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  2. Chapter 478: Blizzard+1
  4. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  6. The restaurant wasn’t spacious, and the elite monsters inside were split into teams of three or five.
  8. Lu Li was careful when he pulled these monsters, and tried to gather them from the outer ring without attracting the other monsters. Although these monsters weren’t strong or high-leveled, they were still quite scary.
  10. If he was Feared, he would run around and if he ran into a pile of monsters...
  12. That would be an amazing scene to watch.
  14. Of course, under the usual circumstances, this situation wouldn’t occur. Not only did Lu Li have his Shadow Cloak, but he also had his badge which disabled crowd-control effects.
  16. Lu Li was only careful because you could never be careful enough when you attempted a dungeon alone.
  18. Before the arrival of Arugal, these spirits were the original dwellers of the keep.
  20. It seemed as if they were unaware of their death; they still drank and chattered amongst themselves. Players sometimes even heard their laughter, which combined with the spooky environment, made this a frightful place.
  22. When Lu Li attacked them, they became angry and viewed him as an intruder.
  24. Besides the spiral staircase in the food court, Lu Li saw the original owner of this keep, Baron Silverlaine.
  26. He was a middle-aged man with a bald patch on the top of his head and a brilliantly-shiny forehead. Perhaps he had been handsome when he was young, but now he was just average-looking.
  28. He was originally an unnoticed lord, but after the arrival of Arugal, he stepped into the history of Dawn as a minor.
  30. Now, this cursed spirit summoned Worgens to punish the intruders of his home.
  32. "Why do I not see evil in your eyes, young one? Why do you have to act like an intruder." After those who had served him in his previous life died one by one to Lu Li, he opened his eyes.
  34. He spoke innocently, as if he was about to give a quest, but Lu Li ignored him.
  36. While Baron Silverlaine read his lines, the Thief had already snuck up behind him and stabbed him in a frenzy.
  38. Sometimes, delicate interactions would bring you surprises, but it was a bad idea to interact blindly. If the system left you with a chance to attack, it would be wise to immediately seize it. After all, at the end of the day, problems were always solved with a fist.
  40. By the time Baron Silverlaine had finished his lines, Lu Li had already dealt a few thousand damage points.
  42. "Dirty Thief," Baron Silverlaine spat as he spread his hands towards Lu Li.
  44. "Shroud of Shadow!"
  46. Black mist shrouded Lu Li and dealt around 150 points of damage to him. It also applied an effect on him which reduced his received healing by 50%.
  48. This status didn’t bother Lu Li much; he was doing the dungeon alone and had no healer with him anyway.
  50. Lu Li only needed to focus on dealing damage, and needed to kill this monster as soon as possible before it summoned an Ancient Worgen.
  52. After his health dropped below half, Baron Silverlaine finally began to summon the Ancient Worgen.
  54. Summoning was a skill that required a cast time, but it could not be interrupted.
  56. While the Boss casted the spell, Lu Li took the chance to drink an Advanced Healing Potion, and his health began to slowly rise again.
  58. After the Worgen appeared, it immediately pounced towards Lu Li.
  60. The difference between doing the dungeon with a team and doing it alone was that in a team situation, Lu Li could take the time to kill the summoned monsters. There would be someone else to tank the Boss and heal him, and he would also have his team members to help him deal damage. However, in a scenario where he was doing the dungeon by himself, he needed to consider his sustainability.
  62. Boss damage wasn’t something to be underestimated, and even with Lu Li’s current equipment, he wouldn’t be able to last too long.
  64. As long as the boss didn’t die, the Ancient Worgen would be summoned endlessly.
  66. However, if he didn’t kill this Worgen, a new Worgen would be summoned and more monsters would crowd around Lu Li.
  68. He was now stuck between two choices. He could either kill the Worgen first while he took damage from the boss, or focus on the boss while the Worgen attacked him.
  70. Since he was doing the dungeon alone, it would be unwise for him to attack the Worgen.
  72. Baron Silverlaine was the easiest boss in the dungeon, but he was the hardest boss if a player was soloing him.
  74. Lu Li ignored the Worgen and focused on dealing damage to the boss.
  76. Energy Shield, Pollution, Arugal’s Gift – he activated all sorts of different special effects. At the end of the fight, he even used the healing skill from his necklace and barely managed to kill Baron Silverlaine.
  78. Even though this was Elite difficulty, Lu Li silently prayed for a bit and reached out his hands towards the boss.
  80. Silverlaine Emblem!
  82. This was a level 30 Silver ring and the attributes were average, but it had a special effect – Blizzard+1.
  84. This was an exquisite item for sure...
  86. Blizzard+1 – this was too important to Mages for leveling up. If they already had a level 5 Blizzard, it would become level 6 with this item and the damage would be crazy.
  88. Lu Li had heard of people purchasing this item at a high price in the past.
  90. Some even said that Sorrowless had an item like this, or else there was no way he would be able to level up so fast.
  92. Who said that Shadowfang Keep didn’t drop anything good? It was definitely dependent on luck.
  94. With this ring, Lu Li wouldn’t even mind if all the other items dropped were terrible.
  96. The way this ring would be used was simple – it would be rented to trustworthy members of the guild. Lu Li would set the time frame and once the time was up, it would return to the storage.
  98. This was a tactical equip, so Lu Li didn’t specifically plan to give it to anyone.
  100. Whether he gave it to Lonesome Flower or Fat Monkey, it wouldn’t be fair regardless. It was easier to just place it in storage and set the usage requirement to be higher. Most likely, only a few of them would be able to use it.
  102. Mages in the guild would be motivated too once they saw the ring.
  104. This dungeon was now worthwhile with the dropping of the Silverlaine Emblem.
  106. This also further confirmed the pattern Lu Li’s looted items followed – he always looted items that benefits others. It wasn’t that he couldn’t find good items, it was just that his good items were never usable by himself.
  108. He followed the stairs, which were a part of the tower. There were only a few elite monsters along the way, so Lu Li went into stealth mode and avoided them.
  110. After he circled around for a while, he arrived at the chapel. This was a small piece of land and the room was filled with Haunted Servitors and Wailing Guardsmen. These monsters all walked around in a small area and were rather troublesome to deal with.
  112. Lu Li calmed himself down and carefully investigated the walking pattern of these monsters.
  114. In the end, he decided to directly pass through them.
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  133. Chapter 479: White Wolf Fang
  135. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  137. It was a risky move to pass through the monsters, but Lu Li didn’t want to waste too much time in this place. Even if he was caught by them, he could still make it out with the number of escape skills that he had.
  139. After he figured out the moving pattern of the mobs, Lu Li stepped out.
  141. He was currently level 34 with many items that boosted his Stealth effect. As long as he was careful not to directly bump into a monster, there was barely any chance that he would be discovered.
  143. Some of the gaps were quite narrow, and Lu Li had to bend to prevent himself from touching them.
  145. In the future, there would be a quest for all Thieves, regardless of faction. The quest would test their Stealth ability, and if they passed successfully, they would receive a Stealth+1 reward.
  147. Some players focused on training these skills, especially treasure hunters in high-level maps.
  149. After a dozen seconds, Lu Li managed to make his way to the other side. There was a boss called Commander Springvale in the room to his left.
  151. He recalled some details about Springvale and gave up on trying to kill this Boss. Springvale had high attack attributes and even better defense attributes. Most importantly, he was an Undead Paladin and could use an immune shield to protect himself. Although the shield wasn’t too troublesome, he could also heal himself and shamelessly summon other monsters to help him.
  153. Lu Li was a Thief, so he had limited time compared to other classes. Even if he dealt high damage, he didn’t have the ability to sustain himself in long fights.
  155. Giving up when he needed to was also a part of being a professional player.
  157. After he left the chapel and went around the room, he found a door that he could leave from. Outside the door stood an isolated wall.
  159. This wasn’t the time for him to relax yet; there were many monsters on the wall.
  161. A lot of people saw these monsters and charged in, but this often didn’t turn out great. If their team wasn’t coordinated enough, there was a chance for them to wipe here.
  163. Someone like Lu Li, who had reincarnated, wouldn’t make such a mistake. He stood from afar and began pulling monsters with his Crossbow one by one and never got close to the Gargoyles that stood on top of the wall.
  165. These Gargoyles looked more like statues.
  167. After countless days of sun and rain, who could imagine that they were still alive?
  169. Once you got close to these Gargoyles, they would instantly awaken. Lu Li’s Stealth had no use against them, as Bat-type monsters had an edge when it came to detection. They didn’t see things with their eyes.
  171. If Lu Li didn’t clear the other monsters and pull the Gargoyles at the same time, he would face a tough battle.
  173. The eight Gargoyles were linked with each other. As soon as one of them was pulled, the others would pounce over too, and all the monsters along the way would also be attracted.
  175. That would be a total of around 30 monsters. No matter how strong Lu Li was, he would still have to run for his life.
  177. To prepare himself, he first sat down and ate some bread.
  179. When the fight began, the eight Gargoyles moved out of their statue form. It was a shocking sight to the eyes and would most likely frighten anyone.
  181. Lu Li’s daggers pierced into the heads of these Gargoyles, dealing around half of their health bars in damage. The level difference worked wonders for him; it allowed him to maximize his Critical Strike attributes.
  183. He tried his best to reduce the number of attacks that landed on him.
  185. The Lifesteal attributes of these bats were too horrifying – as long as their attacks landed, there was a chance for them to recover some health.
  187. The Lifesteal effect in the virtual game wasn’t too pleasant either; it felt like a cold wind down the spine.
  189. After he killed the Gargoyles, Lu Li entered another building from the wall. This was the storage room of the Shadowfang Keep, and there were three bosses inside – Blind Guard Odo, Little Evil Bat and Blood Hunter. The two small bosses had less health and less damage, but they helped the big boss and were quite distracting.
  191. Although the three of them were located in different sections of the room, they would all awaken at the same time, regardless of how you started the fight.
  193. In a normal situation, an average team would kill the two small Bosses first before they fought the Blind Guard Odo.
  195. This wasn’t possible for Lu Li since he was doing the dungeon on his own. He would probably die to the big Boss before he killed the small Bosses.
  197. He didn’t need to kill them at all – if he stayed further away from the Little Evil Bat, he could make it through without being detected.
  199. However, Lu Li couldn’t give up Odo. Besides the fact that it dropped an excellent weapon – Odo’s Ley Staff – it had also dropped White Wolf Fang twice in his previous life. It had a better drop rate than Fenrus the Devourer.
  201. Without a bug that worked in his favour, Lu Li wouldn’t even think about attempting the dungeon by himself.
  203. He quickly wiped out the other monsters, shot an arrow towards the Little Evil Bat and walked the three Bosses around the room.
  205. The three Bosses didn’t move as fast as Lu Li, but there some distance between themselves. Soon enough, Lu Li had adjusted their positions so that the Evil Bat was in front, with the Blood Hunter behind it and Blind Guard Odo last.
  207. He carefully pulled these Bosses and had to take a few hits to adjust them to the optimal position.
  209. This took around three to four minutes. After this, the Evil Bat and Blood Hunter blocked the doorway and Blind Guard Odo was behind them outside the door.
  211. Evil Bat and Blood Hunter were flying monsters, and hovered about one meter above the ground.
  213. This height was enough for Lu Li to bend down and attack, while Odo could only stand behind.
  215. This was the bug in Shadowfang Keep – the two bats blocked the door and because of their body structure, the more they intertwined, the more they blocked the door.
  217. Blind Guard Odo couldn’t attack Lu Li, but Lu Li could deal constant damage to Odo.
  219. Eventually Blind Guard Odo couldn’t take it anymore and began releasing a skill called Howling Rage. This was a buff skill that increased its physical damage by 10% for 20 seconds and could be stacked five times.
  221. Unfortunately, it couldn’t attack Lu Li. Even if it increased its physical damage by 50%, it wouldn’t be able to do anything.
  223. The only trouble that it caused Lu Li was with its spell – Blinding Shadow. This was a skill that dealt true damage, and reduced Lu Li’s health by around 500-600 points each time. If it wasn’t for the fact that Lu Li was high-leveled, half of his health would begone.
  225. Lu Li calmly drank a health potion and his health slowly recovered. Due to his positioning, the completion level of his skills were horrible which dragged out the fight.
  227. After around half an hour, he finally managed to kill the Boss. As for the other two, they weren’t too much trouble for Lu Li.
  229. Once the battle had ended, it was time for him to loot the corpses. Compared to the previous times, he was much more anxious about looting now.
  231. After all, only Blind Guard Odo and Fenrus the Devourer had a decent chance of dropping the White Wolf Fang.
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  250. Chapter 480: Glutton Shackle
  252. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  254. The Supreme Ring needed two White Wolf Fangs, and Lu Li was determined to get them, no matter how difficult it would be.
  256. With the high expectations he had for the Legendary item in the future, Lu Li bent down and stretched his hands forward to loot to the boss. The first item that he picked up was a stick — Odo’s Ley Staff.
  258. This was a very decent staff. Apart from Gold-grade equips, it was very hard to find a level 30 Silver staff that was better than this.
  260. However, this wasn’t what Lu Li had come for. He unconsciously held his breath in an attempt to loot a White Wolf Fang. The fang was too important to him; it was simply priceless.
  262. Not all things could be purchased with money.
  264. The item he picked up didn’t feel like White Wolf Fang. Lu Li’s heart sank and he began to spite himself; he had been too greedy.
  266. This was only an Elite mode dungeon – what were the chances of him looting the White Wolf Fang in one go?
  268. Glutton Shackle!
  270. After the attributes of the item appeared before his eyes, Lu Li was stunned.
  272. Why was it Glutton Shackle instead of the White Wolf Fang? Did Odo bring the wrong items with him?
  274. Of course, Lu Li didn’t mind this outcome at all.
  276. He needed the White Wolf Fang, but he also needed the Glutton Shackle for his Supreme Ring.
  278. Two White Wolf Fangs and two Glutton Shackles – both were items that could be dropped in the Shadowfang Keep. That was why he had purchased the Shadowfang Keep scrolled, regardless of its price. At the start, he thought the drop rate would be higher if he did the dungeon alone and almost died to Son of Arugal along the way.
  280. He always thought that the Glutton Shackle would only be dropped by Arugal; he didn’t think that Odo had a chance to drop it too.
  282. This dungeon didn’t drop many good items, but this was to be expected, as it was only Elite mode. The Bosses usually dropped around two to three items. As such, after Odo’s Ley Staff and the Glutton Shackle, nothing else could be looted from the Boss.
  284. Just the Glutton Shackle alone was good enough. Lu Li didn’t want to waste his time in this dungeon and besides, he had also looted the Silverlaine Emblem.
  286. Outside the storage room was another set of walls. The monsters here silenced players, so magic classes wouldn’t be able to use spells here.
  288. However, Lu Li wasn’t a Mage and there were no bats on the wall. He went straight past the monsters and reached his next location — the Keep’s Basement.
  290. He also ran into his old friend along the way – the Son of Arugal.
  292. There was no need for him to be afraid, as these Sons of Arugal only looked like the Boss, but they were all just monsters. They were completely different to the one that wandered in the Silverpine Forest.
  294. After the long hallways that led to the Alchemy room, Lu Li finally saw Fenrus the Devourer.
  296. This Boss was average in terms of strength, but it had the best chance of dropping the White Wolf Fang. In Lu Li’s previous life, he had heard the White Wolf Fang being described as "a tooth dropped by a giant wolf devourer."
  298. Fenrus the Devourer wasn’t a Worgen; he was just a giant wolf.
  300. Fenrus, or rather, Fenrir, originated from the fearful giant wolf of the Norse Mythology. It was the child of Loki and Angrboda.
  302. The Gods feared that the would destroy the Gods, so they decided to imprison him. They requested for the Dwarves to make the "Gleipnir", which was crafted from six non-existing materials – a cat’s footstep, a woman’s moustache, a mountain’s root, a fish’s eyelid, a bear’s tendon and a bird’s saliva.
  304. After the War God Tyr sacrificed one of his hands, the Gods finally captured it.
  306. During the Twilight of the Gods [TLN: also called Ragnarok], Fenrir escaped and was able to devour the sky and land. It devoured Odin, Father of the Gods, but was eventually killed by Vidal, the God of Nature.
  308. Fenrir had two sons – Hatti and Skool. Hatti chased the moon, while Skool chased the sun. They chased the carriage that carried the sun and the moon and finally devoured them during the Twilight of the Gods.
  310. During the second stage of fighting Fenrus the Devourer, it would split into two giant wolves. A Hunter could capture one of them as a pet and continue on with the battle without affecting the fight.
  312. Hence, many Hunters were interested in this dungeon for the wolf pet.
  314. Lu Li couldn’t capture any pets, so he killed Fenrus the Devourer. During the fight, he almost died and had to use Gale Steps to leave battle. When he came back, the boss had already returned to full health and he had to restart the fight.
  316. Fenrus the Devourer didn’t drop the White Wolf Fang, and didn’t drop any good items either.
  318. If he continued in the dungeon, he would reach the territory of Wolf Master Nandos. It was also a giant wolf, but Lu Li didn’t try to take it down and instead went past it.
  320. This was a Boss that even an average team wouldn’t be able to take down, not to mention a lone Thief like himself.
  322. Hachi Chan, Wandering, Remnant Dream and Sesame Rice Ball had already made their way here, so Lu Li didn’t complete the next dungeon scroll by himself as that would be a waste of time.
  324. At the end of the dungeon was the Nest of Arugal. This was where Arugal stayed after he captured the Shadowfang Keep.
  326. Lu Li killed the three elite monsters there and prepared to fight Arugal.
  328. Arugal’s main skill was Shadow Bolt. If he felt like he was taking too much damage, he would turn the player with the highest-level of aggression into a Worgen to attack their teammates.
  330. Under normal circumstances, this was quite troublesome, however, Lu Li was by himself, so Arugal’s ultimate skill was useless.
  332. This was why some guides expressed that Arugal was a boss easy to kill by yourself, as long as you could tank its damage.
  334. The best combination for this Boss was a healer with a strong DPS. Most of the teams that Lu Li encountered chose to fight the boss with less players; they would rather have less players fighting the boss than to have players killing each other.
  336. When Arugal’s health became very low, it would use Flash to run around.
  338. There were three platforms in the basement that it could teleport to.
  340. Fortunately, this Boss had already been affected by the evil spirit Worgen. Besides devouring the corpse of players, it couldn’t regenerate any health on its own.
  342. In this case, even if Arugal teleported away, Lu Li didn’t need to worry about it healing itself.
  344. He could even sit down to regenerate his own health faster and continue dealing damage after Arugal teleported back to him.
  346. After around half an hour, the weak Mage finally ended its sinful life.
  348. Arugal wasn’t weak; this was only Elite mode. If Lu Li chose a harder mode and did the dungeon by himself, he would’ve already died.
  350. Lu Li hadn’t seen the Arugal in Nightmare mode, but he had heard that even a five-man team of level 35 players had a tough time.
  352. Ruling Sword couldn’t manage to find a Nightmare mode dungeon scroll, and the big guilds wouldn’t sell it anyway.
  354. After Lu Li killed Arugal, there was no system announcement. This dungeon had already been cleared by other players. Private dungeons were dependent on scrolls, so there was no guarantee that you could get the First Clear, no matter how skilled you were.
  356. Arugal dropped a spell book – Counterspell, which was a fairly decent spell for Mages. Unfortunately, the rare material wasn’t a White Wolf Fang or a Glutton Shackle. Instead, it was the Blood of Demonic Wolf.
  358. This item was a rare material, but even after years into the game, players still hadn’t figured out what it was used for.
  360. After his team members arrived, the dungeon became quite easy. The three scrolls were used, and in addition to the Glutton Shackle from before, Remnant Dream managed to loot a White Wolf Fang.
  362. They had been quite fortunate, and Lu Li was now one step closer to his Legendary Supreme Ring.
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  381. Chapter 481: Legendary Equipment
  383. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  385. The Top 16 decider match for the Magic Cup Tournament was approaching soon. Lu Li and Square Root Three had to pick up their pace in collecting materials for the tournament.
  387. Square Root Three did not know why Lu Li wanted these rare materials, however, he knew not to go against him during the period leading up to the tournament. Lu Li was as stubborn as anyone and all Square Root Three could do was to follow his orders, placing countless bounties and rewards for these materials.
  389. Money could achieve all things; the rewards placed on these materials allowed him to quickly gather up the White Wolf Fang and Glutton Shackle. Both of these were from Shadow Fang Deep, which was a relatively easy dungeon to complete. As such, most casual players could easily defeat it.
  391. As for materials that were much harder to obtain, Square Root Three had to use his connections to the major guilds to gather them. He was willing to exchange two rare materials for the ones he wanted.
  393. In all honesty, Square Root Three felt much more tired at Ruling Swords than he ever did at Star Moon Union.
  395. In his own words, he was as tired as a dog.
  397. However, he did not complain at all. Instead, he felt like he was full of energy.
  399. After two days of pleading, begging and hard work, he had finally gathered up all the rare materials requested.
  401. He used three rare materials to exchange for two Vampire Fangs, then 1.7k gold to buy more than ten rare materials from East Sea Fleet. This selection included Voodoo Blood, which was required to upgrade Lu Li’s ring.
  403. East Sea Fleet was ranked 18th on the Guild Rankings and had been on a downhill for the past few years. Their guild master was a gambling addict, had lost a large amount of money recently and was looking to sell off the guild.
  405. The main players in the guild were pissed off and decided to gather up funds to buyout the ownership of the guild for themselves.
  407. In order to store up funds, they sold some guild property, including several hundred pieces of rare materials. Square Root Three took advantage of this and it turned out to be a win-win situation.
  409. As for Plagued Spring Water, Lu Li already had one that he had received from Water Fairy in exchange for a Gold Grade Weapon.
  411. Gold Grade weapons were currently on the market, but the prices weren’t consistent for each piece. Weapons were the most important piece of an equipment set, and a high-quality weapon such as Lu Li’s Abyssal Poison Fang would sell for a crazy amount of money.
  413. The second Plagued Spring Water was also from Drizzle Court. They must have found a way to farm this rare material and were likely hiding it for their own gains.
  415. This time, Water Fairy did not charge him for it and simply gave it to him as a favour.
  417. Lu Li would rather pay her than to owe her a favour because it meant that she could ask him to do anything at any time.
  419. In his past life, although he had played for more than two years, he had never obtained a Legendary equip. Not only was he not in a strong core group, but he had also been extremely unlucky. The idea of obtaining a Legendary equip would have never crossed his mind.
  421. And now, he was so close to obtaining one. He could almost taste its glory.
  423. There were many high-levelled players in Dawn with overpowered equips in the game. Although he wasn’t sure whether this would be the first Legendary equip or not, he was certain that his upgraded ring would be the godliest item in the game.
  425. Besides all this, he still needed a Dreadtusk and an Ancient Magical Eye.
  427. As for the Gold Grade item that was needed for upgrading his ring, he already has one in his inventory. The stats on it were terrible, so Lonesome Flower and Sesame Rice Balls both didn’t want it.
  429. This was convenient for him because it allowed him to upgrade his ring.
  431. Now, he had gathered up the majority of the rare materials needed.
  433. Lu Li had always followed the philosophy of being content with what you have. Rather than wasting time figuring out how to defeat Sargeras and Kil’jaeden, it was better to finish the task at hand first and upgrade his ring.
  435. Dreadtusks were relatively easy to obtain and Lu Li had already contacted the seller. However, the Ancient Magic Eye would prove to be quite difficult.
  437. After interviewing some Night Elves and gathering information from Ravenholdt Mansion, Lu Li realised that only Ogre Dungeons would drop this item.
  439. The lowest level Ogre dungeon was Zul’Farrk
  441. The good news was that the dungeon was opened to all players, but the bad news was that it required a minimum level of 35.
  443. He couldn’t solo the dungeon alone because it was supposed to be a ten-man dungeon.
  445. Public Dungeons in Dawn were catered towards the majority of the player base and therefore could not be too difficult or too easy. Lu Li planned on taking his team to run some dungeons that dropped level 35 gear in order to prepare for Zul’Farrk. However, based on the current progression, he most likely would not be able to upgrade his ring until after the tournament.
  447. Ruling Sword was the champion of the Shadow Cup and had immediately qualified for a spot in the Top 16. Glory Capital and Drizzle Court were also granted the same privilege.
  449. In the latest patch, PVP areas were changed drastically.
  451. Not only could the audience see the players, but the players could now see and interact with the audience as well.
  453. The arena now housed more than one million people.
  455. The tickets for the battles that Lu Li and his team were in always sold out, which meant more profit for them.
  457. There were more than 10,000 players from Ruling Sword alone, all spectating to support their own team.
  459. They also had to buy tickets, otherwise, other players would be unhappy.
  461. Spectating tournaments would mean less time for levelling up, however, this built comradery and developed a sense of pride for their own guild.
  463. The map for the Magic Cup was quite unique. The terrain of the map was a woodland and there were even some monsters in it.
  465. Killing the monsters in the map was optional. However, most teams would kill them because they granted some special buffs.
  467. Common buffs included Strength +3, while rare buffs include Movement Speed +2% and the highest-tier buffs could determine the outcome of the game. These included Spell Cast +3%, Attack Speed +5% and even Attack +20%.
  469. All buffs were temporary and didn’t last very long.
  471. Lu Li was up against Cherished Wish Guild, a newly formed guild that had recently made it onto the 26th spot on the guild rankings.
  473. They had always been a very lowkey guild and had managed to qualify for the Top 16 this tournament.
  475. Unfortunately, their first opponent in the Top 16 were the reigning champions of the Shadow Cup. When their guild leader heard the news, he almost teared up from frustration.
  477. He couldn’t argue or protest against this because the matchup was randomly assigned.
  479. The tickets for this match were sold out almost immediately in 37 seconds. Thousands of players sat in the stands waiting for Cherished Wish Guild to be destroyed.
  481. We can’t go down without putting up a fight!
  483. This was the mentality of Cherished Wish Guild.
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  502. Chapter 482: Surprise Attack
  504. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  506. Lu Li’s team was composed of a Warrior, Thief, Mage, Priest and Shaman, as well as Mu Qiu, a healing Paladin, as a substitute. They weren’t exactly sure what they were up against because Lu Li had never seen his opponent’s matches before. However, their team composition couldn’t be determined from past matches.
  508. Cherished Wish Guild ran a composition of double Warrior, Paladin, Warlock, Druid and a Mage as a substitute.
  510. Apparently, the guild had been established by a fan base of some celebrity. After years of development, the guild had recently become more solid.
  512. In the past ten years or so, the gaming community had become much more popular and many guilds began rising to the top.
  514. However, without a clear purpose and a capable leader, Cherished Wish Guild could not keep up and fell behind.
  516. They previously had a professional Mage player who left for another guild. Besides a Berserker named Capable General who was their one and only star player, the rest of the team consisted of mechanically-skilled casual players.
  518. Cherished Wish Guild had made it this far mainly due to luck, but they also had excellent chemistry with one another. However, even players who rarely followed the Magic Cup knew that they wouldn’t last long in the Top 16.
  520. "Can I volunteer to go ahead? Let’s finish this quickly because I still gotta complete Warsong Dungeon," Fat Monkey said proudly while holding onto his newly-equipped level 30 Gold Grade Staff.
  522. A couple of weeks ago, he was nothing more than a casual player. His equips and level were above average at best.
  524. When he heard that Ruling Sword was recruiting players he applied. Even though he did not stand out from the crowd, he was promptly accepted into the guild.
  526. He then made it into the Elite team and performed well while leading one of the Elite groups. Lu Li saw the potential in Fat Monkey and developed him into a starter for the PVP team. The rest was history.
  528. "Do not rush. We should clear the monsters and approach them carefully. Sakura Memories, protect March Rain. I’ll lead at the front. Moonlight, you stay at the back of the group," Lu Li stopped him then instructed.
  530. This was a tournament which involved millions of dollars in profit with more than a million spectators from around the world.
  532. One careless mistake would cost them everything.
  534. "Sigh. You’re lamem but I’ll listen to you since you’re the boss." Fat Monkey stopped and waved his staff around, immediately casting a fireball towards the charging Wild Boar.
  536. Fat Monkey hadn’t experienced much hardship and trauma during his Dawn career. He was no longer the sharp and humble player that Lu Li remembered. Although he was impatient, he also radiated confidence and was full of energy and passion.
  538. Lu Li remained unstealthed; he had spectated countless matches in his past life including ones that were on the same exact map.
  540. The forest was divided into two sections. Players had to go to a certain point to attack each other. Therefore, there was no need for them to be cautious before they reached there.
  542. After searching for a while, he finally found a Treant.
  544. This type of monster gave a durability buff, which increased movement speed and attack speed.
  546. The best part about this buff was that it was an aura. Players in a certain radius around the buffed player also received its effects.
  548. Treants were difficult to deal with because of their high HP and defence.
  550. However, with Lu Li’s capable team of top players, it would still be a piece of cake.
  552. Dawn was a multiplayer game and success could not be achieved alone. This was something that Lu Li had learned from the moment he entered the game. As such, he treated his teammates well and was very genuine with them. Even in the toughest times, he put others above himself like a true leader would do.
  554. Because he had earned their trust, Lu Li’s words had become a powerful weapon.
  556. The moment Lu Li gave his orders, the three DPS players immediately jumped onto the Treant, dealing massive amounts of damage.
  558. The spectators had to wait before they got to see the juicy PVP action. For now, they could only watch as the players killed monsters from afar.
  560. Even though it sounded boring, everyone was still enjoying the tournament and focused on the action.
  562. Many players bought tickets simply because Ruling Sword was in this match.
  564. Some were from Ruling Sword or Cherished Wish Guild, some came as fans and others came simply to observe and learn their strategies.
  566. Some players enjoyed PVP and some enjoyed grinding monsters. This tournament allowed these players to get the best of both worlds. Through the tournament, they were able to observe these top professional players managing their skill cooldowns, positioning and maximizing their DPS.
  568. A mere 10 silver was extremely worth it for them to absorb and learn things from the best players in the game.
  570. As such, the spectators were enjoying themselves and many wrote down notes in their notebooks.
  572. The Treant fell and the buff appeared on Lu Li’s status bar
  574. From now on, Lu Li wouldn’t attempt to take the final kill on any other monsters because the buff could be overwritten by other buffs.
  576. However, this did not stop them from attacking other monsters. Lu Li just needed to make sure that he did not deal the final blow.
  578. "This buff is truly powerful." Fat Monkey could feel his DPS increasing because of the attack speed buff. He admired how ‘lucky’ Lu Li was because he had chosen to kill a random monster and received such an overpowered buff.
  580. "I received an attack +12% buff. I think we’ll end it here," Moonlight said, signalling the others.
  582. This wasn’t their first Magic Cup tournament and everyone on the team had some idea of what to do. Everyone on the team had already done their research in terms of the best buffs that were the most suitable for each individual player.
  584. "I have yet to find Spell Cast Speed +3%," Fat Monkey reported as he scratched his head, visibly discouraged.
  586. He looked at Lu Li as he spoke, hinting Lu Li to tell him which monster to kill for the buff.
  588. "Careful!" Lu Li’ shouted as his expression changed. He had already teleported behind the Paladin that was charging towards them.
  590. Preparation, Ambush and Backhand Backstab. Not only did he protect March Rain from the surprise attack, but he also took a big chunk out of the attacker’s HP. Every piece of Lu Li’s gear was now Gold grade and above.
  592. However, Lu Li only managed to stop one player, and the two Warriors that followed closely behind jumped onto March Rain. Cherished Wish Guild had completely given up on killing monsters and decided to surprise attack them before they were ready.
  594. Fat Monkey and Moonlight were crowd-controlled by the Warlock and ran around like headless flies.
  596. Even though the spectators knew the ambush was coming, many of them were still surprised when they saw it had worked.
  598. Many of Lu Li’s fans, who were confident in his skills, were sitting on the edge of their seats.
  600. Even though Ruling Sword was much more superior both in gear and mechanics, Cherished Wish Guild was still wearing decent gear and had the first strike on their enemy.
  602. The Warlock’s Fear disorientated its target for a whole 20 seconds, making them one of the best classes in terms of crowd-control. As such, they were considered to be a top-tier class on the PVP tier list.
  604. If they lost a player in a 20-second time frame, Lu Li’s team would be extremely disadvantaged.
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  623. Chapter 483: The First Victory
  625. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  627. The Cherished Wish guild didn’t have any other options; they hadn’t managed to get a single kill on the monsters. So As such, they were emboldened to make a desperate play and mount a surprise attack on Ruling Sword.
  629. Even with Lu Li’s vast experience, he still had to give them some credit.
  631. They were weak, while Ruling Sword was a guild that had superb star players and had the experience of the Shadow Cup. Even though they added two new, strong players, they still couldn’t stand up to them.
  633. Hence, they gave up on fighting the monsters and followed through on their only hope which was a surprise attack.
  635. They just needed to kill March Rain and Lu Li, in that order.
  637. As Lu Li attacked the Paladin and managed to crowd-control him, the Warlock that Moonlight and Fat Monkey had stunned casted Corruption and Curse of Agony.
  639. In addition to a Warlock’s strong crowd-control, they also had very potent DOT (damage over time) skills. These were particularly effective against physical professions that had weak magic resistance.
  641. Lu Li activated his cloak as soon as those skills were cast on him.
  643. This weakened the damage he was taking and even prevented the curse entirely.
  645. Lu Li continued to attack the Paladin, but everyone was wondering why a Thief was attacking a Plated Armor target. Didn’t he want to protect his healer?
  647. With two players attacking the healer, even the strongest player would eventually fall.
  649. If his healer fell, he wasn’t going to a stand a chance for much longer.
  651. Everyone felt like the damage output of the two warriors had to be higher than that of one thief. Moreover, the former were attacking a cloth-armored Priest while the latter was attacking a plate armored Paladin.
  653. In that moment, something happened that subverted everyone’s expectations.
  655. Suddenly, Fat Monkey and Moonlight’s Fear was lifted. Moonlight casted Intervene on March Rain, helping her tank some damage while Fat Monkey started casting skills at the Paladin Lu Li was attacking.
  657. No one knew when it started, but Lu Li and the others also now had the Bloodlust status.
  659. Their Shaman, Sakura Memories, had not just been idly waiting.
  661. The Paladin was the first to fall. He was facing Lu Li, Fat Monkey and Sakura Memories’ burst damage and their healer was too late to respond.
  663. Moonlight was standing in front of March Rain, tanking the damage, but he was beginning to fight back.
  665. In this one-on-two situation, they continued methodically attacking just like they had before.
  667. There were fearsome attacks, followed by equally fearsome counter attacks. The spectators in the crowd had begun to stand up, their breathing heavy as they watched the battle unfold.
  669. Those who supported the Cherished Wish Guild didn’t want them to do what they were doing, but they had no other choice. The guild they were facing was just too strong and no amount of scolding could help them.
  671. The focus of attention was now on Moonlight and Fat Monkey.
  673. How were they able to instantly remove the crowd-control? This was the key to their reversal – otherwise, Cherished Wish wouldn’t have fallen into this situation.
  675. At this point, Cherished Wish had lost a Paladin, but they hadn’t given up. The target of their attack was still March Rain.
  677. This was their last hope – other than March Rain, there was no one else they could kill to come back. They were in a weak position already, even before the Paladin died.
  679. After Lu Li killed the Paladin, he targeted the Warlock.
  681. Warlocks were way too overpowered. The Warlock was relentlessly throwing DOT skills at him which dealt insane damage. After his Shadow Cloak effect wore off, Lu Li’s health bar immediately began to plummet. If it weren’t for March Rain’s healing, Lu Li could have been killed by him.
  683. Even the experts weren’t invincible. If a Thief and a Warlock were standing face to face, it was actually quite disadvantageous for the Thief.
  685. The Warlock saw Lu Li rushing at him, but he didn’t panic. It appeared that he had expected this – he just waved his hand and threw a Fear right at him.
  687. Lu Li was hit by the Fear and started to unconsciously run around. After March Rain used her skills to lift it, Lu Li immediately turned around and ran straight into the Warlock.
  689. Gouge!
  691. It was only after the Warlock was stunned that he commanded his demon to come save him.
  693. Unfortunately, the moment he was stunned by Lu Li, he was assaulted by a storm of skills. It was like Lu Li’s stun was a signal for the other players to start attacking.
  695. To put it in an extreme way, Ruling Sword was playing like a pack of wolves.
  697. The moment the leader of the pack pounced, the others would quickly switch over and attack the target.
  699. The method wasn’t particularly technical; it was rather simple and crude, but it was effective for dealing with those who just weren’t as strong as they were. March Rain’s damage reduction skills had until now only been used for her own protection.
  701. The Warlock had now fallen.
  703. The Magic Cup was a 5 + 1 event, which meant there were 5 players and one bench player. The players could substitute someone in if a teammate died or if a teammate voluntarily allowed for it.
  705. The place where the substitute player entered the map was the starting location.
  707. Cherished Wish’s substitute had entered the moment the Paladin died, but it was impossible for him to run all the way to the battle in time.
  709. Ruling Sword had a triumphant first battle and gained a point. Their next match wouldn’t start until tomorrow.
  711. Although they had defeated a guild that was a lower rank, Ruling Sword’s performance was still impressive and clean. They weren’t going to be a championship team that was short lived.
  713. After the game, Lu Li discussed the successes and failures of the match with his team.
  715. This was the first match for quite a few players, so Fat Monkey and Sakura Memories received some criticism.
  717. Fat Monkey was too aggressive and was out of line with the team. When the Warlock Cheap Shot came, he was standing too close to the Warrior and caused both of them to be crowd-controlled. This was an elementary mistake.
  719. "Reflect on that well. If we had faced someone like Peerless City, we might have lost."
  721. Lu Li didn’t say much after that – they were all adults, and they all understood his points. He didn’t need to keep repeating himself.
  723. There was still something else for Lu Li to do. He now needed to help Hachi Chan on her quest to get a baby dragon.
  725. This girl had been running around all over the Azeroth and had almost been killed by an ogre. She had finally received some clues for her quest, but she needed someone to protect her.
  727. After the match, Lu Li was free for the rest of the day and went to the agreed location.
  729. "Why did you take so long? I’ve been waiting," Hachi Chan was in her recently acquired Quail Form. She ran a few circles around Lu Li which turned some heads.
  731. "For the sake of an elven dragon, you didn’t even attend your own guild’s match," Lu Li scolded as he knocked her forehead.
  733. "You guys will win anyway; it doesn’t matter if I watch." She wasn’t really interested in PVP; both her and Remnant Dream were both masters of falling asleep. They preferred to go shopping rather than staying in the audience.
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  752. Chapter 484: Grimtotem
  754. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  756. "Are you sure you need to deliver it here?" Lu Li’s expression was unconvinced.
  758. "Grimtotem Camp – should be right," Hachi Chan confirmed as she nodded earnestly. She didn’t notice Lu Li’s irritated tone.
  760. "Are you sure you need me to protect you, and that I’m not just here as cannon fodder?" Lu Li wanted to leave.
  762. Hachi Chan suddenly realized what he meant and noticed Lu Li retreating. She stood in front of Lu Li and said, "You can’t leave! If you leave what will I do with the baby dragon?"
  764. "This is the Grimtotem Camp; we’re both going to die." Lu Li was speechless.
  766. Grimtotem was mainly active in the Stonetalon Mountains, Thousand Needles, Feralas and other places. Most of their members were Tauren Warriors, Shaman and Druids. Their goal was to destroy all of the Tauren’s enemies.
  768. However, according to their criteria, the whole world fell into that category, so they had basically declared war on the world.
  770. In his past life, Lu Li had a quest that taught him about the origins of this race.
  772. The members of Grimtotem were Taurens from Thunder Bluff. Originally, they were just considered a radical group by the Taurens, but they were still accepted. However, news began to surface that they were killing innocent people.
  774. Lu Li’s Tauren Druid colleague told him that although Grimtotem had a long history, its history as an organisation wasn’t long.
  776. Magatha Grimtotem and her followers thought that Cairn Bloodhoof’s friendship with the Orcs was a huge mistake. In their mind, Kalimdor was Tauren territory and no other race had the right to meddle with it.
  778. According to Dawn’s history, Grimtotem was attacking goblins, centaurs and Orc settlements. They even killed Tauren that lived in settlements of other races, considering them as traitors.
  780. These activists were at least level 35 and were on average level 50. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see a big Boss of level 60 or higher in their large settlements.
  782. It wouldn’t be hard to understand if the Elf Dragon that Hachi was looking for had fallen into the Grimtotem Organisation’s hands.
  784. It was said that Magatha’s father, an Elder Spiritwalker, had been listening to the angry cry of his ancestors for many years and finally fell into insanity.
  786. According to some speculation, his father believed that their race had been killed by too many outsiders and decided that the other races needed to be exterminated. He passed on his madness and vision to his daughter, who took him as an example.
  788. Magatha’s father stubbornly believed that a real Tauren Warrior should be able to ride a dragon and look over the earth…
  790. Grimtotem’s leader – Elder Magatha Grimtotem – sat on the heights of the Thunder Bluff. In fact, even Tauren Chief Cairn Bloodhoof had doubts about her actions.
  792. She didn’t dare to do too much, but she did order her disciples on the outside to catch any kind of dragon they could.
  794. "I’m sure my dragon egg is in this camp. Big bro Lu Li, I beg you to help me get it back." Before she even got the egg, Hachi Chan had already decided it was hers.
  796. Her anger was so real that Lu Li couldn’t help but have some sympathy for the Tauren at Grimtotem.
  798. For the sake of her baby dragon, Lu Li’s brotherly responsibility had once again been summoned.
  800. He just couldn’t help but provide support for those who depended on him.
  802. "Let me think of a way."
  804. Lu Li comforted himself that it was just Grimtotem village and not Thunder Bluff.
  806. Although they didn’t have the strength to kill their way through the camp, coming up with a Stealth plan wasn’t too difficult.
  808. "Otherwise, we could get the whole guild to come and flatten the camp," the little girl exclaimed as she jumped about, acting as if she could make such a decision.
  810. Pa!
  812. Lu Li slapped the top of her fat quail head and scolded, "Don’t be so troublesome!"
  814. Magatha Grimtotem couldn’t leave Thunder Bluff because she didn’t have a reason to do so, but surely an attack on her home was a reason? If she didn’t come herself, she would likely send a few hundred level 50 to 60 Grimtotem NPCs to the camp. Even the whole of Ruling Sword couldn’t stand up to that.
  816. "If I can’t get my baby dragon, then I won’t leave," Hachi Chan mumbled and rolled up into a ball.
  818. This girl was a senior high school student and was normally quite intelligent. As such, it was hard to get mad at her in a situation like this.
  820. Lu Li could understand the depth of Hachi Chan’s obsession with the baby Elf Dragon as his Supreme Ring gave him a similar feeling.
  822. He sighed internally as he really began to think of a way to do it.
  824. They couldn’t just rush in as they had no idea where the baby dragon was hidden. If they were careless and aroused some suspicion, then they wouldn’t get a second chance.
  826. If they used some strategy…
  828. If Lu Li or Hachi Chan was a Tauren, that could be helpful, even if Grimtotem’s reputation wasn’t good amongst her fellow race.
  830. A Tauren?
  832. Lu Li’s eyes lit up. How could he not have thought of this before?
  834. The Deception Orb that was sitting in his backpack was perfect for this.
  836. This orb wasn’t limited to changing into the Undead as the description clearly said that it could make the caster a member of a hostile camp.
  838. Because of Cairn’s friendship with Saar, this camp was part of the Horde.
  840. "Stay here and don’t run around," Lu Li said as he gently kicked the girl, knocking her off her feet. "I’ll go get the dragon egg for you,"
  842. "You’re a great person, Lu Li," Hachi Chan grunted.
  844. "Ahem, you called me big bro before and I haven’t even gotten it yet," Lu Li laughed coldly as he shook his head. This strange little girl really was something else.
  846. "Hehe, my mouth slipped. I want to go too."
  848. Lu Li pulled her aside, and shook his head seriously.
  850. "Don’t argue with me. If you want the baby dragon, you need to listen to me."
  852. "I’m not arguing. Without this Dragon Detector, you won’t be able to find the baby dragon egg. What if they just give you a chicken egg? I don’t want a chicken to hatch from the egg," Hachi Chan insisted.
  854. "What detector? Just give it to me," Lu Li said as he stretched out his hand.
  856. The system prompted him that quest items couldn’t be traded.
  858. It really was a Dragon Detector.
  860. Hachi Chan truly was worthy of the title of ‘quest expert’ – she had come prepared.
  862. Lu Li thought for a moment before coming up a strategy they could try.
  864. "That’s okay. I’ll take you, but I’ll need to tie you up."
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  883. Chapter 485: The Tauren
  885. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  887. "Tied… tied up?" Hachi Chan was shocked.
  889. A few minutes later, a tall, dark-headed Tauren approached Grimtotem. It was wearing Goatskin armor and was carrying a purple halberd and its prey over its shoulder.
  891. "Halt!" The two sentries at the entrance of the camp raised the weapons they had in hand.
  893. "The Earth Mother greets you," said the Tauren in a muffled voice. "I am a Tege of the Stonehorn Clan and I have suffered some injuries hunting a Centaur. I would like to enter to buy some food."
  895. "Tege? Are you still young?" The sentry was also a Tauren and was glaring at this uninvited guest.
  897. "I still have three months. After three months I will be Tege Stonehorn. I will become a strong warrior like Waga Stonehorn," the dark-horned Tauren declared as it puffed its chest with a sense of pride.
  899. Waga Stonehorn was the Tauren’s strongest warrior in their history and was said to have 87 long braids.
  901. This heroic figure existed a thousand years ago but his clan had been lost in time. Other than the fact that he was a Tauren, not much else was known about him.
  903. A Tauren matured at 15 years old, and had approximately the same lifespan as humans. They would also have many different names throughout their lifetime. Firstly, they would have a childhood name, which was something very simple, like what you would call a dog. In their youth, they would have a more formal name, but they couldn’t have a last name as they would shame their ancestors in battle. When they were fully grown, a last name could be added and they had to fight for their clan.
  905. The two sentries continued staring at him, but the doubt in their eyes gradually faded. He was just some underage calf to them.
  907. "If you’re hurt, I can take you to the Shaman."
  909. The sentry turned into the camp and signaled Lu Li to follow.
  911. "Wait a minute. Why does the prey on your shoulder look like an Elf that’s a Druid?"
  913. The sentry was quite knowledgeable as it was able to see that the leopard was actually a transformed body.
  915. Lu Li was the Tauren while Hachi Chan was being carried back from his hunt.
  917. "Ahem, let’s not talk about it. I nearly killed the Centaur today," Lu Li said angrily. "If it weren’t for this Druid, who actually stopped me…"
  919. "You should kill her." Sentry B shared a common hatred with the outside, but he also seemed like he would do it if Lu Li didn’t.
  921. Lu Li was a little nervous. He wasn’t afraid of this Tauren killing Hachi Chan – that was just a 10% EXP loss – but he was afraid that he couldn’t use the Dragon Detector.
  923. "That’s enough Carthew. We don’t have the authority on what to do with someone else’s prey. You shouldn’t stick your nose into someone else’s hunt; those Taurens are the worst," sentry A said, stopping sentry B.
  925. Lu Li knew that he was right.
  927. In general, Tauren Generals were quite different from the Elf Generals, but they didn’t treat each other badly. After all, Tauren Druids and Elf Druids interacted quite harmoniously at the Moonlight Forest.
  929. However, Grimtotem was an exception to this Tauren custom.
  931. They were convinced that this land had become ill and required a thorough cleansing.
  933. "When you meet the Shaman, you gotta get better," Lu Li whispered to the little leopard who was lying on his shoulder.
  935. "Eeek… this is so scary! Will they kill me." Hachi Chan’s paws were tied, otherwise, she would be covering her eyes.
  937. The camp was quite scary. Other than the tents and some shabby housing, there were more pillars than usual. These pillars were similar to those of other Tauren camps, but these were totems that could be pulled up by Tauren Warriors and used as weapons.
  939. The pillars in Grimtotem camp were used for punishments.
  941. Many of the pillars had a body hanging on them which had been completely dried out. Their race could barely be made out – there were Goblins, Centaurs, Orcs…
  943. There was one little Goblin on a pillar with bits of its stomach dripping down and staining the wood a dark red.
  945. The most disgusting pillar held a Centaur which had been partially impaled. It hadn’t died yet as it was still moving, but its skin had been removed.
  947. It was no wonder why the camp had become such an important quest location in the future. The Horde and Alliance would work together with Night Elves and Thunder Bluff Tauren NPCs to not only encircle the camp, but also execute all the Grimtotem Taurens that didn’t have time to flee.
  949. "Close your eyes. We are players," Lu Li whispered, trying to comfort Hachi Chan. In that moment, he was focused on stealing the dragon egg.
  951. He had cursed the game designer in his heart a thousand times. There should have been a sign at the camp entrance saying that children below 18 and those who had heart disease shouldn’t be allowed to enter.
  953. Lu Li’s outward calmness made the sentries trust him a little more.
  955. They thought that this calf’s race was still fluid, and that he could perhaps one day become a Grimtotem.
  957. Among this community, there were few Druids, but most of them were weak. This was because of their religious beliefs. However, Shamans played an important role and the general was a Shaman.
  959. Grimtotem’s leader, Magatha Grimtotem, was a mighty Shaman who was said to have heard ‘the cry of Earth Mother in her dreams’. The ancestral souls told her about the catastrophe that outsiders would bring. This news greatly overwhelmed her.
  961. The Shaman in Grimtotem village was an elderly female Tauren.
  963. Many female Tauren chose to become Shamans as they would feel a stronger connection to the Earth Mother.
  965. Lu Li threw Hachi Chan at his feet and bowed to the elderly female Tauren in front of him. No matter what the position, the Tauren tribe’s esteem for Shamans wouldn’t change.
  967. "Little one, I hear you are Waga’s descendent. I thought that the Stonehorn tribe was extinct," the Shaman said as she raised her head.
  969. She wasn’t as fierce or crazy as Lu Li had imagined, but was rather gentle because of how close she was to nature. She was simply a benevolent grandmother; it was quite a sharp contrast to the torture that was occurring outside.
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  988. Chapter 486: Sneaking In
  990. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  992. "We have travelled a long way under the protection of the totems. There were only few of us left." Lu Li’s grim face and his dark horns won the Shaman’s trust.
  994. In his last life, he had seen members of the Stonehorn tribe. They had dark horns and countless messy braids.
  996. These travelers were one of the most complex Tauren tribes. They didn’t settle on Thunder Bluff and could be found in any corner of Kalimdor. The tribe’s flexibility made Lu Li’s lie even more convincing. The Deception Orb alone wasn’t enough to conjure up a convincing lie.
  998. Dawn’s history contained a deep amount of information for every race – there was information even for the most trivial clans. This was the reason Lu Li could take so much advantage from rebirth.
  1000. "You can enjoy our food," the Shaman said as she nodded and gestured at the food by her side.
  1002. There was Mulgore Spiced bread, a honey drink and board ham.
  1004. Fortunately, Lu Li was a player and the amount that he needed to eat could easily be calculated in numbers. The food had a very rough texture in his mouth, but he still finished all of it.
  1006. After eating the food, he unexpectedly received +10 Strength.
  1008. Of course, this wasn’t a permanent addition – it only lasted an hour.
  1010. "I would like to rest here and repair my leather armor," Lu Li said as he wiped his oily mouth and rudely rubbed his mane. "If you have good centaur skin, I would like to buy it. Mountain goatskin is just too hot."
  1012. Leather that was skinned from centaurs, which was Grimtotem’s specialty, was thin, cool, could keep the user warm and was quite strong.
  1014. "Please, feel free." The Shaman was pleased that Lu Li liked their leather armor and opened the door for him.
  1016. Lu Li left the Shaman’s tent, which was being guarded by sentry A. He had gained the trust of these Grimtotem Tauren at least for now.
  1018. "Have you detected a dragon egg yet? I hope it’s not in that tent," Lu Li messaged Hachi Chan.
  1020. That Shaman was definitely a kind of Boss; it was at least level 50 and was probably the strongest being in this camp. If she had hidden the dragon egg in her quarters, then Hachi Chan would have to give up on the baby dragon.
  1022. "Not yet. There isn’t a reaction at all." Hachi Chan was puzzled.
  1024. "There should be a place that they are using to hatch the eggs." These kinds of eggs were more troublesome than normal and had more demanding conditions.
  1026. Following this line of thinking, Lu Li began to look through the stables.
  1028. Lu Li didn’t dare to leave Hachi Chan anywhere. Although he needed her detector, there was also the possibility of her being eaten by a Tauren. As such, he had to carry her around everywhere.
  1030. "Is it here?" Lu Li asked again.
  1032. "You’re so annoying; you’ve already asked me eight time. Let’s just go to the barracks." Hachi Chan was being uncontrollably flung around on Lu Li’s shoulders which was probably very uncomfortable.
  1034. "We only have 1 hour. If we’re discovered, then being flayed will be the least of our concerns," Lu Li threatened as he walked into the Tauren barracks. There were many young Tauren here being trained by professional instructors.
  1036. Although the entire race was basically made up of warriors, this was where most of the Warriors were found.
  1038. When Lu Li walked into the barracks, he felt weak.
  1040. However, he still seemed to have the trust of the Grimtotem, so the Tauren recruits didn’t pay much attention to his arrival.
  1042. "Wow, that young calf is so cute."
  1044. After seeing that they were being ignored, Hachi Chan started to become active again. She seemed to have no resistance against cute creatures.
  1046. No matter how ferocious a monster was, they were always cute when they were young.
  1048. "Shut up. They could bite off your head in one mouthful if they wanted," Lu Li tried to scare her as he looked around for the pound.
  1050. The pound was essential for any tribe.
  1052. If they had excess prey, they would be stored in the pound. Their domesticated animals, such as mountain sheep, were also stored there.
  1054. If the dragon eggs hadn’t hatched, there would at least be some space there saved for it. It would most likely be a small space with a nutrient tank, a hatchery, some food…
  1056. They finally discovered what they were looking for; it was just next to the blacksmith.
  1058. "Ha, young one, you have a nice Halberd," the blacksmith Tauren, who was carrying a hammer in one hand a big iron lump in the other, shouted at Lu Li.
  1060. Lu Li had to stop to talk.
  1062. "It was given to me by my father. Amethyst was added when it was being forged and its steel was crafted by a Dwarf."
  1064. Hachi Chan smiled to herself. She was slowly discovering how deceptive her leader could be. The lies were coming so naturally and he showed no signs of blushing.
  1066. It was clearly just a Silver Item that had dropped from the Scarlet Monastery, but he had to claim that it had a long history.
  1068. "Let me have a look, young one." The blacksmith dropped the iron lump in his hand and stretched his palm towards Lu Li.
  1070. "No, unless you can defeat me. The Stonehorn clan does not given away its weapons, and although I am young, it is the same with me." When he heard the little calf say this, the blacksmith was furious, but when he heard the second sentence, he could only hold back his anger.
  1072. The little Tauren forging a weapon next to him laughed.
  1074. "Go home and drink some milk, you damned calf." A blacksmith certainly couldn’t duel a minor Tauren.
  1076. Lu Li provoked him a little and even lifted his hoof but eventually left the blacksmith alone.
  1078. The pound’s NPC was an old Tauren male. This was quite common as the older members were more familiar with reproduction and thoroughly understood life. They had often also lost their strength and enthusiasm for combat, but that wasn’t a reason for them to be left behind by the tribe.
  1080. "How can I help you, young one?" the old Tauren asked impatiently.
  1082. "I’ve come to learn how to turn a Druid into a pet. As you can see, I caught a little Druid while hunting a Centaur in the woods," Lu Li said as he pointed at Hachi Chan who was still draped over his shoulders.
  1084. The girl’s hands and feet were tied, but there was a bit of the rope that could be pulled to free her. When she heard something about being made pet, she stamped her feet onto the rough skin on Lu Li’s back.
  1086. "I thought only a hunter would be interested in a subject like this," the old Tauren said as he smiled indifferently. "Cenarius is watching; please let the Druid go."
  1088. "But I always wanted a pet," Lu Li muttered with dissatisfaction. "Are there any pets here for me to see?"
  1090. "Maybe you can pick a Kodo for yourself. When it gets older, you can ride it and follow your tribe into battle." The old Tauren saw that Lu Li was just a young, ignorant calf and wasn’t that interested in him.
  1092. He then went back to napping.
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  1111. Chapter 487: Buying a Kodo
  1113. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  1115. "A Kodo seems good; I want a black one. The Stonehorn tribe likes black," Lu Li muttered loudly enough for the old man to hear before entering the pound.
  1117. There were several adult beasts in the pound. There were a dozen mountain goats, more than two dozen Kodos and some other creatures as well.
  1119. "Here it is! Keep moving forward!" Hachi Chan was trembling with excitement. Fortunately, she wasn’t a
  1121. complete idiot and kept her voice to a whisper, just in case she disturbed the old Tauren. If she shouted, both of them would be turned into jerky in a heartbeat.
  1123. "Calm down. Give me an approximate location," Lu Li said as he obediently moved forwards.
  1125. He didn’t dare to make his purpose too obvious. The old Tauren seemed to be quite knowledgeable, so he might find a reason to distrust Lu Li.
  1127. Deeper into the pound, there were female beasts that were responsible for nursing the young. They watched Lu Li vigilantly as they made menacing sounds with their mouths.
  1129. "In the cabinet on the left," Hachi Chan decided, based on the information given by the detector.
  1131. On the right was an enclosure where some livestock was being kept, and on the left were some cabinets that looked like a warehouse. They were all locked up.
  1133. Lu Li didn’t immediately turn left, and instead acted like he didn’t care where he was going. He caught a glance at a half-grown Kodo poking through the cage fence and loudly said, "How many gold coins for the black Kodo in row 18?"
  1135. He didn’t say this just for the act. If he could actually buy it, he wouldn’t want to pass up an opportunity for a mount.
  1137. Kodos were mounts that were exclusive to the Tauren, but that did not mean that other races couldn’t ride them. If your reputation with them wasn’t high enough, they wouldn’t sell one to you. Other races were also unable to enter transactions to sell race-exclusive mounts.
  1139. Regardless, there were still a few ways to get a race-exclusive mount.
  1141. The first was from festive activities. In the Brewfest for example, a player could acquire two exquisite mounts – the Swift Brewfest Ram or the Swift Brewfest Kodo. The second way was from a Boss drop and the third was a special circumstance like this one.
  1143. "One hundred and fifty gold. If you want, I’ll even give you 10 Kodo feed. You only need to take care of it for a little longer before you can ride it," the Old Tauren offered as he slowly walked over.
  1145. Lu Li quickly added up the cost in his mind. It probably costed 30 gold for the warriors to catch the Kodo. They would have taken care of it for probably two months which was unlikely to cost more than 2 to 3 gold. Even if the cost of the workers was included, it wouldn’t be more than 50 gold. If he was selling it for 150 gold, that was a 200% profit.
  1147. Tauren didn’t do business like the Goblins, but that didn’t mean they were stupid.
  1149. "Fortunately, I caught a small Druid so I can sell it for some money. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to buy it." Lu Li appeared to speak carelessly, as if he understood business very well. "But do not expect to fool the greatest future warrior of the Stonehorn tribe."
  1151. The Old Tauren’s heart sank; this reckless calf was going to bargain.
  1153. "You must give me a saddle, and it must be your newest one," Lu Li said as he stared at the Tauren’s round dark eyes and puffed his nose.
  1155. Sure enough, this was just an inexperienced calf. The old Tauren sneered and calmly said, "Alright, there’s a saddle next to the blacksmith. I’ll go get it for you. You wait. I’ll be right back."
  1157. Although he was a little agitated, he glanced at the cabinets to the left to make sure they were locked before leaving.
  1159. Lu Li waited for him to leave before asking Hachi Chan which cabinet to unlock.
  1161. Lu Li appeared to be a Tauren Warrior, so it seemed like there was no way for him to get into the cabinets without breaking them. This caused the old Tauren to let down his guard a little. However, in reality, Lu Li was Thief and Unlock was one of his special skills.
  1163. As long as it was of a high enough level, any lock could theoretically be opened.
  1165. Lu Li anxiously watched the countdown end and the locked cabinet open. There was a clear container inside with a glowing dragon egg that had a colorful luster. This was what they had come for.
  1167. Lu Li was afraid to take out the dragon egg, fearing that he would harm this fragile life. He held the container and put it directly into his backpack.
  1169. Fortunately, he was allowed to put it in his backpack, although it required four spaces.
  1171. "It’s mine! Its mine!" Hachi Chan was a little anxious when Lu Li put it into his own backpack. She hated that her hands and feet were tied and was prepared to bite him.
  1173. "If you don’t shut your mouth, I’ll do it for you," Lu Li threatened as he closed the cabinet and replaced the lock that was on it.
  1175. He then returned to the enclosure and pretended to tease the Kodo.
  1177. "This is the best saddle I have. It’ll cost me a dozen gold coins but you’ll be able to sit tight on it." Before long, the old Tauren had returned and showed the saddle he had brought.
  1179. Lu Li almost cursed at him – this was clearly the most low-end saddle. This seemed like the workmanship of a craftsman from Stormwind City.
  1181. The Old Tauren wasn’t worried at all that Lu Li could tell the difference.
  1183. Lu Li looked like he had quite a bit of money but was insisting that he knew it all despite his young age.
  1185. In fact, most Tauren who just left the tribe were like him. The exception were those simple and honest fools who were even easier to cheat.
  1187. "How do I take it? Will taking this pet affect my fighting? Members of the Stonehorn tribe who don’t fight will feel very uncomfortable," Lu Li kept on spouting nonsense in fear that the old Tauren would check the cabinets.
  1189. The lock that had been unlocked by the Unlock skill had been internally destroyed. It was incapable of being closed again and this could be noticed if the old Tauren looked carefully. One gentle pull, and the door would be destroyed.
  1191. Once discovered, the consequences would be disastrous. If that happened, Lu Li could only pray and accept his fate.
  1193. The old Tauren smiled contemptuously, apparently bemused at Lu Li’s ignorance.
  1195. He slowly walked towards the cabinets and Lu Li’s hard skipped a beat. He tried to weigh up the strength of the Tauren, but there was no way to determine who would win in a fight.
  1197. Fortunately, the old Tauren didn’t stop at the cabinet with the destroyed locks.
  1199. He went to the innermost cabinet and took out a bunch of keys from his belt to open the cabinet.
  1201. Of course, Lu Li already knew that the mount that he bought would just be summoned, but his fuss appeared to satisfy the old Tauren’s vanity.
  1203. The Old Tauren took out a poker and prepared to brand the Kodo that Lu Li wanted, but first, he indicated that Lu Li should pay.
  1205. Lu Li took out a leather bag and poured its contents onto the table. He halved what was there, which came to exactly 150 pieces of gold. Lu Li had prepared this beforehand.
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  1224. Chapter 488: Exposed
  1226. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  1228. "Do you want anything else? You… you will need to feed this Kodo. I have a dozen exquisite types of fodder. I’ll sell them to you for 1 gold per bundle. How about 100 bundles?" the old Tauren asked as he stared greedily at the remaining 150 pieces of gold.
  1230. This damned calf was rich.
  1232. It would be better for the old Tauren to keep the gold, just in case the calf lost it to some foreigners and made them richer.
  1234. "How about you sell another Kodo to me?" Lu Li had taken out 300 gold with this intention.
  1236. There was a kind of player in Dawn called a Mount Manic. They occurred in varying degrees, and they wouldn’t be satisfied with a single mode of transport. They would collect a variety of mounts, even those that were only slightly different in color.
  1238. In fact, most players had such a tendency, but then again, most players also had the mental control to ignore it.
  1240. Water Fairy was one of Dawn’s most infamous Mount Maniacs. In his previous life, Lu Li remembered that the woman had collected more than 200 various types of mounts. Some of those mounts were individually worth thousands of gold.
  1242. If Lu Li sent her a Kodo…
  1244. Then perhaps, they could come together passionately…
  1246. Just kidding – Lu Li never thought about stuff like that. His brain was thinking about all the gold he could earn. Selling the 150 gold Kodo to her for 1500 gold wasn’t impossible.
  1248. "No. That is uncustomary."
  1250. The Old Tauren was confused; even he didn’t know why it was uncustomary.
  1252. "How about this: we’ll pretend you sold it to my Druid pet. That should be fine, right? No one will know anyway. You can just say one of them died." Hachi Chan shook her head as Lu Li said this.
  1254. "I want to die…" Hachi Chan was so ashamed that she just wanted it to be over.
  1256. Damned Lu Li. We’ll settle this when we get back. If you don’t pay me back for this, I’ll tell Remnant Dream.
  1258. The Old Tauren thought for a moment before getting out another poker. Lu Li had deliberately selected a pure white Kodo; it didn’t have any colour on its body at all.
  1260. The Old Tauren chuckled to himself as he thought about how the fool was buying a sick Kodo. He could already imagine Lu Li riding this white Kodo through the woods, and how striking he would be. He would then get shot down by a Centaur. It was just unfortunate that few creatures could eat these Kodos, even if they were killed.
  1262. Lu Li paid for the beasts with one hand and took the saddles with the other.
  1264. He suppressed the temptation to run away and slowly left the area. He didn’t know why, but he felt the surrounding Tauren eyes watching him, which made him feel guilty.
  1266. He knew that he didn’t have much time left. The moment the Old Tauren checked the dragon egg cabinet, he would find that the dragon egg had disappeared.
  1268. Perhaps the Old Tauren would have already discovered this, if he deposited his gold coins in that cabinet.
  1270. "Hey, kid, come here." They were almost out of the compound when they ran into Sentry B again. Lu Li didn’t know if he should laugh or cry as he turned around to see the sentry smiling arrogantly at him.
  1272. "What happened?"
  1274. "Why haven’t you changed your coat yet?" the Sentry asked with some contempt.
  1276. "I… I don’t have any money." The little Tauren looked a little distressed.
  1278. He let out a sigh of relief; they still hadn’t realised. These two sentries were Elites that were at least level 40, so it would be disastrous to fight them.
  1280. Hachi Chan spat onto Lu Li’s back. She never knew that her leader was actually an actor and had been deceived by his usual serious nature.
  1282. "Haha, sell your pet to us and we’ll give you a lionskin breastplate," one of the sentries tempted Lu Li.
  1284. "It won’t be easy for you to fight with her on your back. How about we give you a little bit of gold and you can go buy yourself something nice to eat to make yourself stronger," sentry B said affectionately.
  1286. "Uh…" Lu Li didn’t anticipate for them to take an interest in the Druid that he was carrying.
  1288. How could he give up Hachi Chan? She was one of his team members and was basically a little sister to him. He normally didn’t mind bullying her, but it was unacceptable to just leave her with a stranger.
  1290. "You don’t want to? It’s a dangerous world out there; are you sure you can protect yourself?" one of the sentries threatened.
  1292. "She is a Night Elf. If her tribe knows that she has been taken prisoner, the Sentinels will definitely make a move. The arrogant Elves will not care that you are a Warrior of the Stonehorn clan."
  1294. "I have never heard of anyone who could use Tame Beast on a Druid. Just give her to us."
  1296. These two sentries likely saw through Lu Li’s lies and wanted Hachi Chan to themselves. They could secretly sell her to some Goblins. They were not only interested in gold coins but also dealing in slaves.
  1298. "You…" Lu Li pulled out his halberd and roared, "You dare covet a gift of the Earth Mother! I want to fight you!"
  1300. The faces of the two sentries contorted.
  1302. The Tauren were generally considered a gentle race and in-fighting was forbidden, even within Grimtotem.
  1304. It was generally assumed that their prey were gifts of the Earth Mother and were their personal property. For that reason, no Tauren should try to contest another’s prey. Disputes were handed over to an elder to decide.
  1306. In addition, Tauren were banned from dueling under aged calves.
  1308. Lu Li was also worried that it would end really badly if he was exposed.
  1310. He was a Thief, so if he used any of his skills, he would return to his normal form. There were no Thieves among the Tauren.
  1312. Sentry A and B were secretly angry, but they couldn’t fight him. This was the camp gate, so if there were any scuffles, the others would run over.
  1314. The Shaman elder was very graceful; she was old and insisted on the tradition. In order to avoid a scandal, the likely result would be the death of both them and the calf.
  1316. Lu Li saw that they weren’t going to fight, so he cautiously retreated and slowly moved away from the camp.
  1318. As long as he could get to a safe place, he could channel his recall.
  1320. Suddenly, there was some commotion within the camp and Lu Li immediately started running.
  1322. Moments later, a javelin pierced the spot he was just standing on and the System prompted him that he had just entered battle.
  1324. There was a thunderous sound behind him as the claws of adult Kodos trampled the ground. That sound was followed by an old horn blowing, which meant that the Warriors were going into battle.
  1326. "Hide and look for a chance to return to the town. Please listen to me," Lu Li said as he pulled out a dagger and cut the ropes off Hachi Chan.
  1328. "I won’t go." Hachi Chan seemed to understand the gravity of the situation. Given the loud rumbling that they could hear, there was no way they could channel the 30 second recall in time.
  1330. "Don’t argue; I’ll lead them away."
  1332. Lu Li patted Hachi Chan’s head and pushed her into some bushes.
  1334. He didn’t try to escape. Instead, he ran straight towards the cavalry.
  1336. The Kodo cavalry was just about to hit him, but his normal small figure made it such that only a few of them could reach him.
  1338. Lu Li then instantly turned into a little golden leopard, and desperately ran in front of the cavalry, letting out a loud, continuous laughter.
  1340. Then, there was the sound of a javelin hitting the soil. The Tauren were so powerful that that javelin was an indispensable aid for their cavalry.
  1342. Fortunately, his smaller size made it even easier for him to dodge the general throw of a javelin.
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  1361. Chapter 489: Naive Tauren
  1363. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  1365. "Hand over the dragon egg!"
  1367. "Carlos will tie you on a pole and make a blanket with your skin..."
  1369. "You damned calf! Stop right there!"
  1371. Lu Li was speechless. These Tauren were so naïve; they still believed that he was another Tauren.
  1373. His mission would have been perfect, if not for the old Tauren finding out that the lock had been broken, or the two sentinels holding him back...
  1375. It was a strange feeling for him to have his thoughts drift away while he was under pursuit.
  1377. More and more spears were tossed at him as the Tauren Riders soon thought of a way to deal with Lu Li. Not only did they aim at Lu Li, but they also began to throw their spears onto the pathway ahead of Lu LI.
  1379. Lu Li slowed down to prevent himself from running into the spears.
  1381. Clouds of dust were about to envelope him as the hooves of Kodos stampeded forwards. A miserable death awaited him, as he would soon be trampled into a pile of minced meat.
  1383. However, there was no way that he would actually be trampled into minced meat.
  1385. Lu Li wasn’t running blindly – he had run around so that the pursuers would chase him, giving Hachi Chan a chance to return to the city. Now that he had ran far enough, it was time for him to leave the main roads and head back into the forest.
  1387. The forest was never a friendly place for riders.
  1389. Lu Li’s sudden change of path enraged the Tauren; they gave up on their mounts and chased on foot behind this cowardly calf.
  1391. When they caught him, they had no intentions of killing him easily. They were going to pull out his horns and pour salt water inside, then strip his skin and pour honey on top.
  1393. The Warriors of the Grimtotem had locked in Lu Li as an enemy and began to imagine all sort of ways that they could torture him.
  1395. After they jumped off their mounts, the accuracy of their spears increased. One of the spears barely brushed past Lu Li and almost pinned him to the floor. The sharp blade dealt around 400 points of damage to him.
  1397. There probably weren’t any Tauren amongst them that were lower than level 40, and there were probably some level 50s as well.
  1399. Any will to fight had now disappeared entirely; he had sorely underestimated the difference between him and his pursuers. When there was a difference in levels, even a normal monster would be able to kill a player in an instant.
  1401. Without their mounts, how could they possibly catch up to a Druid with a speed buff?
  1403. Most of the Warriors and Shamans were left at the back, while only a few Tauren Druids turned into Panther form and were barely able to follow Lu Li.
  1405. Lu Li’s transformation wasn’t any average Panther Transformation.
  1407. Child of the Forest: Instant Cast. You turn into a cheetah, raising your Movement Speed by
  1409. 50%, as well as your ability to climb at 45-degree angles. Allows you to use all skills available
  1411. to the Cheetah Transformation. The caster becomes immune to all Polymorph effects, and
  1413. fall damage is reduced. Transforming removes all Movement Restrictions on the caster.Proficiency: 1/5.
  1415. He was 20% faster than the average panthers and also had another climbing effect.
  1417. The climbing effect gave him more adaptability to his environment, to which the bumpy geography of the mountains was no exception. As long as the slope wasn’t greater than forty-five degrees, anywhere was basically flat land to him.
  1419. As the time began to pass, the Tauren Druids gradually lost track of Lu Li. A crow flew away from the forest, which indicated that Lu Li had successfully escaped.
  1421. It didn’t take long for the few Tauren Druids to track their way to his location.
  1423. They sniffed around the area that Lu Li had flown away from, but all they could do in the end was make a few angry growls.
  1425. "We’ve lost the Spirit Dragon. In the name of our ancestors, I’ll make the Wanderers and the Stonehorn tribe pay for this."
  1427. In the tent of the old Shaman, the captain that had led the pursuing team hung his head in shame.
  1429. He carefully bent over on the floor, not daring to set his gaze on the gentle face above him.
  1431. "Wait, that’s not right. He’s not a Tauren." The old Shaman held onto a mirror as a number of scenes unfolded on it. These scenes began from the moment Lu Li had entered the campsite, and extended until he flew away as a crow.
  1433. He knew how to unlock, how to transform into a panther, how to transform into a crow, and had also set his little prey free in the end...
  1435. All of this was beyond the knowledge of the poor, old Shaman; she couldn’t think of anyone who would be able to accomplish such things, unless...
  1437. "Damned adventurers!" the old Shaman yelled in rage as she stood up.
  1439. "As you command," the Tauren captain said as he bowed his head.
  1441. Soon, the riders from Grimtotem set out once again. Within a one-hundred-kilometer radius, which almost covered the entire map, they cleared out everything. Countless players in the area were killed.
  1443. They had no clue why everything had suddenly gone out of control.
  1445. Their actions had no impact on Lu Li; he had already arrived in the main city of the Night Elves — Darnassus. No one would be able to harm him here, let alone a single Grimtotem camp.
  1447. Hachi Chan sat at the entrance to his home; she stared at the end of the road and ran over as soon as she saw Lu Li.
  1449. Luckily, she was in human form, or else she might have wagged her tail.
  1451. "I’m not going to take anything that’s yours. What’s with the rush?" Lu Li pressed his hands on her forehead, keeping the little girl at arms-length.
  1453. "Lies. You’re not a good person and you’re the best liar I know. Even the Tauren were fooled by you," Hachi Chan said, suddenly feeling insecure.
  1455. "How ungrateful." Lu Li was speechless as he took out the Spirit Dragon egg and traded the item. This item was still an egg, so who knew how long it would take for it to become a mount?
  1457. He had no time for something like this. The Spirit Dragon was also a mount with a cute appearance, so it didn’t suit him.
  1459. "Hehe, thanks Lu Li." Hachi Chan held onto the container and gave the dragon egg a kiss against the glass, picturing the scene of her riding the mount and flying in the air.
  1461. "Do you know who can hatch this egg for you?" Lu Li was curious about Hachi Chan’s quest progress.
  1463. Even though he had reincarnated, he had no clue as to who would be able to hatch this egg. It would be unreasonable to ask a dragon to do this, considering that you planned to tame one of their own kind.
  1465. All the dragon mounts were only data, so they had no sense about their own kind.
  1467. The dragon egg was a different story. From being an egg until it hatched, this was the process of a life forming.
  1469. Although it seemed as though Lu Li looked down on Hachi Chan’s Spirit Dragon mount, no one else apart from him understood how precious it actually was.
  1471. Simply put, it was very, very rare.
  1473. Apart from Green Dragons, Spirit Dragons were the only ones who could freely pass between dreams and reality. They were also the first magic beings to enter the world of Emerald Dreams and come into contact with the Elves.
  1475. The source of theses eggs had always been a mystery. Dawn rarely had any quests or storylines about them and this limited the source of the mount.
  1477. If this dragon baby was to hatch, there was a possibility that it would be the only one.
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  1496. Chapter 490: Surprise
  1498. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  1500. "Yup, there’s a desert speedway in the Flashing Highlands of the Needlestone Forest. Quentin is located there; I’ll pass the egg to him," Hachi Chan said as she opened her quest board and read its content.
  1502. "That means that you won’t need me for the quest anymore, right?" Lu Li was slightly surprised by the difficulty-level of the quest.
  1504. Was it that simple to receive a Spirit Dragon mount? How come he had barely seen any in his previous life? Had his reincarnation caused a butterfly effect?
  1506. He was taking too much credit for himself.
  1508. This was a one-time quest, but the mount wasn’t a unique one – this was the only chance to receive the mount through this method.
  1510. At the same time, not everyone had an item like the Deception Orb. Even if you made it in, there was no guarantee that you wouldn’t be found, and even if you weren’t found, how would you steal the egg? Moreover, even if you stole the egg, how would you make it out alive?
  1512. Not everyone had the strength and capabilities like he had.
  1514. Hachi Chan was right about Lu Li deserving an Oscar. He had been raised in the lowest parts of society, and was both humble and strong, yet had the cunning edge that most people did not.
  1516. In Lu Li’s previous life, the one who had received the Spirit Dragon mount through this quest was Unforgettable Maple from Majin Temple.
  1518. In order to steal the dragon egg from the Grimtotem, Unforgettable Maple had hatched a plan. He led the Horde and Alliance players to the discovery of the Grimtotem and their horrible ways. With some deceiving words, he faked an event where players were skinned by the Grimtotem.
  1520. The enraged players formed an alliance to attack the Grimtotem.
  1522. Unforgettable Maple took his chance and stole the Spirit Dragon egg during the confusion. However, after he spent so much energy to get the mount, he was at a loss for words.
  1524. The mount was colorful and was perfect for a girl; there was no way he could bring himself to sit on it.
  1526. If he flew around on top of it for a while, he would probably return in shame. He was quite upset about the mount for a while, so the Spirit Dragon had been sealed away from then. This was also why Lu Li never heard about anyone having the Spirit Dragon mount; it had nothing to do with the butterfly effect.
  1528. There was only so much that a single person could accomplish. Although he had changed many things during his current life, the world still remained on track for the most part.
  1530. After Hachi Chan finished using Lu Li, she immediately waved him goodbye and left.
  1532. Lu Li spent the rest of his time leveling.
  1534. Even though he wouldn’t be able to reach level 35 before the competition, that wasn’t a reason for him to rest.
  1536. The Magic Cup was a competition on a smaller scale. Many celebrity players wouldn’t even show their faces, and everyone placed their attention on the large-scale competitions at the end of the year.
  1538. Water Fairy seemed to have found a better spot for leveling, so she stopped contacting to Lu Li to train with her. Lu Li was slightly annoyed about this.
  1540. While he was fighting in the mud of the Dustwallow Marsh, something on his waist vibrated. It wasn’t someone from the game; it was someone contacting him in real life.
  1542. He checked the number record and found that it was the old doctor from the hospital. Lu Li left the game without returning to the city, took off his helmet and immediately picked up the phone.
  1544. "Sir, this is Lu Li..."
  1546. "Don’t worry; it’s good news." The old doctor could understand Lu Li’s feelings and was quite touched by the relationship between the siblings, so he tried to keep his tone as gentle as possible.
  1548. "Sure, go ahead." Lu Li was slightly relieved; he found it hard to stay calm for anything that was about his sister’s problem.
  1550. He had never been so anxious, even when he faced the Tauren riders. His sister was the color to his life; she was extremely important to him.
  1552. "A donor has been found!" the old doctor exclaimed happily.
  1554. Lu Xin was only one of his many patients, but he remembered her. After going to the trouble of flying halfway around China, he had finally found a donor and contacted Lu Li as soon as he returned.
  1556. "Really? They’re completely compatible?" Lu Li couldn’t believe what he had just heard.
  1558. He was so overwhelmed by joy that he didn’t even know how to express it.
  1560. They had actually only waited for about a month, but his anxiety made him feel like he had waited for a year. Now that he had suddenly been told that there was a heart available, he nearly fainted from joy.
  1562. "We’ve tested, and the statistics basically match up to 92%. This is a very rare compatibility, and among all the transplant surgeries done, the longest survivor was an English boy. He did his heart transplant at the age of 13 and passed away when he was a 107 old. His compatibility was 96%..." the old doctor tried to explain as precisely as possible.
  1564. "Is it not possible to find a 100% match?" Lu Li wanted to give his sister the best.
  1566. "That’s not possible; a complete match doesn’t exist," the old doctor said. "In all honesty, as long as the blood types match, the transplant can be done. However, to find a match over 90% is very fortunate; you might not even see one over the course of ten years. Many people have lost their chance during the wait."
  1568. "I see. Would there be a strong rejection?" Lu Li was still worried.
  1570. "Of course there would be some rejection if it’s not your own; it’s just the difference in the level of rejection. That’s why we emphasized on the rehabilitation after the surgery. You’re very lucky. After the transplant is done, she will be able to live like a normal person after two or three years of rehabilitation. If the match was low, she would have to be accompanied by medicines for the rest of her life," the old doctor said.
  1572. He had placed in a lot of effort for this matter. Not only had he gone around to find a suitable donor, but he had also talked to the family members of the donor for their cooperation.
  1574. "Thank you so much." Lu Li was filled with gratitude. but he wasn’t good at expressing himself.
  1576. "She’s a very cute little girl; it would be a shame for her to finish her life so young. Not to mention, she also has a brother who loves her dearly."
  1578. "When can we proceed with the surgery?" Lu Li asked, trying to calm himself down.
  1580. "There are some things I have to put out there for you," the old doctor said strictly. "If you want to ensure the best chances, every detail of the surgery is important, and the cost will be very pricey."
  1582. "Don’t worry; I’ll be able to pay regardless of the price," Lu Li replied.
  1584. He had around $3-4 million in his bank account and could also transfer a section of the money from Ruling Sword. If that still wasn’t enough, he would sell himself to Water Fairy; money wasn’t an issue for her.
  1586. There was some friendship between them, so she would most likely be willing to help.
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  1607. Chapter 491: Heart Disease
  1609. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  1611. "Are you able to take out three million? If you can’t…" the old doctor asked.
  1613. He knew how much $3 million was. Even if the dollar had dropped significantly, most of the average people wouldn’t see that much money in their lifetime. Three million dollars was enough to buy a good house in the average areas.
  1615. "No. I can afford it," Lu Lu replied without any hesitation.
  1617. In this moment, Lu Li would fulfill anything that the old doctor asked for. He was usually smart, but once things came to his sister, he instantly became a fool.
  1619. If everything in life went as planned, then life wouldn’t be so interesting.
  1621. There had to be someone who made you lose your cool. For Lu Li, Lu Xin was this someone.
  1623. "You can afford three million? That game must’ve really, really earned a lot of money…" the old doctor said in surprise; he didn’t expect this answer.
  1625. Lu Li had said that he could afford it, but this didn’t mean that he would have to use all of it. The doctor was stating a fact, while Lu Li was showing his determination.
  1627. The old doctor was already the most famous cardiologist in the nation, but he only had around one or two million dollars in his savings.
  1629. Of course, this was also because of his generosity; he often helped his patients, regardless of money.
  1631. He had originally planned to help Lu Li, even if Lu Li couldn’t afford it.
  1633. "Please lower the risks to a minimum; money isn’t an issue." In Lu Li’s perspective, surgeries always came with risks. There was no way he would let his efforts go to waste because he wanted to save some money.
  1635. "Helen Svalford is the most famous heart surgeon in the world. She has performed up to 700 heart transplant surgeries, she’s serious, strict and rarely makes mistakes. Last week, she came to China to perform a surgery. I’ve always kept in contact with her and have planned to ask her to perform the surgery. What do you think?" the old doctor asked.
  1637. Helen Svalford!
  1639. Because of his sister, Lu Li had spent his spare time studying the medical world. This was the name that he paid the most attention to.
  1641. Helen Svalford was from England. With the medical technology of Europe constantly dropping, she was referred to as ‘the last fig leaf’ for the European medical world.
  1643. She was currently the best heart surgeon in the world, and all of her patients were either millionaires or politicians.
  1645. "Is it really possible to have her perform the surgery?" Lu Li instantly felt like three million was worth it.
  1647. Previously, he had searched up some records from the past. Every famous doctor had some "dirty spots" in their career; it was just a matter of whether they had more or less. However, Helen Svalford didn’t even have one.
  1649. Apparently, she had spent all her years before she was thirty traveling around the world to educate herself. She had never performed on a human body before she was 35. She spent up to ten years testing her skills on animals, and the first time she performed a surgery on a person, it was for Queen Elizabeth XIV of Great Britain.
  1651. Lu Li never thought that he would be able to have someone so legendary perform a surgery for his sister.
  1653. "Twenty years ago, she came to study in China. I taught her a bit, so we kept in contact after," the old doctor said, then hesitated before continuing, "The donor… her family also placed in some effort."
  1655. "Donor… what happened to her?" Lu Li remembered that for someone to donate their heart, it meant that they were most likely going to pass away soon.
  1657. "The name of the donor is Mei Wu; she’s 21 this year. She had a car accident last week and is in a state of unconsciousness. There’s a chance for her to pass away at any moment, so it’s best that you get ready now. We’ll go to Jinling together; the conditions are better there," the old doctor sighed as he pinched his eyebrows slightly. "When you get a chance in the future, you should visit her parents with your sister. That was their single daughter; I don’t even know how they are going to survive without her…"
  1659. "Sure, I definitely will. Doctor Don, thank you so much. If you need anything at all in the future, just let me know," Lu Li said as he stood up, expressing his gratitude.
  1661. "I’m not even sure why I’m working so hard for someone my age." The old doctor waved his hand and asked Lu Li to quickly go get ready.
  1663. Lu Li didn’t really have anything to prepare. He had already begun his preparation as soon as he discussed the plans with the specialists. Lu Xin didn’t go to school either and she wasn’t allowed to play games for too long. Her diet was carefully monitored and she was ready to enter the hospital any moment.
  1665. The giant stone that had been placed on his heart had not been entirely lifted up.
  1667. It was waiting for a giant toss, a giant toss that would come when his sister finally removed herself from the disease.
  1669. As he sat in the electric car, he felt for the first time like the city was such a great place. Even the cold buildings in the rich section felt warmer under the sunset.
  1671. Once upon a time, he had hated all of this.
  1673. After a dozen minutes, Lu Li arrived back at home.
  1675. "Xin Xin, hurry and pack. We’re going to Jinling." Lu Li called out his sister from the game by knocking on her helmet.
  1677. "What happened?" Lu Xin took off her helmet and yawned; she pulled up her slipping dress and was still quite sleepy.
  1679. The gaming helmet was originally designed to help the player relax, but Lu Li had also secretly adjusted his sister’s helmet. As such, she was often in a hypnotized state. After she left the potion store, Lu Xin’s excitement for their new house had decreased. Besides playing with the orphans, she spent most of her time playing on the grass or sleeping with the fairies.
  1681. Lu Li brought a wet towel from the bathroom and told his sister everything as he wiped her face.
  1683. Lu Xin finally woke up and felt overwhelmed.
  1685. She was about to go into a surgery and walk out with a completely different heart. Understandably, she was utterly terrified.
  1687. She hugged Lu Li tightly as she dug her head into her brother’s arms.
  1689. "I’m scared."
  1691. "I’m here; don’t worry about anything. There are no risks to the surgery," Lu Li comforted his sister as he also comforted himself.
  1693. "But…" Anyone would be afraid if they were in her situation. Lu Xin held her hands together so tightly that her veins showed, then lifted her head and asked bitterly, "Will I still recognize you after I change hearts?"
  1695. "Of course you will; you’re still my sister." Lu Li was stunned.
  1697. "But it’s a different heart! Will you still be as nice to me in the future?" The little girl was about to cry.
  1699. Under anxiety, people often switched topics or became unreasonable, and Lu Xin was probably in a similar situation. Most of the time, she was a good and strong child.
  1701. Lu Li continued comforting her as he helped to pack her clothes and luggage. These weren’t necessary, as once they entered the sterile ward, everything they used would be from the hospital.
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  1720. Chapter 492: Unexpected Visitors
  1722. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  1724. From the moment he received the call from the doctor, Lu Li lost his cool. Lu Xin was young and the situation revolved around her, so she was quite lost too.
  1726. If it wasn’t for the fact that Dou Jing Jing heard their movements in the house, perhaps they would’ve already packed and left.
  1728. Dou Jing Jing was surprised and quickly called for the other girls in the house.
  1730. "We’ve found a suitable donor; we’ll be heading off to Jinling for surgery now," Lu Li explained. He was determined to not let anyone stop him.
  1732. "How’s the situation of the donor?" They had never met the donor, so most of their attention was placed on Lu Xin.
  1734. The three girls had an average relationship with Lu Li, mostly because he didn’t care too much about the appearance of girls in general, and didn’t bother to spend extra time with them. Even basic communication wasn’t easy between them.
  1736. However, they had a great relationship with Lu Xin; all of them were like sisters.
  1738. "Very good. Doctor Don said that this is a rare chance." Despite Lu Li’s thoughts, he had to demonstrate confidence in front of his sister.
  1740. "We’re going too." Willow wasn’t the type to talk much, but she was always the one to call the shots.
  1742. "Why are you girls coming?" Lu Li just wanted to head off to Jinling as soon as possible.
  1744. Years back, heart transplants required the surgery to be performed within twenty-four hours of the heart leaving the donor. Once the time went beyond six hours, it would affect the results of the surgery. Over the years, technology had extended this time limit, but regardless, it was still best for the surgery to be performed as soon as possible.
  1746. "You’re a guy. What do you know about looking after Xin Xin?" Zhou Huan Huan retorted as she glanced at Lu Li and turned away to pack.
  1748. Dou Jing Jing and Willow drove the car; all three of them had their own cars.
  1750. The five of them took two cars to the hospital to pick up the old doctor and headed straight for Jinling.
  1752. After Maglev technology had been fully developed, China opened up a highway in the air. Its travel speed was almost as good as an airplane. Jiangnan was also very close to Jinling, so it only took them one hour to arrive at their destination – the biggest hospital in Jinling.
  1754. The arrival of Lu Li and the others didn’t make too much of an impact. Nobody paid attention to the little girl who moved into one of the hospital wards.
  1756. The time was already late and because there were a lot of procedures they had to go through, Lu Li and the others barely had time to catch a breath.
  1758. It wasn’t until the next day that they remembered they had to notify Square Root 3, since there were things in the game to be sorted out too.
  1760. It wasn’t necessarily wrong for Lu Li to give attention to the game at this point in time – Dawn would be the reason for his sister’s recovery and their happy lives after.
  1762. "Lu Li, what’s with you? You went offline without saying anything and didn’t come online today too. The competition is almost starting." Square Root 3 was just about to call Lu Li and began with a complaint as soon as he received the call.
  1764. "I can’t go online right now. Xin Xin is in the hospital and I have to watch over her," Lu Li spoke quietly as he stood outside the ward.
  1766. He understood the importance of the game, but he really wasn’t in the mood to participate in the competition. He also probably wouldn’t be able to perform up to standard in his current state. Lu Li wasn’t a God; he couldn’t close his eyes and dominate over everything.
  1768. "What happened to Xin Xin?" Square Root 3 remembered Lu Li’s sister, recalling her as a very cute little girl, especially when she laughed.
  1770. "Please let her be ok," he thought. Ruling Sword had only just been established; there was a lot that needed to be worked on.
  1772. Lu Li had to explain the entire situation. The two of them were deeply tied by both friendship and profit, so there wasn’t any reason for him to hide anything.
  1774. Square Root 3 first congratulated them on finding a suitable donor, then proceeded to ask if they had enough funds. After he received a sure answer, he then began worrying about the game.
  1776. "In that case, you won’t be able to come online for a few days?"
  1778. "I’ve brought my helmet. Once we settle things here, I’ll come online," Lu Li said.
  1780. Before they left, the girls had packed all their gaming helmets in the car, including Lu Li and Lu Xin’s helmet.
  1782. "I’ll let Mu Qiu go on instead," Square Root 3 sighed. He couldn’t force anything in this situation, and could only comfort Lu Li. "Stay focused on the most important things for now; don’t worry about the game. We’ll hold the fort until you’re back."
  1784. Despite his words, deep down inside, he began to realize the importance of Lu Li in their group.
  1786. Ruling Sword was like a dream that was almost entirely built upon Lu Li. He directed the First Clears for the dungeons and led the teams to win championships.
  1788. This day, Lu Li didn’t go online.
  1790. During the morning, he visited Helen Svalfod. She was woman from overseas, around forty years of age and spoke English, but Lu Li didn’t understand English.
  1792. Willow translated their conversation; she was a talented girl with good grades and was fluent in multiple languages.
  1794. Lu Li actually didn’t have much to say to the doctor; all he could do was to express his gratitude. Besides this, he also attempted to give her some bonus money, but his offer was declined.
  1796. The envelope contained a check for $500,000.
  1798. Although she had been through the situation multiple times in China, Helen Svalford still found it hard to understand some people’s thinking processes. For her to perform the surgery, she would at least receive two million dollars. Why would some people give her bonus money when she was already given such a high pay?
  1800. Since their conversation wasn’t really going anywhere, the legendary doctor soon waved them goodbye.
  1802. Lu Li thought that his afternoon would be free and that he could spend some time to comfort his sister, who was quite anxious, but they had some unexpected visitors.
  1804. "It’s here, right?" A few weak voices could be heard outside, but their words were clear. They had clearly received a good education.
  1806. "Yes, Mr Mei, they’ve moved in last night. Both of their parents have passed away; only the siblings remain." Lu Li was able to recognize the other voice; it was the head nurse.
  1808. Lu Li didn’t know many people and felt a sense of rejection to these visitors, but as soon as he heard the term "Mr Mei", he was caught by surprise.
  1810. "Lu, someone is here to visit you guys" the head nurse said as she knocked on the door and shifted to the side.
  1812. "Hi. Please take a seat." Lu Li stood up and pulled over some chairs as he looked at the man and woman that had walked in.
  1814. They weren’t young and there was some white hair on their heads, but they barely had any wrinkles. They must have looked after themselves well, but they seemed tired, as if they had gone through a great ordeal.
  1816. "This must be the little girl."
  1818. The woman went past Lu Li and looked at Lu Xin, who laid flat on the bed on her tummy.
  1820. Lu Xin was chewing on an apple and her cheeks were puffed like a hamster. She wasn’t sure if she should spit out her food or finish eating it. All she could do was to awkwardly stare at the visitors.
  1822. The man and woman were here to see Lu Xin and stared at her after they entered the door. They had a complex expression on their faces and it was hard to tell what they were thinking.
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  1841. Chapter 493: Surgery
  1843. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  1845. "Take your time, eat slowly and don’t choke on the food." Her expression changed, and Lu Li let out a sigh of relief. The woman sat beside Lu Xin’s bed, and she was surprisingly kind and loving.
  1847. Lu Li had already guessed who the visitors were.
  1849. Their last name was Mei and they wanted to meet Lu Xin.
  1851. Lu Li did not expect to meet the family of the donor like this. He was full of mixed emotions.
  1853. They were still mourning over the imminent death of daughter, so he had to be careful with his wording. If he acted impatiently or didn’t phrase his sentences correctly, it would appear as if he was hoping for their daughter to die faster. The donor’s family could withdraw their consent at any time, so Lu Li was treading on thin ice.
  1855. Unlike other organ transplants, the heart had to be taken out while it was still beating after the death of the donor. Otherwise, it would infarct and become useless.
  1857. From a certain perspective, heart transplants were considered immoral because if the heart was still beating, then the patient had yet to be clinically deceased.
  1859. Some people considered taking out the heart to be the same as killing the patient. Therefore, for the family of heart donors, it was usually extremely difficult for them to accept this.
  1861. Lu Li had nothing but gratitude towards the family of the donor.
  1863. "I’m Mei Wu’s father and this is her mother. We heard that you guys had just arrived," the middle-aged man on the chair and finally said after a moment of silence.
  1865. "Thank you so much." Lu Li wanted to apologise, but he wasn’t sure what the right thing was to say.
  1867. "She’s only 21 years old," Mr Mei said as he wiped at his eyes, not afraid to shed tears in front of a stranger. "She was rebellious and I was stubborn, always wanting her to do things my way. I’d forgotten that she was only 21 years old and had been so strict towards her…."
  1869. He was sharing his emotions and Lu Li wasn’t sure what to say, so he listened intently.
  1871. "I never saw this coming. I raised her for more than 20 years, but everything happened so fast." Mr Mei was very well-spoken, but the pain of losing his daughter was unbearable.
  1873. Mrs Mei was slicing apples for Lu Xin, cutting them into small pieces and feeding them to her.
  1875. Her hands were soft and beautiful; it was obvious that she came from a very wealthy background.
  1877. Lu Xin was hesitant at first, but didn’t want to be rude. Her small red cheeks moved up and down as she ate the apple, like a cute doll. Her illness had not affected her cuteness and health; she was just as happy as other kids her age.
  1879. Lu Li wasn’t sure why they had visited. As he listened to Mr Mei, he kept his eyes on Lu Xin the whole time.
  1881. To be honest, Lu Li tensed up every time Mrs Mei held the knife. He was paranoid that the loss of her daughter would cause Mrs Mei to do unthinkable things.
  1883. Fortunately, after slicing the apple, she placed it down.
  1885. "I heard your family is just you and your sister?" Mr Mei asked after he finished his story.
  1887. "Yeah, my parents passed away when we were little and we’ve been dependent on each other ever since." Lu Li realised he never asked the doctor how much compensation was required to be given to the donor family. Even though it was difficult to place a price on a life, Lu Li had never researched into this area before.
  1889. Organ donation had to be free because paying for organs was illegal.
  1891. The only payment required was the cost of the surgery performed in the hospital.
  1893. "Do you have any other relatives?" Mr Mei was surprised because when Dr. Don persuaded them about the heart donation, he had only mentioned that they had lost their parents when they were young. However, he assumed that they had been adopted or taken in by relatives or foster families.
  1895. "Not that I know of." Even if they did have other relatives, Lu Li couldn’t remember any of them.
  1897. Perhaps their relatives would be too poor to take them in, even if they did find a way to contact them.
  1899. "Wow… you singled-handedly raised her up? How many years older are you compared to her?" Mr and Mrs Mei had no other ulterior motives apart from getting to know them better.
  1901. They wanted to see what their daughter’s heart would be used for in the future – whether the recipient was as beautiful as their own daughter, whether the recipient had a warm and loving family and whether the family had enough money to afford the expensive surgery procedure. They didn’t want to waste the heart of their beloved daughter.
  1903. The couple was touched and satisfied by what they saw.
  1905. The little girl was very pretty and cute; she was as pure as an angel, much like their own daughter.
  1907. Her older brother treated her very well and from observing their interactions, anyone could tell that they were very close.
  1909. They had no idea that they had been orphans since they were kids.
  1911. "My older brother raised me when I was still a kid. He was willing to do anything for me, through hardship and pain, and he managed to put food on the table. Now, he’s a professional gamer with thousands of players that follows his orders," Lu Xin said proudly.
  1913. In Lu Xin’s eyes, her older brother was the greatest person alive.
  1915. Whenever the teacher asked the class who the greatest person was in history, some would answer with kings and politicians, while other would answer scientists. However, Lu Xin’s answer would always be her older brother.
  1917. "Ok. Very good," Mr Mei said, letting out a sigh of relief.
  1919. "Um… if I may ask, is there anything I could help you with?" Lu Li asked.
  1921. Lu Li was still unsure as to why the parents of the donor was visiting them. They should have been staying by their daughter’s side because she could pass away at any moment.
  1923. They looked at each other, and Mrs Mei wiped away her tears as Mr Mei said, "I wanted to see if you guys needed any help. If you don’t have enough money, then we can lend you some first. If not, then we’re here to tell you to prepare for the operation."
  1925. Mrs Mei followed and added, "I hope the best for you both. Don’t let my daughter’s heart…"
  1927. Lu Li could sympathize with the parents losing their daughter and firmly said, "I will take care of my sister and never let her be sad.
  1929. With the consent of the parents, the operation was quickly performed.
  1931. Two months after Lu Li’s rebirth, Lu Xin entered the operation room under the care of the best heart surgeon on the planet, Helen Svalford, and a team of experts.
  1933. After hours of waiting, the surgery was successful.
  1935. "The operation was very successful. The patient will require some time to recover and I suggest to give her a period of quarantined post-op recovery. Please follow the management plan carefully and strictly."
  1937. Dr. Hellen Svalford was exhausted but explained everything to Lu Li patiently.
  1939. Other experienced doctors all agreed that the surgery went better than expected.
  1941. However, the most important phase of an organ transplant was not the operation, but the post-op management. Lu Li had to be extremely careful in taking care of his little sister to ensure that her heart was not rejected.
  1943. They also suggested that Lu Li move to Nanjing for a while so that the hospital would be more accessible and convenient.
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  1962. Chapter 494: A Match Without Lu Li
  1964. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  1966. Lu Li wasn’t allowed to visit his sister in the first few days post-surgery. In the midst of his anxiousness, he was forced to log onto the game to sort some things out.
  1968. Apparently, there had been a lot of changes in the mere two days that he had been way.
  1970. Drizzling Court had an altercation with Star Moon Union and the two guilds clashed against each other. After two hours or so, Star Moon Union was defeated, and several thousand players left the guild.
  1972. However, Lu Li cared more about the Magic Cup Tournament.
  1974. Lu Li wasn’t able to log on yesterday and Ruling Sword was up against Purple Lunar Paradise. Purple Lunar Paradise performed really well, easily defeating Fat Monkey and the rest of the team.
  1976. Based on what Square Root Three reported, when the new their new sub joined the match, the team became a complete mess.
  1978. Fat Monkey left the party out of anger and complained about the lack of chemistry in the team. Moonlight peeled for March Rain and neglected Mu Qiu because he trusted in March Rain’s healing more. Sakurary Memories’ Lifesteal was completely useless.
  1980. March Rain became flustered for the first time in a tournament setting and couldn’t heal to her maximum potential.
  1982. Mu Qiu tried to turn the game around, but was the first to be sent out of the arena.
  1984. Lu Li could almost imagine the mess at the time based on Square Root Three’s description.
  1986. People who despised Ruling Sword finally found a reason to flame them. That day, the whole server was talking about how hopeless Ruling Sword was without Lu Li.
  1988. When Lu Li logged on, they were preparing for today’s match.
  1990. This was their second time fighting alongside each other. Lu Li signalled Square Root Three not to interfere and let them sort it out themselves.
  1992. The rules for Magic Cup was quite confusing. Losing two matches didn’t mean they were automatically eliminated, however, they would be placed at a lower seed in the next stage.
  1994. "How are things with Xin Xin? When can we visit her?" Square Root Three asked. Before the match started, they decided to sit down together and chat.
  1996. "The doctor said she’s doing well, but she can’t have visitors right now because she could get an infection. You’re welcomed to give her a call, but the call can’t last for too long," Lu Li replied as he read over some criticism from professional players on the game forum.
  1998. "Looks like you can’t relax just yet; I thought you’d be relieved after the surgery," Square Root Three said.
  2000. "Yeah, the post-op management is more important than the surgery itself. I need to make more money in the mean-time," Lu Li said as he smiled bitterly. "My mind is a mess right now. Even if I joined this match, I would underperform by a lot."
  2002. Whenever he thought about his sister and the pain she was going through, his heart ached and breathing became difficult.
  2004. "No worries. This is a great opportunity for them to learn and prepare for the end of year tournament." Square Root Three wasn’t very worried.
  2006. "How’s Fat Monkey?" Lu Li asked.
  2008. Although Square Root Three wasn’t a pro player, he had a lot of experience and a good eye for talent.
  2010. "He’s too much of a hot head," Square Root Three chuckled. "Maybe he’ll get better with time, but he’s too temperamental right now. He should be blamed for the loss yesterday."
  2012. "There’s no other choice. We need more capable players for the tournament at the end of the year and the best way to find talent is to develop them ourselves. He must become more mature and capable to start for our PVP team."
  2014. Lu Li wasn’t disappointed in Fat Monkey at all because he had anticipated all of this.
  2016. Someone who wanted to become the best sniper in the world needed real life experiences and practise, as opposed to relying on pure theory.
  2018. No one was born to be the best sniper in the world. They had to go through countless years of practice and make mistakes in order to learn and excel. Fat Monkey was currently going through an important stage of maturation into a top PVP player.
  2020. Sakura Memories, on the other hand, was playing too passively. Being a DPS player, she needed to be much more aggressive. Green Flag Wine from Peerless City was a great example of an aggressive DPS player.
  2022. Lu Li wasn’t too harsh on her because she was a girl.
  2024. The tournament at the end of the year featured three individual player matches which gave one point for each win. Two points were awarded for winning the Single Elimination Open Tournament (winner stays on until defeated), while five points were awarded for the team PVP match. This totalled up to ten points.
  2026. Of course, this was the information leaked by the gaming company and was still subject to change.
  2028. There were other tournament modes that were currently in-the-works such as Challenger Match, Revival Match and others…
  2030. There were three players for the Individual Player Match, three players for the Single Elimination Open Match and five players with a sub for the Team PVP match.
  2032. According to various sources, players that entered the Individual Match could not enter the Single Elimination Open Match. Therefore, a team of six players was the bare minimum required for the tournament.
  2034. If they prevented players from participating in more than one match, then each team would require at least twelve players.
  2036. However, Lu Li already knew about the tournament setting from his past life.
  2038. Players that participated in the Individual Match could not participate in the Single Elimination Match again, but all players on the team could participate in the 5v5 Team Match.
  2040. However, this meant that six DPS classes were required because healers would be useless in 1v1 PVP settings.
  2042. Players like March Rain would only be useful in Team PVP Matches.
  2044. Mu Qiu had some DPS, but it would be more suitable for him to participate in the Single Elimination Match.
  2046. As for Sakura Memories, she would not be ready in time at the end of the year to be able to participate in the individual matches.
  2048. Currently, only Lu Li, Moonlight, Fat Monkey and Mu Qiu were capable of participating. He needed to find two more DPS classes to fill the role.
  2050. This was much easier said than done. Even with his rebirth, it was difficult for him to think of players to recruit to Ruling Sword.
  2052. "Wow, nice Frost Nova…"
  2054. The match against Majin Temple had already begun. Their Thief tried to flank March Rain, but Fat Monkey somehow anticipated this and froze the Thief in place.
  2056. This was the talent that Lu Li had seen in him. Game sense was something that some players were born with, and this separated the average players from the top players.
  2058. The Thief had already lost half of his HP bar and used Gale Steps to try and escape. However, Mu Qiu followed closely behind and casted Consecration.
  2060. Although Consecration only dealt 10 or so damage per tick, it prevented the Thief from Stealthing away to safety, so he was killed like a sitting duck.
  2062. Unforgetful Maple was late to save his Thief and was furious that he’d lost a player so early in the match. Majin Temple’s sub entered the fight, but they had to play much more conservatively in case they lost another player.
  2064. Unforgetful Maple tended to overthink in tough situations and was afraid that their sub was Lu Li.
  2066. No one knew why Lu Li hadn’t played in the last match.
  2068. Many players, including Unforgetful Maple, speculated that Lu Li didn’t play in order to give their rookie player an opportunity to gain some experience. Since they had lost their last match, it would make sense for Lu Li to participate in this match in order to prevent another loss.
  2070. "We might win this match," Square Root Three laughed out loud.
  2072. "Yeah, Unforgetful Maple is very good at calculating and strategizing in tournaments. However, this time, he might’ve complicated the situation against his favour." Lu Li was more familiar with Unforgetful Maple’s thinking and strategies than Square Root Three.
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  2091. Chapter 495: Thinking Too Much Will Make You Lose As Well
  2093. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  2095. "This guy…he’s just…" Square Root 3 was sitting in the stands and was speechless at Fat Monkey.
  2097. Fat Monkey hadn’t become more reserved despite the previous day’s loss. There wasn’t anyone in the team who could hold him back. He was like a crazy monkey, or as Square Root 3 put it, his tactics were just insane.
  2099. However, he didn’t mean this in an insulting way, as they were currently surprisingly effective.
  2101. The more he fought like that, the more Unforgetful Maple was suspicious of Lu Li benching himself.
  2103. Fat Monkey’s equipment was almost the same as Unforgetful Maple’s, but he was well-known for his fire attacks. At this rate, Fat Monkey and he were dealing the same amount of damage to each other.
  2105. However, he was pushing far too forwards, so the Hunter on Unforgetful Maple’s side was also attacking him. This meant that Fat Monkey’s HP was dropping faster and faster.
  2107. If he kept fighting a two-on-one, Fat Monkey would undoubtedly fall first, but Unforgetful Maple had to admit that it wouldn’t be before he had lost half of his HP.
  2109. He shouted loudly for the Healer to heal him.
  2111. It wasn’t worth trading HP with Fat monkey. If Lu Li came in the moment Fat Monkey died, he didn’t know if he could withstand his aggressive attacks.
  2113. This map wasn’t that large and they were fighting at Ruling Sword’s Return Point, which meant that a substitute could immediately join the battle.
  2115. If he retreated now, Fat Monkey would be left on 30% HP, and March Rain could easily fill his HP back to full.
  2117. "You guys are so slow. If you kept up, we could have killed the maple girl." Not only did Fat Monkey not thank March Rain, but he was also complaining to his teammates.
  2119. Maple girl was Unforgetful Maple’s nickname.
  2121. There were five of them and they were all from Ruling Sword, but they were pushing him around.
  2123. Fat Monkey kept sticking to him and was fighting quite recklessly, which gave Unforgetful Maple a headache.
  2125. Fat Monkey was a fire mage and in a one-on-one, he didn’t have any reason to fear him. Everyone was long-ranged anyway, so the effectiveness of Freezes was limited.
  2127. "Mu Qiu is not bad," Square Root 3 said, admiring the 1.8-million-dollar star player.
  2129. It wasn’t that Mu Qiu’s performance was particularly eye catching. When compared with a group of amateurs, star players were just ordinary players that had received systematic training.
  2131. Someone like Moonlight, who seemed to have wild and spontaneous tactics, was not common among star players.
  2133. "Maybe he will be the next Tire Killer," Lu Li nodded in agreement.
  2135. "Memories is not as good. She’s too scared of making a mistake," Square Root 3 sighed.
  2137. "Some things can’t be forced. Right now, she just needs to make use of Bloodthirst, and the rest is up to her." Lu Li didn’t demand much and just said what needed to be said.
  2139. People played the game for different reasons, and not everyone was in a rush to make money like he was.
  2141. Not all players wanted to enter professional competitions and take championships either. Most people just wanted to casually play the game for the experience.
  2143. "What about Moonlight?" Square Root 3 was curious as to what Lu Li thought about him.
  2145. "He’s a fighter," Lu Li said as Moonlight rushed into Majin Temple, then let out a sigh of relief. "The game has been won."
  2147. Fat Monkey’s frenzied attacks disrupted Unforgetful Maple’s rhythm, allowing Moonlight to take advantage of him.
  2149. Sakura Memories heard Moonlight’s command and casted Bloodthirst. They then cast all their skills at the poor hunter…
  2151. The only exception was Fat Monkey, who was still staring at Unforgetful Maple. He clearly wasn’t going to let his guard down until Unforgetful Maple was dead. Fat Monkey had brilliantly demonstrated the firepower of Fire magic today.
  2153. If Fat Monkey was an Ice Mage, Lu Li wouldn’t have wanted him.
  2155. Even without Lu Li, Ruling Sword had managed to defeat Majin Temple. In terms of strength, Majin Temple’s veteran Unforgetful Maple clearly made them tougher than Purple Lunar Paradise.
  2157. After the match, Lu Li went back to levelling.
  2159. Right now, he couldn’t properly focus on doing anything so he just kept training. He was becoming so powerful that the system’s monsters weren’t able to keep up.
  2161. "Hello? I see you’ve come online." Lu Li’s communicator sounded. Only one of Lu Li’s few friends would dare to interrupt him like this.
  2163. "I’m here. Are you guys fighting the Star Moon Guild?" Lu Li responded instinctively.
  2165. "Yes," Water Fairy said with displeasure." Without Square Root 3, they’re in a mess. They actually dared to contact me and tell me about having compassion."
  2167. Lu Li was throwing his daggers so aggressively that his trajectory was a little off.
  2169. He regained his composure and reassured himself that he hadn’t done anything wrong to this tycoon.
  2171. "They were just like flies and we easily swatted them away." Water Fairy didn’t seem to want to talk about that anymore and changed the subject, asking, "Why didn’t you join the competition? You guys lost yesterday."
  2173. "Something came up at home. A loss is a loss. You can’t win if you never lose," Lu Li joked.
  2175. Speaking to someone like Water Fairy was always refreshing; she wasn’t a competitor and it felt more like a friendship.
  2177. After having helped each other so many times, Lu Li finally accepted the feeling of being friends.
  2179. "Sounds quite serious – you were offline for almost 2 days. You didn’t join the competition today either and you won by some luck. Maple girl is smart, but he made a mistake," Water Fairy said, understanding everything quite clearly.
  2181. At the very least, she understood Lu Li. She knew that he wouldn’t use these matches to train his team members.
  2183. The reason was quite simple – the first and second place winnings were very different. If money was involved, Lu Li would be very serious, so it was unusual that he had been absent in the last two matches.
  2185. She was so curious that she took the initiative to contact him about it.
  2187. "…" Lu Li hesitated, as there was no need to make his sister’s affairs public.
  2189. "If you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine," Water Fairy quickly added.
  2191. After she said that, Lu Li didn’t feel too good about keeping it from her either. "My sister is sick and she was admitted to the hospital. I’ve been accompanying her…"
  2193. "Oh, its Lu Xin. She was fine the last time I saw her; how did she suddenly get sick?" Water Fairy asked. When she previously brought Mu Qiu to talk to Lu Li, she had seen Lu Xin playing with some other kids.
  2195. The impression that she got was that she was very beautiful, spotless and without blemish.
  2197. Obviously, Lu Li had been protecting her very well as she was so carefree. But how did she suddenly get sick?
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  2216. Chapter 496: Consequences of Offending a Female Tycoon
  2218. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  2220. In the gloomy Theramore’s Fall, Lu Li pulled his dagger out of monster. The System prompted that he had received some EXP, but his EXP bar didn’t move. One monster wasn’t enough to make it budge.
  2222. The Ooze monster would explode before its death. It didn’t cause much damage, but it splashed ooze everywhere.
  2224. Normal players didn’t like these swamp monsters, so this big map only had a few thousand players currently in it. Most importantly, not many players were farming, so there were high amounts of EXP to be gained.
  2226. The same was true for Lu Li, but he was unlike the others. He was farming while listening to the sweet voice of a sister, who was also a beautiful woman.
  2228. "It’s nothing too serious." Lu Li didn’t want to get into too much detail about his sister.
  2230. "Then let me go visit her. I have some free time today after logging off." Water Fairy didn’t know why she made such a request either.
  2232. It had been a long time since she had taken to initiative to ask to visit someone.
  2234. "No, it’s okay, thank you," Lu Li refused, but then thought he was being rude so he quickly added, "She has just completed the surgery, so even I can’t see her. I also don’t know how far it is for you; I don’t want to trouble you."
  2236. "Peace talks my ass! Ao Jian, that idiot," Water Fairy said angrily. "He’s already offended me and he still wants to talk about it!"
  2238. "Huh?"
  2240. "Sorry, I was talking to someone else," Water Fairy apologized, reverting to her normal tone. She just needed to vent for a little bit, but now she felt better.
  2242. The two top executives in Drizzle Court that had come to see Water Fairy had no idea that Ao Jian had offended their leader so badly.
  2244. It was also worth mentioning that the weather was getting cold, so she was probably becoming more impatient. The crafty Star Moon Guild had probably done something to offend her.
  2246. "Do you have trouble with Ao Jian? Do you need help?" Lu Li was still trembling after the tycoon’s show of aggression and thought it would be good to offer some help.
  2248. "It’s okay," Water Fairy said quietly. "Do you know what city I live in?"
  2250. "Uh…" Lu Li was dumbfounded, and his foot slipped, causing him to almost fall onto the floor. An Ooze took the opportunity to hit his face, which turned out to be a critical hit and dealt more than 200 damage.
  2252. Why was she suddenly asking a question like this?
  2254. Water Fairy was a celebrity in game, but the city where she lived was unknown. Lu Li didn’t know either – even rebirth couldn’t help him in that regard.
  2256. "It seems like you don’t know. How do you know it’s far away?’ Water Fairy wasn’t speaking angrily, but Lu Li could feel the chill in the air as she spoke.
  2258. Lu Li had only said that as a courtesy; why would she ask him that?
  2260. It was so uncommon for Lu Li to come across someone who didn’t follow formalities that he was speechless.
  2262. After all, they were both friends.
  2264. Well, perhaps they weren’t as close as he thought. Lu Li began to ponder the consequences of offending Water Fairy and Drizzle Court.
  2266. It seemed like Ruling Sword wouldn’t be able to hold up against them as they were still developing and were unable to keep fighting.
  2268. "Tell me which hospital is your sister in. I won’t bite her," Water Fairy interrupted Lu Li’s flights of fancy.
  2270. Lu Li answered honestly, "Nanjing First People’s Hospital, cardiology."
  2272. One reason he was so honest was probably because of his conscience. He hadn’t listened to it much in his past life. Water Fairy’s desire to visit was probably sincere, as she was a rich female tycoon that didn’t owe Lu Li anything. She was unlikely to have some other ulterior motive.
  2274. "Nanjing… haha…" Water Fairy made a sneering sound and then immediately hung up.
  2276. Lu Li was completely baffled; he had no idea what was happening to Water Fairy today.
  2278. There were a few days in a month where Lu Li would attribute Water Fairy’s unusual behavior to female physiology. He had raised his sister alone, so he wasn’t completely unaware about those things.
  2280. He had initially planned to be peacefully levelling up, but he had been interrupted by the call from Water Fairy.
  2282. His EXP bar was only at 70%. Lu Li felt a little displeasure at that, but he wanted to log off and go to pay a visit to the hospital.
  2284. He didn’t dare to call his sister as the phone might ring too loudly and scare her. Her heart was vulnerable at the moment and she needed to rest.
  2286. After another two days, Lu Li could see her in protective clothing.
  2288. Perhaps they had been informed by Square Root 3, but his teammates were aware of his situation and didn’t bother him. Even Hachi Chan had been asking someone else to help with her quests.
  2290. Lu Li thought for a moment and decided to open some Treasure Chests.
  2292. After the fourth system update, the Treasure Chest system had changed quite a bit. The most significant update was the drops being reduced from two guaranteed drops to one. However, the Treasure Chests would refresh more frequently now.
  2294. There were too many players, much more than the game company’s expectations. Many players who relied on Treasure Chests to make money were unable to find any and were complaining.
  2296. Additionally, a special Treasure Chest was added. It was officially called the Random Treasure Chest, but players called it the Lottery Chest.
  2298. There could be 3 to 6 things in this treasure chest, and these items were numbered accordingly. The players who found the chest could roll for a number and would receive whatever they rolled.
  2300. The chest didn’t need Unlock and also allowed many players to roll for it.
  2302. However, these changes didn’t improve the quality of the drops. Lu Li looked around Thermore’s Fall for a while and discovered three Treasure Chests. All of them were Steel – even in high-level maps, it was rare to find Silver Treasure Chests, but Lu Li didn’t dare to visit the Advanced Maps.
  2304. He could fly, so he had a unique advantage in finding Treasure Chests.
  2306. While the majority of players were still pursuing ground mounts, Lu Li was already thriving in the sky.
  2308. Well, Hachi Chan could fly too. She had received the Archdruid’s favor at the Howling Caves and could transform into a butterfly. Unfortunately, Hachi Chan still lacked control in the air.
  2310. Of course, there were more than three chests in Theramore’ Fall, but most of them had been opened. With the ability to transform into a crow, he could reach places that ordinary players couldn’t.
  2312. The three chests dropped three Steel equips, which were just a joke to Lu Li. After thinking for a while, Lu Li decided to go to a higher-level map.
  2314. He was still upset and needed something to distract his mind.
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  2333. Chapter 497: Tanaris’ Treasure Chest
  2335. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  2337. Lu Li was acting a little suicidal; he had chosen a level 40 map – Tanaris.
  2339. In Dawn, Tanaris was an endless desert.
  2341. Under the cloudless sky was a bright expanse filled with patches of quicksand.
  2343. Since the ancient times, Nozdormu, the Dragon of Time, had regarded this place as its home and had thrived in this vast inhospitable desert alone.
  2345. The vast area of Tanaris contained many secrets. Most of the land was uninhabited, but there were many huge creatures wandering around like Kodo Beasts, Sand Worms and Tall Walkers.
  2347. Speaking of the Kodos, Lu Li had almost forgotten to sell one of his Kodos.
  2349. He didn’t even need to think about who he was going to sell his Kodos to.
  2351. Water Fairy was the best choice and he didn’t even need to spend much time bargaining the price. The female tycoon was very generous in this regard and although she couldn’t be taken advantage of, she would never be stingy when it came to her interests.
  2353. He also didn’t need to travel back as the place where Lu Li had sent the mount was not a small village that didn’t have mailboxes.
  2355. The mailbox was outside the hotel, and Lu Li directly sent the White Kodo Mount. He believed that the tycoon could understand what he meant and would repay him satisfactorily.
  2357. Mounts were still a new thing at this stage, not to mention how difficult it was for players to obtain a Kodo.
  2359. Moreover, it was pure white. Lu Li wasn’t as stupid as the old Tauren thought he was; the albinism was of no value to hi,m but it was particularly attractive for females.
  2361. After he sent it, Lu Li entered another bigger city.
  2363. Gadgetzan was a high-tech city inhabited predominantly by Gnomes and Goblins. This was the hometown of numerous Goblins.
  2365. The emergence of such a large city in the desert was in itself a miracle.
  2367. Around the periphery of this settlement was a wall of copper. The city was famous for its Blacksmiths and Engineers, so naturally, there were also many knowledgeable Goblins Engineering Trainers here.
  2369. Various machines whizzed around the streets of Gadgetzan and the sky around it was almost always covered in black smoke.
  2371. Here, explorers were able to get the rest they needed, and were also able to escape the sun and the other dangers of the desert. Because it was a neutral city, players of the Alliance and the Horde were both present, which resulted in some conflict. However, the Goblin guards mercilessly attacked those daredevils who tried to provoke the other faction.
  2373. In his past life, Lu Li had spent quite a long time here. The monsters in the desert were rare and cruel, but they were quite rich and would drop a lot of coins.
  2375. It is said that this desert was filled with historical remains and mysteries.
  2377. There was a huge underground tunnel network that was largely unexplored because very few players would explore such desolate areas. In addition, there were rumors of various prehistoric monsters hiding in the tunnels that would kill intruders without hesitation.
  2379. Kodos, Tall Walkers and other giant predatory birds were common here. You could also occasionally see young and adult dragons flying over the heat waves that were lingering in the desert, despite the fact that the sea of sand dunes didn’t seem like it could sustain any wildlife.
  2381. Lu Li’s choice could either be a big problem or a very exciting opportunity.
  2383. There were quite a few flying creatures in this map. Vultures and Fire Rocs were both highly aggressive flying predators, while Dragons were more docile creatures, but who could guarantee that they wouldn’t attack by accident?
  2385. A single sneeze from an adult Dragon Boss could easily one-shot a player.
  2387. Lu Li took off from Gadgetzan and headed towards the East Moon Ruins.
  2389. It was likely that there was an ancient city here. Countless explorers wanted to find its treasure, but most of them ended up in the belly of a Sandworm.
  2391. The Sandworms here were level 40 and their skills were very strong.
  2393. One of their skills would suck players, monsters or NPCs directly into its stomach. There, damage would be dealt every second, but the target would be released if they weren’t killed after 15 seconds.
  2395. This skill had a 2-minute cooldown, and if you couldn’t kill it within 2 minutes, it would swallow you again.
  2397. Not many players dared to come here as this skill alone gave the Sandworm a significant psychological advantage.
  2399. No one wanted to experience the feeling of being swallowed. Those who were timid were scared offline, and even those who knew that they would survive couldn’t eat for a few days after they were swallowed.
  2401. One moment, a player would be under the light and the next they would find themselves covered in mucus…
  2403. What was worse was that equipment was worn down more quickly when fighting Sandworms. After fighting Sandworms for half a day, the repair costs would amount to a dozen gold coins.
  2405. Lu Li walked cautiously; he didn’t want to become Sandworm droppings. With his current level and equipment, he wasn’t sure if he would even have the opportunity of being spat out.
  2407. He was currently looking for some Treasure Chests in the East Moon Ruins.
  2409. He remembered finding a Golden Chest in his previous life, but he was Druid so he couldn’t open it and had to turn back.
  2411. He had to track down a friend that was Thief before he could open the gold chest.
  2413. Clearly, that person was tempted by the money and that ‘friend’ took the equipment without even offering to give it to Lu Li.
  2415. From that point onward, he added a few Treasure Hunters as friends to sell the coordinates of Treasure Chests in accordance with the chest’s grade.
  2417. At the moment, there wouldn’t be any Treasure Hunters in this area as they wouldn’t know how to observe the movements of the Sandworms yet.
  2419. Experienced players could determine the position of a Sandworm from the surface and could probably estimate its position even while it was moving.
  2421. Lu Li was exactly that kind of person.
  2423. He could accurately judge where the Sandworms were hiding and as long as he stopped lightly, he wouldn’t be eaten by that disgusting skill.
  2425. "Gold Treasure Chest… where are you…?"
  2427. Lu Li whispered as he slowly approached the weather stone walls which had not been visited by players for many years.
  2429. This place, which used to be a city, was now a ruins that had been battered by rough winds and occasionally visited by the Wasteland Forces who were between level 38 to 40.
  2431. The so-called Wasteland Forces were an ancient institution that were interested in exploring various historical ruins.
  2433. There were three different occupations that could be found among them in the East Moon Ruins: Wasteland Survivors, which were similar to Warriors but could lay and disarm traps, Wasteland Trackers, which used bows, arrows and flares, and Wasteland Dark Mages, which were similar to the Warlocks.
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  2452. Chapter 498: Gold Treasure Chest
  2454. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  2456. The Wasteland Forces were annoying because they would kill anyone that went to the ruins.
  2458. In a certain sense, Lu Li’s purpose was contrary to theirs, so meeting them would result in certain death. Lu Li was currently only level 34, so fighting level 40 monsters would be quite difficult. It was best for him to avoid them.
  2460. These ruins made the normally flat desert terrain quite complex, so Lu Li had to be even more careful.
  2462. It was hard to say whether there were Wasteland Forces hiding behind a wall. These monsters were basically gangsters and wouldn’t reason with you.
  2464. There was also a decent chance that a level 40 monster could see a Stealthed Thief that was 6 levels below them.
  2466. Lu Li felt a decaying shell scratch the bottom of his foot; who knew why there was a shell here in the middle of the desert? However, not far away, a Wasteland Tracker dropped a flare at his feet.
  2468. The Hunter’s flare was a Thief’s worst nightmare.
  2470. Under these circumstances, Lu Li was unable to keep up the Stealth. A Wolf tooth flew and hit him in the knee, dealing over 300 damage.
  2472. The level gap was so wide that a normal monster could deal 300 damage to him with a single attack.
  2474. What was worse was that he had nowhere to go. He was surrounded by monsters, so he would run into one no matter where he ran. The longer he waited, the more gathered, so dying to these normal monsters was an actual possibility.
  2476. Lu Li could only brace himself now.
  2478. -89!
  2480. His Shadowstrike with a Skill Completion above 85% only resulted in a double-digit amount of damage.
  2482. Lu Li never realized how difficult it was to fight a monster that was much higher-levelled than he was.
  2484. Fortunately, he could take potions and had a large number of crowd-control skills. He had lost half his HP, but he finally killed the monster that discovered him.
  2486. After fighting for more than 10 minutes, he managed to kill five Wasteland Forces monsters. Lu Li still hadn’t found the Gold Treasure Chest from his memories, but it still had left the strongest impression in his mind.
  2488. It had to be around here somewhere. Although the refresh point was not fixed, it was bound to be somewhere in the area.
  2490. Gold Treasure Chest…
  2492. Lu Li looked across the golden yellow earth for the Gold Treasure Chest. Could it be that he needed to do some digging? Perhaps the chest had been buried under the sand?
  2494. No, that was simply nonsense. Not only were the ruins so big that a player wouldn’t find it after searching for years, but digging around in the sand would also disturb the Sandworms.
  2496. Sandworms had no vision or hearing, so their perception was solely based on vibrations.
  2498. Lu Li had no choice but to try and fight some monsters to pass the time. His targets were the Wasteland Forces that were roaming around, but fighting them was quite difficult. He had even tried to Pick Pocket them, but the level 40 monster’s detection was so high that they knew he was there before he even got close. Then, the difficult fight would begin.
  2500. The worst part was that despite fighting monsters that were 6 levels higher, he didn’t gain much EXP.
  2502. At least the drops were a consolation, as these desert monsters were quite rich. It seemed like these Wasteland gangsters were good at doing business.
  2504. They were actually dropping Silver items. These were the first non-Boss monsters in Dawn to drop Silver items.
  2506. However, after 30 minutes, Lu Li still hadn’t achieved anything.
  2508. Lu Li planned to keep looking for another 30 minutes, otherwise, he would go and kill the Southshore Sea Pirates. Those pirates were equally hard to kill, but they could drop some really good items.
  2510. One such item was the ‘Stealth Potion Recipe’, which allowed non-stealth players to go into Stealth. The effect was far weaker than that of the Thief or Druid, but there was a big market for it.
  2512. To complement that item, the corresponding potion was the ‘Elixir of Detect Lesser Invisibility’. That item was even more incredible.
  2514. If you took that Potion, you could detect nearby Stealthed targets for some time. Of course, like the Stealth Potion, it wouldn’t necessarily work on Stealth experts like the Thief or Druid.
  2516. However, there was still a large market for it, as having a bottle of the anti-stealth potion would force Thieves to be more careful.
  2518. There were also 16-space Troll Backpacks, Giant Strength Potions that gave 15 Strength, a variety of Blueprints, exquisite equipment and so on. The Southshore Sea Pirates were able to drop such good items because they were pirates.
  2520. Killing them also had a chance of dropping a treasure map part, and collecting all three parts enabled the players to create a treasure map. They could also drop a Captain’s key which was necessary to open the treasure.
  2522. The most crucial part was that this treasure map could be repeatedly farmed, which meant that you would also gain a lot of EXP from this area.
  2524. Right now, no one other than Lu Li knew about it.
  2526. He could monopolize everything. He would be the first to open the treasure and enjoy its benefits. It was just like when he had gotten the First Clears on the Bosses.
  2528. However, the Gold Treasure Chest was still a large temptation, and one of the regrets of his past life. A big reason for him choosing to play Thief this time was because of that.
  2530. His luck with Treasure Chests seemed to be particularly good. He had found a lot of high-grade chests, but he could only watch as others opened them.
  2532. After giving it some thought, he reasoned that the treasure chest couldn’t be buried under the sand. After all, this was a game and the game company would design it such that the players would benefit.
  2534. Burying it in the sand would make it very difficult for the players.
  2536. Following that thinking, Lu Li began to pay more attention to the corners of the map.
  2538. Tanaris didn’t have a daytime. The sky was always starry and was complemented with a bright moon. As such, the yellow sand was permanently stained in silver.
  2540. Under the moonlight, Lu Li glimpsed a metal sliver in the corner of his eyes.
  2542. A chest!
  2544. He had finally found the Gold Treasure Chest under the totem of a Viper.
  2546. It definitely had not been easy to find.
  2548. The golden totem, golden sand and golden chest was all unified with a layer of moonlight. If you didn’t look carefully enough, you would never notice it.
  2550. In his past life, he had found the Gold Treasure Chest of the East Moon Ruins because he had carelessly run into it.
  2552. However, this time, it had taken him more than an hour of wandering around in the East Moon Ruins.
  2554. System: Sorry, your Unlock Skill is not strong enough. Please continue to work hard.
  2556. The cold system prompt doused his enthusiasm in icy water. Fortunately, he still had one Skill Point left, otherwise, he would have cried his way home.
  2558. He added a point to the Unlock Skill, upgrading it to level 3 and enabling its use on Gold Treasure Chests. Although this was likely not the first Gold Treasure Chest discovered in Dawn, this was the first that Lu Li had seen.
  2560. The channel was slow but steady and his heart finally let go of his sister’s condition as he waited for the game in anticipation.
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  2579. Chapter 499: Wirt’s Third Leg
  2581. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  2583. Would it be Gold equipment?
  2585. For most Treasure Hunters, the thing they probably didn’t want to see the most was equipment.
  2587. Equipment like bracelets and earrings were very rare and highly sought after. Some players had opened hundreds or thousands of chests without even finding a single one.
  2589. However, they would still prefer rare materials or Trade Skill Blueprints to appear in treasure chests. They would also take Skill Books as well, although Skill Books like the Warrior’s Charge were already worthless.
  2591. If it was a Steel Treasure Chest, the equipment dropped would only be Steel grade. Right now, even exquisite Steel equipment was not worth much money.
  2593. As such, the Gold Treasure Chest would drop a Gold Treasure Chest. As long as the attributes weren’t too bad, the item would be worth a decent amount of money. Gold equipment was still in short supply at the moment.
  2595. Lu Li only had a few pieces, let alone the ordinary players.
  2597. However, if there were other items in the chest, they would probably be more expensive.
  2599. The skill channel didn’t actually take that long; it soon completed and a ‘kacha’ sound could be heard. The Gold Treasure Chest slowly opened.
  2601. Lu Li took a breath and reached into the chest.
  2603. The item that he touched felt cold and a little tough. When he took it out, he realised that it was a pair of shoes.
  2605. Lu Li sighed internally; his current shoes were the Tempest Leather Boots.
  2607. Tempest Leather Boots (Silver): 25 Armour, All Stats+10, Movement Speed+5%, Special Effect: Escape. After activating, you instantly appear at a location within 15 feet. Cooldown Time: 180 seconds, Equipment Requirement: LV25. Durability: 50/50.
  2609. They increased all attributes, gave a 5% move speed buff and even had an escape effect.
  2611. They were simply perfect.
  2613. Even though they were only a level 25 Silver, Lu Li could probably use them until level 35. Of all the level 30 Silver or Gold equipment, he had not seen any boots that were better.
  2615. He had many reasons to love them – they had a beautiful appearance and were comfortable…
  2617. Now, he had received another pair of shoes, but they were just leather shoes. Lu Li was quite disappointed.
  2619. Rebirth hadn’t changed his luck; he was still very unlucky. After all, he was just an ordinary person and didn’t have supernatural luck like the System’s daughter Hachi Chan.
  2621. His equipment wasn’t that Heaven-Defying either. It was just a little better than that of the top players, so there was much room for improvement.
  2623. If a player always found great items, but they were always shoes, then their strength would be limited. Even if they traded, they wouldn’t be able to get the best items.
  2625. Regardless, he had a look at the items properties.
  2627. Wirt’s Third Leg (Gold): Armor 35, Agility +20, Constitution +12, Movement Speed +8%. Special Effect 1: Fade into the shadows and appear behind a target. Increases movement speed by 80% for 3 seconds and increases damage done by the next spell by 20%. Reduces Threat by 50%. 120 second cooldown. Special Effect 2: Wirt’s Fake Leg, Instant Cast, bound forward or backward by 8 yards. 120 second cooldown. Equipment Requirement level 35. Durability 82/82.
  2629. There was also a long inscription on the boots which described Wirt’s unhappy childhood. When he was young, he and a group of other villagers were kidnapped by a Dark Mage and experimented on.
  2631. After a few years, he was fortunately rescued by a passing hero. However, Wirt had already suffered a lot of torture and had lost the ability to walk. As such, the hero gave him a pair of magical boots which were called Wirt’s Third Leg, otherwise known as Wirt’s Fake Leg.
  2633. After his ability to walk was restored, he followed this hero and gradually became an Epic Thief. He then successfully killed the Dark Mage that had gone into hiding.
  2635. Lu Li decided to take back what he had thought previously.
  2637. The Tempest Leather Boots weren’t perfect. They were a little weaker than Wirt’s Third Leg.
  2639. The Tempest Leather Boots added 10 to all attributes, but the only useful attributes were Agility, Strength and Constitution, in that order. Wirt’s Third Leg added 20 points to the most important attribute, Agility. As such, it clearly had the best properties.
  2641. Wirt’s Third Leg also had 3% more Movespeed.
  2643. As for the special effect, the Tempest Leather Boots only had one escape. It was very useful, but it was a bit awkward because it sent you 15 yards in a random direction.
  2645. If the environment was complex, Lu Li wouldn’t dare to use the effect, especially if he was near a cliff edge, a deep ravine or a volcano. If it placed him in a bad spot, the effects could be disastrous.
  2647. Similarly, Wirt’s Third Leg also had an effect called Wirt’s Fake Leg.
  2649. This only moved him by 8 yards, but he could control whether he wanted to move forwards or backwards. It was useful for both chasing and escaping.
  2651. Additionally, Lu Li also thought that its first effect was very strong.
  2653. It was almost the same as Shadow Cloak, and perhaps was even stronger.
  2655. It included a 10% speed buff for 1 second, increase damage and decreased Threat by 50%. That was really good for Bosses, no matter how high your Threat was.
  2657. He should have retired the Shadow Cloak a long time ago, but Lu Li had been reluctant to because of its effect. However, with Wirt’s Third Leg, he could now find a new cloak. The clear increase in strength when changing from Tempest Leather Boots to Wirt’s Third Leg made it easy.
  2659. The only issue was the equipment level requirement. Suddenly, Lu Li felt motivated to level again.
  2661. Unless if they were levelling maniacs like Sakura Memories, most players were like Lu Li. They couldn’t just keep on levelling forever; the human psyche just couldn’t stand it.
  2663. However, with a goal in mind, anyone could enjoy the boring levelling process.
  2665. Tanaris was not suitable for levelling, as the lowest-levelled monster was level 40.
  2667. Before Lu Li left, he intended to take a look at the Southshore Sea Pirates.
  2669. In his previous life, that place had quickly become a contested land and turned into a bloodbath between competing guilds. Later, negotiations arose and the decision was made by the strongest.
  2671. He didn’t know the specifics; an average player like Lu Li wouldn’t know about this kind of thing.
  2673. He had always heard about the Southshore Sea Pirates, but he hadn’t killed a single pirate from there before.
  2675. Right now, no one knew about the Southshore Sea pirates, so there was no one stopping him from farming.
  2677. There were several camps of Southshore Sea Pirates, but the most important one was called the Lost Rigger Cove. This was the pirate’s base camp, and was the filled with elite monsters.
  2679. Lu Li spent a tremendous amount effort just to get to this place.
  2681. However, he didn’t have a choice; his level was low, so any monsters he fought would take a long time to kill. If he ran into any groups of monsters, he would have no choice but to run away.
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  2700. Chapter 500: Calling Someone
  2702. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  2704. In fact, there was a huge Sandworm on the way.
  2706. This disgusting monster populated a large area of the Tanaris sand; this place seemed to be their spawn point. Lu Li, who had come along, didn’t know how many were here. He had accidentally stepped on one’s head and was almost swallowed.
  2708. Fortunately, he had the Tempest Leather Boots. This piece of equipment that he was about to replace had once again saved his life.
  2710. There were also groups of Sunroc, but fortunately, Lu Li knew how these monsters behaved. If he attacked just one of them, the entire group would retaliate. At the current level of Dawn’s players, even 100 players wouldn’t stand a chance.
  2712. At this point, there were monsters everywhere in the Lost Rigger Cove, so Lu Li didn’t dare to go inside.
  2714. He found monsters in the periphery to test, and discovered that monsters who could drop good items shouldn’t be underestimated. These pirates had a strong attack and could also buff themselves with a variety of potions.
  2716. They had an attack bonus, attribute bonus, move speed bonus, and Lu Li had even seen a Detection of Secondary Stealth potion.
  2718. There was already a level gap, so with the Stealth detection, there was no chance for Lu Li to sneak into the camp. If the Southshore Pirates had musketeers, they would definitely line up on Lu Li’s head.
  2720. Later, he ran into an Elite monster with high HP and was unable to kill it, even after a long time.
  2722. When Lu Li saw that his HP had dropped by two-thirds and that the monster was still on half HP, he decisively hit a Kidney Shot stun and vanished with Stealth to escape.
  2724. After this, whenever he saw an Elite monster, he would go the long way around.
  2726. The elite monsters were bigger than ordinary monsters, their amour was brighter, and the weapons they were holding were not pieces of scrap metal.
  2728. After half an hour, Lu Li had killed over 40 monsters and had gained less than 0.1% EXP. He was levelling at a snail’s pace.
  2730. As for equipment, he had received many level 40 Bronze and Steel equips that were all destined for the shops. He had also received quite a few cloth materials, but the drops weren’t as good as he thought.
  2732. Lu Li quickly gave up the idea of killing monsters in this area.
  2734. However, he wasn’t comfortable with just giving up and leaving either. As such, he used Sudden Thrust towards the seashore.
  2736. The Lost Rigger Cove was here, a natural occurrence along the seashore. There were three ships anchored in the cove and they were all relied on by the Southshore Sea Pirates. If an army came to siege them, they could also use the ships to retreat to sea.
  2738. In the vast sea, they were simply untraceable. As such, piracy was a very popular business in Dawn.
  2740. Lu Li jumped into the water and instantly transformed into a Seal.
  2742. BOSS!
  2744. The fish and shrimp were shocked by the sudden appearance of this monster and scattered in different directions. Only the carefree creatures like the eels continued to cruise around slowly. They were in a group and had good combat effectiveness.
  2746. Lu Li didn’t bother with these eels. He was going to grab one later to cook when he was leaving.
  2748. Instead, he moved along the coast and tried to find Treasure Chests near the campfire. There definitely would be one; the pirate camp was one of the most densely populated areas of the world.
  2750. He quickly spotted a chest, but it was only a Steel one. It was unlikely that it would drop any good items.
  2752. It was also surrounded by seven or eight pirates, and there were also two among them that looked like elites. It wasn’t worth the risk, so Lu Li looked for another target. If he could find a Gold chest, he would assemble a few Thieves from the guild to distract the monsters while he opened it.
  2754. In this land that no one had set foot on, the treasures of the Gold chest would be amazing and a worthy cause for other players to fight over.
  2756. After travelling a little further, Lu Li paused. His gaze was drawn to a tall, red-bearded pirate with one eye.
  2758. He was wearing a black captain’s hat, a necklace with large pearls, wielded a gold-handled knife on his waist and was leaving deep footprints in the sand.
  2760. It was a Boss!
  2762. Why was there a Boss here?
  2764. Lu Li remembered from his past life that this place should not have a captain Boss in it. However, he had heard of certain guilds trying to farm the pirates and warn that others should stay away for their own safety.
  2766. He had never heard of a Boss being killed in this area.
  2768. It was Andre Firebeard!
  2770. Suddenly, Lu Li realised the name of this Boss.
  2772. This was originally Lost Rigger Cove’s only Boss, Andre Firebeard. He finally remembered reading about this Boss from this depth of his memories.
  2774. The article he had read wasn’t about killing Captain Andre, nor was it about how a guild managed to steal the Boss – it was just a press release.
  2776. He had no recollection of when Andre Firebeard had been killed by single player.
  2778. He also had no recollection of what Andre Firebeard dropped.
  2780. Lu Li only remembered on thing – Andre Firebeard was not difficult to kill. In his previous life, a small guild had managed to defeat him, which was so sensational at the time that it afforded them some news coverage.
  2782. However, one thing was for sure – even if the Boss was easy to kill, Lu Li couldn’t do it alone.
  2784. If Andre called out some of his underlings, Lu Li would have no chance.
  2786. It was a strange sight to behold at the Lost Rigger Cove. There was a Seal holding up its upper body and staring greedily at the pirate captain.
  2788. He had to kill him!
  2790. It would be too disappointing if he didn’t.
  2792. It was a level 40+ Boss that could only be killed once; it couldn’t respawn. If the small monsters had decent drops, then surely the Boss would have good drops too.
  2794. And there was also the chance of it dropping a treasure map…
  2796. If he didn’t kill it now, was he going to let that random small guild do it instead?
  2798. He decided to immediately rally some other players to come and help.
  2800. Lu Li had given up on fighting the Boss alone and was calling his guildmembers for help.
  2802. "Make a group with all the elite players, but don’t mobilise it yet. Keep it lowkey and wait for my message," Lu Li messaged Square Root 3.
  2804. "Lu Li are you okay? Why are you getting the elite players?" Square Root 3 was puzzled.
  2806. Normally, Square Root 3 wouldn’t question the instructions, but today. he had to double check because his sister was on a hospital bed and couldn’t be visited. Lu Li wasn’t in a good mood and perhaps something was wrong.
  2808. "We’re killing a Wild Boss. Don’t tell anyone yet, just in case the information leaks," Lu Li said seriously.
  2810. "What Boss? Where?" Square Root 3 was interested the moment he heard the word ‘Boss’. He had organized the Star Moon Guild to kill a few Wild Bosses before. The benefits of Wild Bosses were usually lucrative.
  2812. However, Ruling Sword was currently too weak and in a phase of rapid development, so they didn’t have the strength to compete with the bigger guilds.
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  2831. Chapter 501: The Scouting Party
  2833. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  2835. "It’s a pirate captain that’s level 40+ at Tanaris." Lu Li didn’t speak in much detail when describing the location. After all, Square Root 3 couldn’t see it anyway.
  2837. "Heavens, you’ve really gone mad. You’re actually at Tanaris!" Square Root 3’s whistle could be heard through the communicator.
  2839. "Don’t be so dramatic. I’m still alive, aren’t I?" Lu Li disagreed.
  2841. "The map is massive, so there must be some other players exploring the area, but you won’t even tell me where you are?" Square Root 3 really felt like something was wrong with Lu Li.
  2843. It made sense that he could go a little crazy with all the stress he had been experiencing.
  2845. The Tanaris Desert covered a large area south of Kalimdor and was said to contain several relics. There were treasures everywhere, and it was land full of opportunity. There was no way that the players would just leave this place be. There were already players who were trying to explore this location as soon as they hit level 30.
  2847. However, all who tried died without exception.
  2849. Despite this, death didn’t bother them too much as they were mostly guild-hired death squads.
  2851. Their main problem was the disgusting Sandworm which actually ate players.
  2853. Those players who had experienced being swallowed refused to step back onto the sand, no matter how much money they were offered.
  2855. Right now, Lu Li was actually going to try and kill a Tanaris Boss that was level 40+.
  2857. "Gather the 100 elite members and give them notice that they will be doing some fighting soon," Lu Li instructed.
  2859. He was very much aware of potential undercover players among his elite players.
  2861. The Wild Bosses in Dawn were particularly difficult to fight. This wasn’t necessarily because the Bosses were stronger, but that it was very difficult for guilds to keep the fight a complete secret. The news was bound to spread.
  2863. Once two or more guilds got involved, the Boss fight would turn into a contest.
  2865. "Alright, but how do you propose we get the 100 players to the Boss? Not everyone can go into Stealth like you, you know," Square Root 3 said, struggling to hold back from directly insulting him.
  2867. Lu Li seemed to have lost his usual strategizing brilliance.
  2869. "Three Bro, Xin Xin’s surgery was a success and I need to make a lot of money right now to ensure that she has the best follow up and recovery. I wouldn’t joke about the guild like this." Lu Li was clearly a little angry.
  2871. "Alright, I’ll get it done in 30 minutes."
  2873. Square Root 3 immediately started arranging it obediently. He wiped the cold sweat that was on his forehead and cursed silently. Lu Li was actually quite scary when he was angry.
  2875. "Sheesh, you needed to make me raise my voice before you would listen," Lu Li said as he shook his head and started heading back.
  2877. However, Square Root 3’s concerns were not unreasonable. It wasn’t difficult to pull 100 players to Tanaris as they could just instantly transport to the city, but once they were out of the safe area, they were bound to have a hard time. Moreover, mobilizing so many guild members at once was bound to tip off the undercover players.
  2879. However, Lu Li wasn’t worried about any of this at all.
  2881. After he returned, he went to Gadgetzan and saw several players waiting there for him.
  2883. There was Scarlet New Moon, a Thief from his Elite Group. In addition to levelling in Instance Dungeons, his main hobby was hunting treasure chests. He had several pieces of equipment on him that increased Stealth, so his Stealth ability was nearly comparable to Lu Li’s
  2885. He was also particularly good at avoiding reveal skills. Not only could he detect traps, but he could also find camouflaged monsters.
  2887. There was also Cain’s Left Hand, someone who Lu Li had once fought in the Warsong Canyon. His technique was very good and when Lu Li wasn’t around, he was Fat Monkey’s flag bearer.
  2889. Hachi Chan and Sesame Rice Ball were also there, but these two didn’t need any introduction.
  2891. "Lu Li, look! This is my dragon," Hachi Chan proudly said as she showed off her elven dragon who was lazily lying on her chest. It looked quite flashy, but it didn’t seem like a particularly strong defender.
  2893. Even so, it was clearly very beautiful. The Elf Dragon was considered to be one of the most beautiful dragons.
  2895. As of now, it was far too small to be a mount. Unless some miracle happened, Hachi Chan would have no chance of riding it in this life. On the contrary, she actually needed to hold it, so the dragon was really using her as a mount.
  2897. "I hope you get to mount it one day," Lu Li said bluntly.
  2899. "If I can find an adult Elven Dragon, the baby will grow up quickly. The NPC said that I needed to go into Emerald Dreams territory to find adult Elven Dragons," Hachi Chan said quietly.
  2901. Adult Elven Dragons…
  2903. Lu Li felt a bit of compassion, and thought that perhaps he could give it a try.
  2905. However, right now it was more important for them to fight the Boss. There were a hundred players waiting to be called to their location.
  2907. Lu Li’s plan was quite simple – he just needed to bring Sesame Rice Ball to the Lost Rigger Cove and then protect him as he used the Ritual of Summoning to bring all the other players there.
  2909. ‘Ritual of Summoning’ was a book that Lu Li had received from Thaelrid after clearing BackFathom.
  2911. It was a Warlock-exclusive skill that allowed the caster and two allies to open a portal that could be used to summon a squad or party members.
  2913. It was simple to explain, but quite difficult to actually achieve.
  2915. The most important part was to bring Sesame Rice Ball to the location, otherwise, everything would be in vain.
  2917. Sesame Rice ball was currently level 33, which was 7 levels lower than the desert monsters. He couldn’t go into Stealth, so he was going to be like a firefly in the dark.
  2919. When the level gap was this large, the aggro chance was also significantly higher.
  2921. Some monsters would appear very far away, but would still be attracted by Sesame Rice Ball.
  2923. When Lu Li was alone, he could simply run away, but Sesame Rice Ball didn’t have that option. Fortunately, he had brought two other Thieves with him.
  2925. Scarlet New Moon was going to be responsible for scouting ahead, and would generally not participate in any battles.
  2927. If Sesame Rice Ball pulled any monsters, Lu Li would be able to kill them with the help of Cain’s Left Hand.
  2929. If it was a Sandworm and they really couldn’t escape it, Lu Li will would it away and escape with his boots’ effect.
  2931. As for Hachi Chan, she was solely brought for the Revive Skills which would come in handy if any of them died.
  2933. A single monster would not pose a threat to such a team, as Lu Li could already kill one when he was alone.
  2935. What he was most afraid of was the Sunroc. This monster was large and fast; they couldn’t escape it.
  2937. Scarlet New Moon even died one time because he accidentally entered a Sunroc’s territory during his scouting. When they found him dying, Lu Li heartlessly refused to save him.
  2939. They waited until he died and the Sunroc flew away before telling Hachi Chan to use her Revive skill from afar.
  2941. Scarlet New Moon’s deaths were the only way they lost team mates. He slowly felt like he was actually just cannon fodder that served to lead everyone safely, but Lu Li also occasionally led the way. Thieves had escape skills like Gale Steps, so they were much safer than Warlocks.
  2943. After spending about an hour or so, they quickly crossed the quicksand plains, the beach and slowly approached the Lost Rigger Cove from along the coastline.
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  2962. Chapter 502: Cleared Out
  2964. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  2966. This route was quite long, but it was relatively safe. Not only did they avoid two Sunroc nesting grounds, but they also bypassed the Sandworm spawn points.
  2968. The Sandworms didn’t like water, so it was rare to see this creature on the beach.
  2970. When the players became more familiar with the map, no one would travel directly through Tanaris anymore. However, there was still some skill involved with this path as they needed to travel through some crocodiles. The crocodiles on the beach were more ferocious. No one knew why they had abandoned the Swamp and decided to live near the sea.
  2972. "Right here - it’s a wide enough space," Lu Li instructed as he looked around before signaling everyone to stop.
  2974. "What are we doing here?" Cain’s Left Hand was puzzled. They didn’t have a composition that could fight monsters; they didn’t even have a Main Tank.
  2976. "We’re going to bring the players here. Rice Ball, open the gate," Lu Li said, not bothering to explain any further.
  2978. Sesame Rice Ball quickly explained to his teammates how they were going to summon a tall, magical portal on the sand. Players who were in his party could then be summoned by this portal.
  2980. It was quick and there was no cooldown time.
  2982. When this skill became more popular, player mobility would be greatly increased.
  2984. One by one, the elite players were summoned over. This piece of land was quickly crowded by dozens of players who were looking around blankly with the same puzzled face.
  2986. "What is this place?"
  2988. "I don’t know. We were summoned here by the Boss, so there must be something happening."
  2990. "Did you guys pay attention to how you got here? There was suddenly a prompt asking if I wanted to be summoned by Sesame Rice Ball, and I was immediately transported here when I accepted."
  2992. "Sesame Rice ball is our guild’s number 1 Warlock. He must be an expert, but this skill is just broken."
  2994. "There are so many players here; this must be a big expedition. This is the first time the guild has gathered this many players, yet no one knows what the boss is doing?"
  2996. "Kalimdor, Tanaris, Lost Rigger Cove… we’re actually in Tanaris. Haha, it seems we are going to be the first to explore this wasteland map. Looks like we’re going to fight a Boss."
  2998. As the players began to guess the reason for this dispatch, they started to become serious.
  3000. Ruling Sword’s current strategy was a slow growth. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to quickly expand, but they were afraid that it would cost them in the long run. The other guilds didn’t want to them to grow too quickly, so if they started something in open, they would definitely be suppressed.
  3002. Ruling Sword’s activities had always been private. Most of time, they were contained within the Stadium or an Instance Dungeon.
  3004. Given the isolation of this place, the big guilds’ undercover players had no idea what to do.
  3006. Lu Li divided the teams up. There were 110 players all together that formed 11 teams. The core team was his usual team of 10, which left the remaining 10 teams to be made up of the 100 elite players.
  3008. The divided players would also have their respective party leaders. Starting from the arrival point, they cleared out all the monsters in the nearby area.
  3010. According to Lu Li’s orders, if there was a pirate, they could not let it escape under any circumstances.
  3012. It was still a challenge for the players to fight level 40 Elite monsters, but fortunately, it wasn’t a one-on-one. They surrounded the monster and the fights were over within a matter of seconds.
  3014. All this came back to the saying that Dawn wasn’t a single-player game.
  3016. When Lu Li had first arrived, he was scared of fighting monsters and was avoiding the elites, but now that they had the numbers, the monsters didn’t stand a chance. Their high attack had no chance of killing the Main Tanks with the support of their healers. There were also six or seven DPS players dealing as much damage as they could.
  3018. Once the one hundred players were gathered, Lu Li spoke into the channel.
  3020. "Our goal today is to get the First Clear on a level 40+ Boss. It should drop some good items," Lu Li paused before continuing, "I know that some of you will report this fight because there is no loss you nor will you be found out. Moreover, that single report will probably be rewarded with ten to twenty thousand dollars which can help you live quite comfortably."
  3022. "But do you think you are only worth ten to twenty thousand?" Lu Li didn’t like making speeches in the guild, so this was a rare sight. The players were all serious now, and the air of fun and games had gone.
  3024. "Do you think you were born in the wrong time, or that you have been unable to realize your potential, or that the world is against you? But have you really worked hard to get it…"
  3026. "This guild isn’t mine alone – it is everyone’s. If you make that report for ten to twenty thousand, what do you take the guild as? What do you take yourself as?"
  3028. Lu Li was confident that there would be someone among the elite group that would sell the information.
  3030. In reality, this wasn’t limited to Ruling Sword – all big guilds were bound to contain undercover players.
  3032. There were special intelligence traffickers that relied on selling information for their money. The big guilds didn’t even have to come in direct contact with them, so they didn’t have to worry about exposing themselves.
  3034. Information about fighting a Wild Boss would be worth at least ten to twenty thousand dollars.
  3036. In particular, it was Ruling Sword that was fighting this Boss. If the receiver of the information was a large and rich guild, it would definitely be worth at least twenty thousand.
  3038. Twenty thousand dollars was more than a month’s income for a white-collar worker in the city.
  3040. If you were still a student, this was enough money to pay for one or two semesters.
  3042. The channel was quiet for a moment after Lu Li finished his remarks. Then, the overlapping sounds of the players declaring their innocence and loyalty could be heard.
  3044. They all understand that there was no permanent solution for something like this. The key was in taking real action.
  3046. However, Lu Li’s speech wasn’t completely in vain.
  3048. There were still many players who agreed with him. Lu Li was establishing that the guild belonged to everyone, and that everyone needed to be involved to propel the guild to glory.
  3050. The sense of belonging in a guild was accumulated in these small details.
  3052. "Go along the beach and kill all the monsters. The loot is to be picked up by the party leaders. The players in the party can then compete for it immediately, but otherwise, the items will belong to the guild warehouse."
  3054. Lu Li didn’t say anything else. He wasn’t in a good mood today and he had already said more than he wanted to.
  3056. In fact, even if someone leaked the information, Lu Li wouldn’t be too worried.
  3058. A part of him even hoped that someone would come and look for trouble. The more players came, the better. The Tanaris Desert would give those players a painful lesson to learn.
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  3077. Chapter 503: The Underestimated Captain
  3079. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  3081. With their numbers, they soon cleared their way towards the captain. There were already hundreds of corpses left around Lost Rigger Cove, and they managed picked up some good equipment and materials along the way.
  3083. These elite monsters dropped Silver grade equips; it was no wonder why people said that pirates were rich.
  3085. Unfortunately, these were all level 35 to level 40 equips, so nobody was able to currently use them.
  3087. "Don’t go any further; we don’t know the range of the boss. Everyone, step back. Go around and clear the monsters from the other side; I’ll get closer to test his range," Lu Li instructed.
  3089. Based on game settings, every boss had a range. Under normal circumstances, a Boss wouldn’t attack you as long as you didn’t step into its range, even if it saw you or if you were killing its underlings.
  3091. To make the task of clearing monsters easier, it was a general rule of thumb to send someone to test the range of a Boss beforehand.
  3093. At this level, any classes besides defense classes would probably be instantly killed by the Boss.
  3095. However, Lu Li didn’t delegate this task to someone else. He could if he wanted to; most commanders won’t risk their own lives.
  3097. Lu Li slowly approached the captain.
  3099. As the distance between them shrunk, Andre Firebeard became more and more visible. He began to turn his vision in Lu Li’s direction. Finally, he yelled and raised his foot to charge towards Lu Li.
  3101. Lu Li had been keeping a close eye on the situation, and as soon as the boss saw him, he began preparing himself.
  3103. The moment Andre Firebeard charged over, Lu Li used his Gale Steps. Not only did he gain Stealth, but he also gained a movement speed increased. The boss unwillingly stopped his footsteps and cursed as he returned to his original spot.
  3105. If the distance was far enough, the Stealth effect of a Thief would cancel the aggro from a Boss. Lu Li also used his movement speed buff as an extra precaution.
  3107. He didn’t use the special effect on his boots. Since the effect was random, there was the probability of teleporting him forwards. That wouldn’t be running away – that would be committing suicide.
  3109. "We’re in the wild, so even if you are resurrected, you will still lose experience. I’m hoping that everyone will stay focused. Even if you have a death wish, don’t drag others with you. The safety distance is 36 yards. Everyone keep out of the 40-yard range. Anyone who attracts monsters before I start the fight will have 30 points taken off them. Three mistakes and you’ll be kicked out of the team as a substitute."
  3111. Lu Li’s style as a commander was straightforward, but also forceful.
  3113. He didn’t think that he was the best commander, so if players under him were to fool around, there would be no hope for their victory.
  3115. Deaths in the wild came with a 10% experience loss, but resurrection within a certain amount of time could reduce this penalty by half. However, if they couldn’t wait until the healers left battle and had time, they would have to lose 10%.
  3117. Lu Li’s 10% was equivalent to one or two days’ worth of work.
  3119. Monsters within forty yards of Captain Andre Firebeard were cleared. The total number of these monsters was more than two thousand; only a guild would be able to clear out this many.
  3121. Of course, these monsters would refresh, so Lu Li instructed two teams of ten to be in charge of clearing them.
  3123. There were some monsters that remained within the 40-yard radius of the boss. Since these were within the aggro range, they would have to wait until the fight began to clear them out.
  3125. "Distribute the potions. Each captain should distribute the potions accordingly to their team members. Three minutes preparation time. After three minutes, everyone follow my command," Lu Li said as he scanned around. His tone was stable, almost to the point that it was cold.
  3127. Square Root 3 finally confirmed that Lu Li was normal; he hadn’t lost control because of what happened to his sister.
  3129. "Azure Sea Breeze tank. Monsoon, heal the tank. Hachi Chan, you’re also looking after the health of Azure Sea Breeze. If the tank dies, you two will be in question. God of Destiny, you’re the second tank... March Rain look after the health of the melee players. Alright, elite team nine and ten, once Azure Sea Breeze holds onto the boss, clear the monsters." Following Lu Li’s instructions, the first wild battle of Ruling Sword began.
  3131. "The Captain is level 45, and has 350,000 health points. His normal attacks deal around 600 points of damage to me," Azure Sea Breeze said after he charged forward and the captain landed a blow on his head.
  3133. He was the main tank, so he needed to report the situation for his team members. This also made the situation easier for Lu Li to give instructions.
  3135. Just his normal attacks alone dealt around 600 points which was a surprising amount. Lu Li was a little confused – didn’t the thread claim that the captain was really weak and that he had died to a small guild?
  3137. He wasn’t thinking on the right path, so he forgot about the time.
  3139. The small guild had fought the boss a month later. At that time, the players mostly wore level 35 equips. Their level difference was also smaller, which made the fight much easier.
  3141. Lu Li also didn’t know about the exact details of the battle. The boss wasn’t an easy kill for the small guild, and only the guild would know how many players actually died in the fight.
  3143. "Darkness, go and heal Azure Sea Breeze. You two can make a combination; try not to over heal. Smoking Rain City, go and put down some mana totems for them…" Lu Li said, adjusting the distribution of the team.
  3145. Smoking Rain City was a Shaman form the elite team and his techniques were quite good.
  3147. He had come from the major guild Brotherhood, but what he had done to the executives of the guild remained unknown. After they entered Dawn, he secretly chose the Alliance Faction, standing on the opposite side of his previous contractor.
  3149. With two healer Paladins and a main tank, they were able to make it through the situation.
  3151. "Under my command..."
  3153. A shout appeared, but this command wasn’t from Lu Li. He was stunned, then saw the smoke that rose from the cannons of three ships.
  3155. "Damage reduction! Everyone use damage reduction!" Lu Li called out loudly.
  3157. This was a challenge of reaction time; not everyone made it in time to use their damage reduction skills.
  3159. The sound of cannons filled the air as shellfire rolled around and exploded everywhere on the shore. A sea of damage text arose, and at the one minute and forty second mark of the battle, the first players were killed.
  3161. Thirteen players died.
  3163. The damage was too much; Lu Li had to admit that he had underestimated the strength of this level 42 Boss.
  3165. Just this skill alone was enough to destroy most guilds. This wasn’t a Boss that a small guild would be able to fight. He warned himself again to forget the conclusion about the captain being a weak Boss.
  3167. Thirteen – there weren’t enough Druids to resurrect all of them.
  3169. Lu Li calmly instructed his injured team members to reposition themselves. The three warships had 24 cannons that were aimed towards this shore. As long as they positioned themselves away from consecutive shellfire damage, they would be able to effectively reduce their casualties.
  3171. A single cannon alone wasn’t enough to kill a player instantly. Players with good game sense and technique would even be able to dodge the damage of the cannons.
  3173. "Stay concentrated – I don’t want this situation to happen again. Their deaths were pointless and they lost 10% experience too. Since this was the first time, those who died can still participate to receive points. The next time this situation happens, points will be deducted by half," Lu Li mercilessly said in the guild channel.
  3175. Ruling Sword was aiming for the first kill of Captain Andre Firebeard and the battle was intense.
  3177. The other guilds, especially the major guilds, eventually received this information. Perhaps even before Lu Li talked about this event, some elite team members had already sent the information out.
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  3196. Chapter 504: Surrounded by Troops
  3198. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  3200. Ruling Sword was taking down a level 40 wild Boss.
  3202. The news spread around in a small group, but the impact was way more than it seemed because this small group represented the major guilds.
  3204. Unlike the situations in the past, this information wasn’t kept as a secret.
  3206. This was Ruling Sword.
  3208. Every group somewhat rejected intruders, even if the group had their own fights between each member. Peerless City had been around for three years and had the foundation that they needed to talk with the major guilds on the same level, but they were still often a target.
  3210. These major guilds had never found a chance to target Ruling Sword.
  3212. Their original form was just a small mercenary group of ten. However, this small mercenary group took down many First Clears, including all the First Clears of the public dungeons.
  3214. Ruling Sword was also built upon the championship of Shadow Cup. At that time, the major guilds didn’t even have the courage to show their faces.
  3216. Whenever a minor dispute arose, countless bystanders would spite them. They said that these guilds didn’t deserve to be ranked in the top 100, that they had been destroyed on the competition ground and could succeed by playing dirty.
  3218. Now was their chance.
  3220. Taking down Bosses in the wild was dependent on everyone’s skills and tactics.
  3222. This was quite standard in the gaming industry; it was normal for them to try and steal the Boss away from Ruling Sword. No one would be able to point out their fault.
  3224. Soon, a dozen guilds had reached the same conclusion. Gangnam Royals was the main leader; these guilds sent a large group of strong players and quickly formed an alliance.
  3226. Approximately 1300 players participated in this event.
  3228. They were mostly elite members and were responsible for these kinds of dirty missions. Although the guild master of Gangnam Royals, Heart of War, wasn’t in charge of any teams, he still gave specific instructions:
  3230. Ensure that the elites from Ruling Sword all drop 10% experience.
  3232. They had bought information about Ruling Sword killing a Boss, but at the same time, Ruling Sword had received information about the action of these big guild too.
  3234. The price of sending messages was low. With a small amount of money, you could purchase any information first-hand.
  3236. Compared to the trade in real life, the information trade was much harder in the game.
  3238. "Lu Li, we’ve received information; they’re coming. If we really can’t do this, I suggest that we come back later," Square Root 3 messaged Lu Li.
  3240. "Why are we running? If they come, we’ll make sure that none of them will be able to return." Lu Li wasn’t moved; the daggers in his hands danced like shadows as it continuously dealt damage to the captain.
  3242. "But..." Square Root 3 was worried – this was 13 teams of 100 players that they were up against.
  3244. "Shellfire incoming. Ready... defend." Lu Li’s attention clearly wasn’t on their attackers; his command cut off all the words that Square Root 3 was about to say.
  3246. A row of plated classes, mostly defense classes, held their shields as they blocked the three warships.
  3248. The shellfire landed on these iron shields and exploded into texts of damage.
  3250. The first row lost a great amount of health, but none of them died.
  3252. Ruling Sword’s resources were all used on these 100 people which made them much stronger. After they had received the guide from Lu Li, they had also been to Scarlet Monastery. An average small guild wouldn’t be able to set up an iron wall like that.
  3254. Square Root 3 shook his head and returned to his position.
  3256. "With me as the center, Elite team five and six, help teams nine and ten clear the refreshed monsters on the left. Shamans, pay attention to the mana regeneration of the teams. Everyone, don’t hesitate to use potions either," Lu Li said as he calmly distributed these tasks.
  3258. "Boss, a big group of players suddenly appeared in Gadgetzan. We estimate over 1000 players," someone from the guild reported.
  3260. "Got it," Lu Li replied in the guild channel.
  3262. "Do we need to stop them?" The other players in the guild were keen since they couldn’t make it into the elite team or participate in this quest.
  3264. "No, don’t leave the safe zone. Those with spare time can go level up." Lu Li couldn’t bring himself to say anything harsh to these people. After all, these people just wanted to help the guild.
  3266. If he was too harsh with his words, it would reduce the passion of these guild players.
  3268. Gadgetzan suddenly became rowdy, as not only did groups of unidentified players appear, but there were also some Ruling Sword members.
  3270. Some people were just too passionate; Lu Li’s strict command didn’t stop them.
  3272. "Let’s go." The player responsible for the big guild’s alliance was a professional Paladin player. His ID was Nonsense and he led a mercenary group, often taking up similar quests.
  3274. As he saw that the players from Ruling Sword were increasing, he realized that they weren’t dealing with a small group.
  3276. This guild also had thousands of players and if they were to attack at full force, even the major guilds will have to take them seriously. They needed to act quickly.
  3278. The 13 teams of 100 left Gadgetzan and entered the desert of Tanaris.
  3280. Lu Li strictly instructed everyone to stay in the safe zone; he was afraid to lose his players and had to use "kicking them out of the guild" as a threat in the end.
  3282. There wasn’t anything wrong with being passionate – every guild needed these kinds of members.
  3284. Perhaps it was because Lu Li rarely spoke so harshly, but the Ruling Sword players in Gadgetzan decided not to follow.
  3286. However, they still paid attention to the entire situation; this was their guild after all. A 100-man team from their guild had been left stranded in the wild and was being threatened by thirteen 100-man teams.
  3288. 1:13 – this was a hopeless ratio.
  3290. "Melee players, stand back. Don’t deal damage in such a rush. How many time have I said this? Let me see who is still attacking," Lu Li yelled as he picked up the names of a few melee players and had their points deducted.
  3292. The boss had loss a third of his health. Besides the cannon attacks, the captain also began to use another skill as his Scimitar danced in a circle.
  3294. Players from all angles lost a great amount of health. The skill also had a bleeding effect, and a few players had already died to it.
  3296. Because of this, Lu Li decided on a more defensive approach for this boss. As soon as the boss was about to spin, he commanded everyone to stand back.
  3298. "Boss, those people are almost here. If we don’t hurry, we’ll be stuck in between our enemies," someone urged, trying to talk some senses into Lu Li.
  3300. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to follow instructions – they were in a desperate situation and their enemies were surrounding them!
  3302. "What’s with the rush?" Lu Li asked as he slowly raised his eyebrows.
  3304. "Even if those people were to run here, it would take them at least half an hour. We might have already killed this Boss by then."
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  3323. Chapter 505: Pretty Girls are Unreasonable
  3325. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  3327. There were areas in every city that only certain people were allowed to enter. These included places such as the Temple, Government Hall, Noble Mansions, as well as houses, mansions, manors and ancient castles…
  3329. Water Fairy’s own ancient castle was located at the North-West end of the Mage section near the Institute of Magic in Storm Wind Castle. For many years, this institution had been considered one of the best alongside the one in Dalaran.
  3331. Here, there was also one of the largest gardens in Stormwind which was more beautiful and detailed than real life. Because of the great location, the price of land here was extremely expensive and only few players were able to afford it. Water Fairy, known as the game’s most notorious pay-to-win player, obviously bought the most expensive and luxurious estate available.
  3333. Water Fairy was returning home from a day of training. She took off her battle-scarred armour, had a shower, then put on a set of orange equips.
  3335. This had been exchanged with candy from the Halloween shop during the event. She managed to collect a handsome amount of candy, but instead of exchanging it for equips that would boost her stats, she decided to exchange it for a new set of pretty Halloween event clothes.
  3337. She strolled around on her mount in her large and white living room, preparing for a night of relaxation.
  3339. If she had to get around on a mount in her living room, one could only imagine how big the rest of her castle would be. Compared to Lu Li’s island, Water Fairy’s castle was only be 2000 gold cheaper.
  3341. Her mount was a tamed White Kodo.
  3343. Water Fairy really liked white and was instantly attracted to this rare Kodo mount. Her mount was larger than Lu Li’s, which meant there was more than enough space for a little girl like herself.
  3345. "Are you really going to help?" Falling Star sat on the sofa in the living room with a glass of Plum Wine in her hand.
  3347. "The other major guilds didn’t ask us for help to gang up on Lu Li, so it’s probably the best for us not to get involved," Water Fairy said as she lay on the Kodo’s wide back; this was more comfortable than her own bed.
  3349. "I meant help Lu Li, not to gang up on him as well." Falling Star was mad.
  3351. "No one has ever been more disrespectful to me than Lu Li. He’s done it so many times as well. I’m…" Water Fairy raged. "He’s lucky that we’re talking via message. If it was in person, I probably would’ve stabbed him by now."
  3353. Falling Star couldn’t help but remind her, "But you can’t beat him."
  3355. "Drizzle Court has several thousand players alone. With the other guilds, that’s millions of players ready to hunt down Lu Li," Water Fairy shot back as she sat up on the White Kodo.
  3357. "But you still can’t beat him one on one…"
  3359. "Oi, who’s side are you on!?" Water Fairy puffed up her face and yelled.
  3361. "I can’t deal with this anymore!" Falling Star placed her cup onto the table and said angrily, "Need me to remind you who gifted you the mount that you’re on right now? Plus, we’re still in an alliance."
  3363. "Gift?" Water Fairy spaced out for a second before she clapped her hands. "I’ve decided, haha…."
  3365. Falling Star was confused as to what conclusion she had come to. She watched as her friend rode the White Kodo around the living room like a maniac.
  3367. Meanwhile, Ruling Sword was in trouble.
  3369. The level 42 Captain would be a piece of cake if they were at a higher level. However, for the Elite Team of Ruling Sword, which had an average level of 33, it proved to be quite difficult.
  3371. "Get the second team to come help," Lu Li’s commanded as his heart dropped. He was beginning to feel the pressure.
  3373. They had invested too much at this point to give up. Thirty or so players from Ruling Sword had suffered an EXP loss.
  3375. Their second team was currently on standby. They only had 70 or 80 players in the team, but each and every one of them had been carefully selected and was fully capable of being an Elite.
  3377. Sesame Rice Ball followed the orders and acted accordingly.
  3379. "Lu Li…" Water Fairy’s voice sounded out on the voice chat.
  3381. "I’ve decided not to give you money," she said while holding back a laugh.
  3383. "Uh… what do you mean?" Lu Li wasn’t sure what she was talking.
  3385. He decided to ignore her and focus on fighting the boss as she seemed to be trolling him.
  3387. "The mount you gifted me – I’m not going to pay you for it. Hehehehe,"Water Fairy was living in her own bubble and thought that this would make Lu Li mad.
  3389. "Why?" Lu Li was confused.
  3391. "Oh nothing, because it makes me happy." Water Fairy imagined Lu Li being extremely pissed off as she said this. She knew that Lu Li cared a lot about money.
  3393. "Whatever floats your boat," Lu Li said calmly.
  3395. He tried to remain calm and acted as if he didn’t care. However, deep down he was pissed off because a pure white mount would’ve costed thousands of gold.
  3397. He channelled his anger onto the boss and the Pirate Captain was abused.
  3399. Another cannon ball was sent their way and Lu Li didn’t react in time to command his team. However, they were already prepared since they had already experienced this and knew what to do.
  3401. "But, I’m not an unreasonable person." Water Fairy felt like she had gone far enough with her trolling and began talking about real business.
  3403. Lu Li recalled a scene from Wuxia Novel where a mother warned her son, "My boy, when you grow up, remember to be careful of women. The prettier they are, the more likely they are to scam you."
  3405. Since Lu Li didn’t have a normal childhood, he learned a lot about life from these Wuxia stories.
  3407. The words of warning from the mother in the story were more relatable than ever at this point. Pretty girls not only scammed people, but they were also extremely unreasonable.
  3409. "Your guild needs help right now, right? I can send you 500 Elites from Drizzle Court that will be under your command." Water Fairy said decisively.
  3411. A team of 500 Elites was more than enough to solve Ruling Sword’s current predicament.
  3413. This would minimize their losses, but more importantly, it would show the other major guilds that Ruling Sword was strong enough to stand their ground against them.
  3415. "Actually…" Lu Li said quietly, "I’d rather have the money."
  3417. "…." Water Fairy was quiet. She would probably faint from being pissed off at any point.
  3419. "Scarlet New Moon, report your status in the guild chat." Lu Li decided to ignore her, returning to the guild channel to send out orders.
  3421. Scarlet New Moon was currently situated in Gadgetzan and had 1300 men at his disposal.
  3423. "Boss… it’s happening." Scarlet New Moon’s voice was course and trembling.
  3425. As he activated video chat, hundreds of Sandworms could be seem devouring players and burrowing into the ground.
  3427. The large-scale operation of the Major Guilds had finally attracted the Sandworms.
  3429. It was a massacre!
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  3448. Chapter 506: Snake King Doesn’t Cry
  3450. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  3452. Hunters dealt very high DPS and their skills were very loud. Additionally, they were many players that were clearing mobs along the way. This attracted the Sandworms to swarm in and ambush them.
  3454. They happened to stumble across the spawn point for Sandworms that Lu Li had avoided at all costs.
  3456. "What are their losses?" Lu Li asked while giving orders and explaining the strategy to the 2nd Elite team.
  3458. The Sandworms were their biggest ally right now.
  3460. Sandworms: "You want to mess with Ruling Sword? Over our dead bodies."
  3462. "They haven’t lost too many, but it’s very disgusting." Scarlet New Moon’s face was full of disgust. He had a very strong mental fortitude and wasn’t feeling nauseous at all.
  3464. "That’s alright; it’s just the beginning."
  3466. Lu Li turned off his chat and concentrated on leading the team.
  3468. The most annoying part about the Sandworms was their high defence and HP. They had a thick layer of keratin on their skin which heavily reduced any incoming damage.
  3470. Although their attack wasn’t considered very high, they were able to swallow players whole and regurgitate them repeatedly.
  3472. Since there were a large number of Sandworms in the area, after being regurgitated by one, players would be immediately swallowed by another.
  3474. The players would much rather have been bitten in half for a quick and easy death rather than being played around like a child’s food.
  3476. This was enough to cause certain players to go insane. In order to protect the players, the system would automatically log-off those who had an abnormal heart rates or brain waves. When the players logged on again, they would automatically spawn in the graveyard. EXP and equipment were still deducted and lost.
  3478. While they didn’t take much damage, they were probably traumatized from the never-ending horror of being swallowed and spit out repeatedly.
  3480. Many of them tried escaping by running away, but ended up falling victim to the claws of Wolves or the poison of Lizards.
  3482. The desert was an extremely dangerous place because of the huge level gap, especially if you strayed off alone.
  3484. When they managed to regroup again, they found out that more than 100 people were missing.
  3486. Some had logged off and others respawned in the graveyard, unwilling to respond and participate in the mission anymore. They decided that the reward wasn’t worth being regurgitated multiple times.
  3488. The players that ventured into the Fire Rocs’ territory suffered heavy casualties and deaths.
  3490. Fire Rocs breathed fire when attacking, setting the yellow sand in the desert ablaze. The Major Guild Alliance had finally figured out why the land here was burnt and black compared to other parts of the desert.
  3492. After they narrowly escaped the Fire Rocs’ territory, they had lost more than a thousand players.
  3494. They were still quite far away from Lu Li’s location and had already suffered such devastating losses. The commanders were afraid of reporting back to the major guilds.
  3496. Commanders were rewarded based on their performance. The more your team achieved, the better the reward.
  3498. The best possible outcome was to defeat Ruling Sword without suffering a single casualty. However, the situation could not get any worse for them at this point.
  3500. It was tough being in the commanding position, especially because there were even stronger monsters waiting for them.
  3502. In maps like Grey Valley and the Barren Lands, the monsters were weaker and less intelligent.s
  3504. However, Tanaris was completely different because it was home to powerful monsters such as Sandworms, Fire Rocs and Desert Rattlesnakes.
  3506. These monsters caused massive amounts of casualties and dramatically slowed down their speed. The commander had no other choice and was forced to sent scouts to inspect the journey ahead.
  3508. They decided to avoid these monsters by continuously altering their routes.
  3510. Besides the players from the major guilds, there were a few solo players that were following them and scavenging any dropped equipment to sell for gold.
  3512. They thought that they would be safe if they followed them closely. However, many of them also suffered the same fate.
  3514. Since these solo players were weaker, they stood no chance against the Sandworms. Many people on the gaming forums were discussing how Ruling Sword had baited the major guilds and caused a bloodbath in the Tanaris deserts.
  3516. Ruling Sword needed to take responsibility for this!
  3518. Instead of apologising to the public, Lu Li decided to lure out the King Rattlesnake to mess with the Major Guild Alliance.
  3520. The King Rattlesnake was difficult to defeat. It resided near a purple Poisonous Snake Flower on a small mountain top.
  3522. Scarlet New Moon waited until King Rattlesnake fell asleep and snapped the Poisonous Snake Flower in half. When the Snake King saw the flower, it almost burst into tears.
  3524. However, instead of tears, hatred filled its eyes and it appeared in front of the Major Guild Alliance.
  3526. They were excited because the King Rattlesnake was by itself and they looked forward to the loot that it would drop when defeated. It was not until they engaged in the fight that they saw its level next to its HP bar – level 50…
  3528. As they casted spells, single-digit damage values began floating above the Snake King.
  3530. Who knew that a snake so small could be level 50?
  3532. This was at an even higher level than the Pirate Captain.
  3534. The Snake King puffed up and spit out poisonous gas, infecting everyone in a large radius.
  3536. There were 17 or 18 players that died in the poisonous gas, including a Healing Paladin who lasted for less than four seconds. Others died in less than three ticks, taking more than 2500 points of damage.
  3538. As the poisonous gas spread, the damage decreased, but it was still very lethal.
  3540. "Team three, stay behind. Everyone else run. The ones that die will receive compensation. If you guys don’t want us to be wiped out completely, do as I say," the commander instructed. He had immediately given up on any hope of fighting back.
  3542. If Lu Li was here to witness this, he would laugh in response.
  3544. "Do you really think a mere team of a hundred players could stop the King Rattlesnake? Don’t be naïve."
  3546. The Desert King Rattlesnake was said to be as powerful as the Bronze Dragon. It was very intelligent and could tell which team had the most players.
  3548. The King Snake ignored team three and began chasing the large teams of the Major Guild Alliance, spitting out poisonous gas and infecting many players.
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  3567. Chapter 507: Operation Failed
  3569. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  3571. The Desert Rattlesnake King’s name was Taniya. It was more feminine, had a small head and looked rather cute.
  3573. However, no one was underestimating it, as its Poison Fog was a high-level skill that couldn’t be dealt with by their antidotes. In order to defeat Taniya and get to Lu Li, they needed to purely rely on their strength.
  3575. Currently, there were no Main Tanks who were strong enough, no DPS players that could deal enough damage and no healers that could heal enough.
  3577. As the poison fog continued to spread, players kept dying.
  3579. The commander sent out another group of 100 players, instructing them to attack the snake as frantically as they could. They needed to provide safe passage for the main forces.
  3581. Information was crucial here as he would soon realize that the Desert Rattlesnake King would attack the largest group of players.
  3583. "How is it? Have they been attacked by the snake king?" Lu Li estimated the time and sent Scarlet New Moon a message.
  3585. "Yep." Scarlet New Moon was still in shock after being instantly killed.
  3587. In fact, he wasn’t really instantly killed. He had been poisoned and died on the second tick of the poison. He looked at the System record which told him that he had been poisoned for 1200 damage.
  3589. The poison fog dealt damage every second and seemed to have an indefinite duration…
  3591. "How is the situation?" Lu Li was quite curious. It was his idea of getting them attacked, but he had no clue as to what the consequences would be.
  3593. "I don’t know Boss; I died instantly. There are so many other players who died as well."
  3595. Scarlet New Moon had returned to the nearby cemetery and was numbly staring at the increasing number of players that were appearing.
  3597. The battle was likely quite one-sided as players were choosing to revive at the cemetery rather than waiting for a healer to revive them into battle.
  3599. Players who revived in the cemetery lost 10% EXP while those who were revived by their teammates only lost 5%.
  3601. The guild coalition’s battle was quite drawn out as the Snake King was chasing and killing them. There were also various smaller monsters along the way that were being poisoned and killed.
  3603. Water Fairy didn’t know what was happening in the desert.
  3605. After her temper had subsided, she decided to talk to the players in the guild coalition and mediate.
  3607. Heart of War received her contact; the president of Gangnam Royals had met Water Fairy on a number of occasions, but they hadn’t really had the opportunity to talk directly. She was a person of wealth while he was just a working-class citizen.
  3609. "Water… Big Sister, why did you suddenly decide to contact me?" The phrase big sister was rubbish; why was a 30-year-old man calling a university student ‘big sister’?
  3611. However, that was how it was in real life; it wasn’t uncommon for older people to call younger people in leadership by older titles. Sometimes, they even used Master or Lord.
  3613. Water Fairy had also been born with a golden spoon, so people like Heart of War didn’t dare to insist on their own way.
  3615. "Don’t make me out to be so old. President Heart… I hear your organisation is looking for trouble with Ruling Sword." Water Fairy was a little offended by her title and struck back appropriately.
  3617. "Haha, why do you think that?’ Heart of War obviously was going to just admit it.
  3619. "We, Drizzle Court, are a big guild. We are usually part of the coalitions, so why have we suddenly missed out?" Water Fairy asked bluntly, ignoring his deception.
  3621. "Uh…" Heart of War had nothing to say.
  3623. He wanted to slam the table. Who was this woman, and how could she be so arrogant?
  3625. She had already formed an alliance with Lu Li; they would be foolish to talk about cooperating with her.
  3627. It wasn’t even the first or second time she was helping him either; did she take them all for fools?
  3629. "I’ll pay for all the expenses of this operation. How about we settle on that?" Water Fairy seriously proposed.
  3631. "I can’t do that…" Heart of War didn’t want to refuse, but he didn’t want to offend Water Fairy. Even so, that didn’t mean he would give up on his principles.
  3633. Weakening Ruling Sword was good for their guild.
  3635. "You’ve sent 1300 players, and they are a mix of both good and bad. I’ll work out how many you need to defeat the monsters," Water Fairy said sweetly. She didn’t seem to feel like there was something wrong with working with the opposing guild coalition.
  3637. Drizzle Court was really strong as they were ranked seventh, but they were still quite a few ranks lower than the Gangnam Royals.
  3639. Of course, Water Fairy wasn’t working aimlessly. She was simply a rich person and had fewer reservations than the other guilds.
  3641. "Well, of course I believe that Drizzle Court has the strength," Heart of War said with a dry chuckle, "But it’s too late. They have probably already started fighting."
  3643. For over 1000 players to clear the way from Gadgetzan to Lost Rigger Cove would take about 20 to 30 minutes.
  3645. "Actually," Water Fairy paused but didn’t seem angry at all, "I don’t think this task will be that simple. Lu Li is not someone who would willingly suffer a loss. I’ve known him for quite some time, and he’s never suffered a loss."
  3647. Well, with the exception of the White Kodo, because she wasn’t going pay him for that.
  3649. "No one is willing to suffer a loss," Heart of War dismissed with a grin.
  3651. He thought contemptuously of them. This relationship between them was growing as they were not only cooperating, but were also trusting each other.
  3653. Alas, the pretty flower had fallen into cow dung. Who knew how many heartbreaks she would cause? Water Fairy was infamously the dream sweetheart.
  3655. For some reason, he was also affected as well.
  3657. At that moment, another call came, which for a president was quite common. However, when he saw that the call was coming from the commander Nonsense of the operation, he maliciously said to Water Fairy, "I got some news from Tanaris; do you want to listen in? You seem very concerned…"
  3659. "I’ll listen," Water Fairy responded.
  3661. "It’s me, Heart of War. How’s the situation?"
  3663. "Shame on you Brother Heart; we’ve failed and couldn’t claim the reward. I’ll be seeing you personally about this." The voice was hoarse; it sounded like he had just directed a fierce battle.
  3665. "What?" Heart of War felt like he had heard wrongly.
  3667. "Almost the entire army has been annihilated; there are only 500-600 players left and we are returning to Gadgetzan." Nonsense had also died once, but he immediately commanded a revive and a retreat.
  3669. The Desert Rattlesnake King was really powerful, but killing over a thousand players wasn’t easy.
  3671. In fact, those that were commanded to break the defensive line were few in numbers, but they found that the snake king had stopped attacking them. This was exactly what they wanted and they all promptly ran away.
  3673. No one was willing to lose their own EXP.
  3675. "How could we lose half of our units if Ruling Sword only had 100 players?" Heart of War simply couldn’t understand how the troops dispatched by the coalition didn’t make it.
  3677. Where there were 1300 players against 100, they would still win, even if they just randomly threw their skills.
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  3696. Chapter 508: Fortunes Rise and Fall
  3698. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  3700. Water Fairy was also very curious as to how such a big force sent by the coalition had lost to Lu Li.
  3702. However, deep down, she felt like this was a natural string of events. When she recalled his calm execution of plans, it seemed like he was confident in doing all things.
  3704. She had once again gotten to see Lu Li for who he really was - a seemingly average person shrouded in mystery.
  3706. With Commander Nonsense’s statement, Water Fairy and Heart of War slowly understood what had happened. They hadn’t even seen Ruling Sword before the force had given up.
  3708. "Nonsense, this isn’t our first time working together," Heart of War said angrily. "How did this happen? You better have a good explanation."
  3710. The complete failure of the operation was one thing, but he had also planned to show off in front of Water Fairy. Who knew that his expectation would be so far disconnected from reality.
  3712. "We were too careless this time," Nonsense sighed, "but this task was also too difficult. We just kept facing one disaster after another. Some of our brothers are now too scared to even log on."
  3714. Doing quests could result in psychological damage. Nonsense was a veteran professional player and had seen it several times in his career.
  3716. "Someone mentioned that a monster was pulled towards you. Was this Lu Li’s doing?" Heart of War suspected.
  3718. He never believed in coincidence and always thought there was meaning or intent behind every event. Nonsense wasn’t a foolish commander either; he had been trusted with many quests by large guilds before. Even Peerless City had suffered several losses at his hand.
  3720. "Lu Li’s doing…? President Heart, aren’t you a little obsessed?" Water Fairy mocked.
  3722. In reality, she also slightly believed that it was true, but she wouldn’t say that out loud. If that really was the case, then Lu Li would be in even more danger.
  3724. If that happened, those who were looking for trouble wouldn’t be these small fry.
  3726. Once you got past the hypocrisy of it, large guilds could unrelentingly suppress players.
  3728. There were players that specialized in killing whatever you were trying to farm. This was considered a lighter version, but the suppression could extend to bribery in real life.
  3730. As an ally, Water Fairy thought to lend Lu Li a bit of help seeing as it didn’t hurt her. She definitely was going to pay for this White Kodo now.
  3732. It was given to her; she didn’t buy it.
  3734. "I feel like other than that Boss, the other things weren’t planned," Nonsense said as he wiped the sweat off his forehead and thought about what had happened. Given the evidence, it seemed like they had just sent themselves into the Sandworms, the Sunroc and the Rattlesnake King…
  3736. As for the monster that was led to them, he thought about it, but there was no real way to tie it to Ruling Sword.
  3738. "You can think of something. I’ll explain this to everyone else." Heart of War couldn’t bear to say anything more in front of Water Fairy in fear of her sarcastic remarks and dryly ended the call.
  3740. One could only imagine the dumbfounded look of the guild leaders’ faces when they discovered what had happened to their forces.
  3742. Their hearts would be unwilling to accept it, but they didn’t have much choice. Lu Li was just casually taking the Boss and had not even sent anyone to intercept, yet the combined forces of the coalition couldn’t even get to them.
  3744. Water Fairy was in her excessively large lounge; it made her seem a little lonely.
  3746. She then decided to give Lu Li a call. "Lu Li, I’ve spoken on your behalf and the big guilds have decided to let you off. Feel free to keep taking the Boss."
  3748. Her opening words were elegant and well intentioned. Water Fairy felt a happiness that she hadn’t felt in a long time.
  3750. When she thought about Lu Li’s puzzled face, she was pleased with herself.
  3752. Her mentality was that if he had anything he was displeased with, he would say so.
  3754. "Wow, thank you so much," Lu Li said through his clenched teeth. He had slowly begun to accept that this woman wasn’t going to pay him back.
  3756. He just couldn’t have imagined such a famous person being so stingy with her money.
  3758. For a stingy person like Lu Li, there was nothing more saddening than this.
  3760. "I’m curious about how you managed to transport your people to Lost Rigger Cove. Would you be able to tell me?" Water Fairy was very content with Lu Li so far and continued the conversation.
  3762. "Nah," Lu Li replied dryly.
  3764. Why would he tell her? She was supposed to be cold, proud and had no regard for money.
  3766. Of course, he didn’t hate Water Fairy, nor did he like her because of her beauty. Lu Li just didn’t have the ability for those kinds of feelings within him; he just thought that he could earn some money from her.
  3768. Water Fairy had done some stuff for him, but he didn’t need these favours.
  3770. "You must have some kind of item that can send 100 players somewhere. Is it some kind of Engineering item?" Water Fairy was very curious, but suppressed the urge to offer a price.
  3772. "It’s a skill, a Warlock skill." Lu Li suspected that no one probably had the skill anyway.
  3774. In his past life, this portal skill hadn’t gained much popularity, but large teams made use of its convenience.
  3776. Sesame Rice Ball’s skill book came from Blackfathom and was the product of a special circumstance that couldn’t be replicated. It was probably the first one in the game.
  3778. "Well… can we borrow your Warlock? There’s a boss nearby that we want to fight, but it’s hard to get to it," Water Fairy asked a little sheepishly.
  3780. How could she ask for help already? It hadn’t been that long since she was being smug with him.
  3782. "Haha, he probably won’t do it. He’s shy when it comes to girls, and probably won’t even be able to cast the skill." Lu Li was in an unusual mood, not because he couldn’t think of a better excuse, but because he had to use such a bad one.
  3784. Sesame Rice Ball was a little shy, but he probably wasn’t so shy that seeing a girl would cause him to be unable to cast his skills.
  3786. "That’s ridiculous. We’re allies, remember?" Water Fairy was a little angry.
  3788. "You’re the one who just took my mount," Lu Li retorted.
  3790. "You sent it to me and didn’t say anything about money. I thought you gave it to me," Water Fairy said smugly. "There are many people who do that for me."
  3792. Normally, she wouldn’t accept these gifts and after three days, they would be returned to the sender.
  3794. "…" Lu Li was speechless. Why was she suddenly seeing him as a fan, someone who would be willing give up money for her?
  3796. "I couldn’t give it back to you, even if I wanted to. How much do you want for it?" Water Fairy asked, deciding to yield to Lu Li.
  3798. The White Kodo was her favorite colour and its back had enough space for a big cushion. She could comfortably lie on top of it.
  3800. "It’s not that I don’t want to give it to you; just lend me some money," Lu Li said after a moment. He had still be directing the fight and hadn’t paid much attention to this conversation until now.
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  3819. Chapter 509: Policy Incentives
  3821. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  3823. "Borrowing money?" Water Fairy was surprised.
  3825. No one had ever asked to borrow her money, nor had she ever lent her money.
  3827. When guilds like Peerless City, Blue Universe and Concealed Empty Hand were just starting out, their founders had asked for and received Water Fairy’s support.
  3829. However, it was unusual for Lu Li to ask to borrow money. So many others had competed to help fund Ruling Sword, but none of them succeeded.
  3831. Ruling Sword seemed to have taken a different path to most guilds and were not subject to the mercy of the capitalists.
  3833. Perhaps Lu Li wanted to borrow money for himself?
  3835. Water Fairy couldn’t help but think of Lu Li’s sister’s illness as the reason for this request.
  3837. This older brother seemed to care too much about his sister. Not only had he planned everything out, but he was also willing to give up his dignity to borrow some money. He was truly sacrificing himself.
  3839. Water Fairy was a little jealous that Lu Xin had a brother like that; she never had anyone like that.
  3841. "Think about it - I need to distribute the loot. The boss is about to die." Lu Li wasn’t sure if Water Fairy would agree because of the long silence.
  3843. Lu Li had defeated the Boss, and the Lost Rigger Cove’s pirate captain Andrea Firebeard finally fell.
  3845. He had 350,000 HP and it had taken Ruling Sword more than an hour to defeat him..
  3847. Lu Li had been investing in the 100-man elite member group. However, they had been gaining so many players that he had also sent in the not yet officially formed second 100 elite member group.
  3849. A total of 70+ players died and a considerable portion had exceeded the Revive protection period so they unfortunately lost 10% of their EXP.
  3851. The Instance Dungeon Bosses had around 100,000 HP which was already quite a bit, especially for 10 players. Most level 30 Wild Bosses had more than 500,000 HP. Currently, the Boss with the highest HP that had been was the Rhino Boss Danath with 750,000HP.
  3853. In contrast, the pirate captain didn’t have much.
  3855. Instead, he had high lifesteal, which forced players to constantly avoid his skills. Even if they couldn’t hide, they couldn’t keep casting their skills either as they simply couldn’t afford to waste their resources.
  3857. All this meant that Ruling Sword’s victory was not easy.
  3859. However, the good thing was that Ruling Sword didn’t fail and managed to beat the Boss in one try.
  3861. Fighting Wild Bosses wasn’t like getting a First Clear, because you didn’t lose EXP in Instance Dungeons. The EXP from Wild Bosses was heartbreaking, and most players would give up after losing the first time.
  3863. System: Ruling Sword has successfully defeated Andre Firebeard, a level 42 Pirate Captain Leader Boss, under the leadership of Lu Li.
  3865. Leader Boss referred to the captain’s large group of subordinates or the Snake King’s group of helpers. However, the difficulty of such a boss wasn’t standardized.
  3867. The Captain was quite weak without his underlings, but the Snake King was still very strong without them.
  3869. Before he allowed someone to loot the Boss, he heard the System make the same announcement again but this time to the World Channel.
  3871. System: Lost Rigger Cove in Tanaris’ Pirate Captain has been killed, but throughout his life he had left behind many treasure maps. Many of them are held by his vicious subordinates. Brave adventurers, take up arms and join the cause of finding the great treasures!
  3873. The second System prompt was beyond the expectations of Lu Li; he felt like he had been played.
  3875. This System prompt exposed the existence of the pirate captain’s treasure, but he thought that this was going to be the guild’s exclusive secret for a long time.
  3877. The monsters that blocked the coalition’s forces didn’t make a perfect defence.
  3879. As long as the players spent some time to work out a safe path, they would be able to reach treasures that were beyond their expectations.
  3881. "Dreamy, loot the boss." Lu Li calmed himself and took the opportunity before him. The other players would still need some time before they could work it out.
  3883. Moreover, they had just defeated a Boss, so there was something to be happy about.
  3885. Remnant Dream ran over eagerly. Most members of the guild treated her as a little sister because of her small size and didn’t try to compete with her to loot the Boss.
  3887. There were 100-200 players who were clearing out the monsters that were respawning and looking forward to the items that the Boss was going to drop.
  3889. "Dark Gold!" Remnant Dream held up a big sword, her eyes sparkling. She was extremely excited with the equipment and didn’t even consider the fact that she couldn’t use it.
  3891. Lu Li glanced over and immediately made a decision about it.
  3893. "The first player in the guild to reach level 40 and is able to use this sword will be rewarded with it. I hope you will all keep working hard." Before he had even finished speaking, the crowd of players were already clamoring.
  3895. The minimum attack of the sword was the highest attack of a level 30 Gold exquisite equip. It had instantly enchanted all of the melee players.
  3897. Moreover, the weapon was also quite beautifully designed. It had very fine-detailed and purple- lectric effect on the edge. It made the player look more like a hero and was ten times more likely to turn heads on the street.
  3899. Of course, the biggest reason for the clamoring was because it was going to be given away for free.
  3901. Such a piece of equipment would normally be directly given to one of the core players like Moonlight. Otherwise, the regular members would need really high contribution points, so most players just didn’t stand a chance.
  3903. Lu Li’s decision had subverted this rule.
  3905. The only condition for receiving this sword was to be the first to reach level 40. Everyone had the chance for it as long as they worked hard to level.
  3907. Most players didn’t even have a Gold item, yet they now had hopes of getting a Dark Gold item.
  3909. This also didn’t come at a loss to Lu Li. By using this piece of Warrior equipment as a reward, the Warriors in the guild would level incessantly and increase the overall strength of Ruling Sword.
  3911. "Gold Magic Staff. Can be used to summon a bear." Remnant Dream was now good enough to immediately identify the best aspects of an equip.
  3913. With the Magic players waiting in anticipation, Lu Li lifted the Magic Staff over his head and said, "Summons a level 40 Elite Bear for half an hour. 3 hour cool down. Also comes with 10% Critical Hit. This item… will be treated the same. All of you Magic Profession players, what are you waiting for?"
  3915. "Healing Cloak." Remnant Dream handed the third item to Lu Li.
  3917. "March Rain, this is for you." Lu Li didn’t even show it to the others and immediately gave it to March Rain. It was better for the Club’s equipment to be kept secret, so that it could play an unexpected role in battle.
  3919. But why didn’t Lu Li put this item up as a reward like before?
  3921. The Healers felt like they had been wronged; this differential treatment made players unhappy.
  3923. Lu Li raised his hand to stop the remarks and announced, "The first player of each profession to reach level 40 will receive a Gold equipment as a reward."
  3925. All the emotion of that previous moment was immediately swept away.
  3927. This kind of commitment meant that the guild would need to pay out at least 10 pieces of Gold equipment. Everyone’s chances of winning suddenly got a lot larger.
  3929. Of course, the big sword and Magic Staff didn’t become inferior rewards because of this new offer. The big sword was a Dark Gold item and the Magic Staff that could summon a bear was also very rare.
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  3948. Chapter 510: Finding Another Treasure Map
  3950. Translator: Halcyon Translations Editor: Halcyon Translations
  3952. The level 40 Gold Healing Cloak wasn’t necessarily better than the previous two items, but Lu Li decided that March Rain should take it because she could immediately wear it.
  3954. It had a -20% level requirement!
  3956. This special effect was basically a hack, as it allowed level 40 equipment to be worn at level 32.
  3958. Level 40 equipment generally had stronger properties and special effects than level 30 equipment, not to mention that this was still a Gold Healing Cloak.
  3960. Other than the level reduction, the healing cloak also had two other special effects.
  3962. One was a damage reduction skill that was similar to Pain Suppression, but its effect was slightly worse as it only reduced damage by 30%. The duration was also slightly lower at 5 seconds. However, the good part about it was that it could be held and used at any time, regardless of whether a player was stunned, feared or in any other uncontrollable state.
  3964. The other special effect was called Spirit of Redemption.
  3966. When the Priest who was wearing this died, they would transform into a Spirit of Redemption for 15 seconds. During that time, they could not attack, be attacked or be targeted by any skill or effect. However, they could cast any healing skill without consuming mana. After the effect ended, the Priest would die.
  3968. Considering how important Priests were, this was a very strong skill.
  3970. Many players called this state the Fairy Sister. After a Priest had this skill, they wouldn’t immediately turn into a corpse upon death. Instead, they would live on in an angelic form and continue to provide healing.
  3972. When the players saw a teammate doing that, they would always feel touched.
  3974. This piece of equipment was very powerful and suitable for March Rain. March Rain was also a competitor in tournaments, so she naturally had priority.
  3976. Lu Li also wasn’t a greedy person, so he wasn’t going to take this item for himself without compensation.
  3978. They had lost a match in the Magic Cup and they could still lose another tomorrow. Lu Li could accept these defeats, but he certainly did not welcome them.
  3980. "There is also a rare material – Secondary Sea Essence," Remnant Dream said, before sullenly announcing, "That’s it. I’ll get more next time."
  3982. "That’s okay. One Dark Gold item, two Gold items and a rare material is pretty good. What more do you want?" Lu Li comforted as he patted her head and took the Secondary Sea Essence.
  3984. Secondary Sea Essence could be used to make equipment that would allow one to swim in the sea.
  3986. It acted like a permanent Underwater Potion, but was even more effective.
  3988. For example, it could increase underwater agility or the amount of time spent underwater. These effects could allow a player to properly fight underwater monsters.
  3990. Unfortunately, it wasn’t True Sea Essence. True Sea Essence was necessary was forging Giant Sail Boats.
  3992. Azeroth’s land was quite expansive, but it was nothing compared to the ocean. Players in Lu Li’s previous life had spent fortunes forging fleets, with the ambition to enter the boundless Great Sea.
  3994. The islands throughout the oceans contained innumerable wealth and bountiful rewards.
  3996. Unfortunately, most fleets were swallowed by the endless whirlpool of the sea. The losses were not small; these huge ships required Sea Essence as their cores.
  3998. However, that could be worried about in the future; it wasn’t important now.
  4000. When a First Clear on a Wild Boss was taken, not everyone received a reward, like in an Instance Dungeon.
  4002. However, there was still a reward for Lu Li, who found that his backpack contained 3 items. One was a skill book – Counterspell, which was one of the Mage’s crowd-control skills.
  4004. This skill required careful attention to the timing of skills.
  4006. For example, if your opponent was a Mage casting Frostbolt, you could use Counterspell on them to interrupt their channel. Then, they would then be unable cast any ice-type skills, but natural and fire skills could still be used.
  4008. Conversely, if Counterspell was cast when an opponent wasn’t channeling a skill, it would have no effect.
  4010. You had to wait for someone else to use a skill for it to produce an effect.
  4012. This skill was particularly useful for PVP, but had limited uses in PVE. Lu Li gave this item to Fat Monkey.
  4014. Given his current status in the competition, he obviously had priority.
  4016. The second reward item was a rare material, but it was more common and had limited uses. Lu Li intended to just drop it off at the Guild Warehouse for someone else to claim.
  4018. This was the kind of luck Lu Li had. If it weren’t for the fact that his drop probability had been increased by the First Clear bonus, his luck would be no different to an ordinary person’s.
  4020. The third item was a little bit better, but after looking at the properties, Lu Li decided to let the players bid for it in the Guild Warehouse as well.
  4022. It was a Silver level 35 Dagger with decent properties and three special effects. It also had bonus Critical Hit like most exquisite weapons, but Lu Li didn’t need any weapons right now. This dagger wasn’t good enough to replace the ones he already had.
  4024. "Boss, there’s something here," someone on the guild channel said as he sent over an item.
  4026. This item was called Map Fragment (Middle) and looked like half a piece of parchment paper. It only had a name and didn’t even have a description.
  4028. Perhaps it was a part of something else; the original text and pattern was hidden. It seemed like once you found all the pieces, the whole thing would be revealed.
  4030. "I have a top piece here," someone called out.
  4032. "I have one here too, but it’s just like that one. It’s a middle as well."
  4034. "You all saw the System prompt. This is a treasure map, but it is divided into three parts – top, middle and bottom. You need all three pieces to make a full map. You also need a Captain’s Key. Once you have all four items, you can go on a treasure hunt," Lu Li said, not bothering to hide it. Before long, someone would find out, so it was better for his guild to know first.
  4036. "Do you mean this treasure can be repeatedly found? Is this a Treasure Map?"
  4038. Wandering was a smart guy and quickly worked out what the items were. There were probably only a few of these Mag Fragments in Dawn right now.
  4040. "That’s right. When you have all the pieces, you can form a party and go searching," Lu Li confirmed.
  4042. "Ha, you guys can go find someone else. I can’t be bothered; I want to sleep." Wandering wasn’t too interested in these half-parchments and started leaving for the city.
  4044. He was a veteran and an elder, so no one objected to his decision.
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