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  1. Desi ' n and Technolo a :la s a vital role in the develo :ment 0 the 'eneration that is
  3. oin throu . h the education stem at the moment. Developing children to be critical and selfrenective learners who are able to work and think in an intellectual and intelligent manner is something of a natural development within design and technology due to the methodological order of the design process. Not only does the subject promote the understanding and knowledge within a wide scape ranging from history for inspirational sources and research to the scientific breakdown of materials or processes the subject with its religious design process promotes pupils to think within the " higher order thinking skills” that is being urged into the education system along with assessment to make the generation of pupils very intellectual and intelligent thinkers independently. I believe Design and Technology is under appreciated for the crucial part it has in developing young individuals to be skilled, confident and hardworking who can reach out to the realms of the unknown within their creative thinking to keep developing and creating great products and gadgets that we will in time, not be able to live without or have lifesaving/changin’g
  5. attributes. Would we be where we are today if it wasn't for the subject or would,
  7. be 1005 of years behind.
  9. Technology is important today because we have become dependent on the ease and efficiency of new methods'. Cell phones are very important because many people travel often, needing to stay in contact. Bluetooth technology is a short-range wireless communications technology to replace the cables connecting electronic devices, allowing a person to have a phone conversation via a headset, use a wireless mouse and synchronize information font a mobile phone to a PC, all using the same care system Bluetooth technology uses the principles of device "inquiry" and "inquiry scan. " Scanning devices listen in on known fequencies for devices that are actively inquiring. When an inquiry is received, the scanning device sends a response with the information needed for the inquiring device to determine and display the nature of the device that has recognized its signaI.The Radar Screen will display all your devices in a Radar type Screen. Of course, because we don't really know direction, the radar Screen can only be used
  11. to approximate the distance of the Stick-N-Find to your phone, but not direction.

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