1. Ayaxia: Heya Katie
  2. Ayaxia: You prolly are afk, I just wanted to check on you, as you don't answer my messages
  3. Ayaxia: Well, I won't blame you here, maybe not in the mood, and god, I'm not in your head
  4. Ayaxia: I ended fed up about you and your silence, or whatever it is, but I guess I'm not the first one, so i won't make a novel out of it
  5. Ayaxia: I do hope you'll feel better and that you'll work on theses sides of yourself which deprive you from gettign people around you, people who're worth the person that you truly are
  6. Ayaxia: No idea if you'll read all of this, but i wanted to say, you're not a bad person, you're just ...
  7. Ayaxia: Somewhat of a ghost to me
  8. Ayaxia: Which is a shame because you have so much to give
  9. Ayaxia  gives your hand a little squeeze and smiles
  10. Ayaxia: I'll miss you.
  11. Ayaxia: But we could not let this going on.
  12. Ayaxia: Besides, all our last chats were fights, I guess we've just reached somewhat of a point of no return
  13. Ayaxia: Funny enough, I still have affection for you
  14. Ayaxia: And i'm sure it's the same on your side
  15. Ayaxia: You just won't say it
  16. Ayaxia: Sleep well.

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