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  1. Minutes left...
  3. Time 19: 00 September 24. On one of the unfinished buildings in a puddle lies a man in a black cloak and a mask as black as night. It seems to be all right, but...Until you look at him more closely. The right leg is very much skinned, blood flows in large streams. and the left and almost all ripped out, one piece legs generally torn to the bone blood flows down very much, and the small artery hanging down. hands almost completely stripped, somewhere again torn to the bone. The face is badly scratched, and there is a large cut in the place of the left eye. of belly sticking out a large blade that secretes a strange acid, slowly corroding the body. From there, a little visible guts. The one barely as pushing the record button of the audio, and starts using force to say, "D-dear friends-d, People, parents...I have only minutes to live. H-h-h-h-h-I want to thank you for what you've done for me, for the time I've spent with you *vomited some blood*. D-d-d-Yes, you tried to stop me, said it was dangerous, AAHHH! (he moves his foot.) But if it weren't for me, you wouldn't be alive yourself. *again puked blood*. I love you.". He finished recording, there were still a few minutes left, which went to the memory of family and friends, as well as how it came to this...
  5. 3 hours ago:
  8. Zian U began to gather again on a dangerous mission, the most dangerous in his life. In addition to his usual costume, he still wore a suit of living fabrics and durable armor, his kind of hero called "Guyver", in honor of the eponymous character of his favorite film . According to the latest data, the villain with a nuclear bomb had to be in one of the city's unfinished buildings. Having flown there on a symbiotic web of its own production, the young man did not find at first glance anything wrong. Began sunset. Suddenly several wooden beams began to swing. The sixth sense is hard to beat on the head, ordering him to rebound from that place, what actually was done. Xian Yu has not calculated a bit of a jump and fell on the 1 floor of the underground level of the building where the floor is only earth, grass and puddles. Looking around, suddenly there was the sound of a clock ticking, and a large cracker exploded next to him. In the darkness the purple lenses lit up and their owner spoke:
  10. -Are you here? I didn't expect to see you so soon. This is your most dangerous and, I hope, the last battle. I will be glad to accept the honor solemnly to kill the "elusive" character of Bogwood. But first, here's the test: I will Now start counting 5 minutes at their events, the whole city will explode! If you find the bomb, turn it off, and don't get hurt by me, you're gonna be a hero, and if you don't...
  11. -We both know I'm going to win and you're going underground again."
  12. -Heh. See Zian U...Ha ha ha, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!
  14. The lenses went out and the meter began to tick.
  16. After 3 minutes:
  19. All these floors of the building were almost identical. On one of them, the bomb was found, only it was disabled, as almost unexpectedly from the back of the hero was attacked by Sprang. From massacre lasted 2.5 hours. The most recent blow struck lad, he broke the core of the life of a villain who melted, and Zian U just now departed from the state of passion, and immediately felt all the pain, because he has been without his armor. He fell in a puddle, before the start of recording audio messages went heavy rain. He had minutes...

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