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  1. legolego  19 декабря 2018, 21:42 to Chapter 3
  2. I just don't understand, how is that work has so little kudos? Translation is great, work is neat, just how?
  3. Thank you for translating!
  5. _Kresh_  21 February 2019, 13:15 to Chapter 4
  6. ARARARARAR where are comments?
  8. I read all at one go, it's so fucking entralling. I just like it. Want to know what's gonna happen next, my imagination is already working to the fullest, talking about what can happen, he-he. Never seen such plot yet, wow, and everything is written so detailed, i mean, all infant's hardships, this is, actually, boring, god xd And, chapters are so big you can just smear yourself with them, ahh, great.
  10. Thank you for translating and I am waiting for continuation))
  12. Иван Лисов  21 February 2019, 23:03 to Chapter 4
  13. Very interesting work.
  14. All Kurama's feelings and emotions shown amazingly. You really feel pity for the fox and want to empathize with him.
  15. I want to know very much what is gonna happen next. Will it go to a banal re-education of the fox into a kind and fuzzy, all-loving and all-understanding cutie. Like it usually is in similar works.
  16. Or Kuybi will find his own way, becoming strong and vicious shinobi, surpassing Naruto with his pacifism and all-forgiveness.
  17. Head just splitting from all possible options.
  19. Separate thanks to Garessta for great translation.
  21. цветок жасмина  23 February 2019, 21:39 to Chapter 4
  22. Thank you for translation! Poor Kurama, I feel sorry for him. He has nerves of steel. Children are cute only until they learn how to walk and talk, then - hell begins.
  23. Thanks again for chapter, hope that continuation will be as soon as possible!
  25. _Kresh_  26 February 2019, 05:30 to Chapter 5
  26. I read the chapter on eng) At least, understood almost everything, hah, but on russian, still, more interesting xd
  28. Thank you for translation!
  29. Waiting for next chapter from you~
  31. Really, when Kurama will finally understand that he cant eat only sweets, heeh))
  33. Иван Лисов  27 February 2019, 16:42 to Chapter 5
  34. I have an impression that Kurama will become someone like Orochimaru. At least this is where thinness, pale skin and a thirst for knowledge point at.
  36. цветок жасмина  5 March 2019, 21:00 to Chapter 6
  37. Thanks for the chapter!
  39. _Kresh_  6 March 2019, 05:39 to Chapter 6
  40. Yay! New chapter!
  42. /continuously hoping that Kurama will start eating healthy/
  44. I just can't stop wondering, how can he still endure all of that, so to not fucking destroy it all...But, when he will fully free from the seal, what will happen, ouch, a long time later, then, more probably, he will already change his mind about revenge, hah xd
  46. He deserves a medal for enduring one particular spawn))
  48. Thanks for translation~Waiting for continuation)
  50. _Kresh_  10 March 2019, 07:58 to Chapter 7
  51. Oooou, new chapteeeeer~~
  53. End just impressed me. At least they will get off from Kurama with all this ninja stuff for some time, hah. Now new adventures together await them, oh yess! Xd
  55. Thanks for translation C:
  57. MorbusDei  17 March 2019, 01:36 to Chapter 7
  58. Very interesting fanfiction, moreover, which is valuable, greatly worked out. Thank you for translation! I am awaiting next chapters with impatience)
  60. Selena Night  27 March 2019, 22:44 to Chapter 9
  61. And this Quick. I just read chapter how new flew out, and this warms me up much more then unexpected banks of snow outside, which weren't there only 4 hours ago.
  62. Interesting.
  64. MorbusDei  28 марта 2019, 11:28 to Chapter 9
  65. Thanks for continuation!
  67. _Kresh_  31 марта 2019, 14:16 to Chapter 8
  68. JESUS CHRIST!!! This chapter is so cute!! АААААаааАааААа
  70. Kresh saw that Kurama eaten something eatable besides cakes, Kresh is happy xd
  72. Also, Kurama became somewhat more calm towards The Spawn)) Uhhh, I can just feel that in that chapter he is behaving almost like father to Naruto. Waa (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ This is so cuuute!! When else he will agree to read him a book. Just wonderful~
  74. Damn, its just felt in text, that The Fox feels some kind of responsibility, that people dislike Naruto so much. Or am I imagining things?..At least some percent exist for sure, I think...
  76. Big thanks for translation. Love you╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
  78. _Kresh_  31 марта 2019, 14:37 to Chapter 9
  79. Strange chapter))
  81. Me was so put off by childish arguments without any serious grounding and arguments. Uhh, it seems, I am too old for that, ahaha xd
  83. And Itachi was sort of a dummy. Hmm... Imean, he just, standed there and watched. He was, sort of, most adult one there, but specifically explain everyone's mistakes - no. At least he came up with an apologies...
  85. Ooh, and Kurama, again, even less aggravated then usual) He became a total do-not-carer. Progress))
  87. Thanks for translating╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
  88. I am glad to see how literate you all are /haha/
  90. _Kresh_  8 апреля 2019, 21:16 to Chapter 10
  91. HEHEHEEEEY!! Here is new chapter!
  93. I read it quickly, without stopping, even if chapter was a bit simple at its core, plot. It was interesting, just as always, but local Blonde aggrawates me more and more, heeeee. I feel myself like Kurama, ahah. But I was surprised by unexpected picture with Matatabi, I realy got imbued with backstory by its description. It was beautiful ✧˖° Love mountains and snow.
  95. Just, either I was reading wrong, or really something strange with Mikoto. What did she done that Fox reacts on her like that? hmm
  97. "like the critical thinking and analysis of every single six year old human brat in existence." - phphhp, god. I really laughed with that, but Naruto's comparison "duck-butt", i just dont like, uhhh. It sounds so stupid xd
  99. Shortly - it was tasty, thanks! To you and your beta, heh C:
  101. Zekanaut  4 March 2019, 13:37 to Chapter 11
  102. I read it without stops! Great thanks! I hope, translation will continue.
  104. Иван Лисов  31 March 2019, 21:45 to Chapter 12
  105. Nda, poor Kurama only more or less get used to Naruto and now he will need to deal with a whole crowd.
  107. MorbusDei  31 March 2019, 23:16 to Chapter 12
  108. Thank you!
  110. _Kresh_  10 June 2019, 17:17 to Chapter 12
  111. Oh oh oh
  112. I managed to miss such new chapter!!
  113. How is that?..
  114. Uhh..And I was waiting...
  115. Well, better late then never!))
  116. Kurama, as always, being himself) His grumbling and discontent somehow never became boring xd and in real life this somehow doesn't work so good with people phph
  117. Thanks for translating! You are cool~
  119. MorbusDei  23 June 2019, 22:05 to Chapter 13
  120. As always, a quality translation! Thanks)
  122. Оченьсильномимокрокодил  29 June 2019, 10:10 to Chapter 14
  123. Huhu... Kurama seems already (partly) hate by inertia. Hail socialisation of ansient, immortal, part of god!
  125. MorbusDei  29 June 2019, 17:00 to Chapter 14
  126. Oh, and this time chapter came even faster) Thanks!
  128. Maksimnor  30 June 2019, 09:22 to Chapter 14
  129. Gave an anniversary kudo.
  130. As a person who read a whole lot of naruto fanfiction, and fussy, I can say for sure that fanfiction is really great, but for a lover of such works, sadly, there isn't right targer audience there on ficbook...
  131. Thank you, for translating.
  133. Собутыльник Есенина  31 June 2019, 21:05 to Chapter 15
  134. Great work, both by writing quality and by plot. I infintely like Kurama, living and breathing. Spiky cactus, who tries to hide his soul behind needles. He is interesting to watch. This is completely new interpretation of known to everyone story. And this is amazing.
  136. Character's actions logically founded, this is a separate plus. And Sakura and Ino finally shown their best qualities. And Naruto, my favorite boy, can't express my feelings towards him with words. Kurama's personal heater :'D
  137. Actually, I am waiting, that there will be more scenes with him, where shown sensitivity towards others)
  139. I wish you inspiration, author.
  141. L.o.v.e. M.e. L.i.k.e. Y.o.u. D.o.  2 August 2019, 16:08 to Chapter 16
  142. 🔝😍
  144. Maksimnor  2 August 2019, 16:18 to Chapter 16
  145. Thank you.
  147. Zekanaut  2 August 2019, 19:15 to Chapter 16
  148. This was... Wow... I cried. Uck. Such great fanfiction, such great translation.
  149. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Phuuuh.... I am better now, I think. It was a long time since I read something just as soul-blowing.
  151. _Kresh_  3 August 2019, 20:35 to Chapter 16
  152. Read last three chapters that I was constantly forgetting to read without stops)
  154. I can only say, that it will be sorta sad, if Kurama will really decide to go on with THAT step. And it all goes to that... Haaa...
  156. Thank you for translation! :*
  158. Alexander_NSK  4 August 2019, 21:46 to Chapter 17
  159. No, I can't hold my feelings anymore...
  161. I wanted to read most complete review when translation will be finished, but...
  163. This.. This something... Flame of Kurama's feelings makes me burn with him too: on one side, pain, resentment, bitterness and fury of years, on other, deep, unconscious attachment to Naruto, purest feelings of love, tearing apart heart and soul of already long-suffered Kurama... I insanely pity him in that fanfiction, a lot, a lot more, then in original Kishimoto's manga.
  165. He was suffering so hard, year by year and... I am glad that this his state is close to its culmination, ending. When one of the feelings will win, love to Naruto or hate to shinobi. But, I feel, that choice was made already, even if Kurama himself doesn't know about that. He wouldn't be able to kill only close and precious to him creature in the world, (exept for his sealed siblings) but woudln't be able to also live in peace... Quite probably, that being torn apart by internal conflict, after being freed Kurama will go and became a hermit. And Naruto, in his best traditions, will follow after him until will completely persuade him in a start of new world and other friendship things, that Kurama so despises now ;)
  167. And actually, this fanfiction, despite official genres and rating, quite deserves rating R or even NC 17, and genres of drama and angst. Very, very deep and heavy work, and faaaar from every person who know Naruto manga or anime will be able to be imbued with it, to understand it... But this is a masterpiece, no matter what, Kishimoto himself would have been amazed with it)
  169. GREAT thanks for translating :) I myself doubtfully would have stubmled upon this work in depths of the engnet, but thanks to you, this is possible now, dear translator, BRAVO!
  171. P.S. i will gnaw on author of the original with pleasant comments, want to see continuation very very very much, such genius work on characters and plot should be completed no matter what :)
  173. Динара 03  5 August 2019, 00:49 to Chapter 17
  174. I just couldn't resist and read until end on Archive of Our Own. And then just sit and cried. Because I never met more touching work before. Tell me, is there a second part ? I just couldnt find it, even if there is its name in work's description.
  176. Zekanaut  6 August 2019, 20:30 to Interlude
  177. This was... strange. That kind of strange, that make life brighter, not just strange. Thank you! We will wait both your own works and continuation of translation!
  179. Alexander_NSK to Interlude
  180. And... This is it.
  182. One of the greatest Naruto fanfictions came to an end.
  184. It's sad to let go something so interesing and touching... But, who said that there will be no continuation?)
  186. This was a story of Kurama, story of slow, but sure way through dark clouds of old hate and infinitely bright ray of sunlight, that dispersed it, Naruto. Story of warm sunrise after a long night.
  188. Sigh, it's a pity, so pity that this is only beginning, first third or even quarter of a whole story, but, it's good that its exist :)
  190. I was happy to be with you all these days that I spend on reading this masterpiece, and wish you new successes in art and life ;)
  192. Big thanks. Bravo, dear translator and irreplaceble beta.
  194. P.S. *went to gnaw on author about continuation*
  196. MorbusDei to Interlude
  197. This was psychologically strong and very touching work. Thank you for your work!
  199. Иван Лисов to Interlude
  200. Thanks a lot to Garessta for good and understanable translation.
  201. From one side, is's a pity that this is already end of that work. From other, I am happy to see an open ending, which gives a space for imagination.
  203. Критик_с_глупым_ником  to Interlude
  204. I am looking at my watch, it's 4:30, sunrise. A sure sign that fanfiction was amazing - I started to read it about 12 hours ago. It's a rare thing for that to happen, very rare.
  205. Finally Kurama being shown exactly as... Kurama. Finally it was really pleasant... to enjoy his hate towards shinobi.
  206. I think, if author would have shared to us also a scene of confession-gritty story of Kurama about himself with following reaction from... heh... the spawn, then I would have had a literary orgasm, sorry for a revelation.
  207. ...
  208. Great thanks to translator and the same great respect for his work. Without his diligense, I wouldn't have been able to stumble upon such great fic.

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