Без имени
  1. Before starting be SURE:
  2. 1. Disable Firewall, Windows Defender, SmartScreen
  3. 2. If you installed the FaceIt anticheat, or the like. Then disable them through the task Manager, and it is better to remove them. ?
  4. Instructions for running the cheat:
  5. 1. Run the game Apex Legends in full-Screen resolution in the window
  6. 2. Start Loder on behalf of administratie and zaloginetsya under your data
  7. 3. Press the "Start" button and wait for the overlay to load
  8. 4. Close Loder. — Open menu: opens the Menu END button, Sometimes you have to pinch and podojti a few seconds to open the menu
  9. Our chat in the VC:
  10. Our VK group:
  11. --------------------------------------------KEY ACTIVATION-------------------------------------------------------------------—
  12. After payment you will receive the data type:
  13. name
  14. password
  15. key
  16. The data is filled in the downloaded Loder, after you have successfully logged in, press the GIFT button and enter the key that you received.

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