moving?”
  495.  Soaring Snake’s hesitation puzzled his teammates . Usually, Soaring Snake was a battle maniac that would go into a frenzy the moment the battle began . He would never behave as calmly as he was now .
  496.  “Soaring Snake is certainly quite talented . ” War Wolf revealed a faint smile as he watched the motionless Soaring Snake .
  497.  “Big Brother War Wolf, what do you mean?” Nimble Snake asked, confused .
  498.  “When in battle, one does not rely only on their physical prowess, but their mental strength as well . One must remain calm to obtain victory . Soaring Snake is currently adjusting his mentality,” War Wolf explained .
  499.  Indeed, just as War Wolf had said, Soaring Snake was not as excitable as he had once been . Instead, there was a hint of clarity in his eyes .  
  500.  Suddenly, Soaring Snake unsheathed his swords and, with a powerful stomp, dashed towards Shi Feng .
  501.  As the First Apostle of Ouroboros, Soaring Snake’s weapons and equipment spoke for themselves . Of the two swords he wielded, one was Dark-Gold ranked, while the other was Fine-Gold ranked . Meanwhile, a large majority of his equipment was Fine-Gold ranked .  His gear was among the best currently available in God’s Domain .
  502.  Soaring Snake crossed more than 20 yards and arrived before Shi Feng in an instant . Immediately, he launched a rapid attack at Shi Feng .
  503.  Soaring Snake had no intention of fooling around with Shi Feng .
  505.  .
  506.  However, faced with Soaring Snake’s bombardment, Shi Feng leisurely unsheathed the Abyssal Blade and the Purgatory’s Shadow .  Leaning forward, he lightly swung his two swords and readied his battle stance .
  507.  Suddenly, the atmosphere in the arena changed . Everyone shivered, goosebumps covering their whole bodies .
  508.  “This… What is going on?”
  509.  Gentle Snow could sense something from Shi Feng inside the arena .
  510.  Who is this Ye Feng?! Cao Chenghua watched Shi Feng with shock .
  511.  Just by adjusting his stance, Shi Feng had managed to deter every one of his opponents, causing their hearts to beat madly . Suddenly, silence overtook the arena .
  512.  Facing Shi Feng, Soaring Snake stumbled like a frightened bird, abruptly halting his steps .
  513.  Not even Soaring Snake understood why he had suddenly stopped .
  514.  After regaining his composure, he resumed his charge at Shi Feng .
  515.  “Your courage is commendable . ” Shi Feng smiled faintly and nodded .
  516.  Although Shi Feng’s voice was soft, Soaring Snake, with his acute five senses, could hear Shi Feng’s words clearly .  Rage instantly burned in his heart . Activating Wind Blade, his speed increased once more as he slashed at Shi Feng .
  517.  However, the moment Soaring Snake was within range, Shi Feng struck his adversary with even greater speed .
  518.  Shi Feng’s sword was as fast as lightning, reaching Soaring Snake in no time at all .         
  519.  Just as the Abyssal Blade was about to slice open Soaring Snake’s neck, something strange occurred . The sword, which should have originally cut Soaring Snake, struck only air . Meanwhile, Soaring Snake’s upper body completely vanished from Shi Feng’s sight .
  520.  Taking a closer look, Soaring Snake had actually reclined his body to evade Shi Feng’s fatal strike .
  521.  “A pity . ” Soaring Snake revealed a malevolent smile .
  522.  Before Soaring Snake had even finished speaking, his two swords flew
  524.  swords flew towards Shi Feng’s sides . His angle of attack was extremely complex and prevented Shi Feng from dodging .
  525.  With no better choice, Shi Feng activated Defensive Blade to block the two attacks . He then took the chance to distance himself from Soaring Snake .
  526.  “What is going on here? Soaring Snake can dodge such a fast attack?” Zhao Yueru considered herself an expert, and her dynamic vision was excellent . In her view, Shi Feng’s previous strike had been perfect .  His strike was so fast that the attack should have been impossible to avoid . Yet, that perfect strike had missed Soaring Snake . Instead, Shi Feng was the one who had been struck twice . It was simply too strange .
  527.  Inside the arena, Shi Feng examined himself for wounds . He frowned at the amused smile plastered on Soaring Snake’s face .  Leisurely, he said, “I never expected that you would have hidden your strength so well . Your reaction speed is impressive . ”
  528.  “I am both a Swordsman and the strongest member of the Twelve Apostles . How could I possibly be slow?” Soaring Snake laughed . “You, on the other hand, have truly surprised me . You were able to use Defensive Blade the moment I countered your attack . Your reactions are not slow, either . ”
  529.  “No . I’m not talking about that,” Shi Feng shook his head . “To be precise, you dodged my sword because your neural reaction is fast, no?”
  530.  “Oh? You’ve discovered that?” Soaring Snake asked, feeling slightly surprised . In the next moment, he smiled and said unconcernedly, “So what? Do you think you can win despite it?” 
  531.  “Snow, what are they talking about?” Zhao Yueru asked curiously .
  532.  Many in the spectator stands had overheard the conversation in the arena . Zhao . Zhao Yueru was thoroughly confused .
  533.  “You saw Ye Feng’s attack for yourself . It was a perfect strike . Yet, Soaring Snake still dodged it . Do you know how?” Gentle Snow inquired, wearing a grim expression .
  534.  “Isn’t it because Soaring Snake detected Shi Feng’s attack, so he managed to evade it?” Zhao Yueru did not understand what Gentle Snow was trying to say .
  535.  “You could put it that way .
  536.  “However, detecting an attack is one thing; dodging it is an entirely different matter . With the speed of Shi Feng’s strike, not even a top-tier Assassin could dodge the attack from so close . Yet, Soaring Snake had done just that .
  537.  “The reason lies in Soaring Snake’s neural response rate . When ordinary people act, their brains go through three processes: cognition, understanding, and correspondence . Time is required to go through all three .  Statistically, the average person’s reaction time is 0 . 3 seconds .  Top sprinters who have undergone arduous training can shorten it to around 0 . 15 seconds .
  538.  “However, no matter how hard a person trains, they can never lower the transmission speed of their neural signals below 0 . 1 seconds . Of course, this is only common knowledge . Based on Soaring Snake’s reaction time, his was 0 . 07 seconds, possibly around 0 . 06 seconds . His reaction was a lot faster than the average person . In other words, where an ordinary person can carry out three to four actions in one second, Soaring Snake can act over a dozen times .
  539.  “Because of this, not only could Soaring Snake dodge Shi Feng’s sword, but he also managed to stab at Shi Feng twice simultaneously .
  540.  “This is no longer a situation of technique or hard work, but talent…
  541.  “One could say that Soaring Snake is a true combat genius!”
  545.  Chapter 406
  547.  A+ A- Chapter 406: Chapter 406 - Rapid Showdown
  549.  Chapter 406 - Rapid Showdown
  551.  Zhao Yueru was speechless upon hearing Gentle Snow’s explanation; she was dazed as she stared at Soaring Snake .
  552.  Soaring Snake had never been so powerful in the past .
  553.  They never knew he possessed such talent . He had actually hidden his true strength so well . With this, who else could be his match in close combat?
  554.  While ordinary people could launch three to four attacks, Soaring Snake could launch fourteen or fifteen attacks . He was invincible .
  555.  Chances were that the only way to defeat Soaring Snake was to pull away and attack from a distance . Melee classes had no chance of winning .
  556.  “Hahaha! Ye Feng is indeed commendable for discerning Soaring Snake’s ability . However, there is no way Soaring Snake will lose this match!” A huge smile appeared on Cao Chenghua’s dignified face .
  557.  As long as Soaring Snake won this match, this competition would come to an end . Meanwhile, he would officially take hold of the position of Guild Leader .
  558.  Everything was going exactly as he had expected .
  559.  …
  560.  “I was just warming up . If I take this fight seriously, I will only become faster . You are pretty amazing for blocking my last two attacks . Let’s see how many attacks you can block . ”
  561.  Although Soaring Snake was slightly surprised by how quickly Shi Feng had discerned his talent, his opponent could never overcome it . There was not a single Swordsman who could beat him .
  562.  Swordsmen mainly relied on their normal attacks in battle . It was a class that wore down their enemies by attrition . If faced with a ranged
  564.  class, Soaring Snake might have had some difficulties . However, against another Swordsman, he was practically invincible with his reaction speed .
  565.  Moreover, he had also grasped Omnivision . He could easily perceive his enemy’s every movement and strike their weak points . Combining this martial arts technique with his inhuman reaction speed, in a melee battle, he was invulnerable .
  566.  As he said so, Soaring Snake abruptly stomped on the ground, and like a fierce gale, his body shot towards Shi Feng .
  567.  Straight-line attacks could usually be easily seen and dealt with . Despite knowing this, however, Soaring Snake still chose to face Shi Feng head-on, as if saying, “Come at me if you can . ”
  568.  “You want to compete with speed?” Shi Feng’s frown deepened .
  569.  Facing Soaring Snake, someone with such a unique talent, would be disadvantageous for Shi Feng . Although Soaring Snake’s assault had many flaws, the Swordsman was not afraid of exploitation . Even if Shi Feng attacked Soaring Snake, the latter could easily perceive the attack with his Omnivision . With Soaring Snake’s reaction speed, before Shi Feng’s sword could reach him, he would have already evaded it .  
  570.  Following which, Shi Feng activated the Aura of Wind of the Seven Luminaries Ring, increasing his Movement Speed by 40%, Attack Speed by 40%, and Agility by 30% . He then dashed forward to meet Soaring Snake in battle .
  571.  With breakneck speed, Soaring Snake had sent out sixteen sword images, forcing Shi Feng to deal with sixteen attacks simultaneously .
  572.  However, after activating the Aura of Wind, Shi Feng’s speed allowed him to deflect all sixteen attacks easily .
  573.  For the time being, both sides were equally matched .
  574.  Despite Shi
  576.  Shi Feng having a huge advantage in terms of speed, Soaring Snake’s reaction speed was unmatched . Even if Shi Feng’s attacks were faster, Soaring Snake could respond instantaneously .
  577.  The clash of metal resounded relentlessly throughout the arena, the noise reaching deafening levels . Every time Shi Feng’s and Soaring Snake’s swords met, dazzling sparks would scatter around them .
  578.  The spectating crowd’s hearts pounded as they watched the two Swordsmen confront each other . Each attack was simply too fast . The threat of death dominated each second .  The slightest mistake would determine victory or defeat .
  579.  “Ye Feng is this strong? No wonder he was so confident,” Zhao Yueru said with shock, her eyes focused on Shi Feng inside the arena, who had yet to lose any HP .
  580.  Fierce Snake, who had been resurrected not long ago, nodded in agreement . In such a furious showdown, he might not last even two seconds before suffering defeat .
  581.  “Of course! Big Brother Ye Feng is very strong!” Violet Cloud giggled .
  582.  What a joke . How could the publicly acknowledged number one expert of Star-Moon Kingdom, One-hit Asura, lose just because the opponent possesses a special physique?
  583.  “Fine, fine, fine! Your Big Brother Ye Feng is the most amazing!” Zhao Yueru was also relieved upon seeing Shi Feng’s performance . If Shi Feng lost this match, today’s competition would end .
  584.  Meanwhile, Cao Chenghua’s team was also greatly shocked by the battle happening before them .
  585.  Soaring Snake was Ouroboros’s undisputed number one expert, yet, an unknown player like Ye Feng could match him evenly .  
  586.  “That Ye Feng is amazing . He is actually able to cope with Soaring Snake’s violent offensive . Even
  588.  Even I can’t last as long . ” Nimble Snake felt slightly surprised as he looked at the relaxed expression on Ye Feng’s face .
  589.  “However, the result of this match will soon be determined,” War Wolf suddenly said, smiling faintly .
  590.  “Big Brother War Wolf, what do you mean?” Nimble Snake asked curiously .
  591.  “Soaring Snake still hasn’t used everything he has . He is simply probing Ye Feng at the moment . Didn’t you see that Soaring Snake hasn’t used Second Acceleration yet?” War Wolf had the keenest eyesight among everyone present, and with just a glance, he could tell that Soaring Snake conserved a considerable amount of his strength .
  592.  “No wonder Ye Feng is still standing!” Nimble Snake laughed .
  593.  As War Wolf and the others discussed the fight, inside the arena, Soaring Snake suddenly retreated a few steps, pulling a small distance away from Shi Feng . Meanwhile, Shi Feng did not give chase . Instead, he silently observed the Swordsman facing him .
  594.  “You have really surprised me . Ever since I learned Omnivision, you have been the first person who has lasted this long against me . How about it? If you join us, Big Brother War Wolf can help you become even stronger than you are now . As for the remuneration Gentle Snow has offered, I believe that Brother Cao will not hesitate to double that amount now that he has seen what you are capable of,” Soaring Snake said, smiling at Shi Feng confidently .
  595.  Even with his inhuman reaction speed, Soaring Snake found it extremely difficult to counter Shi Feng’s attacks . Shi Feng’s strikes were simply too fast, so much so that, if he that, if he had not perceived the attacks’ trajectory beforehand, it would be impossible to dodge or block them .  
  596.  If the Assassin Nimble Snake stood in his place, the battle would have ended long ago . Only a talented person like himself could possibly avoid Shi Feng’s attacks .
  597.  “Cao Chenghua cannot afford to give me what I want . So, just forget about it,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head .
  598.  “What a pity . Die, then!” Soaring Snake’s smile instantly twisted into something sinister . In the blink of an eye, he launched eighteen sword images, blocking all of Shi Feng’s paths of retreat .
  599.  Although the eighteen sword images did not appear to be fast, Shi Feng knew that Soaring Snake was no longer holding back . Of these eighteen sword strikes, Soaring Snake had applied Second Acceleration to every one .
  601.  When the eighteen sword images were about to reach their mark… 
  602.  Shi Feng simultaneously activated Purgatory Power, Windwalk, Wind Blade, and Wind Rider, and rather than retreating, he dashed forward to meet the incoming attacks .
  603.  Shi Feng was like a phantom . In the blink of an eye, he had weaved through the gaps between Soaring Snake’s sword images .
  604.  When Shi Feng and Soaring Snake collided, a silvery-gray flash appeared on the latter’s body .
  606.  The time it took the two to cross swords was only an instant .
  607.  For some reason, however, an impressive gout of blood sprayed from Soaring Snake’s body, splashing across the floor . Following which, Soaring Snake released an agonized scream as he tumbled to the ground .
  608.  “What?!”
  609.  “What happened?!”
  610.  The crowd fell silent at this sudden development; only the sound of Soaring Snake’s scream echoed throughout the arena .
  614.  Chapter 407
  616.  A+ A- Chapter 407: Chapter 407 - Final Battle
  618.  Chapter 407 - Final Battle  
  620.  “This… What… What just happened?!”
  622.  “Why did Soaring Snake fall even after using Second Acceleration?!”
  624.  “When was Soaring Snake attacked?”
  626.  Cao Chenghua bellowed .
  628.  Cao Chenghua simply could not believe what he had just seen . From his position, he could see the entire battle, yet, he was completely clueless as to what had just happened between the two Swordsmen . It was simply ridiculous .
  630.  In fact, Cao Chenghua wasn’t the only one confused . None of the spectators understood what had just happened .
  632.  The crowd saw Shi Feng dive headfirst into the Soaring Snake’s sword images before he suddenly vanished . Before they realized it, Shi Feng had already walked past Soaring Snake’s body . Meanwhile, multiple sword wounds had appeared on Soaring Snake, blood gushing from those wounds…
  634.  In this match, no matter how one looked at it, Soaring Snake had already obtained his victory, yet, the true outcome of the battle was completely unexpected . For a moment, nobody could accept this reality .
  636.  As Soaring Snake’s instructor, War Wolf was most familiar with Soaring Snake’s strength . War Wolf was also an expert with frightening combat power in his own right . However, after witnessing this scene, he, too, found it unbelievable, so much so that he was more shocked than everyone else present .
  638.  The higher you were, the better view you would have . Others might not have realized what had happened, but War Wolf had seen some clues .
  640.  However, his confusion was precisely because of what he had seen .
  642.  Although Shi Feng’s speed was indeed frightening, it was not at the level of becoming invisible . Yet, the instant Shi Feng closed in on Soaring Snake, he suddenly vanished . By the time War Wolf
  644.  noticed Shi Feng again, the latter had arrived by Soaring Snake’s side, their shoulders brushing past each other .
  645.  In other words, when Shi Feng had charged at Soaring Snake, he had disappeared from view not because of speed, but because War Wolf’s mind had failed to perceive Shi Feng . Even Soaring Snake, who used Omnivision and his inhuman reaction speed, had failed to perceive Shi Feng .
  647.  This was what thoroughly confused War Wolf . How had Shi Feng achieved such a feat?
  649.  Second Acceleration was a technique used to confuse the eye, utilizing acceleration to catch an enemy off-guard and attack their blindspot . With this technique, enemies would still have a small window to react . However, Shi Feng’s technique did not allow his enemies even that brief time before his sword landed… 
  651.  After Soaring Snake died, he dropped a Level 20 Fine-Gold ranked pauldron, which Shi Feng casually pocketed . Shi Feng also secretly collected an Immortal Soul .
  653.  Now, he only needed 9,999 more .
  655.  After Soaring Snake lost his Immortal Soul, not only did he lose a level, but he was also barred from logging into God’s Domain for a time . As for exactly how long he was barred from the game, even Shi Feng did not know . If it were short, it might only be one or two days . If it were a long wait, Soaring Snake might not be able to log in for three or four days . In short, Soaring Snake would have to stay put for some time .
  657.  “Ye Feng, how did you manage to defeat Soaring Snake?” Zhao Yueru, unable to contain her curiosity, immediately went up to him and asked when she saw Shi Feng exit the arena .
  659.  She had too many questions about the
  661.  the battle .
  663.  Because of this match, Zhao Yueru suddenly felt like a noob that had only started playing games, completely clueless .
  665.  Despite having witnessed everything with her own eyes, she had no idea of what had actually happened .  
  667.  “Do you want to know?” Shi Feng was slightly surprised as he looked at the excited woman rushing up to him . He never expected Zhao Yueru to be the first person to ask him .
  669.  “Mhm,” Zhao Yueru nodded, her eyes revealing a hint of anticipation .
  671.  Zhao Yueru was very curious about how Shi Feng had managed to not only dodge the eighteen sword images, but also neutralize Soaring Snake’s inhuman reaction speed, killing him instantly .
  673.  After thinking for a moment, Shi Feng said seriously, “I just went up to him and slashed him three times; that’s all . ”
  675.  Everyone present was immediately rendered speechless . Zhao Yueru had been about to tackle Shi Feng and take a few bites out of him if it not for Gentle Snow holding her back .
  677.  “Alright, Yueru; everyone has their own secrets . You can’t force him to tell you .  
  679.  “Now that we have won the fourth match, each side has two wins and two losses . This result is all thanks to Ye Feng .
  681.  “The following match will determine the result of this competition . ”
  683.  At this moment, Gentle Snow felt very fortunate that she had thought of inviting Ye Feng when she had prepared for this competition . Although she had felt that Ye Feng had a good chance of securing a victory for her, she had never expected him to surprise her like this .
  685.  Despite facing the greatly enhanced First Apostle, Soaring Snake, Ye Feng had defeated him with overwhelming might . She could never have expected
  687.  have expected this result .
  689.  Gentle Snow found it very hard to believe that such an expert had remained unknown all this time .
  691.  Was it because they were too weak to encounter such experts? Or was it because these experts loved to play the role of a weakling? Even Gentle Snow was unsure .
  693.  However, the few fights today had certainly widened her horizons .
  695.  She really could not figure out what kind of Guild Zero Wing was .  First, there was Black Flame .  Now, the combat power Ye Feng displayed was not the slightest bit inferior, and might even be superior, to Black Flame’s . Of course, Black Flame had never displayed his true strength to the public, so Gentle Snow could not be certain of who was stronger . Regardless, though, the two of them were true monsters .
  697.  “Big Brother Ye Feng, what’s wrong?”
  699.  Violet Cloud could feel that something was amiss . The moment Shi Feng left the arena, he immediately sat down in the first row of seats . Now, his forehead was covered with sweat . Shi Feng was obviously dispirited, and he seemed exhausted .
  701.  “It’s nothing . The high-intensity battle simply exhausted my mental power . I’ll be fine after a short rest . You should get ready for the next match,” Shi Feng replied softly, not trying to hide his current weakness . Although he was exhausted right now, he brimmed with joy .
  703.  Everyone had thought that he had defeated Soaring Snake effortlessly . In reality, however, it had not been easy to dodge the eighteen sword images while dealing a fatal blow .
  705.  If he had not been promoted to a Tier 1 Blade Saint with his Attributes enhanced greatly and his physical strength increased substantially, he might not have might not have been able to use Void Steps in the exchange .
  707.  Although Shi Feng had other methods to deal with Soaring Snake, he had chosen to take the risk because he wanted to break through his personal barrier and improve himself further . Fortunately, his gamble succeeded .
  709.  Under the immense pressure Soaring Snake had placed on him, Shi Feng had finally reached a breakthrough and used footwork that he had never been able to use in the past .
  711.  Void Steps!
  713.  Void Steps was advanced footwork that allowed one to remove their presence from the opponent’s mind .
  715.  In the past, very few top-tier experts had successfully grasped such advanced footwork . As for Shi Feng, who had merely been a first-rate expert back then, he had only ever succeeded in his dreams .
  717.  In order to learn this advanced footwork, Shi Feng had done countless research and trials . Yet, he had never succeeded . This footwork possessed an extremely high requirement of a person’s movement and breathing . It was not a technique that ordinary people could easily learn .
  719.  However, Shi Feng’s physique had massively improved after he had undergone his Class Change . His control over his body had also improved . In addition, he was currently playing the game through a virtual gaming cabin . Hence, Shi Feng had always thought of giving the footwork a try . Only, he had never found the chance . Fortunately, Soaring Snake had created the perfect opportunity for him .
  721.  With the threat of death looming, the pressure allowed Shi Feng to finally break through that unreachable barrier .
  723.  Meanwhile, as Shi Feng was still feeling joyous over his own breakthrough, the fifth match of the competition had begun .
  724.  Fifth match: Violet Cloud vs . Nimble Snake!
  728.  Chapter 408
  730.  A+ A- Chapter 408: Chapter 408 - Level vs Tier
  732.  Chapter 408 - Level vs Tier
  734.  Shi Feng’s overwhelming victory during the fourth match had undoubtedly formed dark clouds in Cao Chenghua’s heart. As if something was stuck in his throat, Cao Chenghua felt extremely uncomfortable.
  736.  “Why hasn’t Soaring Snake resurrected?” Cao Chenghua was in a sour mood.
  738.  If Shi Feng was so powerful, then the Cleric girl that came with him must be extraordinary as well. She might also know the same technique as his. Even now, Cao Chenghua had no clue as to what Shi Feng had done. Without that knowledge, he had no response to it. Most likely, only Soaring Snake might know what sort of technique it was. Since Soaring Snake was still absent, Cao’s anxiety began to take hold.
  740.  Currently, the competition was tied, and Nimble Snake and Violet Cloud would face off in the final match.
  741.  Nimble Snake was an Assassin. Although he had an absolute advantage against a Cleric and had learned Omnivision and Second Acceleration, they would be useless against Shi Feng’s technique.
  743.  “Brother Cao, for some reason, Soaring Snake has logged off and is still offline. I can’t contact him at all,” Nimble Snake reported.
  745.  At this moment, Nimble Snake was also panicking; afraid that his opponent would know the same technique that won the previous match. If he lost…  
  747.  Cao Chenghua would be finished. His life wouldn’t exactly be easy either.
  749.  Cao Chenghua paled as he looked at Soaring Snake’s status window. He wished he could log off and strangle Soaring Snake.
  751.  Playing hooky
  753.  at such a crucial moment, was he trying to toy with him?!
  755.  “Guild Leader Cao, you don’t have to be so worried. Although Ye Feng is very powerful, that female Cleric is different from those like Ye Feng and me,” War Wolf suddenly spoke.
  757.  “Brother War Wolf, are you sure?” Cao hesitated.
  759.  If Violet Cloud were not a martial artist like Ye Feng and War Wolf, then even if she had powerful techniques, Cao Chenghua would have nothing to worry about. A Cleric was still a Cleric after all.
  760.  “Yes. She does not have the unique aura that people like us possess. I guarantee it,” War Wolf affirmed, nodding.
  762.  “Excellent!” Cao Chenghua’s face lit up with a relieved smile. He then shifted his gaze to the other team, muttering in a cold tone, “Gentle Snow, oh, Gentle Snow. Although you invited an expert of such caliber, in the end, you are still a step behind.
  764.  “Nimble Snake, do not disappoint me.”
  766.  “Brother Cao, rest assured. She is only a Level 22 Cleric. I could have defeated her effortlessly even before I underwent the special training.” Nimble Snake revealed a sinister grin as he glanced at Violet Cloud who had already entered the arena. He was currently Level 24. To an expert, an advantage of two levels made quite a difference.
  768.  Following which, Nimble Snake entered the arena as well.
  770.  Meanwhile, seated in the spectator stands, War Wolf still appeared indifferent. There was not the slightest hint of a smile on his face.
  772.  In truth, he had only finished half of
  774.  of his statement.
  776.  Violet Cloud indeed did not possess the unique aura of a martial artist. However, with his acute senses, War Wolf could feel a faint sense of danger from her. This danger was slightly different from that of a ferocious beast. It felt almost like a divine pressure.
  778.  Just what secret is this female Cleric hiding?
  780.  Although War Wolf was not trying to boast, in God’s Domain, he did not fear many people. Even if he encountered someone who could intimidate him, it definitely would not be the young little girl standing inside the arena.
  781.  Yet, there was something about her that gave him pause.
  783.  Meanwhile, the tension was similarly high on Gentle Snow’s side.
  785.  “Ye Feng, will Violet really be alright?” Zhao Yueru asked as she took a seat beside Shi Feng. She wanted a straight answer from him.
  787.  Although she did not know why, Zhao Yueru felt that Shi Feng knew something she did not.
  789.  “It should be alright,” Shi Feng said, uncertain.
  791.  “Should? What do you mean ‘should?’ If Violet loses, Snow will have to leave God’s Domain forever! Are you really willing to lose her?” Zhao Yueru huffed.
  793.  Listening to Zhao Yueru’s words, Shi Feng was suddenly speechless.
  795.  “Yueru!” Gentle Snow glared. To think that her friend could still joke at a time like this.
  797.  Gentle Snow was somewhat familiar with Shi Feng’s personality.
  799.  Shi Feng would never speak without certainty. If he said it, then it was true. Otherwise, he would remain quiet.
  801.  “But…” Zhao Yueru knew that her questioning would not change anything. She only wanted Shi Feng’s
  803.  Shi Feng’s confirmation so that she could feel more at ease.
  805.  “I really do not know. Nimble Snake’s current strength, especially after grasping combat techniques such as Omnivision and Second Acceleration, is a complete mystery to me. As for Violet’s current progress, I don’t know that either. However, she should be quite powerful. At least, without Omnivision and Second Acceleration, Nimble Snake wouldn’t even be a challenge for her. Now, however, I do not know. We can only wait and see,” Shi Feng explained as he understood Zhao Yueru’s anxiety.
  807.  Before War Wolf’s appearance, Shi Feng had been certain of Violet Cloud’s victory regardless of who she fought. Now, however, Nimble Snake had learned combat techniques that very few experts knew.
  809.  Of course, although Nimble Snake had the advantages of levels and techniques, Violet Cloud possessed the advantage of tiers.
  811.  Simply put, the results of this match were unknown.
  813.  After listening to Shi Feng’s explanation, Zhao Yueru grew even more nervous. Wasn’t that the same as saying nothing at all?!
  815.  Gentle Snow, on the other hand, was greatly surprised.
  817.  From Shi Feng’s words, Violet Cloud was actually superior to Nimble Snake. Nimble Snake had originally been one of the top combatants of Ouroboros, and even Gentle Snow could not obtain an easy victory if they fought. However, Shi Feng was confident when he spoke. Thus, Gentle Snow believed him.
  819.  Violet Cloud was only a young girl around sixteen or seventeen years old. How could she possibly be so strong?
  821.  If Shi Feng’s statement was true, then there might still there might still be hope. Moreover, Violet Cloud was a ranged class. She would have an easier time dealing with techniques such as Omnivision and Second Acceleration.
  823.  Suddenly, the countdown timer above the arena had ended.
  825.  Immediately, Nimble Snake activated Stealth and vanished.
  827.  One had to admit that Nimble Snake was indeed one of the top combatants of Ouroboros. After entering Stealth, all of his movements were silent. He was even stealthier than Absolute Heaven, and not even Shi Feng, who watched from the spectator stands, could tell Nimble Snake’s exact location.
  829.  Time passed little by little. Other than Violet Cloud, there was nobody else visible inside the arena.
  831.  However, Nimble Snake revealed no intentions of making a move. As a result, the atmosphere inside the arena grew tenser as more time went by.
  833.  This was one of the methods often used by Assassins. By doing so, they could instill paranoia in their target, exhausting their target’s mental fortitude. As soon as their target relaxed, they would launch a fatal assault. Hence, many players despised dealing with Assassins. After all, it was tiresome to remain on high alert for long periods of time. 
  834.  Hence, Assassins had a natural advantage when fighting against all classes.
  836.  Heh, that’s quite some patience you have there, little girl. We’ll see how long you last. The moment you relax will be the moment you die. At this moment, Nimble Snake stood only ten yards away from Violet Cloud. To an Agility-focused Assassin, an instant was all that was necessary to cross that distance.
  840.  Chapter 409
  842.  A+ A- Chapter 409: Chapter 409 - The Difference of Tiers
  844.  Chapter 409 - The Difference of Tiers
  846.  The seconds ticked past.
  847.  The crowd seated in the spectator stands were on the edge of their seats. Although they were not the ones fighting, they were just as focused on the battle as the combatants in the arena.
  848.  This was the final match.
  850.  The result of this match would determine the fates of both sides. The winner would become the Guild Leader of Ouroboros, and their team members would obtain success and prestige.  The loser, however, would have to leave God’s Domain forever and those who followed them would struggle in the future.
  852.  As a result, the tension was practically tangible in the stands.
  854.  Even the Elders observing the fight from the side felt heavy.
  856.  “Nimble Snake, show yourself if you dare! It has already been more than twenty minutes, yet, you still act like a coward! Even with the advantage of your class, you play such a dirty trick! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?!” Zhao Yueru shouted, her crescent brows tightened as she frowned at the quiet arena. From the beginning, Nimble Snake had shown no sign of attacking. Zhao Yueru was greatly tempted to charge into the arena and fight the Assassin with Violet Cloud.
  858.  Nimble Snake was cunning. In order to gain victory, he would willingly act unscrupulously.
  860.  To guard against her opponent, Violet Cloud had to stay on high alert, focusing her senses to detect any movements.
  862.  At best, an ordinary person could only maintain their concentration for half an hour or so. If pushed any longer, not only would they greatly exhaust their mental fortitude, but they would also become susceptible to distractions. Soon, they would unconsciously reveal flaws in their defense.
  864.  However, this was a type of defense mechanism, so it was unavoidable.
  866.  Meanwhile, the
  868.  match had stretched on for almost half an hour now.
  870.  Even Zhao Yueru felt her concentration begin to reach its limit. If this stalemate dragged on any longer, she would definitely falter.
  872.  When experts fought each other, even the slightest distraction could mean death…
  874.  “Hahaha! We never set a time limit for the matches, so it is up to them to choose how they fight. If you must blame someone, blame yourselves for not thinking of this beforehand. Don’t you think it’s a little too late to regret it now?” Blackhearted Arrow laughed triumphantly.
  876.  Zhao Yueru was suddenly speechless.
  878.  The statement was not false. It was true that they had not set a time limit for this competition. However, nobody ever expected Nimble Snake to do something so underhanded. Originally, Zhao Yueru had thought that she knew how low Nimble Snake would go.
  880.  However, it would seem that she still underestimated the treacherous bastard. It turned out that he did not have even the basic self-respect of an expert. He actually planned on dragging the match on for over half an hour.
  882.  “It was my mistake. I had forgotten to set a time limit despite knowing that we would face an Assassin,” Gentle Snow said remorsefully as she watched Violet Cloud, who already began to show signs of mental exhaustion.
  884.  She had blundered during such a crucial competition…
  886.  Without a doubt, her mistake had significantly decreased Violet Cloud’s chances of victory.
  888.  “Don’t be too nervous. Just watch. I believe that Violet Cloud knows what to expect,” Shi Feng advised, his gaze fixed on his guildmate as well.
  890.  “But…”
  892.  “Relax.”
  894.  Shi Feng was not the slightest bit worried at this moment.
  895.  Although Nimble Snake was indeed skilled, he still had a long way to go if
  897.  if he wanted to defeat Violet Cloud.
  899.  Finally, half an hour had passed since the match had begun.
  901.  It seems that this little girl is close to reaching her limit.
  903.  All this time, Nimble Snake had carefully observed Violet Cloud from a distance. In reality, he had plenty of chances to make his move during this half an hour. However, he resisted. To be 100% certain that he would kill the Cleric, he chose to wait until this very moment.
  905.  Sweat had already appeared on Violet Cloud’s forehead. It was obvious that her concentration had reached its limit. Nimble Snake even slipped up deliberately and made a little noise when he was about ten yards from her. An expert with acute senses would detect the sound. However, Violet Cloud failed to sense it at all.
  907.  Sure enough, she has grown tired.
  909.  Nimble Snake was overjoyed. He then circled to Violet Cloud’s back, silently drawing closer.
  911.  Ten yards… Five yards… Three yards…
  913.  Soon, Nimble Snake arrived behind Violet Cloud and unsheathed his gleaming dagger, before stabbing it between the girl’s shoulders.
  915.  Ambush!
  917.  Ambush placed the target in a Fainted state for four seconds. During the early stages of God’s Domain, control removal skills were extremely rare. As long as his attack landed, Nimble Snake could kill her quickly with a chain of skills.
  919.  To ensure his victory, Nimble Snake had even used Second Acceleration. Even if Violet Cloud discovered his attack, it would still be impossible for her to block it.
  921.  The moment before Nimble Snake’s dagger sank into the Cleric, Violet Cloud released a mighty roar.
  923.  Terrorizing Roar!
  925.  Terrorizing Roar Feared all enemies within a radius of 8 yards. Feared players would lose all control over their bodies.
  927.  Suddenly, Ambush struck Violet Cloud, and she entered a Fainted state, while Nimble
  929.  while Nimble Snake had been Feared by Terrorizing Rawr.
  930.  “Violet is amazing. She actually managed to use Terrorizing Roar at the very last second. Now, neither side can attack each other. Moreover, now that Nimble Snake has been exposed, he has also lost the initiative of this fight. Next, once Violet distances herself from Nimble Snake, she can wear him down and finish him,” Zhao Yueru exclaimed after seeing Violet Cloud’s performance.
  932.  However, Gentle Snow said, “No.”
  934.  “Snow, is there a problem?” Zhao Yueru asked curiously.
  936.  “Nimble Snake is Level 24, but Violet is only Level 22. Though both of their control skills have a duration of 4 seconds, as Nimble Snake is two levels higher, the effect of Violet’s Terrorizing Roar will definitely be slightly weaker. It is highly possible that the skill’s effect will only last 3.5 seconds. However, Violet will remain incapacitated for a full 4 seconds. Nimble Snake can do a lot of things during that 0.5-second gap,” Gentle Snow said with a grim expression. Although Violet Cloud’s counterattack was marvelous, there was a small level-gap between them.
  938.  “Does that mean… we’ve lost?” Zhao Yueru’s expression suddenly became melancholic.
  940.  Cao Chenghua had also revealed a victorious smile.
  942.  As soon as the control effect on Nimble Snake ended, the result of this match would be set in stone.
  944.  However, Shi Feng suddenly smiled and said, “No, we’ve won.”
  946.  “Won?” Zhao Yueru turned to look at Shi Feng. Whispering, she said, “But Violet’s Fainted duration is longer than Nimble Snake’s. How is she going to win?”
  948.  “You’ll find out,” Shi Feng laughed.
  950.  “What?”
  952.  Shi Feng confused every spectator. However, since an expert like Shi Feng had said such a thing, he had his own reasons.
  954.  “What nonsense,” Blackhearted Arrow scoffed as he glanced at the distant Shi the distant Shi Feng. Ridiculing, he said, “It is common sense that the level suppression in God’s Domain is severe. One will only suffer if there is a difference of three levels. Although Nimble Snake is only two levels higher, it is enough to weaken a skill’s effect significantly. What an ignorant fool–”
  956.  However, before Blackhearted Arrow could finish… 
  958.  Inside the arena, Violet Cloud suddenly recovered ahead of Nimble Snake.
  960.  “No… How is this possible! It hasn’t even been three seconds!” Blackhearted Arrow’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.
  962.  Shi Feng was the only player who was not surprised.
  964.  None of them could understand how Violet Cloud recovered first.
  966.  What a pity. You might be two levels above me, but I am one tier above you.
  968.  Violet Cloud looked at Nimble Snake, who currently shivered uncontrollably on the spot, smiling faintly as she waved her staff. A black magic array then formed beneath Nimble Snake’s feet.
  970.  Good. I still have a chance. Nimble Snake, who had originally begun to despair, suddenly saw hope. Violet Cloud had foolishly chosen a spell with a long casting time.
  972.  Although Nimble Snake still had no control over his body, he could see and hear without any issues.
  974.  The magic array forming beneath him needed one second to complete. Meanwhile, he was less than one second from reaching the 3.5-second duration of his Feared state. At that time, he could simply use Vanish to avoid Violet Cloud’s spell.
  976.  However, as if ignorant of this fact, Violet Cloud continued chanting her incantation.
  978.  Just as the 3.5 seconds were almost up, and Nimble Snake was about to use Vanish… 
  980.  What’s going on? Nimble Snake suddenly noticed that he still had no control over his own body.
  982.  Meanwhile, the magic array Violet Cloud summoned began to activate.
  984.  Tier 1 Advanced Spell: Black Coffin!
  988.  Chapter 410
  990.  A+ A- Chapter 410: Chapter 410 - Unpredictable Astromancer
  992.  Chapter 410 - Unpredictable Astromancer
  994.  “What’s going on with Nimble Snake?” Cao Chenghua asked, having paid attention to the system clock all this time. “Isn’t he two levels higher than that Cleric girl?”
  996.  Nimble Snake had clearly been incapacitated for over 3.5 seconds now, yet, he was still Feared. Meanwhile, Violet Cloud had long since regained her freedom.
  998.  This series of events had shattered Cao Chenghua’s understanding of God’s Domain completely.
  1000.  Even Zhao Yueru, who had thought that they had lost, was dumbfounded by what she saw.
  1001.  Gentle Snow’s gaze also held doubt as she watched the battle inside the arena.
  1003.  The scene happening before her made no sense.
  1005.  Among the crowd, only Shi Feng knew that Nimble Snake had fallen into a trap.
  1007.  Compared to level suppression, tier suppression was far more powerful. It was like comparing the fist of an infant and a fist of an adult. The combatants were on completely different levels.
  1009.  As a Tier 1 player, even if Violet Cloud fought a Tier 0 player who was ten levels above her, her control skills would be 100% effective or more. On the other hand, when a Tier 0 player used a control skill against a Tier 1 player ten levels below them, the effect of their control skills would weaken by at least 30%.
  1011.  This was the harsh reality of gap in tiers.
  1013.  This was why high-tiered players were so valuable and so overwhelmingly strong.
  1015.  Before anyone in the spectator stands could properly analyze the situation, Violet Cloud sealed her opponent inside a
  1017.  dark and silent barrier. Nimble Snake felt as if he were locked inside a huge coffin.
  1019.  This barrier stunned the watching crowd. Except for Shi Feng, of course.
  1021.  Nobody knew how powerful this Black Coffin was, and they did not know what was special about it. However, every player present was an expert, and when the crowd looked at the pitch-black barrier, they felt their souls tremble with fear. The Black Coffin was like a giant beast, and only death awaited those who were devoured.
  1023.  After trapping Nimble Snake inside the Black Coffin, Violet Cloud immediately distanced herself from it.
  1025.  The Black Coffin would gradually dissipate after three seconds. By the time it vanished, Violet Cloud was already more than 20 yards away from Nimble Snake. Even if Nimble Snake wanted to launch a counterattack, he would find it extremely difficult to do so from such a distance.
  1026.  Eh? What’s going on? Why didn’t I receive any damage? Nimble Snake had originally thought he was dead for sure. After all, an advanced spell that took an entire second to cast must be frighteningly powerful. However, he was actually unharmed. Is it because of my level that the spell’s damage was nullified? Or maybe this is only a control spell?
  1028.  Nimble Snake relaxed. He then focused his gaze on the distant Violet Cloud.
  1030.  Although this distance was slightly disadvantageous to him, he had many ways to resolve this minor problem.
  1032.  Suddenly, Violet Cloud waved her staff, and Sacred Sanctions descended from the sky, falling towards the Assassin.
  1034.  In response, Nimble Snake sneered as
  1036.  as he started moving. With little effort, he dodged the attack and charged at Violet Cloud.
  1037.  However, Nimble Snake quickly discovered that something was amiss. Somehow, his HP suddenly fell by 500 points, and a moment later, it had fallen by another 500 points. Nimble Snake only had slightly more than 3,100 HP. Now that he had suddenly lost 1,000 HP, he only had around 2,100 HP left.
  1039.  But nothing hit me! Nimble Snake was 100% certain that he had dodged the several Sacred Sanctions.
  1041.  Before Nimble Snake could figure out what had happened, Violet Cloud sent another barrage of Sacred Sanctions towards him.
  1043.  Nimble Snake advanced once more to dodge the attacks. However, he lost another 500 HP the moment he moved.
  1045.  Violet Cloud sent an attack once more. Knowing that he could no longer afford to lose HP, Nimble Snake started using his daggers to fend off the Sacred Sanctions. This time, he did not receive any damage.
  1047.  “I was found out?” Violet Cloud giggled.
  1049.  Astromancers possessed very few spells that dealt high damages. A majority of their attacks were strange and unpredictable. This was what Violet Cloud had discovered after researching her new class. Even until now, Violet Cloud had yet to grasp the true essence of an Astromancer completely.
  1051.  Black Coffin was one such skill. Any players caught by the spell would lose HP when they moved. Meanwhile, the amount of HP they lost depended on the spell caster’s Intelligence. In addition, Black Coffin also had a Silence effect. This spell worked wonders on a melee classes.
  1053.  By now, Nimble Snake had grasped the general gist of the situation. However,
  1055.  situation. However, when he thought about how he could neither move nor use any skills, only enduring a beating, he suddenly grew sullen.
  1057.  The crowd was also amazed upon seeing the effects of Violet Cloud’s skill.
  1059.  “This skill is so powerful! So that’s why Little Sister Violet used it! Nimble Snake is dead for sure. By the time he reaches Little Sister Violet, his HP will have fallen to nothing,” Zhao Yueru exclaimed.
  1061.  “Although it is powerful, this move has a glaring flaw,” Shi Feng said, smiling.
  1063.  “Flaw?” Zhao Yueru wondered but quickly understood. In just a moment, her excited heart froze.
  1065.  Since Nimble Snake lost HP whenever he moved, he would be fine if he stood still. With Nimble Snake’s capabilities, he could easily block the Cleric’s attacks. Unless Violet Cloud could suddenly become an Elementalist… 
  1067.  Moreover, since it was a spell’s effect, it had a duration. When the spell’s duration ended, Nimble Snake could move freely once again.
  1069.  Since Zhao Yueru could figure out this simple solution, Nimble Snake could certainly figure it out as well. Indeed, Nimble Snake had simply chosen to remain where he was for now as he waited for time to pass.
  1071.  Surprisingly, upon seeing Nimble Snake’s actions, Shi Feng smiled.
  1073.  To do nothing and give a casting class so much time…? 
  1075.  Was that really a good idea?
  1077.  “Delaying for time?” Violet Cloud smiled faintly. She then increased the distance between them to almost 30 yards before she began chanting an incantation and waving her staff.
  1079.  Compared to when she had cast Black Coffin, the channeling time for her current spell was much shorter. It was clear that she was not using an advanced spell as she had before.
  1081.  Although Nimble Snake had revealed a throwing weapon, Violet Cloud had long since prepared for since prepared for it as she cast a Sacred Shield on herself, the spell capable of absorbing a significant amount of damage. In addition, Violet Cloud could physically dodge the attacks sent at her. After all, an Assassin was not a specialized ranged class, so Violet Cloud effortlessly defended against all attacks thrown at her.
  1083.  As a result, Nimble Snake could only stare at Violet Cloud helplessly.
  1085.  When the Cleric finished channeling her spell, she pointed her jade-like finger at Nimble Snake, who stood 30 yards away from her.
  1087.  Suddenly, her opponent felt a powerful suction, pulling him towards Violet Cloud. Although he tried to resist, his efforts were futile as he moved closer to Violet Cloud. Moreover, the speed at which he approached her on increased as he grew nearer.
  1089.  The moment Nimble Snake arrived before Violet Cloud, multiple damages of -500 appeared above his head, and his HP decreased rapidly.
  1091.  Nimble Snake knew that he was finished. A distance of 30 yards was sufficient to deplete his remaining 2,100 HP.
  1093.  “To hell with it!”
  1095.  A hint of madness surfaced in Nimble Snake’s eyes. Now that the two were in such proximity, his daggers could reach Violet Cloud easily.
  1097.  In a flash, Nimble Snake tightened his grip on his daggers and sent over half a dozen blades of silver light flying towards Violet Cloud.
  1099.  In response, Violet Cloud simply flicked her finger.
  1101.  All of a sudden, an incomparably strong pressure slammed down on Nimble Snake, holding him in place. Even the two daggers he brandished froze centimeters away from Violet Cloud.
  1102.  In the next moment, the Assassin abruptly shot backward. Flying over 20 yards away, his body smashed into the wall of the arena. 
  1104.  Victor of the fifth match: Violet Cloud!
  1108.  Chapter 411
  1110.  A+ A- Chapter 411: Chapter 411 - Victory and Defeat
  1112.  Chapter 411 - Victory and Defeat
  1114.  Violet Cloud’s easy victory had rendered everyone speechless.
  1116.  Nimble Snake, one of the Twelve Apostles of Ouroboros, had been effortlessly manipulated, so much so that he failed to inflict even a single point of damage to a Cleric. If this matter reached the public, nobody would believe it.
  1118.  “We won?”
  1120.  Although Zhao Yueru had prayed that Violet Cloud could win, she had not expected that the girl could so easily.
  1122.  However, Violet Cloud’s skills were peculiar.
  1124.  It was especially true for her final skill. It had complemented Black Coffin perfectly, allowing the skill to display its full potential.
  1126.  Violet Cloud’s and Ye Feng’s combat styles were clearly different.
  1128.  Violet Cloud had not used any stunning attacks like Shi Feng. Instead, she utilized her skills to their very limits. From beginning to end, Nimble Snake had no chance to employ his advantage of techniques. Violet Cloud practically had him in the palm of her hand this entire match.
  1130.  Regarding combat techniques, Zhao Yueru did not think that Violet Cloud was much stronger herself. Unlike Ye Feng and War Wolf, Violet Cloud’s techniques were not at an unreachable level. Only, the skills Violet Cloud possessed were simply too powerful. Despite Nimble Snake’s techniques being far superior, he still lost in the end.
  1132.  “Ye Feng, is she really a Cleric?” Although Gentle Snow rejoiced, she was also incredibly curious. She refused to believe that a Cleric could possess such powerful skills. Moreover, from the looks of it, Violet Cloud’s Basic Attributes were significantly higher than Zhao Yueru’s.
  1134.  “Yes and no,” Shi Feng said, smiling. He could guess what was going through Gentle Snow’s mind right now.
  1135.  “What do you mean?” Zhao Yueru piped in.
  1137.  “Violet has already class-changed from
  1139.  a Tier 0 Cleric to the Tier 1 hidden class, Astromancer. Not only does she possess the inherent skills of a Cleric, but she also possesses the skills of an Astromancer,” Shi Feng explained slowly. “Meanwhile, she defeated Nimble Snake just now using the Tier 1 Legacy Skills of an Astromancer. As for the might of those skills, you’ve seen them for yourselves.”
  1141.  “Tier 1 class? You’re saying that Violet has already obtained her Tier 1 class?” Zhao Yueru’s little mouth gaped, her eyes filled with disbelief as she looked at the girl smiling happily beside Shi Feng.
  1143.  Tier 1 class!
  1145.  This was a completely unknown concept to God’s Domain’s current players. Though, as an expert, she knew that a Tier 1 class was stronger than a Tier 0 class. However, the Class Change Quest was cumbersome. Not only would it be time-consuming, but the quest also quite difficult. As a result, she had chosen to focus on her level first.
  1147.  However, she never imagined that there would be such a huge gap between a Tier 0 and a Tier 1 class.
  1149.  “So this is the gap between a Tier 0 player and a Tier 1 player?” When Zhao Yueru thought back to how effortlessly Violet Cloud had defeated Nimble Snake, her heart was suddenly eager to challenge her Class Change Quest.
  1151.  Meanwhile, after listening to Shi Feng’s explanation, Gentle Snow had also come to a realization.
  1153.  It was no wonder the two of them were only Level 22. It turned out that they had taken the time to complete their Class Change Quest.
  1155.  Zero Wing is indeed filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Gentle Snow inwardly sighed as she looked at Violet Cloud. It seems that Ouroboros needs to
  1157.  to challenge the Class Change Quests as well.
  1159.  A Tier 1 class was actually so powerful. If Zero Wing had a large number of Tier 1 players … 
  1161.  Could Zero Wing even find a Dungeon they could not raid?
  1163.  With such strength, leveling up would also be much easier.
  1165.  In comparison, they had only been wasting their time and efforts by leveling up and raiding Dungeons.
  1167.  At this time, the five matches of the competition had come to a close. Naturally, Gentle Snow was the overall winner. As for Cao Chenghua, the loser, at this moment, his eyes were bloodshot. He glared at Nimble Snake as thoughts of strangling the assassin filtered through his mind.
  1169.  Despite all of his calculations and machinations, he had never expected that the two outsiders Gentle Snow had invited would be so powerful.
  1171.  However, his thoughts were meaningless now because the Main God System had already begun enforcing the conditions of the contract. Cao Chenghua’s body began to slowly fade out of existence as the Main God System expelled him from God’s Domain permanently.
  1173.  Just like that, the Acting Guild Leader of Ouroboros, a relatively influential character in the virtual gaming world, could not log into God’s Domain ever again.
  1174.  Without Cao Chenghua supporting them, Blackhearted Arrow and the recently resurrected Nimble Snake were at a loss.
  1176.  From now on, Gentle Snow would be the Guild Leader of Ouroboros. It would be a piece of cake for her to deal with them.
  1178.  Regret turned Nimble Snake’s stomach.
  1180.  Originally, he thought his future would be set if he followed Cao Chenghua. Yet, now… 
  1182.  Just as Nimble Snake and Blackhearted Arrow began to panic, War Wolf, the outsider invited by Cao Chenghua, stood and walked up to Gentle Snow.
  1183.  “Miss Snow, we meet
  1185.  we meet again,” War Wolf greeted, a faint smile on his face.
  1187.  “Do you have any business with me?” Gentle Snow asked, somewhat surprised.
  1189.  In the past, War Wolf had felt only disdain towards Guild players like her, refusing to even speak with her. Now, however, he had actually initiated a conversation. It was beyond unusual.
  1191.  Even Shi Feng was curious as to what War Wolf had to say.
  1193.  “I only wish to congratulate Miss Snow for becoming the Guild Leader of Ouroboros,” War Wolf spoke softly.
  1195.  “Thank you,” Gentle Snow answered politely.
  1197.  In regards to the man named War Wolf, Gentle Snow could not see through him in the least. Moreover, the Shield Warrior gave her a sense of extreme danger, and she was quite uncomfortable.
  1199.  Following which, War Wolf shifted his gaze to Shi Feng, saying, “I truly did not expect to meet a fellow martial arts practitioner here. Although I wish to exchange a few moves with you, unfortunately, I am only a Tier 0 class right now. I can only seek you out once I receive my Tier 1 promotion.
  1201.  “However, before I leave, I have something I need to say to Brother Ye Feng. It is best if you leave Zero Wing quickly and look for a better Guild to develop yourself.”
  1203.  “Brother War Wolf, what are you trying to say?”
  1205.  Shi Feng did not think that War Wolf was someone who would speak nonsense.
  1207.  “This… It could be dangerous for me to go into detail, but recently, Zero Wing has attracted too much attention in God’s Domain. Some people can no longer sit by and have begun to take action.”
  1209.  “Are you referring to Underworld?”
  1211.  “No. Even I get a headache just thinking about dealing with those people. If you can hide you can hide from them, then hide. In the off chance that Zero Wing provokes them, the consequences would be unimaginable.”
  1213.  War Wolf simply smiled and shook his head before departing from the room.
  1215.  Watching War Wolf’s departing figure, Shi Feng grew confused. He could not figure out who else had targeted Zero Wing. Even an expert like War Wolf feared of them.
  1217.  “Forget it. There is no point overthinking things. Let’s just take things as they come.”
  1219.  Since he could not figure it out, Shi Feng no longer bothered thinking about it.
  1221.  Why worry about trouble that might not even come?
  1223.  After War Wolf’s departure, Gentle Snow had immediately expelled Nimble Snake and Blackhearted Arrow from Ouroboros.
  1225.  Although the two of them were experts, who knew what sort of schemes they would concoct in the future? It was especially true for a sly and treacherous bastard like Nimble Snake.
  1227.  Afterward, Gentle Snow gave both Shi Feng and Violet Cloud 30 million Credits each as remuneration for their help.
  1228.  Violet Cloud was stupefied upon seeing the numbers in her virtual bank account.
  1230.  This was her first time seeing such an astronomical sum of money.
  1232.  Shi Feng, on the other hand, was rather pleased after receiving the money. With this, he would not have to worry about the Guild’s development funds for some time.
  1234.  As Gentle Snow had just become Ouroboros’s Guild Leader, she still had a ton of things she needed to handle. Shi Feng and Violet Cloud did not linger either, and they left the Underground Arena.
  1236.  Just as Shi Feng and Violet Cloud were about to return to White River City, the sound of his communicator ringing suddenly reached his ears.
  1237.  “Brother Feng, I have bad news! Something big has happened!” Blackie announced.
  1241.  Chapter 412
  1243.  A+ A- Chapter 412: Chapter 412 - Great Lord
  1245.  Chapter 412 - Great Lord
  1247.  “Relax; slow down,” Shi Feng said.
  1248.  Blackie wanted to calm down, but he couldn’t contain his panic after surviving something so intense.
  1249.  “Brother Feng, listen to me! A meteorite shower rained down on the White River City Region!” Black said excitedly. “Originally, everyone thought nothing of it. However, a system notification suddenly appeared in White River City, stating that the meteorite shower had destroyed the entire White Fog Canyon, a Level 20 to Level 30 grinding area!
  1250.  “All the monsters within White Fog Canyon have gone berserk, and based on the information our Guild uncovered, these monsters have a surprisingly high drop-rates, and the EXP they give is also significant. On top of that, a Ruined Shrine has appeared inside the White Fog Canyon. We received information of powerful monsters guarding something inside the shrine. A few powerful Assassins even snuck in to have a look. They discovered that there was actually a Level 25 Great Lord ranked monster deep inside the Ruined Shrine. Currently, the various Guilds are organizing their personnel and preparing to raid the Level 25 Great Lord.”
  1251.  A Great Lord was an existence that surpassed a High Lord. Such monsters did not even exist in Level 50 large-scale Hell Mode Team Dungeons. At most, the Final Boss of said Dungeon might be a High Lord.
  1252.  Yet, now, a Great Lord had actually appeared. Without a doubt, its appearance would draw Guilds to it.
  1253.  The ironclad rule of God’s Domain was that the stronger a monster was, the better its drops would be.
  1254.  For Great Lord ranked monsters, at the very least, they would drop Dark-Gold
  1256.  items. There might even be a chance for Epic items to drop.
  1257.  “Brother Feng, how many people do you think we should send?” Blackie asked.
  1258.  “You’re saying a meteorite shower has destroyed the entire White Fog Canyon?” Shi Feng’s eyes suddenly shone. “Excellent! Blackie, notify Aqua and have her organize some personnel. We don’t need for too many; around 500 people will do. However, they must all be strong. We’ll meet up in White Fog Canyon later.”
  1260.  The matter regarding White River City’s meteorite shower incident in the past was still deeply engraved in Shi Feng’s mind.
  1261.  Because of this incident, players engaged each other in a long-standing war. Whether it was the independent players or the various Guilds, if one set foot into White Fog Canyon, they would become entangled in this war.
  1262.  However, what player could resist the temptation of the items inside White Fog Canyon?
  1263.  In the past, even Shi Feng died no less than a dozen times for that particular treasure.
  1264.  That’s right; he died half a dozen times. That was equivalent to losing half a dozen levels.
  1265.  Yet, Shi Feng had still thrown himself into the fray.
  1266.  Everything he had done was for equipment and money.
  1267.  “Okay! I’ll contact Sister Aqua immediately!” Blackie disconnected the call and did as he promised.
  1268.  Sure enough, history has changed significantly. The meteorite shower has happened so early. I must take full advantage of it this time. When Shi Feng thought about how he could enter the White Fog Canyon so soon after the meteorite shower’s appearance in this life, excitement filled his heart.
  1269.  Shi Feng sorely lacked money right now. Currently, the Starstreak Trading Firm granted him a daily income of over 1,000 Gold. In addition, he
  1271.  addition, he received a dozen or so Gold when Guild members completed quests from the Guild Residence. Overall, it was a hefty income.
  1272.  However, the Starstreak Trading Firm did not belong to Shi Feng. Moreover, his quest still demanded 30,000 Gold. Right now, he had not even accumulated half that amount of money.
  1273.  On another note, there was not much time left before the Great Demon’s Curse that afflicted Shi Feng would take effect. If he failed to gather the 30,000 Gold and obtain the Tier 4 Position Teleportation Scroll, he could not locate the Bible of Darkness and remove the curse. If he failed, Shi Feng would only have one end waiting for him.
  1274.  Death!
  1275.  Originally, Shi Feng had planned to exploit the market and increase his income through the Strengthened Armor Kits Melancholic Smile and the others produced. Now, however, there was no need.
  1276.  His problems would be solved as long as he had the White Fog Canyon.
  1277.  Although the meteorite shower had caused the appearance of the Ruined Shrine and had driven the monsters in White Fog Canyon berserk, greatly increasing their drop-rate and EXP, neither aspect was really important.
  1278.  What mattered the most was the Starfire Ore!
  1279.  After White Fog Canyon was destroyed, Starfire Ore had been found all over the area.
  1280.  Starfire Ore was incredibly rare, and it could only be found around the crash sites of meteorites. Starfire Essence could be extracted from refined Starfire Ore and could increase the success rate of forging. The more Starfire Essence one used, the higher their success rate would be. Although Starfire Essence was ineffective when forging Dark-Gold ranked items and above, it could still allow forgers to produce various Secret-Silver and Fine-Gold Equipment. Hence, Starfire Essence was very valuable.
  1281.  In the past, a piece of Starfire Ore could sell for 1 Silver Coin, whereas a
  1283.  whereas a piece of Starfire Essence could sell for 4 Silver Coins.
  1284.  Even the independent players of White River City had hungered for Starfire Ore.
  1285.  In this life, Shi Feng would not let this opportunity pass him by.
  1286.  For the moment, everyone was still focused on the Great Lord of the Ruined Shrine. Nobody had discovered Starfire Ore or realized that it littered the demolished White Fog Canyon, let alone its value. Hence, this was the perfect chance for Shi Feng.
  1287.  ---
  1288.  Half an hour later, Shi Feng and Violet Cloud arrived in White Fog Canyon.
  1289.  The layer that previously hid the canyon had dissipated. Instead, craters and flames filled the area. A dilapidated shrine loomed in White Fog Canyon’s center. Plenty of monsters also patrolled the surroundings of said shrine.
  1290.  After Shi Feng arrived, he discovered that players crowded around the entrance to White Fog Canyon. There were tens of thousands of players. However, although all of the Guilds of White River City had come, the majority consisted of independent players.
  1291.  “Guild Leader, from our investigations, we discovered that Overwhelming Smile has dispatched over 6,000 members to White Fog Canyon, Emperor’s Light has sent over 2,000, Assassin’s Alliance has sent over 2,000 players, and Ouroboros has also sent over 3,000 players. All of these players are elites who are Level 21 and above. Yet, we’ve only brought 500 members with us. Do we really have enough players?” Aqua Rose asked worriedly. 
  1292.  “It’s enough. Having too many people isn’t necessarily a good thing. Moreover, our goal is different,” Shi Feng stated.
  1293.  Before his arrival, Shi Feng had done his own calculations. White Fog Canyon was not particularly large. The crash sites were also limited in number. Five hundred people were just about right for the task he had in task he had in mind. Sending any more would just be a waste of manpower.
  1294.  “Are we not going to the Ruined Shrine?” Aqua Rose was greatly surprised.
  1295.  Had they not gathered the top combatants of the Guild to raid the Great Lord inside the Ruined Shrine?
  1296.  It would not benefit Zero Wing if Overwhelming Smile managed to raid the Great Lord successfully first.
  1297.  Currently, their Guild also had quite a number of Tier 1 players.
  1298.  Compared to Overwhelming Smile, they would have a much easier time raiding the Great Lord. Yet, that wasn’t their goal? 
  1299.  “How could a Great Lord be defeated that easily? We are here simply to level up. Even if we want to defeat a Level 25 Great Lord, at the very least, everyone must be at 25 or above. Since they wish to raid it, just let them raid it,” Shi Feng laughed.
  1300.  What was a Great Lord?
  1301.  A Great Lord was a monster would only appear as the Final Boss of a 100-man Hell Mode Team Dungeon. With only a group of Tier 0 players, what could they possibly hope to achieve?
  1302.  Even if they drowned the Great Lord with corpses, the price they would pay would be unimaginable.
  1303.  In the past, many Guilds had attempted to raid the Level 25 Great Lord inside the Ruined Shrine. However, after the death of several thousand players, they submitted and gave up the hope of defeating the monster.
  1304.  Moreover, the various Guilds back then even had Tier 1 players in their midst. But what about now?
  1305.  The meteorite shower had appeared a lot earlier in this life. Currently, aside from Zero Wing, none of the Guilds had even a single Tier 1 player. How were they supposed to defeat the Great Lord?
  1309.  Chapter 413
  1311.  A+ A- Chapter 413: Chapter 413 - White Fog Canyon
  1313.  Chapter 413 - White Fog Canyon  
  1315.  As Shi Feng marked locations on the system map, more players continued to arrive at White Fog Canyon .
  1317.  When Shi Feng had arrived, he had changed his appearance to Black Flame . As a result, he received an extraordinary amount of attention .
  1319.  “Wow! Isn’t that Guild Leader Black Flame?”
  1321.  “He’s so powerful! Just looking at him makes my heart pound! It would be great if I could become friends with him!”
  1323.  “Why don’t you look in the mirror first? Guild Leader Black Flame is the number one expert in Star-Moon Kingdom . Meeting him alone is a rare chance, much less becoming friends with him . ”
  1325.  “Sure enough, One-hit Asura is here as well . Things in the White Fog Canyon will be more interesting now . ”
  1327.  “No duh . Overwhelming Smile’s influence in White River City continues to grow . If Zero Wing fails to achieve anything in the competition over White Fog Canyon, it will become the laughingstock of White River City . ”
  1329.  “However, Overwhelming Smile has dispatched an impressive army of players . Look; even Overwhelming Smile’s Branch Leader, Lone Tyrant, has shown up . A huge war is going to break out over the canyon . I hurried here specifically to watch this war unfold . ”
  1331.  Upon seeing Shi Feng, many players began to discuss Zero Wing and Overwhelming Smile .
  1333.  Currently, the atmosphere surrounding White River City grew increasingly tense with each passing day . Despite Overwhelming Smile’s clear attempts to suppress Zero Wing, it had not acted directly . Thus far, it had only employed various plots to poach the members of Zero Wing . It was as if Overwhelming Smile was dead set on stealing every single member from Zero Wing . Meanwhile, Shi Feng’s Guild showed no signs of taking action . The Guild had only
  1335.  declared that all members who withdrew from Zero Wing were permanently barred from joining the Guild again in the future . At the same time, Zero Wing also lowered their recruitment criteria .  
  1337.  Both sides appeared strangely calm as they maintained a delicate balance . No one knew what these Guilds were thinking .
  1339.  There was a faint feeling of a storm brewing behind the scenes .
  1341.  Now that these Guilds had gathered in the White Fog Canyon, they were both on high-alert for each other .
  1343.  When Lone Tyrant saw Shi Feng, his eyes turned bloodshot as killing intent radiated from his body . He glared at Shi Feng as if the man was his greatest enemy .
  1344.  Any expert could feel Lone Tyrant’s killing intent . Naturally, Shi Feng was no exception .
  1346.  “Guild Leader, it seems that Lone Tyrant’s hatred for you is quite intense . Despite the fact that you’ve killed him several times, he refuses to learn his lesson,” Aqua Rose giggled .
  1348.  “He can only act this rampant because he has Overwhelming Smile backing him . Why don’t we head over and kill him again? We can use this chance to massacre Overwhelming Smile and relieve some stress,” Blackie snarled .
  1350.  Fire Dance stepped forward and said, “I alone will be enough to kill him . ”
  1352.  Shi Feng, who had busied himself with the system map all this time, simply smiled and said, “Ignore him . We have more important matters to tend to . Fire Dance, you, especially, have much to do . ”
  1354.  Shi Feng thought little of Lone Tyrant . The one Shi Feng was truly worried about was the Overwhelming Smile branch based in Maple City and the several surrounding cities controlled by Underworld .
  1356.  At this moment, a graceful and quiet woman standing beside Lone Tyrant softly reminded him, “Brother Tyrant,
  1358.  Tyrant, we have not come here to wage war with Zero Wing . Don’t forget our goal . ”
  1360.  Listening to this woman’s words, Lone Tyrant shot Shi Feng a glare before turning to enter the White Fog Canyon .
  1362.  The graceful woman then looked at Shi Feng and the others, sending them a faint smile before she followed after Lone Tyrant and led the army of over 6,000 players into the White Fog Canyon .
  1364.  I remember seeing that woman the last time I killed South Wolf . I think she was called Youlan? For Lone Tyrant act so subserviently, it seems that her status is quite high .  Naturally, Shi Feng noticed the woman who had smiled at them, uncertainty filling his gaze .
  1366.  Shi Feng had only paid attention to Youlan because of his intuition . He could feel an indescribable sense of danger from the woman .
  1368.  Yet, after using Omniscient Eyes to inspect Youlan, Shi Feng discovered that the woman was merely a Level 24 Tier 0 Summoner . There was nothing special about her at all . Shi Feng began to doubt his intuition .
  1370.  After Overwhelming Smile entered the canyon, the other Guilds promptly followed . Only Shi Feng and the others lingered at the entrance .
  1372.  “Guild Leader, Overwhelming Smile, Emperor’s Light, and Assassin’s Alliance have already entered . Are we not going in yet?” Aqua Rose asked as she watched Guild after Guild enter the White Fog Canyon .
  1374.  “In a moment . I’ll be done soon,” Shi Feng leisurely responded .
  1375.  White Fog Canyon was a Level 20 to Level 30 grinding area . Or rather, it had been originally . However, after the meteorite shower, the monsters inside had gone Berserk and had become far more difficult to deal with . At the very least, the White Fog Canyon
  1377.  Fog Canyon was no longer suitable for ordinary players around Level 20 .
  1379.  When in a Berserk state, monsters’ damage and Attack Speed would increase by a minimum of 30% . With this increase, a Common monster would possess the combat power of an Elite monster and so on .
  1381.  However, this was only the beginning .
  1383.  As time passed, the monsters within White Fog Canyon would also grow stronger and more numerous . Soon, even the weakest monsters inside the canyon would become Elites, while a majority of the monsters would be Special Elites . There would also be quite a number of Chieftains and Lords .
  1385.  Moreover, all these monsters would have also entered a Berserk state…
  1387.  Just thinking about this gave one goosebumps .
  1389.  Based on how long it had been since the meteorite shower, Shi Feng could say with certainty that there were no longer any Common monsters inside White Fog Canyon . At the very minimum, the monsters inside the canyon would be Elites . Moreover, the monsters would move in groups and respawn very quickly . There would also be many danger spots inside the canyon .
  1391.  Meanwhile, the core area of the White Fog Canyon spoke for itself . The results of rushing in unprepared were obvious .
  1393.  Currently, the baseline for entering White Fog Canyon was Level 20 Tier 1 or around Level 30 Tier 0 .
  1395.  Although players could improve their chances by going in with larger numbers, this canyon was still significantly dangerous .
  1397.  Therefore, Shi Feng had sketched out a new map of the White Fog Canyon based on his memories of the past . On the new map, he had made sure to indicate locations that they needed to avoid . He had also marked a few mining spots and danger spots .
  1399.  Although it was a time-consuming task, a time-consuming task, this new map would undeniably reduce the losses his Guild members suffered .
  1401.  The minutes crawled by .
  1403.  While Shi Feng was busy trying to recall the White Fog Canyon, over a dozen minutes had passed since the crowd of independent players and Guilds had entered White Fog Canyon .
  1405.  Suddenly, the members of Zero Wing, who had waited silently at the canyon’s entrance, noticed many players exiting the canyon . These players looked pitiful . They left in parties of twos and threes; not a single complete party passed the watching Zero Wing players .
  1406.  Unable to contain his curiosity, Blackie walked over and asked, “What happened to you guys? It’s only been around 10 minutes since you went in . How did you guys end up in such sorry states so quickly?”
  1408.  These players had relatively powerful equipment . They were fully geared in Bronze Equipment at the very minimum . Logically, a party of such caliber should not have any issues dealing with a Level 22 or 23 Special Elite . Yet, all of these parties had lost at least half of their members… 
  1410.  “What do you know? The monsters inside White Fog Canyon are all Berserk Elites . Even our Level 21 Shield Warrior could only take a dozen hits at most . Facing one was hard enough . Yet, for some reason, the monsters in there move in groups of three at least .  They also have a massive aggro range, so they are easy to pull . Many had party-wiped, and we only managed to escape after much difficulty . We’ve decided to level elsewhere until we hit Level 25 at least . ,” a Level 21 veteran player replied, sighing . At this moment, his heart still trembled when he thought back to those groups of Elite monsters .
  1414.  Chapter 414
  1416.  A+ A- Chapter 414: Chapter 414 - Beast War
  1418.  Chapter 414 - Beast War
  1420.  Every Zero Wing member laughed when they heard these independent players .
  1422.  In the end, independent players only amounted to so much . Even with a party of six, two or three Elites had been too much for them . They were truly weak .
  1424.  “Guild Leader is being too cautious . How could an independent party’s strength compare to ours? Now that Overwhelming Smile has taken the lead, won’t those bastards claim the Great Lord kill?”
  1426.  “It shouldn’t be possible . It’s a Great Lord . ”
  1428.  “Overwhelming Smile has dispatched over 6,000 members for this, and all of them are elites . Killing a Great Lord should be child’s play to them . ”
  1430.  “Indeed . Even though a Great Lord is very powerful, with 6,000 players, they could simply exhaust it to death . ”
  1432.  “I really don’t understand what the Guild Leader is thinking . Everyone has already arrived, yet, we’re just standing here . By the time we enter, who knows how many Elite monsters the other Guilds will have killed already . Why are we here anyway?”
  1434.  While the members of Zero Wing grumbled about Shi Feng’s approach, a team of several hundred players left the White Fog Canyon .
  1436.  These players’ equipment looked uniform, and they all wore the same Guild Emblem on their chests . They were clearly a Guild Team .
  1438.  “What’s up with these people?”
  1440.  The crowd from Zero Wing grew curious as they watched the members of this Guild Team, disgrace haunting these players’ expressions .
  1442.  Following which, another large wave of players came out of White Fog Canyon, these players also belonging to a Guild . However, the second Guild Team had far more members than the first . Moreover, instead of slowly walking out of the canyon, these players ran in a panic .
  1444.  This scene thoroughly confused
  1446.  the Zero Wing members waiting by the canyon’s entrance .
  1448.  Had these people gone insane?
  1450.  “Wait! There’s something behind them!” one of Zero Wing’s Level 22 Rangers with the Eagle Eyes skill said .
  1452.  Everyone from Zero Wing then shifted their gazes and were immediately dumbfounded by what they saw .
  1454.  Previously, they had not been able to get a clear view due to being too far away . Now that it had come to them, they could finally see it .
  1456.  Behind the frantically running players, thousands of Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys stormed after them . These bloodthirsty Monkeys released frenzied roars as they charged at the escaping players like a tsunami, devouring everything in their path .  
  1458.  [Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys] (Elite Rank)
  1459.  Level 22
  1460.  HP 16,000/16,000
  1462.  Although these Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys did not have a lot of HP, compared to players, their bodies were half a size larger . Not only were they nimble and powerful, but they also possessed naturally long arms . In addition, they wielded weapons and were also capable of using these weapons as proficient as players . Defeating this monsters would not be easy .
  1464.  Meanwhile, among these thousands of Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys, there were also a few larger Armored Battle Monkeys squeezed in . These Armored Battle Monkeys were covered in scars, a testament to the many battles they had fought . Compared to the Elite ranked Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys, the Armored Battle Monkeys were much stronger . It was not just because of their ranks as Special Elites, but more so because of their combat techniques, which were far superior than ordinary players’ .
  1466.  [Armored Battle Monkeys] (Special Elite)
  1467.  Level 24
  1468.  HP 54,000/54,000
  1470.  Moreover, whenever the tide of Battle Monkeys caught up to some of the escaping players, they would only tackle and hack said players to death in groups of three to five; not every Battle Monkey would stop to attack .
  1472.  . Although frenzied, these Battle Monkeys fought with intelligence and organization .
  1474.  More players continued to die .  
  1476.  “Save me! Save me, please!”
  1478.  “I don’t want to die!”
  1480.  Many players screamed as the Battle Monkeys caught up to them . As for resisting… .  
  1482.  Most of them had forgotten how to do that . The players of God’s Domain had never experienced such horrific slaughter before, and their legs had long since gone limp with fear . At this moment, only those who possessed a strong heart managed to keep running, whereas the weaker-willed players had died under the monster tsunami .
  1484.  Although some of the escaping players were also attacking as they ran, there were simply too many Battle Monkeys . Retaliation was no different than pouring a cup of water into a raging inferno .
  1486.  After a short moment, over a hundred players had died .
  1488.  In the end, the players who escaped the White Fog Canyon numbered less than 500 . These players had even implicated the Guild Team that had escaped before them, causing the latter to suffer another loss of over a hundred players .
  1490.  After watching the massacre, the idle members of Zero Wing were stupefied .
  1491.  These Battle Monkeys were terrifying!
  1493.  “Are these really monsters?”
  1495.  This question lingered in everyone’s hearts . The Battle Monkeys had behaved completely different from the monsters they had seen and fought before . Fighting these monsters was no longer “grinding . ” Rather, it looked more like a full-blown war .
  1497.  At this moment, the Zero Wing members who had previously complained about Shi Feng’s decision fell silent . Now, they only admired Shi Feng’s forethought . If they had not witnessed this scene and had foolishly charged into White Fog Canyon, it was highly possible that they would have suffered a similar fate to those players .
  1499.  As for the other Guild members,
  1501.  Guild members, they looked at Shi Feng with even greater reverence now .
  1503.  While the crowd from Zero Wing continued to linger around the entrance, one Guild Team after another fled the canyon . As for the independent parties, very few had managed to escape as practically all of them had died inside the canyon .
  1505.  Instead of calling the White Fog Canyon a precious grinding spot, it was more like a gigantic meat grinder .
  1507.  “Alright, let’s join the party,” Shi Feng said after he finished organizing his map . He then said in the team chat, “You’ve seen for yourselves the various Guild Teams that have escaped . Most of those Guild Teams have more members than we do . However, as you can see, only half of them made it out alive . You can imagine for yourselves just how dangerous White Fog Canyon is, so I hope that everyone will obey the commands given to you . Do not take any arbitrary actions . If anyone violates their orders, I will deal with you personally!”
  1509.  The crowd involuntarily trembled upon hearing Shi Feng’s words, tensing unconsciously .
  1511.  “Since no one has any issues, stand by the groups and formations previously arranged . ” Shi Feng nodded and said, “Let’s head in, then . ”
  1513.  After the meteorite shower, White Fog Canyon had ceased to be a grinding area . It was more like a super-large-scale Dungeon . Obtaining the Starfire Ore would not be an easy task .  Instead of grinding monsters, they were about to wage war inside the canyon . Danger lurked around every corner of the map . Inside the canyon, they did not need to look for the Battle Monkeys, as the Battle Monkeys had long since been ready to ambush them . Hence, they needed to stay vigilant inside the canyon .
  1515.  The formation Shi Feng had organized scattered the MTs scattered the MTs around the team, whereas healers and ranged classes were safer in the center of the group . As for the Assassins, they were sent to scout ahead, reporting back any activities they discovered so as to avoid an ambush .
  1517.  Under Shi Feng’s lead, the Zero Wing team quickly arrived at the inner region of the White Fog Canyon .
  1519.  During this period, everyone had experienced several battles, and the Battle Monkeys they killed numbered over a thousand . Everyone’s experience bars rose significantly as a result . They had also obtained plenty of Level 20 and above Bronze Equipment and materials . Most importantly, the team had suffered zero casualties throughout the journey .
  1521.  This situation caused everyone’s reverence towards Shi Feng to soar once more .
  1523.  Previously, everyone had simply thought of Shi Feng as someone with impressive strength . They had never expected him to be a superior leader as well .
  1525.  Suddenly, Fire Dance, who was in Stealth in a nearby tree, reported in the team chat, “Guild Leader, a group of nearly 300 Battle Monkeys currently approaches from the left side of the team . Contact in roughly 30 seconds . ”
  1527.  “Guild Leader, a group of close to 400 Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys approaches from the rear . There are also a dozen or so Armored Battle Monkeys with them . They will reach the team’s current location in roughly one minute,” Flying Shadow, one of the Five Demon Generals, reported .
  1529.  Everyone’s hearts trembled upon receiving these two reports .
  1531.  The previous ambushes they had encountered had only come from a single direction . Now, these Battle Monkeys were initiating a pincer attack . Moreover, their numbers were far greater than before . The previous ambushes had only consisted of a hundred or so Battle Monkeys . Now, they had to face a total of nearly 700 . They were outnumbered… 
  1535.  Chapter 415
  1537.  A+ A- Chapter 415: Chapter 415 - Sword Practice
  1539.  Chapter 415 - Sword Practice
  1541.  “Sure enough, what will come, has come . ”
  1543.  Shi Feng silently examined the system map of the White Fog Canyon . He was not the slightest bit surprised by the Battle Monkeys’ pincer attack, smiling brightly .
  1545.  The White Fog Canyon was like a Dungeon . There was a proper strategy to raid it .
  1547.  Shi Feng had been able to lead his party around the canyon freely with what knowledge he had in his previous life . With the experience he had accumulated, leading his current party would be a breeze .
  1549.  Compared to the past, the current White Fog Canyon was practically child’s play .
  1551.  Back then, not only had Shi Feng’s party been required to deal with the Battle Monkeys, but they also had to deal with the sneak attacks and plundering of other players . This was especially the case when they faced the high-handed interception of the major Guilds . These opponents were far more difficult to deal with than the Battle Monkeys .
  1552.  Currently, other than Shi Feng, nobody else in White River City knew that the Starfire Ore was the most valuable item in White Fog Canyon . Hence, this was the perfect chance for Shi Feng to make a fortune . Nobody would bother mining the Starfire Ore, so his chances of encounter competition were nil . All of the Starfire Ore throughout the White Fog Canyon was free for Shi Feng’s taking .  
  1554.  If this were in the past, he would only have encountered such an opportunity in his dreams .
  1556.  “Everyone, run towards the narrow gorge ahead,” Shi Feng commanded through the team chat . “Cola, your MT group will be responsible for blocking the entrance of the gorge . The other MTs, get ready to replace them at any
  1558.  given moment . ”
  1560.  Shi Feng had already considered every situation they could possibly encounter on their way here .
  1562.  Shi Feng also knew the topography of the White Fog Canyon like the back of his hand .
  1564.  A moment later, Zero Wing’s team of 500 entered the gorge . Meanwhile, the Guardian Knight Cola, along with fourteen other MTs, walled off the entrance into White Fog Canyon’s inner region . Anyone or anything that wanted through would have to break through these fifteen MTs first .
  1566.  At first, the Zero Wing members still worried about the army of Battle Monkeys . However, after seeing Shi Feng maneuver his troops, they sighed with relief . They had never expected that this canyon would contain such strategic terrain .
  1568.  In such a narrow area, the Battle Monkeys could not take advantage of their numbers . Moreover, with this setup, they did not have to worry about a pincer attack; they only needed to focus on a single location .
  1570.  Shortly after everyone prepared their defenses, the first wave of close to 300 Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys slammed into their MT wall . Like the cavalry charge on ancient battlefields, the enemy stampede shook even the land .  The sound of the Monkeys’ bloodthirsty roars that echoed throughout the gorge sent tremors through everyone’s hearts .
  1572.  Despite having already experienced over a dozen battles, Zero Wing’s elites still panicked .
  1574.  Compared to the previous battles, this was on an entirely different level . The Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys appeared to be more organized than the foes they had faced before . These Battle Monkeys also seemed much fiercer, resembling the Battle Monkeys they had seen back at the entrance of the White Fog Canyon .
  1576.  “Guild Leader, these Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys look strange . I feel that not only have they become
  1578.  become more organized, but they are also stronger than before . ” Aqua Rose frowned slightly . Inwardly, she worried that Cola and the others might not be able to hold off this wave of monsters .
  1580.  “Of course . The Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys we fought before were merely washouts . Meanwhile, the ones we are about to face right now are the victors, so, naturally, they are much stronger,” Shi Feng explained as he nodded . “Moreover, these Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys have a warchief at their backs . Look over there . ”
  1582.  As he said so, Shi Feng pointed towards a large tree outside of the gorge . Standing in the large tree was a slightly smaller Battle Monkey covered in fine black leather armor .
  1584.  [Battle Monkey Warchief] (Chieftain Rank)
  1585.  Level 25
  1586.  HP 140,000/140,000
  1588.  The Battle Monkey Warchief possessed the Warchief’s Aura, increasing the Attributes of the surrounding Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys by 10% . An ordinary MT simply could not withstand the attacks from these Elite ranked Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys . It was simply impossible for a Tier 0 MT around Level 21 to survive . Hence, the various Guilds had been massacred upon meeting such monster armies .
  1590.  Watching the Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys charge towards them, Shi Feng hurriedly said, “All Clerics, cast Sacred Shields on the MTs! Oracles, use Prayer Barrier! Cola, activate Guardian Aura!”
  1592.  Immediately, the Guardian Knights and Shield Warriors on the frontline each received a Sacred Shield from the Clerics, the shield being capable of absorbing a large amount of damage . In addition, there were also Prayer Barriers cast in front of them . These barriers could similarly absorb a certain amount of damage from the front . Finally, Cola’s Guardian Aura increased everyone’s Defense . Faced with the physical attacks of the Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys, the Guardian
  1594.  the Guardian Aura would be particularly beneficial .
  1596.  Zero Wing’s member’s levels were, on average, higher than those in other Guilds . For this operation, the Guardian Knights and Shield Warriors dispatched were all Level 22 and above, and each one had at least 4,300 HP . Among them, Cola, who was a Level 23 Tier 1 Guardian Knight, possessed over 5,300 HP . There was also Ye Wumian, a Level 22 Tier 1 Shield Warrior with over 4,900 HP .
  1598.  Just as the wave of Battle Monkeys arrived before Cola and the others, Cola suddenly shouted, “Aegis Protection!”
  1600.  In the blink of an eye, a faint golden glow covered every MT .
  1602.  [Aegis Protection]
  1603.  Tier 1
  1604.  Reduces damage taken for all allies within a 30-yard radius by 30% for 12 seconds .
  1605.  Cooldown: 1 minute 30 seconds
  1607.  Simultaneously, everyone readied their shields to defend against the Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys’ attacks .
  1609.  Bang… Bang… Bang… 
  1611.  The instant both sides collided, the Prayer Barrier shattered . Only the Sacred Shields still barely supported the MTs .
  1613.  However, the Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys’ charge was overwhelming . Cola and the others were forced to retreat several steps before they could stabilize themselves .
  1615.  In the next moment, the Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys, which had stopped their charge, brandished their swords and sabers at the MTs . Their Attack Speeds were incredible, preventing the players from catching their breaths . Some of the MTs had been too late in defending against the oncoming attacks, their Sacred Shields shattering and receiving -200 damage .
  1617.  Without the protection of the Sacred Shields, the MTs received around -800 damage every time the Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys struck them, and this was after the 30% damage reduction of Aegis Protection . Only Cola and Ye Wumian received damage below -500 points . If the MTs did not block the majority of the attacks with their shields, with their shields, the healers would struggle to keep up with the incoming damage .
  1619.  “I’ll leave this to you all . Fire Dance and Flying Shadow, you two cover my six while I deal with that Warchief,” after issuing the command, Shi Feng activated the Aura of Wind of the Seven Luminaries Ring . He then activated Wind Rider and flew towards the Battle Monkey Warchief .
  1621.  When one met a Battle Monkey army in the White Fog Canyon, they first needed to exterminate the Battle Monkey Warchief . Not only could the Warchief increase his subordinates’ Attributes and raise their attack efficiency, but it could also call for infinite reinforcements . Hence, players needed to kill the Warchief as soon as possible .
  1623.  Players would simply be asking for trouble if they dragged the fight on for too long without killing the Warchief .
  1625.  However, taking it out would not be easy .
  1627.  This did not mean that the Battle Monkey Warchief was overly powerful . Rather, compared to the other Battle Monkeys, the Warchief was far more sensitive to danger . When its own life was at risk, it would flee . Moreover, the Warchief was also more agile than the other Battle Monkeys, as could be seen from its thin and lean body . Hence, players would find it difficult to kill .
  1629.  When the Battle Monkey Warchief saw Shi Feng flying towards it, it immediately fled in the opposite direction .
  1631.  Unfortunately, although the Battle Monkey Warchief was quick on its feet, it was far slower than Shi Feng when he had Wind Rider Active .
  1633.  “Let’s use you as practice for my newly-learned Void Steps,” Shi Feng smiled faintly . Unsheathing the Abyssal Blade and Purgatory’s Shadow, he shot forward, hurtling towards the Battle Monkey Warchief .
  1637.  Chapter 416
  1639.  A+ A- Chapter 416: Chapter 416 - Dance of Blades
  1641.  Chapter 416 - Dance of Blades  
  1643.  While Shi Feng hunted the Battle Monkey Warchief, the ranged classes of Zero Wing within the gorge began to take action .
  1645.  Cola and the other MTs had successfully held off the first charge . The healers in the back had also stabilized the fifteen MTs’ HP . The only thing left to do was to clean up the assaulting Battle Monkeys .
  1647.  Standing in the rear, Blackie had begun to chant an incantation, waving his staff .
  1648.  After becoming a Tier 1 Cursemancer, Blackie’s damage had increased significantly . At the same time, he had also learned a new Tier 1 skill, Magic Synergy .  
  1650.  [Magic Synergy]
  1651.  Tier 1
  1652.  Increases the efficiency of the caster’s spells, improving spell effects by 30% and reducing cast time by 30% for 15 seconds .
  1654.  The density of elemental mana surrounding Blackie skyrocketed . Blackie then cast Stars of Light .
  1656.  Due to Magic Synergy’s enhancement, both the effective range and power of Stars of Light had increased by 30% .
  1657.  In the next moment, a dazzling ball of light descended from the sky . Noticing this, the Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys responded quickly and tried to evade the incoming attack . However, while inside the gorge, other than advancing, their only escape was to retreat backward . Natural rock walls surrounded the Battle Monkeys on both sides, and it was impossible for them to scale these walls . With Cola and the other MTs of Zero Wing creating a shield wall ahead, and their companions blocking their rear, these Battle Monkeys could only watch helplessly as the Stars of Light descended .
  1659.  They also had no way to block this incoming bombardment . AOE destruction spells attacked from all angles . Unless one had magic immunity, invincibility, or countered with an AOE destruction spell of their own, there was no other way to defend against the attack .
  1661.  Boom!
  1663.  The instant the Stars of Light descended,
  1665.  a damage of over -5,000 points appeared above the heads of every Battle Monkey the spell struck . As for the monsters further away from the site of impact, they, too, received damages of over -3,000 points . Despite having increased Attributes due to the Warchief’s Aura, these Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys still lost close to a third of their HP .
  1667.  However, this was only the beginning . Stars of Light had a duration of 15 seconds, and with each passing second, the spell’s damage would scale up by 10% . After only five seconds, all of the Battle Monkeys within range had turned to ash, leaving behind a plethora of loot .
  1669.  A large section of the gorge was suddenly empty . Making a rough estimate, over a hundred Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys had died .
  1671.  “AOE destruction spells are awesome! Though it would be great if their Cooldown times were shorter . ”
  1673.  Although Cola had seen Blackie cast the spell many times, his heart still trembled with excitement whenever he witnessed this overwhelming destruction .
  1675.  The scattered loot on the ground and his soaring EXP bar also exhilarated him .
  1677.  The EXP from Level 22 Elites was originally quite significant . Meanwhile, after the meteorite shower, the EXP from the monsters inside the White Fog Canyon had increased by three to four times . In other words, killing a single monster here was the equivalent of killing three or four monsters of the same level and rank outside of White Fog Canyon .
  1679.  After Blackie’s Stars of Light ended, Ye Wumian rose from Level 22 to Level 23, his HP breaking past the 5,000 threshold . Everyone else also watched their experience bars increase by a huge chunk . Originally, it would have taken them several hours to gain so much EXP . Now, however, they had only taken around a dozen seconds or so .
  1681.  Stars of Light truly shone when used in a
  1683.  a war . Not only was it massively destructive, but it could also shock enemies .
  1685.  Take the Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys caught outside the range of Stars of Light for example . Despite having received no damage, they did not barrel forward after Stars of Light ended . They stood there with stunned expressions; their previous fierce momentum had completely vanished .
  1687.  Unfortunately, AOE destruction spells like Blackie’s Stars of Light were rare . Moreover, these spells possessed long Cooldowns, needing a full half an hour . In a battle, such spells could be used once at most .
  1689.  “Stop daydreaming! All ranged classes, attack those dazed Battle Monkeys!” Aqua Rose commanded .
  1690.  Suddenly, spells and arrows bombarded the dazed monsters .
  1692.  Momentarily, the Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys were at a loss of what to do . They had even forgotten to dodge or use their weapons to fend off the incoming attacks . In the blink of an eye, over a dozen more Battle Monkeys died .
  1694.  However, one would be sorely mistaken if they thought they could get rid of these Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys so easily . As soon as these monsters regained themselves, they charged at Cola and the other MTs with even greater madness .
  1696.  Suddenly, the second battle of attrition had begun .
  1697.  Although the battle was vicious, compared to Shi Feng’s battle, it paled in comparison .
  1699.  Shi Feng’s current opponent was the Battle Monkey Warchief, a Level 25 Chieftain that had gone berserk . Inside a Dungeon, the Warchief was definitely worthy of the role of a Boss . Only, its HP was slightly lower than a typical Dungeon Boss .
  1701.  Shi Feng moved in front of the Battle Monkey Warchief with a flash, blocking its path . He then activated Chop and sent three silvery-gray blades of light slashing at the Warchief’s thin frame, completely sealing off its exit .  
  1703.  “Zhi! Zhi! Zhi!”
  1705.  The Monkey Warchief suddenly squinted
  1707.  suddenly squinted its blood-red eyes as it screeched, releasing an intimidating power . It then took a step back, its right fist punching towards the convergence point of the three blades of light .
  1708.  Peng!
  1709.  The three blades of light shattered . The Monkey Warchief then took a step forward and swung its left fist, flames covering the fist as it flew towards Shi Feng’s head .
  1711.  The whole process had happened in the blink of an eye, and the Battle Monkey Warchief had launched its attack was a lot more accurately and faster than many expert players .
  1713.  However, the instant the Monkey Warchief’s fist struck Shi Feng’s head, it felt as if it had struck air . Taking a closer look, the Monkey Warchief discovered that had only hit Shi Feng’s afterimage .
  1715.  Meanwhile, Shi Feng had used Silent Steps and arrived behind the Battle Monkey Warchief . He then used Thunder Flame Explosion .
  1717.  The Tier 1 Thunder Flame Explosion possessed a brief area suppression effect when cast, slowing all enemies’ movements within a 10*10 yard area .
  1719.  Moreover, Shi Feng was now a Tier 1 player . Despite being only Level 22, the effect of the attack-type skills he used would not have weakened in the slightest even against the Level 25 Battle Monkey Warchief .  Furthermore, Shi Feng also possessed the Golden Stigmata, which allowed him to ignore up to 20 levels of suppression .
  1721.  Suddenly, the Battle Monkey Warchief’s speed had fallen, having only one-sixth of its original speed . It was no longer capable of blocking or dodging incoming attacks in time .
  1723.  Boom!
  1725.  The power of lightning and fire assaulted the Monkey Warchief . However, it had a surprisingly high Defense for such a thin frame . Despite being a Tier 1 Blade Saint, Shi Feng only managed to deal over -3,600 damage to the Monkey Warchief .
  1727.  Fortunately, Thunder Flame Explosion forced the Monkey Warchief into a Fainted state for six seconds .
  1729.  Originally, Shi Feng had intended to follow up his victory with hot pursuit, taking the opportunity to damage the Monkey damage the Monkey Warchief heavily while it was incapacitated for six seconds . In the end, however, the Battle Monkey Warchief activated Berserker Rage, becoming immune to all control effects and increasing its Strength and speed . It then unsheathed the war saber hanging on its back and brandished it at its adversary . Suddenly, nine blades of light wrapped around Shi Feng .
  1731.  This was one of the Battle Monkey Warchief’s skills, Dance of Blades .
  1733.  If struck, even an MT like Cola would die without question . However, Cola possessed a large shield that he could use to defend himself; he would have no problems blocking the majority of the blades of light . Shi Feng, however, did not possess a shield . He only had his two swords .
  1734.  “Good timing!”
  1736.  At this moment, Shi Feng could feel impending doom approaching . Yet, he neither defended with his swords, nor did he activate Defensive Blade to save his life . Instead, he activated Purgatory Power and charged at the Monkey Warchief’s Dance of Blades .
  1738.  Void Steps!
  1740.  Previously, Shi Feng would have never thought of confronting a berserk Level 25 Battle Monkey Warchief head-on . After all, the Monkey Warchief was terrifying after going berserk . Not only did its speed surpass Tier 1 players, but Tier 1 players also could not block its incredible attacks .
  1742.  After his match with Soaring Snake, Shi Feng had finally succeeded in learning the advanced footwork Void Steps .  However, he had not found a chance to test his footwork again since that match . Meanwhile, the agile Battle Monkey Warchief was the perfect opponent for Shi Feng to practice Void Steps on .
  1743.  The usefulness of Void Steps wasn’t limited to PvP .  It was also effective against monsters .
  1745.  After the Battle Monkey Warchief swung its saber, it suddenly discovered that Shi Feng had disappeared .
  1747.  By the time the Monkey Warchief discovered his opponent again, the latter had already appeared beside it, casually walking past . Meanwhile, several bloody gashes appeared on its body .
  1751.  Chapter 417
  1753.  A+ A- Chapter 417: Chapter 417 - Blade Liberation
  1755.  Chapter 417 - Blade Liberation
  1757.  In a withered forest located at the outer area of White Fog Canyon.
  1758.  Fire Dance and Flying Shadow, who had been standing watch around the team all this time, were currently dashing towards the gorge.
  1760.  “Sister Fire Dance, Guild Leader is too amazing! He can actually fight the Battle Monkey Warchief, a berserk Level 25 Chieftain, all by himself!” With eyes filled with anticipation, Flying Shadow added, “I hope that Monkey Warchief can last until we get there.”
  1762.  “Flying Shadow, you’re still in a mood to joke around? Although Guild Leader is amazing, a Chieftain that has gone berserk is no laughing matter. In a moment, we’ll need to be careful when we go in and support Guild Leader. We will lose our lives if we’re hit by the Monkey Warchief,” Fire Dance reminded him.
  1764.  Fire Dance felt that it was too risky for Shi Feng to fight a berserk Level 25 Chieftain all by himself. Such a battle did not permit even the slightest mistake.
  1766.  After Fire Dance succeeded in her Class Change Quest and became a Tier 1 Assassin, she had wanted to test her own standards. Hence, she had sent the members of the Guild out looking for monsters for her to test herself against.
  1768.  At the very beginning, she had required little effort to defeat a Level 15 Special Elite.
  1770.  She then challenged herself with a Level 16 Chieftain. However, twenty seconds into the battle, she was already in a miserable state. In the end, she had to use Vanish and flee.
  1772.  Hence, Fire Dance knew clearly just how powerful a Chieftain ranked monster was, let alone a Level 25 Chieftain that was constantly in a berserk state.
  1774.  “Sister Fire Dance, I can hear sounds of battle coming from the front. They should be fighting over there,” Flying Shadow said excitedly.
  1776.  Many people wished they
  1778.  could watch the battles of the One-hit Asura. Some players were even offering to purchase unpublished battle videos of the One-hit Asura at high prices, hoping to learn a thing or two from watching these videos.
  1780.  Flying Shadow himself had also watched Shi Feng’s battle videos over a hundred times and received great benefits from doing so.
  1782.  However, at the end of the day, a video was still a video. It simply could not compare to seeing a battle live.
  1784.  However, Shi Feng’s battles were simply too fast-paced. Even though Flying Shadow could witness them, there was a limit to how much his mind could absorb. Hence, Flying Shadow also wanted a recording of the battle to study it in detail after returning.
  1785.  To this end, Flying Shadow had specially asked Fire Dance to activate Holographic Simulation Mode to record Shi Feng’s battle.
  1787.  Before Flying Shadow had experienced a virtual gaming cabin, he had only been dismissive of the machine.
  1789.  Wasn’t it just a 97% sync-rate? The virtual gaming helmet also possessed a 90% sync-rate. How huge of a difference could there be?
  1791.  The makers of the virtual gaming cabin were simply trying to swindle people’s money.
  1793.  However, after Flying Shadow tried the cabin for himself, he instantly fell in love with it.
  1795.  Not only could the virtual gaming cabin allow him to display more of his actual combat power, but it was also of great help in regard to learning how to fight in God’s Domain. The holographic videos in particular were far superior to flat-screen videos.
  1797.  Unfortunately, there were only five virtual gaming cabins in Zero Wing’s Workshop, three of which were dedicated to the Guild Leader, Fire Dance, and Blackie.
  1799.  The remaining two had to be shared with other core members in rotation.
  1801.  Currently, Flying Shadow was not using the virtual gaming cabin, so he could not utilize the holographic recording. He could only request one from Fire Dance. That way, he could
  1803.  could properly watch the video the next time it was his turn to use a virtual gaming cabin.
  1805.  In regard to Flying Shadow’s request, Fire Dance was not opposed to it. She, too, wished to learn from Shi Feng’s battle. Then, she simply needed to give Flying Shadow a copy.
  1807.  When the two arrived at the scene of the battle, they suddenly saw Shi Feng disappear, before shortly reappearing beside the Battle Monkey Warchief and slowly walking by it. Meanwhile, a few additional gashes manifested on the Monkey Warchief’s body, fresh blood spurting out all over the place…
  1809.  “What’s going on?”
  1811.  The sight suddenly set off an endless ripple in Fire Dance’s and Flying Shadow’s hearts.
  1813.  Each of Shi Feng’s strikes only managed to deal around -900 damage; the three slashes amounted to just slightly over -2,700 damage. To the Battle Monkey Warchief, which had 140,000 HP, they were merely scratches. However, the Monkey Warchief appeared even more furious after it was struck.
  1815.  Suddenly, the Battle Monkey Warchief sent a barrage of attacks raining down on Shi Feng.
  1817.  The Monkey Warchief started using Dance of Blades with greater frequency, sealing Shi Feng’s path of retreat every time it did so. However, Shi Feng also dashed directly at the Dance of Blades every time, disappearing before reappearing. Shi Feng was like the moon’s reflection in the water; although the Monkey Warchief could see him, it always failed to hit Shi Feng’s physical body. Meanwhile, the Monkey Warchief’s HP also continuously decreased.
  1819.  For a moment, Shi Feng had completely suppressed the Battle Monkey Warchief…
  1821.  “Has the Guild Leader learned a new technique?” Flying Shadow muttered with uncertainty.
  1823.  Though he wanted to call it a skill, that would be incorrect. Normally, powerful skills possessed very long Cooldowns. How could a skill that allowed one to disappear and reappear shortly after be frequently usable?
  1825.  “It shouldn’t be a skill.” Fire
  1827.  skill.” Fire Dance had been paying rapt attention to Shi Feng’s battle, and with surprise filling her eyes, she said, “If it were a skill similar to Instantaneous Movement, then the moment he disappears, he should simultaneously reappear at another location. However, after Guild Leader disappears, it takes a short moment for him to reappear in our sight. Moreover, there is always an awkward pause whenever we activate a skill. Yet, there is no pause when Guild Leader uses that move.”
  1829.  Fire Dance’s observations were indeed on point. However, they only gave Flying Shadow an even greater shock.
  1831.  Players can actually carry out such powerful moves without using a skill? This revelation completely shattered Flying Shadow’s understanding of virtual reality games.
  1833.  “Guild Leader seems greatly exhausted. It seems that this move places an enormous burden on one’s mental strength.” Fire Dance’s observations were quite thorough, and very quickly, she noticed that Shi Feng’s complexion seemed somewhat pale. His eyes seemed slightly dimmer as well. “Prepare to take action!”
  1835.  In fact, it was exactly as Fire Dance had said.
  1837.  Void Steps was advanced footwork, a technique that removed one’s own presence from the other person’s brain. In other words, despite others clearly being able to see and sense Shi Feng’s presence, their brains would actively shunt this information to the subconscious mind and focus on other less-relevant information—which would result in failing to see or sense Shi Feng.
  1838.  However, such advanced footwork posed extremely high demands on its user, whether in terms of movement, breathing, and so on. Although Shi Feng had already succeeded in executing Void Steps, and his proficiency improved with each subsequent use, the technique still placed a significant burden on his mental strength.
  1840.  Flying Shadow silently nodded. At this moment, he had already focused all his concentration on Shi Feng, hero worship filling his eyes.
  1842.  Even though such a powerful move greatly exhausted one’s mental strength, one’s mental strength, it was still very impressive.
  1844.  When the Battle Monkey Warchief had only half its HP remaining, Shi Feng was already beyond exhaustion.
  1846.  I guess using Void Steps to deal with a berserk Chieftain is really pushing things too far. Shi Feng smiled bitterly in his heart as he looked at the Battle Monkey Warchief that grew increasingly fearless the more it fought.
  1848.  If he were up against a player, he could definitely finish them off after using Void Steps twice. The battle would not drag on for such a long time.
  1850.  However, this battle against the Monkey Warchief was greatly beneficial to Shi Feng, as he honed his mastery of Void Steps with each subsequent use of the footwork.
  1852.  Meanwhile, when the Battle Monkey Warchief noticed that its opponent looked no different from a tired dog, it squinted its eyes as it revealed a cold smile. It then brandished its saber, using Dance of Blades once more.
  1854.  At this moment, Shi Feng was quickly reaching his limit. If he used Void Steps one more time, it was highly possible that he would faint on the spot.
  1856.  Faced with the nine saber images that completely sealed his movements, Shi Feng suddenly erupted with power.
  1858.  Blade Liberation!
  1860.  This was the Tier 1 super-berserk skill Shi Feng had spent 20 Legacy Skill Points to learn. The skill’s duration was only 20 seconds, and after that period, he would enter a weakened state, with all his Attributes decreased by 80% for three minutes.
  1862.  If he could not finish off his enemy in 20 seconds, then only death awaited him!
  1864.  Meanwhile, the weapon Shi Feng used Blade Liberation on was the Level 20 Dark-Gold ranked Purgatory’s Shadow. Suddenly, the power of the Purgatory’s Shadow flowed into Shi Feng; his body started glowing a faint red.
  1866.  Shi Feng then tightened his grip around the Abyssal Blade and slashed at the incoming blades of light.
  1870.  Chapter 418
  1872.  A+ A- Chapter 418: Chapter 418 - Clean Break
  1874.  Chapter 418 - Clean Break
  1876.  Faint red glowing dots began circulating around the blade of the silvery-gray sword, the dots closely resembling the twinkling stars in the night sky.
  1877.  Upon colliding with the sword images, a bang resounded. Strong winds then blew outwards into the surroundings, sweeping the leaves scattered across the ground into the air.
  1879.  The Battle Monkey Warchief’s Dance of Blades suddenly vanished.
  1881.  The Monkey Warchief was forced back by four steps, and a hint of fear suddenly appeared on its sneering face.
  1883.  The man who was at the brink of collapse a second before suddenly possessed Strength that could make others tremble in the next second. Even Fire Dance and Flying Shadow, who were observing the fight from a short distance away, were stupefied.
  1885.  “Guild Leader’s Strength is amazing!” Flying Shadow exclaimed.
  1887.  Shi Feng had actually managed to force a berserk Level 25 Chieftain to retreat. Even Berserkers, who were known for their Strength, were far from capable of such a feat. If this Strength were used against players, even if Shi Feng did not use any skills, he could still finish them off with a single attack.
  1889.  “It isn’t just his Strength, even his speed has received a huge increase. Before, I could still manage to see the afterimages of his attacks. Now, I can’t even see his sword images. I can only barely see his hand swinging his sword,” Fire Dance said, shocked.
  1890.  An ordinary burst skill would increase its user’s Strength and speed by 50% at most.
  1892.  On the other hand, the burst skill Shi Feng used was simply too frightening.
  1894.  According to Fire Dance’s initial judgment, Shi Feng’s Basic Attributes had, at the very least, doubled. Such an increase would improve his combat power severalfold.
  1896.  Looking at the Battle Monkey Warchief, Shi Feng slowly raised the corners of his lips as he said softly, “Let’s start the second round, then.”
  1898.  The buff Shi Feng received after activating Blade Liberation had far exceeded his expectations.
  1900.  Not
  1902.  only had his Strength increased by 100%, but his Agility had also increased by 150%.
  1904.  Shi Feng could overwhelm the Battle Monkey Warchief even in a direct confrontation now.
  1906.  “Zhi! Zhi!”
  1908.  The Monkey Warchief screeched and bared its fangs at Shi Feng. Instead of acting wildly like before, it calmed down and carefully observed Shi Feng’s every action. It even tightly gripped its war saber and took a fighting stance.
  1910.  “It seems that you’re finally getting serious.”
  1912.  Shi Feng smiled faintly as he, too, shifted to a fighting stance, prepared to receive the Monkey Warchief’s next move.
  1914.  The Monkey Warchief possessed very high intelligence, and it was no worse than ordinary NPCs. Hence, it was capable of using skills based on the situation.
  1916.  Currently, Shi Feng possessed Strength that surpassed the Battle Monkey Warchief’s. Naturally, the Monkey Warchief knew not to try to suppress Shi Feng using its Strength.
  1918.  In God’s Domain, Chieftain ranked monsters were not only stronger than other monsters in terms of Attributes and techniques, but they also possessed unique traits.
  1920.  It was precisely these unique traits that made it very difficult for players to solo Chieftains.
  1922.  There was a large variety of these unique traits. Some monsters possessed extraordinary destruction skills, some possessed skills that enhanced their own bodies, some possessed very-long-range attack-type skills, and so on.
  1924.  As far as Shi Feng could recall, the Battle Monkey Warchief possessed an ultimate move called Clean Break.
  1926.  Clean Break was a skill with godlike speed. When activated, the Monkey Warchief would swing its saber with a speed that could not be tracked by the naked eye, instantly killing its opponent.
  1928.  In the past, many Tier 1 experts had died from this single move. Even a Level 30 Tier 1 Shield Warrior expert could not withstand it. As for Tier 1 Assassins—a class known for its speed—they would be killed before they could even use Block with their weapons.
  1930.  Even now when Shi Feng possessed speed superior to the Monkey Warchief’s, he still dared not take
  1932.  take the risk and had directly activated Defensive Blade.
  1934.  “Why did Guild Leader go on the defensive? He clearly possesses Strength and speed superior to the Monkey Warchief’s. He should be able to kill it with ease!” Flying Shadow said, surprised.
  1936.  Standing beside him, Fire Dance was silent.
  1938.  She had challenged a Chieftain before, so she knew how powerful a monster of that rank was. She, too, could sense that the Battle Monkey Warchief was about to display its true power, which was why she silently focused her attention on Shi Feng. She wanted to see just how Shi Feng was going to deal with this situation.
  1940.  However, something surprising happened.
  1942.  Although Shi Feng had readied his stance and taken defensive measures, he did not wait for the Monkey Warchief’s attack to look for an opening to exploit. Instead, he took the initiative to attack first.
  1944.  Earth Splitter!
  1946.  A blade of light emerged from the fractured earth, slashing at the Battle Monkey Warchief.
  1948.  Just as the mighty blade of light was about to hit the Monkey Warchief, the blade of light suddenly shattered, as if something struck it.
  1950.  Meanwhile, by the time everyone noticed, the Monkey Warchief’s posture had changed. Its body had also moved two steps backward.
  1952.  It was obvious that the Monkey Warchief was the one that shattered the blade of light. However, Shi Feng’s Strength was simply too overwhelming. As a result, the recoil had forced the Monkey Warchief to retreat by two steps.
  1954.  “So fast!” Flying Shadow said in disbelief, his eyes wide open.
  1956.  Flying Shadow had not even seen the Monkey Warchief draw its saber. This showed that the Monkey Warchief was even faster than Shi Feng.
  1958.  “Six yards?” Shi Feng roughly gauged the Battle Monkey Warchief’s attack range from its previous attack.
  1960.  Clean Break did not affect the Monkey Warchief’s Movement Speed. It only gave the monster a frightening drawing speed. However, its saber was only so long, so its attack range was very limited.
  1962.  Based on Shi
  1964.  on Shi Feng’s estimates, the Monkey Warchief’s attack range should be six yards. The area within these six yards was the Monkey Warchief’s absolute domain.
  1966.  After identifying its attack range, as long as Shi Feng avoided moving too close, he would be absolutely safe.
  1968.  Shi Feng then brandished his sword dozens of times in quick succession. As Defensive Blade increased his attack range, Shi Feng could always maintain a distance of around ten yards every time he attacked.
  1970.  Meanwhile, the Battle Monkey Warchief also rushed at Shi Feng while defending against his attacks, trying to get within six yards of him.
  1972.  Unfortunately, the Monkey Warchief’s Strength was inferior to Shi Feng’s. Every time it defended against Shi Feng’s attack, it would be forced to take a few steps back. Moreover, Shi Feng’s speed was originally faster than the Monkey Warchief’s, making it even more impossible for the Monkey Warchief to close the distance.
  1974.  However, Shi Feng’s attacks were also unable to cause any damage to the Monkey Warchief; they were all blocked by Clean Break. Furthermore, the Battle Monkey Warchief’s HP was continuously increasing due to its battle recovery.
  1976.  “Sure enough, Clean Break is indeed powerful. However, what do you think about this move?”
  1978.  Smiling faintly, Shi Feng activated Nine Dragons Slash.
  1980.  Suddenly, 12 phantoms of the Abyssal Blade appeared around Shi Feng. Simultaneously, all twelve phantoms stabbed at the Monkey Warchief.
  1982.  The moment the 12 phantoms entered the Monkey Warchief’s attack range, it was as if they had stabbed into a protective barrier. The phantoms were instantly sent flying backward, unable to hit the Monkey Warchief at all.
  1984.  However, Shi Feng was far from done with his assault. In the next moment, scorching hot flames emerged around the Abyssal Blade and the Purgatory’s Shadow. This was the effect of Shi Feng’s sure-kill skill, the Level 9 Flame Burst. It concentrated the power of flames to a single point for 12 attacks.
  1986.  Suddenly, Shi Feng charged at the Battle Monkey Warchief once Monkey Warchief once more.
  1988.  Just as Shi Feng was about to enter the attack range of Clean Break, he suddenly vanished. Although the Monkey Warchief was on high alert, it still could not detect Shi Feng’s existence at all. Moreover, it also needed to face the simultaneous attacks of the 12 phantoms; it had no energy to spare for locating Shi Feng.
  1990.  When Shi Feng appeared again, he was already standing directly in front of the Battle Monkey Warchief. The Abyssal Blade was also only a short distance away from hitting the Monkey Warchief. Yet, the Monkey Warchief still managed to block the Magic Weapon with its godlike skill, Clean Break.
  1992.  “What kind of Attack Speed is that?!” Fire Dance had been wholeheartedly focused on the battle.
  1994.  Now, however, she, too, was stupefied.
  1996.  In her view, Shi Feng’s sword simply could not be blocked at such a short distance. Yet, the Monkey Warchief had managed to do exactly that… 
  1998.  How was Shi Feng supposed to kill it?
  2000.  However, despite having succeeded in blocking Shi Feng’s attack, the Battle Monkey Warchief had an extraordinarily grim expression on its face.
  2002.  In the next moment, the Abyssal Blade cleaved the war saber in its path, like a hot knife through butter. Immediately after, the Purgatory’s Shadow slashed the Monkey Warchief’s body with zero resistance.
  2004.  Following which, sword after sword landed on the Battle Monkey Warchief’s body.
  2006.  A series of eleven attacks struck the Monkey Warchief. Each attack dealt close to -10,000 damage. Some even achieved a critical hit, dealing close to -20,000 damage. The total damage caused by the eleven slashes completely surpassed the Battle Monkey Warchief’s 140,000 HP.
  2007.  The Battle Monkey Warchief was as dead as a doornail.
  2008.  “It’s my win.”
  2010.  Shi Feng looked at the dead Battle Monkey Warchief, smiling faintly.
  2011.  At this moment, he was mentally exhausted. He sat down involuntarily, his body unable to even stand properly.
  2013.  Following which, the sound of an emergency notification from the system rang out by his ears.
  2017.  Chapter 419
  2019.  A+ A- Chapter 419: Chapter 419 - Mysterious Guests
  2021.  Chapter 419 - Mysterious Guests
  2023.  “Guild Leader?”
  2025.  Fire Dance activated Wind Steps and rushed over to the fallen Shi Feng.
  2027.  Flying Shadow, on the other hand, was completely stunned by what he had seen.
  2028.  He was still in a complete daze.
  2030.  “Guild Leader, what’s wrong?” Fire Dance asked, panicking as she looked at Shi Feng’s pale complexion.
  2032.  Ultimately, God’s Domain was only a game. Even if a player entered a weakened state, only their Attributes would decrease. The debuff definitely would not weaken a player’s mental state.
  2034.  “It’s nothing. I’m just tired; that’s all,” Shi Feng muttered a reply. “I’m going to enter System Sleep Mode to rest for now. You two take care of the loot and meet back up with Aqua. Remember, continue to grind in the gorge and do not go anywhere else.”
  2036.  The Battle Monkey Commander was not an ordinary Chieftain. It was a Chieftain found inside the White Fog Canyon, far different than other Chieftains. Without Void Steps, even if Fire Dance and the others joined hands to fight it, they would inevitably have to flee.
  2038.  If Shi Feng had not used Void Steps during his battle, defeat would have been his only outcome.
  2040.  Shi Feng’s mental capacity had long since reached its limit. Now that he had used Void Steps again, he had exceeded that limit.
  2042.  Nothing good would come from a player exceeding their own mental limit. Hence, the Main God System would automatically send an official warning, suggesting the player to enter Sleep Mode.
  2044.  Players could recover their mental capacity while in Sleep Mode. In reality, it was exactly the same as sleeping. Only, while resting in Sleep Mode, players could recover more thoroughly.
  2046.  After instructing Fire Dance, Shi Feng entered Sleep
  2048.  Mode and logged out of the game to rest.
  2050.  “Sister Fire Dance, what happened?” Flying Dance asked curiously when he saw Shi Feng log off as soon as he arrived.
  2052.  “Guild Leader is exhausted and has logged off to rest. Let’s tidy up the drops here and return to the gorge,” Fire Dance said, sighing relief.
  2054.  “Logged off to rest?” Flying Dance was surprised, his mind riddled with questions.
  2056.  This was the first time he had heard of a player needing to log off to rest due to a battle.
  2058.  Flying Shadow had once tried to grind continuously for over ten hours. Although he was tired after his endeavor, he was fine after he ate some food and went to the hotel to rest. Now, Shi Feng actually needed to log off and rest.
  2060.  However, after giving it some thought, Flying Shadow found nothing strange about this situation.
  2062.  After all, despite the Battle Monkey Warchief being such a powerful monster, Shi Feng had soloed it with that mystifying move. It was unbelievable. Hence, it was not at all strange that it would take such a toll on his Guild Leader. On the contrary, it was perfectly reasonable.
  2064.  It would be awesome if I could learn that move! Flying Dance was still fascinated when he thought back to Shi Feng’s battle. But I think it will be very difficult to convince Guild Leader to teach me such a powerful move…” 
  2066.  No! I cannot give up! As long as I contribute more to Zero Wing, Guild Leader might agree to teach me if I ask!
  2068.  Flying Shadow’s loyalty towards Zero Wing soared once more. He inwardly vowed to contribute his all to Zero Wing.
  2070.  After swiftly collecting the loot of the
  2072.  the Battle Monkey Warchief, Fire Dance noticed Flying Shadow’s dazed expression. At this sight, she could not help but chuckle, saying, “Flying Shadow, stop daydreaming. We’re going back to the gorge.”
  2074.  Fire Dance could, more or less, understand Flying Shadow’s thoughts.
  2076.  A player soloing a berserk Level 25 Chieftain in God’s Domain was undeniably a miracle. Furthermore, the mysterious technique Shi Feng had used shattered the common ideas everyone had of battles in God’s Domain. Hence, how could she blame him for being mystified?
  2078.  Compared to Flying Shadow, Fire Dance had a far more profound experience of the battle.
  2080.  She was connecting to the game using a virtual gaming cabin, so she could see and feel the formidableness of Void Steps clearly.
  2082.  The benefits she obtained from watching this battle had exceeded what she had gained from watching over a hundred battles of other experts.
  2084.  “Oh.” Flying Shadow followed hurriedly after he recovered his wits.
  2086.  After Shi Feng logged off, the members of Zero Wing took up residence in the gorge. They did not go anywhere else, luring and killing monsters in the gorge.
  2088.  The monsters in White Fog Canyon were numerous. Moreover, their loot was similarly bountiful. With a strategic location like the gorge, Zero Wing’s players had nothing to worry about, even if they faced an army of Battle Monkeys.
  2090.  Their leveling speed here was several times faster than grinding elsewhere. Moreover, they also obtained plenty of equipment and various materials.
  2092.  However, while Zero Wing peacefully leveled, White River City had exploded with commotion.
  2093.  ---
  2095.  After the discovery of a Great Lord in the White Fog Canyon, everyone eagerly awaited news of the various Guilds raiding it successfully.
  2097.  However, the results were completely unexpected.
  2099.  Despite having sent so many
  2101.  so many Level 20 and above elite players, before the various Guilds found the Great Lord, they had lost over half of their players. Suddenly, everyone’s view of the White Fog Canyon had changed.
  2103.  Many players who had originally intended to rush towards the canyon to grind and level up dismissed their plans at this revelation.
  2105.  However, although many had given up on the White Fog Canyon, it did not prevent them from discussing it.
  2107.  Although most of the Guilds in White River City had given up on the White Fog Canyon, Overwhelming Smile, Emperor’s Light, Assassin’s Alliance, Ouroboros, and Zero Wing, the top five Guilds of White River City, still pushed forward in the White Fog Canyon even now.
  2109.  Everyone had their guesses on which of these five Guilds would be the first to kill the Great Lord.
  2111.  At this moment, the teleportation array inside White River City’s Teleportation Hall started to flash, and six figures suddenly appeared. The instant these six appeared, they immediately attracted the attention of the players in White River City.
  2113.  These six people possessed stunning levels. Each one of them was at least Level 25. Among them, one had even reached Level 26; this player had actually surpassed White River City’s highest leveled player, Blackie.
  2115.  However, this was not the most shocking aspect. The equipment they wore was what truly left others in a daze.
  2117.  The equipment these players wore gave off the glow effect that only a Fine-Gold Equipment possessed. They also had a few pieces of Dark-Gold Equipment in the mix. The Level 26 Guardian Knight leading this party wore five pieces of Dark-Gold Equipment. Meanwhile, the quality of the Bone Shield on his back was indiscernible. Shockingly, was indiscernible. Shockingly, this Guardian Knight possessed over 5,600 HP, an amount that not even the Chief MTs of first-rate Guilds had reached.
  2119.  Yet, none of these players wore a Guild Emblem on their chests. Clearly, they were independent players.
  2121.  It was astonishing that independent players had acquired such equipment.
  2123.  “Boss, the people here are weird. Why are they all staring at us? It’s giving me goosebumps.”
  2125.  “The country bumpkins here are just envious after seeing our equipment.”
  2127.  “This place isn’t that bad after all. The average players here are around Level 18 or 19. It’s just slightly lower than ours.”
  2129.  “Alright, enough. We’re here on official business. First, ask around for information on that One-hit Asura.”
  2131.  Having their objective, the party of six exited the Teleportation Hall.
  2133.  On the street, any players who encountered this party of six would unconsciously move aside and look away in fear.
  2134.  ---
  2136.  Unexpectedly, Shi Feng had slept for more than a day inside the virtual gaming cabin.
  2138.  “What’s going on?
  2140.  “Why did I sleep for so long?”
  2142.  Shi Feng was stunned when he exited the gaming cabin and saw the time.
  2144.  Shi Feng had several years of experience using the virtual gaming cabin, and this was not his first time exceeding his limit. In the past, he had only slept around half a dozen hours or so. Now, he had actually slept over 30 hours…
  2146.  This was the first time Shi Feng had encountered such a situation.
  2148.  “What? Even the Nutrient Solution that’s supposed to last me half a month has bottomed out already?” Before Shi Feng could make sense of the situation, he suddenly heard the virtual gaming cabin launch a warning, notifying him that the cabin’s supply of Nutrient Solution was quickly running out.
  2152.  Chapter 420
  2154.  A+ A- Chapter 420: Chapter 420 - Conditions for Cooperation
  2156.  Chapter 420 - Conditions for Cooperation
  2158.  Although Shi Feng wasn’t sure what had happened, he felt better than ever after leaving the virtual gaming cabin. Even his body felt relaxed.
  2159.  Shi Feng exercised lightly, throwing a few dozen punches at the empty air in front of him. Every time he punched, he could faintly feel his fists piercing the air.
  2161.  My body has become a lot more flexible. Even the speed of my punches has improved significantly. It seems that the best way to train is with moderation. Shi Feng could immediately tell his body’s current condition after his workout. 
  2162.  Previously, Shi Feng had trained relentlessly, constantly maintaining physical tension. Over time, he would become exhausted. Even when he drank Nutrient Fluids, the effect was limited and would never fully relieve his exhaustion.
  2164.  After over thirty hours of rest, he was completely relaxed. As a result, he could now display his true power.
  2166.  Although his physique had not improved, he was now more flexible than before. This was something that Shi Feng had always wanted.
  2168.  After sleeping for so long, I wonder if anything has happened in the White Fog Canyon. Hopefully, Aqua doesn’t risk the team and delve further into the canyon. After Shi Feng’s brief moment of joy, his mind suddenly drifted to the dangers in the White Fog Canyon, and he began to worry.
  2170.  The White Fog Canyon consisted of two regions: the outer and inner region. The Battle Monkeys in the outer region were tolerable, and there were only a few traps and forbidden areas. However, after entering the inner region, not only were all the monsters there Level 25 and above, but the majority of
  2172.  the monsters were also Special Elites. The danger in the inner region was many times higher than the canyon’s edges.
  2174.  With only Zero Wing’s 500 members, even if they had a few dozen Tier 1 players in their midst, they would suffer terrible losses should they venture into the inner canyon.
  2176.  Most of Zero Wing’s experts were on the team of 500. If they died, Zero Wing would suffer for it.
  2178.  Worrying about the possibilities, Shi Feng hurriedly ordered takeout. At the same time, he also contacted the game store and purchased a large batch of Nutrient Solutions. He had nearly depleted the Nutrient Solution in his cabin, and although he could use the gaming cabin without it, the Nutrient Solution was meant to counter certain situations.
  2180.  If he did not replenish the Solution, should he exceed his mental limit again, his body would not recover to its peak condition like it had this time.
  2182.  … 
  2184.  After a short rest, Shi Feng was ready to enter God’s Domain once more. Suddenly, however, his quantum watch rang.
  2186.  Looking at the caller ID, Shi Feng discovered that it was Manager Xiao of Big Dipper Training Center.
  2188.  “Why is he contacting me all of a sudden?”
  2190.  Shi Feng recalled that, regarding the matter of cooperation with Big Dipper, Manager Xiao said he needed to discuss things further with his superiors before making a decision.
  2192.  In the end, four days had passed since they spoke, Manager Xiao had not contacted him. Assuming that negotiations had failed, Shi Feng gave up on the notion of cooperating with Big Dipper. Beyond that, Shi Feng had been busy with his Legacy Trial, so he had forgotten about the matter entirely.
  2194.  Only after seeing the caller ID did Shi Feng
  2196.  Feng recall it.
  2198.  Originally, Shi Feng had already prepared to start his own training center. In any case, he had thirty million Credits from Gentle Snow, so he had the funds to start one on his own.
  2200.  After a moment, he answered the call. However, upon seeing Manager Xiao’s appearance, he had to ask, “Manager Xiao, what’s wrong with you?” 
  2202.  In the image displayed by his quantum watch, Manager Xiao looked exhausted. It looked as if the man had not slept for days. There were even dark circles beneath his eyes.
  2204.  Manager Xiao was a martial artist, so his physique was far from that of an ordinary person’s. He also had the benefit of the Nutrient Fluids. Even if Manager Xiao had stayed up for a few nights, he shouldn’t look this miserable.
  2206.  “Hahaha! It’s nothing! It’s nothing!” Manager Xiao laughed. “Master Shi Feng, regarding our previous discussion, I’ve reported the situation to my elder brother. My elder brother held a Director’s Meeting specifically for this purpose. In short, we agree to your conditions. However, we have a condition of our own.”
  2208.  “A condition?” Shi Feng chuckled before continuing, “What condition?”
  2210.  Although Shi Feng was physically only 22 years old, he was mentally over 30. He had experienced many negotiations before, so he could instantly tell that Manager Xiao was hiding something.
  2212.  Currently, God’s Domain’s popularity had exploded. An increasing number of people had become addicted to the battles in God’s Domain, and many had lost interest in the fights in real life. Naturally, this would affect locations such as training centers and dojos.
  2214.  Based on Manager Xiao’s appearance, Shi Feng was sure of it.
  2216.  Big Dipper Training Center’s business was declining rapidly, so much so that it
  2218.  that it had caused even those in power in Big Dipper to tremble. Hence, they needed someone that could revitalize Big Dipper.
  2220.  Although fighting competitions were becoming less popular, there was still a market for them. Only, other than possessing first-class facilities, Big Dipper had nothing else to offer. Compared to the dojo commanded by Jin Hai City’s champion fighter, Chen Wu, Big Dipper Training Center was significantly inferior.
  2222.  If they had a martial arts master to lead the training center, helping them forge a name for themselves and acting as a combat instructor, they could save themselves from their current decline. After all, the combat techniques displayed in God’s Domain were mostly evolutions of the combat techniques found in real life.
  2224.  “We require Master Shi Feng to compete against a well-known fighter. As long as Master Shi Feng wins, we have no issues agreeing with all of the conditions you have previously stated,” Manager Xiao explained. “May I know your thoughts on this?”
  2226.  Even a fool could tell that the big shots of Big Dipper wished to test Shi Feng’s strength and at the same time, increase Big Dipper’s reputation. Meanwhile, to garner fame for the training center, Shi Feng’s intended opponent would certainly be powerful.
  2228.  “Fine, but I have another condition,” Shi Feng answered.
  2230.  “Master Shi Feng, please don’t hold back,” Manager Xiao said excitedly upon hearing Shi Feng’s reply.
  2232.  “If I win, I want five virtual gaming cabins and fifteen S-rank Nutrient Fluids.”
  2234.  Shi Feng coveted the S-rank Nutrient Fluids. It was something that he could not buy even if he had the money. The virtual gaming cabins were similarly in high were similarly in high demand. Currently, Zero Wing’s Workshop was still in its development phase. If he wanted to improve the Workshop quickly, he needed a large number of experts. However, ordinary experts of God’s Domain would not do. He needed top-tier experts.
  2235.  With the virtual gaming helmet’s 90% sync-rate, it was simply impossible to nurture a top-tier expert.
  2237.  However, until this day, Zero Wing only had a measly five virtual gaming cabins. Ignoring the ones dedicated to himself, Fire Dance, and Blackie, there were only two cabins available for the other core members of the Workshop.
  2239.  If he could obtain another five virtual gaming cabins, although not every core member could have their personal cabin, rotating use should suffice.
  2241.  “This…” Manager Xiao felt cornered upon hearing Shi Feng’s request.
  2243.  Fifteen bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluids. With Big Dipper’s connections, they could barely obtain so many. As for the five virtual gaming cabins, there were no problems on that end, either. However, these items together were worth around thirty million Credits. Even to a successful corporation like Big Dipper, this was not a small sum of money.
  2245.  Normally, they could have afforded to agree to Shi Feng’s request. Now, however, Big Dipper’s business was not doing too well… 
  2247.  “No good?” Shi Feng frowned slightly as he said, “If you can’t do it, I can only look elsewhere.”
  2249.  His demands were not particularly extravagant. After all, as long as he won the match, Big Dipper would double their profits. Moreover, thirty million Credits was spare change to Big Dipper. If they were unwilling to pay such a small price, Shi Feng might as well start his own training center.
  2253.  Chapter 421
  2255.  A+ A- Chapter 421: Chapter 421 - Did You Transmigrate?
  2257.  Chapter 421 - Did You Transmigrate?
  2259.  Live combat was not without danger.
  2261.  It was especially true in a fight between experts; injuries were commonplace. Although the current medical facilities were top-notch, capable of healing a large majority of injuries very quickly, there were still some injuries that one could not fully recover from. Not even S-rank Nutrient Fluid could cure them.
  2263.  Moreover, martial arts masters were extremely rare; finding one was like finding a needle in a haystack.
  2265.  Hence, it was incredibly costly to invite martial arts masters to face each other in the ring.
  2267.  Even a martial arts master who had recently become famous would charge an appearance fee of over one hundred million Credits. This was in the case of an exhibition match, let alone an official match.
  2269.  Moreover, martial arts masters normally fought using internal force. Internal force possessed great power. Even if an attack containing internal force did not strike a vital point, it could still cause significant damage to the opponent. Regardless of whether they would win or lose, martial arts masters would not agree to fight one another if there without sufficient potential gain.
  2271.  Shi Feng’s grasp of internal force had already reached the standard of a martial arts master. Although he was not famous in any way, he would not undervalue himself. His price of thirty million Credits was quite reasonable.
  2273.  Shi Feng wouldn’t have even considered the competition if it were not for his new flexibility.
  2275.  After all, injuries were no laughing matter. The higher-ups of Big Dipper must be dreaming if they thought they could get him to fight for free.
  2277.  This was why battles in God’s Domain were gradually replacing fighting competitions in
  2279.  the real world, becoming increasingly popular among the public masses.
  2281.  Not only were the battles in God’s Domain safe, but players also had no scruples when they fought each other.
  2282.  Furthermore, players in God’s Domain possessed physiques that far surpassed their bodies in the real world. They could easily perform actions and combat techniques that were impossible in the real world.
  2284.  Take Void Steps for example. This footwork had already far surpassed what ordinary humans could accomplish. It was simply impossible to perform in the real world. However, it was possible in God’s Domain.
  2286.  A fight between ordinary humans just couldn’t compare to a fight between superhumans.
  2288.  If it were only a battle inside God’s Domain, Shi Feng might have agreed without an appearance fee.
  2290.  Manager Xiao frowned in the video, hesitation appearing in his eyes. Suddenly, however, a disembodied voice addressed Shi Feng.
  2292.  “Mister Shi Feng, I agree to your demands. If you win, we will deliver five virtual gaming cabins and 15 bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluids to your doorstep.”
  2294.  “Elder Brother!”
  2296.  The other voice from the call was Xiao Yan’s elder brother, Xiao Yu, the true wielder of the power of Big Dipper.
  2298.  Xiao Yu then took over the call and spoke with Shi Feng directly.
  2300.  Although Xiao Yu and Xiao Yan had very similar appearances, after being the Chairman of Big Dipper for so long, Xiao Yu projected an aura of natural dignity and power with both his voice and demeanor. This aura made one unconsciously bow with respect before Xiao Yu.
  2302.  However, this aura of authority was useless against Shi Feng. He was not uncomfortable around this aura in the slightest.
  2304.  “When is the battle?”
  2306.  “We still need to prepare for this, so the
  2308.  the fight should be in roughly four days. As for the exact time, we will contact Mister Shi Feng with the details in the future.”
  2309.  “Alright.”
  2311.  After Shi Feng and Xiao Yu set their appointment, the video call disconnected.
  2312.  “Elder Brother, Big Dipper has already spent a huge sum of money on nurturing the student fighters. If we spend another thirty million, it will have a massive impact on Big Dipper’s future plans.” Xiao Yan looked at Xiao Yu skeptically.
  2314.  “The premise of paying for those items is that Shi Feng can win. Before the battle has even begun, you are already so confident of his victory. It seems that this Shi Feng is not a simple man.” Xiao Yu glanced at Xiao Yan. He then shifted his gaze as he examined the test record on his table, smiling. The data on the test record was precisely what Shi Feng had left behind at Big Dipper. “Such a young man is actually capable of using internal force and achieving a punching power 576 kg. Although he cannot compare to those other martial arts masters, he is still impressive. This appearance fee is not expensive at all. If we deepen our relationship now, it will benefit future cooperation.”
  2316.  “I understand.” Xiao Yan helplessly nodded.
  2318.  ---
  2320.  Back in his apartment, Shi Feng logged into God’s Domain.
  2322.  “What is going on here?” Shi Feng could not help his surprise when he saw the scene before him.
  2324.  As far as the eye could see, corpses of players and Battle Monkeys littered the ground. Some of these players were Guild players, and others were independent. Overall, there were over 300 player corpses… 
  2326.  Furthermore, there were even more players currently engaged in combat, with five
  2328.  combat, with five to six players dealing with a single Crimson-eyed Battle Monkey. The players fighting were all Level 20 and above, and they all possessed significant strength. Many parties here were far more powerful than the elite parties of Guilds.
  2330.  Originally, the White Fog Canyon had been a forbidden area for players. Now, however, it had become infested. Shi Feng was confused.
  2332.  He had only logged out of God’s Domain for slightly more than a day, yet, he was already so unfamiliar with the White Fog Canyon. 
  2334.  “Brother, are you alone?
  2336.  “Seeing as you are Level 22, you should have some decent skill. Why don’t you join our party? If equipment drops, we’ll split it equally. How about it?”
  2338.  Before Shi Feng could digest the information before him, a party of six approached him. Leading the party was a red-haired beauty geared with light-blue scale armor. The woman had a forthright appearance, and the body-fitting scale armor fully displayed her tall and slender figure. She was no less attractive than Zhao Yueru.
  2340.  This red-haired beauty was a Level 22 Shield Warrior, and the shield and one-handed saber hanging on her back were both Secret-Silver rank. The majority of her equipment was also Secret-Silver rank. Moreover, there was no sign of a Guild Emblem on her chest, so she was clearly an independent player.
  2342.  As for the others in the woman’s party, they were all at Level 21. Their equipment was also Mysterious-Iron rank and above. Overall, this independent party was stronger than even the elite parties from major Guilds.
  2344.  “Are you referring to me?” Shi Feng asked strangely.
  2346.  At this moment, he appeared as Black Flame. Although he kept his ID hidden, there was not a single soul in single soul in White River City who would not recognize him.
  2348.  However, this red-haired beauty had actually said to him “you should have some decent skill” and had even invited him to join them.
  2350.  Shi Feng was speechless…
  2352.  “You’re funny. Who else would we be speaking to?” the red-haired beauty laughed as she pointed to the surroundings. She then continued, “Are you worried that we will go back on our word once the loot drops?
  2354.  “If you’re worried, then we can sign a Main God Contract. You can relax with that, right?”
  2355.  At this moment, capable-looking male Elementalist said, “Cloud, what’s the point of wasting your time with this little brat? If he doesn’t want to join us, then so be it. We are more than enough to deal with these Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys. We’ll just earn less if we invite another person.”
  2357.  Shi Feng could not help but laugh bitterly as he shook his head.
  2359.  He had guessed that none of them recognized him. Or, to be precise, none of them recognized the number one expert of Star-Moon Kingdom, Black Flame.
  2361.  As for matters like swindling equipment, Shi Feng was not worried whatsoever.
  2363.  In White River City, even an organization like Underworld would not get away with stealing loot.
  2364.  “You guys are not local players of White River City, right? Why have you come to White Fog Canyon?” Shi Feng asked curiously.
  2366.  “You’re right. We are not local players of White River City or Star-Moon Kingdom. We came from Beacon City of the Black Dragon Empire. However, that’s really not surprising though, right? Many of the parties here have also come from different cities and countries. Didn’t you know that?
  2368.  “You couldn’t have transmigrated, right?”
  2372.  Chapter 422
  2374.  A+ A- Chapter 422: Chapter 422 - Warfire Set Equipment
  2376.  Chapter 422 - Warfire Set Equipment  
  2378.  “ . . . ”
  2380.  Shi Feng was rendered speechless by the red-haired beauty .
  2382.  If possible, he really wanted to say that he had not transmigrated, but had reincarnated instead .
  2384.  “Are there players from other countries as well?” Shi Feng looked at the surrounding players . Confused, he asked, “The teleportation fees between countries are not cheap . With an elite player’s income, it is simply impossible to accumulate enough unless they sold a majority of their equipment . However, if they did so, why would they come to White Fog Canyon?”
  2386.  Previously, Shi Feng had spent close to 300 Gold to teleport Aqua Rose and her hundred-plus subordinates to White River City . On average, each person had spent over 2 Gold .
  2388.  Of course, this was a little higher than average because the Storm Empire where Aqua Rose and the others had originally resided was very far away . However, even if a player came from the Black Dragon Empire, they would need to pay around 1 Gold 40 Silver to reach White River City . Only those powerful players might be able to afford such a fee . As for the party of independent players before him, even if they emptied their pockets, at most, they would have 20 to 30 Silvers .
  2390.  Accommodations, food, potions, repairs, and such things required a lot of money, so it was not possible for players to save too much .
  2392.  Yet, among the crowd of players in White Fog Canyon, many had traveled across countries to visit . This was simply madness .
  2394.  “You came to White Fog Canyon without even knowing this?” The red-haired beauty’s eyes widened, looking at Shi Feng as if he were a fool .
  2396.  Suddenly, Shi Feng was momentarily stunned as he thought of a possibility .
  2398.  Don’t tell me they’ve
  2400.  already discovered the secret of the Starfire Ore? Shi Feng’s chest tightened . He then shook his head, denying his thoughts .  No . Even if the secret of the Starfire Ore had been discovered, there had not been this many players traveling to White Fog Canyon from other countries in the past .
  2402.  Although Starfire Ore was quite valuable, it was not that easy to obtain in White Fog Canyon . The risks outweighed the benefits by far . Even in the past, not many players had risked themselves for the ore . On top of that, the levels of the current player population were much lower than in the past . With far greater risks, the canyon should not have attracted so many people .
  2404.  Moreover, in the hands of others, Starfire Ore was not particularly valuable .
  2406.  Each ore was only worth 1 Silver . Only by collecting 100 ore could one earn 1 Gold . However, with the level and tier of the current players, the difficulty of collecting 100 Starfire Ore was more difficult than clearing a 20-man Hard Mode Team Dungeon .
  2408.  Shi Feng had considered Starfire Ore profitable because he had the Horizon Alliance, a Lifestyle Guild, working under him . There were even a large number of amazing forgers working for him . With the Starfire Ore, he could produce various high-level equipment and make a huge profit .
  2410.  “Cloud, let’s stop wasting time with this brat . If this continues, the others will steal all the remaining Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys . How are we supposed to make a profit then?” the Elementalist grumbled indignantly . “Don’t forget; we borrowed a lot of money to come here . If we waste any more time, our equipment will belong to someone else . ”
  2412.  “You really do not know?” the red-haired beauty asked again
  2414.  again . However, seeing Shi Feng’s confused gaze, she didn’t think he was lying .
  2416.  Previously, she thought Shi Feng belonged to another party when she saw him . However, after observing him for a while, she discovered that Shi Feng was alone . A Level 22 Assassin would find it very difficult to venture so far into the White Fog Canyon, much less a Swordsman . For this reason, she was optimistic about Shi Feng’s strength .
  2418.  If their party had another strong player, they could explore further into the canyon . At that time, they would have fewer competitors, and their opportunity to make a fortune would grow .
  2420.  “I really do not know . I haven’t logged into the game for over a day now . What exactly happened while I was gone?” Shi Feng spoke truthfully, a bitter smile on his face .
  2422.  “So that’s why . However, you really are amazing . Despite not logging into the game for over a day, you are still Level 22,” the red-haired beauty laughed . “I’ll tell you, then . One day ago, one of the monsters in White Fog Canyon dropped an amazing item, so we hurried over . We’ll make a fortune if we obtain that item . ”
  2424.  “An amazing item? Making a fortune?” Shi Feng searched his memories . Soon, he laughed and said, “Might you be talking about the Warfire Set Equipment?”
  2426.  “That’s right! It’s the Warfire Set Equipment!” The red-haired beauty nodded . Immediately, she rolled her eyes at Shi Feng, saying, “So, you do know about it!”
  2428.  “I was just wondering if you had some other method to earn money,” Shi Feng apologized . “However, the drop-rate of the Warfire Set Equipment is extremely low . Also, even if one did drop, it would not be sufficient to cover your travel expenses .
  2430.  expenses . ”
  2432.  The Warfire Set Equipment was unique to White Fog Canyon, and any player could equip it . If a magical class wore it, the set would generate Attributes suitable to magical classes; if a physical damage-dealing class wore it, the set would generate Attributes suitable to physical damage-dealers . If a tank class wore it, the set would similarly generate Attributes suitable to tanks . Overall, the Warfire Set Equipment was very special .
  2434.  In addition, the Warfire Set Equipment was evolvable . It started out as Bronze rank, and if one was willing to sacrifice a sufficient amount of EXP, they could evolve the set to Fine-Gold rank .
  2436.  Meanwhile, the Warfire Set Equipment’s Level ranged from 20 to 30 . Similar to Epic items, it would level up according to the player’s level . The Attributes of the equipment would similarly improve .
  2438.  A Level 30 Fine-Gold Set Equipment . . .  To the core team of any Guild, equipment of such quality was extremely precious . It was incredibly hard to obtain even from a Dungeon . Not to mention, Dungeons had a Cooldown time, making it far more difficult to obtain a complete set . Hence, in the past, the Warfire Set Equipment had been highly sought after by the various Guilds .
  2439.  As long as they sacrificed sufficient manpower, time, and EXP, they could obtain a Fine-Gold Set Equipment . The Warfire Set Equipment was the easiest Fine-Gold Set Equipment to obtain .
  2441.  “What do you know?” the Elementalist said disdainfully . “Someone has already offered to purchase each set piece for 5 Gold Coins . If we collect all seven set pieces, that person is willing to pay 80 Gold . Moreover, this price was offered up ten hours ago . Now, it’s definitely higher than 80 Gold . ”
  2443.  “Eighty Gold?” . ”
  2445.  “Eighty Gold?” Shi Feng could not help but laugh .
  2447.  If they could really farm the full Warfire Set Equipment, Shi Feng was willing to spend even 180 Gold .
  2449.  Not to mention a Level 30 Fine-Gold Set Equipment, even the Fine-Gold ranked Arclight Shields Shi Feng previously made had sold for over 30 Gold Coins .
  2451.  In the past, there were many players who had sought to make a fortune through grinding for the Warfire Set Equipment . However, the set’s drop-rate was abysmally low . Only when Guild Teams had spent a long time grinding did they barely manage to obtain a few sets .
  2453.  “Look at how excited you are . We need to get the full set in order to get 80 Gold,” the red-haired beauty laughed .
  2455.  “How about this; if you guys obtain any of the set pieces, I’ll buy them for 10 Gold each . ” Shi Feng decided that the red-haired beauty’s party was relatively powerful . If given a few days, they might obtain one or two set pieces .  It was not a bad idea to purchase the Warfire Set Equipment directly .  Items such as a Fine-Gold Set Equipment were mainly used for raiding Dungeons . To an independent player, its usage was limited . “If you gather all seven pieces, I’ll buy the set for 180 Gold . ”
  2457.  Hearing Shi Feng’s offer, the red-haired beauty’s party was stunned .
  2459.  Shi Feng had so casually offered 180 Gold .  It was not easy to obtain so many Gold Coins, even if one had the Credits to afford them . Not even the tycoon players could come up with so many Gold Coins at a moment’s notice . However, they had actually met such a player .
  2461.  At this moment, all six had the same thought .
  2463.  They’ve met a godlike tycoon! 
  2467.  Chapter 423
  2469.  A+ A- Chapter 423: Chapter 423 - Final Cave
  2471.  Chapter 423 - Final Cave  
  2473.  “Are you serious?”
  2475.  The red-haired beauty could not help but reevaluate her opinion of Shi Feng, going as far as using an identification skill on him .
  2476.  However, other than the fact that Shi Feng was Level 22, she could not uncover any information about Shi Feng .
  2478.  The beauty’s companions had similarly focused on Shi Feng, hoping he would confirm their suspicions .
  2480.  Shi Feng’s offer of 10 Gold Coins for each piece of the Warfire Set far surpassed any offer they had received thus far . Furthermore, if they could collect the entire set, they could sell it to this Swordsman for 180 Gold, making a fortune .
  2482.  “Of course . We can add each other as friends . As long as you obtain the Warfire Set Equipment, you can contact me anytime,” Shi Feng said, smiling .
  2484.  What a joke! That was the Warfire Set Equipment . If he bought it for 180 Gold, he would only profit .
  2486.  Fine-Gold Set Equipment dropped from Level 20, 50-man large-scale Team Dungeons . Moreover, only Hard Mode dropped them . Only 100-man Hell Mode Team Dungeons would drop Dark-Gold Set Equipment . Unfortunately, it was too difficult to collect a complete set .
  2488.  As for the Warfire Set Equipment, Shi Feng recalled a few valuable farming locations for it .
  2490.  It was not because those locations had higher drop-rates, but because the Battle Monkeys there were densely packed . The more Monkeys one killed, the higher chances they would have of the Set Equipment dropping .
  2492.  Although Shi Feng wished to grind for a few pieces himself, those locations required a sufficiently powerful team . With Zero Wing’s current 500-man team, farming in those areas would be suicidal . At the very
  2494.  least, they needed a team of 500 Tier 1 players .
  2496.  For now, the only thing Shi Feng could do was to enter the inner region of the White Fog Canyon and mine Starfire Ore .
  2498.  “Excellent! My name is Virtuous Cloud . We will contact you if we obtain the Warfire Set Equipment!” Virtuous Cloud sent a friend request to Shi Feng .
  2500.  Shi Feng then clicked “Accept . ”
  2502.  “Black Flame, is it? Okay, I will remember it,” Virtuous Cloud nodded when she saw Shi Feng’s alias appear on her Friends List . “I will contact you once we obtain the equipment . At that time, make sure you do not reject my call!”
  2504.  Shi Feng simply smiled in response before walking towards the gorge . At the same time, he contacted Aqua Rose .
  2506.  “Guild Leader, you’re finally online . I have some important news for you,” Aqua Rose said, smiling .
  2507.  “You must be talking about the large number of outsiders arriving in White Fog Canyon, right? I’ve already learned about it . Where are you right now? Why don’t I see any of you in the gorge? What’s the status of the team?” By this time, Shi Feng had arrived at the gorge . However, the area was desolate, which worried him somewhat .
  2509.  “We don’t know where we are right now . We had kept to the gorge, grinding . However, somewhere along the way, over a dozen Flame Guards suddenly ran out of the inner region of the canyon . These Flame Guards were all Level 28 Lords . Their Flame Domain was simply too powerful . As the Battle Monkey army waited for us outside the gorge, we had no choice but to go further into the White Fog Canyon .
  2511.  .
  2513.  “Fortunately, we got lucky . We retreated to a place called the Final Cave . The Flame Guards were huge; they couldn’t follow us into the cave . However, they’ve been standing guard outside the entrance, so we can’t leave…”
  2515.  “Final Cave? Where is it?” Shi Feng was surprised .
  2517.  He was very familiar with the White Fog Canyon . However, he had never once heard of the Final Cave .
  2519.  “We don’t know, either . The system map doesn’t show our location . However, this cave is massive . There are also plenty of monsters here . Fortunately, there aren’t any Lord ranked monsters, so we have been able to cope . ” Aqua Rose did not know their current whereabouts . While Shi Feng had been offline, they had been busy escaping for their lives and had no time to worry about where they fled to .
  2521.  “Add me to the team . And don’t venture too far into the cave . I’m on my way,” Shi Feng hurriedly said, frowning .
  2523.  There were many dangerous areas in White Fog Canyon, and it was highly possible that Aqua Rose and the others had found one .
  2525.  In God’s Domain, dangerous areas were forbidden lands for players like the cold water pool Shi Feng had encountered in the Origin Sword Domain . If one did not possess the appropriate countermeasures, they would die with absolute certainty!
  2527.  After Aqua Rose sent a team invite to Shi Feng, she reminded, “Guild Leader, you need to be careful . There are over a dozen Flame Guards outside the cave’s entrance . ”
  2529.  “Ah, I understand . ” Shi Feng nodded .
  2531.  After Shi Feng joined the team, he activated Team Tracking .
  2533.  With this mechanic, Shi Feng could locate a specific
  2535.  a specific team member and meet up with them .
  2537.  “The stone forest to the south?”
  2539.  After activating Tracking, Shi Feng could see faintly glowing footprints on the shattered rocks . These footprints belonged to Aqua Rose .
  2541.  The stone forest in White Fog Canyon’s inner region was complex and chaotic . Even with a map, it was incredibly easy to get lost there . However, the paths in the stone forest were narrow, so it was the perfect location to shake off enemy pursuit .
  2543.  Along the way, Shi Feng cautiously avoided the high-level monsters as he followed the footprints .
  2545.  However, after Tracking Aqua Rose for over ten minutes, the footprints suddenly vanished . It was as if Aqua Rose had disappeared .
  2547.  “How could they disappear?”
  2549.  Shi Feng’s frown deepened as he examined the empty space before him . There was no sign of any caves nearby, much less the large forms of the dozen or so Flame Guards .
  2551.  Shi Feng decided to explore his surroundings . Even so, he still could not find any tracks . Aqua Rose’s footprints had just ceased to exist .
  2553.  “Could there be a barrier?” After giving it some thought, he could only think of one possibility .
  2555.  There were various kinds of barriers in God’s Domain . Some trapped people inside, some were lethal, and some even contained hidden areas .
  2557.  However, certain conditions must be met to enter a barrier .
  2559.  Aqua Rose and the others must have fulfilled those conditions, so they were able to enter the barrier . Shi Feng, however, had not .
  2561.  This was what had troubled Shi Feng…
  2563.  With a team of 500 players, who knew what they had triggered in order to enter the barrier?
  2565.  Who would even know what the conditions were?
  2567.  “I wonder if the Omniscient Eyes the Omniscient Eyes will work . ” Shi Feng walked to the location where the footprints had disappeared . He then activated Omniscient Eyes .
  2569.  Omniscient Eyes could uncover all information within a 100-yard radius; nothing could hide from it .
  2570.  After Shi Feng activated Omniscient Eyes, his heart skipped a beat .
  2572.  A light blue wall loomed before him . Beyond the wall, there were over a dozen Flame Guards roaming around the entrance of a cave . However, due to their massive bodies, they could not fit inside . However, they would certainly make it difficult for a player to enter .
  2574.  [Flame Guard] (Lord Rank)
  2575.  Level 28
  2576.  HP 700,000/700,000
  2578.  As these Flame Guards were in a berserk state at the moment, they were far more powerful than ordinary Lord ranked monsters . A single Flame Guard could easily exterminate a 100-man team . With over a dozen gathered, even an army of several thousand elite players would be nothing more than ants to them .
  2579.  Originally, Shi Feng had considered his options of breaking into the barrier . However, as if the Flame Guards outside the cave had detected him, they all suddenly turned to stare at Shi Feng . Emitting low growls, they issued blazing flames from their hands that transformed into a sizable flame war hammers .  One hit from this war hammer could instantly flatten a player, burning them to ash .
  2581.  “No way . ”
  2583.  Shi Feng gaped at the Flame Guards as they charged at him, stunned . Every one of them radiated malicious intent .
  2585.  Without hesitation, Shi Feng immediately turned and ran .
  2587.  Before Shi Feng could get too far, the faint blue barrier wall instantly shattered as the Flame Guards’ hammers struck it . The Lords then stormed towards Shi Feng .
  2591.  Chapter 424
  2593.  A+ A- Chapter 424: Chapter 424 - Locked Dark-Gold Treasure Chest
  2595.  Chapter 424 - Locked Dark-Gold Treasure Chest  
  2597.  The instant the Flame Guards broke out of the barrier, Shi Feng felt a wave of heat wash over him, the surrounding temperature rising rapidly .
  2599.  This was the Flame Guards’ Flame Domain .
  2601.  Any enemy within a 50-yard radius would receive a Burning DoT and lose 400 HP every three seconds .
  2603.  Currently, Level 20 players only had around 2,600 to 2,700 HP on average, while plate armor classes only had around 3,000 . On top of that, most players didn’t have any Fire Resistance . Under the effects of the Flame Domain, most players would not last very long . Hence, compared to other Lords, the Flame Guards were far deadlier to the current players of God’s Domain .
  2605.  Moreover, the Flame Guards had instantly shattered the powerful barrier that had hidden the cave . One could just imagine how powerful they were .
  2607.  Even if Shi Feng activated Blade Liberation, he would not be a match for these Guards .
  2609.  Faced with over a dozen Level 28 Berserk Lords, even as a Tier 1 Blade Saint, Shi Feng’s only option was to flee for his life .
  2611.  Fortunately, the Flame Guards were not very fast, and with the dense stone forest hindering their movements, they were even slower . Moreover, the most frightening aspect of the Flame Guards, the Flame Domain, was ineffective against Shi Feng .
  2613.  With 60 points of Fire Resistance, Shi Feng was not even slightly uncomfortable inside the Flame Domain . On the contrary, he felt warm and cozy .
  2615.  Considering that the barrier had shattered, Shi Feng had an idea . Suddenly, he spun around . He then activated Defensive Blade and dashed towards the Flame Guards .
  2617.  “Aooo!”
  2619.  The dozen or so berserk Flame Guards roared as they watched the ant charge at them .
  2621.  They raised their war hammers, ready to slam their weapons down on Shi Feng .
  2623.  Shi Feng smiled faintly as he used Void Steps .
  2625.  After having rested fully, Shi Feng suddenly felt that the burden on his spirit was much lighter when he used Void Steps than it had been . Moreover, Shi Feng had a sense of familiarity that he never felt before when using Void Steps; every movement felt natural .
  2627.  Before the gigantic flame hammers could strike him, Shi Feng's figure suddenly vanished from sight .
  2629.  When the Flame Guards lost their target, their flame hammers paused in midair as they scanned the area for Shi Feng .
  2631.  After the dozen or so Lords searched for a moment, they still could not find any traces of their quarry . It was as if Shi Feng had never existed . Suddenly, the Flame Guards were at a loss .
  2633.  By the time Shi Feng reappeared, he had already passed the Flame Guards’ blockade and was about ten yards from the Lords .
  2635.  Such a long distance!
  2637.  Shi Feng was shocked when he discovered that he could actually move more than ten yards while using Void Steps .
  2639.  Previously, he had only been able to move around a distance of five to six yards before reappearing . Now, he could cross over ten yards before he was discovered . Right now, he had almost caught up with the top-tier experts who had reached minor completion of Void Steps in the past .
  2641.  Before Shi Feng could rejoice about his improvement, the Flame Guards spat scorching flames from their mouths .
  2643.  Like a tsunami, the fire blanketed the ground, devouring everything in its path as it swept towards Shi Feng .
  2645.  However, although the flames moved swiftly, Shi Feng was not any slower . With the 150% Movement Speed increase Wind Rider
  2647.  Rider provided, Shi Feng had easily shaken off the inferno chasing him as he dove into the Final Cave .
  2649.  Immediately after Shi Feng entered the cave, a notification sounded out from the system .
  2651.  System: You have discovered the Final Cave .
  2653.  The Final Cave’s interior was dark . However, the cave walls looked like the starry skies, softly illuminating the gloom . With the weak starlight, Shi Feng could see up to fifty yards around him . If he encountered a monster, he could respond in time .
  2655.  Meanwhile, inside the cave, the footprints that Shi Feng had previously lost track of had appeared once more . Shi Feng then gradually advanced while following Aqua Rose’s footprints . Along the way, the more Shi Feng observed the Final Cave, the more he realized that this cave was not as simple as it appeared .
  2657.  Many mysterious runes and pictures were engraved onto the cave walls, and they gave off a similar feeling to the runes found in the Eternal Courtyard . They felt ancient and full of divine power .
  2659.  Other than these runes, there were also many Earthen Puppets roaming inside the Final Cave . These Puppets were around the same size as a player . Though they were somewhat slow, their flesh consisted of stone; their bodies were extremely tough .  Ordinary weapons would only dull, and Durability would decrease if they struck these Earthen Puppets .
  2660.  [Earthen Puppet] (Special Elite)
  2661.  Level 27
  2662.  HP 100,000/100,000
  2664.  Although there were many Earthen Puppets, Shi Feng could easily outdistance them after activating Windwalk . Once he was a certain distance away, he would simply use Void Steps . As these Earthen Puppets lost their target, they discontinued their pursuit .
  2666.  After Shi Feng had followed the tracks for over half an hour, he finally discovered his Guild members who were currently resting
  2668.  currently resting .
  2670.  After not seeing each other for more than a day, everyone had leveled by at least one .  The lowest leveled player in the team was Level 23 . Blackie had even reached Level 26 . Their leveling speed was something to behold . On the contrary, Shi Feng had become the lowest leveled player on his team .
  2672.  When everyone noticed Shi Feng’s arrival, their eyes widened in shock . It was as if they had seen a ghost .
  2674.  “Guild Leader, how did you manage to get in here?” the Guardian Knight Cola asked, concerned .
  2675.  They knew full well just how powerful those Earthen Puppets were . Not only did they have high Magic Resistance, but their Defense was also powerful . Their attacks were just as frightening . To kill just one, they had to spend a long time wearing it out . However, those Earthen Puppets respawned indefinitely . Sometimes, if they took too long to kill one another would respawn the moment it died .  
  2677.  Meanwhile, when those Earthen Puppets discovered an enemy, they would not rest until their target was dead . If they did not kill them, these puppets would overwhelm them .
  2679.  They had spent over half a day to reach their current location, yet, Shi Feng had arrived so casually . Moreover, only two hours had passed since he had started to search for them… 
  2681.  “I ran here, of course,” Shi Feng laughed .
  2683.  “Guild Leader, did you not encounter any Earthen Puppets?” Aqua Rose asked curiously as she stared at Shi Feng who did not appear exhausted in the slightest .
  2685.  “I met them, but I managed to throw them off . ” Shi Feng smiled . “Alright, let’s not worry about that . Let’s leave . ”
  2687.  “Guild Leader, we can’t leave,” Aqua Rose leave,” Aqua Rose said, shaking her head . “Previously, when Fire Dance scouted ahead, she discovered a locked Dark-Gold Treasure Chest not far from here . She is currently trying to unlock it, while we’re helping her fend off the patrolling puppets . ”
  2689.  “A locked Dark-Gold Treasure Chest?” Shi Feng could not help his excitement upon hearing those words .
  2690.  Shi Feng could count on one hand the number of Dark-Gold Treasure Chests he had encountered in the past . Countless Guilds would drool over a Dark-Gold Treasure Chest because there was a certain chance to obtain an Epic item .
  2691.  Dark-Gold items were extremely rare in God’s Domain at the moment . As for Epic items, most players dared not even dream of owning one . Shi Feng had only obtained a few due to good luck . No other Guild had one .
  2693.  “Let me have a look at it,” Shi Feng said as he walked over .
  2695.  The Seven Luminaries Key Shi Feng had obtained from the God’s Grave allowed him to unlock up to three Dark-Gold Treasure Chests . He still had two uses left .
  2697.  When he arrived at the Dark-Gold Treasure Chest, he noticed Fire Dance trying to unlock it . However, the difficulty of opening a Dark-Gold Treasure Chest was too high . Fire Dance’s Unlock skill level was not insignificant, and she had a very small chance of unlocking a Dark-Gold Treasure Chest . However, after trying over a hundred times, she had not succeeded .
  2699.  “Let me try . ”
  2701.  Shi Feng walked over and took out the Seven Luminaries Key, inserting it into the ancient magic lock .
  2703.  In the next moment, a faint blue glow emerged from the Seven Luminaries Key and flowed into the lock . With a click, the chest unlocked .
  2707.  Chapter 425
  2709.  A+ A- Chapter 425: Chapter 425 - Jack of All Trades
  2711.  Chapter 425 - Jack of All Trades  
  2713.  After the Dark-Gold Treasure Chest unlocked, Shi Feng immediately tried to open it .
  2715.  The instant Shi Feng touched the treasure chest, however, a sudden sense of danger flooded his mind . He felt as if some poisonous snake stared at him, his body trembling involuntarily .
  2717.  “Guild Leader, what’s wrong?” Fire Dance, who stood to one side, asked curiously when she saw Shi Feng freeze .
  2719.  Shi Feng did not answer Fire Dance’s question immediately . Instead, he frowned at the golden treasure chest in front of him, before examining his surroundings .
  2721.  Suddenly, he discovered that the terrain here was somewhat unique .
  2723.  The ground 30 yards around the Dark-Gold Treasure Chest was slightly indented . Although the ground around the treasure chest was 15 centimeters lower, the difference was indistinguishable due to the large area and the dim lighting in the cave .
  2725.  To Shi Feng, whose five senses were extremely acute, he could even discover traces of spiderwebs .
  2727.  While adventuring in the fields of God’s Domain, one would frequently stumble across traps . These traps were very powerful, and in the past, many players had given their lives to these traps . High-tiered players were no exception . In the past, while Shi Feng was a Tier 3 Sword King, he had fallen into a trap, losing his life . Hence, no one could afford to be careless while adventuring in the wild .  
  2729.  With the strange terrain before him, how could Shi Feng not grow suspicious?
  2731.  “Fire Dance, stay 40 yards away from this place . ” Although Shi Feng did not know what was special about the area, he would not give up this Dark-Gold Treasure Chest .
  2733.  Even the most inferior quality item in a Dark-Gold Treasure Chest was Dark-Gold rank .
  2735.  There was even a small chance to obtain an Epic item .
  2737.  “Mhm . ” Although Fire Dance had no idea what was happening, she listened to Shi Feng’s command and distanced herself over 40 yards from the treasure chest .
  2739.  As a safety precaution, Shi Feng unsheathed the Abyssal Blade from his waist .
  2741.  Phantom Kill!
  2743.  A doppelganger suddenly appeared beside Shi Feng . For 40 seconds, Shi Feng could swap positions with his doppelganger instantly .  
  2745.  Shi Feng had his doppelganger move 40 yards away from the treasure chest as well .
  2747.  “Alright, everything seems in place . ”
  2749.  After Shi Feng prepared for the potential trap, he slowly opened the Dark-Gold Treasure Chest .
  2751.  The instant he opened it, a blinding light escaped from the treasure chest, illuminating the cave . After the light dispersed, Shi Feng was stunned when he saw the contents of the treasure chest .
  2753.  A lone dark-blue crystal pendant sat inside the chest .  
  2755.  Previously, Shi Feng had gained multiple items from the Dark-Gold Treasure Chest he had opened in the God’s Grave . Among those items, the most valuable was the Forging Manual for the Dragonscale Set Equipment . Now, however, there was a single pendant inside this Dark-Gold Treasure Chest .
  2757.  “I wonder what’s so special about this pendant . ” Although Shi Feng was slightly disappointed, pendants were extremely rare in God’s Domain . Dark-Gold ranked pendants were more scarce . Although it could not compete with the value of the Dragonscale Set Equipment Forging Manual, it was still a considerable harvest .
  2759.  The moment Shi Feng picked up the pendant, a light-blue magic barrier appeared 30 yards around the treasure chest, trapping Shi Feng within .
  2761.  “A trap that imprisons people?” Shi Feng carefully observed his surroundings, noticing that the light-blue barrier had sealed him in
  2763.  in completely .
  2765.  “Guild Leader!”
  2767.  Fire Dance immediately grew anxious . Dashing up to the barrier, she used Instant Kill, a Tier 1 Assassination Skill . The skill allowed her to attack her enemy with astonishing speed while inflicting massive amounts of damage . It was one of the fastest and most powerful skills among the Tier 1 skills of Assassins .
  2769.  However, when Fire Dance’s swift and violent attack struck the light-blue barrier, her attack was ineffective . The collision did not even generate a small spark .
  2771.  After Fire Dance attacked the barrier, the earth began to tremble .
  2773.  An Earthen Guard suddenly clawed its way out of the ground within the barrier . Similar to the Flame Guards, the Earthen Guard was a Lord ranked monster .
  2775.  [Earthen Guard] (Lord Rank)
  2776.  Level 28
  2777.  HP 1,000,000/1,000,000
  2779.  Compared to the Flame Guards, however, the Earthen Guard’s Attack Power and Defense were far stronger . Although the Earthen Guard was inferior to the Flame Guards against a group of players, against a solo or a handful of players, it was significantly more devastating than the Flame Guards .
  2781.  “So it’s a twofold killing-type trap . ” Shi Feng suddenly understood his situation .
  2783.  If any other player were trapped in this place, the Earthen Guard might annihilate them . Fortunately, Shi Feng was no ordinary player .
  2785.  When the Earthen Guard swung its iron fist down on Shi Feng, the air felt as if it had been blasted apart . Not daring to tarry a second longer, Shi Feng immediately swapped places with his doppelganger .
  2787.  In the blink of an eye, Shi Feng’s doppelganger arrived inside the barrier and sent a Chop at the Earthen Guard’s fist . Meanwhile, Shi Feng had arrived outside the barrier, standing safely where his doppelganger had been .
  2789.  However, the difference of
  2791.  difference of strength between the doppelganger and the Earthen Guard was massive . Not only did the Earthen Guard toss the doppelganger, smashing it into the barrier, but it also dealt a damage of over -1,200 points; the doppelganger lost close to one-third of its HP after a single hit . If it had not attacked with its sword, its HP would have fallen to critical levels . The Earthen Guard’s second punch would have then finished it .
  2793.  Against the Earthen Guard, even Shi Feng would last a few hits at best .
  2795.  “Let’s go,” Shi Feng said to Fire Dance, who stood by his side . He could not be bothered to manipulate his doppelganger .
  2797.  “What about the Earthen Guard?” Fire Dance asked worriedly as she watched the Lord inside the Barrier .
  2799.  Fire Dance knew about Shi Feng’s Phantom Kill skill . Although Shi Feng’s doppelganger only had 70% of his Attributes, it could still overshadow anyone else in the Guild . Yet, Shi Feng’s doppelganger had barely survived a punch from the Earthen Guard . Its frightening Strength definitely surpassed the Flame Guards by severalfold .  
  2800.  If such a powerful Lord ranked monster attacked the team, Cola and the others stood no chance against it .
  2802.  “Relax . It can’t get out of there . ” Shi Feng understood Fire Dance’s concern . Smiling faintly, he said, “The Earthen Guard should be the barrier’s core . If one wishes to break the barrier, they would first need to kill the Earthen Guard . If the Earthen Guard doesn’t die, the barrier will remain in place . Hence, even if the Earthen Guard were more powerful, it would never escape . ”
  2804.  With Shi Feng’s assurance, Fire Dance relaxed . Unable to help her curiosity, she then asked, “Guild then asked, “Guild Leader, what did you get from the Dark-Gold Treasure Chest? Not only was it locked, but it was also trapped . The item should be quite valuable, right?”
  2806.  “Right, I had almost forgotten about it . There was only a single pendant inside the chest . I’m not sure what its quality is, either . However, at the very least, it should be Dark-Gold rank . We will have truly lucked out if it is an Epic item . ” Shi Feng then took the deep-blue crystal pendant from his bag . As it was Unknown, it could neither be identified nor equipped .
  2808.  “What a high-end item,” Shi Feng laughed as he shook his head .
  2810.  He then activated Omniscient Eyes and began his appraisal . Compared to other advanced identification skills, Omniscient Eyes was a jack of all trades . It could ascertain, perceive, and appraise . It was very convenient .
  2812.  During the later stages of God’s Domain, most items players found would be Unknown, and such items needed to be appraised before use . As a result, players had another thing they had to spend money on—appraisal fees .
  2814.  The more valuable an item was, the higher its appraisal fee would be .
  2816.  As a result, many players had chosen to take on Appraiser as a subclass . That way, they could earn an impressive income . Only, it was not easy to raise an Appraiser’s Proficiency . Hence, if one wished to have an advanced item appraised, they needed to look for NPC Appraisers .
  2818.  If a player managed to learn Omniscient Eyes, they could simply set up their own shop and work full-time as an Appraiser . Their fees alone could grant them a life of luxury .
  2822.  Chapter 426
  2824.  A+ A- Chapter 426: Chapter 426 - A Godly Tool
  2826.  Chapter 426 - A Godly Tool
  2828.  When Shi Feng appraised the pendant with Omniscient Eyes, the process actually required ten full seconds to complete .
  2830.  Shi Feng had used Omniscient Eyes to appraise many Unknown items before . However, those normally took one or two seconds, with high-end items requiring two or three seconds . Even Dark-Gold items only needed four or five seconds .
  2832.  However, the pendant required ten!
  2834.  “Jackpot!” Shi Feng could not help but smile .  
  2836.  Ornaments were much more difficult to obtain than weapons and equipment . Even after reaching Level 40, a majority of the players in God’s Domain would still have around Level 20 ornaments . Moreover, these ornaments would be low quality, with Mysterious-Iron rank as the average, and Secret-Silver rank as the more powerful ones .  
  2838.  “Guild Leader, look at how happy you are . What sort of treasure is this?” Fire Dance asked curiously upon seeing Shi Feng’s grin .
  2840.  “I don’t know . ” Shi Feng shook his head . “It’s still being appraised . ”
  2842.  After ten seconds, a notification from the system sounded out, signifying appraisal’s completion .
  2844.  Shi Feng then clicked on the dark-blue crystal pendant, checking its Attributes .
  2846.  “What?!”
  2848.  Shi Feng’s eyes shone upon seeing the Attributes of the pendant .
  2850.  [Icarus’s Heart] (Necklace, Bronze Rank [Can be evolved])
  2851.  Equipment Requirement: All Attributes 90
  2852.  Level 20 - Level 50 (Currently Level 20)
  2853.  All Attributes +8
  2854.  Luck +5
  2855.  Additional Skill -
  2856.  Divine Providence: Temporarily increases player’s Luck by 20 points for 30 seconds .
  2857.  Cooldown: 1 hour
  2858.  Evolution Condition: Absorb the souls of 100 Lord ranked monsters to evolve to Mysterious-Iron rank . (0/100)
  2860.  Although the Icarus’s Heart was only Bronze rank right now with low Attributes, the 5 points of Luck were extremely valuable . More importantly,
  2862.  it had Divine Providence, instantly increasing a player’s Luck by 20 points . This offered a player 25 points of Luck .
  2864.  The Luck Attribute was the most precious Attribute in God’s Domain . Not only could it increase the equipment drop-rate when killing monsters, but it could also increase the success rate when producing items . It was an extremely valuable Attribute for Lifestyle players, and it was an Attribute that would never become outdated .
  2866.  With just 1 point of Luck and players’ current levels, their drop-rate would almost double .  Although increased values of Luck offered diminished returns, 25 points of Luck could still increase the drop-rate by six or seven folds .  
  2868.  If Shi Feng activated Divine Providence when killing a Boss, skyrocketing his Luck, his chances of obtaining a high-quality item would improve significantly .
  2870.  Previously, Shi Feng had reaped massive harvests with only the 3 points of Luck that Shadow’s Blessing provided .
  2872.  Normally, Lord ranked Bosses would only drop Secret-Silver items; Fine-Gold items if one were lucky . With 25 Luck, however, Shi Feng could almost certainly obtain a Fine-Gold item when he killed a Lord . If he killed a High Lord, it might drop a Dark-Gold item .
  2874.  Icarus’s Heart was most likely even more valuable than an Epic item .
  2876.  Unfortunately, the Equipment Requirements for Icarus’s Heart were quite high, requiring 90 points in All Attributes . Throughout Zero Wing, only Shi Feng could equip it .
  2878.  I need to kill 100 Lords to evolve it? Its demand is quite high .  After reading the Attributes of Icarus’s Heart, many ideas flooded Shi Feng’s mind . The Warfire Set Equipment unique to White Fog Canyon, in particular, was the Level 30 Fine-Gold Set Equipment that
  2880.  that countless Guilds dreamed of obtaining .
  2882.  Currently, Icarus’s Heart was only Bronze rank . If he evolved it to Fine-Gold or Dark-Gold rank, it would offer far more Luck points . At that time, it would be a godly tool when raiding large-scale Team Dungeons .
  2884.  Zero Wing was already the center of attention right now . If other Guilds knew that Zero Wing possessed an item like Icarus’s Heart, they would lose their patience with Shi Feng’s Guild . It was highly possible that they would unite to attack Zero Wing . Hence, Shi Feng had no intentions of letting others discover Icarus’s Heart .
  2886.  Moreover, he would only make a fortune if he kept quiet about it . He would be a fool to reveal his hidden cards .
  2888.  “Fire Dance, we’re returning . ” Shi Feng smiled faintly as he switched out the Shadow’s Blessing around his neck for the Icarus’s Heart . He then said, “Let’s go make a fortune . ”
  2890.  “Guild Leader, there might be more treasures deeper in the cave . Are we not going to search for them?”
  2892.  The Final Cave intrigued Fire Dance . She had discovered a Dark-Gold Treasure Chest just by exploring this far . If they searched the cave, they might stumble upon something greater .
  2894.  Shi Feng shook his head, laughing bitterly, he said, “Our strength is still lacking . We will only find our deaths if we delve further . If you don’t believe me, go down this passageway, and you’ll reach a large, empty hall .  Take a peek outside the hole, and you’ll know . ”
  2896.  Previously, while Shi Feng still had Omniscient Eyes activated, he had perceived everything within 100 yards of him .  Roughly 70 yards away, there was a hole that led to a large hall . Inside the hall, there were two Level 30 Great Lords
  2898.  Great Lords guarding a tightly sealed stone door . However, as the path was dimly lit, players could only see around forty to fifty yards ahead of them, so neither of them had noticed the hall before .
  2900.  Two Level 30 Great Lords!
  2902.  One of such monsters could easily annihilate a team of several thousand Level 30 elite players . With their team of 500, they would only die if they forged ahead .  They wouldn’t even be enough to fill in the gaps of the teeth of those two Great Lords .
  2904.  Initially, Fire Dance had not believed Shi Feng and had chosen to advance . After walking for some distance, she suddenly froze .
  2906.  She had not stopped because she did not wish to continue forward .  Rather, it was because she could faintly see the hole . However, Fire Dance could feel power and killing intent that gave her goosebumps radiating from the hole . She felt as if she would plunge into an abyss if she took another step .
  2908.  Fire Dance’s intuition was undoubtedly correct .  If she dared to enter the hall, the Great Lords inside would slaughter her mercilessly; thus, Shi Feng had told her only to take a peek from outside the hole .
  2910.  “Alright, let’s head back . We shouldn’t make Aqua and the others wait for us too long,” Shi Feng laughed as he saw the hesitant look on Fire Dance’s face .
  2912.  Fire Dance obediently nodded . She then pouted at Shi Feng, complaining, “Guild Leader, you’re too evil!”
  2914.  If Shi Feng had told her there were such powerful monsters ahead, she would not have approached them . Fortunately, she had sensed them and stopped .  Had she not, the consequences would have been dire .
  2916.  “Relax . Those monsters are only guarding the door . As long as we don’t go through the hole, they won’t attack us,” Shi Feng said, laughing . laughing . “However, after not seeing you for some time, it seems that your senses have grown sharper . You sensed the danger when you were halfway there . ”
  2917.  Upon hearing Shi Feng’s praise, a tinge of red appeared on Fire Dance’s cheeks .  Even so, she was still somewhat frustrated .
  2919.  Shi Feng could sense danger from so far away, yet, she had to be so close… 
  2921.  After rejoining the team, Shi Feng led everyone to the path they had come from .
  2923.  Along the way, they continuously killed the patrolling Level 28 Earthen Puppets .
  2925.  After Shi Feng joined the team, the journey that would have originally taken the team the majority of the day was shortened to only a few hours . Everyone’s experience bars had soared as they traveled . Shi Feng had also risen to Level 23 as a result .  However, everyone was more shocked by the loot that dropped than they were by their EXP gain .
  2927.  Before Shi Feng’s return, the majority of the loot they had obtained after killing the Earthen Puppets consisted of Level 25 Bronze Equipment; very rarely did they obtain Level 25 Mysterious-Iron Equipment . Now, however, more than half of the drops were Mysterious-Iron Equipment .
  2929.  “Guild Leader, we’ve tried fighting the Flame Guards outside .  Unfortunately, we don’t have any defense against their Flame Domain,” Aqua Rose said, feeling a slight headache coming over her as she watched the Flame Guards outside the cave entrance .
  2931.  “The Flame Domain is indeed a problem . However, we are not without solutions,” Shi Feng said, smiling as he looked at the surrounding environment .
  2933.  Originally, he had planned to lure the Flame Guards away from the cave . However, upon recalling that the Icarus’s Heart required him to kill 100 Lords to evolve it, he was sorely tempted to take on the Flame Guards .
  2937.  Chapter 427
  2939.  A+ A- Chapter 427: Chapter 427 - Raiding the Flame Guards
  2941.  Chapter 427 - Raiding the Flame Guards
  2943.  “There’s a way to deal with them?”
  2945.  Although she did not voice it, Aqua Rose doubted her Guild Leader’s declaration when she saw his confident smile .
  2947.  With Shi Feng’s frightening damage and support, it would be a breeze to deal with an ordinary Lord ranked monster . Aqua Rose had also witnessed this before personally .
  2949.  However, the Level 28 Flame Guards were somewhat different . Due to White Fog Canyon’s unique environment, they were constantly in a berserk state . Their Attack Power and Attack Speed were far superior to Lord ranked monsters of the same level elsewhere . Their combat power could rival High Lords of the same level outside the canyon .
  2951.  If they only had to kill one Flame Guard, they had a chance . However, there was a total of sixteen Flame Guards waiting outside the entrance . In other words, they had to face sixteen High Lords simultaneously . On average, they could only send 31 players to deal with each Level 28 High Lord .
  2953.  In God’s Domain, an ordinary High Lord in the fields required a team of over a hundred players to defeat . If it were a powerful High Lord, then a team of over 500 players might be necessary . Furthermore, the Flame Guards outside the cave possessed a Flame Domain that covered a radius of 50 yards; players who entered the Flame Domain would lose 400 HP every three seconds . Even with the healers going all-out, it was impossible to keep everyone’s HP from plummeting .
  2955.  If a team did not have high Fire Resistance, they would not survive in the Flame Domain .
  2957.  Aqua Rose really could not think of any solutions to their predicament .
  2959.  Without hesitation, Shi Feng ventured roughly 30 yards from the cave entrance . He then wandered around, adjusting his position . However, the Flame Guards standing outside the entrance had long since discovered Shi Feng . They
  2961.  all had squeezed against the cave opening, attempting to charge in and tear Shi Feng apart . Fortunately, the hole was just too narrow, and none of the Flame Guards could fit through .
  2963.  Although these Flame Guards were unable to enter, the Lords were no fools . Immediately, they materialized Flame Spears and threw them at Shi Feng .
  2965.  The scorching spears released a blazing white glow, causing even the air to tremble .
  2967.  Xiu… Xiu… Xiu… 
  2969.  A series of six Flame Spears flew in from the cave entrance, heading straight for Shi Feng . The spears were so fast that their flight sounded like explosions . The ground that the spears passed over also erupted in flames .  
  2971.  However, although the Flame Spears were fast, Shi Feng wasn’t slow, either .
  2973.  As the Flame Spears entered the cave, Shi Feng moved . By the time the spears arrived at Shi Feng’s position, the man had long since moved two yards away . As a result, all six Flame Spears struck empty air .
  2975.  “This spot should be good . ”
  2977.  Shi Feng ignored the Flame Guards’ attacks . He focused on calculating the Lords’ attack range and angle, leisurely appearing as if the Flame Guards had never attacked him… 
  2979.  “Guild Leader’s dodge is so fast . He even avoided those supersonic attacks . If it were me, I would have no choice but to endure the attacks,” Cola sighed with admiration as he watched Shi Feng effortlessly dodge the Flame Guards’ spears . “It would be awesome if I had just half of Guild Leader’s dodging speed . ”
  2980.  If he had such a dodging speed, he might even become the number one tank in Star-Moon Kingdom or at least in the top ten .
  2982.  “Cola, you have many things you need to learn, then,” Fire Dance chuckled . “Guild Leader didn’t just rely on his speed when he dodged the Flame Spears, but many other techniques such as his insight and judgment . Even if Guild Leader was just
  2984.  just as fast as you are, he could still dodge those attacks easily .
  2986.  “Linear attacks are monotonous . As long as one possesses sufficient insight, they can counter them easily . However, the Flame Guards’ attacks are too fast, and we are definitely not fast enough . Hence, we will also need to rely on accurate judgment to defend ourselves . The moment the Flame Guards launch their attacks, we need to make the most appropriate decision immediately and use the smallest of movements to achieve the best results .
  2987.  “But that is still not enough . Look at Guild Leader’s position . As a precaution, he is standing precisely 40 yards away from the Flame Guards, a player’s maximum range . With this distance, even if the Flame Spears were 20 times faster than our Guild Leader, the spears would still have to cover a distance of 40 yards to reach him . As they do, Guild Leader has enough time to move two yards away . However, one must also have an accurate grasp of the Flame Guards’ attack timing . If one dodges too early, the Flame Spears will hit them . ”
  2989.  Although it looked like a simple dodging maneuver, it turned out that there were so many other techniques involved .
  2991.  “The top seven ranged damage dealers come to my position and give it a try; see if you can dodge the Flame Spears . Healers, focus on healing them . Guardian Knights, activate your Fire Resistance Auras and give the seven of them Protection Blessings . Don’t let them die,” Shi Feng said in the team chat after confirming the positions .
  2993.  The Flame Domain of the Flame Guards was indeed a powerful team-wipe skill . However, they were not without a fighting chance .
  2995.  Shi Feng had already experimented with the cave’s size and distance . With a distance of 40 yards, they could fit eight players with each having three to four yards to dodge, allowing
  2997.  dodge, allowing them to attack Flame Guards outside the entrance .
  2999.  The Flame Guard was a Lord ranked monster that focused mainly on melee attacks, so its ranged attacks were limited and simple; it was certainly possible to avoid them . However, such a feat had a high requirement of a player’s insight and judgment . As for speed, even if the Fire Spears were faster, they were not 20 times faster than Zero Wing’s core members . This was even the case for the magical classes .
  3001.  Shi Feng had even purposefully slowed down when dodging the Flame Spears .  Yet, he still dodged the attacks effortlessly .
  3003.  Also, as the effects of the Flame Domain did not stack, with the protection of the Fire Resistance Aura, each of the seven ranged players would only lose 300 HP every three seconds . There were over 60 healers in the team, more than enough to keep the seven of them alive .  The healers could also take turns healing . They could afford to fight a battle of attrition .
  3005.  Following which, the top seven ranged damage dealers took turns attempting to dodge the spears . The seven included Aqua Rose, Blackie, one of the Five Demon Generals, the Ice Queen Su Qianliu, another Five Demon General, the Ranger Minor Wind, Violet Cloud, and two others . Although they struggled in the beginning, none of these seven were ordinary players; they were all experts of Zero Wing . They quickly adapted to the Flame Guards’ attacks, and soon, they could dodge the attacks effortlessly .
  3007.  After finishing with his experiments, Shi Feng reformed the team once again . After repeating the process, they started raiding the Level 28 Flame Guards .
  3009.  The moment the battle began, ice spells and arrows flew across the cave and bombarded one of the Flame Guards outside the entrance . However, the Flame Guard’s magma armor possessed a frightening Defense, and a majority of the teams attacks only dealt around -300 damage . Among . Among them, Aqua Rose managed to deal over -500 damage, whereas Blackie dealt over -600 damage with his Dark Arrow .
  3011.  As for Violet Cloud, although she had already become an Astromancer, her instantaneous explosive power was still less than Aqua Rose’s, a Tier 1 Elementalist, and Blackie’s, who possessed an Epic staff and was a Tier 1 Cursemancer . However, even though she only dealt slightly more than -400 damage, it was still impressive .
  3013.  The Flame Guard they struck bellowed with rage, growing more violent as it threw Flame Spears madly . Fortunately, they evaded each attack .
  3015.  The Flame Guard was different from the Bosses in Dungeons . It only possessed 700,000 HP, and its battle recovery only replenished 7,000 HP every five seconds . The total damage dealt by the seven players far surpassed that, and they could gradually exhaust it to death .
  3017.  At this moment, standing in the furthest corner, Shi Feng tossed the Blazing Meteor, striking the Flame Guard . Suddenly, a damage of over -1,000 points appeared above the Flame Guard’s head . Immediately, the Blazing Meteor’s Quadruple Phantom effect triggered, causing four consecutive damages of over -200 points . In an instant, Shi Feng became the highest damage dealer among the eight attackers .
  3019.  Everyone was stupefied .
  3021.  Shi Feng was a Swordsman, not a ranged class . Yet, his damage thoroughly overshadowed that of an Elementalist, a class known as a glass cannon . Moreover, this Elementalist was Aqua Rose .
  3023.  If Shi Feng were not their Guild Leader, every team member would have cursed at him . How were ranged players like them even supposed to make a living now?!
  3025.  “Guild Leader, you’re shameless! Speak! What did you eat? Why is your damage so much higher than ours?”
  3027.  Aqua Rose was speechless upon seeing the damages above the Flame Guard’s head . Originally, she had intended to surpass Shi Feng in terms of damage output, satisfying her own little vanity . Now, however, even that dream had shattered… 
  3031.  Chapter 428
  3033.  A+ A- Chapter 428
  3035.  Chapter 428 - Divine Providence  
  3037.  Shi Feng simply smiled at everyone’s surprise, not bothering to explain.
  3039.  His high damage was not only due to the Blazing Meteor being a Pseudo-extraordinary item. He also had the Seven Luminaries Ring’s Aura of Fire effect, which increased his damage by 40% and reduced his target’s Defense by 40%.
  3041.  However, the Seven Luminaries Ring needed to remain a secret.
  3043.  Moreover, Shi Feng was also a Tier 1 Blade Saint. His Attack Power had originally been high, so there was nothing odd about him dealing over -1,000 damage with one attack.
  3045.  Because of Shi Feng’s attack, the group’s total damage overwhelmed the Flame Guard’s battle recovery. It was utterly helpless. It could only roar furiously as it used its flame war hammer to defend itself against the eight’s attacks while attacking with its Flame Spears.
  3047.  For a time, both sides were at a stalemate.
  3049.  However, none of the Flame Guard’s attacks could land on any of its eight targets. 
  3050.  Only its Flame Domain could inflict any damage. However, with each player losing only 300 HP every three seconds, they only needed one healer per player to keep them at full health. As for Shi Feng, he did not even need a healer. With more than 60 points in Fire Resistance, he could ignore the Flame Domain.
  3052.  On the other hand, Shi Feng’s team launched a rapid assault against the Flame Guard. Although the Lord had fended off many of the attacks with its flame war hammer, it had still received a significant amount of damage, its HP constantly decreasing.
  3054.  95%... 94%... 93%... 
  3056.  Time passed slowly. As the Flame Guard’s HP fell, its attacks became frantic. The team began to feel the strain of dodging so many Flame Spears. Everyone’s attack rate also started decreasing, slowing their enemy’s HP descent.
  3058.  In the end, the fight that should have concluded after a dozen minutes
  3060.  or so had lasted over half an hour.
  3062.  Although everyone was bored from repeatedly dodging the Flame Spears, when they thought about how they could kill a Flame Guard just by repeating these actions, they began to feel reinvigorated. Moreover, they could also train their evasive techniques, killing two birds with one stone. The members watching from 50 yards away were envious.
  3064.  After more than half an hour, the Flame Guard’s HP finally fell to 15%.
  3066.  Suddenly, the Flame Guard’s eyes glowed a brilliant red. The flames covering its body writhed and expanded as the monster grew several times its original size. The scorching flames vaporized the moisture in the air, causing a shimmering heat haze.
  3068.  Inside the Final Cave, aside from Shi Feng, everyone was stunned by the Flame Guard’s intimidating aura.
  3070.  In the next moment, the Flame Guard opened its mouth, gathering berserk fire-type mana inside it. Shi Feng exploded into motion, dashing between his teammates and his enemy.
  3072.  “All of you, stand behind me. Healers, increase your healing!”
  3074.  Shi Feng hurriedly shouted. He then switched the Seven Luminaries Ring’s Aura of Fire to Aura of Illusion. Suddenly, all of his Attributes increased by 30%. Simultaneously, Shi Feng also activated Fantasy World, gaining immunity to all magic damage for 20 seconds.
  3076.  As a Lord ranked monster, the Flame Guard was far more powerful than other monsters, and this was its sure-kill skill, Ragefire Roar. When activated, the skill would deal a devastating blow to all enemies in a cone in front of it, burning everything to cinders.
  3078.  Even if Cola, a Tier 1 Guardian Knight, activated Protection Blessing, he still would not survive the attack.
  3080.  After Aqua Rose and the others received Shi Feng’s command, they all promptly moved behind him.
  3082.  Shortly after the seven rushed behind their Guild Leader’s guard, the Flame Guard roared and fired a blazing white cone. In the blink of an
  3084.  an eye, the attack devoured everything 50 yards in front of Flame Guard. White light filled the once dimly lit cave, and the temperature inside the cave skyrocketed.
  3086.  Everyone’s hearts pounded as they watched the attack.
  3088.  This was practically Armageddon. Even the healers who stood 70 yards from the Flame Guard watched their HPs rapidly decrease. They lost over 400 HP every second, needing the assistance of their fellow healers, who stood further back, to keep them alive. One could just imagine what kind of damage those within 50 yards had received. They might have been instantly obliterated.
  3090.  The Ragefire Roar lasted a full six seconds, transforming the cone before the Lord into a blistering hell.
  3092.  After the Flame Guard’s attack ended, the blast area in front of it had scorched black. Only the area behind Shi Feng remained intact.
  3094.  Among those present, Aqua Rose and the others’ HP had fallen to critical levels; only Shi Feng was unharmed.
  3096.  If Shi Feng had not blocked the magic damage of the Ragefire Roar for them, they would have lost their lives instantly. Fortunately, Aqua Rose and the others had only received some DoT damage from the high temperatures.
  3098.  Even after the attack, they still received over -500 damage every second. If not for the healers working frantically to restore their HP, they would have fallen, their roasted husks decorating the ground.
  3100.  “The Flame Guard has entered a weakened state! Hit it with everything you’ve got!” Shi Feng shouted as he glared at the shrunken Flame Guard.
  3102.  Immediately, everyone scattered and returned to their respective positions, resuming their bombardment on their target once again.
  3103.  When the Flame Guard only had 30,000 HP remaining and was about to use Ragefire Roar again, Shi Feng activated Divine Providence, increasing his Luck by 20 points for 30 seconds. Shi Feng also gave off a faint golden glow, becoming a dazzling sight to behold. Shi
  3105.  behold. Shi Feng then used Flame Burst, gathering power into the Blazing Meteor. He aimed at the Flame Guard and launched a series of rapid attacks.
  3107.  One hit after another struck the Flame Guard, each attack dealing over -4,000 damage. After 12 consecutive attacks, the Flame Guard’s 30,000 HP had vanished. The Flame Guard did not even have the chance to use its Ragefire Roar again.
  3109.  The moment the Flame Guard died, a large number of items scattered around its body.
  3111.  Ordinarily, a Lord ranked monster would only drop around half a dozen items or so when it died. However, due to the White Fog Canyon’s unique environment, the drop-rates of the monsters inside the canyon had increased significantly. Coupled with Shi Feng’s 25 points of Luck, the Flame Guard dropped a mother lode.
  3113.  With a simple glance, one could count over a dozen items scattered across the ground outside the cave entrance.
  3115.  At the same time, everyone’s experience bars soared.
  3117.  The Flame Guard was a Level 28 Lord. The amount of EXP gained from killing monsters inside White Fog Canyon was already high, three to four times that in the outside world. As the Flame Guard was Level 28, there was also the bonus EXP from the level difference. Hence, everyone received an abundance of EXP.
  3119.  As a Blade Saint, Shi Feng required double the EXP needed by other classes to level up. Yet, even so, his experience bar still rose by 7%.
  3121.  As long as they killed the remaining 15 Flame Guards outside the cave, Shi Feng would definitely reach Level 24.
  3123.  “Let’s take a break. We’ll start another round after we rest.”
  3125.  Shi Feng examined everyone’s statuses. Whether it was the magic damage dealers or healers, their Mana was nearly exhausted. Hence, Shi Feng decided it was best if they rested before challenging the other Flame Guards. Moreover, they had spent the past hour dodging and attacking frantically. and attacking frantically. This had definitely strained everyone mentally. Hence, it would be beneficial to rest and prepare themselves for the next assault. 
  3127.  There was also another important reason why Shi Feng chose to take a break.
  3129.  Divine Providence had a Cooldown of one hour.
  3131.  Now that they had such an amazing opportunity that allowed them to slaughter the Flame Guards, how could they waste it? Shi Feng had to wait until Divine Providence was ready before taking down the next Flame Guard.
  3133.  “Guild Leader, what should we do about the drops at the entrance?” Aqua Rose asked as she gazed at the pile of loot outside the cave covetously.
  3135.  There were still 15 Flame Guards guarding their exit, so it was impossible to collect the loot right now.
  3137.  “Relax. No one else can enter this place. Also, loot dropped by monsters won’t disappear for 48 hours. We have plenty of time to take care of the rest of the Flame Guards.” Although Shi Feng also wanted to dash over and pick up the loot, the 15 Flame Guards were not there just for show.
  3138.  After taking a short break, everyone resumed another round of attrition.
  3140.  Now that everyone had experienced fighting a Flame Guard, it was much easier to deal with the rest.
  3142.  Time passed quickly, and one Flame Guard after another fell.
  3144.  Unknowingly, nearly 18 hours had passed in game. At this moment, the final Flame Guard died under Shi Feng’s hands. It, too, fell to the ground and scattered a ton of loot.
  3146.  Outside the cave, the loot of the 16 Flame Guards had grown into a small mountain, and the team struggled to contain their drool over the sight.
  3148.  Meanwhile, Shi Feng had finally reached Level 24. After allotting all of his Free Attribute Points into Intelligence, he was only 9 points away from reaching the Heavenly Dragon’s Breath’s requirement of 120 Intelligence.
  3152.  Chapter 429
  3154.  A+ A- Chapter 429
  3156.  Chapter 429 - Overflowing Luck
  3158.  I’m only 9 points away now. Shi Feng smiled at his Attribute Panel. Knowing that he was only one level away from equipping the Heavenly Dragon’s Breath, his anticipation grew.
  3160.  When he could equip the Fragmented Legendary item, his combat power would soar once again.
  3162.  In God’s Domain, Fragmented Legendary items were as rare as a phoenix’s feather. It was an item that countless players dreamed of obtaining. Even during his previous ten years of professional gaming experience, Shi Feng had never owned one.
  3164.  Legendary items allowed players to overcome the gap between tiers. Although Fragmented Legendary items were not as powerful as Legendary items, they were still far more powerful than Epic items.
  3166.  If Shi Feng could equip the Heavenly Dragon’s Breath, his combat power could reach the same playing field as a Tier 2 class.
  3168.  A Tier 2 class was in a whole different league compared to Tier 1.
  3170.  It was like the difference between a Chieftain and a Lord.
  3172.  Against a Chieftain of the same level, a direct confrontation required at least a party of elite players. Against a Lord, however, a direct confrontation required a team.
  3174.  Shi Feng, as a Tier 1 Blade Saint, could solo a Chieftain of the same level. However, he stood no chance against a Lord of the same level unless he used some particular technique or advantage.
  3176.  After equipping the Heavenly Dragon’s Breath, however, Shi Feng could contend with the five Guilds controlled by Underworld by himself. He would not need to involve Zero Wing, allowing his core team to develop safely.
  3178.  After killing the 16 Flame Guards, everyone’s levels had similarly risen. At this
  3180.  moment, the lowest leveled player among the 500 team members was Level 24. They had far surpassed the average level of elite players in White River City and were on par with most of the expert players.
  3182.  Among the members of Zero Wing, Aqua Rose, Fire Dance, Flying Shadow, Cola and the others had reached Level 26. Their levels were already on par with the top-tier experts of White River City.
  3184.  Hence, instead of wasting time and fighting a war of attrition with Overwhelming Smile, they should take the opportunity to widen the gap between Zero Wing and the other Guilds further. After all, if a newly-established Guild like Zero Wing wished to become the overlord of Star-Moon Kingdom, they first needed sufficient combat power to strike fear into the other Guilds’ hearts.
  3186.  However, the loot the Flame Guards had dropped was the most valuable gain from the slaughter.
  3188.  While the crowd was taking a break, Shi Feng tidied up all of the loot. He also appraised every single drop.
  3190.  Although Shi Feng had expected the drops to be impressive, after he finished appraising the items, he could not contain his shock.
  3192.  Icarus’s Heart was truly a godly tool. With Divine Providence, they had obtained a total of 286 items from the 16 Flame Guards. Among the items, 105 were rare materials, 9 were individual pieces of the Warfire Set Equipment, 41 were Level 25 Mysterious-Iron Equipment, 53 were Level 25 Secret-Silver Equipment, 29 were Level 25 Fine-Gold Equipment, 18 consisted of various recipes and forging designs, 15 were Tier 1 Magic Scrolls, 4 were Tier 2 Magic Scrolls, and 12 were Treasure Hunting Scrolls.
  3194.  Currently, in God’s Domain, the average players
  3196.  players were around Level 20, whereas Guild elites were around Level 22. The Dungeons they could raid were all Level 20 Dungeons. Hence, the equipment they could obtain was limited to Level 20. It was extremely rare to come across Level 25 weapons and equipment.
  3198.  In God’s Domain, weapons and equipment would significantly impact a player’s performance every five levels.
  3200.  The Attributes of a Level 20 Fine-Gold Equipment were slightly inferior to a Level 25 Secret-Silver Equipment. In other words, a player wearing Level 25 Fine-Gold Equipment was stronger than a player wearing Level 20 Dark-Gold Equipment.
  3202.  How rare was Level 20 Dark-Gold Equipment? There were only very few items throughout Star-Moon Kingdom.
  3204.  Yet, now, they had actually obtained 29 pieces of Level 25 Fine-Gold Equipment, which was the equivalent of obtaining 29 Level 20 Dark-Gold Equipment.
  3206.  Furthermore, they had obtained the Warfire Set Equipment and Treasure Hunting Scrolls, two of the rarest items available in White Fog Canyon.
  3208.  Currently, although players were familiar with the Warfire Set Equipment, almost nobody knew about the Treasure Hunting Scroll.
  3210.  Although the scroll was not as valuable as a Tier 2 Magic Scroll, it was extremely useful inside the White Fog Canyon. The scroll’s greatest function was searching for Starfire Ore.
  3212.  It was extremely difficult to locate Starfire Ore in White Fog Canyon. Originally, Shi Feng had intended to rely on his memories. With the Treasure Hunting Scroll, however, he could locate the ore with the system map. The scroll had a search radius of 1,000 yards and lasted for 30 minutes. When searching for valuable ores, it was the best tool one could have.
  3214.  “Luckily, even this dropped.” Shi Feng chuckled lightly
  3216.  chuckled lightly upon seeing the Treasure Hunting Scrolls in his bag. However, when he swept a gaze over the individual pieces of the Warfire Set Equipment, he lamented as he muttered, “It would be awesome if I could complete the Warfire Set Equipment.”
  3218.  [Warfire Set Equipment] (Bronze Rank [Can be evolved])
  3219.  Level 20 - Level 30
  3220.  Can be equipped by any classes.
  3221.  Set consists of seven parts: head, chest, belt, hands, wrists, legs, and feet.
  3222.  Set Effect (Bronze Rank)
  3223.  Two-piece effect: All Attributes +10
  3224.  Four-piece effect: Ignore Levels +10. Obtain Free Will skill. Able to remove all control effects for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 1 minute.
  3225.  Seven-piece effect: Main Attribute increased by 10%. Skill Cooldown decreased by 30%. Obtain Warfire Berserk skill. Damage increased by 50%, Attack Speed increased by 50%, and Movement Speed increased by 30% for 20 seconds. Cooldown: 5 minutes.
  3226.  The Basic Attributes of the Warfire Set Equipment were average at best. It was referred to as a Level 30 Peak Fine-Gold Set Equipment was because of its Set Effects. In particular, the Free Will skill and Warfire Berserk skill were the main reason it ranked as Peak Fine-Gold Set Equipment.
  3228.  Although Shi Feng now had nine individual pieces, there were duplicates for the head, hands, and legs slots. He was only missing the wrist pieces.
  3230.  The Warfire Set Equipment only reached its true value when it was complete.
  3232.  Following which, Shi Feng distributed the Level 25 Fine-Gold and Secret-Silver Equipment to Fire Dance, Aqua Rose, Cola, and the other core members who had reached Level 25. As for everyone else, they had yet to meet the level requirements and could not use any of the Level 25
  3233.  the Level 25 equipment. However, they had obtained the corresponding Guild Points. When they returned, they could exchange these Guild Points items in the Guild’s Warehouse.
  3235.  Nobody argued Shi Feng’s arrangements. After all, those who had contributed the most to the Flame Guards’ deaths were Aqua Rose, the core members, and the healers. Everyone else had simply watched from the side, doing nothing at all. They were satisfied with receiving Guild Points.
  3237.  Moreover, even if Shi Feng had given some of the equipment to them, they could not equip it. Guild Points were far more practical.
  3239.  “Guild Leader, where are we heading next?” Aqua Rose had just replaced a few pieces of her equipment with the Level 25 Fine-Gold ranked cloth armor they had obtained, increasing her Attributes significantly. Right now, she was itching to test her newfound strength. “Are we going to look for more Lords?”
  3241.  “No, we’re going to the inner region to mine ores.” Shi Feng smiled faintly as he took out a Treasure Hunting Scroll. He then unfurled the gray scroll and chanted an incantation.
  3243.  Suddenly, several red dots appeared on Shi Feng’s system map.
  3245.  “Mine ores?” Aqua Rose could not help but ask.
  3246.  Their team consisted of 500 elite players. Yet, they had not come here to grind and level up, but to mine ores? She was utterly speechless.
  3247.  “You’ll understand when the time comes,” Shi Feng laughed. He then sent parties to the highlighted locations on the map.
  3248.  If he had a large stock of Starfire Ore, he could mass-produce the Fine-Gold ranked Dragonscale Set Equipment for the Guild. At that time, how could Overwhelming Smile compete with them?
  3253.  Chapter 430
  3255.  A+ A- Chapter 430
  3257.  Chapter 430 - Frantic Beginning
  3259.  The inner region of White Fog Canyon was complex and densely covered by stone forests. After the meteorite shower, the fog inside the canyon had also grown thicker, lowering visibility to less than 30 yards. In addition, Elite and Special Elite monsters would show up every now and then. If players entered the canyon without sufficient strength, they would easily lose their lives.
  3261.  However, danger and opportunity coexisted with each other, such as the precious Starfire Ore could be found within the white fog.
  3263.  Shi Feng separated the team of 500 into multiple smaller teams, with each team consisting of two parties. That way, even if a team encountered a Special Elite, they could safely deal with it themselves. As the Assassins possessed high survivability, Shi Feng allowed them to take independent action. Meanwhile, Shi Feng himself ran around the map, quickly recording the red dots that appeared in his system map and sending the coordinates to the various teams, having those closest mine the ore there.
  3265.  Within the inner region of White Fog Canyon, not all red dots represented the Starfire Ore. There were actually many different types of ore. Hence, if Shi Feng wanted to harvest a large amount of Starfire Ore, he needed a large amount of manpower.
  3267.  “As expected of the undeveloped White Fog Canyon, there really are a lot of ore deposits.” Shi Feng looked at the many red dots on his system map, joy blossoming in his heart.
  3269.  In the past, he had to spend over half an hour just to locate a single ore deposit. Even if he had discovered one, he would still have had to contest over it with other players. As for discovering a hidden ore deposit, one needed to be significantly lucky.
  3271.  He would have been fortunate if he had located eight or nine Starfire Ore deposits in a day.
  3273.  Now, he was able to locate over a hundred Starfire Ore deposits in just half an hour.
  3275.  Players could excavate
  3277.  Starfire Ore from Starfire Ore deposits. As for how many pieces of ore one could acquire, it relied on the player’s own Luck and Mining level: one or two pieces if the number was low, and three or four pieces if it was high.
  3279.  After several hours of hard work, Shi Feng’s team of 500 managed to secure over a thousand Starfire Ore deposits and had amassed over 3,000 pieces of Starfire Ore, which was equivalent to over 30 Gold.
  3281.  To Shi Feng, however, the value of these 3,000-plus pieces of Starfire Ore far exceeded 30 Gold.
  3283.  After using up the 12 Treasure Hunting Scrolls, the team’s speed at locating the Starfire Ore deposits gradually slowed. Even with 500 players continuously searching for the deposits, after an hour’s worth of effort, they had only managed to harvest around 200 pieces of Starfire Ore. However, Shi Feng was still satisfied.
  3285.  The Philosopher’s Stone he possessed allowed him to refine the Starfire Ore into Starfire Essence, free of charge. At that time, with so many Starfire Essences, his certainty of producing the Level 20 Dragonscale Set Equipment would greatly increase.
  3287.  Level 20 Fine-Gold Set Equipment was precisely what the current players of God’s Domain needed and lacked the most. Currently, the majority of the player population were around Level 20. If it were a Level 25 Set Equipment, very few people would be able to equip it. Hence, the demand for it would also be low.
  3289.  If Shi Feng produced a Dragonscale Set Equipment, he could sell it for over 100 Gold right now at the very least.
  3291.  People were only offering 80 Gold to purchase the complete Warfire Set because, currently, no one knew its true value. Moreover, even if someone managed to gather the full Warfire Set Equipment, it would initially start at Bronze rank. They would have to sacrifice a lot of their EXP in order to raise it up to Fine-Gold rank, hence why it was so cheap.
  3293.  In the past, the price of the Warfire Set Equipment
  3295.  Equipment had once soared up to 500 Gold. Yet, even with such an astronomical price, supply failed to meet demand.
  3297.  Time passed quickly. Unknowingly, the members of Zero Wing had mined ore deposits in White Fog Canyon for two whole days, obtaining an abundant cache of ores. They had practically dug up every deposit in White Fog Canyon at least once, and the amount of Starfire Ore they gathered had exceeded 15,000 pieces. In addition, they had also obtained over 7,000 pieces of various other kinds of ore.
  3298.  During these two days, aside from mining ore deposits, everyone from Zero Wing had also killed plenty of Lord ranked monsters. As long as one of the search parties encountered a solitary Lord, they would immediately notify Shi Feng of it and then kill it together.
  3300.  After two days, Zero Wing’s team had managed to kill 22 Lords. With Shi Feng’s Divine Providence, they managed to obtain a large number of Level 25 equipment. Among them, most were Secret-Silver and Fine-Gold Equipment. They had also obtained many Warfire set pieces. By now, they had enough to complete close to three sets. Unfortunately, none of the set pieces they obtained were meant for the wrists slot, which greatly depressed Shi Feng.
  3302.  Shi Feng had placed all the weapons and equipment they were unable to use in the Guild’s Warehouse, instantly enriching its stores.
  3304.  When the other members of Zero Wing saw the large stock of Level 25 equipment, they all grew excited. Enthusiasm filled every one of them as they actively completed Guild Quests and made contributions to the Guild.
  3306.  Level 25 equipment was currently the pinnacle of equipment to God’s Domain players.
  3308.  Even before everyone had reached Level 25, the Guild had already prepared a large number of high-end Level 25 equipment for themselves. This had extinguished the Guild members’ worries about obtaining Level 25 equipment. Now, the only thing they needed to do was frantically accumulate Guild Points. By the time they reached Level 25, they could simply exchange for the Level 25
  3310.  Level 25 equipment. This point alone made Zero Wing superior to every other Guild.
  3312.  The appearance of Level 25 equipment in Zero Wing’s Warehouse had undoubtedly punched a big hole into Overwhelming Smile’s poaching plan. Now, those who originally planned to defect from Zero Wing started hesitating.
  3314.  Although the benefits offered by Overwhelming Smile were very high, the equipment it possessed was unable to keep up with the times. Meanwhile, if their equipment fell behind, how would they hunt for even better equipment? How were they supposed to grind and level up quickly?
  3316.  Once behind, always behind.
  3318.  At this moment, many players who had previously defected from Zero Wing to Overwhelming Smile began regretting their decision.
  3319.  ---
  3321.  “Just how did Zero Wing manage to get so many Level 25 high-end equipment? I hear that a guy who was a lot weaker than me has already obtained a Level 25 Mysterious-Iron chest piece. As soon as he reaches Level 25, he can replace the Level 20 Mysterious-Iron chest piece he is wearing. If I had known something like this would happen earlier, I would never have left Zero Wing. I might already have enough points to exchange for a Level 25 Secret-Silver Equipment by now…”
  3323.  “I couldn’t agree more! A guy I know who was previously about equal in strength with me is now very well off. When I chatted with him six hours ago, he told me that he had managed to accumulate enough points to exchange for a Level 25 Secret-Silver Equipment. He is only Level 22 right now. By the time he reaches Level 25, he might accumulate enough points to exchange for five or six pieces of Level 25 Secret-Silver Equipment.”
  3325.  In White River City, many of Overwhelming Smile’s members started having heated discussions in the bars, sighing enviously.
  3327.  “Why are all of you lauding the spirit of the enemy and belittling that of our own? The higher-ups of Overwhelming Smile have already sent people to investigate the source of Zero Wing’s equipment. Soon, with our
  3328.  Soon, with our Guild’s strength, we can definitely obtain a large number of Level 25 high-end equipment much more easily than Zero Wing.”
  3330.  “Zero Wing can only remain arrogant for now because all of our Guild’s core members are focused on raiding the Great Lord inside the Ruined Shrine. After they finish with it, not to mention Level 25 Fine-Gold Equipment, we might even get Dark-Gold or Epic Equipment.”
  3332.  Many Overwhelming Smile members had expressed their disdain regarding Zero Wing’s recent performances. They firmly believed that Overwhelming Smile was a lot stronger than Zero Wing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  3334.  ---
  3336.  Meanwhile, inside White Fog Canyon…
  3338.  During their two days of grinding and mining, everyone from Zero Wing had leveled up quickly, with many having already reached Level 25. Blackie had even broken through to Level 27, whereas Aqua Rose and the other core members had risen to Level 26. Violet Cloud had also reached Level 25, replacing her Level 20 equipment with Level 25 Secret-Silver and Fine-Gold Equipment.
  3340.  Only Shi Feng remained at Level 24. He was still a short distance away from reaching Level 25.
  3341.  However, this could not be helped. Shi Feng and Violet Cloud were both owners of hidden classes, so the EXP they required to level up was much higher than the others. Shi Feng required twice as much EXP as ordinary classes, whereas Violet Cloud required 1.6 times.
  3343.  “Guild Leader, we discovered a Starfire Ore vein. However, we were suddenly ambushed by some Assassins from Overwhelming Smile. Although our party managed to get rid of the eight of them, two of our brothers were killed. Seeing that we are interested in the Starfire Ore, those bastards from Overwhelming Smile have sent three teams to guard the Starfire Ore vein. They are currently clearing out the surrounding monsters and are planning to mine the deposit,” Flying Shadow reported, wrathful flames burning in his eyes. If not for the bastards from Overwhelming Smile outnumbering them, he really wished he could go over and massacre them right this instant.
  3347.  Chapter 431
  3349.  A+ A- Chapter 431
  3351.  Chapter 431 - Denounce
  3353.  Beside one of the streams inside the White Fog Canyon, a team of over a hundred players currently guarded the entrance of a mine. Each of these players wore a Guild Emblem in the shape of a purple moon on their chests. This was none other than Overwhelming Smile’s Guild Emblem.
  3355.  At this moment, these players faced off against the eight Level 27 Special Elite ranked Flame Furbolgs that had emerged from within the mine.
  3357.  [Flame Furbolg] (Special Elite)
  3358.  Level 27
  3359.  HP 70,000/70,000
  3361.  Although the massive Flame Furbolgs were very powerful, the members of Overwhelming Smile fought with organization, continuously draining their enemies’ HP.
  3363.  “Boss Oriental, Zero Wing’s party killed Monkey and the others,” a Level 23 gray-clothed Ranger reported as he walked up to the Level 24 Swordsman who currently commanded the team.
  3365.  This Level 24 Swordsman was fully geared with Level 20 Secret-Silver Equipment. The Snakebone Sword that hung on his back was even a Level 20 Fine-Gold Weapon. Currently, in God’s Domain, his items were definitely top-tier.
  3367.  “That was two parties of elite Assassins. A single party from Zero Wing actually wiped them out? Did Zero Wing receive help from someone else?” the Level 24 Swordsman, Oriental Sword, asked.
  3369.  Although the Assassin named Monkey was not an expert, he was a PvP veteran. He sported a promising battle record, and even experts would find him difficult to take down in a short amount of time. If he focused solely on his escape, it would be even more difficult to kill him. Oriental Sword had not expected that not even one
  3371.  Assassin would return.
  3373.  The only possibility he could think of was that Monkey and the others had been outnumbered and surrounded.
  3375.  “No. There was only a single party from Zero Wing. However, the Assassin leading the team was a Level 26 expert,” the Ranger said, shaking his head.
  3377.  “Was it that Fire Dance from Zero Wing?” Oriental Sword grinned. “Before I reached White River City, I had heard rumors of Fire Dance’s prowess. Some are even calling her the Flaming Rose. Originally, I thought she was merely one of Black Flame’s decorations. I expected as much from the team leader of Zero Wing’s core team. Not bad.”
  3379.  “She isn’t the one who killed Monkey. That Assassin was a man called Flying Shadow. Monkey had only lasted five moves against him. Of the twelve players in the two parties, eight had died at that man’s hands. There was no mention of a person named Flying Shadow in any of the reports we had received.” The Ranger was very familiar with Oriental Sword’s personality.
  3381.  Oriental Sword was absolutely confident of his own strength, and he would never consider anyone a worthy opponent. He loved PvPing more than anything, especially against experts. He was a complete battle maniac. However, he was also one of Overwhelming Smile’s top experts, which was why he had been sent to White River City. If not for the higher-ups prohibiting anyone from challenging Zero Wing, Oriental Sword might have been the first to launch an assault against the Guild.
  3383.  “Flying Shadow? This seems intriguing,” Oriental Sword’s interest grew. “Ignore Zero Wing’s party. Since Monkey and the others had failed
  3385.  failed to kill them, they would definitely report back to their superiors. There is only one thing we need to focus on, and that is mining the ores inside this cave.”
  3387.  “Boss Oriental, will our skirmish with Zero Wing cause an all-out war between our Guilds? Haven’t the higher-ups warned us not to create any friction with them?” the Ranger asked strangely.
  3389.  “Recently, Zero Wing has been mining ores in White Fog Canyon. Their movements are unusual. In addition, they have somehow managed to obtain a lot of Level 25 equipment. There might be a relation between these incidents. Our superiors agree; it doesn’t matter if a small conflict occurs. So what if we ambush those cowards from Zero Wing? What will they do to us?
  3391.  “Do you think they will start a war?
  3393.  “Don’t be a fool. Since Zero Wing had not declared war on us when Overwhelming Smile started investing in White River City, they missed their best chance. If they start a war now, they will only gamble their lives. However, I, on the other hand, hope that Zero Wing takes action. Unfortunately, they don’t have the guts.”
  3395.  Oriental Sword laughed as he resumed commanding his team, wiping out the Flame Furbolgs inside the mine.
  3397.  Before anyone noticed, however, a party of six had appeared in the misty forest a short distance from the mine. This party disregarded the team of over a hundred elite players under Oriental Sword’s leadership, walking leisurely towards the mine.
  3398.  “Guild Leader, I’ve discovered the mine after using a Treasure Hunting Scroll. I’ve even used Stealth and scouted its interior. It is
  3400.  It is full of Starfire Ore deposits. If we excavate them all, we can get at least 300 to 400 Starfire Ore,” Flying Shadow said as he pointed towards the cave that Oriental Sword and his men guarded. “However, after I left, we were ambushed by Assassins from Overwhelming Smile. Although I tried to rescue them, I was too late, resulting in two of my party members dying. Overwhelming Smile has since occupied the cave.”
  3401.  Shi Feng nodded before commanding, “Violet, go and revive the two who died. Everyone else, let’s take a look.”
  3403.  Following which, Violet Cloud ran over to where the two players had died as Shi Feng led Aqua Rose, Blackie, Fire Dance, and Flying Shadow towards Oriental Sword.
  3405.  Shi Feng’s movements had undoubtedly attracted the attention of Overwhelming Smile’s team.
  3407.  “The fellows from Zero Wing are kind of interesting.” Oriental Sword grinned upon seeing Shi Feng and the others.
  3409.  “Boss Oriental, that Level 24 Swordsman is Black Flame. The two beauties by his side are the Elementalist Aqua Rose and the Assassin Fire Dance. The Cursemancer is Zero Wing’s famous expert, Blackie, and that male Assassin is the person who killed Monkey and the others, Flying Shadow,” the Ranger beside Oriental Sword briefly introduced the members of Shi Feng’s group.
  3411.  Black Flame’s arrival surprised every member of Overwhelming Smile.
  3413.  Black Flame’s fame was truly too immense.
  3415.  He was the publicly acknowledged number one expert of Star-Moon Kingdom. There was nobody in White River City who had not witnessed Black Flame’s battle videos. Killing every player with a single hit, he had massacred over a hundred Dark Star members.
  3416.  Dark Star members. He suppressed more than ten thousand players with his aura alone, causing all of them to freeze. In the end, he even escaped unharmed.
  3418.  “Guild Leader Black Flame, what brings you here today, I wonder?” Oriental Sword asked playfully as he smirked at Shi Feng.
  3420.  “A straightforward person does not resort to insinuations. Today, you sent your men to ambush members of our Guild. Now, you’ve occupied the mine that we found after much difficulty. Don’t you think that you’ve gone a little overboard?” Shi Feng asked calmly.
  3422.  Although Shi Feng’s voice had been soft, his overbearing tone intimidated the crowd from Overwhelming Smile.
  3424.  “Overboard?” Oriental Sword laughed madly. “Twelve of my men died. I have not even asked for compensation, yet you come here to denounce me?
  3426.  “Since you’re here, we can use this opportunity to discuss compensation. I don’t want much. Just pay me 100 Gold per person for a total of 1,200 Gold. How about it?”
  3428.  Mockery filled Oriental Sword’s expression.
  3430.  He believed that Shi Feng was a complete fool. With just five players, Shi Feng had dared come into his territory looking for trouble.
  3431.  At this stage of the game, players’ levels were no longer insignificantly low. Their equipment was decent quality, and they had learned many skills. It was not possible to kill a player with a single hit anymore.
  3432.  Currently, he had close to 150 players on his side, and they were all elite members of the Guild. They were also Level 22 or higher, and they possessed impressive combat power. They could easily take out fifty players, much less five.
  3436.  Chapter 432
  3438.  A+ A- Chapter 432
  3440.  Chapter 432 - One-hit Extermination
  3442.  Upon listening to Oriental Sword’s words, a cold glint flashed across Shi Feng’s eyes.
  3444.  Suddenly, the surrounding atmosphere froze.
  3446.  “What? Want to fight?” Although Oriental Sword could feel a heavy pressure enveloping him, his confidence did not waver. He then unsheathed the longsword hung on his back, provocatively saying, “Come if you can, then. Seeing as everyone out there is calling you a god, I really wish to see just what kind of ability you possess.”
  3448.  When Oriental Sword spoke in such a way, everyone from Overwhelming Smile sneered, secretly making preparations for battle.
  3450.  With 150 players on their side, it would be a piece of cake for them to take care of just five players.
  3452.  They were different from those noobs Black Flame had massacred before. They would not easily be defeated just because their skills were Silenced.
  3454.  After learning and training in God’s Domain for such a long time, they had long since familiarized themselves with the combat styles of the game. Right now, they had no problems fighting solo with an Elite monster. Although a handful of them might not be a match for Black Flame, if all one hundred and fifty of them stood sparsely apart from each other and attacked together, they did not believe that Black Flame could walk out of this place alive!
  3456.  However, before the crowd from Overwhelming Smile could react, Shi Feng, who stood ten yards away, suddenly disappeared.
  3458.  “Where is he?”
  3460.  Oriental Sword’s eyes were filled with disbelief when he suddenly lost sight of Shi Feng.
  3462.  A Swordsman could actually suddenly vanish from thin air? Even Assassins required some time to enter Stealth.
  3464.  Not to mention Oriental Sword, even Aqua Rose and the others were stunned. Shi Feng had just suddenly disappeared.
  3466.  Did he log off? The only reasoning Aqua Rose could come up with was that Shi Feng had logged out of the game. However,
  3468.  when she checked the list of party members, Shi Feng’s status showed that he was still online; his name did not turn gray.
  3470.  However, before one second had passed, Shi Feng suddenly reappeared beside Oriental Sword. Following which, blades of light slashed apart the air, silently cutting up Oriental Sword’s body. Before Oriental Sword knew what was going on, he suddenly felt pain bloom in his body. In the next moment, he saw blood gushing out like a waterfall in front of him.
  3472.  “What’s going on?”
  3474.  Oriental Sword touched the wounds covering his body, confused. Suddenly, his body lost all strength as it slumped down onto the ground. Laying on the ground, Oriental Sword saw Shi Feng through his grayed vision. He also saw the Abyssal Blade grasped in Shi Feng’s hand, fresh blood slowly dripping off the weapon.
  3476.  The blood dripped to the ground as if it were a countdown to death.
  3478.  “How?” Even at his moment of death, Oriental Sword still could not believe what had just happened.
  3480.  He, a top-tier expert of Overwhelming Smile, had actually died without a chance to respond…
  3482.  After Oriental Sword died, everyone from Overwhelming Smile who was originally feeling confident halted.
  3484.  They simply could not comprehend what had just happened.
  3486.  Shi Feng had just suddenly disappeared, before reappearing once again beside Oriental Sword. Immediately after, blood gushed out from Oriental Sword’s body. Simultaneously, a damage of -4,368 points appeared above the man’s head, the damage completely exceeding the Swordsman’s total HP.
  3488.  Oriental Sword’s sudden death had struck fear into the crowd from Overwhelming Smile. The gaze they used to look at Shi Feng was as if looking at a ferocious beast.
  3490.  When Shi Feng’s eyes landed on them, they felt as if they had lost control of their own bodies.
  3492.  “Bug! This must be a bug!” a player from Overwhelming Smile suddenly shouted in fright. “He must have grasped a loophole in the system!
  3494.  system! Let’s send feedback to the Main God System right now! We’ll see what he can do then!”
  3496.  Everyone present felt that those words sounded logical. Otherwise, how were they supposed to explain this unbelievable incident?
  3498.  Hence, everyone started sending reports to the Main God System. Only by doing so would they possess a chance for survival.
  3500.  “Guild Leader couldn’t have abused a bug, right?” Aqua Rose could not make sense of the situation, either. She was similarly shocked by the scene she had just witnessed.
  3502.  The Main God System controlled God’s Domain. It was simply impossible for such a glaring loophole to exist in the game. Yet, if it was not a loophole, how could they explain the situation before them?
  3504.  “Of course it is not a loophole in the system. Guild Leader is the number one expert of Star-Moon Kingdom. Previously, he had simply used an advanced combat technique. These people are simply too ignorant,” Fire Dance said proudly, a faint smile on her face. She spoke as if she were the one who had personally finished off Oriental Sword.
  3506.  ---
  3508.  Within the Ruined Shrine in the inner region of White Fog Canyon, a large number of Guild players had gathered. Among them, members of Overwhelming Smile numbered the most, with over 5,000 members present.
  3509.  There were a large number of monsters inside the Ruined Shrine. Moreover, a majority of these monsters were Special Elites. Among them were plenty of Chieftains. The monsters here ranged from Level 24 to Level 27. To the current elite members of Guilds, it was a level that they could barely handle. If not for the fact that they had the advantage in numbers, they would have long since been wiped out by the monsters inside the Ruined Shrine.
  3511.  “Damn! The monsters here are endless! They’re even more troublesome than the Battle Monkeys before!” Lone Tyrant said, somewhat exhausted. Currently, he was going up
  3513.  going up against a Level 27 Chieftain, a Goblin Warrior.
  3515.  Despite the Goblin Warrior being twice as large as an ordinary player, it was quite agile. In addition, the hammer it wielded contained frightening, destructive power. Even a Tier 1 MT of the same level would find it difficult to endure its series of violent assaults, much less Lone Tyrant, who was only a Level 25 Tier 0 Guardian Knight.
  3516.  Although Lone Tyrant possessed impressive techniques, his dodging capabilities being first-rate, the Goblin Warrior also possessed powerful combat techniques. Whenever the Goblin Warrior attacked Lone Tyrant, it would always predict where Lone Tyrant would dodge and take that into account in its attack, forcing Lone Tyrant to accept the damage.
  3518.  Moreover, every time he received an attack from the Goblin Warrior’s hammer, his defensive posture would always fail. This resulted in him being unable to use his shield to block the next attack, and instead, he received the attack with his body.
  3520.  From just a single strike of its hammer, Lone Tyrant received close to -1,300 damage. Lone Tyrant only possessed 4,520 HP; he could endure four hits, at most.
  3522.  If he were only dealing with a single Goblin Warrior, Lone Tyrant would not end up in such a miserable state.
  3524.  However, aside from the Goblin Warrior, there were also many Goblin Mages at the sides. These Goblin Mages were all Level 26 Special Elites. They bombarded players with ice and fire, and any players struck by their spells would instantly lose around 1,700 HP. Other than MTs, nobody else could survive two hits.
  3526.  Within the Ruined Shrine, aside from the members of Overwhelming Smile having a hard time, the other Guilds were similarly facing great difficulties.
  3528.  The monsters inside the Ruined Shrine were simply endless. No matter how many they killed, the monsters just kept coming. Without sufficient strength, they simply had no way of reaching the Level 25 Great
  3529.  Level 25 Great Lord in a short amount of time, let alone raiding it.
  3531.  Before Overwhelming Smile had finished off the monsters at hand, another wave of Goblins charged over.
  3533.  Suddenly, everyone from Overwhelming Smile felt a headache overcome them.
  3535.  “Cursemancers, Cripple them. Elementalists, use Ice Walls and separate the incoming monsters. Rangers, lure some away and kite them; do not let the pressure on the MTs increase!” Youlan immediately shouted in the team chat.
  3537.  Immediately, the elites of Overwhelming Smile started taking action, luring the Goblins away and letting the MTs take a breather.
  3539.  Lone Tyrant could not help but send a glance at the charming and graceful Youlan. Inwardly, he felt displeasure towards the woman. He was actually required to listen to her commands. However, he also had no choice but to admit that Youlan was indeed amazing. They were only able to reach their current location thanks to Youlan. Otherwise, they would not have been able to pass through the Battle Monkeys. Even if they could, they would have had to suffer immense losses.
  3541.  Take Emperor’s Light and the Assassin’s Alliance for example: since entering White Fog Canyon, their total numbers had already decreased by a quarter.
  3543.  Meanwhile, under Youlan’s command, Overwhelming Smile was able to advance through White Fog Canyon easily. Along their way to the Ruined Shrine, they had only lost a small number of players.
  3545.  Shortly after Overwhelming Smile cleared out all the Goblins, Youlan received a message. After reading the message, her expression turned grim.
  3547.  Lone Tyrant could feel Youlan’s mood suddenly changing, and he could not help but ask, “What happened?”
  3549.  After spending some time together, Lone Tyrant had a general grasp on this woman. She was always calm and collected. Even in the face of several Lord ranked monsters, she would remain unfazed. Yet, now, after seeing a single message, her expression had turned solemn…
  3551.  How could Lone Tyrant not grow curious at this situation?
  3555.  Chapter 433
  3557.  A+ A- Chapter 433
  3559.  Chapter 433 - Evil Rakshasa
  3561.  Hearing Lone Tyrant’s question, Youlan, who had originally planned to explain, suddenly received another message notification.
  3563.  When she read the contents of the message, her frown deepened.
  3565.  “Oriental Sword, that fool! I told him to investigate the secret Zero Wing had used to obtain their stock of Level 25 high-end equipment, yet, he brazenly killed Zero Wing’s members! He has even provoked Black Flame!” Youlan was furious after reading the message.
  3567.  Youlan had previously investigated Black Flame. However, the more she looked into the man, the more creeped out she felt.
  3569.  Black Flame had appeared silently, and like a rising comet, he shocked everyone with every action.
  3571.  In White River City, not only had he massacred so many players, but he had also been able to move about freely. This strength alone was sufficient to strike fear into others. After all, if such a powerful person ambushed someone out in the field, and the victim was not strong enough to survive, they would still meet tragedy.
  3573.  If they were dealing with an ordinary expert, they could simply form larger teams when leaving the city. That way, those experts would not dare attack them. However, Black Flame was different. He was too powerful. Even if they formed teams, Black Flame could still slaughter them with little effort, and they could only helplessly watch as he did so.
  3575.  The only real solution was to form a team of several hundred players. However, they could not do that every time they left the city.
  3576.  Not only would this be detrimental to the Guild’s development, but it would also make them the laughingstock of God’s Domain.
  3577.  However, if Black Flame constantly hunted and ambushed their members, his growth would stagnate. Moreover, such ambushes would not significantly impact the Guild
  3579.  if they only occurred one or two days. Black Flame needed to ambush them over a long period of time to wound Overwhelming Smile. Meanwhile, it would be detrimental if Black Flame neither leveled up nor upgraded his equipment for a long time.
  3581.  There were countless experts in God’s Domain. If one did not continuously improve their strength, others would quickly surpass them.
  3583.  Zero Wing’s success today was largely due to Black Flame’s strength. If Black Flame let himself go, it would damage Zero Wing.
  3585.  Hence, Youlan had prohibited the members of Overwhelming Smile from crossing any lines, maintaining the balance between both parties. She was worried that, if angered, Black Flame would disregard all consequences and act so roguishly.
  3587.  Now, however, Oriental Sword had broken the balance that they had maintained!
  3589.  At this point, Youlan wanted to hunt Oriental Sword down personally and strangle him.
  3590.  ---
  3592.  After Youlan received the message, Shi Feng began to annihilate Overwhelming Smile’s members with Aqua Rose and the others by his side.
  3594.  Shi Feng’s Void Steps had long since petrified his opponents. Later, they even reported to the Main God System, stating that Shi Feng had abused a loophole in the system to kill players. They all hoped that the Main God System would bring them justice, giving Shi Feng his deserved punishment!
  3596.  Yet, the reply they had received stated that there were no issues. Shi Feng’s every action had been within the rules of the system.
  3598.  Overwhelming Smile’s members had been even more shocked upon receiving this reply.
  3600.  That ghost-like method Shi Feng had used to kill Oriental Sword wasn’t actually a bug…
  3602.  For a time, the crowd from Overwhelming Smile despaired. In the face of Shi Feng’s merciless slaughter, their previous confidence was nothing but a joke. The
  3604.  The only thing they could do was escape.
  3606.  As for battling Shi Feng? That was a fool’s errand!
  3608.  Just how were they supposed to fight an enemy that they could not see? Moreover, said enemy could kill them instantly upon reappearing.
  3610.  “You guys wish to escape? Try it.” Without hesitation, Shi Feng activated Skywheel Sword.
  3612.  Previously, to kill Oriental Sword in one hit, Shi Feng had specially activated Aura of Fire and Purgatory Power, holding nothing back. Now, after activating Skywheel Sword, countless swords of light appeared in the sky above the mine’s entrance. When the swords descended, not only did they deal over -2,400 damage to all enemies within an area of 20*20 yards, but it also sealed all enemies within range, preventing them from leaving the region for 4 seconds.
  3614.  Instantly, the members of Overwhelming Smile were trapped within the mine.
  3616.  When everyone from Overwhelming Smile saw that there was no longer hope for escape, they tried to resist.
  3618.  Unfortunately, Shi Feng did not give them a chance.
  3620.  Shi Feng then used the skill of the Aura of Fire, Firestorm. Suddenly, flames filled the interior of the mine. A damage of close to -10,000 points appeared above every player and monster within. After Firestorm’s duration of five seconds, only ash remained.
  3622.  Since Shi Feng began his assault, the whole process only lasted a few seconds. Just like that, over a hundred elites from Overwhelming Smile had been exterminated. Moreover, Shi Feng had collected the Immortal Souls of every player that he killed. Within a short time, all of these players had been locked out of God’s Domain…
  3624.  If Shi Feng had been a wild beast that gave other Guilds massive headaches before he had become a Blade Saint, now, he was an Evil Rakshasa that others would avoid
  3626.  would avoid at all costs.
  3627.  ---
  3629.  Meanwhile, inside the Ruined Shrine…
  3631.  “So what if it’s Black Flame? We have the advantage of numbers. We can easily get rid of him.” A wrathful flame immediately blossom within Lone Tyrant’s eyes when he heard Black Flame’s name. Hurriedly, he said, “Why don’t I take some men to assist Oriental Sword and kill Black Flame?”
  3633.  Ever since dying by Shi Feng’s hands, Lone Tyrant had toughened his heart and trained arduously every night and day. He had done so to exact his revenge. He was no longer the same as he had been in the past.
  3635.  If not for Youlan restraining him, he would have long since avenged his deaths.
  3637.  Now that Oriental Sword had provoked Black Flame, it was only natural that he go and help out. Youlan could not possibly sit by and watch as more than a hundred elite members fell under Black Flame’s swords, right?
  3639.  Ultimately, these elite members were the backbone of the Guild. If the Guild did nothing as over a hundred of these elites were slaughtered, not only would it damage the Guild’s reputation, but it would also affect the hearts of those within the Guild.
  3641.  “No need. Black Flame killed Oriental Sword with a single hit. As for the others, they’re most likely dead by now,” Youlan said, revealing a bitter smile.
  3643.  Youlan had a clear understanding of Black Flame’s strength. None of the titled experts on the God’s Domain Experts List were for show. Furthermore, Black Flame currently had several experts by his side. Those hundred-plus elite members had zero chance of surviving. Only a top-tier expert might have a chance of walking away.
  3645.  Upon hearing Youlan’s statement, Lone Tyrant was stunned. He said, “I am very familiar with Oriental Sword’s strength. Moreover, he has
  3646.  Moreover, he has so many people with him. How could Black Flame kill him with one hit?”
  3648.  “I do not know how exactly he died, but according to the reports sent from above, Oriental Sword had not managed to respond before dying,” Youlan said. “It seems that after not encountering Black Flame for a while, he has grown even stronger. We need to hurry and take down this Great Lord.”
  3650.  “Are we just going to let this go?” Lone Tyrant had yet to give up on the idea of killing Black Flame. Staring at Youlan, he asked, “If others find out that, despite Black Flame having killed so many Overwhelming Smile’s elites, we are indifferent, we will become a laughingstock. What will we do if our inaction angers those above us?”
  3652.  Youlan frowned. Just as Lone Tyrant had said, if they did not take any sort of action now, they would become a joke to the public.
  3654.  “Youlan, what’s going on with you? You shouldn’t wear such an ugly expression. Do you need big brother’s help?” Just as Youlan struggled with her indecision, a lean man walked over, smiling.
  3655.  This man was a Level 26 Assassin, his level surpassing everyone in Overwhelming Smile. Yet, despite there being no Guild Emblem on his person, everyone from Overwhelming Smile treated him with respect and reverence. Even Lone Tyrant was no exception; he was deeply afraid of provoking this young master.
  3657.  The reason they were behaving in such a way was not only this young man’s high level. More importantly, this man was the key to their operation of killing the Great Lord.
  3659.  Back then, Young Master Feng had repeatedly instructed them to treat this youth before them with respect. If they provoked this youth…
  3661.  They would be responsible for their own actions!
  3665.  Chapter 434
  3667.  A+ A- Chapter 434
  3669.  Chapter 434 - Free Combat System
  3671.  “Big Brother Summer, it’s great that you are willing to help, but the opponent is very hard to take down. We might even miss out on our chance to kill the Great Lord. I’m worried that it will affect Big Brother Summer’s task.” Youlan was familiar with the lean man’s strength, and she appreciated his assistance.
  3672.  The lean man was Summer Sunshine. Not only was he unrelated to Underworld, but he was also an independent player. However, due to his backing and his overwhelming strength, even Feng Xuanyang attempted to build a strong relationship with him.
  3674.  Youlan had once witnessed a fraction of Summer Sunshine’s strength.
  3676.  Before entering White Fog Canyon, Summer Sunshine had fought Underworld’s pride, the leader of the Underworld Guards, Ming Sha, in a PvP. In the end, however, Ming Sha lasted only five moves against Summer Sunshine. Moreover, Summer Sunshine had not used any skills, relying on basic attacks to defeat his opponent.
  3678.  The results of that fight had surprised everyone.
  3680.  As a member of Underworld, Youlan knew full well how strong Ming Sha was. He was one of the few great experts in Underworld. Gentle Snow of Ouroboros was only slightly stronger than him.
  3682.  However, such an expert was nothing more than a child to Summer Sunshine.
  3684.  One could just imagine how powerful the Assassin was.
  3686.  If Summer Sunshine was willing to lend a hand, they had a fairly good chance of defeating One-hit Asura Black Flame.
  3688.  “It won’t take long to deal with the Great Lord. I don’t mind delaying our attack for a little bit. In any case, I am bored. If you need help with something, just ask,” Summer Sunshine laughed.
  3690.  “Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame, has killed many of our elite members. We want to return the favor and kill him.
  3692.  Would you be interested in helping us with this, I wonder?” Youlan asked softly as she stared at Summer Sunshine.
  3694.  “Black Flame?” Summer Sunshine nodded, saying, “Alright. I’ve heard many rumors about him when I was in White River City. I hear that he’s pretty amazing and has the title of One-hit Asura. He is even Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one expert. I’d love to exchange a few moves with him. If I kill him, won’t I become Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one expert?”
  3696.  “Of course! If you kill Black Flame, you will officially become Star-Moon Kingdom’s number one expert. However, don’t underestimate him. He once killed Ming Sha with one hit. We need to plan carefully to avoid Black Flame escaping.” When Youlan received Summer Sunshine’s answer, the tension between her brows loosened, a few ideas of how to deal with Black Flame already brewing.
  3698.  “He killed Ming Sha with one hit? Not bad. My last fight with Ming Sha wasn’t even a warm-up. I wonder if Black Flame is strong enough to take seriously?” Summer Sunshine licked his lips, a hint of excitement flashing in his eyes. “As for your plans, forget about them. As long as we find him, I have my own ways to prevent him from escaping.”
  3700.  “Big Brother Summer, Black Flame has a large-scale silencing skill. If he discovers us and activates the skill, trapping him will be very difficult. It is best if we have a plan to silence Black Flame,” Youlan reminded.
  3702.  “Don’t worry. I have something better than that. When I see him, I’ll trap him like a bug in a jar,” Summer Sunshine laughed. Confidently, he said, “Let’s hunt down Black Flame. Since he has provoked and angered you, you can watch as I take care of him.”
  3704.  Following which, Youlan immediately sent a large number of players to search for
  3706.  for Black Flame. Meanwhile, Overwhelming Smile’s army also slowly withdrew from the Ruined Shrine.
  3708.  ---
  3710.  At the entrance of the Starfire Mine, Shi Feng and the others tidied up the loot scattered across the ground.
  3712.  When Shi Feng had activated Firestorm, not only had he wiped out the players, but he had also dealt with all of the Level 27 Special Elite ranked Flame Furbolgs that had emerged from the mine.
  3714.  With the Flame Furbolgs’ drops accompanying the items from players, weapons, equipment, and materials littered the area in front of the mine.
  3716.  “The elite members of Overwhelming Smile sure are poor. The majority of their weapons and equipment are Level 20 Bronze and Mysterious-Iron ranked. There are only two pieces of Secret-Silver Equipment. The Flame Furbolgs dropped more Secret-Silver Equipment than those elites,” Blackie commented after they had finished collecting the items. He could not help but sympathize with the elites of Overwhelming Smile.
  3718.  The loot from the players versus the Flame Furbolgs was easy to differentiate, as one group had only dropped Level 20 items, while the other ha