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  1. Once I decided to spent my summer after exams differently. Lots of my friends had been thinking about visiting the recreation center on the Altai by my university, but only I bought the ticket. However, I didn't know how to get there. It takes 10 hours, but tickets on the university bus had been over. The last variant was going by car, but I hadn't it! And also I hadn't friends, who were going to go there too. And there were only 2 weeks left before the trip.
  3. One day when I was waiting for the exam result I met my classmate Roma. We got talking and it turned out that he had had a ticket to the Altai too! He talked that he had been going to go there with his 6 friends in two cars and they had one more empty seat. Actually, it was a little bit dangerous - seven boys and only one girl, among which I know only one. But I hadn't had other variants and I agreed.
  5. After few days we met each other and started to trip. I was a little bit nervous - guys were higher and more massive than me, except Roma, who was thin and the shortest one. Everything would be fine, but we went at night and in my mind plot was thickening. What's more, guys were so silent while we were going and I recall the advice of my mom. She said: "Try to tell something, because driving at night is too dangerous, the driver couldn't fell asleep". And I was talking all of my boring stories. Even if they hadn't wanted to kill me before, they could do it after my storytelling, I guessed. Suddenly for them, I had brought lots of potato hotcakes by my grandma and I could appease them. Unexpectedly, we got there well. After 8 hours we were at the recreation center. Despite the guys' appearance they were turned out to be funny and kind, and we also had hiked for 10 days.
  6. By the way, it is one of my favorite trips, I often thought of it with a smile.
  7. Finally, it wasn't our last trip we visited different places around Novosibirsk and keep in touch till now.

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