2. 2 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  3. Volume 1
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  15. imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events
  16. or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.
  18. “Sometimes it is a long journey to become
  19. where you were to begin with….”
  22. By Sandy Thomas
  23. Some people don’t like Birthdays. Maybe because they
  24. never get what they really want? I didn’t know what I
  25. wanted….
  26. One rainy Saturday afternoon last April, I went over
  27. to my friend’s house to see what he was doing. Tommy
  28. and I were juniors in high school and rather close friends.
  29. His mother let me in and told me, “Tommy is down in the
  30. recreation room.”
  31. I liked going to Tommy’s house. His sister, Kaylee,
  32. was a popular and “hot” student at my school. Mrs. Gault
  33. was also considered hot. Both mother and daughter were
  34. always dressed in fashionable tight skirts and stiletto
  35. heels. I don’t know why I cherished Tommy’s mother’s
  36. precarious wobble as she walked.
  37. That day, I remember feeling very sorry for women
  38. who had to wear high heels every day and all day. Mrs.
  39. Gault’s sleek, streamlined black patent leather heels were
  40. utterly spellbinding! Of course, she was not the only
  41. wearer of needle thin, spiked heels. My mother never
  42. complained but choose her shoes based on only fashion,
  43. never comfort. Always in fashion are some very high
  44. heels.
  45. I found Tommy working on his stamp collection and
  46. soon we were both pouring over his album.
  47. Shortly, Mrs. Gault came down and said, “I have the
  48. clothes ready now, Tommy. Come on up.”
  49. “No!” said Tommy. “I told you before, nothing doing.
  50. 4 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  51. “What’s going on?” I asked in bewilderment.
  52. “Oh,” said his mother, “Tommy was arguing with
  53. Kaylee and me that girls have it easy in school and get
  54. the best of everything. He thinks girls get breaks without
  55. working. So we offered to dress him as a girl and let him
  56. try being one. Maybe he’ll learn how wrong he is. Come
  57. on, Tommy.”
  58. Tommy just sat there, red faced. “Go ahead, Tommy,”
  59. I said. “Seeing you in your sister’s dress will be a hoot!”
  60. “No way,” said Tommy, getting redder by the minute.
  61. Suddenly Mrs. Gault turned to me and said, “How
  62. about you, Brendan? If he won’t do it, how about letting
  63. us dress you up?”
  64. My smiling face suddenly froze into a mixture of
  65. astonishment and embarrassment. Mrs. Gault was
  66. serious and I felt like wilting as she saw my total
  67. embarrassment.
  68. I said, “I have to go. I’ll be late.”
  69. Mrs. Gault said, “I’ll call your mother. I’m sure she’ll
  70. let you stay.”
  71. Now, my face was red, as I stammered a refusal.
  72. Tommy suddenly turned to the offensive and began
  73. urging me, “Go ahead, Brendan. You thought that it
  74. would be fun to see me in a dress. Well, I think it will be
  75. just as much fun to see you all dressed up. Go ahead,
  76. don’t be chicken.” The shoe was on the other foot now.
  77. Tommy and his mother poured it on me. Kaylee, his
  78. sister, came down and joined in the argument. Finally, in
  79. desperation, I gave in. “All right, Tommy. I’ll let them do
  80. it, but only if you do it too,” I blurted out. Caught in my
  81. own trap, what else could I do?
  83. “Go ahead, Tommy,” I said. “Seeing you in your
  84. sister’s dress will be a hoot!”
  85. 6 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  86. A smile crossed Tommy’s face and he suddenly agreed,
  87. “OK, it’s a deal. If you tell anyone, I tell everyone it was
  88. your idea….”
  89. His mother led us upstairs and told us both to take a
  90. shower and then come to her room. Tommy went first and
  91. then it was my turn. By the time I had my shower and
  92. went to her room, he had on a panty girdle and Kaylee
  93. was fastening a bra on him. Mrs. Gault handed me a
  94. panty girdle and told me to put it on. Somehow I managed
  95. to get into it and then she slipped a bra over my arms and
  96. hooked it in back. As Kaylee stuffed some cotton into
  97. Tommy’s bra to fill it out, her mother did the same to me.
  98. Next they handed us each a pair of nylons and giggled
  99. as they watched us struggle to put them on and attach the
  100. garters. Then came nylon slips, mine being a pretty pink
  101. trimmed with lace, while Tommy got white, also trimmed
  102. with lace.
  103. I can’t describe the exquisite feeling it gave me as the
  104. soft silky material caressed my body. I also noticed a
  105. strange look on Tommy’s face as he moved about in his
  106. slip. Shoes were more of a problem, but some ‘low heeled’
  107. flats were found that fit us both.
  108. Kaylee led us over to the vanity and the two of them
  109. went to work on our faces. They did a complete makeup
  110. job; base, powder, rouge, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner
  111. and mascara, even shaping our brows a bit.
  112. After our nails were shaped and polish, Kaylee placed
  113. her only wig on Tommy. I wore my hair quite long,
  114. although neatly trimmed at the temples and at the neck.
  115. After fingering my hair for a while, Mrs. Gault suggested
  116. that Kaylee fix my hair in a feminine style. With brush,
  117. comb and spray can, Kaylee teased, sprayed and combed
  118. until my hair resembled that of a girl.
  120. Mrs. Gault then brought out a pretty pink shirtwaist
  121. dress for me and helped me put it on. Kaylee got a lovely
  122. white shift dress for Tommy and helped him put it on.
  123. Earrings and necklaces were given to us and our costumes
  124. were completed with a spray of cologne.
  125. Tommy and I looked at each other, and we were both
  126. speechless. He looked pretty to me, but both of them
  127. raved over my appearance. A long look in the full-length
  128. mirror confirmed their opinions. I was electrified with my
  129. appearance. I really did look like a pretty girl.
  130. We were allowed to walk slowly around the room for a
  131. while in order to get used to our new clothes and low
  132. heels. Then we were taken downstairs to the living room
  133. and told that we would have to spend the rest of the
  134. afternoon as girls. Tommy and I both grinned at each
  135. other. He was enjoying himself and so was I.
  136. We both helped his mother in her regular Saturday
  137. chores, slipping rather easily into imitating the role of
  138. girls once we became accustomed to the strange feeling of
  139. our new attire.
  140. At some point, Kaylee appeared with a couple pairs of
  141. real high heels for “a test.”
  142. We put them on and made our way around the living
  143. room. I could barely hobble in them and Tommy was was
  144. walking even more erratically than me. We all laughed at
  145. our attempts in only about 3” heels. Kaylee said,
  146. “Someday try spending the day in my 5" heels!”
  147. But it was fun as Tommy and I cat walked and I
  148. hobbled and tried to master a fabulous pair of Kaylee’s
  149. finest high heels.
  150. At one point, Mrs. Gault kicked me her stiletto heels
  151. and said, “Let me see how you do in big girl shoes.”
  152. 8 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  153. I tried to hide my excitement as I slipped her shoes on
  154. my nyloned toes and stood up. A rush of adrenaline hit
  155. me as I stood, perched in Mrs. Gault’s incredible shoes! I
  156. felt that extra bit of height and was almost dizzy. The
  157. sense of feminine instability was overwhelming as I took
  158. a few precarious steps.
  159. I hardly heard Kaylee say, “Wow? You’re a natural?
  160. Just take shorter steps. Shoulders back and relax your
  161. hips.”
  162. I was quite unprepared for the new sensations. My
  163. hips moved to a new angle, and I took small mincing steps
  164. around the room. In a mirror, the heels had transformed
  165. my posture. I felt a little steady and enjoyed the
  166. exaggerated wiggle and extra height.
  167. In Mrs. Gault’s higher heels, I quickly found my
  168. ankles beginning to wobble with the strain of trying to
  169. walk and then almost fell over like a drunken sailor.
  170. “I’ll take those back now,” she said.
  171. She wore them beautifully without a hint of a wobble,
  172. mince or stagger. I had a new respect for what women
  173. achieved for “fashion.”
  174. Kaylee left the house shortly afterwards, saying she
  175. had some shopping to do. Mrs. Gault talked to us as if we
  176. were girls, complementing us and helping us to overcome
  177. our awkward shyness.
  179. Tommy and I looked at each other, and we were
  180. both speechless. He looked pretty to me, but both of
  181. them raved over my appearance.
  182. The afternoon passed all too quickly. Soon it was
  183. almost five o’clock and I told them that I had better
  184. change back to my own clothes and get home. At that time
  185. I heard Kaylee’s voice at the side door and then I heard a
  186. very familiar voice, my Mother’s! Kaylee had brought her
  187. 10 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  188. over to see me. I tried to run and hide but Mrs. Gault held
  189. me until she came into the room.
  190. Mom just stood in the doorway staring at Tommy and
  191. me. I knew he felt uneasy, but the exhilarating feeling I
  192. had had a short time ago was gone. I felt miserable as my
  193. mother eyed my wavy hair, my makeup, my padded
  194. bosom, my dress and then my legs.
  195. “How did you ever get them to do this?” she asked. “I
  196. didn’t believe Kaylee when she told me how good they
  197. looked. My son makes a good-looking girl! Unbelievable! I
  198. just can’t get over it!”
  199. Looking at the clock, I said, “I better change so we can
  200. go home.”
  201. Mother said, “Oh, no, there isn’t time for you to
  202. change. I have dinner in the oven and we must hurry
  203. home before it is ruined. You can change when we get
  204. home.”
  205. “But I can’t go out looking like this,” I said. “What if
  206. someone saw me?”
  207. “So what?” mother said. “You look very nice in your
  208. pretty new clothes. There is nothing wrong in the way you
  209. are dressed and nothing to be ashamed of. Isn’t that
  210. right, Kaylee?”
  211. Mrs. Gault readily agreed and Kaylee basically pushed
  212. me out the door. It had stopped raining and it was rather
  213. warm, so what else could I do? Our house was close, only
  214. a block away so I fell in step along side of my mother.
  215. Wearing girl’s clothes as a joke `inside’ was one thing, but
  216. wearing them outside was terrifying at first then exciting.
  217. I was thrilled before, but I was on Cloud 9 now. I was
  218. conscious of the breeze blowing my skirt and soft slip
  219. about my legs with every step. Mother chatted constantly
  220. in order to keep me calm as we entered our side door.
  222. As I stepped inside I stopped suddenly. “What will Dad
  223. say?” I wailed. In my ecstasy I had completely forgotten
  224. about him.
  225. “Don’t worry about him,” Mom said, “He was home
  226. when Kaylee came to get me, and he’s anxious to see you.
  227. With that, she took me by the hand and led me into the
  228. living room where Dad was reading the evening paper.
  229. When he saw me, he almost dropped his paper. He sat
  230. there for quite a while just looking at me, then got up and
  231. walked over to me. He looked me up and down from every
  232. angle while I just stood there praying that the floor would
  233. open up and swallow me. The verbal barrage I expected
  234. never came. Instead he just wolf whistled teasingly.
  235. “You know, Honey,” he finally said, “Our son makes a
  236. pretty good looking girl. Why, he looks just like you did
  237. when I first met you.”
  238. I blushed as he said to me, “Well, aren't you a beauty.”
  239. I felt my face grow fiery under his astonishment, but I
  240. turned a full circle so he could get the full effect of the
  241. dress.
  242. “Do you mean that you approve of this, Dad?” I asked.
  243. “Well, approve isn’t exactly the word for it, but I know
  244. that you are all boy and not effeminate so I see no harm
  245. in it.”
  246. “Come on, Brenda,” mother said, “Help me get supper
  247. ready like a good girl. We can’t very well call you Brendan
  248. now, can we?”
  249. “Go on now BRENDA,” Dad nodded his head in
  250. agreement.
  251. My heart was pounding as I went to do mother’s
  252. bidding. Why was I feeling like this? Here I was expecting
  253. nothing but abuse or teasing from Dad, but instead I had
  254. his OK. I thought that I was the only member of the
  255. 12 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  256. family who was crazy, but my parents too? What was
  257. going on around here? I dismissed these thoughts,
  258. however, as I was setting the table.
  259. All through the meal Dad couldn’t keep his eyes off of
  260. me. Mother kept giving me little hints on how to act like a
  261. girl, such as how to smooth out my skirt when I sat down,
  262. how to hold my hands, how to eat, how to speak a little
  263. more softly, etc. I found myself enjoying my new role and
  264. new name.
  265. I had enjoyed myself all afternoon, but had to hide my
  266. pleasure. It was a one-time thing.
  267. After dinner, mother said, “Brenda, help me finish up
  268. the kitchen.” As any daughter should.
  269. We spent the evening watching television, and anyone
  270. who could have seen us would not have known that a
  271. young boy was present. All too soon for me it was time to
  272. retire for the night.
  273. Mother came to my room to help me undress and to
  274. teach me how to take care of the things. I was a little bit
  275. embarrassed to be seen by her wearing girl’s lingerie.
  276. “You are only wearing what I wear…everyday,” she
  277. laughed.
  278. As I was washing the makeup off of my face, she
  279. brought me one of her nylon nightgowns, saying, “Here,
  280. you may as well wear this over your panties to make your
  281. day as a girl complete.”
  282. I climbed into bed wearing the slinky nightgown and
  283. panties, wondering why I was wearing them. They did
  284. feel nice and soft around my body, and I slept in seventh
  285. heaven that night.
  287. Sunday, after we returned from Church, mother
  288. packed my costume from yesterday and returned the
  289. clothes to Mrs. Gault.
  290. Nothing more was said of the incident, but I thought
  291. often of the thrills I had experienced, wondering why I
  292. enjoyed myself so much.
  293. It was Spring and I was doing well in high school. I
  294. played second base on our school baseball team and hit a
  295. respectable .320 average.
  296. We had a new headmaster and he put in a strict dress
  297. code for students that was proposed due to pressure from
  298. a small group of parents.
  299. All was fine until the temperature soared past 90
  300. earlier one week and another heat wave was coming. A
  301. few boys had asked their teachers if they could swap their
  302. long trousers for shorts. They were told “no”. Shorts
  303. weren’t permitted under the school’s new dress code
  304. policy.
  305. When the class leaders protested that the girls were
  306. allowed bare legs, the headmaster, no doubt joking, said,
  307. “You boys are free to wear `proper length’ skirts too.”
  308. So on Wednesday, when forecast was for 85 degrees; a
  309. handful of boys braved the giggles and did so.
  310. “Quite refreshing” was how one of the boys described
  311. the experience.
  312. Another said he rather enjoyed the “nice breeze” his
  313. skirt had afforded him.
  314. The scale of the rebellion increased on Thurday, when
  315. at least 30 boys opted for the skirt option attire.
  316. Ironically, the temperature had dropped to a more
  317. manageable 70, but some boys said they had enjoyed the
  318. freedom afforded by the skirts and that they might do it
  319. again if the dress code wasn’t changed.
  320. 14 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  321. The next heat wave, about 20 boys just showed up in
  322. skirts. The headmaster told one tall boy that his skirt
  323. was too short and exposed too much hairy leg. Some of
  324. the swimmers who shaved their bodies gave out razors to
  325. make sure the boys did not fall foul of any health and
  326. beauty violations.
  327. Some had borrowed skirts from girlfriends, or mothers,
  328. others from sisters. A few had gone the extra mile and
  329. shaved their legs. The hottest Spring days had led to a
  330. bare-legged revolution.
  331. About 30 boys, heads held high, showed up in proper
  332. skirts. The headmaster did not complain, saying, “Many
  333. schools are going to a uniform. No one wants that!
  334. Besides, the girls are learning from the boys that really
  335. short skirts and poor hygiene will not be accepted.”
  336. The dress code would remain as written. The
  337. headmaster felt the pendulum had swung so far to
  338. untidiness that maybe something like this would shock
  339. the student back to reality without a strict uniform.
  340. It was decided then that during the last week in May,
  341. (it being the last week of school before final exams) that
  342. we would wear nothing but skirts and sweaters or blouses
  343. to school. There were about fifteen in the core group and
  344. we decided that the project would involve all of us or
  345. none. Everyone agreed to participate in the stunt.
  346. For some reason I tingled all over when this decision
  347. was reached. When I told my parents about this stunt
  348. they were all for it. Mother gave me several of her skirts
  349. and tops to wear and they fit me perfectly.
  350. On Monday when we went to school wearing skirts, we
  351. were an instant success. All of the boys approved of our
  352. action, as did most of the girls.
  353. On Tuesday there were more boys than just our group
  354. wearing skirts in school. Our idea was really catching on.
  356. The girls began to encourage us, and even dared us to go
  357. further and add proper lingerie to our attire.
  358. On Wednesday there wasn’t a hairy leg among us. We
  359. were all wearing nylons, panties and slips under our
  360. skirts. The girls involved encouraged us to “meet every
  361. detail of the dress code.”
  362. On Thursday mother had me put on a sheer silk
  363. blouse, which allowed my lace slip to be seen, a very light
  364. makeup, and even a pair of low-heeled girls shoes that
  365. she had bought for me to wear. A number of the boys were
  366. similarly attired and we all admitted that we were
  367. enjoying our experiment.
  368. On Friday we agreed to continue to wear our skirts to
  369. exams the following week. Our little plan must have been
  370. a success, because during exams, we heard the dress code
  371. might be adjusted.
  372. I don’t know if it was from the satisfaction I derived
  373. from my attire or not, but I did better than ever in my
  374. exams! I passed every subject with high grades!
  375. That Sunday afternoon I was surprised to hear the
  376. following suggestion from my mother. “Since Tuesday is
  377. the final day of school and you must go to get your report
  378. card and for closing exercises, how about doing it right
  379. this time and go to school as the prettiest girl I can make
  380. you?”
  381. “What do you mean, mother?” I asked.
  382. “I mean dressing you properly from the tip of your toes
  383. to the top of your head. After all, you have been wearing
  384. girls’ clothes to school for two weeks now, but never a
  385. complete costume or with full makeup. Let me do a
  386. complete job on you for one last fling. Besides, it is your
  387. birthday and this will be a unique way to celebrate it.”
  388. 16 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  389. I failed to see the logic of her reasoning, but the idea
  390. thrilled me. Ever since that day in April, I had always
  391. wanted to dress completely once more.
  392. “How about it, Dad?” I asked.
  393. Dad thought for a minute or two, and then said, “I
  394. guess it is not that much different from what you’ve done
  395. for two weeks.”
  396. “OK, I’m game Mom,” I said.
  397. With that, mother took me by the hand and led me
  398. upstairs. “Do I have to start now?” I asked with surprise.
  399. “This is only Sunday afternoon.”
  400. “Yes,” she replied. “I have a lot of work to do to make
  401. you into a presentable young lady.”
  402. As I undressed she busily gathered some of her
  403. clothes. “I think these will fit you just right,” she said.
  404. First she had me put on silky nylon panties and a bra.
  405. I had second thoughts about the bra, saying, “Gee mom,
  406. I’ve worn panties to school before, do I have to wear a bra
  407. too?”
  408. “Of course dear, all girls your age wear them.” She had
  409. me put it on, and then she filled it with cotton. Then came
  410. the nylons, a slip, the shoes she had bought me, and
  411. finally a robe.
  412. Sitting me down at her vanity table she went to work
  413. on my hair which was longer than it was in April. First
  414. she trimmed off my already short sideburns up to where
  415. the hair was long. Then she combed it evenly down both
  416. sides and cut the long ends to make it even all around.
  417. She then took me to the bathroom where she shampooed
  418. and conditioned my hair thoroughly.
  419. Back to her room we went where she put me under her
  420. drier until my hair was just damp. Again she combed my
  422. hair and then started to put it up on rollers, applying a
  423. hair setting lotion.
  424. “Hey,” I said. “I didn’t bargain for this.”
  425. “Oh, yes you did,” she replied. “You agreed to let me
  426. make you the prettiest girl I possibly could and this is just
  427. part of the process. I am going to give you a complete
  428. home permanent so hold your head still.”
  429. She worked with the rollers and lotion until every hair
  430. was wound up, then she put me under her drier again.
  431. While my hair was drying she started to pluck my
  432. eyebrows until I thought that she had pulled them all out.
  433. The thinly arched brows added a girlish softness to my
  434. face.
  435. My nails were next and she gave me a manicure,
  436. trimming the cuticles and pushing them back to make the
  437. nails appear longer, and filed them to a girlish shape. She
  438. then applied two coats of pink polish.
  439. By that time my hair was dry so she took the drier off
  440. and gave me a pretty flower print dress to put on and
  441. applied a light makeup. “We will leave your hair up
  442. tonight,” she said, “and brush it out tomorrow to see what
  443. it looks like,” she said.
  444. When we went downstairs Dad looked at me and
  445. grinned. “I see why your mom called you “Brenda.”
  446. Dad calling me by my girls’ name again thrilled me to
  447. no end.
  448. I helped mother to prepare and serve dinner. She
  449. criticized my movements and actions, telling me that I
  450. must now start to act like a girl. She also complimented
  451. me when I did things to her satisfaction. She was gently
  452. but firmly molding and training me to act like a girl.
  453. That night she gave me a pretty pink nylon gown to
  454. wear over my panties and instructed me in the care of my
  455. 18 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  456. clothes and removal of my makeup. It was quite awhile
  457. before I dropped off to sleep, what with my hair up on
  458. unaccustomed rollers, but when I finally dropped off, I
  459. dreamt sweet dreams.
  460. Monday morning when I got up I dressed in the same
  461. clothes I had worn on Sunday. I again had to wear a bra
  462. with the outfit.
  463. Instead or applying my makeup for me, mother sat me
  464. at her vanity and had me do it myself, coaching me when
  465. necessary. I looked a bit silly, my face made up and my
  466. hair still in curlers.
  467. After I was made up to her satisfaction we had
  468. breakfast and then she left me to make up the beds and
  469. tidy up the house while she went shopping. She was gone
  470. all morning and when she returned the car was loaded
  471. with packages. I helped her carry them to her room but
  472. she said nothing about their contents.
  473. After we had lunch and washed the dishes she started
  474. on my hair. She took out all of the rollers and then
  475. brushed and combed my hair, with a little spraying, until
  476. she was finally satisfied and stepped back to look me over
  477. with a critical eye.
  478. At that time the doorbell rang so she left me to look
  479. over her creation in the mirror while she answered the
  480. bell. I couldn’t get over my appearance. She had fixed my
  481. hair into a beautiful wavy style, just right for a girl my
  482. age. I looked just like any pretty teenage girl at school.
  483. A voice from the living room brought me back to earth;
  484. my mother calling me to come down.
  485. When I went down I was surprised to see Kaylee there.
  486. She had come over to borrow something and mother had
  488. told her about me. I turned a bright shade of red as she
  489. looked me over.
  490. “What do you think of our Brenda now?” mother asked.
  491. “Well, he…I mean absolutely beautiful,” Kaylee
  492. said. “I didn’t dream that he could look so much like a
  493. girl. But what is this all about?”
  494. “Well, since he has been wearing girls’ clothes to school
  495. for two weeks, I suggested that we go all out and really
  496. make a girl out of him for the final day tomorrow. I even
  497. bought some new things for him to wear. Here, Brenda,
  498. put these on and get used to wearing them.” With that
  499. she handed me a pair of bone colored pumps with threeinch
  500. heels.
  501. I sat down and slipped them on. I was a little
  502. embarrassed by Kaylee’s stare when my skirt rode high
  503. on my nylon-clad thighs. Still, I was enchanted with the
  504. feeling the stilt heels gave me.
  505. Mom announced, “His very first pair of high heeled
  506. shoes. Walk around in them and see how they feel.”
  507. After walking about in them, I finally got the hang of
  508. walking in heels, with proper coaching from mother.
  509. Kaylee suggested that I go over to her house so that her
  510. mother and Tommy could see me.
  511. “I don’t know. Should I go, mother?” I asked.
  512. “Why not,” she replied. “You have on a pretty dress,
  513. your hair looks lovely, and you make a beautiful girl.
  514. There is nothing to be ashamed of, like any pretty girl, be
  515. proud of your ‘look’. Show that you are not afraid to be
  516. seen and people will not criticize you for dressing like a
  517. girl. Besides, everyone will see you tomorrow so you may
  518. as well get used to it today.”
  519. She was right of course; everyone at school would see
  520. me tomorrow. With a little more urging from Kaylee, I
  521. 20 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  522. went with her. Again I was on Cloud 9 just to be outside
  523. completely dressed as a girl.
  524. A few of the neighbors were working in their yards but
  525. nothing was said. I doubted they recognized me? I couldn’t
  526. tell from their reactions. Soon we were at Kaylee’s house.
  527. “Mother,” Kaylee called, “Come and see what you
  528. think of our Brenda now.”
  529. Mrs. Gault came and looked at me with a puzzled look
  530. on her face, then her eyes lit up and she smiled in
  531. recognition.
  532. “If you had not called him Brenda I would not have
  533. recognized him at all. Here, let me look at you. My word,
  534. but you do make a lovely girl. That hairdo is absolutely
  535. beautiful on you and makes all the difference in the world
  536. in your appearance. Tommy, come here and see who is
  537. visiting.”
  538. When Tommy came in and saw me he was speechless.
  539. He just stood there and gaped and gasped. Even though
  540. he had dressed in a skirt that hot day in April, he had not
  541. been in our group who had been wearing skirts to school.
  542. Kaylee explained Mom’s plan for me on the last day of
  543. school and all agreed that it might help change the dress
  544. code.
  545. Kaylee said, “Let’s dress Tommy up too!”
  546. Tommy about died, saying, “No way.”
  547. We all laughed. Kaylee then suggested that I go with
  548. her and Tommy since she was driving their car to school.
  549. I agreed.
  550. Again after receiving compliments on my appearance,
  551. I left.
  552. Walking with someone else while outside and dressed
  553. as a girl was one thing, but being by myself was another. I
  555. was totally conscious of my clothes and appearance. I
  556. imagined that the whole neighborhood was staring at me
  557. and whispering about me as I passed. I decided that I
  558. better walk like a girl would, which wasn’t hard in my
  559. new high heels.
  560. I had no sooner entered our house than there was a
  561. knock on our side door. It was Mrs. Woodside, the woman
  562. who lived next door to us. “Was that your son who just
  563. came in, dressed as a girl?” she asked mother.
  564. “Yes,” she replied, “come in and see what you think of
  565. our new daughter, Brenda.”
  566. “Why, he looks absolutely stunning.” Mrs. Woodside
  567. said when she saw me. “No wonder you called him
  568. ‘Brenda.’ No other name would do, and I will have to
  569. remember to call you this and to think of you as a girl
  570. when you’re dressed this way.”
  571. “It is just for tomorrow, last day of class because….”
  572. “I know that you have been wearing girls’ clothes to
  573. school, along with some of the other boys, in order to
  574. change the dress code. I was all for it.”
  575. She continued, “I saw you coming down the street just
  576. now and I was wondering who that strange girl was.
  577. When I saw you enter your house without knocking it
  578. suddenly dawned on me that it might be you. You really
  579. do make a pretty girl with your hair in that lovely style.”
  580. I explained, I was dressed in order to get used to my
  581. clothes and my new high heels. Strangely enough, I felt
  582. no embarrassment at all in talking to her while dressed
  583. as a girl. In fact, I was enjoying this new experience.
  584. “Well, I like seeing you dressed this way, Brenda dear,
  585. she giggled, “Maybe you will do it more often and come
  586. and visit with me while dressed. You make a lovely young
  587. lady.”
  588. 22 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  589. I thanked her for her compliments and the rest of the
  590. afternoon was spent busying myself about the house. I
  591. must admit that I couldn’t pass a mirror without stopping
  592. to admire my appearance.
  593. When Dad came home from the office he openly
  594. beamed when he saw me and I found it very easy to talk
  595. to him. I told him of my adventures that afternoon and of
  596. my acceptance by Mrs. Woodside.
  597. He cautioned, “To win acceptance you must never
  598. show any guilt or be ashamed to be seen dressed as a
  599. female. Just be proud that you can be such a lovely girl.”
  600. The next morning mother woke me early, saying there
  601. was a lot of work to do before going to school. I took my
  602. shower and with a pretty robe on and a pair of mother’s
  603. slippers on my feet, I had breakfast with my parents
  604. before mother took me upstairs to get dressed.
  605. First, she had me put on a lovely pair of lace trimmed
  606. nylon panties and then handed me a regular girdle with a
  607. high cinch type waistband. It even had pads sewn in at
  608. the back and at the sides. As I was putting this on, Dad
  609. came in to say goodbye to us.
  610. He laughed at the gyrations I was going through while
  611. putting on the girdle. “You look as funny as your mother
  612. when putting on a girdle. Good luck with keeping your
  613. skirt down.” After wishing me good luck, he had to leave
  614. for the office.
  615. With the girdle in place and hooked and zipped up, my
  616. mid-section was pulled in so much that I could hardly
  617. breathe. However, this and the pads gave me a much
  618. more girlish shape.
  620. Satisfied at last with my appearance, she went to
  621. her closet and took out a beautiful pink dress made
  622. from a sheer “cream puff’ material. The dress fit
  623. perfectly and emphasized my newly created curves.
  624. 24 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  625. As I was hooking my bra, mother opened one of the
  626. packages she had brought home the day before and
  627. handed me a pair of realistic looking false breasts. With
  628. these inserted in my bra, I had the proper bosom of a girl
  629. and one that responded to every body movement.
  630. A new pair of seamless nylons came next and then I
  631. was given the prettiest lace trimmed, pink, nylon slip that
  632. I had ever seen. I was swooning with pleasure from my
  633. new shape and clothes.
  634. Mother’s voice seemed to be coming from far off when
  635. she told me to sit down at her vanity. This time she really
  636. did a makeup job on me. Not only did she put on the usual
  637. base, powder, rouge and a lipstick to match the color of
  638. polish on my nails, but this time she added false
  639. eyelashes, eyeliner and shadow, and outlined my already
  640. femininely shaped brows with a pencil.
  641. She then went to work on my hair and brushed and
  642. combed it until it looked better than it did the day before.
  643. Satisfied at last with my appearance, she went to her
  644. closet and took out a beautiful pink dress made from a
  645. sheer “cream puff’ material. The dress fit perfectly and
  646. emphasized my newly created curves.
  647. The high heels I had broken in yesterday, earrings and
  648. matching necklace, her extra wristwatch and a spray of
  649. her favorite perfume completed my costume. Taking a
  650. new handbag that matched my shoes perfectly, she put in
  651. her spare wallet with some “mad money,” several dainty
  652. hankies, a comb, and a compact and lipstick “in case you
  653. have to powder your nose and touch up your lips.”
  654. At last, I was ready for school. Stepping back, she
  655. looked me over carefully. I must have passed her
  656. inspection because I saw tears forming in her eyes.
  657. Suddenly tears of fear were forming in my eyes. The
  658. pink dress seemed to rustle with my every move and the
  660. swishing silkiness of the material around my hips only
  661. served furthered to remind me…I was going to be a sissy
  662. girl in front of the entire school!
  663. Suddenly mother hugged me and kissed me on the
  664. cheek. “You are my girl today!”
  665. Instinctively I returned her hugs and kisses and
  666. whispered, “It’s a great joke…. Thank you for the help,
  667. Mom.”
  668. “Wait until tonight,” she whispered back.
  669. We were still working on details when I heard Kaylee
  670. and Tommy drive up and honk. Giving mother one last
  671. hug, I hurried downstairs and out to the car.
  672. When Kaylee and Tommy saw me, both of them
  673. gasped at the same time. As I slid into the car, Kaylee
  674. said, “Are you sure you aren’t really a girl? Brenda
  675. Owens, I think you will be the prettiest girl in school
  676. today. I’m jealous.”
  677. Arriving at school, Kaylee parked the car and we
  678. walked toward the building. Everyone we met stared at
  679. me but no one recognized me. I could see that they were
  680. wondering who this new girl was. My pulse quickened,
  681. feeling a fresh surge of excitement and a twisty little tug
  682. of anxiety.
  683. “They all think I’m a girl.” I needlessly commented.
  684. Kaylee laughed, “And when the boys find out, you are
  685. going to have a tough time keeping your skirt down.”
  686. Kaylee walked with me to my homeroom and added,
  687. “This is your day, Brenda. Don’t be nervous. Remember
  688. that you are a girl and expected to be treated like a
  689. beautiful one. Knock ‘em dead.”
  690. 26 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  691. With those words of encouragement I entered my
  692. homeroom, went to my regular seat, placed my purse on
  693. top of my desk and sat down, smoothing my skirt under
  694. as I did so. Immediately I heard a buzzing in my ears and
  695. I knew that the whispering was about me.
  696. Everyone in the room was staring at me. Our
  697. homeroom teacher came in and started to call the roll for
  698. attendance. When she called “Brendan Owens,” I did not
  699. answer. Looking directly at me she asked me to please
  700. stand and give my name. Boldly I stood up and said, “For
  701. today my name is Brenda Owens.”
  702. Now there was no doubt as to who I was. The whole
  703. class started to laugh and then burst into applause. It
  704. was their way of giving me their approval.
  705. When the applause subsided I sat down and roll call
  706. was continued. As soon as it was over everyone gathered
  707. around me and started to question me at once. I explained
  708. as best I could that after wearing skirts to school for two
  709. weeks, I simply wanted to find out what it was like to be
  710. fully dressed as a girl, and that the last day of school
  711. seemed to be the perfect day to find out.
  712. The girls all agreed that I made a very pretty girl and
  713. they fussed over my dress and makeup. They remarked
  714. about my pretty slip, which could be plainly seen through
  715. my sheer dress, and asked what I had on under it.
  716. Unashamedly I told them what my undies consisted of.
  717. The boys only stared in disbelief.
  718. The bell rang to begin our abbreviated class periods,
  719. during which we were to get our report cards. In each
  720. class, when my name was called, I boldly answered that
  721. my name for the day was “Brenda Owens” and that I was
  722. accepting the report card for “Brendan.”
  724. The teachers did not seem to mind this at all and gave
  725. me my cards without question. They even complimented
  726. me on my appearance and fine taste in clothes. They
  727. remarked to their classes that it was too bad that the PTA
  728. had that crazy dress code. They hoped that the next
  729. school year would bring a general overhaul.
  730. After each class was over, the girls gathered around
  731. me to admire my dress, my figure, my hairdo and my
  732. makeup. The boys would just whistle or would be
  733. speechless. No derogatory remarks were made towards
  734. me. I seemed to have been accepted as “Brenda Owens” by
  735. my classmates as well as by the faculty.
  736. By the end of the class day, I needed to pee but knew I
  737. had to wait out the day with clasped knees. At times
  738. there was a flaming red blush of excitement on my
  739. cheeks. At times I held my breath as I felt the tight “V” of
  740. my silky girdle’s nylon gusset and its smooth hug of the
  741. soft flesh of my inner thigh.
  742. After the final class, I met Kaylee in the hallway.
  743. Quite a crowd gathered around me to talk to me and ask
  744. questions like I was from outer space. I answered each
  745. question truthfully. Finally Kaylee led me away, saying
  746. that she had to go to the girl’s room and assumed I
  747. wanted to go with her.
  748. I objected to going into this girl’s inner sanctum, but
  749. she took me by the hand and pulled me in, overriding my
  750. objections and protests. “LOOK, you are dressed like a
  751. girl and look like one; you may as well do the things that
  752. girls do.”
  753. Once inside I felt uneasy about being there, but the
  754. girls who were there made me feel welcome. Kaylee said,
  755. “We can’t have Brenda going into the boy’s room, can we
  756. girls?”
  757. 28 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  758. The girl’s all nodded and sent me into a private stall.
  759. “Keep your feet pointed out!” I heard one tease. That put
  760. me at my ease and after I found myself talking to them as
  761. if I was a girl and belonged in the ladies room.
  762. I carefully combed my hair while standing in front of
  763. the mirror and touched up my makeup, much to the
  764. delight of the other girls. Kaylee proudly said, “Yeah, he’s
  765. one of us now.”
  766. We were engaged in girl talk when one of the sloppily
  767. attired girls came in. She was obviously surprised when
  768. she saw me there and remarked sneeringly, “I bet you’re
  769. even wearing panties?”
  770. “Certainly I have on panties,” I replied. “Every girl
  771. wears them and mine are clean.”
  772. Taken back, she continued, “Do you have a girdle on
  773. too?”
  774. “Yes,” I said, with a girlishly bitchy tone, “you could
  775. use one too.”
  776. She left in a huff and the girls all laughed at this
  777. perfect epilogue to the boys dressing pretty. Besides,
  778. there was no use trying to hide the fact that I was
  779. wearing lingerie just like them. And there was something
  780. about being included in a group of girls that was really
  781. exciting.
  782. We all gossiped for a while longer, but when Kaylee
  783. wanted to leave, they would not let me go until I showed
  784. them my undies. One of the girls lifted her skirt and
  785. showed me hers and more than a bit embarrassed, I hiked
  786. up my dress and showed them my slip, panties and girdle.
  787. They wanted to know all about my falsies and my curves.
  788. One girl asked. “Do you like wearing dresses to
  789. school?”
  791. I blushed and looked at Kaylee. All the girls were
  792. looking into my eyes. My face felt hot and I was suddenly
  793. speechless. I felt my pulse leap.
  794. “It’s sort of fun,” I admitted. “I almost wish there was
  795. another day of school…NOT!”
  796. They all laughed, but my stomach was still tied in
  797. knots. I had almost admitted I liked wearing dresses to a
  798. bunch of girls!
  799. And so it went on for a few more minutes, as we all
  800. talked about makeup, hair and from time-to-time, how I
  801. felt being in skirts. There was the thrill of sharing these
  802. girl’s experiences; simply unparalleled.
  803. When it was time to go and as protection from the boys
  804. always hanging around outside the girl’s room, we walked
  805. as a group to the cars. When I said goodbye, the girls
  806. thanked me for dressing up. One of them teased that she
  807. hoped to see more of “Brenda” during the summer.
  808. Kaylee, Tommy and I laughed so hard on the way
  809. home that Kaylee had trouble driving. When we arrived
  810. home, they both came in for lunch.
  811. Mother asked, “Well, honey, did my girl enjoy herself
  812. today?”
  813. “I really did. It was a great experience and I am glad
  814. that you talked me into doing it so completely.” I turned
  815. to Tommy and said, “Mother made me do it.”
  816. “Sure, she did,” he smiled knowingly.
  817. I had to tell Mother every little detail of the day with
  818. Kaylee adding her impressions. She told mother, “He was
  819. really cute and did a lot of blushing. But I could tell he
  820. loved it. Look at that pretty smile on his face.”
  821. 30 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  822. She was right, just the thought of my day in a dress
  823. sent a strange warm feeling through my body.
  824. “Honey?” mother asked, with a mischievous tone. “So,
  825. would do it again?”
  826. Admitting that I would in front of Tommy and the two
  827. women gave me strange, scary feelings…exciting feelings.
  828. I sheepishly lowered my eyes and my fingertips toyed idly
  829. with the hem of my skirt.
  830. Kaylee said, “He should. Nothing about him was like
  831. a boy. He was sweet and there was no sign of that boy
  832. aggressiveness and that fearlessness that teen boys
  833. project.” She glared at her brother. “Most boys are like
  834. roosters. In a dress, Brendan radiated beauty, confidence
  835. and poise. It’s nice that ONE boy enjoys beautiful clothes
  836. and understands a girl’s life.”
  837. “I never thought I’d ever enjoy doing this,” I admitted
  838. as Tommy rolled his eyes.
  839. After Kaylee and Tommy left for home mother said to
  840. me, “Please don’t change your clothes yet, Brenda.” Then
  841. she looked at me with an inquisitive grin. “You like the
  842. idea of me treating you like my daughter, right?”
  843. “Yeah, I do, it’s fun. I’m not sure why,” I admitted.
  844. “Then stay dressed as you are so that your father can
  845. see you when he gets home. And I have something else to
  846. tell you. Everything you have on is yours. Those clothes
  847. and accessories were bought just for you…they are a
  848. birthday gift to you.”
  849. I was so confused but hugged her. Then it sunk in. “I
  850. actually hoped I was getting a new baseball mitt. You are
  851. giving me a dress and lingerie? I don’t know when I’d
  852. wear them again?”
  854. She said, “We have been sharing a much different
  855. bond. I think your dress is beautiful and you seem to love
  856. it. If you keep your legs shaved, you could be my
  857. `daughter’ sometimes.”
  858. “I can’t believe you are giving me a dress.”
  859. “You like it, right?”
  860. “Yeah!” I was so thrilled that my eyes got misty.
  861. Which for a boy, is like sobbing hysterically out of joy.
  862. “Thank you mother. It’s a perfect birthday gift that I
  863. never imagined I wanted.” Then I gasped, “Oh gawd. Is
  864. there something wrong with me?”
  865. Mother just smiled and said, “No, Honey. You are
  866. simply doing something that you enjoy. You look lovely in
  867. the dress and it would be a shame to hide all of that
  868. beauty. Don’t you agree? You have my permission to
  869. wear your girl clothes whenever you wish.”
  870. I was confused. I’d never had a “girl clothes” option. I
  871. asked, “So like on weekends or something?”
  872. Mother laughed, “No. Just whenever you don’t know
  873. what to put on, you now have the option of wearing a
  874. pretty dress and all that goes with it.”
  875. “Should I ask you?”
  876. “No, they are your clothes. Like most other things,
  877. you’ll get more comfortable with time.”
  878. When a mother gives her son a dress and lingerie, it
  879. sparks strong emotions. All boys want to be the “little
  880. man” in their mother’s life but she was suggesting I could
  881. be “her girl” too.
  882. “So Mother, I could put on a dress for `no reason’?
  883. Won’t everybody laugh? Does Dad know you gave me a
  884. dress?”
  885. 32 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  886. “We’ll have to see how he handles it,” mom said. “No
  887. one will laugh. You just wore a dress to school and had a
  888. great time. If you want to wear your dress, you have to
  889. get used to people seeing you. So no more worry for
  890. today…just keep your dress on so your father can see.”
  891. So he can see his completely sissy son,” I said with a
  892. self-deprecating laugh.
  893. “Don’t think like that. Kaylee isn’t a sissy. You are
  894. not going to be a sissy just because you wear a pretty
  895. dress.”
  896. There was no use defending my masculinity as I
  897. looked at my birthday gifts. I didn’t want to show it, but I
  898. was having the time of my life.
  900. When Dad came home, I was surprised that he seemed
  901. so delighted to see me still wearing girl clothes. He
  902. complimented me, “You make a very attractive young
  903. lady! It’s like I have a daughter! Should I call you
  904. Brenda?”
  905. I nodded but this remark rather surprised me coming
  906. from my father, but I did not say anything.
  907. We had a pleasant early dinner and, as before, I
  908. helped mother. Again, I had to tell them about my day in
  909. school and Dad was as interested as mother was in every
  910. little detail. Dad asked, “I bet your buddies were shocked
  911. to find out you have such good legs? Anybody ask you
  912. out?”
  913. I blushed but we all laughed.
  915. When Dad came home, I was surprised that he
  916. seemed so delighted to see me still wearing girl
  917. clothes.
  918. 34 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  919. After dinner was over, dad turned on the television to
  920. a loud baseball game. Mother said, “Instead of some
  921. game, come upstairs with me, Brenda. I think I have
  922. another surprise for you.”
  923. I followed her to her room where she told me to
  924. undress, cream the makeup off my face and take a
  925. shower. When I came back to her bedroom wearing a
  926. towel, she handed me a brand new pair of panties. They
  927. were full cut, brief style panties with a lace-trimmed
  928. panel in front. She smiled, “I bought these for you this
  929. morning.”
  930. “This morning?”
  931. “I’ll turn my back. Just slip them on.”
  932. I tried to take Pi to the tenth digit as I slipped the soft
  933. thin layers of nylon up my smooth legs, getting some nonfeminine
  934. sensations again. I quickly tucked everything
  935. well back in the close-fitting gusset of my new panties.
  936. I shivered as mother asked, “I hope you don’t mind me
  937. buying you extra panties? I bought an identical pair for
  938. me too.”
  939. I shrugged as I put on my same girdle, a lighter shade
  940. of nylons and, much to my surprise, a new bra that
  941. matched the panties. Only on this bra, mother removed
  942. the thin straps.
  943. “This is a strapless bra but you keep the straps with
  944. the bra.”
  945. “Strapless?” I gasped. “I can think of two reasons
  946. THAT will not work on me.
  947. Mother laughed, “You think you are the first schoolgirl
  948. with that problem? See, there is a wide, broad band to
  949. encourage you to hold your shoulders straight and not
  950. hunch. The support comes from the band and that is
  951. what keeps your bust up.”
  953. When my falsies were put in this bra, the flesh of my
  954. chest was pushed up above the top of my bra, creating a
  955. rather realistic looking cleavage.
  956. “WOW!” I said. “I’m learning so many “girl” secrets.”
  957. “Well, you made your first trip the girl’s room. Bras
  958. and breasts are everyday talk there. Next time you go,
  959. you can stand up straight, giggle, and brag about your
  960. bras!”
  961. I nearly swooned at the notion of any future ladies
  962. room visits. Mother said, “You need to ask me if you
  963. have any questions about anything. Comfortable?”
  964. “It feels amazing, like a hug,” I said.
  965. She laughed, “You may have never guessed it, but I’m
  966. only a B cup, but proud of it! Flat or busty, one of the
  967. benefits of wearing the right bra is confidence. I’ll teach
  968. you what bra to wear with what. The idea is to fill out a
  969. dress and shape your bust for an overall attractive
  970. appearance.”
  971. “I really don’t need many bras,” I laughed.
  972. “Do you want to know how many bras I have?” as she
  973. walked over to her lingerie drawer and opened it. She
  974. giggled, “I don’t know…. Do I have enough? Never. Bras
  975. and panties can be fabulous gifts!”
  976. “I know that now,” I laughed. “Not sure when I’ll wear
  977. what I have?”
  978. “Pretty panties make me feel good all the time,” she
  979. said.
  980. I blushed as mother talked about her intimate apparel
  981. in a most unaccustomed way. It was not a mother/son
  982. chat but should have been mother/daughter. She told me
  983. her bra size and what style cup she preferred to create a
  984. nice swell of smooth cleavage. I guess I now noticed her
  985. 36 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  986. beautiful bosom, so full and shapely that she always
  987. concealed within the protection of a bra.
  988. Mother showed me her favorite style of everyday
  989. panties…a super soft, semi-sheer, nylon brief with classic
  990. style, dainty lace overlay at the legs. “I think you’ll find
  991. they are fun to wear,” she smiled.
  992. “Fun to wear panties a girl?” I thought.
  993. “I know you’ll like wearing panties and you’ll need more if
  994. you wear them every day?”
  995. “I’m not sure I’ll want to do that,” I answered honestly.
  996. Mom said, “Just try it and see if you like it? You need
  997. get used to wearing them everyday without feeling selfconscious
  998. or excited.”
  999. I blushed; they were exciting. Mother said softly,
  1000. “Girl’s lingerie can be very exciting for boys. You have
  1001. very pretty panties and at some point, you’ll feel they are
  1002. just your underwear.”
  1003. “How do we do that?” I blushed.
  1004. “As a boy, wearing panties can be a little tricky,
  1005. especially as you get used to them.”
  1006. It was like mother couldn’t talk enough lingerie but
  1007. finally handed me a white nylon half-slip. I refused to
  1008. have any thoughts of resisting as butterflies skittered
  1009. inside my belly. The slip had a rose embroidered at the
  1010. hem and I wanted to ask if that was mine too. I tried not
  1011. to think it wasn’t.
  1012. Then she gave me a pair of silver evening heels with
  1013. three-inch heels.
  1014. I placed my feet into the strappy slippers and giggled
  1015. as I saw my little painted toes peaking out the front of the
  1016. shoe. There had to be some catch, I asked again, “So
  1017. these are mine too?”
  1019. Mother smiled, “Your panties, your bra, your girdle,
  1020. your stockings, your slip, your dress and your high heels.
  1021. All for you to enjoy.”
  1022. I had never imagined a birthday like this. I was still
  1023. floating from my day at school when mother said, “Let me
  1024. pretty up your face and we’ll go show your father.”
  1025. She then went to work on my face and gave me a
  1026. glamorous makeup job, using different shades of
  1027. cosmetics than she had used before. She even arranged
  1028. my hair in a different style, more suitable for evening
  1029. wear than for daytime.
  1030. When everything was to her satisfaction she brought
  1031. out the crowning glory, a beautiful aqua evening gown in
  1032. a waltz length, made of sheer chiffon and with yards and
  1033. yards of material in the skirt.
  1034. The gown fit my new padded form perfectly and
  1035. exposed my “bosom” above it. She then gave me her good
  1036. watch to wear and long dangling earrings with matching
  1037. necklace and bracelet. Her most intoxicating perfume was
  1038. applied and I was ready. Ready for what I did not know,
  1039. but I did not question her.
  1040. As I posed in front of her full-length mirror and turned
  1041. about, I was amazed at the beautiful girl who was looking
  1042. back at me, but I felt a little embarrassed about my
  1043. girlish nakedness. I had a strange feeling, standing there
  1044. with my bare arms and shoulders and with my bosom
  1045. showing. It was a funny feeling that I could not quite
  1046. explain to mother or wanted to try. I looked like a girl
  1047. ready to go to a formal dance or to a party.
  1048. She sensed what was going on inside of me and told
  1049. me to just walk around the room and check the mirror
  1050. until I got used to myself.
  1051. Meanwhile Mother started to change her dress and
  1052. makeup. Surprisingly, in front of me, she began to
  1053. 38 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  1054. unbutton her blouse and kicked off her shoes. She
  1055. dexterously unbuttoned her skirt and unzipped the
  1056. zipper, pulled her skirt down, bringing her own half-slip
  1057. down with it.
  1058. I turned my back but there were mirrors everywhere.
  1059. She turned herself as she changed into a different lacecovered
  1060. bra; her hands in front of her peek-a-boo fashion.
  1061. “I love this bra,” she said, pointing, “The cups push my
  1062. breasts together, creating an eye-catching cleavage.”
  1063. My eyes looked and I said, “You have a great figure.”
  1064. “So do you, honey,” she giggled, raising the pitch of her
  1065. voice.
  1066. As she dressed, I walked about the room, getting used
  1067. to the high heels. My full skirt made a lovely swishing
  1068. sound when I walked.
  1069. “Boy stuff is so boring,” I said as she slipped on her
  1070. black evening dress. I got a thrill when she asked me to
  1071. help zip up the back of her dress. When she was satisfied
  1072. with her appearance, she asked me how I felt.
  1073. “Shocked, I guess, mother.” I said.
  1074. Mother said, “You’ve had a big day. You went to
  1075. school today in a dress and now you are in yet another
  1076. prettier dress.”
  1077. “I like the way I look in this kind of a dress and I am
  1078. getting used to my nakedness, but why am I dressed like
  1079. a girl going to her senior prom? What are you planning for
  1080. me tonight?”
  1081. “Why, this is your birthday, dear,” she replied. “I
  1082. couldn’t resist dressing you this way in order to celebrate
  1083. your real birthday, and at the same time we can celebrate
  1084. your ‘birthday’ as our daughter, Brenda Owens. Come,
  1085. now.” With that she took me by the hand and led me to
  1086. the stairs.
  1088. Everything was quiet as we went down the stairs, but
  1089. as soon as we reached the living room I was shocked to
  1090. hear a chorus of voices shouting “Surprise!”
  1091. When I recovered sufficiently I looked about and saw
  1092. most of our immediate relatives, a number of our
  1093. neighbors and most of my close friends and a few
  1094. classmates from school.
  1095. Faintly I heard mother’s voice as she said, “Folks, I
  1096. want you to meet our new daughter, Brenda Owens.” It
  1097. was just like a debutante’s coming out party. In fact, that
  1098. is just what mother was doing with me. She was
  1099. presenting me to the public as her daughter, “Brenda
  1100. Owens.” A new girl was born that night.
  1101. Everyone gathered around me and everyone started to
  1102. talk at once. I had to turn and pose like a model so that
  1103. every one could see me from all angles. They all
  1104. complimented me on my appearance and my girlishness.
  1105. I just loved hearing them say how feminine I looked,
  1106. but at the same time I began to feel embarrassed
  1107. appearing before my relatives and friends dressed as I
  1108. was.
  1109. Kaylee came over to me and took my hand, kissing me
  1110. lightly on the cheek as she whispered in my ear until I
  1111. calmed down. Soon I found myself reacting naturally as if
  1112. I were a girl.
  1113. Presents were given to me and I had to open them all
  1114. and show them to everybody. To my surprise, I received
  1115. many nice feminine things such as jewelry and costume
  1116. accessories, purses, hose, etc., and even some items of
  1117. lingerie.
  1118. Kaylee gave me a beautiful white nylon slip, lavish
  1119. with lace, and everyone laughed at my embarrassment
  1120. when I took it out of the box and showed it to the group.
  1121. 40 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  1122. A couple of my boyfriends gasped in the corner when I
  1123. opened a bra and panty set from Mrs. Woodside. I
  1124. realized it was too late to try to defend my masculinity so
  1125. by the time I had everything opened, I was enjoying
  1126. myself tremendously and I felt no more embarrassment
  1127. whatsoever.
  1128. Mother and my aunts prepared a buffet table, records
  1129. were put on the stereo and soon we were dancing. I think
  1130. I was asked to dance by everyone there, even by my boy
  1131. friends.
  1132. Dad took his turn in dancing with me and said, “You
  1133. look so beautiful honey and you follow very well. Are you
  1134. enjoying your surprise party?”
  1135. For an answer, I kissed him fully on his lips like a
  1136. daughter would, much to everyone’s glee. I whispered,
  1137. “Thank you for understanding. I feel like Cinderella.”
  1138. “When did my little boy grow up?” Dad laughed, “The
  1139. transformation is amazing.” He seemed pleased with my
  1140. role-playing. When dad spun me around, I felt like a
  1141. princess.
  1142. Kaylee danced with me as much as she could and was
  1143. always at my side, paying me every special attention.
  1144. My boy friends extended me every courtesy for taking
  1145. the school dress code joke so far. They treated me as if I
  1146. was really a girl and I enjoyed talking to them, even
  1147. dancing with a couple.
  1149. “Don’t be silly, I couldn’t possibly pass as a girl
  1150. for that length of time. These heels are already
  1151. killing me!”
  1152. 42 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  1153. Towards the end of the party, my Uncle Al, who was
  1154. the head of one of our town’s department stores, said
  1155. slowly, “I have an announcement to make. I’d like to offer
  1156. my new little niece a job…in my store…as a sales
  1157. girl…for the entire summer!”
  1158. Everyone laughed and applauded. I blushed and was
  1159. stunned by his offer. Of course, I declined it immediately,
  1160. saying, “Don’t be silly, I couldn’t possibly pass as a girl for
  1161. that length of time. These heels are already killing me!”
  1162. “Now you know what we women have to put up with,”
  1163. my Aunt said. “You should take the job.”
  1164. Immediately every one spoke up and insisted that I
  1165. accept his offer. I wasn’t sure they were joking or what?
  1166. I asked my Uncle, “Are you serious? I guess I could be
  1167. a stock boy.”
  1168. “No, Brenda. I need a salesgirl.” He said, “Com’ on.
  1169. From what I see, you can carry off the deception with
  1170. ease.”
  1171. Confused, I turned to my parents for help. They both
  1172. nodded and mother said, “What a unique experience…and
  1173. with a good salary!” They both insisted that I accept the
  1174. offer.
  1175. Apprehensively, (and mostly just to shut down the
  1176. conversation) I finally (and jokingly) accepted my uncle’s
  1177. offer, innocent of what that really meant.
  1178. Everyone applauded my decision and my uncle said, “I
  1179. will expect ‘Brenda’ in my office at nine o’clock Monday
  1180. morning. Don’t be late!”
  1181. As the party broke up, all the guests said, “I guess we
  1182. will be seeing more of Brenda Owens.”
  1184. After everyone had gone I threw my arms about my
  1185. mother and cried, “My uncle? That was a joke, right?”
  1186. “No,” she said, “Your Uncle was impressed and loved it
  1187. that you accepted the challenge. He’s been having a
  1188. problem with his female employees not dressing nicely
  1189. and up to their dress code. He figured if it worked for
  1190. your school….”
  1191. “Oh, mother, this is silly! I couldn’t wear high heels
  1192. everyday!”
  1193. “Don’t worry your pretty little head,” she said. “You
  1194. like dressing up as a girl…that is obvious. Wouldn’t you
  1195. like to try it a little longer? A few more days or maybe the
  1196. entire summer?”
  1197. “I don’t know,” I confessed between sobs, “Tonight was
  1198. fun, especially after the way I was accepted tonight. How
  1199. could I possibly do it?”
  1200. “Now, now, Brenda,” she said as she blotted away my
  1201. tears. “You are already acting like a girl. Just imagine
  1202. you being the darling girl you were tonight. Imagine
  1203. another day and another day…and for the entire summer.
  1204. Besides, this will be a good way for you to earn money for
  1205. your college education.”
  1206. I asked, “What about my baseball league? I guess I
  1207. could play ball on weekends?”
  1208. “Forget about baseball. Do you think you can put on
  1209. and take off nail polish twice a day? No, you’ll be living
  1210. as a girl twenty-four hours a day. Forgetting your ‘boy
  1211. stuff’ will be challenging but you can do it.”
  1212. “This is silly. So I’d just start living like a girl?”
  1213. “Tomorrow I will start you on an intensive training
  1214. course to teach you all about girls and how to act like one.
  1215. By Monday you will be ready to face the world in dresses
  1216. and those awful heels.”
  1217. 44 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  1218. Dad was quiet but he added his reassurances, “You
  1219. can play baseball any summer. Besides, you haven’t kept
  1220. up with the young men in the developing department. You
  1221. are still shorter, your voice is higher and you carry your
  1222. weight at your hips…this could be a very special summer
  1223. in skirts.”
  1224. “Yeah, I’m not even sure I’d make the first team,” I
  1225. sighed.
  1226. Dad laughed, “So second string, second baseman, or
  1227. first string salesgirl?”
  1228. “I’m shocked,” I gasped. “I’m actually thinking doing
  1229. girl stuff could be fun. So I just start doing girl stuff?”
  1230. “You are already doing it,” Dad said, winking at
  1231. mother. “Maybe we can add a few more surprises before
  1232. long.”
  1233. Mother just winked back and smiled.
  1234. As I was taking my pretty party dress off, mother
  1235. walked into my bedroom and gave me one more gift. It
  1236. was a somewhat short, pink baby doll nightgown with
  1237. matching panties and a sheer cover up robe. Mother
  1238. said, “Your father thinks it’s too sexy for a young girl, but
  1239. what does he know?”
  1240. The three piece, baby doll style was so beautiful. It
  1241. had two sheer layers; one of soft nylon, the second of a
  1242. gauzier material and the matching robe was sheer nylon
  1243. with big puff sleeves and a pink ribbon tie. Most eyecatching
  1244. were the extremely frilly, full cut nylon panties.
  1245. “Oh mother,” I gasped. “I can’t let dad see me in this?”
  1246. “You are more covered up than you think,” she giggled.
  1247. “Now come help your father and me clean up the kitchen.”
  1249. I was sure he’d laugh out of control at me but so far
  1250. he’d accepted my playing dress up. But this nightgown
  1251. just screamed, “SISSY” as it sat on my bed for me to
  1252. admire the sparkling pink lace embroidered at the bust.
  1253. I put it on and it felt so nice, the way the layers hung
  1254. in front made it look like my breasts had started to swell.
  1255. It felt so nice, like a cool rush of liquid spilled over my
  1256. body. I looked in the mirror and felt like dancing but just
  1257. put on more lip gloss.
  1258. Once in my nightgown and the barely there robe, I
  1259. reluctantly went to help clean up after the party.
  1260. When dad saw me, he looked at me strangely and I
  1261. folded my arms across my breasts. He said, “Sorry to
  1262. stare but I’m not seeing any of my son.”
  1263. Mother laughed, “Get used to it. We are going to have
  1264. a daughter for a while. That means getting him into the
  1265. whole look, not just dresses but hair, make-up and sweet
  1266. little nighties too.”
  1267. Dad laughed without hesitation, “Sounds like a girls’
  1268. dream world.”
  1269. “Or a boy’s nightmare,” I said blushing.
  1270. Mother laughed, “Come on, honey, don't be shy. You
  1271. are going to be just as pretty as any girl your age.”
  1272. Before going to bed, I kissed them both and asked
  1273. what new surprises they had in store for me. They just
  1274. smiled and said, “Wait and see.”
  1275. Okay, maybe you have read stories of a boy waking up
  1276. after a night like mine. The boy is wearing a beautiful
  1277. baby doll nightgown. His mother comes in and sees her
  1278. beautifully disheveled son and says, “Young lady, you are
  1279. amazing!” She leans over and kisses him lightly on the
  1280. forehead.
  1281. 46 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  1282. Well, this is what really happened the “morning after”.
  1283. I woke up and was groggy and I had not removed my
  1284. makeup very well.
  1285. When I glanced over at the mirror, I looked awful! My
  1286. hair was everywhere and smelling like old, stale perfume.
  1287. A little discouraged with the morning after being
  1288. Cinderella, I got up and stumbled across my image in the
  1289. mirror. I was not cute in anyway and all of a sudden, I
  1290. felt...not normal. I felt nothing like that sweet birthday
  1291. girl from the night before.
  1292. And I what was I going to do now? I realized I was
  1293. feeling like a complete fool. I went from a euphoric high
  1294. of being the most beautiful girl in the world, admired by
  1295. all, to a boy in a silly nightgown.
  1296. Everyone else at the party; their life was continuing as
  1297. usual today, but not mine.
  1298. I was totally confused, trying to remember every
  1299. conversation. What had I agreed to? I had woken up
  1300. facing a different kind of world. I wasn’t really prepared
  1301. to be a girl full-time…that was pretty obvious. But last
  1302. night, I’d been told by more than a few that I should try it
  1303. and I’d had a few days of going through the motions of
  1304. being a girl.
  1305. But waking up in a girlie nightgown with my lingerie
  1306. about my bedroom was ominous. I wasn’t sure what I
  1307. should do. I knew no one could make me do anything,
  1308. even if I’d agreed last night.
  1309. Mother heard me and came in. “Well, young lady, are
  1310. you ready to begin your training?”
  1311. I stammered, “Joke is over. I don’t think so….”
  1312. Mom put her hand up to stop me from talking. “Look,
  1313. we’ll take this one minute at a time. Get dressed. Be
  1314. sure to put the jelled inserts in your bra. Then, put on
  1316. YOUR skirt, blouse, and a tad of makeup and lipstick.
  1317. Then, we’ll talk about it.”
  1318. Then she kissed me on the forehead and said, “Brenda
  1319. honey, we just need to get you into a skirt again. One day
  1320. at a time.”
  1321. I had a shameful guilty feeling but felt that heartpumping
  1322. throbbing sensation. I was scared; you know the
  1323. feeling. Fear that starts in the pit of your stomach and
  1324. runs in pulsing little waves as I realized I would do what
  1325. she said.
  1326. “Mom,” I mumbled, running my hands down my
  1327. nightie. “Are those really my clothes?”
  1328. After I had dressed, combed my hair and applied a
  1329. light makeup, we talked…as my “girl training” began in a
  1330. constructive and nurturing environment. Make-up, hair
  1331. products, and learning to make me more “attractive” were
  1332. going to be my new life.
  1333. Mother said, “First, some woman’s work.”
  1334. Mother began working on me inside and out as we
  1335. made up the beds and went about her daily chores. She
  1336. coached me on how to raise my voice a bit, to speak more
  1337. slowly and softly, how to walk and sit as a girl, and how to
  1338. hold my hands.
  1339. At lunch, she showed me how to eat as a girl. Some
  1340. actions and mannerisms felt odd but she made me repeat
  1341. them over and over until I could do them automatically.
  1342. She was a strict critic but a fair one. She said that I
  1343. only had five days to learn what a girl learns in years.
  1344. Never did she ask if I changed my mind.
  1345. My Uncle called and said, “I’m counting on you to do
  1346. this right. I’ve already set up a “pre-loaded super”
  1347. 48 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  1348. discount account for you here in the store. This is going to
  1349. be fun!”
  1350. After lunch, I changed dresses, and Mom took me
  1351. shopping. I didn’t want to go, but she said, “You might as
  1352. well start getting out. A working girl needs lots of clothes
  1353. and you need to go along to try things on and make sure
  1354. that they fit.”
  1355. Kaylee came over as we were ready to leave, and
  1356. laughed, “I really didn’t think you would go through with
  1357. this. Can I go and make sure your mother doesn’t buy
  1358. you “old lady” clothes?”
  1359. Mom laughed and said, “Thanks! First, you can teach
  1360. him how a girl gets into and out of a car gracefully.” She
  1361. immediately started offering me other valuable hints.
  1362. I was a little hesitant when we walked into the store
  1363. but I followed the ladies into the “Miss” dress section.
  1364. “This is where you belong,” Kaylee said.
  1365. I blushed but realized she meant size wise. I glanced
  1366. at myself in a large mirror and saw a mother and two
  1367. girls. I certainly was looking like a girl.
  1368. “Hey?” Kaylee teased, “The dresses are over here, not
  1369. in the mirror.”
  1370. I felt my skirt swish back and forth as we walked
  1371. about the racks of pretty things. I couldn't believe how
  1372. much I was enjoying the cool nylon slip caressing my legs.
  1373. Mom asked, “Are you ready to make a commitment?
  1374. Once we start buying you dresses, I expect you to wear
  1375. them.”
  1376. I looked her straight in the eye, “Oh gawd, I don’t
  1377. know.”
  1379. Mother smiled and said, “Say the words…buy me a
  1380. dress.”
  1381. “I think I’d like to try on a couple…nothing too fancy?”
  1382. Mother said, “We are here to buy you `go to work’
  1383. dresses.”
  1384. I stammered, “Seriously, I don’t need many…or really
  1385. any….” I was suddenly worried that I was making the
  1386. wrong decision and was about to fight it, but I could feel
  1387. the sensation of panties on my rounded bottom.
  1388. “Next summer…maybe next summer, I might…” I
  1389. gasped, wondering how I ever got this close to spending
  1390. the summer in a dress. I don’t know what came over me.
  1391. There I was at the mall in a dress! Mother was looking at
  1392. me like she was tuning in to hypnotizing me.
  1393. Our eyes met again. “Honey,” she said, “I know you
  1394. are a little scared but you look like you are having fun.”
  1395. I could feel my boyish will quickly slipping away as I
  1396. looked around at the pretty, soft and colorful fabrics. I
  1397. was wavering, and I realized there might never be a “next
  1398. summer” or a more perfect opportunity.
  1399. In a very soft, sincere whisper, mother said, “I think
  1400. you'd really like wearing some of these dresses. Maybe I
  1401. can buy you one? Another birthday present from me?”
  1402. I was breathing nervously. My resolve was weakening
  1403. as I was starting to consider maybe one dress. But one
  1404. dress might turn into two and then an everyday work
  1405. wardrobe. I was on the verge of giving in and like a
  1406. hungry hawk; mother sensed it.
  1407. “Brenda, please allow me the honor of buying my most
  1408. beautiful daughter a dress or two….” Mother picked a
  1409. dress from the rack and held it up to my chest. It was a
  1410. luscious satiny dress with the trim finished in a charming
  1411. lace and had a rounded neckline and nipped waist.
  1412. 50 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  1413. “Or this one?” She held up a simple one tone but
  1414. satiny “work” dress with a chiffon panel encircling the
  1415. skirt’s hem. “You could dress this up or down with
  1416. accessories.”
  1417. I drew a long breath; my fingers touched the soft
  1418. fabric. “Oh my,” I sighed, “that is very nice.”
  1419. My heart was thumping in my chest. There was a long
  1420. pause as I stood there, my mind racing, toying with the
  1421. decision because at that very moment I knew I was going
  1422. to be wearing dresses for the summer.
  1423. “I don’t want to force you to do anything you don’t
  1424. want to do,” Mother said. “You need to say those
  1425. words….”
  1426. “Okay, buy me a dress. Maybe two.”
  1427. “Good,” she smiled, wrapping an arm around my
  1428. shoulder. “Let’s get you going. Kaylee already has a
  1429. couple of really cute dresses for you to try on….”
  1430. At first I was reluctant to enter a fitting room to try on
  1431. the dresses, but Mother said, “For all intents, you are a
  1432. girl now and these are going to be your dresses. You
  1433. might as well try them on.” The notion intrigued me.
  1434. With mom and Kaylee to guide me, everything went
  1435. smoothly. They seemed to enjoy themselves as they
  1436. picked out my dresses. Funny, the first discussion was to
  1437. get into an argument over the hem length of a dress.
  1438. Mother thought I should be wearing my hemlines just
  1439. below the center of my thigh like hers. Kaylee wanted the
  1440. hems to be well above the center of the thigh, like hers.
  1441. Funny, they never consulted me.
  1442. I was like a drunk as we shopped. Mom bought me
  1443. enough shoes of all styles, hose and even lingerie to last
  1444. all summer. Kaylee was a great help with the selection of
  1446. dresses, skirts and blouses, as she knew what girls of our
  1447. age were wearing.
  1448. I found myself in areas that are off limits to males.
  1449. Most shocking was shopping for bras.
  1450. Mother said, “When you buy a new bra it must fit you
  1451. comfortably on the first row of hooks. As you wear them,
  1452. they will stretch and you can then fasten your bra on the
  1453. tighter rows to compensate.”
  1454. Kaylee nodded and I blushed. They were actually
  1455. talking about me wearing out a bra?
  1456. As mother gathered handfuls of bras for me to try on,
  1457. she never stopped coaching, “It's the elastic that keeps
  1458. your bra snug against your body and gives support to your
  1459. bosom. You should only wear the same bra once every few
  1460. days.”
  1461. It was sheer delight to select other intimate items of
  1462. feminine apparel such as slips, panties, baby doll
  1463. pajamas, nightgowns, shoes, slippers, etc.
  1464. Mother also bought me a complete set of makeup and
  1465. hair setting items (with Kaylee’s youthful color input and
  1466. guidance.) I suddenly realized I would not be leaving my
  1467. house without makeup (or a bra).
  1468. At home, I’d just put on some lipstick but the rest of
  1469. the summer’s outing would require powder, eye shadow,
  1470. mascara, and lipstick to look nice.
  1471. It was a nice day. For hours, it was all about me. I
  1472. must have tried on a zillion different outfits that all
  1473. hugged, squeezed and caressed my feminized body in
  1474. different ways. When Kaylee complimented my
  1475. appearance, mother put them in the pile to buy.
  1476. Sometimes they argued as I stood looking in the mirror
  1477. like a bride to be.
  1478. 52 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  1479. There I was, standing with my mother and Kaylee,
  1480. listening to them discuss whether a skirt was “hot or not”
  1481. on my bottom. Kaylee talked about her boyfriends and
  1482. what they liked. She would tease me, “If you buy that
  1483. dress, I’m keeping my boyfriends away from you!”
  1484. Mother laughed, but bought me the dress. She told
  1485. me, “Okay honey, from now on, these are your things. At
  1486. times you might feel competitive with Kaylee but I will
  1487. expect you to dress and behave as a proper young lady.”
  1488. Make up, hair curlers, high heels and lingerie were to
  1489. be my summer’s uniform.
  1490. I was trying to be confident as a sissy and overcome
  1491. my sense of self-consciousness. Yes, I was a boy in a dress
  1492. but was starting to get over it. It was all just too much
  1493. fun.
  1494. When we returned home the car was crammed with
  1495. packages.
  1497. The first thing Mom wanted to do when we returned
  1498. home was to remove all of my boy clothes.
  1499. “All of them?” I asked.
  1500. “How many girls want boy clothes in their closet?
  1501. None…so off they go to the storage.”
  1502. As I put my boy underwear in a box, I realized that a
  1503. moment of truth neared. A wisp of fear was squirming its
  1504. way into my stomach.
  1505. “Honey,” mother said, “Shall we put your panties and
  1506. bras in the same drawer?”
  1507. “I think it will be all right,” I sighed, putting the bras
  1508. in the drawer. I felt an excited feeling, so intensely
  1509. different then handling my boy things. We carefully put
  1510. my new wardrobe away.
  1512. “How many girls want boy clothes in their
  1513. closet? None…so off they go to the storage.”
  1514. 54 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  1515. “So Honey,” mother asked as we finished. “It looks
  1516. like you are ready now to begin a summer you will never
  1517. forget?”
  1518. “Uh-huh.” My eyes drifted to my closet and the dresses
  1519. hanging… “I’m a little embarrassed and scared, but the
  1520. thought of it takes my breath away.”
  1521. “At times it’s going to be a little bewildering but I
  1522. know you can handle it….” Mom gave my hand a loving
  1523. squeeze, and my eyes drifted back my newly feminized
  1524. bedroom. Tears came to my eyes and she saw them.
  1525. She whispered softly, “Be careful dear. The thrills and
  1526. disappointments of being a girl can open a floodgate of
  1527. emotions,” she whispered. “You are going to have bad hair
  1528. days and other days think you are in heaven. It’s all part
  1529. of being a girl.” And as if to impart the message, her
  1530. warm fingers squeezed mine again. Mother seemed to be
  1531. reading my mind and seeing into my very soul.
  1532. “I guess dressing like a sissy for a few months can’t
  1533. hurt me too much?” I joked.
  1534. “It’ll be special. I bet the memories this summer will
  1535. always be in your mind. Little things will jog your
  1536. memory; like seeing an ad for a dress or bra.” Suddenly,
  1537. her mood shifted. Her voice softened and she looked
  1538. intently, into my eyes, “Honey, listen carefully. Don’t feel
  1539. embarrassed and never apologize.”
  1540. Mom took the last box to storage, and when she left me
  1541. alone in my room, I let out a deep breath. She had just
  1542. carried away my last link to boy life and I obviously loved
  1543. the sensation. My head was spinning. Part of me wanted
  1544. to scream at her to come back with my boy stuff. I even
  1545. felt like crying to release the tension…to cry like a little
  1546. girl.…
  1548. Now what? I looked in the mirror, there was a blush
  1549. of confusion on my cheeks and a tear had run my
  1550. mascara. I fixed my eyes and added a coat of gloss to my
  1551. lips. I ran my hands over my skirt and felt my panties
  1552. pulled over my curvy rump.
  1553. I stopped to pee before helping mother in the kitchen.
  1554. Learning to sit with my knees pressed together and hold
  1555. up my skirt up was new. I resisted even though
  1556. somewhere in my subconscious lurked a primal urge to
  1557. “stand and point” like a boy. Would that inclination go
  1558. away even though I had that physical capacity to stand.
  1559. Despite that, I sat down to pee. I don't understand why
  1560. other men stand to pee - why would you want to splash
  1561. everywhere? I also liked sitting to take a breather.
  1562. Peeing standing up doesn't feel like a break so I sit and
  1563. take inventory.
  1564. My painted tipped fingers clutch at my skirt and I feel
  1565. my long dark lashes flutter on my cheek. My smooth
  1566. shaven legs are stark white against the band of my pink
  1567. panties and control girdle.
  1568. After, I have to be very careful as my nervous fingers
  1569. begin to struggle to get everything back in the right
  1570. position again. I pull at my panties and control girdle and
  1571. think to myself, “Okay girl…get it right!”
  1572. I aligned the gusset’s plumb strips trying to meet
  1573. societal expectations of what should be in such delightful
  1574. pretty panties. I sometimes have trouble tucking
  1575. everything back, conscious that I’d just have to get used to
  1576. seeing sexy lingerie.
  1577. Slipping my thumbs under the elastic of my undies
  1578. waistband… I tugged up hard and wiggled my hips… I
  1579. tugged more and wiggled more until everything was up
  1580. and tight over the curve of my buttocks. I dropped my
  1581. skirt and sigh, asking, “Is this more fun than baseball?”
  1582. 56 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  1583. In the kitchen with mother, she saw my red eyes.
  1584. “Look, after the summer is over, and you’re back in the
  1585. comfort of boy clothes, you might feel some
  1586. embarrassment. But for now, I know you are going to
  1587. have the time of your life! You get to forget the male
  1588. pressures to perform and be a girl.”
  1589. I could feel the anticipation creeping ever deeper into
  1590. gut. I was excited. A never-to-be-forgotten summer doing
  1591. the forbidden…like showing off the swell of pert breasts
  1592. and wearing sexy lingerie under a short skirt.
  1593. “You are going to be totally like a girl,” mother said.
  1594. “Are you starting to feel it yet?”
  1595. “What am I supposed to feel?”
  1596. Mother giggled, “Like you are not a boy or feel like
  1597. doing anything like a boy.”
  1598. “Oh yes…I think I’m beginning to feel that.…” I
  1599. wanted to feel it.
  1600. That evening, I put on a fashion show for Dad with
  1601. Kaylee’s encouragement. He was sitting in the living room
  1602. and watched as I modeled dress after dress, skirt after
  1603. skirt, outfit after outfit; for him. His favorite was my little
  1604. black dress and simple low-heeled pumps. I struck a very
  1605. girlish pose and walked back and forth, wiggling a bit too
  1606. much like a supermodel.
  1607. I looked at Dad. His eyes lingered on my feminized
  1608. figure and the way my dress caressed my smooth legs. He
  1609. had this look of astonishment on his face. Was he
  1610. embarrassed by me…his sissy son? Taking a breath, I
  1611. suddenly felt like my padded breasts were going to rip
  1612. through my bra and the front of my dress. Dad’s eyes
  1614. moved slowly over my image like he no longer recognized
  1615. me.
  1616. Kaylee asked him, “So what do you think? Cute girl,
  1617. eh?”
  1618. Dad clapped his hands and then gave me a big smile.
  1619. “I can’t believe it…I’m going to have a daughter for the
  1620. summer!” he said, seemingly approving of our purchases.
  1621. “You look beautiful. In fact, everyone last night was so
  1622. impressed at your transformation.”
  1623. With that, I saw Kaylee disappear and then she and
  1624. mother came back into the living room with a part of my
  1625. birthday cake and a lacy pillow. Mother said to me,
  1626. “Honey, sit down.”
  1627. I sat down in a chair while my father stood up and
  1628. mother gave him the pillow only now, on top were a pair
  1629. of the highest heeled, patent leather pumps I’d ever seen.
  1630. Dad ceremoniously helped me into the new high heels
  1631. and said, “These are very high. I wouldn’t wear them to
  1632. work until you get some experience spending the day in
  1633. heels.” Once they were on, Dad added, “I guess these
  1634. heels are symbolic. You, my son, have now transitioned
  1635. into my daughter.”
  1636. Everyone had tears in their eyes.
  1637. Kaylee was the first to speak. “Oh, those shoes are to
  1638. die for. And they are going to kill you slowly for a while.
  1639. Let’s see if you can walk in them.”
  1640. I stood up and yes, the feet hurt…hurt good. And
  1641. these weren’t like when I was a kid; trying on “mommy’s
  1642. shoes”…these were my very own high heels! I stood and
  1643. tried to just stand in my stunning, new heels. It was like
  1644. I was standing on a tightrope.
  1645. They were so sexy and I wondered if I’d ever be able to
  1646. wear them a whole day. Dad helped me take a couple
  1647. 58 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  1648. wobbly steps and they totally “feminized” my walk adding
  1649. a saucy back thrust to my bottom.
  1650. I tired to hide my excitement and rush of adrenaline at
  1651. being perched in such a feminine roost. How could
  1652. anything that hurt so badly, and feel so incredible?
  1653. “I like feeling tall,” was all I gasped.
  1654. Kaylee laughed, “Your head IS in heaven. But you are
  1655. still shorter than most boys…even with high heels, you
  1656. are more girl sized.”
  1657. I was a little embarrassed, and blushing furiously as I
  1658. learned to take shorter, more teetering steps. As
  1659. everyone coached me, Mother said, “Oh honey, those look
  1660. wonderful on you. With a short, tight skirt and….”
  1661. “I’ll be totally hobbled,” I interrupted. My big toe was
  1662. being painfully forced, no “molded” into the point of these
  1663. heels. But they made my foot looked smaller, my legs
  1664. longer and shapelier, and made my hips and bottom
  1665. wiggle when I walked.
  1666. Before she went home, Kaylee taught me how to put
  1667. my hair up on the new rollers and how to take it down
  1668. again then comb it out.
  1669. From then on Kaylee was my constant companion. She
  1670. seemed to take a special delight in my girlish education
  1671. and relieved mother of some of her coaching chores.
  1672. Mother was excited and enthusiastic when she
  1673. explained the intimate facts about womanhood. She said,
  1674. “There is no reason you shouldn’t understand the “special
  1675. things” and be able to talk about them when in the
  1676. company of other girls.”
  1677. Mother showed me how to put a pad on by using a
  1678. clean pair of panties. She made me pull off the strip and
  1679. stick it to the panties. She also showed me a tampon and
  1681. described how it worked. She wanted me fully prepared
  1682. to be one of the girls.
  1683. Without sugarcoating the facts, she talked about the
  1684. pros and cons of pads vs. tampons. She even charted a 28-
  1685. day cycle for me on our kitchen calendar and circled four
  1686. days every month in red. It was all so silly but the
  1687. knowledge gave me more confidence in being one of the
  1688. girls.
  1689. “Oh, how sweet!” Kaylee exclaimed seeing the
  1690. calendar. She laughed, “I wish I could choose my days.
  1691. Are you going to use pads or….?”
  1692. I blushed and at first, I was very, very shy about that
  1693. whole cycle thing. I liked wearing dresses but Kaylee
  1694. could tell, I struggled against the intimate details of a
  1695. female life.
  1696. “You can’t be ashamed by the facts of life,” she said.
  1697. “Come with me.” So off we went to buy my pads and
  1698. tampons, then she showed me what I should carry in my
  1699. purse and when. She said, “Always remember to zip up
  1700. your purse during your special days and around boys!”
  1701. 60 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  1702. Women around me had never been open to talking
  1703. about anything feminine: periods, bras, shaving legs, hair,
  1704. padding breasts, nothing like that. Now that I “got my
  1705. period,” they all wanted to help the clueless--me.
  1706. At the store, we were waiting in line and Kaylee
  1707. strikes up conversation with a lady about periods.
  1708. I blushed deeply during that conversation but I had to
  1709. understand; as if I was a female, I would have a monthly
  1710. period. I had to know how to use them and to loan them
  1711. to the needy. (girl code) They are a fact of a girl’s life and
  1712. not something I could be embarrassed about. I’m sure the
  1713. boys at school would have been absolutely horrified to
  1714. know what I had to carry in my purse.
  1715. By Friday the results of my intensive tutoring were
  1716. very much in evidence. I had learned to walk, to talk, and
  1717. to act like a girl.
  1718. It still felt strange to say, “My dress, my panties, or my
  1719. bra,” but I was getting used to it. Kaylee and mom were
  1720. good teachers and I had been a willing pupil. I was
  1721. beginning to look forward to Monday morning.
  1722. On Friday evening, after we had finished the dinner
  1723. dishes, mother and Dad excused themselves and went
  1724. upstairs. Kaylee and I looked at each other and both of us
  1725. wondered what they were up to. About an hour later, we
  1726. found out.
  1727. We heard them coming down the stairs and I’m afraid
  1728. that my eyes almost popped out of my head, for I saw
  1729. mother leading another woman into the room. Only she
  1730. wasn’t a woman, or was she?
  1731. It was my father, completely dressed as a very
  1732. attractive looking woman. He had on a very becoming
  1733. double knit light blue dress, nylons, high heels, a dark
  1735. brown wig with long wavy hair, and was completely made
  1736. up as a woman, even down to nail polish, earrings,
  1737. necklace and perfume. His figure was padded to give him
  1738. the shape of a developed woman.
  1739. For quite a while I just stared. Finally mother broke
  1740. the spell by saying, “Well, Brenda and Kaylee, I want you
  1741. to meet my sometime sister?”
  1742. “Dad!” I blurted. “What does this mean? Does this
  1743. mean that you like to dress as a woman too?”
  1744. “Yes, Brenda,” said the woman, who only an hour ago
  1745. had been my father. “I have liked to dress as a girl, and
  1746. now as a woman, for many years. I started one
  1747. Halloween when I was about your age. My sisters and
  1748. mother dressed me up as a girl for a party. No one at the
  1749. party knew I was a boy.”
  1750. Mom added, “His sisters had so much fun that when
  1751. other boys unmasked, they didn’t remove his wig or tell
  1752. anyone about your father’s true gender.”
  1753. Dad said, “I liked it so much that my sisters let me
  1754. dress up occasionally even giving me some of their
  1755. clothes. We kept my dressing a secret from you because
  1756. we did not want it to influence you when growing up. Up
  1757. until recently, the public was not ready to accept any man
  1758. who liked to dress in women’s clothes as anything but a
  1759. candidate for the ding-a-ling ward.”
  1760. He continued, “As you now know, every male has some
  1761. degree of femininity in him…some of us more than
  1762. others.”
  1763. “WOW,” was my only comment. “You look like a
  1764. woman…a real woman?”
  1765. 62 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  1768. “Thank you,” he smiled. “I guess you know now that
  1769. men who wear women’s clothes are not ALL crazy. If half
  1770. the population likes something, how can it be that bad?
  1771. We are part of a small group of men who like to express
  1772. their femininity by dressing and acting as women. Most
  1773. are normal males in every respect, yet we have this
  1774. feminine personality inside of us that demands a chance
  1775. to be expressed.”
  1776. Mother said, “Your father has been a leader of
  1777. industry, a man of integrity and a respected pillar of our
  1778. community. Sometimes as a human, even men have to
  1779. throw off the yolk of imposed normalcy in regards to
  1780. behavior and dress.”
  1781. “It was for these reasons that we decided to keep this
  1782. trait of mine a secret from you until now,” Dad said.
  1783. “I didn’t have the slightest clue,” I said.
  1784. “We did not want to influence you in any way. If you
  1785. had a feminine personality within you, we had to let it
  1786. develop naturally,” Mom said.
  1787. Dad, continued, “As it turns out, you do have a
  1788. feminine ‘Alter Ego’ and you already know what a lovely
  1789. person Brenda is becoming. Your recent acceptance at
  1790. school and at your birthday party is evidence that society
  1791. understands.”
  1792. Mom said, “We think that it is time to bring Donna out
  1793. into the open and give her a chance to lead her own life.
  1794. What do you think of your father as a `Donna?’”
  1795. “Donna?” I gasped. “A woman’s name? Mom, wasn’t
  1796. that your favorite Aunt?”
  1797. “Yes. She was a sweet and feminine woman. He likes
  1798. being called Donna,” mother said, as Dad blushed. “Do
  1799. you mind calling him by a female name?”
  1800. 64 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  1801. “Always?” I asked, looking at Dad, his initial
  1802. exhilaration at check.
  1803. Mother laughed, “Not when he’s in his business
  1804. suit….”
  1805. For an answer I jumped up and hugged dad and said,
  1806. “I think you are wonderful Donna.” He began to cry then
  1807. we all had waterworks.
  1808. We then dried our tears, repaired our makeup and
  1809. had a four-way “girl talk” session for the remainder of the
  1810. evening.
  1811. Dad said, “If it’s okay with your mother, I’m going to
  1812. show off my feminine talents as Donna for the entire
  1813. weekend.”
  1814. “Yes, Donna. I will love having some sister time,” mom
  1815. giggled and said to me, “When you went to summer
  1816. baseball camp, you weren’t the only one running around
  1817. in spikes….”
  1818. On Saturday morning it was strange to find three
  1819. “females” running around our house. Donna made a lovely
  1820. woman, even in just his slip, and it was hard to realize
  1821. that this female-like person was also my father.
  1822. When he revealed himself in his lingerie, I found that
  1823. he was free from hair from his head to his toes, something
  1824. that I had never noticed before. Also, he revealed a secret
  1825. closet with a rather extensive female wardrobe, complete
  1826. in every detail.
  1827. Mother said, “We have been working on his femininity
  1828. for years. I swear, he has more panties than I do.”
  1829. Mother had known about Donna before they were
  1830. married and had helped him in every way. They had kept
  1831. their secret over the years and I had no idea at all that
  1832. my father liked wearing female clothes.
  1834. Dressed in a pretty daytime dress, `Donna’ and I
  1835. prepared breakfast with domestic skill. After eating and
  1836. washing the dishes, he and I took over the house chores
  1837. from mother, freeing her to do the shopping.
  1838. Kaylee came over to continue my training. With only
  1839. two days to go I still had a lot of practicing to do. By this
  1840. time Kaylee and I were as close as real sisters and she
  1841. treated me as one. With Kaylee to take care of me, mother
  1842. concentrated on Donna. She said, “If you are going to be
  1843. women, you both need to be authentic to even the tiniest
  1844. detail.”
  1845. It was fun to watch Donna go about his chores. His
  1846. voice was much softer and moved into a higher tone as a
  1847. woman. His voice was quite passable. But mother said,
  1848. “He still needs a lot of practice to attain the musical
  1849. quality of a woman’s voice. He’ll get it.”
  1850. When the doorbell rang Donna would answer it
  1851. without hesitation.
  1852. He said, “Whenever I’m Donna, I want to be as
  1853. complete and authentic a woman as possible. I see no
  1854. reason to run or hide from anyone.”
  1855. Dad worked as hard at his lessons as I did at mine.
  1856. We both knew we were male but in the scheme of life, we
  1857. would try to become comfortable with exploring
  1858. femininity. Not the flaunting or flaming femininity or the
  1859. kind inviting attention…just the kind imposed by being
  1860. female. The routine, functional kind that rendered the
  1861. world around us a more balanced place…a kind of world
  1862. with feminine values and attention to pretty details and
  1863. wearing clothes in ultra-sleek fabrics and feminine
  1864. touches such as lace trim on lingerie but concern about
  1865. showing panty lines.
  1866. 66 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  1867. Mother said, “The more you and your father act like
  1868. females, you more female-like you will become. You just
  1869. watch me, do what I do and the way I do it.”
  1870. I had to laugh, most boys want to be like their fathers.
  1871. My father liked girl things and was learning to move, talk
  1872. and dress like my mother. I guess I did want to be like
  1873. him?
  1874. I knew that learning to wear lipstick and perfume was
  1875. not something boys were expected to learn but it was how
  1876. I was expected to behave if wearing dresses.
  1877. That evening we changed our dresses to something
  1878. more suitable for ‘after five’. We didn’t need to change
  1879. but why not? Not you when you've got a darling dress in
  1880. the closet. Changing dresses was fun and flirty.
  1881. Dad said, “In the 1800’s, boys and girls would wear
  1882. dresses until age 6, usually white but the generally
  1883. accepted rule was pink for boy, and blue for girls. They
  1884. thought pink was a stronger color. Blue was considered
  1885. delicate and dainty…prettier for a girl. In the mid 1900’s,
  1886. pink became a girl color.”
  1887. “So wearing a dress is mostly just a fashion
  1888. statement?” I asked.
  1889. He laughed, “In a way but you and I want to explore
  1890. the girl side of fashion. If blue was the girl color, that’s
  1891. what we’d want to try.”
  1892. As we were sitting on our back patio making girl talk,
  1893. a car came into our drive. True to his word, Donna did not
  1894. run and hide.
  1895. It was my aunt, my father’s sister, and her family to
  1896. see me, they said, and to check on me. Were they ever
  1897. surprised to meet Donna and to learn who he really was.
  1899. They had no idea at all that she existed, even though
  1900. Aunt Laura had helped in her development.
  1901. Mother was tickled to be able to show Donna off to
  1902. someone and Donna was not a shy woman either. She
  1903. enjoyed being seen, once the introductions had been
  1904. made, and was very much at ease. In fact, it was Donna
  1905. who fixed refreshments and served them to our company.
  1906. It was funny to watch the reactions of my relatives. At
  1907. first they were confused to no end, but as they got used to
  1908. seeing Donna they relaxed and accepted her. It took my
  1909. aunt a bit longer than the others to get used to seeing her
  1910. brother dressed and acting as a very good looking woman,
  1911. but my uncle acted almost from the first as if it were a
  1912. perfectly normal thing for Donna to be doing.
  1913. My two cousins, both girls, thought that it was great.
  1914. Before they left, my aunt, mother and Donna went inside
  1915. for a few minutes. When they came out my aunt was
  1916. laughing so hard that tears came to her eyes. I found out
  1917. later that she had insisted that Donna remove his dress
  1918. and show her how he had acquired the figure of a woman,
  1919. which Donna readily did. Before she left, my aunt kissed
  1920. Donna and welcomed her into the family. We knew that
  1921. the entire family would know of Donna before long.
  1922. The next morning, being Sunday, a decision had to be
  1923. made. Donna did not want to disappear; even for an hour
  1924. or so, yet he felt that he would be recognized if we went to
  1925. Church together. Not wanting to be the center of
  1926. unwanted attention at our church, we had a setback.
  1927. Mother solved the problem by insisting that we attend
  1928. services at a little Church out in the country where no one
  1929. knew us. I am sure that the congregation wondered who
  1930. the three unexpected women were, but they accepted us
  1931. as three female visitors attending church.
  1932. 68 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  1933. As we left, the minister introduced himself. “My name
  1934. is Brenda,” I stammered.
  1935. But my father proudly said his name was “Donna,”
  1936. and daintily shook hands. He was wearing one of his best
  1937. dresses, a light blue floral print, short-sleeved shirtwaist
  1938. in thin silky polyester. Under it, he wore one of his
  1939. favorite nylon, full slips in snow white with a hem of frilly
  1940. floral lace.
  1941. The minister suggested we “LADIES” might like
  1942. taking a Sunday walk in a flower garden nearby. We did.
  1943. Once home, true to our expectations of yesterday,
  1944. other relatives came to meet Donna. Word had gotten
  1945. around about Dad and he soon became a very popular
  1946. woman. We had a steady stream of visitors who came to
  1947. see “Donna” for themselves. By evening almost all of our
  1948. relatives had come. Some of our neighbors came over too.
  1949. Donna, however, was perfectly at ease and did a
  1950. wonderful job of selling herself as a “lady” to everyone
  1951. who dropped by. When they saw how good looking and
  1952. how charming and happy my father was as a woman,
  1953. their prejudices disappeared and they accepted him into
  1954. the family as they had accepted me. Mother just beamed
  1955. at the two new women who had entered her life. But that
  1956. night we were two contrasting females.
  1957. Donna was as happy as a lark over her first weekend,
  1958. while I was as nervous as a bride as I thought of my
  1959. coming “work day.”
  1960. I asked mother, “Do you really think I can do this?”
  1961. “Honey, I believe you have everything you need inside
  1962. of you right now…you just need to understand feminine
  1963. emotional triggers, and that is not that easy for a boy.
  1964. “Emotional triggers?”
  1966. “One of the biggest problems is that you have spent
  1967. your life revolved around masculinizing pressures, need to
  1968. win, compete, and all the elements ingrained into
  1969. `becoming a man.’ Part of that is resisting any natural
  1970. feminine energy.”
  1971. “Do you think all boys have a female energy?”
  1972. “Sure,” she said. Both boys and girls have way more
  1973. options now. Girl’s can become business leaders and boys
  1974. can…well, show vulnerability. You being a girl for the
  1975. summer is an emotional decision, not a rational one ”
  1976. “You can say that again!”
  1978. Monday morning dawned all too early for me. I was
  1979. very nervous and jittery as I dressed. I put on my bra and
  1980. panties then my mother and dad came in. Mother began
  1981. to help me with my hair.
  1982. Dad was there to encourage me. He said, “Remember
  1983. darling, we love you, not your clothes.” He kissed me
  1984. lightly on the cheek.
  1985. It was beginning…a wash of pure excitement rushed
  1986. up my back.
  1987. I was nervous. Up until this moment, I had been
  1988. enjoying dressing and acting as a girl, but to work and
  1989. live as one all summer? This might be too much. What
  1990. was I getting myself into?
  1991. They watched as I slid a white lacy slip over my head,
  1992. the lace over my bra cups was tightly fitted. I pulled on a
  1993. pair of nude pantyhose.
  1994. I asked, “Do you both think I’m doing the right thing?
  1995. There’s going to be a lot of things I can’t do as a girl that I
  1996. could as a boy.”
  1997. 70 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  1998. “More things you CAN do as a girl,” Dad said, “I don’t
  1999. think you realize how much this will change your daily
  2000. behaviors.”
  2001. For my first day as a working girl, Mother suggested a
  2002. conservative dress with black dots on pale pink that Dad
  2003. helped zip me into. “You are going to be on your feet all
  2004. day so I suggest these at first.” She helped me into a
  2005. pointed toe pump shoe with a medium heel. She added,
  2006. “Once you get used to these, you’ll want higher heels.
  2007. Mom and Dad watched proudly as I used my
  2008. foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and rouge then filled in my
  2009. lips with a ruby lipstick. With my plucked brows, a
  2010. natural looking girl’s face looked back at me in the mirror.
  2011. Mother removed my curlers and combed out my hair. She
  2012. teased the back and sprayed it with hair spray then
  2013. squeezed my hand, holding tightly as if not really wanting
  2014. to let go.
  2015. The preparations for this day had been many hours in
  2016. the making and now, with Mom’s final touches, it was
  2017. here. Could I do this all summer? I was scared.
  2018. I looked in the mirror; the tension on my face was
  2019. evident, as my long dark eyelashes fluttered nervously, a
  2020. pinkish blush spreading over my pretty cheeks. I put my
  2021. ruby lipstick in my purse, seeing the tampon Kaylee had
  2022. teasingly put on top.
  2023. “Guess it’s time to go to work as a salesgirl?” I sighed.
  2024. “The girl part won’t be work for you,” Mom whispered.
  2025. What a rush of feelings. The mirror reflected a lovely,
  2026. wholesome but shy girl about to step into unexplored
  2027. territory. Over my shoulder I saw the excited smile of my
  2028. proud father. I drew in a nervous breath and left the
  2029. protection of my bedroom, taking another anxious step
  2030. into girlhood.
  2032. My hair fell to my shoulders in glossy dark
  2033. waves. My first job and it was in a dress that felt
  2034. 72 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  2035. too snug in the waist and the bodice too low. But
  2036. that’s what wearing a dress is all about!
  2037. We went down to breakfast and I calmed down. I
  2038. found myself restlessly looking forward to this new
  2039. experience. Dad’s office was also in the downtown area so
  2040. I would be riding in with him.
  2041. We passed a group of boys going to baseball practice.
  2042. They were rough housing and wearing jeans and t-shirts.
  2043. He knew what I was thinking; I should be with them, not
  2044. wearing a bra, panties, a dress, lipstick, and with curly
  2045. hair. “Dad,” I asked, “Do you think I’m doing the right
  2046. thing?”
  2047. He smiled and said, “I’m so proud of you. It takes a lot
  2048. of guts to face the world and admit you like girl stuff like
  2049. bras, panties, slips, dresses, nylon stockings, and high
  2050. heels.”
  2051. I sighed, remembering how much fun playing baseball
  2052. was during the summer. This summer, I’d be inside a
  2053. store, parading around in high heels and a dress. “Do you
  2054. really think I can pull this off all summer?”
  2055. “Sure you can,” he encouraged, “By the end of a couple
  2056. weeks you’ll have forgotten all about baseball and other
  2057. ‘boy’ stuff. You are going to be astonished how feminine
  2058. you will feel. I know you are going to evolve into a
  2059. charming young lady.”
  2060. Then he added, “Don’t forget, it’s easy to look, smell
  2061. and dress like a female, the hard part is learning to act
  2062. and feel like one. So you fake it until you make it.”
  2063. Dad stopped in front of the store to drop me off and
  2064. gave me a few final words of encouragement. Pulling me
  2065. close for a hug, he nuzzled against my perfumed hair, his
  2066. lips moving to a sensitive spot where the graceful curve of
  2067. my neck blended into my shoulder and whispered, “I’ve
  2069. seen my simple, ordinary son blossom into my fresh-faced,
  2070. lovely young daughter. I love you like this.” After a kiss
  2071. from him, I swished into the store to begin my new career.
  2073. As I walked to the elevator, I imagined that everyone
  2074. was staring at me, but of course it was only my
  2075. imagination. The looks I got came from those who
  2076. appreciated looking at a pretty girl. I was wearing a
  2077. pretty dress, and that is exactly what I appeared to them
  2078. to be.
  2079. My hands were trembling as I pushed the elevator
  2080. button and watched the doors close. The excitement of
  2081. the sensations was rising every floor. I felt a welling
  2082. sensation grow from the pit of her stomach to the extra
  2083. tight pressure of my panties.
  2084. My breath caught in my throat as little moan escaped
  2085. as I leaned against the back of the elevator. “Oh, my,” I
  2086. said out loud and then checked my dress. My spine
  2087. tingled downwards; seeing my breasts press outward, I
  2088. felt like a child watching fireworks.
  2089. It seemed such a wild, impossible hallucination…my
  2090. long curls spilling about my blushing face, my long dark
  2091. eyelashes lowered. An objectionable thought…“Oh
  2092. gawd…I have become such a sissy!” Raw fears but thrills
  2093. were washing through my jangled nerves. What was it
  2094. going to feel like to be a girl everyday?
  2095. Shivering with nervous excitement, the elevator
  2096. seemed to stop on every floor. People got in and smiled…
  2097. I smiled back then my lashes shyly fluttered. I was so
  2098. aware of the material of my skirt and panties between my
  2099. closed thighs. My face flamed with embarrassment.
  2100. On the top floor, I walked out of the elevator and went
  2101. to my uncle’s office where he greeted me warmly;
  2102. complimenting me on my appearance by saying, “I’m glad
  2103. 74 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  2104. to have such a pretty niece. I’ll take you to the Personnel
  2105. office.”
  2106. On the way, he told me that another uncle of mine had
  2107. bet him that I would not show up. He laughed, “I got odds
  2108. and since you have showed, I think you should get a share
  2109. of the winnings!”
  2110. I declined his offer graciously. “I’m just grateful for the
  2111. chance to earn some money for my college education. I
  2112. thought I’d be slinging burgers for the summer.”
  2113. At Personnel, I learned my job would be a substitute
  2114. salesgirl. I was to take the place of the regular salesgirls
  2115. as they took their summer vacations. I would work in
  2116. various departments throughout the store. After filling
  2117. out various forms, I was given a training program that
  2118. lasted until lunchtime. I went to the cafeteria where I had
  2119. lunch with the other girls.
  2120. After lunch, I was given a short tour of the store and
  2121. taken to the boy’s clothing department to begin my selling
  2122. job. My first sale was made almost immediately and at
  2123. the end of the day I had a good sales record. And why not?
  2124. After all, there were few salesgirls who knew more about
  2125. boy’s clothes than I did!
  2126. The day went quickly, but I was exhausted and my
  2127. feet hurt by the time Dad picked me up. I swung my legs
  2128. into the car very girlishly and bubbled in my new found
  2129. high, feminine register, “I did it! I loved it! I’m going to be
  2130. a salesgirl for the summer!”
  2131. Thus my summer as a girl began. Every two weeks I
  2132. was in a different department. As a customer, I knew
  2133. what I wanted in a sales clerk, and I was that kind of a
  2134. salesgirl. I must have found a successful formula because
  2136. my sales record was very good for a beginner. This added
  2137. up to a nice paycheck as my commissions, when added to
  2138. my salary, came to a very high figure.
  2139. I rode to and from work with Dad, and he loved
  2140. hearing every little detail of my day. Being a girl can be a
  2141. tedious daily chore, but always absolutely a challenge.
  2142. At the beginning of my training, Mom said, “You can
  2143. never allow boy sensations or urges to take over, even
  2144. when you are all alone. Your body might be temporarily
  2145. satisfied after the act but male pleasure could break your
  2146. female chi and you’ll feel ashamed as the female spell is
  2147. broken.”
  2148. I didn’t want to discuss it, but I knew what she was
  2149. talking about. So, any thought a boy might have had to
  2150. be put aside. To be feminine is to be like a female in all
  2151. senses. Anything a boy might do, even in the privacy of
  2152. his bedroom, had to be replaced with the nature of a girl.
  2153. Male impulses were replaced by female impulses like
  2154. putting on lipstick, moisturizing my face, or rummaging
  2155. through my closet to coordinate a dress with my bra,
  2156. panties, slip, high heels and purse.
  2157. Getting my hair up in rollers and shaving my legs
  2158. became more important than anything a boy might do
  2159. before bed.
  2160. As time went on, there was a bond between my body
  2161. and female spirit that I could not explain but felt. Taking
  2162. care of my female attitude became uppermost in my mind.
  2163. I would never be without proper nail polish or the right
  2164. lingerie; anything that might make anyone, (including
  2165. me,) think boy. I was living a young woman's life.
  2166. I had to become obsessed with the natural desires of a
  2167. girl. Without the outlets of a boy, I felt vulnerable,
  2168. sometimes over-analyzing what wearing a dress meant.
  2169. 76 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  2170. One night, I let the boy go and the next day, I considered
  2171. calling off my summer, just to make the confusion go
  2172. away.
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  2177. Capistrano Beach, CA 92624-0309 USA
  2179. 78 – LIKE A WOMAN #1
  2181. 80 – LIKE A WOMAN #1

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