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  1. 1. Because during these years, a person makes most of the decisions on which his future depends, but his life is also considered the brightest part of a person's life, because it is full of strength and energy.
  2. 2. I wouldn't want to change anything, because I already have what I need.
  3. 3. Recently, I began to think more often about the future and now I understand that in five years I will become an independent and adult person.
  4. 4. I think that even today, getting knowledge at school, in the future they will be useful to me in life. I try to learn as much as possible.
  5. 5. In my opinion, my future is closely connected with the future of the country.
  6. 6.  For today, my priority is studying, and in the future it is work.
  12. 1. [биʹкоз] [ʹдйуэринг] [зи:з] years[МН.Ч.], [э,(эй)] [ʹпё:с(э)н] makes[МН.Ч.] [мэуст] [ов] [зэ] decisions[МН.Ч.] [он] [вич] [хиз] [ʹфью:чэ] depends, [бат] [хиз] [лайф] [из] [ʹо:лсэу] [кэнʹсидэд] [зэ] brightest[ПРИЛ.] [па:т] [ов] [э,(эй)] person%27s [Сущ.Пр.П.] [лайф], [биʹкоз] [ит] [из] [фул] [ов] [стрэнгс] [энд] [ʹэнэджи].
  13. 2. [ай] [ʹвуднт] [вонт] [ту:] [чэйндж] [ʹэнисинг], [биʹкоз] [ай] [о:лʹрэди] [хэв] [вот] [ай] [ни:д].
  14. 3. [ʹри:с(э)нтли], [ай] [биʹгэн] [ту:] [синк] [мо:] [ʹоф(т)эн] [эʹбаут] [зэ] [ʹфью:чэ] [энд] [нау] [ай] [͵андэʹстэнд] [зэт] [ин] [файв] years[МН.Ч.] [ай] [вил] [биʹкам] [эн] [͵индиʹпэндэнт] [энд] [ʹэдалт] [ʹпё:с(э)н].
  15. 4. [ай] [синк] [зэт] [ʹи:в(э)н] [тэʹдэй], [ʹгэтинг] [ʹнолидж] [эт] [ску:л], [ин] [зэ] [ʹфью:чэ] [зэй] [вил] [би:] [ʹью:сф(э)л] [ту:] [ми:] [ин] [лайф]. [ай] [трай] [ту:] [лё:н] [эз] [мач] [эз] [ʹпосэб(э)л].
  16. 5. [ин] [май] [эʹпинйэн], [май] [ʹфью:чэ] [из] [ʹклэусли] [кэʹнэктид] [виз] [зэ] [ʹфью:чэ] [ов] [зэ] [ʹкантри].
  17. 6. [фо:] [тэʹдэй], [май] [прайʹорити] [из] studying, [энд] [ин] [зэ] [ʹфью:чэ] [ит] [из] [вё:к].

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