for you
  1. for you.
  3. you take and will take special part in my heart. i can't
  4. throw you out like you was nothing for me. i will never be able to do it. and nobody will be able to take your place, because you're irreplaceable.
  5. every time when i did something wrong, I was suffering and crying because you mean a lot.
  6. thank you very much that you gave me such great and the best months in all my life, i will remember it forever. you gave me the feeling that someone needs me, that there is a reason to live
  8. "and time – it doesn't heal. it doesn't mend the wounds. time simply covers the wounds with a gauze bandage. this bandage can come off. and fresh air gets on the wound, gifting fresh pain to a person and new life for this pain. time is a bad doctor, because every year the number of poorly applied bandages grows and grows."
  10. people who loved somebody very much, suffer a lot and even can do suicide. i'll try to find power to not to do it
  11. these all words aren't for making you come back. i want to tell you my feelings
  13. i hope that such an awesome person like you will meet only good people on your life way.  i believe that you will get all best what you deserve

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