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  3. The at­tack comes sud­denly!
  5. shot after shot of Ion Can­non ex­plodes the ra­di­ant fire­works on Gedora es­cort ship golden bar­rier, how­ever sev­eral rounds of fish slip through across the slit of es­cort ship team, fell on the Seablue Star sur­face.
  7. The light beam changes in the field of vi­sion is un­ceas­ingly small, some­what fell on, raised the small spray, some ex­ploded the minia­ture mush­room cloud on the earth ap­pear in the outer space angle of view the sound are very at least small.
  9. „Opens Vichy Magic En­ergy Bar­rier!” Bar­dot bel­lows.
  11. The Gedora es­cort ship team changes the lineup, gath­ers at the di­rec­tion that the at­tack raids com­pletely, pro­jects the golden beam, forms ten semi­cir­cles in the fleet front huge golden bar­rier, solid, cov­ered Seablue Star this di­rec­tion ba­si­cally com­pletely.
  13. The next wave of Ion Can­non salvo of Nokap fleet raids once again, rum­bled com­pletely above bar­rier. Ion Can­non con­tin­u­ously, is sim­i­lar to in­ter­mit­tent light rain, golden bar­rier has suf­fered the in­nu­mer­able ar­tillery, un­ceas­ingly flood en­ergy rip­ples.
  15. „In­creases the bar­rier power, sup­ports to me!” The Bar­dot big hand non-stop bran­dish­ing, „other light comes under at­tack, counter-at­tack counter-at­tack counter-at­tack!!”
  17. Gedora fleet lock­ing radar tar­get, starts the be­yond-vi­sual-range at­tack, pro­jects the shot after shot of golden color laser to­ward being empty cos­mos.
  19. The both sides fleet is un­able to see the op­po­site party with the naked eye, the golden and green laser fre­quents each other, cor­re­la­tion very in­tensely, if at the vac­uum en­vi­ron­ment, the Seablue Star's per­son can­not hear the sound of fleet bat­tle, just like stuffy thun­der con­tin­u­ously.
  21. Bar­dot has in­formed the high level quickly, told Nagokin the sit­u­a­tion.
  23. ......
  25. At this time in the Seablue Star sur­face, Six Na­tions had dis­cov­ered through the satel­lite the bat­tle of outer space, feels to be panic-stricken all,
  27. Al­though to the Dusky Star not clear con­cept, but they from the Nagokin mouth had known that this is a in­ter­stel­lar grade other pow­er­ful enemy, is ca­sual can be run over and die their gra­da­tion, Six Na­tions does not dare to delay, starts to dis­perse hur­riedly, al­low­ing the refugees to enter un­der­ground blows off the fort.
  29. When first wave at­tack has sev­eral rounds of Ion Can­non to hit the sur­face, the ma­jor­ity falls on the wilder­ness, hit in a city sub­urb from Six Na­tions re­cent one round, just like green thun­der of drop­ping from the clouds.
  31. hōng lóng!
  33. The small-scale mush­room cloud shoots up to the sky, the ground ex­ploded large cave/hole, the shock-wave shovel that raised has put down a street, every­where in con­fu­sion, dust every­where.
  35. The Refuge as­pect also starts to dis­perse ur­gently, the tight at­mos­phere turned fi­nally star­tled, al­though the refugees do not know that had any­thing, but can­not stop thinks blindly. The crowd was crowded, oc­curred has stepped on event, refugees were too many, many peo­ple could not be one's turn in­hibitor, the ali­eniza­tion virus man­i­fested sud­denly by chance again, then had the dis­tur­bance quickly.
  37. The guards in­volve hur­riedly, how­ever has the small scale to be chaotic every­where, is hard also to man­age, Ben­nett is se­ri­ous, or­ders the dis­patcher un­ceas­ingly, sta­bi­lizes the as­pect re­luc­tantly.
  39. player trig­gers Ur­gent Quest, quest in­tro­duced that wrote Seablue Star to en­counter the fleet at­tack, the re­quest was to help the Refuge dis­per­sal crowd, al­most every player sub­con­sciously looked up the day, care­fully watched a meet­ing, but can also see the space to be in­dis­tinct in flicker re­ally the ray.
  41. „Out­side Seablue Star has bat­tle­ship to bang?!”
  43. „Can­not see piti­fully, your younger sis­ter!”
  45. The cu­rios­ity pro­vokes the player's in­ner­most feel­ings like a feather, the heart is being hard to take itchy, this clear(ly) knows that be­yond the day has a high gra­da­tion war, how­ever are ac­tu­ally not able to par­tic­i­pate in the feel­ing that is un­able to wit­ness let­ting the per­son suf­fer­ing.
  47. Refuge's cre­ates a dis­tur­bance some peo­ple to process, not in Han Xiao's con­sid­er­a­tion range, al­though Han Xiao also trig­gered with player same Ur­gent Quest, but the ex­pe­ri­ence re­ward were too few( to him), he does not have the in­ter­est, opened com­mu­ni­ca­tor, re­lates Nagokin.
  49. „Now is the sit­u­a­tion what kind of?”
  51. „Fleet is bat­tling with Dusky Star, sup­ports does not know how long can, I prob­a­bly come up to help.” In the pic­ture, Nagokin is board­ing the space­ship in a hurry, the tone is rapid.
  53. „I hold troops first, do not close down, main­tains the con­tact.” The Han Xiao nod said, has Nagokin and Gedora fleet, one­self do not need to join in the fun.
  55. His not sur­prised Dusky Star at­tacks but ac­tu­ally sud­denly, in­stead re­laxed, one types „fi­nally came” the feel­ing, looked at mer­ce­nary, the com­plex­ion some­what is in­tense.
  57. The Dusky Star fleet can­not de­stroy planet this wan­tonly is the im­por­tant in­tel­li­gence that Han Xiao knows, takes this as the premise, the enemy very big prob­a­bil­ity will not land, but in outer space air raid, then must do re­duces the loss.
  59. More­over Han Xiao es­ti­mated that should have the Dusky Star troop am­bush in Seablue Star, the op­po­site party likely knows he and Nagokin here in­for­ma­tion, after all Dusky Star also knows the in­for­ma­tion im­por­tant, tar­get that cer­tainly be­fore­hand scout each must at­tack.
  61. Pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tion Han Xiao has also ex­pe­ri­enced this event, fully re­al­ized es­sen­tial, or­dered rapidly, di­rected mer­ce­nary to steer the space­ship to go to the Six Na­tions ter­ri­tory re­spec­tively, the space­ship that these rented al­though op­er­a­tional abil­ity was lim­ited, but can open bar­rier, re­sists bomb­ing that dropped from the clouds, re­duced the loss by this. This ship-borne Ion Can­non might is very con­sid­er­able, if use the mor­tal body to eat an ar­tillery di­rectly, sub­tracts the re­sis­tance to re­duce, dam­age es­ti­mates about 2000, if trades to make this time player, an ar­tillery is one group of chil­dren. Nat­u­rally his such iron, will not make mecha with com­ing to see. In the fight of this rank, only then Mar­tial Daoist dares the streak­ing, who called oth­ers to be ro­bust.
  63. Then, the quest total progress will not fall fiercely to player, each Dusky Star at­tacks, is one time large scale falls the progress the pit fa­ther event.
  65. Dusky Star nat­u­rally only does not at­tack Seablue Star, other dis­as­ter planet si­mul­ta­ne­ously was at­tacked, Han Xiao does not have other means con­trol dis­as­ter planet tem­porar­ily, but in Seablue Star, he at least can re­duce loses, pre­vent­ing Dusky Star to de­stroy the plan of dis­as­ter re­lief achieve­ment, oth­er­wise the be­fore­hand con­struc­tion will be de­stroyed in a mo­ment.
  67. „The Gedora fleet is block­ing the enemy, more­over Nagokin came up, how does not know the sit­u­a­tion.” Han Xiao has rubbed rub­bing hands, stares real-time image that Nagokin is pass­ing on.
  69. He hopes ac­tu­ally the Gedora as­pect can com­pel to draw back the Dusky Star fleet, does not make a move with one­self, Dusky Star does not know own strength grows, the card in a hand nat­u­rally is hides the longer the bet­ter.
  71. ......
  73. The Nagokin space­ship leaves the at­mos­phere, then sees the outer space ten golden bar­rier, the Gedora and Dusky Star fleet still to be away from far away the cor­re­la­tion, his ex­pe­ri­ence is rich, sees such con­fronta­tion im­me­di­ately, al­though plays very in­tensely, how­ever how each other.
  75. Ion Can­non kept off by bar­rier, even if there is a space­ship to be hit to ex­plode bar­rier, be­cause the dis­tance was very far, there­fore the re­ac­tion time was suf­fi­cient, can let other space­ship re­place po­si­tions, when bar­rier re­stored to force up again, was in shifts un­ceas­ingly.
  77. Be­sides con­ven­tional ship-borne ion ar­tillery, other weapons mostly in the fir­ing dis­tance, the nu­clear en­ergy trac­ing mis­sile halfway were not only ex­ploded by the Ion Can­non point. Tech­ni­cal level al­most the same of Gedora and Dusky Star fleet, with­out the weapon of crush, wants to give the enemy to cre­ate dam­age, must pull closer the dis­tance.
  79. dī dī
  81. Bar­dot linked into the Nagokin com­mu­ni­ca­tion.
  83. „bar­rier is un­able to in­sist, we can­not pas­sive like the tar­get come under at­tack, this way Dusky Star will not pre­sent the ca­su­al­ties, I must pull closer the dis­tance, Nagokin, you at­tack, grind them!”
  85. „Do not take risk!” Nagokin shouted: „Now the as­pect is fa­vor­able for us, so long as con­tin­ues to refuse to com­pro­mise, Dusky Star nat­u­rally meets re­treat.”
  87. „Cracks a joke! Dusky Star fleet scale with us al­most, but there are you, our strength crushes the op­po­site party suf­fi­ciently, this at­tacks the Dusky Star's good op­por­tu­nity!”
  89. The Bar­dot loud say/way, he is a mil­i­tary of­fi­cer of rad­i­cal fac­tion, com­pared with guard­ing dis­as­ter planet, he fa­vors tak­ing the op­por­tu­nity at­tacks Dusky Star's armed troop.
  91. Nagokin is just about to speak, Bar­dot calls out in alarm sud­denly.
  93. „Wait/Etc....... The radar dis­play enemy is retro­ced­ing, can they evac­u­ate?!”
  95. ......
  97. The Nokap eye nar­rows a seam, stares at the radar pic­ture, both hands is over­lap­ping de­feated/car­ry­ing in the back, the fin­ger sub­con­scious spring­ing the clothes skirt-width. He shook the head, opens the mouth to order, tone does not fluc­tu­ate, can­not lis­ten to any mood.
  99. „All at­ten­tion, pre­pare quan­tum leap.”
  102. #538

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