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  1. Hello everyone my name is Mukhamed Talaspaev .today I gonna tell you about React js.first time when I heard about “React JS.. I was a Jon Snow .And my mentor said me “you know nothing ,Joh Snow”.I used my Varg’s abilities for searching.and I found that with google.
  2. React was created by Jordan Walke 6 year ago .he’s software engineer at Facebook .
  3. React is the JavaScript library ,that uses to create the user interface
  4. Another notable feature is the use of a "virtual Document Object Model", or "virtual DOM". React creates an in-memory data-structure cache, computes the resulting differences, and then updates the browser's displayed DOM efficiently.
  5. React can also be rendered on the server side, and they can work with client side
  6. Let’s compare React and Angular.
  7. AngularJS is an open source JavaScript framework. It is intended for development of one-page applications[5]. Its goal is to extend browser-based applications based on the MVC template, as well as to simplify testing and development.
  8. Angular is represented in the picture as reighar and react as Robert in the battle of the Trident
  9. Angular has
  10. •     modules controllers
  11. •     controllers
  12. •     directives
  13. •     scopes
  14. •     and so on
  15. Just now you have a question what is the component, this is the main building block of any react project
  16. It is independent part of contains some logic  and how it should look,you can use component multiple times
  17. consider an example of a Facebook page
  18. you can immediately notice the components that make up this page. it's the first component. it's the second.
  19. Here is an example of a simple React component. as a result, we get it. of course, it is much easier than on this page, but the essence of the work is one
  20. ADVANTAGE of react is
  21. we get predictable code from Declarative code,
  22. Easy to mix HTML and JS
  23. Uses full power of JS
  24. DISADVANTAGE of react is Very little info in the docs
  25. Building JSX requires some extra work

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