Full Message For PayPal
  1. Good day, dear PayPal.
  2. As you can see, my next "buyer" opened a dispute in which I allegedly "deceived him, did not provide services, etc". Now let's go in order:
  4. 1) Fact 1: this buyer indicated in the reason for the refund "I did not make this purchase, someone did it instead of me".
  5. 2) Fact 2: simultaneously with fact 1, he writes in the description of the reason for the return "I buy some features in this person then he implements in my source....". That is, this once again proves that the person is trying to lie from the very beginning.
  6. 3) Fact 3: the person received all the necessary services on March 25. I never ignore my customers and always fix all the problems if they arise.
  7. 4) Fact 4: the most important fact, because of which this person decided to open a dispute on PayPal. 2 or 3 days ago, he needed another of my services, as something went wrong on his game server. I didn't have time for new customers that day, as I was working with another customer, so I ignored him and wanted to respond to him later. since I didn't have time to take new orders that day. After ~1-2 hours, I see that he has opened a dispute on PayPal over our old deal, which has nothing to do at all and has been done for a long time. After that, I decided to write to him, saying that I did not have time, but since a person does not know how to wait, he told me that he needed it urgently and, therefore, I had to quit my current buyer and start working with him. I gave him a price of 15 euros for the correction he needed. He agreed. Below, I suggest you read the screenshots of our conversation in Discord. I am a Florist. He's a Hayley.
  9. 1 Screenshot:
  10. In this screenshot, you can see our correspondence before I connected to it in AnyDesk and started working. That is, I told him the price and he agreed to it. This was the first time I didn't take a payment before starting work, but wanted to take it after:
  12. 2 Screenshot:
  13. This screenshot shows our correspondence at the time when I finished the work. I left AnyDesk, told him the final price, after which he asked to give him 10 minutes, after which he had to pay me 10 euros for my work done:
  15. 3 Screenshot:
  16. After about 2 hours, he still hasn't paid. I already understood at that time that, most likely, I was simply deceived. But, nevertheless, I took my time and just asked from time to time "where is my money?", to which he replied "I need a little more time" over and over again:
  18. 4 Screenshot:
  19. At that point, it had already been more than 6-9 hours, he continued to ignore me and still hadn't paid me. In this screenshot, you can see our final conversation, after which he blocked me in Discord (added me to the blacklist):
  21. I really don't like people who scammed me, which is why I went to "Discord-server", which was dedicated to his game server, and wrote something like "Hey guys, your administrator is a fraud, he cheated me out of money without paying it after my work". He almost instantly blocked me there. I equate this refund request as the essence of the words written in a good proverb: "The best defense is a good offense." Otherwise, I have no explanation for why a person who scammed me out of a ridiculous amount of 10 euros is trying to make me look like a scammer, without attaching any evidence. I hope for a fair decision. I am always ready to provide any other information if it is needed.

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