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  5.  Library of Heaven’s Path
  7.  LOHP • Thiên Đạo Thư Viện • Tian Dao Tu Shu Guan • 天道图书馆
  9.  Traversing into another world, Zhang Xuan finds himself becoming an honorable teacher.
  10.  Along with his transcension, a mysterious library appears in his mind.
  11.  As long as it is something he has seen, regardless of whether it is a human or an object, a book on its weaknesses will be automatically compiled in the library.
  12.  Thus, he becomes formidable.
  13.  “Emperor Zhuoyang, why do you detest wearing your underwear so much? As an emperor, can’t you pay a little more attention to your image?”
  14.  “Fairy Linglong, you can always look for me if you find yourself unable to sleep at night. I am skilled in lullabies!”
  15.  “And you, Demon Lord Qiankun! Can you cut down on the garlic? Are you trying to kill me with that stench?”
  16.  This is an incredible story about teachers and students, grooming and guiding the greatest experts in the world!
  17.  Author(s):Heng Sao Tian Ya, 横扫天涯
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  19.  Year: 2016
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  33.  Chapter 401
  35.  Someone had rejected the acknowledgement of the ancestors after passing the master teacher examination?
  36.  You must be pulling my leg!
  37.  Is there... such an insane figure in the world?
  38.  "Winning the acknowledgement of a senior is a huge blessing! Reject? Who in the world is it?"
  39.  After a moment of daze, Pavilion Master Jiang nearly went insane.
  40.  Mo Hongyi's feat of winning the acknowledgement from a single ancestor had already broken the record of Tianwu Kingdom for the past three hundred years, and it had incited a wave of excitement within the Master Teacher Pavilion.
  41.  Pavilion Master Jiang also felt honored; he would be able to keep his head up in the other Master Teacher Pavilions of the other kingdoms in the future.
  42.  Yet, for someone to reject the ancestors' acknowledgement...
  43.  It was fortunate that Mo Hongyi wasn't around. If he were to learn of this news, wouldn't he spew blood and faint on the spot?
  44.  "This... That's impossible!"
  45.  Su shi and Ling shi were perplexed as well.
  46.  The acknowledgement from the ancestors would grant one with a unique aura that would raise one's Soul Depth swiftly. There wasn't a single master teacher who could reject such a benefit. This...
  47.  "Wait... The headquarter said that if there's a Teacher Acknowledgement Hall of any branch has collapsed, report swiftly... The Teacher Acknowledgement Hall here has collapsed!"
  48.  Ling shi was the first to realize this matter, and his face tensed.
  49.  They didn't know what 'Rejection of the Ancestors, Sorrowful Chimes of the Bell' meant, but since the headquarter had asked about the collapsing of the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall, it wasn't difficult for them to deduce the matter.
  50.  The headquarter wasn't so idle as to do unnecessary things. Since they asked about the collapsing of the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall, it must have something to do with these nine words.
  51.  "You mean that... the person who rejected the acknowledgement of the ancestors might be in this guild?" Su shi eyes widened, and his voice sounded a little hoarse.
  52.  In the past few days, only Mo shi and Zhang shi had passed the examinations. The former had managed to win the acknowledgement of one elder while the latter caused Kong shi's statue to fall over and the entire Teacher Acknowledgement Hall to collapse... Even though the entire incident was bewildering, they didn't see him reject the ancestors.
  53.  "Let's ask about it!"
  54.  Confused, Ling shi dabbed the brush in ink and wrote, "What does 'Rejection of the Ancestors, Sorrowful Chimes of the Bell' mean?"
  55.  Weng!
  56.  The words disappeared, and not too long later, a radiance flashed, and another line of words appeared on the Communication Wall.
  57.  "Not absorbing the unique aura granted by the ancestors, rejecting their goodwill..."
  58.  Upon realization, the group shuddered once more.
  59.  To reject the ancestors and induce their sorrowful cries...
  60.  How incredible must a figure be to do such stuff?
  61.  They stared at one another in shock, bewildered over who had that kind of guts that do such a thing. At that moment, the wall before them shone once more, and a few more line of words appeared.
  62.  "Two days ago, at shu hour [1], he rejected the acknowledgement of all of the ancestors and Kong shi, resulting in the shaking of the statue... Under such circumstances, it's highly possible for the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall to collapse! If there's the shaking of the Kong shi's statue or the collapsing of the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall in any branch, report swiftly!"
  63.  "Two days ago, at shu hour... That seems to be around the timing when Zhang shi is seeking acknowledgement from the elders..." Su shi trembled.
  64.  "Indeed! The trembling of the statue and the collapsing of the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall... Could the one who incited the sorrowful cries of the ancestors be... Zhang shi?"
  65.  Ling shi's body swayed vigorously.
  66.  He was just thinking which incredible figure it could be, when it turned out to be the fellow just around them!
  67.  Are you for real?
  68.  "It should be true..."
  69.  Upon thinking of something, Pavilion Master Jiang smiled bitterly.
  70.  "Oh?"
  71.  Hearing Pavilion Master Jiang affirm the matter, the two 4-star master teacher turned to look at him.
  72.  "A similar situation happened two days ago. The ancestral tablets of the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall trembled... and Kong shi's statue moved as well..."
  73.  After pondering for a moment, Pavilion Master Jiang explained the situation that happened two days ago.
  74.  "The Trembling of Myriad Tokens... Celestial Master Teacher? Trembling of Kong shi, this is... Kong shi Admits a Disciple, the Student of the Sage?"
  75.  "But more importantly... he was rejected?"
  76.  Su shi and Ling shi was on the verge of going insane.
  77.  It was one thing to reject the acknowledgement of the ancestors, but to reject an offer to become Kong shi's student...
  78.  Since it happened here, it was clear that it was the doing of a genius in the guild.
  79.  In that instant, a figure appeared in their minds...
  80.  Zhang Xuan!
  81.  "It must be him!"
  82.  With quivering lips, Su shi jumped up in agitation.
  83.  Celestial Master Teacher, an existence whom even Kong shi wanted as his student... Initially, they thought that all they would find was a slightly more capable genius. Never in the dreams did they expect that they would find such a formidable figure whose feats exceeded their imagination.
  84.  "Hurry up and inform the headquarter! Have the pavilion master welcome him personally..."
  85.  Ling shi excitedly picked up the brush and prepared to write on it.
  86.  Putting aside Kong shi's intent to take him in, just the fact that Zhang Xuan was a Celestial Master Teacher already made him an existence worthy of the pavilion master to invite over personally.
  87.  Of the entire continent, only Kong shi had managed to become a Celestial Master Teacher. Other than him, no one had ever achieved that feat.
  88.  "Ling shi, wait a moment..." Jiang Shu hurriedly stopped him.
  89.  "What's wrong?"
  90.  Frowning, Ling shi turned to look at Jiang Shu.
  91.  "The matter of Celestial Master Teacher is too big... I'm afraid that it might bring calamity to Zhang shi if the matter were to leak out. Besides... Kong shi being rejected isn't a glorious affair. I've already ordered the others to keep quiet on the matter, but if the news were to leak in the headquarters..." Pavilion Master Jiang explained.
  92.  Even though the Master Teacher Pavilion possessed overwhelming authority in the continent, they still had many hidden enemies.
  93.  Besides, given that the Master Teacher Tournament was going to be held, if other powers were to learn of the existence of such a formidable genius, they might be tempted to poach him or even cut him off before he grows.
  94.  It was better to proceed prudently.
  95.  "Pavilion Master Jiang is right. We should report this matter straight on to the pavilion master alone. The fewer people who knows of it, the better it is!" Su shi nodded grimly in agreement to Jiang Shu's words.
  96.  "Un!" At this moment, Ling shi also recovered from his agitation and nodded. He then wrote on the wall, "None!"
  97.  Since they decided not to speak of this matter on the Communication Wall, they could only reply like this for now.
  98.  "Celestial Master Teacher, and on top of that, a person who nearly became Kong shi's student... It's one thing if we didn't know, but once we know, we should pay him a visit regardless of the cost!"
  99.  After replying to the headquarters, Su shi and Ling shi could no longer suppress their agitation in their hearts
  100.  They might be 4-star master teachers, but as compared to a Celestial Master Teacher, they were way too lacking.
  101.  They had only earned the acknowledgement of the ancestors, but the other party earned the acknowledgement of the heavens...
  102.  The gap between them couldn't be summarized with just the single word 'large'.
  103.  As long as he survived, he would most probably reach the pinnacle of this world.
  104.  "We must pay a visit to Zhang shi eventually, but the first person we should meet is... Yang shi!" Su shi replied grimly.
  105.  "To be capable of grooming a Celestial Master Teacher, and more importantly, have his own student reject even Kong shi, how fearsome must this Yang shi be? If we were to listen to even a word of his guidance, we might be able to take a huge step forward in our cultivation!"
  106.  At this time, Ling shi also came to the same conclusion, and he nodded in agreement.
  107.  One could have a lot of teachers in their life.
  108.  But there were some who have decided to only acknowledge one teacher in their entire life.
  109.  It was just like Kong shi's students. Even if they wanted to acknowledge others as their teacher, no one would dare to accept them!
  110.  For Yang shi, Zhang shi was willing to even reject Kong shi. How fearsome could this Yang Xuan be?
  111.  "Let's go!"
  112.  Without any hesitation, the two 4-star master teacher swiftly headed for Zhang Xuan's residence.
  113.  ...
  114.  In the past few days, Mo Hongyi had been in a good mood.
  115.  Ever since that Zhang Xuan fellow's appearance, his records had been beaten one after another, and his title as the number one genius had been usurped.
  116.  Since he wasn't as capable as the other party, he could only work diligently in hopes of overtaking him in the future.
  117.  And his efforts paid off. Two days ago, he was acknowledged by the ancestors, and he managed to triumph over Zhang Xuan for once.
  118.  With this, he had broken the record of the Master Teacher Pavilion for the past three hundred years.
  119.  Wasn't that Zhang Xuan a genius? Wasn't he formidable?
  120.  But, so what? Zhang Xuan still ended up being acknowledged by none of the ancestors at all.
  121.  In the end, he was still the ultimate victor.
  122.  A slight smile curved onto Mo Hongyi's lips.
  123.  The refusal of the ancestors to acknowledge him meant that he had come to the limits of his potential, and his future achievements were limited!
  124.  He had heard of many geniuses who shone brightly when they were younger, only to end up just like anyone else in the future.
  125.  This Zhang Xuan was probably still the same as well.
  126.  So what if he was a genius? Potential was the key!
  127.  "I should look for Su shi and Ling shi, and see if they are willing to take me in as their student. If they really take me in, I would surely be able to surpass Zhang Xuan soon!"
  128.  Tidying up his clothes, a streak of excitement flashed across his eyes.
  129.  Ever since Pavilion Master Jiang introduced Su shi and Ling shi to him, the intention to take one of them as his teacher had sprouted in his mind.
  130.  If he succeeded, a whole new world would open before him.
  131.  "Mo shi, my apologies, but Su shi and Ling shi have already left this morning!"
  132.  Mo Hongyi looked around the Master Teacher Pavilion, but he couldn't find the duo. In the end, after asking around about the matter, he met with Pavilion Master Jiang.
  133.  "Left? Where did they go to?" Mo Hongyi asked.
  134.  "Oh, they went to Zhang shi's residence!" Pavilion Master Jiang replied.
  135.  "Thank you..."
  136.  Upon learning of their whereabouts, Mo Hongyi nodded and left.
  137.  "I need to hurry..."
  138.  It was very possible that Zhang Xuan might have the same thoughts as him.
  139.  How could he give this good opportunity away to that fellow?
  140.  He had surpassed the other party in the acknowledgement of the ancestors, and this was a good omen. As long as he worked hard, he would surely be able to surpass the other party's records.
  141.  Zhang Xuan's residence wasn't too far away from the Master Teacher Pavilion. It didn't take too long for Mo Hongyi to arrive at his destination.
  142.  Turning around the streets, he suddenly caught sight of two figures and hurriedly stopped.
  143.  "That is... Su shi and Ling shi?"
  144.  The two master teachers were standing quietly in front of Zhang Xuan's residence with a respectful look.
  145.  Didn't they head here early in the morning? Why were they still standing at the doorstep?
  146.  More importantly... that respectful attitude... what in the world was that?
  147.  They were 4-star master teachers, the respected elders of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance's Master Teacher Pavilion. Even if the emperor of Xuanyuan Kingdom were to come, he would have to welcome them subserviently.
  148.  Yet, at this moment, they seemed no different from anxious students...
  149.  Mo Hongyi blinked his eyes in disbelief.
  150.  Jiya!
  151.  Just as he was still in the midst of his shock, the gates to the courtyard opened, and a plump man walked out. He spoke casually, "The old master has just returned, and he has asked for you two to enter! I'll just say this in advance, the old master doesn't like a ruckus, so try to maintain silence after you enter!"
  152.  "Yes!"
  153.  "Don't worry, we'll definitely keep quiet!" Su shi and Ling shi hurriedly nodded.
  154.  "Alright, then let's go!"
  155.  Waving casually, the plump man led the way.
  156.  The two master teachers hurriedly followed behind.
  157.  "The heck..."
  158.  Mo Hongyi's eyes were about to fall to the floor.
  159.  What... in the world is going on?
  160.  To think that 4-star master teachers would still have to request for a meeting!
  161.  On top of that, to wait an entire morning for it?
  162.  And that butler's casual attitude, almost to the point of being rude... Wasn't he afraid of being smacked to death?
  163.  Mo Hongyi's mouth twitched violently, and he felt as though the entire world had gone wrong.
  167.  Chapter 402
  169.  Rubbing his glabella, Zhang Xuan finally woke up.
  170.  There was too much information contained within the Library of Heaven's Path, causing the time he was passed out to last much longer than before.
  171.  However, the rewards he got was massive as well.
  172.  Battle techniques, apothecary, beast tamer, painter, physician, master teacher, poison master...
  173.  The information of countless occupations had become his own. He no longer had to dive into the Library of Heaven's Path to look up this information; with a single thought, it would appear in his head.
  174.  To gather all of this knowledge, even if one possessed photographic memory, it would take at least dozens of year. On the other hand, Zhang Xuan only took an entire day...
  175.  If others were to know about it, they would definitely spurt blood.
  176.  What genius and what advanced master teacher... Before such efficiency, they meant nothing at all.
  177.  There was no basis of comparison at all.
  178.  "As expected of the Book of Heaven's Path. It truly doesn't let me down!" Zhang Xuan chuckled.
  179.  Even though he knew the might of the Book of Heaven's Path, the pages of which were formed by the earnest gratitude of a student, was formidable, he couldn't help but feel impressed every time he used it.
  180.  To casually raise his Soul Depth by 5.0 and assimilate the knowledge contained within the innumerable books in the Library of Heaven's Path for his own...
  181.  Regardless of which one it was, it was sufficient to send anyone into a frenzy.
  182.  "The Book of Heaven's Path probably has many more uses than this!"
  183.  Zhang Xuan had only managed to uncover these two effects by chance. The use of the Book of Heaven's Path was surely much more than that, and he had verified it back then.
  184.  It seemed like he had to accept more students in the future and win their gratitude so as to collect much more golden pages.
  185.  This way, he would be able to grow swiftly.
  186.  After waking up, he spent a long time reorganizing his knowledge before stretching lazily and walking out of the room.
  187.  Upon walking into the main hall, Sun Qiang walked up to him and reported, "Young master, someone has requested to meet with the old master, and they have already waited for an entire morning!"
  188.  "Requested to meet the old master? Who?"
  189.  Zhang Xuan was taken aback.
  190.  "They said that they were from the Master Teacher Pavilion. One of them is Su Fan while the other one is Ling Yuheng!" Sun Qing replied.
  191.  "Su Fan? Ling Yuheng?"
  192.  Zhang Xuan was perplexed. Who were they? There didn't seem to be these two figures among the master teachers of Tianwu Kingdom...
  193.  "Wait. They are... Su shi and Ling shi?"
  194.  An epiphany struck him, and he nearly fainted on the spot.
  195.  Back then, when Pavilion Master Jiang introduced the two master teachers to him, out of respect, he didn't use their full names. As such, Zhang Xuan didn't relate Su Fan and Ling Yuheng to the two 4-star master teachers instantly. However, given that they came from the Master Teacher Pavilion and they were here to look for 'Old Master Yang Xuan', who else could it be other than those two fellows?
  196.  Didn't he say that he would tell them about it once 'Yang shi' returns? Why would they rush here all of the sudden, not to mention, early in the morning?
  197.  He hadn't even made preparations yet...
  198.  The two 4-star master teachers were existences that surpassed Zhizun realm experts... Yet, they had been waiting at his entrance for an entire morning?
  199.  "Where did you arrange them to rest at? The guest room or the conference room?"
  200.  Upon thinking about how he kept these two formidable figures waiting, Zhang Xuan's mouth twitched, and he couldn't help but ask.
  201.  "Guest room? Conference room? They didn't even bring anything when paying a visit to Yang shi, are they worthy of such treatment?"
  202.  Sun Qiang harrumphed in disdain. "I had those two disrespectful fellows wait outside the residence! If not for the fact that they came from the Master Teacher Pavilion, I would have chased them away already! Who the hell do they think they are, to not even know the rules!"
  203.  Putong!
  204.  After hearing those words, Zhang Xuan's body swayed, and he nearly collapsed to the ground.
  205.  "Young master, what's wrong?" Sun Qiang hurried forward to support him.
  206.  "What's wrong?"
  207.  Zhang Xuan nearly burst into tears.
  208.  The hell!
  209.  Do you know how powerful the two of them are? What's wrong?
  210.  This useless fellow! How did he find himself such a darned butler...
  211.  The two of them were 4-star master teachers, and he kept them waiting outside for an entire morning...
  212.  He sure was courageous!
  213.  Zhang Xuan felt blood welling up at the back of his throat.
  214.  If he didn't discipline this butler of his soon, it was just a matter of time before he is done in by another party.
  215.  It was fortunate that those two master teachers had a good temper. Otherwise, if they were to lash out, even the entire Tianwu Kingdom wouldn't be sufficient to placate their wrath!
  216.  Just as he was about to berate the other party, he suddenly recalled that the other party's arrogant personality was a result of 'Yang shi's' teaching back then. Suddenly, he felt stifled within.
  217.  "Hurry up and invite them in. Make sure to treat them respectfully..."
  218.  Holding back his frustration, Zhang Xuan instructed. However, halfway through his words, he shook his head, "Forget it. Just treat them as any other guest, and bring them over here. I'll contact teacher now..."
  219.  The 'old master' whom the other party wanted to meet was supposed to be an equal existence to them. If he were to change his attitude now, it could bring even more trouble.
  220.  It wasn't his first time playing off as an expert, and he didn't mind doing it again.
  221.  Besides, he had no other choice anyway...
  222.  The butler had already gone so far. If the strength of this 'Yang shi' turned out to be inferior to them, wouldn't they immediately fly into a rage?
  223.  "Yes!"
  224.  Sun Qiang walked out.
  225.  Upon seeing him leave, Zhang Xuan took out a set of clothes from his storage ring and put it on. Then, operating his Heaven's Path Disguise Art, his muscles started moving, and his appearance changed.
  226.  It didn't take long for him to turn into 'Yang Xuan'. However, with his stronger cultivation and higher Soul Depth, he held a much more imposing disposition compared to back when he was still at Tianxuan Kingdom.
  227.  Ascertaining that there were no flaws in his disguise, Zhang Xuan walked over to the main seat, sipped on his tea, and waited patiently.
  228.  Not too long later, the duo walked in under Sun Qiang's lead.
  229.  As Zhang Xuan expected, they were Su shi and Ling shi.
  230.  "This is the old master, Yang shi!"
  231.  Upon seeing that the old master was in the main hall, Sun Qiang was dazed for a moment before hurriedly introducing with a proud look.
  232.  "Su Fan pays respect to Yang shi!"
  233.  "Ling Yuheng greets Yang shi!"
  234.  The duo clasped their fists respectfully.
  235.  Even though they could tell that Yang shi was man of great capabilities through Zhang Xuan, they still felt a little displeased at how the other party kept them waiting for an entire morning.
  236.  No matter what, they were 4-star master teachers. To be left waiting at the doorstep, it could only mean that the other party didn't think much of them.
  237.  Thus, they started observing this Yang Xuan as soon as they arrived, intent to see if he was as formidable as the others made him out to be.
  238.  But with a single look, they frowned.
  239.  The muscles and the bones of the man before them didn't align perfectly with one another, and there were signs of them being moved. Clearly, he was in disguise.
  240.  They couldn't discern his original appearance, but through his clean and smooth skin, as well as his powerful vitality, he was likely to be young.
  241.  There were geniuses in this world, but no matter how talented a person was, he needed time to grow. In the end, age was still a limiting factor for one's abilities.
  242.  "This Yang shi seems young..."
  243.  Upon seeing through all this, Su shi sent a telepathic message to Ling shi.
  244.  "Indeed. However, I can't see through his cultivation!" Ling shi frowned.
  245.  They were both existences who surpassed Zhizun realm. As long as the other party's cultivation didn't surpass theirs, they should be able to discern the other party's cultivation easily, even if the other party tried to conceal it. However... despite their intent observation, they were unable to tell anything at all. This meant that the person before them could only be stronger than them.
  246.  "Un!" Su shi nodded.
  247.  He was unable to see through the other party's cultivation as well.
  248.  There were only two possibilities if one was unable to see through another person's cultivation. Firstly, the other party was stronger than them. Secondly, the cultivation technique that the other party cultivated was at a much higher level than their own, resulting in his zhenqi being so pure that one was unable to make a clear assessment.
  249.  Regardless of which of the two possibilities it was, it could only mean to say that Yang shi wasn't an ordinary person.
  250.  "Done looking yet?"
  251.  They stared intently at Yang shi with a tenacious drive to dig out every single detail of his, only to see the other party casually lifting a teapot and slowly pouring himself a cup of tea. Without even glancing at them, his impassive voice sounded.
  252.  "We've heard of the numerous amazing feats of Yang shi, and your ability to nourish a student like Zhang shi has filled us with admiration and curiosity. Please pardon our breach of etiquette!"
  253.  Upon being exposed, the duo felt a little awkward. Smiling faintly, Su shi and Ling shi glanced at one another before taking a seat.
  254.  "It's not a problem!"
  255.  Putting down the teapot, Zhang Xuan lifted his head and glanced at them.
  256.  Only then did the duo clearly see his appearance. Yang shi was in his forties, and he had a dashing appearance.
  257.  Su shi and Ling shi immediately tried to match his looks to the descriptions of the master teachers they had heard of, but at this moment, they suddenly saw the other party's clear eyes.
  258.  Looking into those eyes, Su shi and Ling shi's breathing immediately hastened. Their eyes widened, and they nearly dropped the teacup in their hands onto the floor.
  259.  "This is..."
  260.  "Eye of Insight!"
  261.  Small strings of Insight Energy flowed within those wise and deep eyes, making the person before them an unfathomable existence.
  262.  With just a single look, a name immediately appeared in their minds...
  263.  Eye of Insight!
  264.  This was an ability that only 6-star master teachers could comprehend. It was said that those who possessed this could peer into the essence of the world with a single look...
  265.  They thought that it was only a legend, but to think that it would be true!
  266.  And for it to appear on the person before them at that!
  267.  "Could it be that..."
  268.  The lips of the duo quivered.
  269.  Could this Yang shi be a 6-star master teacher, or even higher than that?
  270.  The very thought of it vanquished their displeasure from being disregarded by the other party.
  271.  Putting aside the knowledge and rallying ability of a 6-star master teacher, with his cultivation itself, he would be more than capable of destroying the entire Myriad Kingdom Alliance!
  272.  Even if an expert of his caliber were to humiliate them, they wouldn't dare to utter a single word of complaint!
  273.  This was the strength and rank of a 6-star master teacher!
  274.  The disparity between each rank grew larger the higher up the ladder of a master teacher. Especially after 5-star, the difference between each rank was like heaven and earth.
  275.  A 2-star master teacher might be hard-pressed to defeat ten 1-star master teachers, but it was a walk in the park for a 6-star master teacher to subdue a hundred 5-star master teachers at once.
  276.  Hu!
  277.  The duo's hearts jolted. Fortunately, the Insight Energy flowing within Yang shi's eyes disappeared after a short moment, and he reverted back to his original state. Gazing at the duo impassively, Yang shi said, "Su shi and Ling shi, may I know the reason for your visit?"
  278.  "Ah..." Su shi was dumbstruck.
  279.  Initially, they thought that Yang shi would be around their caliber, and their highest estimate was 4-star pinnacle or 5-star. If so, they could still interact and trade some insights. Who could have thought that... the other party would display the Eye of Insight which only 6-star master teachers could comprehend?
  280.  They could still trade insights with those around the same level as them, but with this kind of expert... How in the world should they trade insights with him? It would be more like seeking guidance!
  281.  But given how they abruptly visited the other party, if they were to say that they were here to seek guidance, that would be a huge breach of etiquette!
  282.  "Actually, we asked a favor of Zhang shi. May I know if he has discussed the matter with Yang shi yet?" Ling shi reacted swiftly, and he hurriedly replied.
  283.  "That's right! We're here for this matter!" Su shi nodded vigorously.
  284.  "Is it about the matter of the Master Teacher Tournament?" Zhang Xuan frowned.
  285.  He was perplexed by why these two experts were so intent to find 'Yang shi', but to think that it would be for this matter.
  286.  Back then, when the other party told him to discuss this matter with his 'teacher', it seemed like they really meant what they said.
  287.  "Yes. Despite being under twenty, Zhang shi possesses outstanding talents. If he were to join, he'll surely be able to make a name for himself..." Su shi hurriedly explained. However, before he could finish his words, a cold harrumph echoed in the hall.
  288.  "Does my student need a tournament to prove himself?"
  289.  Yang shi gestured haughtily, "You must be joking!"
  290.  "This..."
  291.  Su shi and Ling shi shuddered, and their faces paled simultaneously.
  295.  Chapter 403
  297.  This person before them could potentially be a master teacher beyond 6-star. At the same time, his student, Zhang Xuan, was a person who was capable of breaking the records of the guild simultaneously. If he truly wished to make a name for himself, there was no need for him to join any tournament whatsoever. In fact, just by saying that he was Yang shi's student, he was already able to incur the envy of countless geniuses in the world.
  298.  "Yang shi, I have misspoken! Pardon me," Su shi hurriedly apologized.
  299.  "Enough."
  300.  Zhang Xuan waved his hands casually. "If this is the reason why you all are here, you all can leave now. The decision is in Zhang Xuan's hands! I am only his teacher, I'm not his nanny. I don't interfere in all of his affairs."
  301.  "We were rash..."
  302.  Upon hearing the other party's intent to chase them out, Su shi and Ling shi hurriedly stood up, but they didn't leave immediately. Instead, a hesitant look appeared on their face, and Su shi gritted his teeth and asked, "Actually, I have met with some doubts in my cultivation, and I would like to ask for Yang shi's guidance."
  303.  This was a master teacher who was likely to exceed 6-star! He might not necessarily meet another one in his entire life. Since he met with one, if he didn't ask any questions, he would surely regret it for the rest of his life.
  304.  "What doubts do you have?"
  305.  Zhang Xuan clenched his fists tightly, but he put on a nonchalant expression.
  306.  This was what he feared the most disguising as a higher ranked master teacher. As a master teacher, he had a duty to enlighten his juniors. While he could refuse the other party, it could potentially raise doubts on his character, or even worse, his identity.
  307.  Seeing that the other party didn't reject them outright, Su shi heaved a sigh of relief. A hint of delight flashed in his eyes, and he hurriedly replied, "The cultivation technique that I am cultivating now is Miniature Solar Art, and every time I drive it to the seventh circulation I feel as though my body is being torn apart, and I'm unable to continue on. This matter has been plaguing me for a while, and I've been unable to find a solution to it!"
  308.  "Miniature Solar Art?" Zhang Xuan's face darkened.
  309.  He had assimilated the knowledge of the books in Tianwu Royal City into his head, but this name didn't ring a bell at all. He had no idea what the sixth or seventh circulation the other party was talking about was at all
  310.  "Show me!"
  311.  Even though Zhang Xuan felt a little stifled within, he had experienced this kind of stuff numerous times, so he didn't panic at all. Instead, he slowly sipped on his tea before raising his gaze to ask. His movements were composed and refined.
  312.  "Yes!" Su shi nodded.
  313.  To offer the most accurate guidance, one had to see the situation for themselves first.
  314.  Su shi moved to the center of the room and sat down cross-legged. Then, his hands moved in a circular motion, and spiritual energy started to concentrate in the center.
  315.  Tzzzzzz!
  316.  The speed at which spiritual energy was being absorbed was so swift that a deafening sonic boom sounded.
  317.  "Incredible..."
  318.  Seeing the speed at which the other party was pulling in spiritual energy at, Zhang Xuan's eyelids twitched.
  319.  As expected of a 4-star master teacher, his means were indeed exceptional.
  320.  "Flaws!"
  321.  Given that the other party was operating his cultivation technique, a book immediately appeared in the Library of Heaven's Path.
  322.  Zhang Xuan quickly flipped through it.
  323.  "Su Fan, 4-star primary master teacher, Transcendent Mortal cultivator, an elder of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance's Master Teacher Pavilion. Cultivation technique: Miniature Solar Art. Flaws: ..."
  324.  Su Fan's information was recorded in detail in the book.
  325.  After using the golden page and assimilating the knowledge in all of the books of the Library of Heaven's Path into his head, Zhang Xuan already knew that beyond the Fighter 9 dans was [Transcendent Mortal].
  326.  The Fighter 9 dans was actually a stage to bring the strength of a mortal to the very limits. From there on, one would surpass his mortality to reach higher realms.
  327.  Just like the Fighter 9 dans, the Transcendent Mortal realm also had 9 dans. However, as Tianwu Kingdom didn't have access to books of that level, there wasn't any detail description on it.
  328.  However, given that the person before him was a Transcendent Mortal expert, regardless of whether it was his physical body, spirit, or level of existence, he had already surpassed that of Zhizun realm to reach the heights unattainable by mortals.
  329.  It was just like the gap between a Phantom weapon and a Spirit weapon.
  330.  Their level of existence was completely different from one another.
  331.  After reading through the flaws written in the book, a bizarre look flashed on Zhang Xuan's face.
  332.  ...
  333.  The moment Su shi started cultivating, Ling shi hurriedly turned his gaze onto Yang shi.
  334.  As an old buddy of the former, Ling shi knew about this problem as well. He searched through countless books and even asked a higher tiered guild through the Communication Wall about the matter. However, no one had been able to answer this question.
  335.  Since Su shi had brought up this problem, Ling shi was curious to see how Yang shi would deal with this situation.
  336.  Given that the other party was likely to be a master teacher ranked beyond 6-star, seeing how he dealt with problems and learning from him might prove to be helpful to him for his advancement in the occupation.
  337.  Thus, he focused his all of his attention on Yang shi, intent on catching every single action of his.
  338.  However, after taking a brief look, a deep crease furrowed on his forehead, and doubts sprouted in his mind.
  339.  It was normal for master teachers to ask of the other party to display their cultivation technique or battle technique and observe it intently so as to determine the problems within them. However... Yang shi closed his eyes right after catching a glimpse, and fell motionless. What in the world was he up to?
  340.  Don't you have the Eye of Insight?
  341.  Shouldn't you use this ability to determine the faults in his cultivation?
  342.  Why aren't you using it?
  343.  On top of that, the faults in cultivation techniques tend to be deeper than battle techniques. You should at least observe it for a while longer and even ask him some questions about the matter before making a decision!
  344.  To do nothing at all, and close your eyes as though you are sleeping... What kind of diagnosis method is that?
  345.  Ling shi was baffled.
  346.  Master teachers were similar to physicians in several ways. One had to observe carefully to determine the crux of a problem before dealing with it at the very root.
  347.  As a 4-star master teacher, Ling shi knew more than ten thousand diagnosis methods, but none of it consisted of a momentary glimpse before closing one's eyes and falling into a daze...
  348.  "It can't be that... even he can't solve it?"
  349.  A thought appeared in Ling shi's mind.
  350.  Given how the other party possessed the Eye of Insight, he bore no doubts toward the other party's identity. However, he couldn't bear to see his good buddy to be disappointed once more.
  351.  "Alright, it's enough!"
  352.  At this moment, Yang shi finally opened his eyes and said. There wasn't a single emotion that could be seen on his face.
  353.  "Yes!"
  354.  Calming down his cultivation, Su shi stared at Yang shi hopefully.
  355.  "Yang shi... Is there a solution?" Ling shi asked carefully.
  356.  Given how the other party closed his eyes right after catching a glimpse... He didn't think it was likely, but that couldn't stop him from hoping.
  357.  "Solution?"
  358.  Zhang Xuan shook his head. "There's no problem with his cultivation. The Miniature Solar Art is also very compatible with his physique!"
  359.  "Then..."
  360.  The duo was stunned.
  361.  If there was nothing wrong with his cultivation, and his cultivation technique was compatible with him as well, then why would he be unable to continue upon coming to the seventh circulation?
  362.  "You wish to reach the eighth circulation?"
  363.  Seeing the duo fall silent, Zhang Xuan gazed at Su shi and asked.
  364.  "Yes! I've been stuck at the seventh circulation for more than five years already, but I'm still unable to find the method to achieve a breakthrough..." Su shi hurriedly nodded his head.
  365.  The cultivation technique that he practiced, the Miniature Solar Art, was a Spirit cultivation technique. It had been more than fifty years since he started cultivating the technique, and he had endured intense heat and frigid chill innumerable times to master it. He thought that he could try for the ninth circulation, the highest realm of the technique, at a single go to achieve a breakthrough in his cultivation...
  366.  But he couldn't have imagined that he would be stuck at the seventh circulation.
  367.  For five consecutive years, his cultivation had stagnated. He had asked countless master teachers about this matter, and numerous elders of the guild even sat together to inspect this matter. However, none of them was able to determine the root of the problem.
  368.  "If you wish to reach eighth circulation, then listen to my instructions. Don't try to retaliate and don't harbor any doubts!"
  369.  Zhang Xuan stood up and slowly walked toward Su shi with his hands behind his back.
  370.  "Alright!" Su shi agreed without any hesitation.
  371.  The person before him was an expert who groomed a Celestial Master Teacher. Since the other party was willing to help him, this was an extremely good opportunity for him.
  372.  "Alright. Start cultivating once more. I'll use a special method for you to pass the seventh circulation, but before that, you have to close your eyes. No matter what happens, just focus all of your attention on driving your cultivation technique!" Zhang Xuan said gravely.
  373.  "Yes!"
  374.  Still seated cross-legged on the floor, Su shi took a deep breath and started to cultivate once more.
  375.  "You can't sit, you have to cultivate in the horse stance!" Zhang Xuan instructed.
  376.  "Cultivate in the horse stance?"
  377.  Su shi was taken aback, but he nodded his head without much hesitation.
  378.  At his level, he was more than capable of multitasking. Putting aside cultivating while in a horse stance, he could even cultivate while executing a battle technique.
  379.  "Alright, I'll begin then!"
  380.  Thus, Su shi took a deep breath and closed his eyes.
  381.  Gu gu gu gu!
  382.  The spiritual energy from the air began to be pulled into his body once more.
  383.  The Miniature Solar Art induced concentrated yang energy to be infused into one's zhenqi, thus granting one strength far greater than those of the same cultivation realm.
  384.  This was precisely the reason why, even though Su shi and Ling shi were both 4-star primary master teachers, the former possessed a much higher standing.
  385.  Su shi reached a state of imperturbability as soon as he began. Satisfied, Zhang Xuan nodded. He circled around the other party before turning over to Ling shi.
  386.  "Do you wish to help him?"
  387.  Ling shi was taken aback. "How can I help him?"
  388.  Shouldn't your guidance be the key to his breakthrough? I have a play in this matter as well?
  389.  "Just listen to my commands!" Zhang Xuan said.
  390.  "Yes!" Ling shi agreed.
  391.  The other party's action of closing his eyes after a glimpse had already left him doubtful. Yet, at this moment, the other party was asking him to help him in this matter. Ling shi's curiosity was piqued.
  392.  He wanted to see what kind of method the other party would use to help Ling shi to reach the eighth circulation, and what kind of role he would play in the matter.
  393.  "Hold on for a moment!"
  394.  After hearing Ling shi agree to the matter, Zhang Xuan stood silently on the spot, staring intently at Su shi impassively.
  395.  Gu gu gu!
  396.  Along with Su shi's cultivation, his aura gradually grew stronger and stronger, as though a dragon awakening from his slumber.
  397.  "Fourth circulation... Fifth circulation... Sixth circulation!"
  398.  Feeling the aura on the other party slowly growing more and more powerful, Ling shi's expression turned graver and graver.
  399.  The two of them were close buddies, and Su shi had cultivated the Miniature Solar Art before Ling shi on numerous occasion, so he was well aware of the details of his cultivation technique, as well as when the problem would occur.
  400.  Kacha!
  401.  The sixth circulation came to an end, and as soon as the seventh circulation began, 'jiya!', a crisp sound echoed from Su shi's bones, and it sounded as though something had broken. Then, his flesh started to tear apart, and blood spilled out from the lacerations.
  402.  In the blink of an eye, the scholarly-looking Su shi suddenly became a demon that crawled out from hell.
  403.  "Yang shi, Su shi... might be unable to hold on any longer..."
  404.  Upon seeing the state of his old buddy, anxiety showed on Ling shi's face.
  405.  Based on his understanding, this was the limit of the other party. Any further than that might cause severe injuries to him.
  406.  It was precisely because of his body being unable to withstand the cultivation technique that the cultivation of his old buddy had remained stagnant for the past five years. This was also why he was intent on visiting Yang shi after hearing about his incredible feats.
  407.  "Un! Let's begin now, come over here!"
  408.  Nodding, Zhang Xuan beckoned Ling shi over.
  409.  "Alright!"
  410.  Ling shi hurriedly rushed over.
  411.  "You just have to do this..."
  412.  Zhang Xuan sent him a telepathic message, explaining his 'secret technique' to him clearly.
  413.  "This... this..."
  414.  Upon hearing Yang shi's 'secret technique', the edges of Ling shi's mouth twitched, and his entire body froze on the spot. He was already on the verge of tears.
  415.  What the heck was this solution? Are you trying to kill him through my hands?
  416.  "Will it... really work?"
  420.  Chapter 404
  422.  "It's worth a try!"
  423.  After which, Zhang Xuan walked back to his seat and sat down calmly. Then, he poured himself a cup of tea and silently sipped on it.
  424.  "Try?" Ling shi spewed blood.
  425.  The method you brought up is obviously a murder attempt! I thought that you are confident in this matter. To think that it would only be a... 'try'!
  426.  What if it doesn't succeed? Won't Su shi die for real?
  427.  I will have to bear the crime of killing a comrade if that happens!
  428.  "Yang shi... Is there any other possible solution?" Ling shi asked, hesitant to use Zhang Xuan's method.
  429.  Zhang Xuan couldn't be bothered to answer Ling shi's question. He sat quietly on the spot, not even sparing the latter a glance.
  430.  Upon seeing his attitude, Ling shi knew that it was impossible to pry anything out of his mouth even if there was another solution. Thus, he turned his gaze to Su shi hesitantly.
  431.  What the hell was this! The one who was afflicted with the problem was Su shi, and the one who wanted to pass the seventh circulation was him as well, then why was the one who was in dilemma him...
  432.  "How is it? Hurry up! I can't hang on any longer..."
  433.  While Ling shi was still conflicted, Su shi bellowed with a savage expression.
  434.  He had already held onto the seventh circulation for quite a period of time now. If nothing was done, he would surely be severely injured once more, and this attempt would end in failure.
  435.  In the past, that was the case as well. Every time he tried to cultivate this technique, he would have to rest for at least a month.
  436.  Honestly speaking, Su shi felt stifled as well. What was wrong with this old buddy of his?
  437.  Since Yang shi had already told him the solution to the problem, he should hurry up. What was he hesitating for? Did he want to see him fail this attempt and be stuck in bed for another month?
  438.  "Alright then!"
  439.  Hearing the other party's urging, Ling shi gritted his teeth and walked over. Then, with a look of pity, he said, "Su shi, I'm sorry!"
  440.  "Sorry?"
  441.  Su shi was taken aback.
  442.  Using the 'secret technique' to help me pass the seventh circulation is helping me, so what do you mean by 'sorry'?
  443.  Before Su shi could make sense of the situation, he suddenly felt a strong shock wave from beneath his crotch.
  444.  "You..."
  445.  Just the immense shock wave he felt caused Su shi's soul to almost leave his body in fright.
  446.  If the attack were to strike him, he would surely be crippled! There was no doubt about it!
  447.  Even though he was already old and it wasn't of any use already, it was still a part of his body. What in the world are you trying to do...
  448.  "Don't move!"
  449.  Just as Su shi was about to twist and avoid the attack, Yang shi's stern voice echoed. The slight moment of hesitation sealed his fate. Ling shi's leg flew swiftly upward.
  450.  Peng!
  451.  Su shi's face immediately distorted. His vision darkened, and an intense pain struck his entire body from his crotch, causing him to almost faint on the spot.
  452.  Ling Yuheng, you'd better remember this...
  453.  Howling furiously in his heart, he was just about to tear the person before him apart when a giant palm struck his head.
  454.  After seeing that he was still alive after having his crotch struck, the other party wanted to finish him off with a slap?
  455.  "You..."
  456.  Su shi burst into tears.
  457.  Didn't Yang shi get you to use that 'secret technique' he taught you? Why are you beating me up instead?
  458.  You don't think that crippling me is enough, so you wish to claim my life as well?
  459.  Stifled, Su shi tried to avoid the attack but to no avail.
  460.  In terms of strength, the two of them were on par. Even if Su shi could defeat Ling shi, it would at least take a thousand blows. Now that his crotch had been struck, and unimaginable pain was coursing through his body, how could he possibly be in the condition to avoid the other party's attack?
  461.  Furthermore, the other party used his zhenqi to seal his surroundings, causing him to be unable to move at all. Before he could struggle free, the other party's palm had already struck his head.
  462.  Peng!
  463.  His vision turned dark, and he spurted a mouthful of blood.
  464.  But all of a sudden, Su shi felt a powerful strength gushing from his dantian, and unable to hold himself back anymore, he roared furiously.
  465.  Boom!
  466.  A powerful shock wave immediately gushed forth from him, and cracks swiftly spread across the floor tiles as though a spider web. At the same moment, the tables and chairs in the vicinity was reduced to dust.
  467.  Kacha!
  468.  As though having eaten some nutritious tonic, his zhenqi, which had stopped moving, suddenly formed a torrent, and having broken through the countless shackles from before, it performed another circulation in his body.
  469.  The eighth circulation!
  470.  "I suc-succeeded?"
  471.  Recovering from his pain, Su shi sensed the raging and seemingly endless zhenqi flowing through his body, and he froze for a moment before frenzied delight grasped him.
  472.  Never in his dreams did he expect to break through the obstruction which had hindered him for five years just like that...
  473.  "It worked?"
  474.  Ling shi thought that his friendship with the other party would have come to an end after he crippled him and struck him on his face. He didn't expect the other party's aura to suddenly surge, allowing him to break through his bottleneck at the seventh circulation.
  475.  He hurriedly turned to look at Yang shi. As though knowing that this would happen, the other party was still drinking his tea calmly, not paying any heed to the situation here.
  476.  "This is a problem which even the pavilion master and a 5-star master teacher couldn't solve. Yet, with a single kick and slap..."
  477.  Ling shi's eyes opened wide, and his body trembled slightly.
  478.  He knew that it was impossible for Yang shi to be simple, given how he was able to groom a student of Zhang Xuan's caliber, but... he didn't think that he would be so impressive!
  479.  With a single glance, the other party had already found the root of the problem, as well as the solution to it. On top of that, he didn't even use his Eye of Insight at all. Yang shi's capability was already beyond his imagination.
  480.  "Just that... isn't the solution... a little way too ridiculous..."
  481.  After recovering from his shock, Ling shi's first reaction was speechlessness.
  482.  When other master teachers guided someone, they would often alter their cultivation technique, point out the errors in their cultivation, recommend them some effective pills, or something along those lines. Yet, this fellow's guidance was actually a kick and a slap...
  483.  It was simple, but...
  484.  Upon recalling the kick just now, Ling shi's mouth couldn't help but twitch.
  485.  Even if the other party wasn't crippled, he would have to at least recuperate for two years before being able to use it once more.
  486.  "Yang shi, thank you for helping me achieve a breakthrough..."
  487.  At this moment, Su shi had finally finished his cultivation, and his aura felt significantly stronger than before. Excited, he hurriedly clasped his hand to thank Yang shi.
  488.  Having reached the eighth circulation, his cultivation rose significantly as well, even though it was still slightly unstable as he hadn't reinforced yet it. But in any case, he had managed to take a step forward after five years of stagnation.
  489.  Just that... the price was a way too high!
  490.  The excruciating pain left his legs shaking non-stop, and cold sweat trickled down his forehead profusely. If not in consideration for his image, he would have definitely bent down and scrunched in a C shape.
  491.  "Un!"
  492.  Putting down his teacup, Zhang Xuan stood up and gazed at the duo calmly, "Do you all understand the reason behind this?"
  493.  "Yang shi, please enlighten us!" The duo gazed at one another before bowing toward Yang shi.
  494.  It was unfathomable how a single kick and a slap could work such miracles.
  495.  Even though they had seen the sight for themselves, they still couldn't help but find it inconceivable.
  496.  Seeing the incomprehension in their eyes, Zhang Xuan shook his head and turned to Su shi.
  497.  "The technique you cultivate is Miniature Solar Art, and your physical constitution also possesses overwhelming yang energy. Without a doubt, this cultivation technique complements you very well! Rationally speaking, it shouldn't be a problem for you to reach the eighth circulation. However..."
  498.  With a deep gaze with slight traces of regret within, Zhang Xuan continued, "Time trickles on like a relentless river. As you age, your physical function slowly deteriorates, and the yang energy within your body is already unable to keep up with your cultivation technique! If I'm not wrong, you don't have much of an interest in the opposite gender now, right?"
  499.  "I..."
  500.  Su shi felt a little awkward.
  501.  As he aged and his physical functions deteriorate, his interest toward the opposite gender slowly died down.
  502.  However, this was his secret. After having such a matter pointed out by the other party, his face immediately flushed in embarrassment.
  503.  What men feared was having their impotency pointed out.
  504.  "Since even the opposite gender is unable to attract you, it goes to show that the decline of your yang energy has already reached a severe state. Without sufficient yang energy to sustain your cultivation technique, no matter how formidable you are, you won't be able to drive it as easily as you used to."
  505.  Disregarding the other party's embarrassment, Zhang Xuan continued explaining, "The crotch isn't just the symbol of one's masculinity, it's also the origin of yang energy in a man. As such, when Ling shi struck on it with his might, the yang energy accumulated within immediately gushed out, granting you with a further drive for your cultivation technique.
  506.  "But of course, this didn't necessarily guarantee that you can exceed the seventh circulation. Just in case, I had him strike your head as well.
  507.  "The head is where the yang energy gathers at! After the origin has been struck, the dissipated yang energy would gather at your head. Thus, when Ling shi struck your head, you immediately broke through your bottleneck, reaching the eighth circulation!"
  508.  Chuckling lightly, Zhang Xuan stood up with his hands behind his back. The shadow behind him extended far, making him look incomparably large and powerful.
  509.  "This..."
  510.  The duo was shocked.
  511.  The other party had put it simply, but as master teachers, they knew how difficult the matter was.
  512.  While it was true that the crotch was the birth of yang energy, it was also the weakest spot of a man. On top of that, the head was an even more vital region. To strike the both of them consecutively...
  513.  If there was the slightest error in the other party's conjecture, Su shi would have died!
  514.  To have such grasp over Su shi's illness, was this person before them... still a human?
  515.  "Incredible! Yang shi is truly incredible..."
  516.  Glancing at one another, the same though appeared in the duo at once.
  517.  To be able to identify his problem with a single glance accurately and accurately determining the amount of strength Ling shi should put into his attack in just this short period of time... There was no one that they knew who was capable of such a feat!
  518.  To think that they thought that Yang shi would be of equal standing as them! In the end, there wasn't any basis of comparison between them at all, they were at completely different levels!
  519.  As expected of the master teacher who had comprehended Eye of Insight, fearsome!
  520.  "You should hurry up and condition yourself. Your injuries are also quite severe this time around."
  521.  Seeing the expression of the duo, Zhang Xuan knew that he had managed to hoodwink the duo, and he inwardly heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, he looked at Su shi in sympathy.
  522.  If Zhang Xuan made a move himself, he could use Heaven's Path zhenqi to stimulate the other party's acupoints to release the accumulated yang energy. This would produce the similar effect of breaking through the seventh circulation as well.
  523.  However, the other party would surely be able to see through the uniqueness of his Heaven's Path zhenqi, as well as his cultivation. If so, he would give himself in. Thus, after much contemplation, he decided to go with this.
  524.  However, this was indeed a little too violent...
  525.  Even Zhang Xuan couldn't help but feel a chill at his crotch upon seeing the sight.
  526.  "Yes..."
  527.  Upon hearing those words, Su shi heaved a sigh of relief. Putting everything aside, he immediately sat down and drove his cultivation, warding off the excruciating pain he was suffering from the two violent blows.
  528.  "Yang shi, Su shi has managed to reach the eighth circulation this time, but... if he wants to try for the ninth circulation, what should he do?"
  529.  At this moment, Ling shi couldn't help but ask.
  530.  Only after reaching the highest level, the ninth circulation, could Su shi attempt to reach for higher realms. Given how difficult it was for him to reach the eighth circulation already, what should he do to reach the ninth circulation?
  531.  "Simple! Just use the same method. If a single kick doesn't work, then kick another time. If it still doesn't work, then kick it ten more times... Eventually, sufficient yang energy should be stimulated for his breakthrough!" Zhang Xuan replied calmly.
  532.  "Ten times?"
  533.  Ling shi's sweat immediately flowed down profusely.
  534.  At the same time, Su shi's body trembled upon hearing those words, and his cultivation nearly went berserk.
  535.  The heck...
  536.  If only that I knew this would happen, I shouldn't have picked up this cultivation technique!
  537.  ...
  538.  While the two master teachers were on the verge of a breakdown, not too far away, in the Lin Residence, a giant savage beast flew straight over. Hu! It landed at the center of the courtyard, and two men and a lady alighted from its back.
  542.  Chapter 405
  544.  "This is the Lin Clan Residence?
  545.  As the number one clan in Tianwu Kingdom, even if it was late at night, the Lin Clan Residence should have been bustling with guests.
  546.  However, the empty courtyard was wrecked, and there wasn't a single guard or servant to be seen.
  547.  It was completely different from how she remembered it.
  548.  "Liu Cheng, I'm going to kill you..."
  549.  Princess Consort Lin Long's beautiful eyes widened in rage, and her black hair drifted slightly despite the absence of wind. Her furious howl reverberated within the residence.
  550.  When she received the news back then, the person named Liu Cheng was in the midst of dealing with the Lin Clan Residence. Without a doubt, that fellow must be the culprit!
  551.  "Hurry up and find my father and my little brother. If anything happens to them, I want the entire Tianwu Kingdom to be buried along with them!"
  552.  Her silver teeth clenched tightly in resentment, and deep killing intent flashed in her eyes.
  553.  How dare a Tier 1 Kingdom, a trash-like existence who wasn't worthy of her consideration, lay its hands on her Lin Clan? It was courting death!
  554.  To dare assault the Lin Clan, that Liu Cheng had to die!
  555.  And for the Tianwu royal family to know of the matter but stay idle, it must pay the price as well!
  556.  "Yes!" The two men behind her immediately darted away.
  557.  Eastern Palace Commander Liang Qingming possessed the strength of a Zhizun realm advanced stage, while Beast Tamer Zhou Jin, who tagged along with the two of them, had reached Zhizun realm primary stage.
  558.  The two Zhizun realm experts moved swiftly, and before long, they reported back to the princess consort.
  559.  "Your Highness, Clan Head Lin and Young Master Lin are over there!"
  560.  Upon hearing that her father and younger brother weren't dead yet, Lin Long heaved a sigh of relief. She hurried over and entered a giant hall. With a single look, her face immediately crumbled.
  561.  The duo was alive, but they were no different from being dead.
  562.  Their cultivation had been dissipated, and there wasn't a single spot on them that was intact. Heavily injured, even if they were to be saved at this point, they were already crippled.
  563.  The younger of the duo was unconscious, and if not for his faint breathing one would have thought that he was dead.
  564.  "Long-er, you must exact vengeance for us!"
  565.  Upon seeing her walk over, Lin Ruotian immediately rushed over, as though meeting his savior.
  566.  Back then, even though Lu Chong didn't kill him, he had Hall Master Liao plant at least seven poisons all over his body, causing him to be in agony at every single moment.
  567.  On top of that, the Lin Clan's fall from grace caused all of their past enemies to come knocking. The torture and humiliation he'd suffered made him tempted to commit suicide.
  568.  If not for a tenacious drive pushing him on to wait for his daughter and have her exact vengeance for him, he would have already given in.
  569.  "What happened?"
  570.  Lin Long hurriedly fed the other party a recovery pill before asking.
  571.  "It's... Liu Cheng! No, to be precise, it's 2-star Master Teacher Zhang Xuan! His student is that bastard who fled from the Qu Clan two years ago..."
  572.  After consuming the pill, Lin Ruotian recovered some of his stamina. Gritting his teeth, he started recounting the matter.
  573.  But of course, all he talked about was how he was insulted and humiliated by the other party. As for the cause of the matter, as well as the destruction of the Qu Clan, he didn't bother to fill the other party in on the details. But in any case, it was unlikely that the other party would care either.
  574.  "Zhang Xuan?"
  575.  Lin Long narrowed her eyes and bellowed, "Commander Liang, head to the Master Teacher Pavilion and capture Zhang Xuan immediately! I want him to pay the price and let everyone know that only death awaits those who dare to offend our Lin Clan!"
  576.  "Your Highness, please reconsider your orders. This Zhang Xuan is a 2-star master teacher, and a genius at that. He's likely to be under the protection of the Master Teacher Pavilion..."
  577.  Frowning, Liang Qingming tried to persuade the other party.
  578.  A 2-star primary master teacher didn't mean much to Xuanyuan Kingdom.
  579.  However, killing a master teacher publicly might result in a backlash. Even Xuanyuan Kingdom couldn't afford to incur the wrath of the Master Teacher Pavilion.
  580.  "He destroyed my family and killed my kin. So what if he has the backing of the Master Teacher Pavilion? Can a master teacher act unreasonably just because he has backing? Besides, the Xuanyuan Kingdom Master Teacher Pavilion's Pavilion Master Luo is a close friend of the crown prince. As long as we explain the situation to him, he should overlook the matter!"
  581.  Lin Long's eyes reddened in fury.
  582.  The pavilion master of Xuanyuan Kingdom's Master Teacher Pavilion was Luo Qianhong. With his backing, Lin Long had little to worry about. After all, it wasn't beneficial for him to turn against the future emperor over such a minor character.
  583.  "Yes!" Seeing the other party's insistence, Liang Qingming could only obey her orders. Nodding, he was just about to leave when another voice sounded.
  584.  "Wait a moment, I want to go with you. I want to see how this fellow is torn apart..."
  585.  The savagery on the emaciated face of Lin Ruotian created an extremely eerie sight, as though a demon who had climbed out of hell.
  586.  "Alright, let's go together!"
  587.  Seeing her father's state, Lin Long immediately agreed to the matter.
  588.  Thus, the group climbed onto the Gold-scaled Lightning Beast and darted into the skies.
  589.  "I've been keeping tabs on that scoundrel. He isn't in the Master Teacher Pavilion now, but in a residence not too far away!" Lin Ruotian said.
  590.  Knowing that his daughter would rush in as soon as she could to exact vengeance, he had the final loyal servants of the Lin Clan keep an eye on Zhang Xuan... Instead of escaping, the other party had been holing himself in his residence.
  591.  Boom!
  592.  Given the speed of the Gold-scaled Lightning Beast, it only took a few moments for it to reach the skies above the residence.
  593.  "Commander Liang, I hope that you can capture him alive. I want to torture him slowly to his death..."
  594.  With a face distorted in savagery, madness shone on Lin Ruotian's face.
  595.  As the father of the princess consort of Xuanyuan Kingdom, he knew some of the important figures around the crown prince, and Liang Qingming was one of them.
  596.  Based on what he knew, the other party possessed a strength of Zhizun realm advanced stage!
  597.  With such strength, he could wipe out the entire Tianwu Kingdom easily!
  598.  Even the guardian beast of Tianwu royal family was only at Zhizun realm primary stage. An expert of this caliber could easily crush it to death.
  599.  "Don't worry!" Liang Qingming nodded. He walked up to the head of the Gold-scaled Lightning Beast and gazed coldly at the residence below. The might of a Zhizun realm advanced stage expert immediately shrouded the entire area, and a cold voice boomed.
  600.  "Zhang Xuan, come out and die!"
  601.  Boom!
  602.  His voice was infused with the zhenqi of a Zhizun expert, and the entire capital trembled before it.
  603.  "Come out and die?"
  604.  "Shit, the princess consort of the Lin Clan is here!"
  605.  "This is bad. Judging from the might from his voice itself, he's at least a Zhizun realm expert. Can Zhang shi... really stand against him?"
  606.  "Zhang shi might be strong, but he's still far from a match from Zhizun realm experts. This time, he's really in trouble..."
  607.  ...
  608.  The voice alarmed the entire population of Tianwu Royal City, and their faces paled.
  609.  The backing of the Lin Clan was no secret. Even though there hadn't been any movement from Xuanyuan Kingdom's side the past few days, they knew that it was only the calm before the storm.
  610.  At this moment, given that fearless and mighty voice and the gigantic savage beast flying in the air, without a doubt, the other party... was here!
  611.  They were here to exact vengeance!
  612.  "Zhizun realm... advanced stage? If I'm not wrong, that must be the commander of the Crown Prince Residence, Liang Qingming!"
  613.  In the palace, Mo Tianxue also heard the voice as well. Rushing up to the highest tower, he saw the middle-aged man on top of the savage beast, and his lips quivered in fear.
  614.  As a vassal state, he still knew a little about the various powers and important figures in Xuanyuan Kingdom. Given the powerful might he had shown, without a doubt, this middle-aged man had to be the Zhizun realm advanced stage commander!
  615.  "Zhizun realm advanced stage? Isn't Zhang shi in trouble then?"
  616.  Mo Yu's body swayed, and anxiety filled her.
  617.  Even though Zhang Xuan had produced miracles time and time again, there was a huge gap between Zhizun realm advanced stage and Half-Zhizun.
  618.  To think that Lin Long would actually send such a person here! How in the world could Zhang shi withstand such overwhelming strength?
  619.  "There's... nothing we can do! On top of that... it seems like Tianwu Kingdom is doomed as well..." Mo Tianxue's body shuddered.
  620.  The other party was a Zhizun realm advanced stage expert. No strategy would work when there was such a humongous disparity in strength.
  621.  Even the guardian beast was helpless in this situation.
  622.  They weren't a match at all.
  623.  "Xiao Yu, take this ring and escape swiftly. As long as you survive, even if the kingdom is destroyed, it can still be rebuilt..." Mo Tianxue hurriedly took off the storage ring from his forefinger and passed it over to Mo Yu.
  624.  Mo Yu was talented and smart. If Tianwu Kingdom were to be destroyed today, she would be the only hope to rebuilding it from ruins. No matter what, she mustn't die here.
  625.  Otherwise, Mo Tianxue wouldn't be able to face the predecessors of the Mo Clan even upon death.
  626.  "Father..."
  627.  Mo Yu's body trembled in agitation.
  628.  She was unwilling to abandon her father, but she knew that this was the best solution they had.
  629.  Back then, Lin Long could eradicate the entire Qu Clan over such a minor matter. Given that how the entire Lin Clan was destroyed this time around, it was highly possible that she would turn her rage to Tianwu royal family after Zhang shi dies!
  630.  It was highly possible that she would wipe out all that possessed the royal blood in vengeance.
  631.  "Alright, go. I can't go with you... If I were to leave now, there'd be a pandemonium. My fate will be one with Tianwu Kingdom!" Mo Tianxue said determinedly.
  632.  As the emperor of the kingdom, he couldn't abandon his men now.
  633.  "Father..."
  634.  Knowing that his death was sealed with this decision, Mo Yu's body trembled. She wanted to say something, but at that moment, an impatient voice echoed from the Zhang Xuan's residence.
  635.  "Audacious! Which idiot is causing a ruckus here? You must be tired of living! If you wish to meet the young master, go out and kneel!"
  636.  "Ah?"
  637.  Mo Yu and Mo Tianxue were stunned.
  638.  Given the huge uproar Liang Qingming stirred, almost every single person in Tianwu Royal City was staring at this situation intently. Upon hearing those words, they were dumbstruck, and they nearly spurted blood.
  639.  This was a Zhizun realm advanced stage expert from Xuanyuan Kingdom! To speak such words...
  640.  Everyone immediately hurriedly leaped to the highest location to see who was the one speaking. Perhaps, it might be a formidable figure who could save Tianwu Kingdom from this impending catastrophe. However, with a single look, they nearly keeled over.
  641.  It was a potbellied middle-aged man... Butler Sun.
  642.  In the past few days, quite a few people have come into contact with this fellow, so many knew that his cultivation was only at Pigu realm pinnacle. Even in Tianwu Kingdom, he stood at the very bottom of the power pyramid...
  643.  With such weak cultivation... How did he find the guts to spout such brazen words?
  644.  For you to dare spout such words, do you know how powerful that guy in the sky is?
  645.  Mo Yu and Mo Tianxue glanced at one another, and they trembled in fear.
  646.  At Zhizun realm advanced stage, the other party could be considered as an expert of the highest tier even in Xuanyuan Kingdom. For a mere Pigu realm butler to act so arrogantly...
  647.  The heck!
  648.  This matter was already hard to resolve, and this fellow just had to anger him further.
  649.  Without a doubt, a festival of blood would soon begin in this city.
  650.  "You..."
  651.  While everyone was in a frenzy, Liang Qingming nearly fell from the Gold-scaled Lightning Beast upon hearing those words.
  652.  He was a famous and respected figure even in Xuanyuan Kingdom. He thought that his bellow would send these insignificant ants from a backward kingdom trembling in fear, but to think that... there would be someone who would disregard him, even ordering him to kneel outside...
  653.  The heck!
  654.  Are you brave, or is there a screw loose in your head?
  655.  "I'll count to three. Get Zhang Xuan to scramble out here, or else, I'll destroy the entire residence and have everyone inside accompany him to hell!"
  656.  Liang Qingming's face twitched furiously.
  660.  Chapter 406
  662.  Liang Qingming thought that this threat would send the plump man and the servants of the residence into chaos. Under the threat of such an expert, they would surely be scrambling to run as far as they can.
  663.  But with a single look, his body swayed once more.
  664.  The personnel in the residence were still working as per normal, as though his presence meant nothing at all. Those who were cultivating continued cultivating, those who were cooking continued cooking, those who were washing continued washing... It was as though he was transparent!
  665.  Especially for that fatty below, he stared at him with utmost disdain, as though he was staring at an idiot.
  666.  The heck!
  667.  What was this situation?
  668.  Shouldn't a mere 2-star primary master teacher of a Tier 1 Kingdom be trembling silently in fear upon seeing a Zhizun realm expert like him?
  669.  Master teachers were the strongest among the same cultivation realm, but such a huge disparity in cultivation couldn't be made up with skills!
  670.  It was one thing for Zhang Xuan to disregard him, but how could that weak fatty act so arrogantly as well?
  671.  Wasn't he afraid of being killed?
  672.  This was blatant disrespect!
  673.  As a commander under the direct command of the crown prince, as well as a Zhizun realm advanced stage expert, he was a feared existence no matter where he went. Everyone he walked by would have to bow respectfully to him, and with a bellow, even the emperor of Tianwu Kingdom, Mo Tianxue, would have to kneel to him...
  674.  How dare this weak fatty show such contempt to him!
  675.  Contempt your head!
  676.  The more he thought about it, the more furious he got. At that moment, the fatty's voice sounded once more.
  677.  "Three counts? Hurry up then, but don't say that I didn't warn you. This might be the three final counts you'll ever make..."
  678.  "Damn it!"
  679.  Commander Liang's face turned as black as charcoal, and smoke was threatening to billow from his head.
  680.  I am the one who is going to slaughter you, and you say that it's the three final counts I will ever make?
  681.  You dare to disregard my honor as a Zhizun realm cultivator?
  682.  You damned fatty, I will slice you apart...
  683.  Coming to the limit of his tolerance, Commander Liang was just about to lash out and kill a few people to give a stern warning to the others when, 'jiya!', the doors to the main hall opened, and three figures walked out.
  684.  The first one who walked out was a middle-aged man in his forties, and following behind him were two elders dressed in master teacher robes.
  685.  However, even the head of Tianwu Kingdom's Master Teacher Pavilion was only at Zongshi realm pinnacle, so he automatically disregarded the duo.
  686.  "What's going on? Why is there such a ruckus out here?"
  687.  Without even lifting his head, the middle-aged man frowned and looked at that plump man.
  688.  "Old master, that fellow above demands to meet young master. What a joke, who does he think he is? Does he think that a nobody like him can meet the young master?
  689.  "So, I asked him to scram."
  690.  "Un, well done!" The middle-aged man nodded, approving the plump man words.
  691.  Pu!
  692.  Liang Qingming staggered once more.
  693.  It was one thing for that plump man to be spouting nonsense, but to think that the middle-aged man, who seemed like the owner of the residence, to behave the same as well... This was getting way out of hand!
  694.  Initially, Liang Qingming was still hesitant to go too far. After all, the other party was a member of the Master Teacher Pavilion. If things were to blow up, it might end in disaster. However, blinded by his rage, he couldn't care less about the consequences now.
  695.  "Since you all are courting death, I'll grant you your wish..."
  696.  Furious, Liang Qingming's thrusted his hand, and an overwhelming strength descended from the skies. A huge handprint pushed down straight toward the crowd in the residence.
  697.  Phantom pinnacle battle technique, Adamantine Palm!
  698.  The indestructible Adamantine Palm caused a huge gale to blow in the surroundings, and leaves gushed into the air.
  699.  The palm possessed a strength beyond 30,000 ding. Even a Zhizun realm intermediate expert would be crushed to smithereens in an instant under the overwhelming force.
  700.  Liang Qingming thought that the other party would tremble in fear immediately after seeing the might of his attack, but the middle-aged man only glanced impassively at the elder beside him and said, "Little Su, I'll leave this fellow to you. Shoot him down along with that bird in the air!"
  701.  "Yes, Yang shi!"
  702.  The elder who was addressed as 'Little Su' stepped forward.
  703.  This 'Little Su' wasn't of huge stature, and there wasn't any imposing disposition to him. More importantly, his legs were clamped tightly together, and his face was pale. It seemed as though he was suffering from some indescribable agony.
  704.  His hair was unkempt, and he looked as though he had just been beaten up. No matter how Liang Qingming looked at him, this Little Su didn't seem like an expert.
  705.  To send such a fellow to deal with him?
  706.  Were the people below insane?
  707.  He wasn't just the only one. The various experts and influences were also dazed, and the corner of their lips twitched intensely.
  708.  This was a top-notch expert form Xuanyuan Kingdom! Their princess consort had brought him here to kill you, you should at least send someone fitting to deal with him. What in the world do you mean by sending that pale-faced clamped-legs elder?
  709.  Aren't you looking down on the other party too much!
  710.  Su shi and Ling shi arriving at the capital was a confidential secret of the Master Teacher Pavilion. Thus, no one knew that these two ordinary-looking fellows were actually unimaginably powerful experts.
  711.  "Hmph!"
  712.  Just when everyone's heads were spinning from this ridiculous sight, this 'Little Su' lifted his head and harrumphed coldly.
  713.  Huala!
  714.  His voice wasn't particularly loud, but it sounded as though a metal being burst apart. Upon colliding with the air, the latter immediately dissipated without any resistance.
  715.  Peng!
  716.  After which, Liang Qingming felt a sharp pain on his chest, as though he had been pierced by a sword. A mouthful of blood spewed out, and his vision darkened slightly. His entire body trembled from the impact, and he nearly fell down from the savage beast.
  717.  "This... a Transcendent Mortal expert?"
  718.  The other party didn't even move at all. With just a slight harrumph, he was able to neutralize his attack and injure him. No matter how foolish Liang Qingming was, it was clear that this 'Little Su' was beyond his means.
  719.  Liang Qingming's eyes narrowed, and his body trembled in fear.
  720.  There wasn't even a single Transcendent Mortal expert in Xuanyuan Kingdom! How could one appear in a Tier 1 Kingdom?
  721.  Furthermore, given the powerful might the other party was able to harness with a single sound... Even within the Transcendent Mortal realm, this Little Su must have reached a high level of accomplishment!
  722.  "This..."
  723.  The crowd of spectators who were looking at the situation widened their eyes, and their hearts nearly stopped from shock.
  724.  That weak-looking elder was actually able to neutralize a full strength attack from a Zhizun realm expert with harrumph, even nearly pushing the latter down the savage beast from the impact...
  725.  What was going on?
  726.  "This... Do you know this master teacher?" Mo Tianxue turned to ask his daughter.
  727.  Mo Tianxue didn't recognize this 'Little Su', but since the other party was dressed in the master teacher robe, he must be a member of the Master Teacher Pavilion.
  728.  Where in the world did this formidable figure come from?
  729.  His strength was way off the charts!
  730.  "This..." Mo Yu was taken aback by the sight as well.
  731.  When the Assembly Bell sounded, she wasn't able to return immediately, so she missed out on Su shi and Ling shi's introduction. After which, she left right after witnessing Zhang Xuan and Mo Hongyi's examination.
  732.  As such, she didn't know of the appearance of the two 4-star master teachers in the Master Teacher Pavilion.
  733.  Besides, even if she knew, she couldn't have imagined that someone would dare to call a 4-star master teacher 'Little Su'... To be able to command a 4-star master teacher, what kind of fearsome existence was that middle-aged man?
  734.  "Come down!"
  735.  Before anyone could recover from the shock, the slightly hunched 'Little Su' harrumphed yet again.
  736.  Huala!
  737.  It was as if a sword had sliced through the air. The Gold-scaled Lightning Beast couldn't even react before its body shuddered and plummeted.
  738.  Boom!
  739.  Along with the landing of the humongous savage beast, dust flew into the air. That arrogant fellow who had threatened to slaughter everyone within the residence crashed to the floor.
  740.  Falling from such a great height, it took great effort for Lin Long to regain consciousness. She immediately turned to her father and her younger brother, and with a single look, she nearly turned insane.
  741.  With this fall, the unconscious Lin Lang's spinal cord broke, and he could potentially breathe his last at any moment. There was no saving him anymore.
  742.  On the other hand, Lin Ruotian, who was still holding on to the vestiges of his consciousness, was spewing large mouthfuls of blood. His old wounds and new wounds gnawed at his vitality, making it a huge doubt whether he could survive from this ordeal.
  743.  Lin Long flew into a frenzy.
  744.  They were here to exact vengeance...
  745.  And yet, before they could kill a single person or even meet their primary target, Zhang Xuan, her father and her little brother were already nearly dead. She was also severely injured from the fall as well. What was this?
  746.  "Commander Liang, what are you doing? Hurry up and kill him..."
  747.  Seated in the room on the Gold-scaled Lightning Beast's back, Lin Long knew very little about the situation outside. All she heard was the conversation between the two. She thought that Liang Qingming was going easy on the other party, so she howled furiously at him.
  748.  "Kill him?"
  749.  Commander Liang's body trembled in agitation, and he nearly fainted.
  750.  How do I kill him?
  751.  This old fellow is a Transcendent Mortal expert! Are you trying to send me to my death?
  752.  How in the world did the wise crown prince marry a fool like you?
  753.  Su shi glanced at Liang Qingming.
  754.  "Kill me?"
  755.  Even though he had achieved a breakthrough in his cultivation, it did little to alleviate the intense pain he was suffering from. He was already in a bad mood, and upon hearing the woman on the savage beast's back talking about killing him, his face immediately darkened.
  756.  "Tha-that's not it... Elder, please calm down!"
  757.  Commander Liang shuddered, and he hurriedly rubbed his hands together to plead with the other party.
  758.  "Why are you so afraid of him? He's just a master teacher from a Tier 1 Kingdom, what can he do to you?"
  759.  Seeing how useless her subordinate was, even going to the extent of calling the other party 'elder', Lin Long's rage erupted.
  760.  She was a smart person, but the situation with her father and her younger brother had clouded her mind. After the fall, they were already on the verge of dying, and at this moment, all that was on her mind was to exact vengeance for them.
  761.  "How dare you disregard a master teacher!" Su shi bellowed. "Slap her!"
  762.  Su shi was an amiable person, but as a 4-star master teacher, he had his own dignity as well. The other party was clearly disregarding the prestige of a master teacher, and this was a taboo for him.
  763.  "Yes..."
  764.  After hesitating for a moment, Liang Qingming eventually turned around and walked over to the room on top of the Gold-scaled Lightning Beast.
  765.  Even if the person he had to slap was the princess consort, he had no other choice. The person before him was a Transcendent Mortal expert. If he didn't obey his commands, all of them would die here today.
  766.  "Commander Liang, what are you doing?"
  767.  Upon seeing the other party walk in, Lin Long was taken aback. Before she could say anything else, the other party darted forward, and a slap flew straight toward her cheek.
  768.  Pah!
  769.  Without any time to react, Lin Long was sent flying by that slap. Her head crashed onto the ground, and her teeth fell onto the floor. Blood trickled down the edges of her lips.
  770.  She was a genius, and her cultivation progressed swiftly. However, due to the limitation of her age, she was only a Zongshi realm advanced stage cultivator. How could she avoid the attacks of a Zhizun realm advanced stage expert?
  771.  Pah pah pah pah!
  772.  Since the elder outside didn't ask him to stop, Commander Liang didn't dare to stop either. He walked up to Lin Long and continued striking her.
  773.  "You... You..."
  774.  After several consecutive slaps, her beautiful face swelled up as though a pig's face. The slaps had awoken her, and she immediately comprehended the situation here. With eyes overflowing with hatred, she glared at Su shi and that middle-aged man, Yang shi.
  775.  Ever since her birth, all of the way until she became the princess consort, she had lived a smooth-sailing life, and she had never suffered such humiliation.
  776.  Her hatred was so deep that it couldn't be washed clean even if the water from three rivers were to run dry.
  780.  Chapter 407
  782.  "Enough!"
  783.  Seeing that the lady would die if the slapping continued on, Zhang Xuan waved his hands.
  784.  Just as admiration for Yang shi's magnanimity was welling up within Su shi and the others, his voice sounded, "Sun Qiang, call Lu Chong over. He should be the one slapping this woman!"
  785.  "..." Su shi and Ling shi.
  786.  "..." Mo Tianxue and Mo Yu.
  787.  This woman was the one who ordered the death of Lu Chong's entire family back then. Since the culprit was here, it was only fitting for Lu Chong to do the work.
  788.  Actually, Zhang Xuan didn't expect the princess consort to arrive so quickly.
  789.  However, the other party seemed to have lucked out. Since Su shi and Ling shi were here, their vengeance was destined to end in failure.
  790.  "Yes!" Sun Qiang walked into the residence, and before long, he returned with Lu Chong beside him.
  791.  "Grandteacher!"
  792.  On the way, Sun Qiang had briefly explained the situation to him, and knowing that the middle-aged man before him was Zhang Xuan's teacher, he immediately bowed respectfully upon his arrival.
  793.  "Grandteacher? Old master? I finally get it. This must be Zhang Xuan's elusive teacher, Yang Xuan!"
  794.  Those who were looking at the commotion suddenly came to a realization.
  795.  It was said that Zhang Xuan's teacher possessed unfathomable strength, and he even took in Pavilion Master Jiang as his student
  796.  Everyone thought that it was just a rumor and waved it off back then. To think that it would be true!
  797.  It was no wonder that Zhang shi didn't hesitate in the least when he destroyed the Lin Clan! With such backing, there was indeed no need for him to worry about the consequences at all.
  798.  "Un, that woman is Lin Lang's elder sister, the princess consort of Xuanyuan Kingdom. I'll leave her to you!"
  799.  Upon seeing Lu Chong, Zhang Xuan gestured forward.
  800.  "Thank you, grandteacher..."
  801.  Seeing that the main culprit behind the deaths of his kin was right in front of him, how could Lu Chong hold himself back? With reddened eyes, he immediately dashed straight toward Lin Long.
  802.  "What do you intend to do? I'm the princess consort of Xuanyuan Kingdom. If you dare to touch me, I'll destroy your entire clan..."
  803.  Frightened, Lin Long retreated swiftly. However, before she could finish her words, she felt excruciating pain on her cheek and, 'peng!', she was sent flying to the side.
  804.  Even though her cultivation was higher than Lu Chong's, the consecutive slaps from Commander Liang had left her weak and faint-headed. Under such circumstances, how could she stand against Lu Chong? In just a short moment, she was pummeled to the point that she couldn't even utter a word, and there wasn't a single spot on her that wasn't bruised.
  805.  Liang Qingming wanted to help her, but seeing Su shi's gaze land on him from time to time, he was scared stiff.
  806.  If only he knew that this would happen, he wouldn't have accompanied the princess consort here. This wasn't exacting vengeance, this was waiting to be tortured...
  807.  "Grandteacher, thank you for fulfilling my wish!"
  808.  After he was done, Lu Chong walked back to Zhang Xuan and bowed deeply.
  809.  Just like with Lin Ruotian and the others, Lu Chong didn't kill her, but he crippled her cultivation.
  810.  This kind of punishment was definitely worse than death.
  811.  "Un!" Zhang Xuan waved his hands and said, "Alright, throw all of them out!"
  812.  He was currently the unparalleled expert, Yang shi. Since Su shi didn't kill the other party, he wasn't in a place to say anything else.
  813.  Lin Long was severely injured and this bodyguard was scared out of his wits, so Zhang Xuan reckoned that they wouldn't dare to do anything else. On top of that, with Yang shi serving as a deterrence, Xuanyuan Kingdom should be hesitant to take any drastic actions.
  814.  If Yang shi were to continue remaining idle while insisting for Su shi to eliminate them, the two 4-star master teachers might get suspicious.
  815.  Since they weren't a threat anymore, Zhang Xuan was unwilling to take the gamble. Thus, he decided to throw them out for now.
  816.  "Yes!"
  817.  Su shi nodded. Grabbing onto empty air, he formed a huge palm with his zhenqi and grabbed the Gold-scaled Lightning Beast, Liang Qingming, and the others up before throwing all of them out.
  818.  "It-It's over?"
  819.  Mo Tianxue and Mo Yu glanced at one another in disbelief.
  820.  Initially, they thought that Lin Long's arrival would spell the doom of Tianwu Kingdom. Never in their dreams did they expect that the entire matter would be resolved so easily via the two people who appeared in Zhang Xuan's residence.
  821.  "Xiao Yu, go and check on the background of the two master teachers. Why are they so powerful? And how formidable must Zhang shi's teacher be to command them!" Mo Tianxue instructed after a moment of silence.
  822.  Since the danger was averted, there was no longer any need for Mo Yu to leave. Delighted, Mo Tianxue thought of paying a visit to these powerful figures.
  823.  "Yes!" Mo Yu nodded.
  824.  Even if her father didn't say anything, she had already intended to look into the matter.
  825.  To neutralize a Zhizun realm advanced stage expert with a harrumph, and to knock down a Zhizun realm intermediate stage savage beast with another...
  826.  The strength of this 'Little Su' far surpassed her imagination. At the very least, he had to be a 3-star master teacher!
  827.  Given that such a powerful figure had appeared in the Master Teacher Pavilion, it could be considered as a breach of responsibility for her to be ignorant of it.
  828.  ...
  829.  After the incident, the group returned to the main hall.
  830.  Honestly speaking, Zhang Xuan was also astonished by Su shi's might.
  831.  He couldn't imagine that there would exist a person in the world who could render a Zhizun expert helpless with mere sound.
  832.  Even though he knew that the other party was incredibly powerful through the Library of Heaven's Path, he didn't think that he would be that impressive.
  833.  "Yang shi..."
  834.  Just as Zhang Xuan was wondering when he could gain such strength, Su shi turned to look at him.
  835.  "Un?"
  836.  "May I know... where Zhang shi is? I would like to discuss the matter of the Master Teacher Tournament with him."
  837.  After resting for a moment, Su shi had recovered considerably.
  838.  The main reason why they came over here from the Myriad Kingdom Alliance was for this matter. It wasn't easy to find a genius of Zhang Xuan's caliber, so how could they give up on him?
  839.  "He's currently cultivating in seclusion!"
  840.  Zhang Xuan waved his hands casually.
  841.  Su shi nodded in realization.
  842.  This explained why Zhang Xuan didn't appear despite the huge commotion.
  843.  Yang shi played a huge role in Zhang Xuan's growth, but his current accomplishments were impossible without hard work on his part as well.
  844.  "Then... About the Master Teacher Tournament..."
  845.  Since the other party was in seclusion, it would be rude and dangerous to interrupt him at this moment. Su shi fell into a dilemma.
  846.  "You can tell me about it and I'll relay the message to him!" Zhang Xuan said.
  847.  "Yes..." Su shi began explaining, "The tests for the Master Teacher Tournament is decided by the heads of the Master Teacher Pavilions of the various powers participating each year, so there aren't any fixed rules. However, one thing I can confirm is that the rewards will be generous. Those who are placed high in the rankings will be awarded with spirit stones, as well as an opportunity to cultivate in a secret realm..."
  848.  Before he could finish his words, Yang shi's eyes gleamed, "Spirit stones?"
  849.  "Er... That's right!" Su shi nodded.
  850.  "Around how many will be awarded?" Yang shi stared at the other party expectantly.
  851.  He wasn't interested in the Master Teacher Tournament, but he held high expectations for the spirit stone reward.
  852.  The higher his cultivation, the greater the demand on spiritual energy. Even with Heaven's Path Divine Art, it would take a long time for Zhang Xuan to achieve a breakthrough just by absorbing spiritual energy from the surroundings. However, if he could obtain sufficient spirit stones, it would be a completely different matter.
  853.  "I don't know the details, but going my traditions, the contestant who takes first place will be awarded a hundred middle-tier spirit stones!" Su shi contemplated for a moment before replying.
  854.  The rules and the prizes for the competition this year hadn't been announced yet, but based on previous occasions, this seemed to be the trend.
  855.  "Middle-tier spirit stones?" Zhang Xuan blinked his eyes.
  856.  Due to the tier of Tianwu Kingdom being too low, the records of spirit stone here were lacking. Middle-tier... What did that mean?
  857.  "The normal spirit stones we use are low-tier. Even though there's plenty of spiritual energy stored within it, it's lacking in purity. Once one's cultivation reaches a certain realm, the quantity of spiritual energy one can absorb from a low-tier spirit stone becomes severely limited."
  858.  Even though Su shi was perplexed, he explained the matter regarding the spirit stones.
  859.  "Compared to low-tier spirit stones, middle-tier spirit stones harness a much larger quantity of purer spiritual energy, making it more suited for one to cultivate with. Usually, a middle-tier spirit stone can be traded for ten thousand low-tier spirit stone. However, most people wouldn't be so foolish as to do so!"
  860.  "Ten thousand?" Zhang Xuan nearly threw the teacup in his hands out.
  861.  For a single low-tier spirit stone, Zhang Xuan had to employ all of his deception means. Yet, just by winning the championship of the Master Teacher Tournament, he could earn a hundred middle-tier spirit stone, which was equivalent to a million low-tier spirit stones?
  862.  Are you for real?
  863.  "Yang shi, it can't be that... you don't know about all this?" Seeing the unfathomable Yang shi behaving in such a manner, Su shi and Ling shi glanced at one another doubtfully.
  864.  Once one reached Transcendent Mortal realm, it would become difficult for one to cultivate via absorbing spiritual energy from the surroundings. Under such circumstances, spirit stones became a necessity. As such, spirit stones were common knowledge among master teachers above 3-star. Why... did the powerful Yang shi behave as though it was his first time hearing of spirit stones?
  865.  "Of course, I know about that! It's just that... I happen to remember some matters of the past!"
  866.  Seeing that his agitation nearly did him in, Zhang Xuan looked into the distance with the gaze of one who had seen through the vicissitudes of life.
  867.  The more mysterious he seemed, the more unfathomable he would be to the other party.
  868.  "Oh!"
  869.  As Zhang Xuan expected, upon hearing that Yang shi was reminiscing about his past, Su shi and Ling shi chose not to ask on.
  870.  "Then... about Zhang shi participating in the Master Teacher Tournament..." Su shi continued, pushing for an answer about Zhang shi's participation.
  871.  "This kind of tournament is a good training ground for youngsters, and I think that it'll be beneficial for him to join. Rest assured, I'll talk him into it!" Zhang Xuan gestured grandly.
  872.  Are you joking? That is a million spirit stones...
  873.  If he were to miss such an opportunity, he would truly be a fool.
  874.  "This..."
  875.  Expecting to be rejected, the two master teachers were stunned upon hearing Yang shi agree to the matter so readily.
  876.  Yang shi, that isn't how you were acting a moment ago. You were clearly resistant to the idea... Why did you change your mind so quickly?
  877.  To think that even experts were so fickle-minded...
  878.  "Alright. Yang shi, with your words, we're relieved..."
  879.  Even so, at least they had managed to achieve their aim. With this, there would be hope for them to claim a good ranking in this tournament. Su shi and Ling shi clenched their fists tightly in excitement. "Yang shi, we'll have to ask you to tell Zhang shi that he has to reach the Myriad Kingdom Alliance within three months for the tournament..."
  880.  "Alright!" Zhang Xuan nodded.
  881.  Su shi flicked his wrist, and a token appeared in his hands. "This is the token for the tournament. Yang shi, I'll have to trouble you to pass on it to Zhang shi on my behalf. With this, the apprentices at the Myriad Kingdom Alliance's Master Teacher Pavilion will lead him to me!"
  882.  Grabbing it, Zhang Xuan placed the token into his storage ring.
  883.  "Since Yang shi has agreed to the matter, we'll take our leave for now and make preparations in advance. We'll be looking forward to Yang shi and Zhang shi's arrival!"
  884.  Su shi clasped his fist.
  885.  The main reason for the two 4-star master teachers' arrival at Tianwu Kingdom was to look for the genius, Zhang Xuan, and determine whether he was worthy to attend the Master Teacher Tournament. Given that Zhang Xuan had surpassed their expectations, and they had obtained the other party's guarantee on the matter, it could be said that they had accomplished their mission perfectly. Having met their aim, they decided to take their leave.
  886.  "Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded.
  887.  ...
  888.  Outside the residence.
  889.  Mo Hongyi waited nervously.
  890.  He had heard Commander Liang's shouting from the residence a while ago, but at this moment, the entire residence was completely silent. Could they be fighting with one another?
  891.  Mo Hongyi clenched his fists tightly. He wanted to charge in to help, but it might be a little too abrupt. He feared that he might incur the displeasure of the other party if he were to do it, and this could hinder him from acknowledging the other party as his teacher.
  892.  "I can only hope that it doesn't blow up..."
  893.  Muttering under his breath, just as Mo Hongyi was trying to fathom what was going on inside, the sky above him turned dark, and a gigantic shadow flew across the gates from the residence.
  894.  Putong! Putong! Putong!
  895.  Shocked, Mo Hongyi immediately backed away. Then, after calming down, he took a closer look and saw a gigantic savage beast and three figures smashing into the pavement not too far away. Their heads were planted in the ground, creating a huge hole in the street.
  896.  "That's the princess consort from the Lin Clan?"
  897.  Mo Hongyi was taken aback.
  901.  Chapter 408
  903.  Weren't these guys the arrogant fellows from before?
  904.  The domineering commander who was standing imposingly on the savage beast before... Why was half of his body stabbed into the ground as though a seedling?
  905.  And the main culprit of the entire incident, the princess consort, had her face swollen similar to that of a pig. If not for her elegant clothes, no one would have thought that she was out of place amidst of a group of beggars.
  906.  Even that ferocious savage beast seemed to have been knocked insensible from the impact.
  907.  This, this...
  908.  Mo Hongyi's eyes widened as though huge bells.
  909.  What in the world happened? In the blink of an eye, those arrogant fellows were reduced to such a state?
  910.  Doubtful, Mo Hongyi heard the sound of another two hitting the ground.
  911.  Hurriedly turning his gaze over, he saw two 'patients', flung out from the room on top of the savage beast, crashed onto the concrete ground in the distance.
  912.  They were Lin Ruotian and Lin Lang.
  913.  They were already severely injured before, and after being flung several hundred meters away from a height of several dozen meters, all of their bones were shattered. Their souls left their body, heading straight to the underworld to report their attendance.
  914.  "Father, brother..."
  915.  Upon seeing this sight, Lin Long's blood rushed to her head in agitation, and she fainted.
  916.  Even to the moment of his death, Lin Ruotian was indignant.
  917.  He thought that he would be able to get back at Zhang Xuan and slaughter those who had dared to humiliate him. Yet, never in his dreams could he have expected that the savage beast would be struck down.
  918.  Even so, he was still hopeful. No matter what, Commander Liang was still a Zhizun realm advanced stage expert. Yet, he ended up being flung into the air, and after that... there was no more after.
  919.  He came here to exact his vengeance, yet he was done in before he could even meet his sworn enemy...
  920.  How could his life end so tragically?
  921.  If he knew this would happen, he wouldn't have waited for his daughter. If he had relented earlier, he wouldn't have suffered so many days of humiliation in vain...
  922.  "The Lin Clan has truly met their match this time!"
  923.  "Indeed! Not only is Zhang shi talented, he has a good teacher as well. Fighting against him, isn't that no different from committing suicide?"
  924.  "To rush over without even trying to investigate the matter clearly, they deserved it..."
  925.  Seeing the pathetic state of the group from Xuanyuan Kingdom, not only did no one pity them, everyone even felt exhilarated.
  926.  Almost everyone had learned about Lu Chong and the Qu Clan's matter by now. The Lin Clan had oppressed many smaller clans in the capital throughout the years, and their reputation hadn't been great. Now that they had fallen, everyone swiftly turned against them.
  927.  "This is the doing of Zhang shi's teacher?"
  928.  "Indeed. Someone in the sentry tower saw the entire situation previously. He ordered a master teacher named... Little Su or something, I'm not too sure!"
  929.  "Regardless of who it is, to be able to throw a Zhizun realm expert around so casually, that person possesses fearsome strength..."
  930.  "Indeed. From now on, Zhang shi's residence is a forbidden zone! Whoever dares to barge in will be expelled from the clan!"
  931.  ...
  932.  A commotion broke out in the capital.
  933.  "Little Su? You mean that... Su shi was the one who did it?"
  934.  Mo Hongyi's face flushed, and he clenched his fists tightly.
  935.  As expected of a 4-star master teacher! It was a correct decision to acknowledge one of these two after all. His cultivation would surely soar swiftly in the future.
  936.  Jiya!
  937.  Just as he walked around the area anxiously for Su shi and Ling shi to come out, he heard the gates opened, and two figures walked out.
  938.  "Butler Sun, we'll be leaving now. If you meet Zhang shi, tell him that we'll be waiting for him at the Myriad Kingdom Alliance!"
  939.  Su shi clasped his fist.
  940.  "Don't worry, it's a small matter!" Sun Qiang waved.
  941.  "This..." Mo Hongyi's body swayed from side to side.
  942.  That was Su shi and Ling shi, 4-star master teachers of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance! It was one thing for Yang shi to not escort them to the door, but why didn't Zhang shi send them off either?
  943.  To have a butler do the job... And more importantly, wasn't this butler being a little too disrespectful?
  944.  Look at his expression, he was obviously being perfunctory and... impatient!
  945.  Impatient your head! It was one thing if you didn't know Su shi and Ling shi's identities, but they have just shown their incredible strength. How can you still treat them with blatant disregard...
  946.  Are you insane, or are you ill?
  947.  "Probably not... That Yang shi probably possesses unfathomable means. This is why the butler dares to behave arrogantly as well..."
  948.  Mo Hongyi was no fool as well. He soon understood the situation. But then, he fell silent once more.
  949.  To be able to induce the fear of a 4-star master teacher... How powerful must this Yang shi be?
  950.  ...
  951.  Back in the Master Teacher Pavilion.
  952.  "You said that... teacher addressed Su shi as... Little Su?"
  953.  Staring at the report in shock, disbelief flashed across Pavilion Master Jiang's eyes.
  954.  "Yes! Not only so, Su shi seems to be exceptionally obedient to Yang shi's words..." Elder Zhu replied.
  955.  "Su shi is a 4-star master teacher of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, yet he treated teacher with such respect, not even complaining when he was called Little Su... Could teacher's capability be beyond that of a 4-star master teacher?"
  956.  Pavilion Master Jiang knew that Yang shi was no ordinary person, but he couldn't have guessed that he would be such a formidable figure.
  957.  To be treated with utmost respect by even a 4-star master teacher, how powerful must he be?
  958.  After recovering from his shock, Pavilion Master Jiang commented with a sigh, "Probably only a master teacher of his caliber would be able to groom a talent like Zhang Xuan!"
  959.  Despite his young age, Zhang shi had shown incredible talent. Even if he was talented, he would still require a capable teacher to show him the way. In the very least, Jiang Shu felt that he didn't have the ability to groom a student like Zhang Xuan.
  960.  "Right, pavilion master. Su shi and Ling shi have left Zhang shi's residence, and they've returned to the Myriad Kingdom Alliance on an aerial savage beast!" Elder Zhu reported.
  961.  "Un, Su shi and Ling shi are elders of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance's Master Teacher Pavilion. They must have a lot of matters to handle, so they couldn't possibly stay for too long!"
  962.  Pavilion Master Jiang nodded. Then, hesitating for a moment, he said, "Make some preparations, let's meet Zhang shi and his teacher. Most probably, they will be leaving Tianwu Royal City soon as well!"
  963.  He knew about Su shi and Ling shi's motive here, and given that they had left, it could only mean that they had achieved their goal.
  964.  Since the Master Teacher Tournament was in three months, Zhang shi would probably be leaving soon.
  965.  "That's right!"
  966.  Elder Zhu nodded.
  967.  Zhang shi was a genius, and a small place like Tianwu Kingdom wasn't sufficient for him to spread his wings. He had to head to somewhere larger for him to soar into the skies!
  968.  ...
  969.  Pavilion Master Jiang and Elder Zhu were right. At this very moment, Zhang Xuan was considering the matter of leaving.
  970.  His cultivation had reached Zongshi realm pinnacle, and without sufficient Zhizun realm cultivation techniques, he couldn't achieve a breakthrough.
  971.  And it was impossible to find cultivation techniques of that level in Tianwu Kingdom.
  972.  Thus, Zhang Xuan had no choice but to head to higher tier kingdoms.
  973.  Reverting back to his original appearance, Zhang Xuan walked into the main hall.
  974.  At this moment, Zheng Yang and the others were still kneeling. It had been two days since then, and even though their bodies were shaking and threatening to collapse at any moment, their gazes were growing more and more determined. The frivolousness within their eyes had disappeared.
  975.  The two days had sharpened their will and determination.
  976.  Knowing that his purpose had been met, Zhang Xuan nodded.
  977.  "Get up!"
  978.  Zhang Xuan gestured before heading to the top seat.
  979.  Lu Chong, Zhao Ya, and the others also walked up, and at this moment, all six students of Zhang Xuan were gathered in this area.
  980.  "I intend to leave Tianwu Kingdom for the Myriad Kingdom Alliance. If any of you are unwilling to follow me, I won't force you!"
  981.  Zhang Xuan spoke calmly as he glanced at the crowd.
  982.  It was time for them to make a choice again.
  983.  Students weren't slaves. If they weren't willing to follow along with him, it could only mean that their fate as teacher and student had come to an end.
  984.  "I'm willing to follow teacher!" Zhao Ya stepped forward.
  985.  "I'm the same as well!" Zheng Yang and the others hurriedly spoke up.
  986.  Without their teacher, they wouldn't possess the strength they did now. They wanted to follow behind their teacher and rise to greater heights.
  987.  "Lu Chong, what about you?"
  988.  Soon, his five students from Tianxuan expressed their willingness to pursue Zhang Xuan. Only Lu Chong remained quiet all this while.
  989.  "I've already said that my life belongs to teacher. Naturally, I'll follow teacher no matter where you go! However, before that, I have some matters that I have to attend to!" Hesitating for a moment, Lu Chong replied.
  990.  "Hm?" Zhang Xuan turned to look at him.
  991.  "The Myriad Kingdom Alliance is several hundred thousand kilometers away. Once we leave Tianwu Kingdom, it'll be hard to tell when I'll be able to return. I hope that... before leaving, I can pay respects to my parents and kin first!" Lu Chong said.
  992.  "Yes, it's only right for you to pay respect to your parents and kin!" Zhang Xuan replied.
  993.  Since there was a long journey ahead of them, it was understandable for Lu Chong to want to pay final respects to his family before leaving.
  994.  "Also... I would like to ask teacher to help me claim the object that my ancestor left behind. My current strength... is still insufficient!" Lu Chong said.
  995.  Zhang Xuan nodded.
  996.  The object Lu Chong was referring to probably referred to the letter with Kong shi's personal handwriting on it.
  997.  This item was useless to Zhang Xuan, but this was an heirloom from Lu Chong's ancestors. It wasn't surprising that Lu Chong would want to retrieve it before leaving.
  998.  "Thank you, teacher!"
  999.  Gratitude filled Lu Chong's eyes.
  1000.  "Since you have decided to follow me, I'll lay down my ground rules first!"
  1001.  Since everyone had agreed to it, Zhang Xuan scanned the surroundings, and a stern expression appeared on his face.
  1002.  "The relationship between a teacher and a student hinges on fate. In an academy, you are free to leave a classroom and change your teacher as you please. However, since you have decided to follow me, I won't allow for that."
  1003.  In a normal teacher and student relationship, even though the students were still expected to respect their teacher, the relationship wasn't binding.
  1004.  Taking Lu Chong's class for example, even though Bai laoshi, their previous teacher, had taught them for a considerable period of time, the students didn't feel any guilt acknowledging Liu laoshi as their new teacher.
  1005.  It was the same in Hongtian Academy as well. If the student felt that a teacher's education ability was subpar, they could withdraw and change teachers as they please.
  1006.  "Teacher... are you taking us in as your direct disciples?"
  1007.  Suddenly, realization struck, and Zheng Yang asked in agitation.
  1008.  Zhao Ya and the others also clenched their fists tightly.
  1009.  There was also a hierarchy to students as well; direct disciple, normal students, and listening in. There was a huge disparity in standing among them.
  1010.  A normal student could change their teacher as they please. However, if a direct disciple were to do this, it would be equivalent to betraying his teacher and his heritage. He wouldn't be able to complain even if those from the same line killed him.
  1011.  Direct disciples were entitled to the secret arts of their teacher, as well as the most detailed guidance. At the same time, their standing was also superior to the other students.
  1012.  But in return, they had to remain loyal to their teacher.
  1013.  At the same time, becoming a direct disciple was an acknowledgement from a teacher to a student. After all, no one would impart their ultimate techniques to someone they didn't acknowledge.
  1014.  Even though Zhao Ya and the others had regarded themselves as Zhang laoshi's direct disciples, the latter had never brought up the topic, and they'd felt a little disappointed over the matter. Thus, upon hearing this matter, they couldn't hold back their excitement.
  1015.  Becoming a direct disciple meant officializing their identities!
  1016.  In the future, they would be able to stand upright when speaking up for their teacher.
  1017.  "That's right. However, if you become my direct disciple, you have to follow some of my rules: You must respect me and follow my instructions; you are not to be defiant.
  1018.  "Without my permission, you are not to pass down the skills I impart you all.
  1019.  "You must treat others magnanimously, and you mustn't bully the weak.
  1020.  "Honesty is the basis of trust. You mustn't hide anything from me.
  1021.  "Unity is of key...
  1022.  "If you feel that you can follow all of these rules, I'll take you in as my direct disciple. If you were to infringe of any of these, I, Zhang Xuan, will kill you personally!"
  1023.  Placing his hands behind his back, Zhang Xuan stood up and spoke sternly. At the very end, it felt as though the air in the room had frozen.
  1024.  Even though his students might seem frivolous, they held utmost respect for him in their hearts. Zhang Xuan felt that this was what he was looking for in a direct disciple.
  1025.  But even so, he had to make some things clear beforehand.
  1026.  "We are willing to come under Zhang laoshi's lineage to become Zhang laoshi's direct disciple. We'll follow teacher's orders obediently and remain loyal to you until our deaths!"
  1027.  Without any hesitation, Zhao Ya and the others kneeled to the floor.
  1028.  "Good!"
  1029.  Zhang Xuan nodded. "From now on, Zhao Ya will be your senior while Wang Ying is ranked second, followed by Liu Yang, Zheng Yang, Yuan Tao, then Lu Chong. The six of you are to get along harmoniously, and I bar any internal conflicts among you all!"
  1030.  Even though Wang Ying was the first student Zhang Xuan accepted, she had a weak character. Of the group, only Zhao Ya possessed the insight and cultivation to take on the role of the leader. If Zheng Yang and the others were to lead the group, who knows what kind of trouble they would cause.
  1031.  "Yes!"
  1032.  The group nodded.
  1033.  With this, the ceremony ended.
  1034.  ...
  1035.  Autumn of the Year 1736, in Tianwu Royal City, Zhao Ya, Zheng Yang, Liu Yang, Wang Ying, Yuan Tao, and Lu Chong became Zhang shi's direct disciples.
  1039.  Chapter 409
  1041.  "Your Highness, you must redress my grievance! Kill that fellow to avenge me!"
  1042.  In a sealed room, a woman whose entire face was swollen kneeled on the floor as she screeched.
  1043.  It was Princess Consort Lin Long, who had been subjected to a violent beating several days ago.
  1044.  She had applied some medicine, and her pain had alleviated. However, the swelling had yet to calm down, and her appearance was still hideous.
  1045.  Seated in front of her was a young man of around thirty-four-year-old. His face was distinctly shaped and, from the occasional authoritative disposition which leaked out of him, one could tell that he was a person of high standing.
  1046.  He was the crown prince of Xuanyuan Kingdom, Ding Mu!
  1047.  "Avenge?"
  1048.  Pah!
  1049.  Ding Mu's face turned scarlet as he kicked the body of the other party. His body trembled lightly in rage as he bellowed, "Do you know who you offended? How dare you ask me to avenge you?"
  1050.  When Lin Long left the Eastern Palace, Ding Mu happened to be out. After receiving the news, he immediately rushed back to the Palace to see what was going on. However, he was still too late.
  1051.  After learning that his wife had been beaten to a tragic state, he immediately sent his men to look into it, and he was nearly scared out of his wits.
  1052.  A genius who broke innumerable records, and on top of that, he had an unfathomable teacher...
  1053.  Of all the people your Lin Clan could offend, why in the world did you have to offend such a powerful figure!
  1054.  Avenge? How in the world do I avenge you?
  1055.  Not many people knew about Su shi and Ling shi's arrival at Tianwu Kingdom, and even official master teachers weren't able to dig out the matter easily. But even so, the fact that Liang Qingming wasn't a match for the other party was an issue.
  1056.  Given how the other party was capable of rendering a Zhizun realm advanced stage expert and the Gold-scaled Lightning Beast helpless with just a harrumph, even if the entire Xuanyuan Kingdom were to come together, it wouldn't be a match for him!
  1057.  If I were to try to avenge you, won't the entire kingdom be doomed?
  1058.  You must be joking!
  1059.  "Of course I know who he is, a 2-star master teacher from the Master Teacher Pavilion who has a master who seems to be a 4-star master teacher!" Kicked by Ding Mu, Lin Long didn't panic. Instead, she sneered coldly.
  1060.  Naturally, she also ordered her men to look into the matter.
  1061.  "Since you know, then what are you spouting nonsense for? To become a 4-star master teacher, one has to be at minimum Transcendent Mortal realm. That kind of expert is a powerful figure even within the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, needless to say Xuanyuan Kingdom. He isn't someone that you or I can offend!"
  1062.  Waving grandly, Ding Mu had finally decided. "Alright, let's forget about this matter. Don't ever bring it up again!"
  1063.  "Don't make up your mind so quickly!"
  1064.  Lin Long stood up. "Your Highness, do you know the reason behind the grudge between my Lin Clan and Zhang Xuan?"
  1065.  "Isn't it because you slaughtered the other party's clan?" Ding Mu frowned.
  1066.  "That's right, but do you know why I did that?" A bizarre smile crept on Lin Long's face.
  1067.  Ding Mu frowned.
  1068.  Regarding this matter, he had no idea at all.
  1069.  Rumor had it that it was because of the conflict between Qu Chong's elder sister and Lin Lang. However, from the looks of it now, the matter wasn't that simple.
  1070.  Lin Long was a person who was extremely protective of her family, but she wasn't someone who couldn't see the bigger picture. Otherwise, no matter how infatuated he was in her, Ding Mu would have never allowed her to become his wife.
  1071.  She was usually a composed person, and it was indeed bizarre for her to slaughter an entire clan outright despite knowing the various implications it could bring.
  1072.  Could there be some hidden secret about the matter?
  1073.  Ding Mu's curiosity was piqued, and he turned toward Lin Long with a gaze inviting her to continue on.
  1074.  "Your Highness, I know that you wish to enter the Fleeting Cloud Sect, and I've been keeping that in mind... Actually, the key to doing so lies with Qu Chong!" Lin Long harrumphed.
  1075.  "Oh?" Ding Mu glanced at Lin Long.
  1076.  Even though Xuanyuan Kingdom was a vassal to the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, the strongest influence in the surroundings was, without a doubt, this Fleeting Cloud Sect!
  1077.  In the past 77 Master Teacher Tournament, it had won the championship thirty-six times. From this, it could be seen how powerful it was.
  1078.  On the other hand, the best result the Myriad Kingdom Alliance had produced was only in the 23rd place, fifth from the bottom.
  1079.  Ding Mu was the crown prince of Xuanyuan Kingdom, and he would eventually inherit the throne. However, his ambitions didn't just stop here. He had only thought of Xuanyuan Kingdom as his stepping stone, and his eyes were set on the wider world outside. His current aim was to be a disciple of the Fleeting Cloud Sect, but he had been unable to find a suitable opportunity to become one!
  1080.  Once he succeeds and receives the best grooming resources, his cultivation would surely soar, and becoming a Transcendent Mortal, or even reaching greater heights, wouldn't just be a dream.
  1081.  Just that, the Fleeting Cloud Sect was a powerful organization with high bars, and joining it was no easy feat. On top of that, Ding Mu was the crown prince of a neighboring influence. Thus, without the recommendation of an insider, it was practically impossible.
  1082.  "That Qu Clan may seem like an unimpressive and shabby clan now, but several ten thousand years ago, it was an extremely formidable clan! Their ancestors even unintentionally saved the life of Sage Min!" Lin Long said.
  1083.  "Sage Min? You mean... one of the 72 Sages under Kong shi... Min shi?" Narrowing his eyes, Ding Mu's breathing hastened.
  1084.  Kong shi had three thousand known disciples, and of them, the most formidable ones were known as the 72 Sages. They had participated in the creation of the Master Teacher Pavilion, and they were each considered as one of its founders.
  1085.  Unintentionally saved his life?
  1086.  Wasn't this Qu Clan impressive then?
  1087.  "Indeed! Precisely due to this, they received a letter with Kong shi's handwritten reply on it. They took it as their family heirloom, and they passed it down from generation to generation."
  1088.  Glancing at Ding Mu, Lin Long continued, "Even if it's just a single word, the value of handwritten words from Kong shi is unimaginable. I believe Your Highness should understand it even if I don't say too much about it! If you can obtain this and hand it over to the master of Fleeting Cloud Sect, becoming an inner disciple wouldn't be a problem. In fact, it shouldn't be a problem for you to become a direct disciple, or even take on the role of an elder!"
  1089.  "This..."
  1090.  Ding Mu's body trembled in agitation.
  1091.  Kong shi, the world's teacher.
  1092.  The number one expert in history.
  1093.  Contained within his handwritten words were the laws of the world, and his students had already taken all of them for themselves. Such treasures would never reach the outside world.
  1094.  Even a 6-star master teacher would happily accept a person as his student if the other party were to present Kong shi's personal handwriting to him...
  1095.  It was simply too valuable!
  1096.  Putting aside the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, even the twenty-six other influences in the region might not even have one of such treasure... Yet, to think that the Qu Clan would possess it!
  1097.  This...
  1098.  Ding Mu's breathing hastened, and he felt his tongue go dry.
  1099.  "Since you made a move on the Qu Clan two years ago, you should have eradicated all traces of them. Why did you intentionally leave a remnant running about?"
  1100.  Lin Long harrumphed coldly, "That fellow thought that just because he changed his name to Lu Chong and hid in the Tianwu Academy, we wouldn't be able to find him. What a joke! Our Lin Clan has the Seeking Mouse; even if he were to don on a full disguise, we'd still be able to find him easily!"
  1101.  Lu Chong had been holing himself up in Tianwu Academy, rarely heading to the streets to avoid any attention. He thought that by doing so, the Lin Clan wouldn't notice him. Yet, it turned out that the Lin Clan had already grasped his whereabouts, just that they chose not to make a move.
  1102.  After all, even if the Lin Clan were to lose track of Lu Chong, the Seeking Mouse was more than capable of tracking him down.
  1103.  The Lin Clan would have dominated the Tianwu Royal City in vain if it couldn't even track down a Pigu realm teenager.
  1104.  "The members of the Qu Clan are obstinate, and no matter how we questioned them, we were unable to locate the whereabouts of that object. Thus, we intentionally left one alive to bring us to it."
  1105.  A savage glint flashed across Lin Long's eyes as she said, "Yet, that fellow sure was patient. For the past two years, he didn't do anything at all. Initially, we were planning on capturing him for interrogation, but before we could make a move, that fellow managed to find himself a good teacher who was willing to stand up for him..."
  1106.  At this point, Lin Long clenched her fists tightly, and resentment scrunched her face.
  1107.  Even though she had married into the Xuanyuan Kingdom, and she rarely returned back to her maternal family, she had been keeping an eye on the matter there.
  1108.  It was due to the importance of the letter that Lin Long even went to the extent of building the expensive Communication Wall in the Lin Clan to make it convenient for them to exchange messages. Who would have that this wall wouldn't send her news of the handwritten letter, but of the destruction of the Lin Clan.
  1109.  "A good teacher? I doubt so! Most probably, that Zhang Xuan knew about Kong shi's handwritten reply in advance. Otherwise, there is no reason for a Zongshi realm pinnacle 2-star master teacher to go all out for a student, offending the powerful Lin Clan and Xuanyuan Kingdom," Liang Qingming interjected by the side.
  1110.  He was a confidant of the crown prince, and as such, the crown prince didn't bother hiding such secrets from him.
  1111.  "That's right, that must be the reason. Otherwise, even with Yang shi as his backing, there's no reason for him to offend the Lin Clan for no reason and disregard the authority of Xuanyuan Kingdom!" Lin Long screeched.
  1112.  If not for this, she truly couldn't understand why a 2-star master teacher, who had such a bright future ahead of him, would go through all of this trouble for a student he had just met a few days ago, going to the extent of waging war with the Lin Clan, and beating her up, the princess consort of Xuanyuan Kingdom.
  1113.  "Alright, the important matter at hand isn't Zhang Xuan's motive!"
  1114.  Ding Mu raised his hand to halt the vehement discussion of the two. His eyes reddened slightly in greed as he said, "It would be worth offending even the entire Myriad Kingdom Alliance for Kong shi's handwritten reply, needless to say a 2-star master teacher. If your words are true, then this risk would be worthwhile to take!"
  1115.  The Myriad Kingdom Alliance was powerful, but compared to the twenty-six other powers in the surroundings, it was ranked at the very last.
  1116.  As long as he laid his hands on the handwritten reply, he would be able to win the Fleeting Cloud Sect over to his side. Even if he had to offend the Myriad Kingdom Alliance in the midst of doing so, it would still be a huge gain.
  1117.  "That's right, Your Highness. You must make your decision quickly. I've already sent someone to look into the matter, and Zhang Xuan seems to be leaving Tianwu Royal City. He has already bid the personnel of the Master Teacher Pavilion farewell, and just this morning, he was seen heading for Tianwu Mountain Range. The Myriad Kingdom Alliance is in the south, yet he headed for the southwest. If I'm not wrong, he must be looking for this letter. It'll be hard for us to lay our hands on the letter once they obtain it and bring it to the alliance!" Lin Long hurriedly said.
  1118.  Previously, she only acted rashly due to the rage from seeing the tragic state her father and younger brother were in. After being pummeled by Lu Chong, she woke up, and she made many preparations in advance.
  1119.  "It's indeed impossible to lay our hands on it once it's delivered to the alliance, but..." Ding Mu frowned, "He has his teacher and the two elders beside him..."
  1120.  Ding Mu wasn't worried about Zhang Xuan, but his teacher and the 'Little Su', who wounded Liang Qingming, were huge problems.
  1121.  With Transcendent Mortal experts accompanying him, he would be dead before he could close in on Zhang Xuan.
  1122.  "Don't worry, Your Highness. Little Su and the other elder have already left yesterday and, when Zhang Xuan left this morning, Yang shi didn't tag along with him. He only brought his students and some retainers along with him!" Lin Long replied.
  1123.  Su shi and Ling shi didn't intentionally hide their departure, so it wasn't hard to look into the matter.
  1124.  This morning, Zhang Xuan and his group left on the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast, and Pavilion Master Jiang sent him off personally. Lin Long's spies were among the crowd who saw him off, and none of them saw Yang shi.
  1125.  "He didn't tag along? Great... There are many savage beasts in Tianwu Mountain Range, and there are many experts under Zhizun realm who have died there. As long as we settle this matter properly... No one will be able to trace the matter back to me!"
  1126.  Ding Mu stood up, and a callous glint flashed across his eyes.
  1127.  "It's decided then. Kill him!"
  1128.  ---
  1129.  This is how sects usually operate in most Chinese novels.
  1130.  Outer (Normal) disciples: They are in charge of menial labor, but the sect provides them with some, although limited, resources for cultivation.
  1131.  Inner disciples: This is where the more talented disciples are placed. They have a higher standing than outer disciples, and they don't have to do menial labor. The resources they are granted are significantly higher than that of outer disciples.
  1132.  Direct disciple: As long as a disciple catches the eye of an elder or sect leader, they could be accepted as their direct disciple. Direct disciples usually have higher standing than inner disciples due to the backing of their master, and their master would also impart their secret arts to them.
  1133.  After that, disciples can be promoted to take on various roles of the sect.
  1137.  Chapter 410
  1139.  "Why are you here?"
  1140.  Seeing the lady before him, Zhang Xuan fell speechless.
  1141.  After accepting Zhao Ya and the others as his direct disciples, Zhang Xuan had finished dealing with all of the miscellaneous matters in Tianwu Kingdom. Thus, he summoned the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast and left immediately.
  1142.  Knowing the limits of their capabilities, Liu shi and Lu Xun chose to remain in Tianwu Kingdom. The Myriad Kingdom Alliance was filled with innumerable experts, and they had no backing there. On the other hand, they had the protection of the royal family and the Master Teacher Pavilion here in Tianwu Kingdom. Thus, they took the initiative to stay.
  1143.  Only Sun Qiang insisted on following Yang shi. Thus, Zhang Xuan took him along with him.
  1144.  It was exactly ten days since Zhang Xuan had arrived in Tianwu Kingdom. His cultivation had risen from Tongxuan realm pinnacle to Zongshi realm pinnacle, and his physical body possessed the might nearly equivalent to a Zhizun realm primary stage expert.
  1145.  He also gained a new student, Lu Chong.
  1146.  As for his occupations, he passed the 2-star master teacher examination, and his 3-star painter emblem just arrived last night.
  1147.  Due to his lacking cultivation, the Apothecary Guild and Physician Guild had yet to allocate him his 3-star emblems.
  1148.  Thus, his current occupations were as such: 2-star master teacher, 3-star apothecary, 3-star physician, 3-star painter, 2-star beast tamer.
  1149.  His stop at Tianwu Kingdom had been rather fruitful.
  1150.  In just ten days, Zhang Xuan achieved what others might never have been able to do even if they dedicated their entire lives to it.
  1151.  "I would also like to visit the Myriad Kingdom Alliance to watch the Master Teacher Tournament. It can't be that you wish to dump me here?" Mo Yu stared at the youngster before her furiously.
  1152.  What the heck!
  1153.  Even if we can't progress any further, surely we can remain as friends!
  1154.  How can you leave for Myriad Kingdom Alliance without biding me farewell?
  1155.  Do you consider yourself a buddy?
  1156.  It is fortunate that I have made preparations in advance and immediately rode the Viridescent Eagle after you. Otherwise, I would have surely missed you.
  1157.  As a master teacher and the princess of Tianwu Kingdom, it wasn't too difficult for Mo Yu to look into the matter of Su shi and Ling shi, as well as the Master Teacher Tournament.
  1158.  "Alright, I'll bring you along..."
  1159.  Zhang Xuan gave up.
  1160.  In any case, there was sufficient space on the back of the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast. It wasn't cramped even with his six students, Sun Qiang, and Mo Yu.
  1161.  He couldn't be bothered with the infuriated Mo Yu, so Zhang Xuan stood by the window and gazed outward. White clouds overlapped one another, reminiscent of a boundless field of snow. In the midst between clouds, he could catch a glimpse of lush mountains. It felt rejuvenating.
  1162.  "Teacher..."
  1163.  Lu Chong walked over to Zhang Xuan and said, "In order to prevent the unfilial descendants of the Qu Clan from handing the letter over to the hands of others, they took precautions by hiding it in an old residence on the Tianwu Mountain Range. I only happened to hear my father bring the matter up. I roughly know the location, but I'm not too sure of the exact spot."
  1164.  "It's alright, we can slowly look for it later on!"
  1165.  Lu Chong's clan had given up their life to guard this heirloom. It was best if they could find it.
  1166.  "Teacher, it's around this area!"
  1167.  Half a day later, Lu Chong pointed.
  1168.  "The area is huge; how can we find it like that?"
  1169.  Leaping off the back of the Howling Firmament Beast, Zhao Ya glanced at the surroundings and sighed.
  1170.  What stood before them was a gigantic mountain valley. The terrain was bumpy, and towering trees filled the area. Putting aside finding an old residence, they couldn't even see too far ahead of them.
  1171.  More importantly, there were many savage beasts in the area. If they were to accidentally barge into a savage beasts' nest, they would die indignantly.
  1172.  "I'm... not too sure either!"
  1173.  Lu Chong scratched his head awkwardly.
  1174.  He had heard the elders of his family speaking about the rough geographical terrain, but he hadn't been here before, so he wasn't too sure.
  1175.  "To find an old residence on such a vast mountain range... Even a year wouldn't be sufficient!"
  1176.  Mo Yu shook her head.
  1177.  She knew that Lu Chong wanted to look for an item before heading to the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, but she didn't know what it was.
  1178.  However, the area before them was simply too large.
  1179.  The vast mountain range was filled with plants, and on top of that, the old residence was likely to be hidden by a formation... How could they find it under such overwhelmingly unlikely odds?
  1180.  "Teacher..."
  1181.  After taking a look around, the crowd eventually gave up. Thus, all eyes gathered on Zhang Xuan.
  1182.  "This..."
  1183.  Zhang Xuan shook his head. "There's no use asking me, I've never been to the Qu Clan's old residence before..."
  1184.  Halfway through his words, Zhang Xuan's eyes suddenly lit up, and he said, "Wait, I just thought of a good idea!"
  1185.  "You have an idea?"
  1186.  Everyone froze for a moment before turning to look at Zhang Xuan with glowing eyes.
  1187.  Mo Yu was also curious.
  1188.  Even Lu Chong himself didn't know where the old residence was, so what kind of idea could Zhang Xuan come up with?
  1189.  Just as they were perplexed, the young man before them took out an empty book, and he drew an arrow and scribbled a few words on it. Then, slowly rotating on the spot, he mumbled, "The Lu Clan's old residence is in this direction... this direction... this direction..."
  1190.  "..."
  1191.  Mo Yu, Zhao Ya, and the others were staggered.
  1192.  They thought that Zhang Xuan would come up with some brilliant means, but upon seeing this sight, they nearly fainted on the spot.
  1193.  Taking out a book to draw an arrow to confirm the direction? And you still dare to say that your idea is good... Where did your confidence come from?
  1194.  If you wish to fool us, you should at least do it better! Aren't you being too perfunctory?
  1195.  "Alright, this direction!"
  1196.  After spinning an entire circle, Zhang Xuan confirmed the direction and pointed forward.
  1197.  "..." Mo Yu staggered once more.
  1198.  Sometimes, it seemed like this Zhang shi possessed unparalleled talent; at other times, he felt so ridiculous that it made one want to smack his head.
  1199.  "You... are you sure that this method is feasible?" Mo Yu asked, unable to hold back her doubts.
  1200.  "Of course!" Zhang Xuan nodded seriously. "The method I use involves a complex calculation of the position of the stars, the mountains, and the rivers, and along with a profound comprehension of the universe, I am able to even locate treasures, needless to say, determine a direction!"
  1201.  The Library of Heaven's Path could determine right from wrong. As long as the direction he was pointing to reflected no flaws, it would mean that it was the correct direction.
  1202.  However, there was no way Zhang Xuan could explain this.
  1203.  "Position of the stars, the mountains, and the rivers?"
  1204.  "Profound comprehension of the universe?"
  1205.  The group stared at one another.
  1206.  Grabbing a book, scribbling an arrow and a few words, rotating on the spot, and you tell me that it involves all of that? Can you come up with anything more nonsensical than that?
  1207.  "Forget it. Since we can't find the direction either, we might as well listen to his words!"
  1208.  Mo Yu felt constipated.
  1209.  Why did she have to follow this fellow? She deeply suspected that at this rate, they might get lost forever in this forest.
  1210.  Thus, after Zhang Xuan reached the end of a path that he determined, or that there were new splits in the path before them, Zhang Xuan would take his book out and rotate on the spot. Two hours later, they arrived at a col.
  1211.  "This is it!"
  1212.  Zhang Xuan pointed forward.
  1213.  Glancing over, everyone was taken aback.
  1214.  Amidst the greenery, they saw the roof of several rock residences. However, they looked slightly blurred, as though they were hidden in some formation.
  1215.  "This must be the location! It's exactly the same as my father's description..."
  1216.  Lu Chong's eyes lit up in anticipation.
  1217.  "This..."
  1218.  Upon hearing Lu Chong's confirmation, everyone's eyes widened, and their gazes hurriedly shot toward Zhang Xuan. They were on the verge of going insane.
  1219.  Even Lu Chong, the person-in-question, couldn't find the direction. Yet, just by scribbling on a book and rotating on the spot... They all thought that Zhang Xuan was fooling about, but to think that it would actually work!
  1220.  Could they have truly misunderstood him?
  1221.  Did it really involve what stars, mountains, and rivers?
  1222.  Otherwise, how did he manage to find the location?
  1223.  Thinking back on it now, ever since the other party took out the book and turned around with it, the location they trod on had been straight, and they didn't stumble by any savage beast's nest along the way, despite the odds. Even if one were to know the way beforehand, surely it was impossible to maneuver so precisely?
  1224.  More importantly, the location they were standing on happened to be the eye of the formation. It was due to them standing here that they were able to see the rock residences. If it was anywhere else, their sight would have been blocked by the formation.
  1225.  In other words, if they didn't know the location beforehand, they would have been fooled by the formation and walk by it.
  1226.  Despite not knowing where it was, Zhang Xuan was able to determine the precise location of the old residence...
  1227.  How in the world... did this fellow do it?
  1228.  "Forget it, he isn't human..."
  1229.  Unable to make sense of this situation, Mo Yu could only shake her head with a bitter smile.
  1230.  Ever since she'd met this fellow, he had been amazing her with all kinds of unimaginable means. There were too many things to him that couldn't be comprehended with common sense.
  1231.  If she really tried to rationalize it all, she would probably die of exhaustion first.
  1232.  "Let's go in!"
  1233.  Ignoring the dazed crowd, Zhang Xuan walked straight toward the col.
  1234.  "Teacher, wait a moment. This formation is extremely dangerous!"
  1235.  Lu Chong hurried forward to stop Zhang Xuan, "According to my father, only the blood of a Qu Clan descendant can stop the formation..."
  1236.  "The blood of a Qu Clan descendant?"
  1237.  Zhang Xuan glanced at Lu Chong.
  1238.  "Un. If I'm not wrong, I have to drip a droplet of my blood on the formation-controlling rock for a path for us to appear. Without this formation protecting the old residence, the area would have long been scavenged by humans or savage beasts!" Lu Chong explained.
  1239.  Coming to a realization, Mo Yu and the others nodded.
  1240.  Given that the old residence was still able to retain its original appearance despite the innumerable years since it was abandoned, the formation truly possessed incredible might.
  1241.  So far, it seemed to be effective in warding away humans and savage beasts.
  1242.  If one were to abruptly step into such a formidable formation, huge trouble might ensue.
  1243.  "Then, give it a try!" Mo Yu urged.
  1244.  Without wasting a word, Lu Chong looked around the area and a troubled look flashed on his face.
  1245.  His father had told him that he had to drip a droplet of his blood on the formation-controlling rock for it to stop, but... which of these innumerable rocks was it?
  1246.  The entire col was filled with at least a thousand bizarre rocks. If he were to drip a droplet of blood on every single one of them, he would probably die of anemia before the formation stopped.
  1247.  "That... Teacher, I can't find the formation-controlling rock..."
  1248.  A moment later, Lu Chong returned with a sheepish look.
  1249.  His elder sister was a genius formation master, but he wasn't.
  1250.  There were many secret manuals on formations in his clan, but he didn't like reading them, and he never did. In the end, when he visited the old residence of his ancestors, he wasn't even able to find the formation-controlling rock at all...
  1251.  "You can't find it?"
  1252.  Zhang Xuan was taken aback. He briefly looked around the surroundings before pinching his glabella, "I can't find it either..."
  1253.  Even though he had taken in quite a sizeable sum of books on formation, this formation was clearly above grade-3, beyond the level of Tianwu Kingdom
  1254.  With his current knowledge on formations, it was difficult for him to find it as well.
  1255.  Eventually, Zhang Xuan shook his head.
  1256.  "Forget it, let's not bother finding the formation-controlling rock..."
  1257.  Lu Chong was taken aback. "Then... how do we enter?"
  1258.  "Simple..."
  1259.  Zhang Xuan stepped forward.
  1260.  Weng!
  1261.  As soon as he stepped into the formation, it started shaking vigorously. Then, lifting his foot, he kicked straight at a certain point.
  1262.  Hu!
  1263.  The formation stopped.
  1264.  Zhang Xuan waved his hands casually, "Alright, we can enter now!"
  1265.  "..." Lu Chong, Mo Yu, and the others.
  1269.  Chapter 411
  1271.  The difference of a sub-grade in a formation could easily mean a difference in might by twofold, and the difficulty in finding its core would increase exponentially.
  1272.  Everyone thought that Zhang shi was already formidable to stop a grade-3 primary formation with a single kick, but upon seeing this sight, they finally realized...
  1273.  Grade-2, grade-3, grade-4, these numbers meant nothing to him!
  1274.  As long as he was around, even the most formidable formations would be destroyed with a single kick.
  1275.  Lu Chong's mouth twitched violently, and he shook his head vigorously, as though trying to wake himself up from a dream.
  1276.  His father had once told him that this formation was unimaginably formidable. His ancestors had reinforced it again and again over the countless generations, and profound wisdom was harnessed within it... But from the looks of it now, wisdom my head! Before his teacher, all of this meant nothing at all.
  1277.  Since the formation had stopped, the crowd immediately walked toward the rock residences.
  1278.  It was clear that there was a long history to those few simple rock residences. Even though there were descendants who came from time to time to fix it, it was still severely damaged by wear and tear.
  1279.  "Go on!"
  1280.  Zhang Xuan stopped before the rock residences.
  1281.  This was an object that Lu Chong's ancestor had left for him. Zhang Xuan's role was only to accompany him; since there was no more danger now, it didn't matter whether he tagged behind Lu Chong or not.
  1282.  "Yes, teacher!"
  1283.  Lu Chong nodded and walked in with reddened eyes.
  1284.  Back then, when his parents and kin were killed, he didn't have the time to collect their bones before escaping. Thus, he created several tablets for them yesterday to place alongside the ancestors. In a way, this was fulfilling the final regret he had regarding his clan.
  1285.  "Things rarely go the way we want. Let's go!"
  1286.  Understanding the other party's emotions, Zhang Xuan sighed.
  1287.  "Teacher!"
  1288.  Lu Chong stepped forward and proffered a letter to Zhang Xuan.
  1289.  It was a simple, ancient bamboo scroll, and its worn-out exterior betrayed its age. Even so, it seemed to be crafted using some kind of unique method, making it extremely resilient.
  1290.  Knowing that this was the letter which Kong shi's personal handwriting was on, Zhang Xuan took it and opened it.
  1291.  Honestly speaking, Zhang Xuan also felt curious toward the World's Teacher, Kong shi. Even though he wouldn't stoop down to taking his student's possession for his own, it shouldn't be much of a problem for him to peer into the contents.
  1292.  Unrolling the scroll, an ancient aura immediately unfurled from within.
  1293.  The handwriting for the former half was simple, it wasn't particularly astounding. But, even though the latter half only consisted on several words, the imposing aura it exuded felt as though a massive mountain was weighing on one.
  1294.  The content was simple, and it was indeed an ordinary letter. Most probably, Lu Chong's ancestor sent the letter, and in an attempt to return the favor, Sage Min requested for his teacher to write a few words before sending it back.
  1295.  Looking at the personal handwriting of Kong shi, Zhang Xuan felt a grand aura gushing into his head. All of a sudden, he reached the state of Heart of Tranquil Water, and fell into a trance.
  1296.  Soul Tempering of a Mentor's Calligraphy!
  1297.  Rumors had it that there were some formidable master teachers who were able to harness their spirit and their understanding of the universe into their calligraphy, and looking at it frequently was helpful in raising one's Soul Depth. This was also known as Soul Tempering of a Mentor's Calligraphy.
  1298.  However, this kind of tempering required a harmonization in spirit. Unless one was in a teacher-student relationship or a blood-related kin of the calligrapher, the chances of this phenomenon occurring were nearly zero. Out of ten thousand people, it might not even activate once.
  1299.  Zhang Xuan and Kong shi weren't in a teacher-student relationship, and they weren't blood-related either. Yet, for it to be activated instantly, Zhang Xuan's luck was truly astounding.
  1300.  Boom!
  1301.  Holding the letter, Zhang Xuan felt his Will of Mind stabilizing, and his Soul Depth slowly rose.
  1302.  It was as though he had fallen into some unique state, and he stood in a daze.
  1303.  ...
  1304.  "Your Highness, it seems like they have obtained the letter!"
  1305.  Behind a giant boulder above the col, Liang Qingming clasped his fist and reported.
  1306.  After deciding to take the letter for themselves, Ding Mu, Lin Long, and the others had immediately rushed over.
  1307.  The one they were going to strike down was a talented 2-star master teacher, and if they were found out, they would be in danger. However, as long as they succeeded, the returns would be immense.
  1308.  "As the student of a suspected 4-star master teacher, Zhang Xuan would surely have many life-preserving means on him. Thus, we've got to kill him in a single shot! We mustn't give him any opportunity to strike back. Otherwise, once he sends a rescue signal or activates one of his trump cards, it would be difficult for us to kill him anymore!"
  1309.  Ding Mu instructed with a grim expression. "But of course, our priority is to obtain that letter."
  1310.  Since Yang shi was willing to let Zhang Xuan venture out alone, he must have entrusted several life-saving tools to him. Thus, they had to strike swift and deadly.
  1311.  "Your Highness, don't worry!" Liang Qingming nodded.
  1312.  "Go!"
  1313.  Ding Mu nodded gravely.
  1314.  If he chose to simply steal the letter, there was a high chance he would be exposed. By then, if Yang shi decided to stand up for his student, the entire Xuanyuan Kingdom might be destroyed.
  1315.  On the other hand, if he were to kill Zhang Xuan, he could create a facade of him being killed by savage beasts. By the time Yang shi truly tracked them down, he would have already found a backing in the Fleeting Cloud Sect through the letter, and there would be nothing for him to worry about.
  1316.  The Master Teacher Pavilions might be under the same headquarters, but there was still rivalry among the various powers.
  1317.  Using an analogy, it was just like the feudal system. Although the governors were all under the royal court, there were still some rivalry and feuds among the various territories.
  1318.  Regarding the rivalry among the Master Teacher Pavilions, as long as they didn't commit immoral acts, the headquarters wouldn't interfere.
  1319.  Competition induced advancement, and only with a suitable amount of competition would humans reach greater heights. As such, the Master Teacher Pavilion pushed for such rivalries as well.
  1320.  "Yes!"
  1321.  Hearing his order, Liang Qingming drove the zhenqi in his body, and with a flick of his wrist, a sharp sword appeared in his hands.
  1322.  Huala!
  1323.  In a flash, he leaped out from the boulder, and as swift as a flash of lightning, his sword headed straight toward Zhang Xuan.
  1324.  Pushing the might of a Zhizun realm advanced stage expert to the brim, in the blink of an eye, he covered the distance of several hundred meters between them.
  1325.  The formation had been stopped, and there was no other defensive mechanism in the col. As such, there was nothing to stop Liang Qingming's charge.
  1326.  Zhang Xuan was currently in a trance from the Soul Tempering of a Mentor's Calligraphy, so he didn't notice the other party approaching.
  1327.  Even more so, Mo Yu, Lu Chong, and the others didn't think that someone would assault them in such a remote area.
  1328.  Upon seeing the brilliant gleam of the sword and hearing a sonic boom, everyone's eyes narrowed, and their faces immediately warped in shock upon seeing Liang Qingming.
  1329.  "Teacher!"
  1330.  "Zhang Xuan!"
  1331.  "Young master!"
  1332.  Loud bellows reverberated in the col, and everyone's body trembled in astonishment.
  1333.  "Teacher, careful!"
  1334.  At the current moment, the one standing the closest to Zhang Xuan was Lu Chong. Upon seeing the brilliant gleam from the sword, he could tell that the other party would surely die if the sword were to strike him, and the thought of it sent him into a panic.
  1335.  To avenge him, his teacher confronted the Lin Clan alone without a word of complaint. To raise his cultivation, his teacher was willing to pay a huge price, yet didn't expect anything in return...
  1336.  Imparting battle techniques and explaining cultivation techniques!
  1337.  Lecturing the basic principles a human should have, and deciphering the essence of cultivation!
  1338.  All of these, he did on his initiative, even going far beyond what that was expected of him!
  1339.  Without his teacher, he would remain an average cultivator for his entire life, doomed to never be able to exact vengeance.
  1340.  Without his teacher, it was just a matter of time before the Lin Clan found him and silenced him.
  1341.  It was teacher who brought him out of his sinkhole and gave him the dignity to face his dead kin...
  1342.  This was the man who he respected and admired.
  1343.  He couldn't allow anything to happen to him!
  1344.  "If you were to cultivate on like that, you won't even reach Pixue realm in ten years. At this rate, you will be dead before you can... exact your vengeance!"
  1345.  "You don't have to bother how I know of it! Your vengeance is both a motivation as well as a hindrance to your cultivation. You are suppressing your worries too deep within, and it has suppressed your cultivation, making it difficult for you to achieve a breakthrough. I know that the reason why you refuse to speak is because you're afraid that you might accidentally speak of your enemy's name and make them aware of your existence."
  1346.  "Don't worry, as long as you believe in me, I promise you that you will be able to exact your vengeance within ten days!"
  1347.  "It's your choice to choose whether you want to believe me or not! However... you'll only get this one chance!"
  1348.  "Pardon me, but I happen to know the assassin you speak of. He's my student, and I... am his teacher!"
  1349.  ...
  1350.  Boom!
  1351.  His encounters with Zhang laoshi flowed through his head, and his words resounded in his mind. All of a sudden, his entire body moved on its own accord. In the blink of an eye, he had already leaped several meters away, standing right before Zhang Xuan.
  1352.  Puhe!
  1353.  Liang Qingming's sword also happened to reach at this very instant. It stabbed into his chest, and the zhenqi of a Zhizun realm expert gushed into the other party's body through the sword, frenziedly wrecking his physical functions.
  1354.  "AH!"
  1355.  Sensing the other party's sword qi ravaging through his body, threatening to tear his entire body apart at any moment, Lu Chong bellowed furiously. His hands stretched forward and grabbed the other party's sword firmly.
  1356.  "You..."
  1357.  Not expecting his sure-kill technique to be blocked by this fellow, Liang Qingming's face darkened. He was just about to pull out his sword and strike Zhang Xuan, but he realized that the other party was holding onto his sword firmly as though a sword stuck in a boulder. No matter how hard he tugged on it, it refused to move at all.
  1358.  "Let go..."
  1359.  He couldn't have imagined that a Zongshi realm fellow would have blocked his attack. Liang Qingming was furious and anxious. Roaring furiously, he drove his zhenqi into the other party's body, intending to kill him before striking down Zhang Xuan.
  1360.  "I won't allow you to hurt him because..."
  1361.  Lu Chong felt his life force slowly dissipating under the furious surge from the other party's zhenqi, but he didn't regret his actions at all. Instead, he stared at Liang Qingming with unwavering determination.
  1362.  "... he's my teacher!"
  1363.  ------------
  1364.  Author's Notes:
  1365.  The fourth arc, [He is my Teacher], has to an end. The next arc, [Invincible], will unfold from next chapter onward. In 'He is my Teacher', I hoped to highlight the mutual respect and deep relationship between a teacher and his students, and fortunately, it went as I planned.
  1366.  Due to my personal reasons, family issues, and my work, there are some parts that I'm not too satisfied, but overall, I think I still brought out the main idea that I wished to express. Because I am a teacher myself as well, I can relate much more to this. Being a teacher shouldn't be only about constantly giving, and being a student shouldn't only be about constantly accepting as well. The relationship should be built on mutual respect, trust, and consideration, and only through such can the relationship run deep.
  1367.  As for Lu Chong, as shown by the name of the arc, is destined to become the final sacrifice for the climax. But of course, there's no need to worry. This book won't be one on tragedies; as those who have followed my previous book, Endless Dantian, would know, I don't like tragedies and I don't intend to write them.
  1368.  Translator Notes:
  1369.  I know I haven't really marked the chapters by arcs, and QI doesn't have the function yet. But for those who are interested,
  1370.  Chapter 1 - 80 [The Teacher on the Verge of Expulsion]
  1371.  Chapter 81 - 238 [Freshmen Tournament]
  1372.  Chapter 239 - 315 [I Am a Master Teacher]
  1373.  Chapter 316 - 411 [He Is My Teacher]
  1377.  Chapter 412
  1379.  "Lu Chong!"
  1380.  After hearing the anxious bellows, Zhang Xuan stepped out of his trance from the Soul Tempering of a Mentor's Calligraphy, and the first sight that appeared before him was Lu Chong's chest being pierced by a sword. Countless thoughts immediately exploded in his head, and his eyes reddened uncontrollably.
  1381.  Even though he met this student considerably later than his other direct disciples, the other party held the greatest trust and most earnest emotions for him.
  1382.  "Die!"
  1383.  Bellowing furiously, Zhang Xuan's head jolted, and a golden book suddenly appeared.
  1384.  All of a sudden, a might capable of causing the entire world to crumble appeared. A gale rose, and the clouds swiftly flew by. A book as heavy as a mountain abruptly fell straight on Commander Liang's head.
  1385.  Pacha!
  1386.  Without the slightest obstruction, as though a watermelon crushed by a steel hammer, his head burst into bloodied remnants. Under the intense shock wave from the blow, a huge hole, several hundred meters deep and wide, appeared in the col.
  1387.  "What?"
  1388.  Ding Mu, Lin Long, and the others, who were hiding behind the boulder, preparing to launch a second wave of assault, were dumbstruck with terror. They didn't think that the Zhizun realm advanced stage Commander Liang could be destroyed by an object the other party thrown out casually. Their faces paled, and they nearly fainted from fear.
  1389.  They knew that Yang shi would surely bestow Zhang Xuan with some life-saving treasure, but how could they have known that it would be such a fearsome object!
  1390.  Even Transcendent Mortal experts weren't capable of striking out a huge hole in the ground.
  1391.  "Escape..."
  1392.  Knowing that it was impossible to withstand such might, Ding Mu didn't dare to hesitate in the least. He immediately turned around to flee.
  1393.  Beast Tamer Zhou Jin also quickly followed suit.
  1394.  The two of them had reached Zhizun realm, and their speed was astonishing. In just two breaths, their silhouettes turned into a white flash, and they were already a hundred meters away.
  1395.  "Your Highness, wait for me..."
  1396.  Not expecting her husband, as well her greatest backer, to abandon her without any warning, Lin Long hurriedly chased him with a ghastly pale face.
  1397.  "Die..."
  1398.  Upon seeing someone run out from the boulder, how could Zhang Xuan not tell what was going on? Roaring frenziedly, he commanded the golden page rotating in the air toward Lin Long.
  1399.  Boom!
  1400.  The entire ground quaked violently. Yet again, a huge hole several meters wide appeared. Smashed by the immense might of the golden book, Lin Long was reduced to meat paste. Having fled swiftly, Ding Mu and Zhou Jin managed to escape the crisis.
  1401.  "Ah..."
  1402.  "Hurry up and get on the savage beast!"
  1403.  Seeing the sight behind them, the duo felt even more frightened. At this moment, Ding Mu couldn't care less about anything else. Leaping onto the back of the Gold-scaled Lightning Beast, he immediately commanded it to fly as far away as it could.
  1404.  Zhang Xuan's mystic tool was simply too powerful. The might of his tool could even smash a Transcendent Mortal expert easily, needless to say them.
  1405.  If they couldn't escape, the only thing that awaits them would be death.
  1406.  "Die!"
  1407.  Howling furiously, Zhang Xuan was just about to send the golden page straight toward the duo and the savage beast when 'weng!', the book disappeared. In the next moment, an indescribable fatigue overwhelmed him, leaving him groggy-headed, ready to faint at any moment.
  1408.  "Lu Chong..."
  1409.  Knowing that it was impossible for him to catch up to a Zhizun realm intermediate stage savage beast, Zhang Xuan withstood his dizziness to examine the condition of his student.
  1410.  The other party's eyes were tightly shut, and he had already lost consciousness.
  1411.  However, as though delighted to see that his teacher was safe, even though he couldn't open his eyes, a faint smile hung on his lips.
  1412.  He was still tightly holding on to the sword on his chest, unwilling to let go even upon death.
  1413.  As though he was declaring that even upon death...
  1414.  As long as teacher was fine... everything was alright!
  1415.  "Heaven's Path zhenqi can cure all wounds, you'll be fine..."
  1416.  Tears that felt like burning oil flowed down Zhang Xuan's cheeks. Grasping the other party's palm, Zhang Xuan furiously infused the Heaven's Path zhenqi within him into the other party's body.
  1417.  "Tea-teacher, how did you know that my purpose is to exact vengeance?"
  1418.  "Liu laoshi, please guide me..."
  1419.  "You can't hurt him, because... he's my teacher!"
  1420.  ...
  1421.  Recalling the bits and pieces of the youngster before him, Zhang Xuan trembled in agitation.
  1422.  After two years of silence, Lu Chong had become a reticent person. During their time together, he didn't speak much. Most of the time, what Zhang Xuan saw was his determined gaze and reliable back...
  1423.  In order to exact his vengeance, Lu Chong knelt in front of the academy for seven days straight and remain silent for two years. Despite the unimaginable pain from the poison tempering, Lu Chong persisted on with it. Even though he knew that the Lin Clan was powerful, he still charged straight at them...
  1424.  This reticent but determined youngster felt cold, but his heart was filled with warmth.
  1425.  To protect the teacher that he respected and admired from the bottom of his heart, he was willing to give in his own life.
  1426.  Lu Chong, my student, I have failed to protect you!
  1427.  Wake up, give me a chance to make it up to you...
  1428.  Zhang Xuan infused the Heaven's Path zhenqi furiously into the other party, but Lu Chong's slim figure didn't budge at all.
  1429.  ...
  1430.  Seeing the frenzied look on the young man before her, Mo Yu's face paled.
  1431.  Everything happened too quickly. By the time Mo Yu saw Liang Qingming, it was already too late. She thought that Zhang Xuan would meet his demise.
  1432.  Yet, she couldn't have imagined that a student would give up his life just to save him.
  1433.  Mo Yu clenched her fists tightly and walked forward.
  1434.  "Zhang Xuan!"
  1435.  She bellowed, but there was no response.
  1436.  "Zhang Xuan!"
  1437.  She shouted once more, and only then did the most radiant genius of Tianwu Royal City raise his head blankly, as though he had lost his soul.
  1438.  "Don't panic. You possess unparalleled medical skills... Lu Chong will be fine!"
  1439.  Feeling a deep piercing pain in her heart upon seeing the state of the man before her, Mo Yu consoled.
  1440.  "Right, my medical skills..."
  1441.  Upon the other party's reminder, Zhang Xuan finally recovered. Focus returned to his blank and soulless eyes.
  1442.  That's right!
  1443.  On top of his medical skills, he had the Library of Heaven's Path.
  1444.  There was nothing that could hide from the heavens. As long as Lu Chong wasn't reduced to ashes, there would surely be a solution for his situation!
  1445.  A flicker of hope appeared in Zhang Xuan's eyes.
  1446.  "Flaws!"
  1447.  Zhang Xuan thought, and a book appeared in his head. He hurriedly flipped through it.
  1448.  "There's still hope for him..."
  1449.  Upon seeing the contents on it, Zhang Xuan's body trembled. In an instant, his entire face turned red.
  1450.  He thought that being stabbed by the sword of a Zhizun realm expert, Lu Chong's death was inevitable. Yet, there was still a breath left in him.
  1451.  All kinds of flaws were written on the book; Lu Chong's meridians had been crushed by the other party's Zhizun realm zhenqi, and his internal organs had also suffered heavy damage. Under such conditions, anyone else would have been dead.
  1452.  However, having cultivated the Heaven's Path Golden Body and Poison Body, Lu Chong's body was several times stronger than that of an ordinary cultivator. On top of that, Zhang Xuan had infused his Heaven's Path zhenqi into the other party timely, thus preserving a final breath within him.
  1453.  "I should heal his meridians and internal organs first!"
  1454.  Having assimilated all the knowledge within the books in the Physician Guild, even without the Library of Heaven's Path, Zhang Xuan's medical skill wasn't inferior to that of a 3-star physician. He knew that the priority at hand was to heal the other party's injuries first.
  1455.  Thus, he immediately directed his Heaven's Path zhenqi to flow throughout the other party's body, healing his damaged meridians and organs.
  1456.  At the same time, he fed the other party a recovery pill.
  1457.  Having ransacked the Lin Clan, he had many of such recovery pills within his storage ring. If it was effective, he was willing to feed all of them to him.
  1458.  "Zhang Xuan..."
  1459.  Seeing spirit returning to the young man, and that he was starting to treat Lu Chong, Mo Yu heaved a sigh of relief. Then, lowering her head to take a look, her eyes narrowed.
  1460.  Under the application of Zhang Xuan's zhenqi, Lu Chong's wounds recovered at a visible pace. His pale face, due to excessive loss of blood, also slowly regained its redness. Even though he was still unconscious, his wounds seemed to have already fully recovered on the surface.
  1461.  "Healing a person's body thoroughly with just zhenqi?"
  1462.  Mo Yu's body trembled in disbelief.
  1463.  Even though she had seen Zhang Xuan's medical skills before, he had often made use of silver needles to stimulate one's acupoints before issuing prescriptions to follow up.
  1464.  To be able to heal one's injuries and repair one's meridians like that... How pure must his zhenqi be?
  1465.  "Could he possess... superior zhenqi?"
  1466.  The thought flashed across Mo Yu's eyes.
  1467.  It was said that due to the absurd purity of superior zhenqi, it could be used in treatment or clearing away blockages in a person's meridians... All along, Mo Yu thought that it was only a legend. To think that there would come a day which she would see such a sight with her own eyes!
  1468.  To possess cultivation technique capable of cultivating zhenqi of such caliber, how powerful must Yang shi be?
  1469.  It was no wonder why Su shi and Ling shi would obey his commands willingly!
  1470.  Hu!
  1471.  After repairing the final injury on Lu Chong's meridians, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.
  1472.  Zhang Xuan refreshed the book on Lu Chong, and with a single look, his face steeled.
  1473.  "Teacher, how is Lu Chong?" Zhao Ya asked worriedly.
  1474.  "There isn't any problem with his physical condition, but his consciousness has sunk into a deep sleep. It's hard to tell when he'll be able to wake up!"
  1475.  The damage Lu Chong had suffered previously was too tremendous. Even if the unparalleled Heaven's Path zhenqi could heal all of his injuries, it was completely helpless as to his mental condition.
  1476.  Under the current situation, it was possible that Lu Chong might awake anytime, perhaps even at the next instant, but it was also possible that he might never wake up.
  1477.  "What should we do?" Zhao Ya asked.
  1478.  "I don't know either!"
  1479.  Zhang Xuan shook his head in desolation.
  1480.  Even though he had taken in all of the knowledge within the books of the Physician Guild for his own, he still wasn't able to find a solution to this situation.
  1481.  Blocked meridians, afflictions, inability to break through one's cultivation bottleneck... The Heaven's Path zhenqi could cure all of those. However, consciousness was a matter of one's soul. It was something incredibly unfathomable and hard to grasp. No matter how formidable Heaven's Path zhenqi was, how could something physical affect the ethereal?
  1482.  "We might not have any solutions, but Yang shi might have an idea!" Seeing the awful look on the young man's face, Mo Yu consoled.
  1483.  "Yang shi?"
  1484.  Zhang Xuan's complexion turned even more awful.
  1485.  "I've heard that upon reaching 7-star, master teachers would be capable of using one's words to influence one's actions, consciousness, and soul. Lu Chong has only fallen into a deep sleep. If a master teacher of such a level were to delve into his mind and wake him up, Lu Chong might regain consciousness!" Mo Yu continued.
  1486.  "Influence one's consciousness and soul?" Zhang Xuan clenched his fists tightly together.
  1487.  It was just like what the other party had said. Lu Chong's consciousness was just asleep. If someone could delve into his mind and wake him up, it was possible that Lu Chong might regain consciousness.
  1488.  "Un. Even though I've only heard it from others, it's true that high ranked master teachers possess unfathomable means beyond us. We might be unable to find a solution now, but it doesn't mean that there isn't one..." Mo Yu replied.
  1489.  "You're right!" Zhang Xuan nodded.
  1490.  It was just like his Innate Fetal Poison. Even though he didn't find a solution for it in Tianxuan Kingdom or the Poison Hall, there was definitely one out there in the vast world, in one of the innumerable Master Teacher Pavilion. Even though it was like searching for a needle in a haystack, at least it gave him a direction.
  1491.  He was helpless toward Lu Chong's current situation, but as he grew stronger and read more books, he might be able to find a solution to his problem.
  1492.  "I'll eventually find a solution to cure him, but before that..."
  1493.  After hearing Mo Yu's words of consolation, Zhang Xuan felt at ease. But soon, he narrowed his eyes, and killing intent burst from his body, drowning the entire sky in it as though a torrent.
  1494.  "I will... avenge him!"
  1498.  Chapter 413
  1500.  As a person born in the information age, Zhang Xuan was brought up to settle conflicts peacefully. Despite having transcended into this world, a part of him was still resistant to claiming the lives of others. However, who knew that a moment of benevolence would ultimately lead to Lu Chong's current plight.
  1501.  If only he had known, he would have instructed Little Su to get rid of Lin Long and Commander Liang, and the tragedy today wouldn't have occurred.
  1502.  "Avenge?"
  1503.  Mo Yu frowned. "Lu Chong has to be avenged, but... do you know anything about Xuanyuan Kingdom?"
  1504.  Zhang Xuan shook his head.
  1505.  As a lower ranked kingdom, Tianwu Kingdom didn't have much information on Xuanyuan Kingdom.
  1506.  As such, Zhang Xuan's understanding of Xuanyuan Kingdom was also severely limited. He knew some brief details, but the content seemed to become extremely brief or absent altogether when it came to the more confidential information.
  1507.  At the very least, in terms of national strength and influence, he knew very little about it.
  1508.  "Despite not knowing anything, you wish to avenge him?"
  1509.  Mo Yu rolled her eyes.
  1510.  You sure are courageous. The person you are facing is the crown prince of Xuanyuan Kingdom. To make things worse, the incumbent emperor is ill, and the crown prince could potentially ascend to the throne at any moment.
  1511.  Even at this very moment, he already possesses significant authority over the troops in the country, and with just a single command, he can turn all of them against you.
  1512.  Putting aside the hulking number of troops, just by considering the number of experts they have, it is nigh impossible for you to succeed.
  1513.  Unless you possess a cultivation realm that can match Su shi.
  1514.  But even if you attain such level of strength, you will still meet with all kinds of obstructions in your attempt to kill a crown prince of a Conferred Kingdom.
  1515.  "To earn considerable prestige and standing in Xuanyuan Kingdom, one must at least reach Zhizun realm intermediate stage! Even though you possess strength comparable to a Half-Zhizun cultivator at the moment, it will be difficult for you to stand up against real Zhizun realm experts!"
  1516.  After a moment of hesitation, Mo Yu explained carefully.
  1517.  The young man before her had just almost lost his student. She was afraid that he might be agitated into doing something atrocious.
  1518.  "It's not just difficult, I'll be completely helpless against them!" Zhang Xuan fell into contemplation after hearing Mo Yu's words.
  1519.  Zhizun realm was the highest level a Fighter could reach. At intermediate stage, one would possess 20,000 ding of strength; advanced stage, 30,000 ding; pinnacle, 40,000 ding.
  1520.  Even taking into consideration both Zhang Xuan's physical and zhenqi cultivation, the total might he could harness only added up to around 15,000 ding. He was still a long way from rivaling the more powerful Zhizun realm cultivators.
  1521.  On top of that, he was only using strength as a gauge. After reaching Zhizun realm, one's reaction speed and comprehension toward battle techniques would rise significantly. That was also the main reason why no Zongshi could match up to a Zhizun.
  1522.  "It's good that you know. My suggestion is that... since the Master Teacher Tournament is going to be held in three months' time, it's best for you not to get involved in such trouble at the moment. As long as you join the tournament and get a good placing, with your newfound standing, you'll be able to request the Master Teacher Pavilion to avenge Lu Chong! By then, no one will utter their objection. This is the most convenient and plausible method you have!" Mo Yu shared her thoughts.
  1523.  Zhang Xuan's cultivation was still too low at the moment. If he were to attempt to exact vengeance in his current state, he would only be putting himself in grave danger.
  1524.  Since that was the case, it would be more viable for him to participate in the Master Teacher Tournament first. As long as he wins the tournament, with his newfound prestigious standing, no one would dare to stop him from avenging Lu Chong.
  1525.  Master teachers do possess high standing, but even that is relative.
  1526.  2-star master teachers are a formidable existence in Tianwu Kingdom, but when in Xuanyuan Kingdom and the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, they don't mean much at all.
  1527.  Only after proving one's immense strength or unlimited potential would one be highly regarded and feared.
  1528.  Only then would their words carry weight.
  1529.  "I can't wait for three months, and I believe that... Lu Chong doesn't want me to wait either!"
  1530.  Glancing at his unconscious student, a sharp glint flashed across Zhang Xuan's eyes.
  1531.  Three months was too long, Zhang Xuan's couldn't restrain his rage for that long.
  1532.  The other party had left Lu Chong in such a miserable state, and he still had to allow the culprit to go carefree for another three months? You must be joking!
  1533.  "But your current strength... isn't even at Half-Zhizun realm yet, how do you intend to exact vengeance? You would require the strength of a Zhizun realm pinnacle at minimum to do so. Otherwise, you'll only end up killed..."
  1534.  Seeing the resolute determination in Zhang Xuan's eyes, Mo Yu panicked.
  1535.  What was wrong with this fellow?
  1536.  I have already told you that even Zhizun realm experts dare not do anything in Xuanyuan Kingdom, so what in the world does a person like you, who hasn't even reached Half-Zhizun yet, hope to achieve there? Aren't you just courting death?
  1537.  One must know that there was a huge bunch of Zhizun realm pinnacle experts within a Conferred Kingdom. If one wanted to go against the royal family, one had to be at least a Half-Transcension.
  1538.  "Zhizun realm pinnacle? Simple!" Zhang Xuan said.
  1539.  "Simple? Could it be that... you have an idea in mind?" Hearing Zhang Xuan's confident declaration, Mo Yu's eyes lit up.
  1540.  Seems like he has his own plans, I am probably overthinking it...
  1541.  After all, how can a genius act so rashly!
  1542.  Just as Mo Yu heaved a long sigh of relief and prepared to ask Zhang Xuan about his plans, the young man before him declared gravely, "I'll just have to reach Zhizun realm pinnacle in the next few days then!"
  1543.  Pu!
  1544.  Mo Yu's body swayed, and she nearly choked on her saliva.
  1545.  The heck!
  1546.  Can you possibly say anything more ridiculous than that?
  1547.  Zhizun realm is the last trial a Fighter has to undergo, and the difficulty in advancing to that realm is multiple folds higher than that of Zongshi realm.
  1548.  Do you think that it's like cabbages in the market, and you can easily obtain it by paying a gold coin?
  1549.  Reach Zhizun realm in the next few days...
  1550.  Can you be anymore irrational than that?
  1551.  If those who have been stuck in Zongshi realm pinnacle were to hear your words, they would surely pummel you to death.
  1552.  And I actually really thought you would have a good idea in mind, to think this would be it...
  1553.  "Zhao Ya, hurry up and persuade your teacher..."
  1554.  Unable to stand it any longer, Mo Yu turned to the lady beside her.
  1555.  "Persuade? Teacher is right, why should I persuade him?" Zhao Ya asked doubtfully as she stared at Mo Yu.
  1556.  "..."
  1557.  Mo Yu flew into a frenzy, "That's Zhizun realm, Zhizun! It's not as easy to achieve a breakthrough as you think! Even if your teacher were to dedicate three entire months to his cultivation, it would be impossible for him to reach Zhizun realm..."
  1558.  "Teacher has only used a single month to advance from Pixue realm to Zongshi realm pinnacle. In fact, when he first arrived at Tianwu Royal City, he was only at Tongxuan realm pinnacle. But at this very moment, he has already reached Zongshi realm pinnacle, and it has only been ten days since then... Don't worry about it, it's not that big of a deal!" Zhao Ya replied.
  1559.  They'd seen all kinds of miracles from their teacher, and this had bred deep, unwavering trust toward him in them. Putting aside reaching Zhizun realm pinnacle, even if Zhang Xuan claimed that he would reach Transcendent Mortal realm tomorrow, they would surely believe it.
  1560.  How big a matter is it; must you react so vehemently?
  1561.  "..." Mo Yu.
  1562.  What the heck... was with all of them!
  1563.  Not only were they not shocked by Zhang Xuan's declaration to reach Zhizun realm pinnacle in just a few days, they even thought that it was natural?
  1564.  Mo Yu hurriedly turned her gaze to Zheng Yang, Wang Ying, and the others.
  1565.  However, all she saw was their looks of disdain, as though mocking her for her narrow outlook..
  1566.  With immense frustration squeezing her heart, Mo Yu spurted blood.
  1567.  To think that I, the princess of Tianwu Kingdom and a 1-star master teacher, would be looked down on by a bunch of students... What in the world is this?
  1568.  But thinking about it... their words did make sense.
  1569.  The fellow before her couldn't be understood through common sense. When he first took the master teacher examination, he wasn't even at Zongshi realm. And yet, when he faced the Lin Clan, he was already at Zongshi realm pinnacle.
  1570.  There was only an interval of six to seven days between the two events!
  1571.  If he could advance into Zongshi realm that swiftly, then perhaps... he might be able to do the same for Zhizun realm as well.
  1572.  "Even if you reach Zhizun realm pinnacle, Ding Mu is still the crown prince of Xuanyuan Kingdom. If you were to kill him, it will cause instability in the country. I'm afraid that... the Master Teacher Pavilion might hinder your vengeance!" Forcefully suppressing her bursting frustration from being looked down upon, Mo Yu said.
  1573.  "Hinder? Isn't the Master Teacher Pavilion supposed to protect master teachers?" Baffled, Zhang Xuan frowned.
  1574.  The Master Teacher Pavilion was an organization created by master teachers for master teachers.
  1575.  Given that the other party had attempted to assassinate a master teacher, even if the Master Teacher Pavilion chose not to crack down on the culprit, how could it defend the culprit?
  1576.  "The Master Teacher Pavilion does protect the welfare of master teachers, but... if a Conferred Kingdom is involved, the matter becomes uncertain! After all, if a crown prince of a kingdom of such level were to be killed, it would definitely cause a tremendous chaos in the country. Perhaps, it might even result in war, the death of innocent civilians, and displacement of population. In order to prevent this kind of situation, it is highly likely that the Master Teacher Pavilion might choose the other party over you! After all, you are only a 2-star primary master teacher, so you don't wield sufficient weight yet..."
  1577.  Mo Yu continued, "Besides, the Xuanyuan Kingdom Master Teacher Pavilion is close with the royal family. As an outsider, it's likely that you'll be shunned instead!"
  1578.  "This..."
  1579.  Zhang Xuan fell into deep contemplation.
  1580.  Even though Mo Yu's words were frustrating, he had to admit that they made sense.
  1581.  The purpose of the presence of Master Teacher Pavilions was to maintain peace in the region.
  1582.  Given that Zhang Xuan was going to kill Xuanyuan Kingdom's crown prince, it would be hard for the Master Teacher Pavilion to simply watch by the side.
  1583.  Besides, no matter how impartial the Master Teacher Pavilion was, the Xuanyuan royal family had been in power for innumerable years. Along with the passing of time, they had established close ties with one another. With the identity of an outsider 2-star master teacher, it was indeed difficult for him to get them to his side.
  1584.  Rules are impartial, but humans have feelings.
  1585.  "That's indeed a problem!"
  1586.  Upon thinking of all of these, Zhang Xuan nodded. Then, turning to Mo Yu, he asked, "Isn't there any solution for this matter?"
  1587.  "There is, just that... it's too difficult!"
  1588.  Mo Yu shook her head.
  1589.  "Oh?"
  1590.  "If you want to stop the Xuanyuan Kingdom Master Teacher Pavilion from hindering you, or even support you, you have to impress them with your capability." Mo Yu said.
  1591.  "Impress them with my capability? You mean... Pavilion Crashing?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.
  1592.  If one wanted the Master Teacher Pavilion to submit to one swiftly, there was only a single method. That was... Pavilion Crashing!
  1593.  It was similar to dojo crashing.
  1594.  With the strength of an individual, one would face the entire Master Teacher Pavilion. Once one succeeded, regardless of how strong one was or what requests one had, the Master Teacher Pavilion was to obey without any conditions.
  1595.  This matter was written within the books of the Master Teacher Pavilion, and upon Mo Yu's reminder, he recalled it.
  1596.  "That's right, I'm referring to Pavilion Crashing! However, the master of Xuanyuan Kingdom's Master Teacher Pavilion is a 3-star master teacher, and his strength has reached Half-Transcension... Without the strength and capability of a 4-star master teacher, it'll be impossible for you to succeed in the Pavilion Crashing." Mo Yu explained patiently.
  1597.  The master and elders of Xuanyuan Kingdom's Master Teacher Pavilion had all reached 3-star, and they possessed fearsome cultivation to match it.
  1598.  Pavilion Crashing consisted of tests of all fields. It was similar to Pill Debate; without sufficient strength and knowledge, it was impossible for one to succeed.
  1599.  "If they know what's better for them, they'll choose not to interfere in this matter... But if they insist on protecting that crown prince..."
  1600.  Zhang Xuan's eyes narrowed, and he clenched his fists tightly, "Then, I don't mind... crashing it!"
  1604.  Chapter 414
  1606.  Lu Chong could even disregard his own life for him. As his teacher, what could he not give up for the other party?
  1607.  So what if he had to face a Conferred Kingdom?
  1608.  So what if he had to face off against a Master Teacher Pavilion?
  1609.  Lu Chong, don't worry! Regardless of who the other party is, to dare to reduce you to such a state, as your teacher, I will make him regret his actions!
  1610.  "Fine..."
  1611.  Knowing that it was impossible to persuade the fellow before her, Mo Yu shook her head helplessly, and decided not to harp on this issue. "So, what do you intend to do now?"
  1612.  "I'll head to Xuanyuan Kingdom!" Zhang Xuan replied. At the same time, he whistled, and the air current above suddenly grew chaotic. The Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast whizzed over from the distant sky and landed right before him.
  1613.  Only in Xuanyuan Kingdom would he be able to find sufficient Zhizun realm cultivation technique manuals for him to grow stronger swiftly.
  1614.  If he were to remain in Tianwu Kingdom, his strength would just stagnate.
  1615.  Just like Mo Yu said, without sufficient strength, it was impossible for him to accomplish anything at all. He might even lose his life due to it.
  1616.  "Xuanyuan Kingdom's capital, Xuanyuan Royal City, is a few hundred thousand kilometers away from here. Given the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast's Half-Zhizun realm strength, even if it were to fly with all of its strength, it would take at least seven to eight days!" Mo Yu replied.
  1617.  As a Conferred Kingdom, Xuanyuan Kingdom's territory was significantly larger than Tianwu Kingdom. Taking seven to eight days to travel to its capital from here could already be considered fast.
  1618.  "Seven to eight days?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.
  1619.  That was already around the duration he had stayed in Tianwu Royal City.
  1620.  Mo Yu nodded, "Indeed. This is already the limit of a Half-Zhizun realm savage beast. Well, if it reaches Zhizun realm, it would only take three days. Otherwise, we can only go over like that!"
  1621.  Half-Zhizun realm and Zhizun realm was only a small leap in one's cultivation stage, but for an aerial savage beast, it meant more than a twofold increase in its flying speed.
  1622.  "Zhizun realm aerial savage beasts can travel that quickly? Then, I'll raise its cultivation realm then..." Zhang Xuan nodded.
  1623.  "Raise its cultivation realm?" Mo Yu flashed a bitter smile.
  1624.  She'd almost forgotten it. On top of being a genius master teacher, the fellow before her was a formidable beast tamer as well. Even until now, she had been unable to make sense of the 'Beast Pummeling Taming Method' that the other party created. She couldn't understand how it could make savage beasts obedient to one, and why it would induce a breakthrough in them.
  1625.  Lifting her head to take a look, she saw that the young man before her had already gotten into action; he walked over to the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast and smashed his fist onto it.
  1626.  Peng peng peng peng!
  1627.  If it was any other beast tamer, it would be impossible for them to punch their tamed beasts so fearlessly. Even if a contract had been established between them, such an action could easily incur the other party's resentment, and this may turn out to be a potential threat in the future.
  1628.  Yet, when Zhang Xuan's fist landed on the savage beast, the huge fellow howled in delight. A euphoric expression slowly surfaced on its face as it lay motionless on the ground.
  1629.  To react in such a way while being pummeled, that savage beast was truly one-of-a-kind...
  1630.  Boom!
  1631.  After a moment of pummeling, the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast released a piercing howl, and it broke through its bottleneck. In an instant, its aura surged and pierced through the clouds.
  1632.  Zhizun realm!
  1633.  Upon reaching a whole new realm, the Howling Firmament Beast's physique grew larger, and its movements became sharper.
  1634.  The group climbed onto the back of the savage beast, and after ascertaining the direction, it started flying toward the horizon.
  1635.  ...
  1636.  Sitting cross-legged in the room on the back of the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast, Zhang Xuan recalled the events from earlier.
  1637.  Due to the dire circumstances then, all that was on his mind then was to kill Liang Qingming. And somehow, the golden book suddenly appeared and crushed him to death.
  1638.  Could it be that... the Book of Heaven's Path also possessed the ability to smash someone to death?
  1639.  When he first obtained the Library of Heaven's Path, he thought that while others were throwing out all kinds of mystic treasures, he would end up hurling books at others... To think that it was true!
  1640.  Recalling the might of the book, Zhang Xuan was awed.
  1641.  For a Zhizun realm advanced stage expert to be smashed into a lump of meat in an instant, the might of the attack was already beyond that of ordinary Transcendent Mortal realm experts.
  1642.  In other words, even Su shi would have been unable to withstand that attack!
  1643.  Fearsome!
  1644.  "But... it's a one-time consumable!"
  1645.  Zhang Xuan shook his head helplessly.
  1646.  The move was indeed strong, but... it depleted the golden pages within the Book of Heaven's Path, and with that, he had no golden pages left.
  1647.  It seemed like he would have to bring in more students, win their gratitude, and produce a few more golden pages for his own security.
  1648.  To be able to assimilate the content of the books in the Library of Heaven's Path into his own knowledge, raise his Soul Depth by 5.0 instantaneously, destroy an enemy far beyond one's cultivation realm...
  1649.  Zhang Xuan had only discovered three uses of the golden page, but every single one of them was fearsome in their own right.
  1650.  If he could gather sufficient golden pages, he wouldn't have to fear anyone anymore. He could just toss a book at anyone who dares to provoke him!
  1651.  "Judging from how long the golden book was materialized... there seems to be a time limit of ten seconds!"
  1652.  He tried to recall the details of the previous battle.
  1653.  Seeing Lu Chong being impaled right before him had clouded Zhang Xuan's mind, so he didn't think much into the details then. However, now that he had calmed down, he was able to deduce some matters by analyzing the situation.
  1654.  This Book of Heaven's Path could be summoned at Zhang Xuan's will to smash his enemies.
  1655.  However, after leaving the Library of Heaven's Path, it could only sustain itself for around ten breaths or so before disappearing.
  1656.  If not for this time limit, Ding Mu wouldn't have been able to escape!
  1657.  This book could even smash Transcendent Mortal experts to death, needless to say, those two fellows.
  1658.  "After going through Soul Tempering of a Mentor's Calligraphy, my Soul Depth has increased considerably!"
  1659.  Looking at Kong shi's personal handwriting had sent him into a unique state that nourished his mind.
  1660.  If not for the lapse in his awareness due to that, with the Heaven's Path Movement Art, it would be difficult for even a Zhizun realm expert to kill him!
  1661.  "My Soul Depth has reached 12.1. That's sufficient for me take the 4-star master teacher examination!"
  1662.  Even though the Soul Tempering of a Mentor's Calligraphy only managed to work for a short period of time, given that it was induced by Kong shi's handwriting, it still granted him a huge growth in his Soul Depth, raising it by 1.0.
  1663.  Given that the examination requirement on one's Soul Depth increased by 3.0 for each tier, Zhang Xuan's Soul Depth was already sufficient for him to take the 4-star master teacher examination.
  1664.  "With the rise in my Soul Depth, my Eye of Insight has also grown significantly stronger! In the past, I could only peer into the essence of cultivators possessing the same level or weaker cultivation than me, but now, I can easily see the flaws and problems of even a Half-Zhizun!"
  1665.  As Zhang Xuan's Soul Depth reached 12.1, the level of a 4-star master teacher, his Eye of Insight also enjoyed a qualitative improvement.
  1666.  Given his cultivation realm of Zongshi realm pinnacle, it was impossible for him to peer into the flaws of a Half-Zhizun in the past.
  1667.  But now, even if an expert of that level were to appear before him, Zhang Xuan would still be able to see through his flaws easily even without the Library of Heaven's Path.
  1668.  The Library of Heaven's Path was formidable, but it had many flaws.
  1669.  For example, it required one to execute his battle technique or be unconscious before a book on one would be compiled. On the other hand, just by expending some of one's Soul Depth, the Eye of Insight allowed one to peer into another's flaws. In a sense, it was much more practical and applicable than the Library of Heaven's Path.
  1670.  "Not only so, the efficacy of my Impartation of Heaven's Will has also improved significantly!"
  1671.  Currently, Zhang Xuan had comprehended a total of two unique abilities of master teachers.
  1672.  The Eye of Insight and Impartation of Heaven's Will.
  1673.  Through the Impartation of Heaven's Will, by expending his Soul Depth, Zhang Xuan could easily induce trust in another. On top of that, he could also drive another person's cultivation through his words.
  1674.  In the past, the Impartation of Heaven's Will only influenced cultivators who were much weaker than him. But now, he would be able to influence those of the same cultivation realm as him, Zongshi realm pinnacle, through words alone.
  1675.  All in all, the benefits that he derived from the Soul Tempering of a Mentor’s Calligraphy were substantial. However, they were mainly limited to the master teacher abilities; it didn't contribute to his cultivation or any other aspects.
  1676.  "All of you, show me your battle techniques!"
  1677.  After sorting out his current state, Zhang Xuan turned to look at Zhao Ya and the others.
  1678.  It had been a while since he had last given them guidance. Even though they had improved swiftly, it was clear that they were unable to keep up with Zhang Xuan's footsteps. Thus, it was imperative for Zhang Xuan to pull up their cultivation so that they could at least fend for themselves.
  1679.  "Yes!"
  1680.  On the broad back of the savage beast, the group demonstrated their battle techniques, and Zhang Xuan offered them pointers one by one.
  1681.  Three days passed in a flash. After Zhang Xuan's guidance, the group's cultivation rose significantly. Wang Ying, Zheng Yang, and the others reached Pixue realm, and even Yuan Tao, whose cultivation was often lagging behind the others, had managed to open one acupoint.
  1682.  By unleashing the potential of her unique constitution, Zhao Ya even managed to reach Zongshi realm advanced stage.
  1683.  With the Pure Yin Body and Heaven's Path Sword Art, she would be a match for even typical Zongshi realm pinnacle experts.
  1684.  Zhang Xuan also offered Mo Yu some guidance, and the latter improved significantly as well.
  1685.  "Why aren't we heading to Xuanyuan Royal City?"
  1686.  After consecutive days of flight, just when the capital was in sight, Zhang Xuan suddenly commanded the Howling Firmament Beast to steer toward another direction, heading toward the mountain range not too far away.
  1687.  "I need a place to raise my strength!" replied Zhang Xuan calmly, looking out of the window.
  1688.  "Raise your strength?" Mo Yu blinked in confusion.
  1689.  Seeing how adamant Zhang Xuan was at avenging Lu Chong, Mo Yu thought that he would cultivate hard in these three days so that he could at least reach Half-Zhizun. Yet, other than offering them guidance and taking care of Lu Chong, he didn't even bother cultivating at all.
  1690.  And only when he was close to reaching the capital did he suddenly speak of raising his strength...
  1691.  Did this fellow require some unique location for his cultivation?
  1692.  "The Beast Hall!" Zhang Xuan explained.
  1693.  After reading through all of the books in Tianwu Kingdom, even though Zhang Xuan had yet to get a good grasp of the various powers located within Xuanyuan Kingdom, at the very least, he managed to find information on the locations of the occupation guilds.
  1694.  Similar to that of the Xuanluo Mountain Range Beast Hall, Xuanyuan Kingdom's Beast Hall wasn't in the city either. It was located in the depths of the mountain range several dozen kilometers away from the capital.
  1695.  "Beast Hall? You're going there to raise your cultivation?"
  1696.  Hearing the location, Mo Yu was even more perplexed.
  1697.  She had heard of savage beasts visiting the Beast Hall to raise their strength, but she didn't know that it applied for humans as well.
  1698.  Could it be that his cultivation technique required the presence of savage beasts?
  1699.  ...
  1700.  Just as Zhang Xuan was heading for the Beast Hall in the small town located in the vast area controlled by the Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall, three figures leaped off the back of an aerial savage beast.
  1701.  Of them, two were Zhang Xuan's acquaintances; Xuanluo Mountain Range Beast Hall's Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang.
  1702.  A man in his late twenties accompanied them. That man's chest was puffed out, and he had an arrogant look on his face.
  1703.  "Beast Tamer Luo, this is the Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall, where the Beast Taming Competition will be held!" Hall Master Feng said.
  1704.  "Un, I know! Don't worry, a championship, is it? I'll definitely take first place for you all!" Beast Tamer Luo waved his hands casually, as though speaking of an insignificant issue.
  1705.  "Ah..."
  1706.  Hearing the arrogant words of the other party, Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang exchanged glances, and a bitter smile flashed across their faces.
  1707.  This Beast Tamer Luo was one of the more talented beast tamers in Xuanluo Mountain Range Beast Hall, but he was, by no means, the most talented one.
  1708.  If not for the competition being brought forward by four months, and the fact that they were unable to find the candidate they had chosen, Zhang Xuan, they would have never brought this fellow over.
  1709.  Since the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast had been taken by that fellow, the group could only travel here on a Zongshi realm savage beast. Due to its limited speed, it took them more than a month to arrive here, and all of them were wearied by the long journey.
  1710.  More than a month ago, Zhang Xuan had still been looking for the Poison Hall. Since he wasn't even at Tianwu Royal City yet, they were unable to find him
  1711.  "Why? You don't trust my capability?
  1712.  "Hmph, why do you keep mentioning that Zhang Xuan? He's a 2-star beast tamer, but so am I! He passed the examination on his first try, but so did I! In fact, I even did better than him! How can you be so confident in him and yet doubt me?"
  1713.  Seeing the expressions of the duo, Beast Tamer Luo flung his hands in displeasure.
  1717.  Chapter 415
  1719.  What do you mean?
  1720.  That Zhang Xuan you speak of might be a genius, but aren't I one as well?
  1721.  Why do you hold so high expectations of him yet think so lowly of me?
  1722.  We are both 2-star beast tamers, I am not inferior to him in any way!
  1723.  "That's not what we mean, it's just that..."
  1724.  Hall Master Feng smiled awkwardly, "The Beast Taming Competition gathers all of the geniuses in the vicinity of Xuanyuan Kingdom, so we mustn't let our guard down. We have to proceed carefully!"
  1725.  "Proceed carefully? What is there to be careful about! I've studied the previous competition, and all I have to do is to tame a Zhizun realm primary stage savage beast. Even though my current cultivation realm hasn't reached Zhizun realm, I am still confident in doing so!"
  1726.  Clenching his fists tightly, the young man drove his cultivation.
  1727.  Zongshi realm pinnacle!
  1728.  To reach Zongshi realm pinnacle under thirty; even in Tianwu Kingdom, he could be considered as a genius. It was no wonder he was so confident.
  1729.  "The test for the competition changes each time, so I'm not too sure about what will be tested this time round. However... I've heard that the Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall has captured a powerful savage beast a while ago, and they've tried taming it multiple times, only to end in failure. In order to resolve the matter quickly so as to prevent any unnecessary trouble, they decided to bring forward the competition so as to gather the geniuses from all regions here!"
  1730.  After a moment's hesitation, Hall Master Feng decided to reveal the news that he had heard. "In my view... I think it is very probable for the test to be related to that powerful savage beast they caught!"
  1731.  "I share your sentiments as well. The Beast Taming Competition is held once every five years, and the timing has always been fixed. There's no reason for them to suddenly push it forward just to conduct it earlier!" Beast Tamer Wang nodded in agreement.
  1732.  A friend of theirs from Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall had secretly delivered this news to them. However, whether it was true or not still had to be seen.
  1733.  However, based on their analysis, the intelligence was likely to be true.
  1734.  Otherwise, there was no reason for them to push forward the competition all of the sudden, catching all of the candidates off guard.
  1735.  "The Beast Hall has captured a powerful savage beast? What cultivation realm is it?"
  1736.  Beast Tamer Luo was surprised.
  1737.  "I'm not too sure about the details either!" Hall Master Feng shook his head.
  1738.  He might be the head of the Xuanluo Mountain Range Beast Hall, but he still wasn't qualified to learn of the confidential secrets in the Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall.
  1739.  "Since even 3-star beast tamers are unable to tame it, who of the younger generation could possibly succeed? Even if it's related to that, it'll probably be researching the savage beast's habits, likes, dislikes, and such to help with the taming process."
  1740.  Beast Tamer Luo lifted his head proudly and boasted, "On those aspects, I won't lose out to anyone!"
  1741.  Only those beneath thirty are eligible to participatr in the Beast Taming Competition hosted by the Beast Hall. Beast Tamer Luo didn't dare to say much about the experienced beast tamers, but under the age limit, he was confident that there were very few people who could triumph over him in the field of beast taming in the vicinity of Xuanyuan Kingdom.
  1742.  "I am aware of your capability, but I've heard that numerous talented beast tamers have emerged this year, and all of them are formidable as well! Wei Youdao from Jibei Kingdom, Jiang Nanping from Kaixiong Kingdom, Ji Wuxin from Hongquan Manor... They are all powerful adversaries who have reached 2-star pinnacle below thirty...
  1743.  Seeing Beast Tamer Luo's confident face, Hall Master Feng glanced at Beast Tamer Wang before speaking.
  1744.  The young man before him was a talented beast tamer, and if not for Zhang Xuan, he would be the number one beast tamer among the younger generation in Xuanluo Mountain Range.
  1745.  However, he had a clear, fatal flaw: arrogance.
  1746.  If it wasn't for them being unable to get into contact with Zhang Xuan, honestly speaking, they wouldn't have approached him for this competition.
  1747.  As a beast tamer, it was good to be confident but disastrous to be arrogant. Arrogance could potentially earn one the ire of the savage beast one was trying to tame.
  1748.  Having headed the Beast Hall for so many years, Hall Master Feng had seen many formidable beast tamers being torn apart by savage beasts due to this.
  1749.  "They're indeed not bad. I've cross hands with them and, back then, I was indeed not a match for them. However, I've learned a new beast taming technique since then, so it won't be easy for them to triumph over me..."Beast Tamer Luo said, placing his hands behind his back.
  1750.  However, halfway through his words, a cold harrumph sounded behind him.
  1751.  "Such arrogant words. I was wondering who it was, so it's the braggart!"
  1752.  A young man walked over and scoffed.
  1753.  "Fang Jin? Why, you wish to compete with me?" Recognizing the other party, Beast Tamer Luo frowned.
  1754.  "Compete? Luo Tang, do you think you are worthy of competing with me?"
  1755.  Chuckling softly, Fang Jin drove his cultivation, and his powerful aura gushed into the surroundings.
  1756.  "Half... Half-Zhizun?"
  1757.  Beast Tamer Luo widened his eyes in shock as he subconsciously retreated two steps.
  1758.  He thought that it was already a formidable feat for him to reach Zongshi realm pinnacle. To think that Fang Jin had already reached Half-Zhizun!
  1759.  The stronger a beast tamer was, the easier it was for them to win the respect of a savage beast and tame it.
  1760.  "Two years ago, we were all Zongshi realm pinnacle cultivators. Given your beast taming capability, you could be considered as one of the top of the younger generation. However, Wei Youdao, Jiang Nanping, and the rest of us have already achieved a breakthrough since then. If this is all you have, I advise you to leave quietly now so that you don't make a mockery of yourself!"
  1761.  Fang Jin looked at Beast Tamer Luo indifferently.
  1762.  "You..." Beast Tamer Luo's face turned pale. "You mean that... Wei Youdao and the others have also achieved a breakthrough in their cultivation as well?"
  1763.  There was a world of a difference between Zongshi realm pinnacle and Half-Zhizun. There were many who were stuck at Zongshi realm pinnacle for their entire life, unable to take the next step forward. How did all of them manage to achieve a breakthrough in the past two years?
  1764.  "Not only so, Wei Youdao has even reached Zhizun realm primary stage!" Fang Jin replied.
  1765.  "Zhizun realm primary stage?"
  1766.  Beast Tamer Luo clenched his fists tightly, "So what if you are stronger? What we are competing on is our beast taming skill and understanding of savage beasts. Even if you're stronger, it doesn't mean that you can just beat a savage beast into submission..."
  1767.  Dong!
  1768.  Just as Beast Tamer Luo was refuting the other party's words, the ground suddenly quaked. A thunder-like chiming of a bell suddenly boomed.
  1769.  "A bell? Crap, something huge is happening!"
  1770.  Hall Master Feng's face suddenly warped.
  1771.  Luo Tang and Fang Jin, who were in the midst of an argument, suddenly stopped their actions, and their eyes narrowed.
  1772.  There were many savage beasts reared in the Beast Hall, and in order to avoid alarming them, quietness had always been upheld here. Unless something huge happened, the bell would never be chimed.
  1773.  Its chiming meant that all beast tamers had to gather immediately to face whatever that was threatening the Beast Hall!
  1774.  What could have happened for this bell to chime all of the sudden?
  1775.  Dong dong dong!
  1776.  The bell continued chiming.
  1777.  "Quick, count the number of chimes!" Hall Master Feng urged.
  1778.  The number of chimes represented the message the Beast Hall was trying to relay to the beast tamers.
  1779.  Soon, when the chiming stopped, Luo Tang announced, "There was a total of... seven chimes!"
  1780.  Fang Jin also quickly turned his gaze to Hall Master Feng. Even though they were beast tamers as well, such incidents were rare, and their knowledge of these old traditions couldn't match up to this old head of Xuanluo Mountain Range Beast Hall.
  1781.  "Seven chimes, this is..."
  1782.  Recalling the rules surrounding the chiming of the bell, Hall Master Feng's face paled. His body trembled vigorously as he muttered, "Someone is challenging the Ten Beasts Cage? How... How is that possible?"
  1783.  "Ten Beasts Cage?"
  1784.  Luo Tang and Fang Jin glanced at one another doubtfully.
  1785.  This was their first time hearing of this term.
  1786.  "Ten Beasts Cage is actually a long and narrow metal cage. Placed within it are ten savage beasts, and the further one advanced, the stronger the savage beasts become... To pass the trial, one has to travel from one end of the cage to the other end alone within two hours..."
  1787.  Hall Master Feng's lips quivered.
  1788.  "Ten savage beasts? Alone? This... Is it even possible?"
  1789.  "It's the primal instinct of a savage beast to attack strangers on sight. If that wasn't the case, beast tamer wouldn't be such a respected occupation either. One has to travel from one end of the cage to the other end and face ten savage beasts within two hours?"
  1790.  Luo Tang and Fang Jin exclaimed in shock. Even Beast Tamer Wang was dumbstruck.
  1791.  Savage beasts had a skeptical nature, and they possessed an innate hostility toward humans. Without any unique means, one would be attacked as soon as they came within the proximity of the savage beast. On top of that, the cage was narrow, so it was impossible to avoid contact altogether.
  1792.  It was possible to subdue a savage beast within two hours, but to face ten of them consecutively? How was that possible?
  1793.  Suddenly recalling a matter, Luo Tang hurriedly asked, "Right! How strong will be the savage beasts be?"
  1794.  If the strength of the savage beasts was much weaker than the challenger, then even if there were ten of them and their strength rose progressively, it wouldn't be completely impossible to clear the trial.
  1795.  "The first four savage beasts will be a small cultivation realm weaker than the challenger. The three afterward will be of the same cultivation as the challenger. The next two will be a small cultivation realm stronger than the challenger, and the final one will be... two small cultivation realms stronger than the challenger!"
  1796.  Hall Master Feng's voice quivered as he spoke.
  1797.  "What?"
  1798.  The faces of the other three immediately turned ghastly pale.
  1799.  As beast tamers, they were well aware of how fearsome savage beasts were.
  1800.  They possessed immense physiques and frightening brute strength; in the same cultivation realm, human cultivators were definitely no match for savage beasts. Yet, at the very end, one had to face a savage beast two small cultivation realms stronger than oneself?
  1801.  Are you for real?
  1802.  "There's no doubt about it, anyone who tries to challenge will surely die... Who would do something so foolish? What does one stand to gain out of this?"
  1803.  Fang Jin couldn't help but ask.
  1804.  Intrigued, Luo Tang and the others turned to look at Hall Master Feng as well.
  1805.  It was impossible for someone to take such a risk if there was nothing to gain from it. This Ten Beasts Cage was clearly a death trap... Why would anyone even try to challenge it?
  1806.  Surely it was seeking death?
  1807.  "Of course there are benefits to it!"
  1808.  Hall Master clenched his fists so tightly that his nails were sinking into his flesh, "Anyone to succeeds will be bestowed with a drop of...
  1809.  "Spirit beast blood essence!"
  1813.  Chapter 416
  1815.  "What?"
  1816.  Luo Tang and Fang Jin's eyes immediately reddened in agitation.
  1817.  Spirit beasts possessed strength equivalent to Transcendent Mortal realm cultivators, and not only could their blood induce Bloodline Evolution in savage beasts, it could also temper a human's body, thus boosting one's strength.
  1818.  This thing was much more valuable than spirit stones.
  1819.  To think that the reward for challenging the Ten Beasts Cage was this!
  1820.  However... even though they knew now that there was such a reward, it was impossible for them to challenge the Ten Beasts Cage.
  1821.  No matter how valuable the reward was, it would be for naught if one lost one's life!
  1822.  What was the use of the blood essence if one was dead?
  1823.  "It's already difficult to triumph over a savage beast of the same cultivation realm as one, needless to say, challenging ten at once. Let's hurry over to see who... is so desperate to die." Luo Tang said, gritting his teeth.
  1824.  He was confident that he would emerge as the champion for the Beast Taming Competition, but even so, he didn't have the courage to face the ten savage beasts alone.
  1825.  Who could it be?
  1826.  To barge in just like that, even causing the chiming of the bells... Was he really tired of living?
  1827.  "Let's go over then!"
  1828.  Hall Master Feng nodded in agreement.
  1829.  Beast Tamer Wang and Fang Jin were also curious to see who that brazen fellow was.
  1830.  Thus, the group hurried toward the Beast Hall, and soon, they arrived at a vast open ground. There was an enormous crater around seven hundred to eight hundred meters wide right in front of them.
  1831.  The crater was covered by an immense steel cage, and the ten savage beasts were segregated into several groups, prowling around the area they were placed in.
  1832.  At this moment, a large group of people, attracted by the chiming of the bell, was standing at the perimeter of the crater, looking at the situation in the cage below. Their eyebrows and mouths were twitching in fear from the sight.
  1833.  There were many talented beast tamers amidst the crowd, but the sight of so many powerful savage beasts still caused their hair to stand on end.
  1834.  "And the final one is a Zhizun realm primary stage savage beast..."
  1835.  "Even a Zhizun realm intermediate stage expert would find it hard to subdue it. This... How does he intend to clear the trial?"
  1836.  "Judging from how the weakest savage beast in it is a Zongshi realm advanced stage... that means that the one challenging the Ten Beasts Cage is a Zongshi realm pinnacle cultivator! Is it Wei Youdao, Jiang Nanping, Ji Wuxin, Fang Jin, or Luo Tang? From what I know, their cultivation realms are around that level, and their beast taming capability is also up to par!"
  1837.  "You must have been living under a rock! Jiang Nanping and the others have reached Half-Zhizun, and Wei Youdao even managed to achieve a breakthrough to Zhizun realm primary stage. It's not them!"
  1838.  "Not them? Then who else could it be? Who would dare to challenge ten powerful savage beasts head on?"
  1839.  ...
  1840.  The strength of the savage beasts had caused a huge commotion among the crowd.
  1841.  The savage beast guarding the very end of the cage was a Zhizun realm savage beast... Facing it was truly a ticket to hell.
  1842.  Who would be so reckless?
  1843.  Does he not fear death, or is he tired of living?
  1844.  "To throw away one's life for a drop of spirit beast blood essence, that fellow must have a screw loose!"
  1845.  Luo Tang couldn't help but comment.
  1846.  Spirit beast blood essence is valuable, but nothing could be more valuable than one's life.
  1847.  To disregard his life and challenge this hopeless trial... Has he gone mad?
  1848.  "I know nearly all of the famous Zongshi realm pinnacle beast tamers in vicinity of Xuanyuan Kingdom... Who could it be? From what I remember, none of them are this irrational though?" Fang Jin's eyebrows knitted tightly together in contemplation.
  1849.  Judging from the strength of the savage beast, it couldn't be Wei Youdao and the others. But other than them, who could possess the capability to challenge this Ten Beasts Cage?
  1850.  Furthermore, even if it was that bunch, they probably wouldn't dare to take on this seemingly hopeless trial!
  1851.  ...
  1852.  "Challenging the Ten Beasts Cage? He sure is brazen! He's probably tired of living, and he just wants to make a name for himself before his death!"
  1853.  Amidst the crowd, a young man crossed his arms and glanced at the cage below with slight disdain in his eyes.
  1854.  It was the genius who induced fear in Luo Tang and the others, Wei Youdao!
  1855.  "Indeed. I've seen many of such people. Now, the only thing I'm curious about is whether he can even pass the first stage!"
  1856.  Another person standing beside him harrumphed.
  1857.  Another famous genius of Xuanyuan Kingdom, Jiang Nanping.
  1858.  The two geniuses were as though two radiant stars among the crowd, and privately, they were good friends as well.
  1859.  Upon hearing that someone wanted to challenge the Ten Beasts Cage, they immediately hurried over.
  1860.  They wanted to see who possessed such courage.
  1861.  As for whether that person could pass the trial or not, they thought that it was a ridiculous question.
  1862.  Putting aside the Zhizun realm savage beast at the very end which was two small cultivation realms stronger than the challenger, just in the very first stage, the challenger had to face four savage beasts which were only one small cultivation realm weaker than him. This, in itself, was already a hopeless cause.
  1863.  "The first stage consists of four Zongshi realm advanced stage Whirlwind Wolves! This savage beast moves extremely fast, and they're adept at coordinating with one another in a battle. It is already a difficult feat for a Zongshi realm pinnacle to subdue one. With four of them... They could probably even defeat an average Half-Zhizun cultivator. Zongshi realm pinnacle? Hehe, you must be dreaming!"
  1864.  Wei Youdao shook his head.
  1865.  "Indeed. That fellow will be torn to shreds in this stage!"
  1866.  Jiang Nanping shook his head as well.
  1867.  "He's asking for it anyway. Before challenging the Ten Beasts Cage, one has to sign a life-and-death agreement absolving anyone of blame if the challenger were to die in the midst of the trial. Even if he were to die, it would only be his own fault!"
  1868.  Wei Youdao harrumphed coldly. Just as he was about to continue speaking, he suddenly caught sight of something and said, "He's out!"
  1869.  Hearing his words, the crowd immediately turned their gazes onto the field below, and they saw a young man slowly walking toward the first stage of the Ten Beasts Cage.
  1870.  "This fellow looks extremely young, it can't be that he's under twenty..."
  1871.  "He's indeed young. To be able to reach Zongshi realm pinnacle at such an age, he must be incredibly talented. Why would he be in such a rush to seek death?"
  1872.  Upon seeing the appearance of the figure below, the crowd was taken aback.
  1873.  "Brother Wei, do you recognize him?"
  1874.  Jiang Nanping was also stunned.
  1875.  He knew all of the geniuses in the vicinity of Xuanyuan Kingdom, but he had never seen this fellow before.
  1876.  "I've never seen him before!" Wei Youdao shook his head.
  1877.  "To challenge the Ten Beasts Cage at such a young age, do you think that he has some ace up his sleeves?"
  1878.  Jiang Nanping frowned.
  1879.  "Ace up his sleeves? The Ten Beasts Cage has been here for more than a thousand years already, but no one has succeeded in clearing it before. No matter how many aces he has up his sleeve, it is impossible for him to succeed. He's probably just another brat who is trying too hard to impress others!" Wei Youdao waved his hands nonchalantly.
  1880.  "You're right. In the thousand years since the Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall is set up, countless geniuses have challenged the Ten Beasts Cage, but no one has succeeded before. This unknown fellow is probably just trying to earn some fame." Jiang Nanping expressed his approval of the other party's view. "I wonder, by the end of this trial, will he still have a breath in him to enjoy his fame..."
  1881.  ...
  1882.  "I-I-It's... him?"
  1883.  "How could it be him? Is he mad?"
  1884.  Contrary to the crowd's doubtful gazes, upon seeing the figure, Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang's faces immediately warped, and they nearly bit off their tongues from shock.
  1885.  "You two know him?" Surprised, Luo Tang turned his gaze over.
  1886.  "He's... the person I often speak of... Beast Tamer Zhang!"
  1887.  Biting his tongue tightly and confirming that he wasn't dreaming, Hall Master Feng fell into a daze.
  1888.  He was wondering what kind of incredible figure would challenge this impossible Ten Beasts Cage, and never in his dreams did he expect that it would be that youngster he just met a month ago... Zhang Xuan!
  1889.  Didn't this fellow head to Tianwu Kingdom?
  1890.  Why was he here?
  1891.  Furthermore... Challenging the Ten Beasts Cage?
  1892.  Didn't he know how dangerous it was?
  1893.  Furthermore... Wasn't he at Tongxuan realm pinnacle? When did he reach Zongshi realm pinnacle?
  1894.  Many doubts surfaced in Hall Master Feng's mind, jamming up his head, leaving him frenzied.
  1895.  The heck, what in the world was going on?
  1896.  "He's Zhang Xuan?"
  1897.  Luo Tang froze for a moment before sneering coldly, "You all spoke of him as though he was some kind of deity. I thought that he would be some formidable figure... To think that he's just an ignorant brat!"
  1898.  Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang had praised Zhang Xuan before him innumerable times, and this had left the proud him displeased.
  1899.  Even so, to be complimented like that by the two elders of the Beast Hall, Luo Tang thought that he would be a truly formidable figure. Yet, the other party turned out to be an ignorant brat who would charge mindlessly into the Ten Beasts Cage.
  1900.  Genius? Pui!
  1901.  Challenging the Ten Beasts Cage, you sure know how to overestimate yourself. I will watch you be torn apart by the savage beasts later on...
  1902.  Thinking so, disdain slowly appeared in his eyes.
  1903.  "Genius? You mean a genius at courting death, right?" Hearing the conversation between them, Fang Jin sneered.
  1904.  No matter how proud a genius was, they knew their limits. Even if for a drop of spirit beast blood essence, challenging the impossible Ten Beasts Cage was an absolutely idiotic decision.
  1905.  ...
  1906.  "Zhang Xuan, be careful..."
  1907.  From above, Mo Yu, Zhao Ya, and the others gazed at the situation anxiously.
  1908.  Mo Yu had been intrigued by how Zhang Xuan intended to raise his cultivation by coming to the Beast Hall. Upon hearing that he was going to challenge the Ten Beasts Cage, she immediately came to a realization... spirit beast blood essence!
  1909.  However... Even if the spirit beast blood essence could augment one's strength, was it worth going through such risk just for it?
  1910.  There are ten savage beasts, and every single one of them can easily slaughter a cultivator. Even if you manage to pass the first two stages through your extraordinary beast taming capability, what about the ones afterward?
  1911.  Half-Zhizun savage beasts and a Zhizun realm primary stage savage beast... This was a line up that even a Zhizun realm intermediate stage cultivator would be unwilling to face.
  1912.  "Teacher will surely... be fine!" Zhao Ya said.
  1913.  She possessed absolute trust in her teacher, but the dangerous sight before her still left her worried.
  1914.  "He should be fine..."
  1915.  Mo Yu nodded as well, but it seemed as though she was convincing herself instead.
  1916.  ...
  1917.  In contrast to the disdain and tense expression of those above, Zhang Xuan seemed completely relaxed.
  1918.  To exact his vengeance, Zhang Xuan would have to grow stronger. Even if he were to gather a sufficient quantity of Zhizun realm cultivation technique to form a complete Zhizun realm Heaven's Path Divine Art, he would require a huge number of spirit stones to fuel his cultivation. As such, there was only one way left for him to grow stronger swiftly... Spirit beast blood essence!
  1919.  As long as he had a sufficient quantity of it, through his Heaven's Path Golden Body 2-dan, he would be able to temper his physical body to reach Zhizun realm pinnacle in the shortest possible time.
  1920.  Spirit beast blood essence was incomparably valuable, so it was unlikely for Beast Halls to sell it to outsiders. Besides, even if it was up for sales, Zhang Xuan couldn't afford it anyway. Given his current strength, he couldn't snatch it by brute force either. Thus, the only path left before him was to challenge the Ten Beasts Cage.
  1921.  According to the books, as long as he succeeded, he would be given a droplet of spirit beast blood essence.
  1922.  Hu!
  1923.  Breathing out a mouthful of turbid gas, Zhang Xuan glanced at the four Whirlwind Wolves of the first stage and smiled faintly.
  1924.  "Come on!"
  1925.  At which, he walked forward to the four ferocious wolves.
  1926.  ...
  1927.  "He's charging straight in?"
  1928.  "Is that fellow trying to charge through via brute force?"
  1929.  "There must be something wrong with his head! One should use their beast taming capability along with their strength to challenge the Ten Beasts Cage. He should at least throw out some food or something to win the other party's goodwill before trying anything. Wouldn't he incur their anger by charging straight in?"
  1930.  "He's doomed. The Whirlwind Wolves have already been provoked..."
  1931.  ...
  1932.  The Ten Beasts Cage wasn't just about one's battling prowess. After all, it was impossible for one to defeat so many powerful savage beasts within two hours!
  1933.  The standard way was to use beast taming means to get on good terms with the savage beasts so as to pass through their area peacefully.
  1934.  Yet, without even saying anything, this fellow charged straight in as though a fool.
  1935.  Aren't you inviting the Whirlwind Wolves to tear you apart?
  1939.  Chapter 417
  1941.  "Fool!" Wei Youdao harrumphed coldly in disdain.
  1942.  Those were Whirlwind Wolves, one of the most aggressive savage beasts in the forests. Even though they only possessed a cultivation of Zongshi realm advanced stage, in a practical battle, even Half-Zhizun cultivators had to be wary.
  1943.  Yet, this fool actually charged in without any preparation... You must be joking!
  1944.  "Whirlwind Wolves fancy the meat of Flowing Wave Beast. If one were to barbecue the meat and offer it to them, one could easily earn their goodwill. But of course, that isn't sufficient to tame a Whirlwind Wolf. It would require at least two to three additional years of hard work to do so... For this fellow to charge in without any preparations, it can't be that he intends to face them straight on?"
  1945.  Jiang Nanping's mouth widened in astonishment, "How can there be such a foolish person in the world? Could it be that... he isn't a beast tamer?"
  1946.  No matter how much strength one possessed or how much zhenqi one harnessed, it was impossible for one to barge through the trial consisting of ten powerful savage beasts using brute force. One had to utilize all kinds of beast taming methods and win the other party's goodwill so as to keep it from attacking one.
  1947.  To charge straight in without any preparatory work...
  1948.  There must be something wrong with his head!
  1949.  No sane beast tamer would do this!
  1950.  "If he's truly a beast tamer, then he's a shame to all beast tamers in the world!" Wei Youdao harrumphed coldly.
  1951.  "That's right!" Jiang Nanping nodded.
  1952.  No rational beast tamer in the world would commit such foolishness.
  1953.  "Let's not talk about him. Brother Wei, how would you get past this stage?" Disregarding that mad fellow, Jiang Nanping asked curiously.
  1954.  As geniuses, the both of them were rivals. However, at the same time, they were also learning from one another and improving together.
  1955.  "Me?"
  1956.  Wei Youdao's mouth curled up, and a dazzling smile surfaced on his dashing face. "Simple, I'd offer them the barbecued meat of a Flowing Wave Beast and the spring water from the Turquoise Clarity Mountain. After which, I'd defeat the strongest one of the lot in the fastest time possible!"
  1957.  Hearing the other party's solution, Jiang Nanping couldn't help but clap his hands in praise. "Brother Wei is indeed incredible! The Flowing Wave Beast and water from the Turquoise Clarity Mountain are the favorites of the Whirlwind Wolves. Using these two things to win their fancy before striking down on one of them violently... The most attractive carrot and the most painful stick! They'd surely lose their fighting will swiftly. Brilliant, that is truly brilliant!"
  1958.  "Hehe... No matter how united savage beasts are, they're only beasts. One just has to divide them and make them lose their fighting will. The first stage actually isn't too difficult!"
  1959.  After which, Wei Youdai turned to Jiang Nanping and asked, "What about you, Brother Jiang? How will you deal with this situation?"
  1960.  "Me?" Jiang Nanping raised his right hand and pointed to the cage valiantly. "My method is different from that of Brother Wei. I'd... I'd... The heck! What is going on? How is this possible?"
  1961.  Jiang Nanping was about to explain the idea he had in mind to the other party when his eyes narrowed. Gradually, his face paled, and he nearly lost his balance and fell down from shock.
  1962.  "What's wrong?"
  1963.  Seeing his good friend losing his composure, going to the extent of even spouting vulgarities, Wei Youdao frowned. He also turned his gaze to the cage below.
  1964.  With a single look, his body trembled, and he nearly spurted a mouthful of blood.
  1965.  "Thi-this... Are my eyes playing tricks on me?"
  1966.  The duo stared at one another silently.
  1967.  ...
  1968.  "Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang, you two must be old! I told you all that Zhang Xuan couldn't be as incredible as you all put him out to be, but you all just wouldn't listen to me. See what's happening now?"
  1969.  Upon seeing Zhang Xuan diving into the group of Whirlwind Wolves, Luo Tang glanced at the two elders behind him and shook his head.
  1970.  What in the world were you all thinking?
  1971.  Do you think that this goof can represent the Xuanluo Mountain Range Beast Hall in this competition?
  1972.  And that he is superior to me?
  1973.  You must be pulling my leg!
  1974.  "It's fortunate you two didn't bring him here. Otherwise, it'd only be embarrassing!"
  1975.  Luo Tang spoke with a concerned tone, but smugness hung on the corners of his lips.
  1976.  Those two old fogeys actually compared him with this fool? They must be blind!
  1977.  "Actually, I don't mean to blame you all by saying these words. I just hope that you all won't be deceived by the lies of despicable people..."
  1978.  Halfway through his words, Luo Tang suddenly felt someone tugging on his sleeve.
  1979.  "What?"
  1980.  Luo Tang frowned. Turning around, he saw Fang Jin staring at him with a dazed expression. Fear and shock reflected in his eyes.
  1981.  "Brother Fang..."
  1982.  Luo Tang was taken aback. He was just about to ask about it when he caught sight of the scene below with his peripheral vision. In that instant, it felt as though his head exploded, and tears threatened to spill from his eyes.
  1983.  What was... this situation?
  1984.  In the cage below, the ferocious and valiant Whirlwind Wolves were standing before the young man with a fawning look. They rubbed their heads ceaselessly on the pants of the other party and licked him throughout... On top of that, they were wagging their tails so fast that it almost looked like a propeller, and it looked as though it was going to be shaken off at any time now.
  1985.  They were not attacking him... but fawning over him?
  1986.  You all are the Conquerors of the Forest, the fearsome Whirlwind Wolves, not pugs...
  1987.  Why in the world are you all acting cute?
  1988.  What are you all up to?
  1989.  "This is... Complete Submission? It's offering to form a contract with him?"
  1990.  Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Luo Tang spoke with a hoarse voice.
  1991.  It couldn't be any clearer to him that the Whirlwind Wolves, who were feared as the Conquerors of the Forest, were fawning on Zhang Xuan, hoping that the other party would take them in as his tamed beast!
  1992.  Weren't Whirlwind Wolves proud animals who refused to associate themselves with humans? Didn't taming them take several years of relentless effort?
  1993.  When did they become like dogs, stretching out their tongue and shaking their tails... waiting for someone to tame them? On top of that... Complete Submission?
  1994.  "What in the world happened?"
  1995.  Unable to comprehend the sight before him, Luo Tang turned to look at Fang Jin.
  1996.  He was too busy lecturing Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang a moment ago, so he didn't pay careful attention. He didn't think that such a huge turnaround would occur in a blink of an eye. The situation at this instant left him completely baffled.
  1997.  "That... Beast Tamer Zhang rushed into the wolves, and after pummeling them for a moment, it just... just... turned out like this!"
  1998.  Fang Jin was also on the verge of tears. He tried to explain the situation, but he realized that he had no idea what had just happened either.
  1999.  He had seen the entire proceeding clearly, but yet... despite seeing everything, he found himself even more confused than Luo Tang.
  2000.  The ferocious disposition of the Whirlwind Wolves a moment ago wasn't just a facade. Given his eye of discernment, he could at least tell this much...
  2001.  Yet, why did they suddenly change their attitudes after getting beaten up?
  2002.  He had once accompanied an elder in the Beast Hall to capture a Whirlwind Wolf, and he had seen its callous personality for himself. Sometimes, it would even launch a lethal assault on a person right after it was fed with delicacies!
  2003.  Otherwise, it wouldn't have earned the nickname 'Ingrate Wolf'.
  2004.  It was one of the hardest savage beasts to tame. Yet, it was reduced to such a state right after a round of beating...
  2005.  Can you all be any more shameless?
  2006.  Can you all be any more embarrassing than this?
  2007.  "They became like that right after a pummeling?"
  2008.  Luo Tang was also dumbfounded. He was about to enquire more about it when Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang spoke in agitation.
  2009.  "It's Beast Tamer Zhang's unique technique, [Beast Pummeling Taming Method]!"
  2010.  "Indeed! To think that he would use it here. No matter how I look at it, I can't help but be impressed!"
  2011.  "Beast pummeling taming method?"
  2012.  Luo Tang and Fang Jin stared at the duo in confusion.
  2013.  "Un, beast pummeling taming method is a unique technique that Beast Tamer Zhang's teacher came up with. As long as a savage beast is beaten up using this technique, it would immediately submit to one. Back then, during the beast tamer examination, he used this technique to tame a Half-Zongshi Viridescent Eagle on the spot."
  2014.  Seeing incomprehension in the eyes of the two, Hall Master Feng explained.
  2015.  Getting a savage beast to submit through beating it?
  2016.  What the heck?
  2017.  Shouldn't beating savage beasts trigger the rebellious streak in them?
  2018.  To submit after a pummeling...
  2019.  How in the world could there be such a bizarre beast taming technique in the world? Why did it feel as though they were dreaming?
  2020.  The duo only felt thunder rumbling by their ears, and their head was about to convulse from shock.
  2021.  ...
  2022.  "Complete Submission... He actually tamed those Whirlwind Wolves in just a few breaths?"
  2023.  At this moment, Wei Youdao and Jiang Nanping had finally recovered from their immense shock from the sight, and a dazed look appeared on their faces.
  2024.  "Even though Whirlwind Wolves are only Zongshi realm advanced stage savage beasts, they possessed incredible speed and outstanding offensive ability. They'd definitely boost one's fighting prowess significantly. That fellow is truly lucky..."
  2025.  Jiang Nanping commented in envy.
  2026.  He thought that given how rash this fellow was, he would definitely be torn to shreds by the fangs of the Whirlwind Wolves. Yet, not only was he fine, he even managed to tame four Whirlwind Wolves in a single go...
  2027.  "Indeed. I don't know what kind of secret technique he used to tame those Whirlwind Wolves, but it's an extremely fortunate affair for a beast tamer to have a savage beast willingly pledge its servitude to him. That fellow must be overflowing with joy at this moment..." Wei Youdao said.
  2028.  There were different stages to the taming of a beast: Inceptive Taming, Advanced Taming, and Complete Submission.
  2029.  Only upon Complete Submission would a savage beast willingly sign a contract and serve one. This wasn't just a show of acknowledgement by a savage beast, this was also a display of the capability of a beast tamer.
  2030.  That fellow must be feeling proud at how he managed to get the proud Whirlwind Wolves lower their heads in such a short period of time!
  2031.  Even if he failed the later stages, he would have already succeeded in making a name for himself...
  2032.  "Indeed!"
  2033.  Awed, the duo glanced downward to see the contract forming between the young man and the four savage beasts, but contrary to their expectation, the young man kicked them away impatiently.
  2034.  "Scram to the side, don't cause me trouble here!"
  2035.  Peng peng peng peng!
  2036.  Four sorrowful cries sounded as the Whirlwind Wolves were kicked to the side. Then, the young man started walking with large strides over to the next stage.
  2037.  Wuu wuu wuu wuu!
  2038.  Despite being kicked, not only did the Whirlwind Wolves not charge forward to attack Zhang Xuan out of anger, they even laid on the ground motionless, not daring to make a single move as they watched the other party off with gazes mixed with desire and frustration.
  2039.  "The heck!"
  2040.  Upon seeing this sight, all of the spectators were dumbfounded.
  2044.  Chapter 418
  2046.  Several hundred meters away from the Ten Beasts Cages stood a tall tower.
  2047.  Two elders were standing by the windows with an incredulous look on their faces.
  2048.  They were Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall's Hall Master Xie Jiuchen and Grand Elder Wei Yuqing.
  2049.  And that Wei Youdao was the grandson of this Grand Elder.
  2050.  When Zhang Xuan arrived at the Beast Hall, the first thing he did was to look for these two. To enter the Ten Beasts Cage, he needed the permission of these two.
  2051.  "Did you see his movements clearly?" Xie Jiuchen asked in disbelief.
  2052.  "I... only saw him beating up the Whirlwind Wolves. Other than that... I am unable to see through anything else!" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing's face reddened.
  2053.  As a 3-star beast tamer, his cultivation had reached Zhizun realm pinnacle, granting him vision much sharper than ordinary cultivators... He should have been able to at least comprehend the trick behind the other party's actions, yet... just like everyone else, he was also completely baffled.
  2054.  Just by thinking about it left him embarrassed.
  2055.  "His movements were too fast, so it's normal that you were unable to see anything! If I'm not wrong, on top of the means of a beast tamer, he has also utilized some master teacher techniques!" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen said with a grave face.
  2056.  "Master teacher techniques?" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing asked doubtfully.
  2057.  "Indeed. Even though it seemed as though he recklessly charged forward to attack those Whirlwind Wolves, every blow of his struck accurately on the meridians and acupoints of the other party. With just a few strikes, he managed to stimulate their cultivation, bringing their strength, which was capped by their bloodline, up to new heights!" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen explained,
  2058.  "This is similar to clearing a cultivator's meridians. After those strikes of his, even though there wasn't any visible difference to the Whirlwind Wolves, their cultivation has already grown significantly. Raising their own strength has always been a huge difficulty for savage beasts. Given how the other party is able to induce such a huge growth in their strength just through a few strikes, it's natural that the Whirlwind Wolves would submit willingly to him!"
  2059.  "This..." Wei Yuqing widened his eyes in shock.
  2060.  Even though the other party had put it simply, the difficulty in doing so was so great that it could be said to be impossible.
  2061.  Every single Whirlwind Wolf possessed a different constitution and maturity, so their physical conditions, as well as the location of their meridians and acupoints, would differ from one another. To identify them in an instant and strike on them accurately...
  2062.  What kind of eyes did the other party possess?
  2063.  How in the world did he do it?
  2064.  Putting him aside, even 4-star master teachers would be hard-pressed to do so.
  2065.  "Other than this, I can't think of any other possibilities!" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's eyes shone in agitation. "That lad might be young, but he possesses top-notch talent for beast taming!"
  2066.  "Indeed. Let's see how he'll pass the second stage!" Wei Yuqing nodded.
  2067.  To be capable of executing techniques so profound that even 3-star beast tamers were unable to decipher them, that lad was indeed impressive.
  2068.  "In the second stage, he'll have to face three Tiger Head Beast of the same cultivation realm as him."
  2069.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's face turned grim, "Different from Whirlwind Wolves, Tiger Head Beasts are solitary beasts, and they prefer to strike on their own. However, they possess formidable strength, and their bodies and claws are on the level of Phantom equipment. It wouldn't be wrong to say that... they possess invincible defense. Ordinary swords and spears can never hope to pierce through its skin!
  2070.  "It'll be hard for him to use the same method from before and strike their acupoints and meridians."
  2071.  "Indeed!" Grand Master Wei Yuqing nodded in agreement.
  2072.  As a 3-star beast tamer, he could deduce that much. Even though the four Whirlwind Wolves were fearsome adversaries, those who dared to challenge the Ten Beasts Cage were not ordinary beast tamers. At least eight to nine of the challengers would manage to get past the first stage.
  2073.  The true test... only started from here onward!
  2074.  Even though savage beasts possess superior physique, speed, and defense to cultivators of the same level, humans possessed an advantage in their intelligence and the heritage of battle techniques.
  2075.  As long as one learned several formidable battle techniques, with one's superior cultivation, it wasn't impossible to subdue four Whirlwind Wolves.
  2076.  However... Subduing three savage beasts of the same cultivation realm was clearly much harder.
  2077.  Furthermore, the Tiger Head Beast was adept at individual brawling, and its defense was invincible among those of the same cultivation realm.
  2078.  It was no joke to say that ten out of ten challengers would fail in this stage, ending up dead or crippled.
  2079.  "Prepare to save him as soon as it seems like he's in danger. Such talent is rare in the Beast Hall!"
  2080.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen felt that it was a pity to see such a talent fall here, so he passed on a command.
  2081.  "Un!" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing nodded.
  2082.  Given that even he was unable to see through the beast taming technique that the other party used, it was likely that this Zhang Xuan either had an unbelievably formidable teacher or... he possessed an eye of discernment and talent far surpassing that of others.
  2083.  Regardless of which one it was, the Beast Hall would have to protect him with all its might.
  2084.  "Look, it's starting..."
  2085.  In the midst of the conversation between the duo, Zhang Xuan was already right before the three Tiger Head Beasts, and it seemed as though a battle would trigger at any moment now.
  2086.  "Tiger Head Beasts possess a powerful physique and have a solitary and skeptical personality. It won't be as easy to tame as the Whirlwind Wolves!"
  2087.  Standing before the three massive gigantic beasts that resembled tigers, its information surfaced in Zhang Xuan's head.
  2088.  Mature Tiger Head Beasts could grow up to a height of three meters and a length of five meters. Given its impenetrable defense and massive physique, it already emanated a formidable pressure to face one, so one can only imagine the pressure of fighting three of them simultaneously.
  2089.  Even without resorting to any techniques, just its charge would be sufficient to destroy an ordinary cultivator.
  2090.  However, all of this meant nothing to Zhang Xuan.
  2091.  Even though Zhang Xuan's cultivation was still stuck at Zongshi realm pinnacle, his true fighting prowess was already equivalent to that of a Zhizun realm intermediate stage expert. Three Tiger Head Beasts truly meant nothing much to him.
  2092.  With a thought, lines of insight surfaced in Zhang Xuan's narrowed eyes.
  2093.  The form of the three gigantic Tiger Head Beasts immediately changed. The layout of their muscle, the arrangement of their bones, the pathways of their meridians, the faults in their physique... All of them suddenly appeared right before Zhang Xuan's eyes.
  2094.  Eye of Insight!
  2095.  After the Soul Tempering of a Mentor’s Calligraphy, not only was Zhang Xuan able to peer into the flaws of those a small cultivation realm stronger than him, the number of flaws he could see had also increased significantly.
  2096.  These three Tiger Head Beasts may seem imposing to the others, but all he could see were flaws all over them.
  2097.  "Let's begin then, I'll end this in an instant! So what if they're difficult to tame? My goal isn't to tame them anyway!"
  2098.  With a slight smile, Zhang Xuan stepped forward.
  2099.  His final goal was to pass the Ten Beasts Cage, not to tame the savage beasts in it.
  2100.  Rather, even if he managed to tame them and they became attached to him, that would become troublesome.
  2101.  Roar!
  2102.  He took a step forward, and with this, he stepped into the territory of the Tiger Head Beasts. With a ferocious roar, the three massive figures immediately charged forward and surrounded him.
  2103.  "Tiger Head Beasts possess outstanding defense. It'll probably be a difficult fight..."
  2104.  Wei Youdao narrowed his eyes.
  2105.  "Indeed!" Jiang Nanping nodded in agreement. "If he can break through the other party's defense, he might still stand a chance. Otherwise, he's doomed..."
  2106.  Peng peng peng peng!
  2107.  Just as the duo was talking, the young man below began exchanging blows with the three gigantic beasts.
  2108.  "He... Why did he strike the Tiger Head Beast's abdomen? Is he insane?" Jiang Nanping's face warped in shock.
  2109.  "Different from other savage beasts, the abdomen is where its defense is the strongest. It often intentionally exposes it to lure others to attack it so as to create a momentary lapse in the other party's defense to strike..."
  2110.  Wei Youdao's complexion looked awful as well.
  2111.  Most savage beasts were unable to train their abdomen, so it was usually their weak spot. However... the Tiger Head Beast was different.
  2112.  It had an additional bone at its abdomen, granting it unimaginable resilience.
  2113.  This was precisely the reason why it often used it to bait cultivators to attack it. To strike at it, one would have to get into the range of the Tiger Head Beast's offense. By then, wouldn't it be free to do as it pleased?
  2114.  Given how the youngster managed to tame the Whirlwind Wolves so swiftly, the other party should have an in-depth understanding of the habits and properties of savage beasts. How did he make such a low-level mistake?
  2115.  Not only was striking the abdomen ineffective, one would be doomed the moment the Tiger Head Beast counterattacks!
  2116.  "Look, the Tiger Head Beast is about to retaliate..."
  2117.  While the duo was frowning at that sight, the man and the beast below had already come into contact with one another.
  2118.  Upon seeing the fellow strike its abdomen, the Tiger Head Beast's eyes glowed in excitement. Its thick tail immediately reached forward to pull the young man to him.
  2119.  Yet, before its tail could reach the other party, the latter's fist had already struck its abdomen.
  2120.  Disdain and mock flashed across its eyes when a dull thud suddenly sounded.
  2121.  Peng!
  2122.  Immense force flowed through the other party's arm onto its body.
  2123.  The mock on its face froze, and its eyes widened in shock. Its tongue fell out of its mouth, and saliva started dripping uncontrollably down the corners of its mouth.
  2124.  Sou!
  2125.  The five-meter long gigantic tiger body flew backward and struck the cage.
  2126.  Peng!
  2127.  The figure of a massive tiger was imprinted on the steel cage.
  2128.  Huala!
  2129.  Then, falling from the sky onto the ground, a huge storm of dust rose. The Tiger Head Beast struggled, and large mouthfuls of vomit spilled from its mouth. It tried to get back up, but excruciating pain struck its abdomen, rendering it completely immobile.
  2130.  "What?"
  2131.  "He struck at the point where the Tiger Head Beast's defense is the strongest, and he still rendered it powerless?"
  2132.  "This... This..."
  2133.  In an instant, the spectators standing in the perimeter of the cage fell silent.
  2134.  The Tiger Head Beast possessed incredible defense. Under normal circumstances, the fist of a cultivator felt nothing more like an itch to it. Yet, to nearly kill it with a single blow...
  2135.  How did the other party do it?
  2136.  Are you sure that it is a fist, and not the leg of an elephant?
  2137.  "It's Heaven's Path Fist Art!"
  2138.  Among the crowd, Liu Yang tightened his fists and exclaimed with reddened eyes.
  2139.  This was the Heaven's Path Fist Art that teacher imparted to him. Even though the movements were the exact same as his, there was a world of difference between the might of his teacher's punch and his own.
  2140.  Given how the Zongshi realm pinnacle Tiger Head Beast was rendered powerless with a single blow, even a Zhizun realm primary stage cultivator would be unable to withstand the might of that fist!
  2141.  "Looks like I should devote more effort to it in the future..." Liu Yang made up his mind.
  2142.  "Roar..."
  2143.  Oblivious to the shock among the crowd, after sending the first Tiger Head Beast flying, Zhang Xuan turned to the remaining two.
  2144.  Upon meeting his gaze, the edges of the lips of the other two gigantic fellows immediately twitched, and they hurriedly retreated backward.
  2145.  They didn't possess the intelligence of a human, but they were no fools either.
  2146.  The one who was sent flying was the strongest of them, but... at the moment, it looked as though it might just breathe its last at any moment now. Since that was the case, how could they possibly withstand that strike?
  2147.  "Don't be scared. Let me hit you once, and we can end this here. Otherwise, if you all don't fall, I won't be able to proceed on with the trial..."
  2148.  Seeing the savage beast renowned for its ferociousness backing away from fear, Zhang Xuan was speechless. He clenched his fists and beckoned them forward.
  2149.  Padah! Padah!
  2150.  As soon as Zhang Xuan spoke those words, the sound of two heavy objects falling to the ground suddenly echoed. Then, they saw the two imposing Tiger Head Beast falling to the ground at the same moment with their four legs facing the sky. Their tongues were stuck out, and saliva flowed continuously out of their mouths.
  2151.  "..." Zhang Xuan
  2152.  "..." The crowd.
  2156.  Chapter 419
  2158.  "What's going on?"
  2159.  "Are the two Tiger Head Beasts sick?"
  2160.  "Sick my head! Can't you tell? It's obvious that they're intimidated..."
  2161.  "After the other party said that 'if you all don't fall, I won't be able to proceed on with the trial', those two fellows immediately dropped from fright..."
  2162.  After a moment of silence, an uproar burst in the area.
  2163.  They had seen savage beasts fighting resolutely against an opponent to their last breath.
  2164.  They had seen arrogant savage beasts who disregarded all that came their way...
  2165.  But they had never seen a savage beast who played dead even before the fight began...
  2166.  How scared are you both of that fellow?
  2167.  "Without making a move, he made the ferocious Tiger Head Beast so scared that they chose to play dead?"
  2168.  Luo Tang and Fang Jin nearly bit their own tongues.
  2169.  Wasn't this way too exaggerated?
  2170.  Those were Tiger Head Beasts, incomparably ferocious animals! They were existences who dared to bare their fangs against Zhizun realm experts! Yet, after witnessing a single punch, they immediately fell to the ground and allowed saliva to trickle from their lips...
  2171.  Can you all be any more shameless than that?
  2172.  What ever happened to the pride of a savage beast?
  2173.  The backbone of the Dictator of the Forest?
  2174.  The disposition of a Zongshi realm pinnacle?
  2175.  Luo Tang and the others felt as though their worldly horizons were being pushed to new boundaries.
  2176.  Ten minutes ago, they prided themselves on being invincible in the art of beast taming in Xuanyuan Kingdom. However, upon seeing Zhang Xuan, they realized how insignificant they were.
  2177.  Despite inducing Complete Submission among a group of Whirlwind Wolves within a few breaths, that fellow... kicked them away as though they were nothing.
  2178.  Alright, you might not necessarily need them, so I will grudgingly overlook it. But... to scare a Tiger Head Beast into playing dead with a single word, isn't that way too exaggerated?
  2179.  "If it were me... What would happen?"
  2180.  Putting himself in the other party's situation, Luo Tang immediately burst into tears.
  2181.  If he was the one facing the three Tiger Head Beasts, he would probably immediately fall to the ground and play dead upon hearing the other party's howl...
  2182.  Before this, he thought that Hall Master Feng and the others were going overboard praising this fellow. However, only now did he know that there was a world of a difference between this fellow and him.
  2183.  "I won't be able to do so either..." Fang Jin shook his head with a bitter smile.
  2184.  Even as a Half-Zhizun expert, he didn't stand a chance against three Tiger Head Beasts at once. Under such circumstances, the best he could do was to run as far as he could. Subduing and taming it were completely out of question.
  2185.  ...
  2186.  "The Tiger Head Beast's defense is strongest at its abdomen, but it's also where its strength originates from. Through striking at that spot with pure brute strength, that lad instantaneously destroyed its biological structure, resulting in its nausea and powerless!"
  2187.  Seeing that sight, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen widened his mouth in shock. It took him a long moment before he recovered. "After seeing the sight, the two remaining Tiger Head Beasts knew that the same plight would befall them if they were to be struck...
  2188.  "Once a savage beast loses its fighting prowess, it would be no different from dead. No matter how foolish they might be, it was clear what they should do!"
  2189.  The primal instincts of a savage beast also taught them to avoid the strong. When facing a being far stronger than itself, even the most arrogant savage beast would back down.
  2190.  "Indeed. However... to achieve this, one needs to possess more than brute strength. Above that, one has to have a complete understanding of the physique of a Tiger Head Beast so as to instantaneously determine the point of weakness among the muscles, bones, and meridians amidst its huge abdomen before one can subdue it with a single blow..."
  2191.  Grand Elder Wei Yuqing was also stunned.
  2192.  Those were Tiger Head Beasts! Even with his current strength, it was still impossible for him to instill so much fear in them with a single blow that they would play dead!
  2193.  This was no longer just a matter of possessing immense brute strength. Only those who possesses complete understanding of the Tiger Head Beast, its habits, attacking pattern, physique, and such were able to do so!
  2194.  Only then would one be able to achieve such a feat so easily.
  2195.  Was... Was he still a human?
  2196.  For a 2-star beast tamer who wasn't in his twenties yet... How in the world did he do it?
  2197.  "If I'm not wrong, he probably has a Tiger Head Beast as a tamed beast. After innumerable days and nights of companion, he managed to gain an in-depth understanding of the latter. Otherwise... it doesn't make sense at all!"
  2198.  After thinking for a moment, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen eventually spoke up.
  2199.  It was impossible for such knowledge to appear from nowhere. It was only through books and practical experience that one could gain complete understanding over something.
  2200.  Back then, there was a painter in the capital who, in order to bring out the spirit within bamboo, planted bamboos all around his house and observed them day after day. After twenty-seven years, he managed to produce a masterpiece and made a name for himself!
  2201.  In order to better understand their tamed beast, some beast tamers would choose to accompany their tamed beast day and night. Some even went to the extent of mimicking their actions so as to learn more about their habits. Through this, they were able to create cultivation techniques that complemented their tamed beast, and they were also able to earn trust from their tamed beast as well.
  2202.  Given that the other party was able to get the Tiger Head Beasts to admit defeat in an instant through means they were unable to think of, this could only mean that the other party's understanding of this savage beast had far surpassed them.
  2203.  Most probably, he had put a lot of effort into the study of Tiger Head Beasts.
  2204.  And to do so, it was likely that he had tamed one.
  2205.  "Indeed!"
  2206.  Grand Elder Wei Yuqing nodded in agreement. Then, he glanced at the cage, and worry surfaced in his eyes, "He might be able to pass this stage due to his deep understanding of the Tiger Head Beast, but the third stage won't be that easy!"
  2207.  "For the third stage, he'll have to face the Half-Zhizun [Seven Meridians Vicious Bear]
  2208.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's complexion slowly turned grim, "This kind of savage beast is extremely rare, and it's nearly impossible to tame it. Thus, it's impossible for him to have prior knowledge of it!"
  2209.  "More importantly, it possesses immense strength. Even though its cultivation is only at Half-Zhizun, it's very likely that its true strength has surpassed ten thousand ding!"
  2210.  "Un. The Seven Meridians Vicious Bear only has seven meridians in its body, but it provides them with an advantage as well. To make up for the lacking quantity of meridians in its body, its meridians grew thicker, granting it with immense strength. If not for its slow movements, it would have been surely classified as a Zhizun realm savage beast!"
  2211.  Grand Elder Wei Yuqing nodded.
  2212.  The only reason why the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear was publicly acknowledged to be a Half-Zhizun realm savage beast was because of its lacking speed. However, in terms of strength, even Zhizun realm primary stage cultivators were unable to match up to it.
  2213.  "In order to make up for the flaw of the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear, the area for the third stage of the Ten Beasts Cage is made narrower. This way, its limited speed wouldn't become too much of a problem, and the challenger won't be able to circumvent it. Given the strength of the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear, it'll be difficult for that lad to get by using the two techniques he used for the previous two stages!" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen said.
  2214.  Even though Zhang Xuan had passed the first two stages easily, there was a possibility that he might have prepared specially for them in advance.
  2215.  If he had studied the flaws of the two savage beasts intensely beforehand, it wouldn't be too difficult for him to pass the two stages.
  2216.  But the third stage was different. Due to the narrow area, it would be difficult for one to escape from the assault of the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear. On top of that, the flaw of the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear was on its back, and given the limited area, it was impossible for one to sneak to its back and strike it. Thus, one would be forced to face it straight on.
  2217.  It was one thing if Zhang Xuan's cultivation equaled with it. However, not only was the savage beast's cultivation one small realm higher than Zhang Xuan, he also had to face two at once...
  2218.  The difficulty was unimaginable.
  2219.  It was not an exaggeration to say that there was no hope of victory.
  2220.  ...
  2221.  "Most probably... His challenge will come to an end here!"
  2222.  Jiang Nanping's tightly clenched fists slowly released.
  2223.  It was true that the other party had shocked him with his feat with the Tiger Head Beasts.
  2224.  But the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear was different.
  2225.  Given the narrow space, one could only face it in a battle of strength.
  2226.  Without sufficient strength, losing... was inevitable.
  2227.  From the battle between the young man with the Whirlwind Wolves, it was clear that he was more adept in swift movements. Such cultivators often lacked strength.
  2228.  After all, it was impossible for one to be skilled in everything.
  2229.  "Even a Zhizun realm primary stage cultivator would be unable to subdue a Seven Meridians Vicious Bear. He'll... surely be unable to withstand its attacks!"
  2230.  Wei Youdao shared the same point of view.
  2231.  If the second stage with the Tiger Head Beasts could be described as dangerous, then the third one with the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear would cause despair.
  2232.  Even with its slow speed, it was impossible for a Zongshi realm pinnacle to triumph over it.
  2233.  "Let's see what weapon he'll use!" Jiang Nanping commented.
  2234.  Due to the overwhelming difficulty of the third stage, challengers were permitted to use their choice weapon from a selection provided by the Beast Hall.
  2235.  However, due to the confined space, one had to choose carefully. If the weapon was too long, one would not be able to move freely, and it would become a burden instead. On the other hand, if it was too short, it would be difficult to deal significant damage to the massive body of the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear, thus rendering it useless.
  2236.  If one didn't choose wisely, it would almost be equivalent to forfeiting.
  2237.  "He's already in front of the weapon rack. I guess he'll probably use a hammer or something similar. It allows him to launch powerful blows, and it is easy to use as well."
  2238.  "I think it should be a sharp dagger or something of the sort. It'll be much easier to use them..."
  2239.  The duo stared fixedly at the young man below as they spoke their conjectures. However, before they could finish their words, the sight below caused them to freeze.
  2240.  The youngster below simply walked past the weapon rack as though he didn't see it.
  2241.  "He didn't choose anything? What does this mean? It can't be that... he intends to face the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear barehanded?"
  2242.  "Barehanded? Is that fellow mad?"
  2243.  The Seven Meridians Vicious Bear was known for his immense strength. Through the skillful utilization of one's weapon, one might still stand a chance...
  2244.  But barehanded, how could he possibly win?
  2245.  This was no different from smashing an egg on a stone! This was courting death!
  2246.  "It's beginning... It's too late to choose a weapon now..."
  2247.  Just as the duo were shocked, the young man below had already walked into the attacking radius of the two Seven Meridians Vicious Bear.
  2248.  Roar! Roar!
  2249.  Two massive figures blocking the narrow passageway of the cage entirely roared furiously as they stared at the young man in savagery.
  2250.  As though they would tear him apart.
  2251.  "Not only does the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear possess immense strength, its defense is also top-notch. Under such circumstances, the narrow space is truly advantageous to it... This stage is a little tricky!" Zhang Xuan muttered as he looked ahead.
  2252.  There was a lot of information on the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear within the books that he assimilated to his head, and thus, he knew how fearsome and powerful these two fellows were.
  2253.  If he hadn't cultivated the Heaven's Path Golden Body 2-dan, he would surely find it difficult to face them. But now, they didn't mean much to him.
  2254.  As for weapons...
  2255.  The spear art, sword art, and saber art that Zhang Xuan learned were way too sharp and powerful. If he were to accidentally kill the other party in the midst of the battle, wouldn't the Beast Hall come after him?
  2256.  Even in Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall, Half-Zhizun savage beasts were rare.
  2257.  "Alright, I should hurry up. I still want to gather a few more drops of spirit beast blood essence..."
  2258.  Shaking his head, Zhang Xuan dashed forward. In the blink of an eye, he was already standing right before a Seven Meridians Vicious Bear. Then, with both of his hands, he grabbed the arm of one of the massive fellows.
  2259.  "Rise!"
  2260.  Howling furiously, Zhang Xuan flipped it over.
  2261.  "..."
  2262.  "What's this fighting method?"
  2263.  Wei Youdao, Jiang Nanping, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen, Grand Elder Wei Yuqing, and the others were dumbfounded by the sight.
  2267.  Chapter 420
  2269.  "Roar? Roar? Roar?"
  2270.  The Seven Meridians Vicious Bear was dumbstruck as well.
  2271.  It thought that dealing with a Zongshi realm cultivator would be a walk in a park, but before it could even process what was going on, the fellow had already rushed up to him and flipped him over.
  2272.  "What are you roaring for?"
  2273.  The voice of a young man echoed before the head of the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear smashed onto the metal cage.
  2274.  Peng peng peng peng!
  2275.  Its massive body kept coming into intimate contact with the metal cage; sometimes, it would be the left side of his head, sometimes it would be the right side. The continuous smashing left its head spinning, and it was on the verge of spurting blood.
  2276.  The other Seven Meridians Vicious Bear clearly didn't expect this fellow to be so ferocious and powerful, bashing its companion around easily. It immediately prepared to charge forward to assist its companion.
  2277.  "You wish to save it? Here you go!"
  2278.  Before the other bear could charge up to the young man, a light chuckle sounded, and a massive shadow came flying straight toward it.
  2279.  It didn't have any time to react before it was struck squarely in the face, and the two bears came crashing to the ground.
  2280.  "Do you two admit defeat?"
  2281.  With his hands placed in his pockets, Zhang Xuan casually walked over to the two light-headed massive beasts.
  2282.  Roar!
  2283.  The second Seven Meridians Vicious Bear bellowed once more, and prepared to counterattack. However, Zhang Xuan simply shook his head, grabbed its arm, and started smashing it against the metal cage.
  2284.  Peng peng peng peng!
  2285.  Large holes appeared on the ground and the metal cage.
  2286.  Gathering all of its strength, the first Vicious Bear, whose head was still turning from Zhang Xuan's prior assault, weakly got to its feet, but at that moment, its companion, held by Zhang Xuan as though a club, was sent flying straight into it.
  2287.  Padah!
  2288.  Not too long later, the two massive fellows finally caved in. They lay on the ground faint-headed, devoid of the strength to climb back up.
  2289.  Challenging me in a contest of strength?
  2290.  You must be jesting!
  2291.  Having cultivated Heaven's Path Golden Body 2-dan, Zhang Xuan possessed a total strength of 15000 ding. No matter how strong those two fellows were, they didn't stand a chance against him.
  2292.  "To render the Tiger Head Beast who is known for its outstanding defense powerless with a single fist, and throw around the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear who is known for its unparalleled strength so easily..."
  2293.  "Is he still a human?"
  2294.  "Is he really just a Zongshi realm pinnacle cultivator?"
  2295.  ...
  2296.  The surroundings were completely silent.
  2297.  Everyone thought that the other party must have a screw loose to challenge the Ten Beasts Cage, but at this moment, it couldn't be any clearer that he had the power to back it up!
  2298.  What Whirlwind Wolves, Tiger Head Beasts, or Seven Meridians Vicious Bears...
  2299.  Despite their fearsome reputation, they seemed no different from little chicks before him. They were sent flying about at his whim.
  2300.  "His cultivation is really Zongshi realm pinnacle, just that... he seems to be using pure physical strength!"
  2301.  It took a very long time before Hall Master Xie Jiuchen could shut his gaping mouth.
  2302.  Previously, as the other party subdued his opponents swiftly through technique, he failed to notice it. But this time, the other party was clearly using strength beyond that of an ordinary Zongshi realm pinnacle, and there wasn't even the slightest zhenqi disturbance from him...
  2303.  To think that on top of his understanding of savage beast and outstanding eye of discernment, that lad's strength would be at a fearsome level as well.
  2304.  "It shouldn't be just his strength itself... Given how he was so able to hold onto the Vicious Bear's arm so easily, he probably... used some technique as well!" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing said.
  2305.  "Indeed. Even though the Vicious Bear's movements are slow, it is still a Half-Zhizun savage beast, and it has adapted over time to make up for its flaws. To be able to render it unable to retaliate so easily, his grip probably isn't as simple as it seems. Most probably, he held onto the savage beast's acupoint to prevent it from exerting strength!"
  2306.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen was already at a complete loss for words.
  2307.  Under normal circumstances, even if one were to grab onto the arm of a Seven Meridians Vicious Bear, given the savage beast's massive physique and overwhelming strength, how could it possibly allow one to throw it around so easily?
  2308.  Thus, it was highly possible that the lad had held onto the Vicious Bear's vitals with his grip.
  2309.  This vital was probably something similar to the mingmen of human cultivators. Once grabbed, it would render it completely powerless.
  2310.  "Hall master, do you think that it is possible that... he has been raising a Seven Meridians Vicious Bear?" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing asked.
  2311.  Previously the hall master said that it was likely that the other party had raised a Tiger Head Beast given his deep understanding of its physique.
  2312.  Given how that lad was able to find the flaw on the Seven Meridian Vicious Beast so quickly as well... Could it be that he had been raising one as well?
  2313.  "Cough cough..."
  2314.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's face turned red, and he nearly choked to death on his saliva.
  2315.  It was common to for a beast tamer to rear a tamed beast at home, but a bunch?
  2316.  It wasn't like the other party was operating a zoo. How could he possibly be rearing Whirlwind Wolves, Tiger Head Beasts... and now, a Seven Meridians Vicious Bear as well?
  2317.  "He has passed through three stages already. Perhaps, this Zhang Xuan may become the first beast tamer in our Beast Hall to pass the Ten Beasts Cage!"
  2318.  Knowing that continuing on the prior topic would just embarrass him, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen chuckled awkwardly and changed the topic.
  2319.  There were people in the Beast Hall who challenged the Ten Beasts Cage before, but most of them couldn't even pass the second stage. Yet, that lad was able to pass three stages as easily as though eating and drinking. Perhaps, he might be able to do the same for the fourth stage as well.
  2320.  "Indeed, hall master. It seems like you'll have to prepare a set of spirit beast blood essence!" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing chuckled.
  2321.  The reward for a successful challenge of the Ten Beasts Cage was a drop of spirit beast blood essence. Given how easily the other party passed the prior stages, it was likely that he would succeed in a single go. By then, the Beast Hall would have to present the prize to him.
  2322.  "Hehe!" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen stroked his beard and chuckled. "If a beast tamer can pass the Ten Beasts Cage, that can only mean that the talents in our Beast Hall are becoming more and more formidable. It's just a drop of spirit beast blood essence, it's nothing much! Not only will I present it to him, I'll also announce that if any other geniuses were to pass the Ten Beasts Cage, they'll be entitled to the same prize as well, and perhaps even more than that!"
  2323.  For the past thousand years, there hadn't been a single person who had passed Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall's Ten Beasts Cage. There were also very few successful challengers in the other Conferred Kingdom Beast Halls. With this record, he would be able to keep his head up high when meeting the other hall masters.
  2324.  On top of that, he could also motivate the other geniuses to work harder. This matter was beneficial to the Beast Hall.
  2325.  "Indeed!" Understanding this point, Grand Elder Wei Yuqing nodded.
  2326.  Just as he was about to continue speaking, his gaze suddenly turned grim. "Look, he's about to challenge the final stage!"
  2327.  At that moment, all of the spectators turned their gazes to the cage below.
  2328.  After rendering the two Seven Meridians Vicious Bears helpless, Zhang Xuan continued to proceed forward, and before long, he reached the final stage of the Ten Beasts Cage. Standing in front of him was Zhizun realm primary stage... Steel-armed Gold Ape!
  2329.  "Steel-armed Gold Ape has a physique similar to that of a human, and this grants them agility and dexterity comparable to that of a human. On top of that, they possess superior strength, such that even a typical Zhizun ream intermediate stage cultivator would not be a match for it!"
  2330.  "Zhang Xuan is probably in for a difficult battle!"
  2331.  Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang glanced at one another, and they saw the worry in each other's eyes.
  2332.  To be honest, they had a good impression of this Beast Tamer Zhang.
  2333.  Even though he was capable, he remained humble, unlike Luo Tang, who went around boasting despite knowing nothing at all.
  2334.  The first three stages, the Whirlwind Wolves, Tiger Head Beasts, and Seven Meridians Vicious Bears, were only skilled in a single aspect. It was still possible for Zhang Xuan to exploit their flaws to achieve victory.
  2335.  But not only did this Steel-armed Gold Ape possess a high cultivation, it was also an all-rounder, it had nearly no flaws that one could make use of.
  2336.  Battling a Zhizun realm primary stage cultivator would be much less difficult than fighting against it.
  2337.  "There's no need to think too much into it. Beast Tamer Zhang's strength has already surpassed our understanding. Maybe... he might really be able to achieve victory!"
  2338.  Hall Master Feng shook his head.
  2339.  A month ago, when he first met this Beast Tamer Zhang, the other party was only a Tongxuan realm cultivator. But in the short span of a month, the other party had already reached Zongshi realm pinnacle, and his fighting prowess was even beyond that of the Half-Zhizun realm Seven Meridians Vicious Bear.
  2340.  His strength had already far surpassed them.
  2341.  They wouldn't be surprised if an expert of Zhang Xuan's level were to possess such aces up his sleeves.
  2342.  Under the worried gazes of the duo, Zhang Xuan walked up to the Steel-armed Gold Ape.
  2343.  The Steel-armed Ape had watched how Zhang Xuan defeated the other savage beasts, and it could tell that even though he was still young, he wasn't an easy opponent at all. Thus, without any hesitation, it immediately dashed forward without any warning to launch the first blow.
  2344.  Boom!
  2345.  As expected of a Zhizun realm primary stage savage beast, its might far exceeded that of the previous few savage beasts Zhang Xuan faced. Before its fist could reach Zhang Xuan, the shock wave from its punch had already ripped the air in the surroundings apart with sheer force.
  2346.  "Powerful!"
  2347.  Zhang Xuan's face turned grim. He hurriedly faced it with a fist of his own.
  2348.  Peng!
  2349.  The two fists collided together, and both sides retreated several steps simultaneously.
  2350.  "Hmm?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.
  2351.  He didn't think that the Steel-armed Ape would be able to stand toe-to-toe with his Heaven's Path Golden Body 2-dan.
  2352.  Even though the previous savage beasts were famed for their fighting prowess, their true strength still paled far in comparison to Zhang Xuan. Yet, the Steel-armed Ape was able to clash head-to-head with him, and this in itself proved testimony to its fearsome might.
  2353.  Hu hu!
  2354.  That single blow seemed to have incited the Steel-armed Ape's excitement. With speed as swift as a bolt of lightning, it dashed toward Zhang Xuan once more.
  2355.  Just like the rumors, it possessed far superior reaction speed and agility as compared to those of the same cultivation realm, thus instilling a sense of helplessness in those who stood before it.
  2356.  Peng peng peng peng!
  2357.  Clashing several times, Zhang Xuan was forced to retreat continuously.
  2358.  "This isn't good. That fellow is extremely strong, and his defenses are hard to break as well. Even a momentary lapse in judgement could result in my loss, needless to say, defeating it!"
  2359.  Zhang Xuan frowned.
  2360.  In the end, Zhang Xuan's zhenqi cultivation was still at Zongshi realm pinnacle. The only reason why he could face the other party was due to his powerful physical body.
  2361.  However, the difference between Zongshi to Zhizun didn't just lie in strength. Currently, Zhang Xuan's reaction speed still couldn't match up to Zhizun realm expert.
  2362.  This made it difficult for him to keep up with the other party's movements.
  2363.  If the other party was only a small cultivation realm higher than him, he could still use the Eye of Insight to deduce his next movement. However, the Steel-armed Ape was two small cultivation realms above Zhang Xuan, rendering the technique useless.
  2364.  Given that Zhang Xuan couldn't predict its next move, and he couldn't keep up with the other party's movements, with just his physical strength, it was indeed difficult for him to triumph over it.
  2365.  But of course, if this was a life-and-death battle, through using the Heaven's Path techniques, Zhang Xuan could still kill the other party easily.
  2366.  "Flaws!"
  2367.  Knowing that it was difficult to defeat the other party barehanded, Zhang Xuan immediately made up his mind. With a thought, a book appeared in the Library of Heaven's Path. He quickly browsed through the contents of the book.
  2368.  "So that's the case..."
  2369.  After reading the contents, the edges of Zhang Xuan's lips curled up.
  2370.  ...
  2371.  "He might be strong, but it will be difficult for him to triumph over the Steel-armed Gold Ape!" Watching the battle, Grand Elder Wei Yuqing commented.
  2372.  As a Zhizun realm pinnacle cultivator, he was able to gauge the flow of the battle accurately.
  2373.  It was clear that Zhang Xuan was in a disadvantageous position.
  2374.  "It isn't just difficult, it is impossible... To think that despite clearing the first three stages so smoothly, he will fall here. It's truly a pity!"
  2375.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen shook his head in lamentation.
  2376.  He was looking forward to the first successful challenger of the Ten Beasts Cage here, but in the end, it seemed like his hopes wouldn't be realized.
  2380.  Chapter 421
  2382.  Zhang Xuan had probably learned some kind of incredible body tempering cultivation technique, allowing his physical strength to reach ten thousand ding, thus granting him the ability to challenge those beyond his cultivation realm.
  2383.  However, the Steel-armed Golden Ape wasn't an easy opponent!
  2384.  Its greatest advantage lay in that it was an all-rounder. It had no flaws regardless of which angle one was looking from. Even though that young man wasn't weak, he didn't stand a chance at all.
  2385.  As the battle continued on, flaws would only start appearing in the young man's movements, thus providing the Steel-armed Ape an opening to strike at.
  2386.  In Hall Master Xie Jiu Chen's view, if Zhang Xuan didn't have anything else, his loss would be inevitable.
  2387.  "It's truly a pity..."
  2388.  Grand Elder Wei Yuqing also came to the same verdict, and he sighed as well. Just as he was about to speak, the edges of his mouth suddenly twitched. "Hall master..."
  2389.  He didn't need to speak any further. Hall Master Xie Jiuchen had also seen the sight, and his face turned pale, and his eyeballs were about to pop out from their sockets.
  2390.  Unknowingly, the atmosphere between the man and the beast who were still fighting intensely below a moment ago suddenly turned amiable, as though they'd been buddies for several decades.
  2391.  The ferocious Steel-armed Golden Ape, which was trying to tear Zhang Xuan into shreds a moment ago, was currently patting Zhang Xuan's shoulder with a brotherly look that seemed to be saying 'I'll cover you'.
  2392.  Not only were the duo shocked, the other spectators were also completely bewildered by this sudden situation.
  2393.  This... What was going on?
  2394.  Just a moment ago, they were still trying to rip each other apart. Yet, in the blink of an eye... such a matter happened?
  2395.  Even if you two knew each other before, you should at least give some signs of it. What is with that sudden change in attitude?
  2396.  "During the battle, I saw the young man whisper some words telepathically to the Steel-armed Golden Ape, and the latter's attitude immediately changed! What words could he have said to induce such an abrupt change?" Jiang Nanping said in bafflement.
  2397.  Ever since he missed out on the first twist with the Whirlwind Wolves, he had been looking intently on the situation before, not daring to avert his eyes in fear of missing out a single detail.
  2398.  Thus, even though the change in the attitude of the human and the beast was swift, he still noticed some details——
  2399.  When the Steel-armed Ape had the upper hand, the lips of the young man quivered slightly, and it seemed like he had spoken some words telepathically.
  2400.  Then... the ferocious savage beast's attitude changed all of a sudden.
  2401.  "I also saw it... But could one sentence really cause the attitude of the Steel-armed Golden Ape to change so rapidly? This... should be impossible, right?"
  2402.  Even so, Wei Youdao was still puzzled by the situation.
  2403.  "I also think that it's impossible, but... have you seen someone taming Whirlwind Wolves into cute domesticated dogs just by beating them up? Have you seen someone who made Tiger Head Beasts play dead with a single punch?" Jiang Nanping argued.
  2404.  "This..." Wei Youdao's face stiffened.
  2405.  Honestly, if he hadn't witnessed this sight himself, he wouldn't even dare to entertain the possibility.
  2406.  Even so, he still felt doubtful about the situation. He wondered if the savage beasts had intentionally gone easy on him, even though he knew that it was impossible given the fairness of the Beast Hall.
  2407.  "However, even if that fellow earned the goodwill of the Steel-armed Golden Ape, it should be impossible for it to let him pass just like that! The Steel-armed Golden Ape is the tamed beast of Elder You, and since it has already promised to guard the final stage and prevent all challengers from getting past it, it should probably fulfill its responsibility..."
  2408.  Taking another glance below, Wei Youdao still wasn't able to make sense of the situation.
  2409.  Even if that fellow used some trick to make the savage beasts in the cage go easy on him, it was impossible for the same trick to work on the Steel-armed Golden Ape.
  2410.  After all, this was the tamed beast of Beast Hall's Elder You! It had already given its promise to guard the final stage to its dying breath. That fellow might have succeeded in persuading the Steel-armed Golden Ape against fighting, but this didn't mean that it would allow him to pass!
  2411.  Before Wei Youdao could finish his words, the crisp voice of the young man below suddenly echoed in the air.
  2412.  "Brother Ape, I need you to step aside so that I can pass!"
  2413.  The Steel-armed Golden Ape nodded hurriedly, and without any hesitation, it immediately cleared the path. Then, it lifted its gigantic hands to bid the young man farewell.
  2414.  "I think... it just chose not to fulfill its responsibility..." Jiang Nanping said.
  2415.  "..." Wei Youdao.
  2416.  ...
  2417.  Zhang Xian bade farewell to the Steel-armed Golden Ape.
  2418.  No flaws could hide itself from the Library of Heaven's Path. The Steel-armed Golden Ape was born with some deficiencies, and Zhang Xuan had given him the solution to the problem. Putting aside giving way for him to pass through, even if he were to tell it to become his tamed beast at this moment, it would surely accept the request.
  2419.  As long as a savage beast hadn't been completely tamed and a contract wasn't established yet, there would not be any problems in changing owners.
  2420.  It was just like the situation with the Viridescent Eagle. Even though Mo Yu had paid an exorbitant price to cultivate trust with it, it still betrayed her for Zhang Xuan after a beating.
  2421.  Before long, Zhang Xuan reached the end of the Ten Beasts Cage. Lifting his hand, he touched the wall at the end of the road and a brilliant radiance shone.
  2422.  Ten Beasts Cage trial, success!
  2423.  "He has... passed just like that? How long did he take?" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen couldn't help but ask.
  2424.  "This..." Grand Elder Wei Yuqing's lips quivered and he said, "Probably... around half a tea's time!"
  2425.  "Half a tea's time?" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's eyebrows twitched.
  2426.  Under normal circumstances, challenging the Ten Beasts Cage would take two hours.
  2427.  A tea's time is equivalent to a quarter of an hour.
  2428.  And in half a tea's time, an eighth of an hour, the other party subdued ten savage beasts and passed all four stages...
  2429.  "More importantly... Most of the time expended was spent on walking. Counting the time that he was facing the savage beasts... it adds up to a total of only several dozen breaths!" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing continued.
  2430.  Passing the Ten Beasts Cage in half a tea's time was already an astounding feat. On top of that, to think that he only spent several dozen breaths against the savage beasts...
  2431.  If not for witnessing this sight personally, if his subordinate dared to report such a matter to him, he would surely have the other party punished for lying so blatantly to him...
  2432.  "Hall Master Xie, does this count as a pass?"
  2433.  Just as his eyes were twitching non-stop from shock, a young man walked up toward him.
  2434.  "You've passed, you've passed..." Hall Master Xie Jiuchen nodded vigorously.
  2435.  If this wasn't a pass, what could be considered as one?
  2436.  "Then... my spirit beast blood essence!"
  2437.  The young man stared at him.
  2438.  "Let's head to the balcony on top. I want to present it to you before the crowd!" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen smiled.
  2439.  It was a glorious affair for someone to pass the Ten Beasts Cage under his leadership, so naturally, he wanted to advertise the matter.
  2440.  "Alright!"
  2441.  Knowing the other party's motive, Zhang Xuan nodded silently.
  2442.  Soon, the group reached the balcony.
  2443.  "Fellow beast tamers and friends of the Beast Hall, I believe all of you have witnessed this young man's valiant challenge of the Ten Beasts Cage."
  2444.  Upon reaching the balcony, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen took a jade box from one of the elders' hands, surveyed the surroundings below, and announced with a clear voice.
  2445.  "Incredible!"
  2446.  "I wonder what that beast tamer's name is. He shall be my idol from now on! I shall work hard with him as my goal."
  2447.  "With him as your goal? Don't you think that you are being a little too ambitious here? You'll only end up despairing in the future. In my opinion, you should just aim for Jiang Nanping and Wei Youdao. Or else, Luo Tang, Fang Jin, and the others will do as well!"
  2448.  "... That makes sense!"
  2449.  A commotion broke out below.
  2450.  Upon hearing the discussions, Luo Tang, Fang Jin, Wei Youdao, and Jiang Nanping, who were vehemently vying for the top spot a moment ago, turned red in embarrassment. If there was a hole in the ground at that moment, they would surely have dived in instantly.
  2451.  They thought that they stood at the very top of Xuanyuan Kingdom, but with this... they realized that the other party was way out of their league!
  2452.  Clearing the Ten Beasts Cage in half a tea's time, such a result was sufficient to leave them in despair.
  2453.  "According to the rules of the Beast Hall, the reward for clearing the Ten Beasts Cage is a drop of spirit beast blood essence. Since Beast Tamer Zhang has succeeded in the challenge, I'll present him with the reward now!"
  2454.  Hal Master Xie Jiuchen's voice reverberated in the surroundings.
  2455.  He opened the jade box, and a droplet of blood swirling within a bottle appeared in everyone's view. It seemed to exude the majesty of an unparalleled expert, exerting a strong pressure on those within its vicinity.
  2456.  Spirit beast blood essence!
  2457.  "Beast Tamer Zhang, congratulations!"
  2458.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen presented the jade box over to Zhang Xuan with a bright smile.
  2459.  "Un!" Zhang Xuan grabbed the jade box.
  2460.  His main goal at the Beast Hall was this, and having achieved his primary objective, he was in good spirits.
  2461.  "From today onward, I hope that everyone can view Beast Tamer Zhang as their role model and cultivate diligently. The Ten Beasts Cage trial shall always be open to all beast tamers to prove their capability!"
  2462.  Knowing that this was an ideal occasion to promote the matter, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen stroked his beard and chuckled, "No matter who it is, as long as one passes the trial, the Beast Hall will bestow a droplet of spirit beast blood essence to them!"
  2463.  "I believe I need not explain the significance of spirit beast blood essence to beast tamers! So, work hard. As long as you give it your all, the sky is the limit..." Hall Master Xie Jiuchen declared grandly.
  2464.  Honestly speaking, his words were extremely motivational.
  2465.  When everyone saw the reward, they saw the possibility of them standing in Zhang Xuan's place...
  2466.  As soon as the voice came to a halt, an uproar broke out below. Many of the younger beast tamers had their faces red in agitation, and their hands were tightly clenched together.
  2467.  The spirit beast blood essence was extremely useful to both human and savage beast alike. Every single droplet was worth a fortune, and there was no beast tamer who could resist such a reward.
  2468.  Since someone else passed the Ten Beasts Cage, why can't I do the same?
  2469.  In a moment, a wave of excitement swept across the crowd.
  2470.  "Hall Master, I would like to challenge the Ten Beasts Cage as well!"
  2471.  "I want to give it a try too..."
  2472.  In just a few breaths, more than a dozen beast tamers had already rushed up to the tower.
  2473.  Seeing the motivated faces below, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen nodded in satisfaction. Just as he was about to speak, the young man beside him kept the spirit beast blood essence in his storage ring and started staring at him intently.
  2474.  "Hall master, since everyone can challenge the Ten Beasts Cage, it shouldn't be a problem for me to attempt it once more, right?"
  2475.  The two drops that he obtained by Lin Ruotian only granted him a strength of 9999 ding. He didn't even manage to reach Zhizun realm.
  2476.  Even if this single drop were to help him to break through his bottleneck, he would still be a far way off from Zhizun realm pinnacle.
  2477.  If he wanted to avenge Lu Chong, he needed to possess at least strength of that level.
  2478.  Thus, he needed much more spirit beast blood essence.
  2479.  "What did you say?"
  2480.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen was taken aback by Zhang Xuan's question, and for a moment, he couldn't react.
  2481.  "I said that... I want to challenge the Ten Beasts Cage again!" Zhang Xuan said.
  2482.  "You want to challenge it again?" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's lips twitched. "Didn't you just pass the challenge?"
  2483.  "That's right. However, you just said 'No matter who it is, as long as one passes the trial, the Beast Hall will bestow a droplet of spirit beast blood essence to one'. I need a lot more spirit beast blood essence, so I would like to continue challenging it!" Zhang Xuan replied seriously.
  2484.  "Continue challenging it?"
  2485.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's body swayed vigorously.
  2486.  You successfully completed the challenge in just half a tea's time. If you were allowed to attempt it again and again, wouldn't our Beast Hall fall into bankruptcy?
  2487.  Given how valuable spirit beast blood essence was, even Xuanyuan Kingdom's Beast Hall didn't have too much of it...
  2488.  "Indeed!" Zhang Xuan nodded seriously. He started taking out his fingers and started calculating. "Don't worry, I won't get too greedy. Just allow me to challenge it another twenty times!"
  2489.  "..."
  2490.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's body swayed, and he nearly fell over the railing of the balcony.
  2494.  Chapter 422
  2496.  Twenty? And you said that you aren't greedy?
  2497.  Do you know how many drops of spirit beast blood essence are there in our Beast Hall?
  2498.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's face was turning green.
  2499.  If only he'd known the intentions of this Beast Tamer Zhang in advance, he wouldn't have made his previous declaration so valiantly.
  2500.  He had just said that anyone who successfully clears the trial will receive a droplet of spirit beast blood essence, and this fellow immediately raised the topic.
  2501.  Why did it feel as though he was tricked?
  2502.  If he were to challenge it again and again, wouldn't the Beast Hall have to present him with spirit beast blood essence again and again?
  2503.  Even with the thousand years of heritage behind Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall, spirit beast blood essence was still an extremely limited commodity. If that fellow was allowed to do as he pleased, the Beast Hall would surely fall into bankruptcy!
  2504.  When other people challenged the Ten Beasts Cage, even if they were able to clear, it would likely to be a close call, and they would often have to remain in bed for three to five months to recuperate.
  2505.  Yet, this fellow passed the challenge as though he was just strolling in the gardens. Not only was he fine... he even managed to collect a group of savage beast minions.
  2506.  Just look at that, the sweetly smiling Steel-armed Golden Ape was still waving to him continuously, and it seemed as though its hands would tear off at this rate...
  2507.  And not too far away, the Whirlwind Wolves were still staring at him with looks of desire.
  2508.  Desire your head!
  2509.  It had been awhile since they were captured under Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's orders, but due to their arrogant personality, most of the young beast tamers were unable to tame them. That was why he chose to put it in the Ten Beasts Cage as one of the stages...
  2510.  Yet, after a beating, not only were they not angry, they stared at Zhang Xuan with a look of desire. Did they really crave for a beating so much?
  2511.  He could already see that if Zhang Xuan were to be allowed to continue on, at this rate, not only would the Beast Hall go bankrupt, all of the savage beasts within would also become his...
  2512.  What kind of monster was this?
  2513.  "Since hall master has agreed to it, I'll go down right now. Honestly speaking, the Ten Beasts Cage is quite an interesting challenge!" Taking the other party's silence as consent, Zhang Xuan prepared to leap down.
  2514.  He urgently needed the twenty droplets of spirit beats blood essence, and he had no time to waste. Since he had already decided on the matter, he planned to get it over and done with quickly.
  2515.  "Wait a moment..."
  2516.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen hurriedly walked over to stop him. With an awkward smile, he said, "There's no hurry. You have just cleared the Ten Beasts Cage, so you must be exhausted. Why don't you rest first? We can talk about it afterward!"
  2517.  "There's no need for that, I'm not tired! Actually, this challenge is also a form of training to me, so there's no need for Hall Master to worry for me." Zhang Xuan nodded.
  2518.  Worry...
  2519.  Who the heck is worried about you!
  2520.  I am worried that you would collapse the entire Beast Hall...
  2521.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen hurriedly waved his hands, "I know that Beast Tamer Zhang possess extraordinary talents in beast taming, and challenging it consecutively isn't a problem for you. But... gathering so many powerful savage beasts isn't an easy feat... Even if you're not exhausted, you should allow the savage beasts to rest for a moment."
  2522.  "Rest?"
  2523.  Glancing downward, Zhang Xuan asked, "Are any of you tired?"
  2524.  The Whirlwind Wolves, Tiger Head Beasts, and Steel-armed Golden Ape hurriedly shook their heads.
  2525.  "Look, they're not tired!" Zhang Xuan said.
  2526.  "..." Hall Master Xie Jiuchen felt light-headed.
  2527.  Say, how can someone as capable at beast taming as you lack EQ?
  2528.  Isn't my intention clear enough? I don't want you to challenge the Ten Beasts Cage, why can't you get the hint?
  2529.  "Cough cough, Beast Tamer Zhang. Perhaps you don't understand the hall master's words. What he means to say is that since you have already cleared the Ten Beasts Cage once, you shouldn't challenge it again. There's not much significance to it like that!"
  2530.  Seeing the conversation between the two, Grand Elder Wei Yuqing couldn't help but interject.
  2531.  "I can earn a droplet of spirit beast blood essence every time I clear it. This is extremely important to me!" Zhang Xuan replied with a serious expression.
  2532.  Of course there is a significance to it! If not, I would not have been so bored as to travel this far just to challenge it.
  2533.  "You..."
  2534.  Grand Elder Wei Yuqing's face turned gray in frustration. He had tried to beat around the bush, but the other party revealed his intentions straight...
  2535.  How the hell can we continue talking if you are going to be just like that?
  2536.  "Alright, I know that you'll definitely clear the challenge. However, the opportunity must be given to the other beast tamers as well. Thus, let's drop the matter!"
  2537.  Unable to hold it any longer, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen waved his hands and made up his mind.
  2538.  "This..." Zhang Xuan frowned.
  2539.  He'd learned about the Ten Beasts Cage from a book in the Beast Hall, so he traveled the distance here to challenge it. He thought that if he could do it twenty consecutive times, he would have sufficient spirit beast blood essence to fuel his Heaven's Path Golden Body 2-dan. Yet, the other party simply turned him down.
  2540.  "It's alright if you don't allow me to challenge it as well!"
  2541.  After a moment of hesitation, Zhang Xuan glanced at the duo and said, "I urgently require nineteen more droplets of spirit beast blood essence. Regardless of through buying or trading, I have to obtain them."
  2542.  "You still need nineteen more droplets?"
  2543.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen and Grand Elder Wei Yuqing glanced at one another, light-headed.
  2544.  Why in the world would he need so much spirit beast blood essence? To boil a stew?
  2545.  Normal savage beasts would find it difficult to even absorb a single droplet of the blood essence. Yet, you asked for twenty at a single go... Are you trying to build an army of savage beasts?
  2546.  "It's possible for us to sell some to you. A single droplet of spirit beast blood essence costs five spirit stones. However, as you're a beast tamer, we can give you a discount and charge you four spirit stones!" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen said.
  2547.  "Four spirit stones for a single droplet?" Zhang Xuan widened his eyes. "Forget it, I guess I'll challenge the Ten Beasts Cage after all. You all should hurry up and make preparations!"
  2548.  He was also trying to find spirit stones to raise his cultivation as well!
  2549.  Four spirit stones for a single droplet... Why don't you rob a bank?
  2550.  Grabbing onto his chin, Zhang Xuan started to calculate, "Since spirit beast blood essence is so expensive, after challenging the Ten Beasts Cage twenty times, I don't really need anymore. If so, I can sell them back to you. If I challenge it a hundred times in a day, I can earn 400 spirit stones. Continue that for a month and I'll have more than ten thousand spirit stones..."
  2551.  "..."
  2552.  The two leaders of the Beast Hall felt frenzied.
  2553.  Brother, must you be so determined to wreck our Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall?
  2554.  What kind of grudge do you have against us?
  2555.  "Alright, enough! We can give twenty droplets of spirit beast blood essence to you, but we have a condition!"
  2556.  Feeling so stifled that his chest was about to burst apart, an idea suddenly appeared in Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's mind. He gestured grandly and harrumphed.
  2557.  If he were to allow the other party to do as he pleased, not only would the Beast Hall fall apart, he would also become a laughingstock of the other Conferred Kingdom Beast Halls in the surroundings.
  2558.  "A condition?"
  2559.  "That's right. Our Beast Hall has just captured a savage beast, but it's proving difficult to tame. If you can find a way to tame it for the Beast Hall's usage, we'll be willing to give you ten additional droplets on top of your twenty!"
  2560.  "But of course, if you fail, you are not to bring up the matter of challenging the Ten Beasts Cage anymore!"
  2561.  "Ten additional droplets?" Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up. "Alright, I agree to your condition!"
  2562.  Judging by how the other party kept pushing the matter down, it would be impossible for him to continue challenging the Ten Beasts Cage. Since the other party had already raised this condition, he would be a fool to not accept it.
  2563.  Ten droplets were equivalent to forty spirit stones. It was a profitable business to earn this massive sum just by taming a savage beast.
  2564.  "If you don't agree to it, I'll take it as you have forfeited the rights yourself. So, don't ever mention the matter of challenging the Ten Beasts Cage ever again..."
  2565.  Yet to process Zhang Xuan's reply, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen continued on. But halfway through, he suddenly paused, and his eyes slowly widened. "What did you say? You agree to it?"
  2566.  "That's right. Why shouldn't I agree to it?" Zhang Xuan asked.
  2567.  "But... Do you know what savage beast you are going to tame? Why would you agree to it so readily?" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen was overwhelmed by so much shock that he was about to tear off his beard.
  2568.  Even a 3-star beast tamer, a Zhizun realm pinnacle expert, like himself was unable to tame the savage beast, yet you agreed to the matter so readily?
  2569.  Initially, he was only thinking of using this matter to deter the other party from bringing up the matter of challenging the Ten Beasts Cage ever again. After all, since even he was unable to tame it, he didn't think that the other party was capable of doing so either.
  2570.  Yet, before he could finish his words, the other party had already agreed to the matter.
  2571.  "Who cares what savage beast it is!" Zhang Xuan waved nonchalantly.
  2572.  Honestly, to Zhang Xuan, the type or strength of the savage beast didn't matter to him.
  2573.  What he was concerned about was whether he could earn sufficient spirit beast blood essence.
  2574.  "... Alright!"
  2575.  Seeing how confident the other party was, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen hesitated for a moment before nodding his head.
  2576.  The truth of the situation wasn't too far from what Hall Master Feng deduced. The reason why the Beast Taming Competition was suddenly brought forward was to bring all of the geniuses from the various kingdoms over here to brainstorm on a method to tame that savage beast.
  2577.  Given how talented the fellow before him was, especially after seeing how he tamed a group of Whirlwind Wolves in the blink of an eye... Perhaps, he might really have a solution to their problem.
  2578.  As long as he could tame that savage beast, even thirty droplets of spirit beast blood essence weren't a big deal.
  2579.  "Let's go then. I'll bring you to meet it!"
  2580.  Coming to a decision, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen decided not to dawdle on it. He called for an elder and gave him some instructions before leading Zhang Xuan and Grand Elder Wei Yuqing to the depths of the Beast Hall.
  2581.  Knowing that this was an opportunity for him to earn more spirit beast blood essence, Zhang Xuan hurriedly followed behind him without much hesitation.
  2582.  "Teacher!"
  2583.  "Young master!"
  2584.  Along the way, Zhang Xuan met Zhao Ya, Sun Qiang, and the others, who were waiting outside for him.
  2585.  "Let's go together then!"
  2586.  There weren't many things Zhang Xuan needed to hide from these people. Thus, he invited them to tag along, and they soon arrived at a vast courtyard.
  2587.  The courtyard was surrounded with high walls that were around a dozen meters thick, similar to city walls. The interiors were slightly blurred, and with a single glance, one could tell that a formidable formation was set up within.
  2588.  "The savage beast is just inside! I'll just say it first, it isn't too late for you to back down now."
  2589.  The group came to a stop right outside the courtyard. With a grim expression, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen said, "The savage beast is actually a [Nightmare Beast]. Our Beast Hall paid a heavy price before we were able to capture it. Due to the hint of Dragon Bloodline it possessed, it has an extremely arrogant nature, making it nearly impossible to tame it."
  2590.  "Nightmare Beast? A Half-Transcension savage beast?"
  2591.  Zhang Xuan was taken aback.
  2592.  Having assimilated the knowledge from the books in the Beast Hall, Zhang Xuan possessed knowledge of the savage beast.
  2593.  It was known as the number one strongest savage beast beneath that of spirit beasts. Possessing a hint of Dragon Bloodline, it wielded incredible strength. Even Transcendent Mortal 1-dan primary stage experts would find it hard to face!
  2594.  To think that the Beast Hall would actually manage to capture such a powerful beast, it was truly incredible!
  2595.  "Indeed. This fellow has a ferocious nature, and it'll be difficult to even approach it. I can bring you to meet it, but if you find yourself stumped, just give up. Don't take the risk. But of course, once you give up, you mustn't bring up the matter of challenging the Ten Beasts Cage ever again." Hall Master Xie Jiuchen raised his conditions.
  2596.  He was afraid that the other party would turn his attention back to the Ten Beasts Cage after realizing that he was unable to tame the Nightmare Beast. If so, all of his efforts would be in vain.
  2597.  "Let's go in and take a look!" Zhang Xuan prompted.
  2598.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen and Grand Elder Wei Yuqing nodded. They found the entrance to the formation and led the crowd in.
  2599.  The courtyard was vast, and on top of the formation, a massive metal cage specially crafted by blacksmiths were laid out within. If a savage beast were to be trapped within it, it would be nearly impossible to escape.
  2600.  After circling around the courtyard, they finally reached the perimeter of the metal cage. Within it, they saw a five-meters tall and ten-meters long massive savage beast lying quietly on the ground. Upon noticing the presence of outsiders, its eyes immediately turned red, and it released a deafening roar.
  2604.  Chapter 423
  2606.  Its roar was so loud that it threatened to burst the ear drums of everyone present.
  2607.  Of the group, Yuan Tao, Sun Qiang, and the others who had weaker cultivation jolted upon hearing the roar. Their faces paled, and their bodies swayed weakly from side to side.
  2608.  It seemed like they were injured just by the powerful roar itself.
  2609.  "You all should leave first!"
  2610.  Knowing that a powerful savage beast could kill one with its roar by itself, Zhang Xuan shook his hands.
  2611.  Sun Qiang, Yuan Tao, and the others hurriedly left.
  2612.  "This is the Nightmare Beast!"
  2613.  A grim expression appeared on Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's face.
  2614.  The Nightmare Beast was simply too strong; even he wasn't a match for it. If not for the sturdy cage, the unique formation, and the multiple layers of traps laid out in the courtyard, it would have already escaped.
  2615.  Spirit beasts possessed wisdom that was not inferior to a human in any way. Upon reaching this level, they could already cultivate on their own to raise their cultivation.
  2616.  Even though the Nightmare Beast before them had not reached the level of a spirit beast yet, it was not too far from reaching that level. On top of that, it possessed a trace of Dragon Bloodline, augmenting its already fearsome prowess. If not for the unique circumstances, it would have been impossible for the Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall to capture it.
  2617.  "It's injured?"
  2618.  Zhang Xuan glanced at it briefly before frowning.
  2619.  "Un!" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen nodded.
  2620.  The 'unique circumstances' referred to this fellow being injured, thus giving them an opportunity to strike.
  2621.  However, judging from its rate of recovery, it should be able to fully recover in less than a month. If they didn't tame it within this period of time, it would surely escape from their grasp by then.
  2622.  This was precisely the reason why they went to the extent of pushing forward the Beast Taming Competition just to try and find a viable method to tame it.
  2623.  "Its internal injuries came from its failed attempt at breaking through the bottleneck of a spirit beast!" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen explained.
  2624.  Zhang Xuan nodded.
  2625.  That was indeed the case.
  2626.  Even without the Library of Heaven's Path and Eye of Insight, just based on his knowledge of savage beasts, he could tell this much.
  2627.  At Half-Transcension, be it humans or savage beasts, they would hope to take the one last step to reach a higher order of existence.
  2628.  This Nightmare Beast forcibly pushed itself to make that breakthrough, but it failed and a rebound occurred, reducing it to its current state. Unable to move, it could only roar to instill fear in its enemies.
  2629.  Otherwise, if a Half-Transcension savage beast were to go on a rampage, even a Half-Transcension cultivator would be unable to withstand its might. It would have been completely impossible for Xie Jiuchen and the others to capture it and lock it here.
  2630.  "As long as you can find a viable method to tame it, we'll do it ourselves. If it works, we'll give you thirty droplets of spirit beast blood." Xie Jiuchen explained the terms of this exchange.
  2631.  Given that young lad's strength, it would be impossible for him to tame a Half-Transcension savage beast.
  2632.  Thus, he only asked for a viable solution.
  2633.  If he deduces it to be feasible, all of the 3-star beast tamers would cooperate together to carry it out. As long as they succeed, no price was too heavy to pay.
  2634.  If they were to tame a savage beast of this level, the strength of the entire Beast Hall would be brought to whole new heights.
  2635.  In contrast, thirty spirit beast blood essence wasn't a heavy price at all.
  2636.  "Find a viable method?"
  2637.  Not expecting the other party's request to be so simple, Zhang Xuan was taken aback.
  2638.  Delighted, he gestured, "Alright, go over and knock that fellow out then. After I observe him, I'll give you a viable solution to the matter!"
  2639.  The Nightmare Beast was too strong, so the Eye of Insight was ineffective against it. On the other hand, for the Library of Heaven's Path to be triggered, the other party had to execute a battle technique or... be knocked out.
  2640.  Given how that fellow couldn't even stand up, it was impossible for it to execute a battle technique. The roar couldn't be considered as a battle technique as well.
  2641.  Thus, the only way to activate the Library of Heaven's Path was to knock it out.
  2642.  Only then could Zhang Xuan determine a viable taming method through its flaws.
  2643.  "Knock that fellow out?"
  2644.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen and Grand Elder Wei Yuqing thought that the other party might have some brilliant situation, so their ears were pricked to listen to whatever he had to say. However, after hearing those words, their eyelids twitched.
  2645.  That fellow possessed the Dragon Bloodline! Knock it out?
  2646.  They had to have the capability to do it first!
  2647.  Those of the Dragon Bloodline possessed outstanding recovery capability, and their defenses were far superior to other savage beasts. Even a Half-Transcension expert couldn't knock out a Half-Transcension savage beast easily, needless to say, them.
  2648.  "You can't do it?"
  2649.  Zhang Xuan's eyebrows shot up.
  2650.  Given that the other party couldn't demonstrate battle technique, and they couldn't knock it out either, this situation was a little tricky.
  2651.  "You should... think of another solution!" Xie Jiuchen said.
  2652.  Zhang Xuan scratched his head.
  2653.  There were many beast taming techniques, but given how even the experienced hall master was unable to come up with anything feasible, how could he have any ideas?
  2654.  The usual method Zhang Xuan used was to raise the other party's strength through the Heaven's Path zhenqi, but given the huge disparity in strength, the effects of the Heaven's Path zhenqi would be minimal.
  2655.  He wouldn't be able to earn the other party's goodwill through inducing such insignificant growth.
  2656.  "My opinion is still to... knock it out!"
  2657.  After a long moment, Zhang Xuan could not find any good ideas. Thus, he could only reiterate his stand.
  2658.  "..." Xie Jiuchen and Wei Yuqing.
  2659.  "Actually, we've also thought of a feasible solution, but we aren't able to carry it out!"
  2660.  A long while later, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen suddenly spoke.
  2661.  "Oh?" Curious, Zhang Xuan turned his gaze over.
  2662.  "Since the Nightmare Beast attempted the breakthrough, it must know the method to do so. Such methods are normally left behind by ancient spirit beasts, and if we can find a beast tamer skilled in ancient beast language, he might be able to earn its respect. If so, it would be much easier to tame it." Hall Master Xie Jiuchen said.
  2663.  "Ancient beast language?"
  2664.  "Un. While beast tamers can converse with their own tamed beast, it is still extremely inconvenient for them to communicate with other savage beasts. Back then, Empyrean Kong shi left behind a [Beast Language Scroll], and as long as one learns it, one would be able to speak with spirit beasts freely. This fellow isn't a spirit beast, but it's already extremely close to that level. On top of that, it also possesses a hint of the Dragon Bloodline, so it should be capable of basic conversation in that language. Otherwise, it wouldn't be able to learn of the method left behind by ancient spirit beats either."
  2665.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen eyes gradually grew grim, and he spoke slowly, "If there were someone among us who was skilled in it, we'd be able to converse with it and know what it wanted. If so, taming it would be much easier."
  2666.  Zhang Xuan nodded in agreement.
  2667.  There was some information on the ancient beast language through the books in Xuanluo Mountain Beast Hall.
  2668.  However, there were very few people who were adept in it, and most of them were high-ranked beast tamers.
  2669.  This was precisely the reason why these beast tamers could win the trust of savage beasts easily, and make them listen to them.
  2670.  "Does our Beast Hall have books on the ancient beast language?"
  2671.  Zhang Xuan couldn't help but ask.
  2672.  "We do have some, but most of them are from a faraway era. On top of that, most of them are just the deductions of our predecessors, and we've no way of determining whether they are authentic or not." Xie Jiuchen shook his head bitterly.
  2673.  Even though the complete heritage of ancient beast language had slowly disappeared, some sounds of words still remained in circulation. However... these were useless by itself. Putting aside whether they were real or not, it was impossible to determine their meaning just by the sound itself.
  2674.  Countless predecessors of the Beast Hall had tried studying it, but most of the words originated from legends, and their meanings were lost. On top of that, some of these legends were fabricated, and it was impossible to discern truth from falsehood. Realizing the impossibility of the task, everyone eventually chose to give up on it.
  2675.  Hearing those words, Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.
  2676.  "Can you bring me over to take a look?"
  2677.  Others might not be able to discern truth from false, but he was different!
  2678.  With the Library of Heaven's Path, as long as they were in written form, it was a walk in the park for him to determine what was true and what was false!
  2682.  Chapter 424
  2684.  "You want to look at those books?"
  2685.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen and Grand Elder Wei Yuqing glanced at one another in confusion.
  2686.  The ancient beast language sounded incredible, but its heritage had already been lost. The possibility of learning it through books was zero.
  2687.  Even if the content of the book was authentic, without a tutor to guide one, it was impossible for one to verbalize the sound out accurately.
  2688.  What made things worse was that each word of the ancient beast language had a special zhenqi circulation method to verbalize it. Without it, it was impossible to pronounce it accurately, especially with a human's sound box.
  2689.  Countless predecessors of the Beast Hall had devoted their lives in an attempt to decipher the language, but none had succeeded. Yet, this fellow said that he wanted to browse through those books to learn the language so leisurely... Did he really think that he could master it just by reading through those?
  2690.  "Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded.
  2691.  "This..." Hall Master Xie Jiuchen hesitated. Knowing the impossibility of the task, he tried to talk Zhang Xuan out of it, "Studying the ancient beast language isn't something that can be accomplished all of a sudden. Without a proper tutor, I'm afraid that you might accidentally injure yourself..."
  2692.  "I'm just taking a casual look. If, by chance, I were to succeed, perhaps I'll be able to tame this fellow!" Zhang Xuan smiled.
  2693.  Hearing the other party insisting on the matter, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen frowned in displeasure.
  2694.  Given how the other party cleared the Ten Beasts Cage so easily, his talents and strength were definitely top-notch. But why would a genius like him choose to do something so pointless and foolish?
  2695.  Do you think that the ancient beast language is something one can grasp just by reading books?
  2696.  If that was the case, there wouldn't be so little beast tamers who knew the ancient beast language.
  2697.  By chance... If it were possible to succeed by chance, they wouldn't be in such a dilemma.
  2698.  You must be jesting!
  2699.  "Fine. Elder Wei, lead him there. Feel free to browse through the books of the Beast Hall. However, I won't tolerate you making a fuss over the Ten Beasts Cage after this!" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen said, suppressing his displeasure.
  2700.  "Alright!" Zhang Xuan nodded.
  2701.  Even though the Beast Hall had many savage beasts, it was still nigh impossible for them to gather a sufficient number of them for Zhang Xuan to challenge the Ten Beasts Cage another nineteen times. The reason why Zhang Xuan insisted on the matter previously was to force the other party to compromise.
  2702.  After observing the Nightmare Beast for a while longer, Zhang Xuan was still unable to come up with a better idea, so he decided to follow behind Grand Elder Wei Yuqing to the library.
  2703.  "The books on the ancient beast language are placed randomly throughout the library, feel free to browse through them!"
  2704.  As the duo reached the library, Grand Elder Wei Yuqing gestured to the massive collection of books inside.
  2705.  He shared the same thoughts as Hall Master Xie Jiuchen. To think of learning the ancient beast language just by reading books... You must be dreaming!
  2706.  If it was that easy to take it on, beast tamers adept in the ancient beast language wouldn't be so valued.
  2707.  Grand Elder Wei Yuqing left with a look of disappointment on his face. Zhang Xuan noticed it, but he didn't pay it any heed. In any case, he would prefer to be left alone here anyway.
  2708.  The Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall's library was much larger than that of the Xuanluo Mountain Range branch. Countless books were placed upon tall bookshelves that extended all the way to the limits of one's sight. Since Zhang Xuan was already here, he might as well just collect all of the books within. Thus, placing his fingers on the first book on the first row, he started running.
  2709.  ...
  2710.  "Seems like he's still too young. His outstanding accomplishment has led to his complacency!"
  2711.  Returning to the courtyard, Grand Elder Wei Yuqing shook his head.
  2712.  "Considering how he was able to become a 2-star beast tamer and could face a Zhizun realm savage beast despite his young age, it is no wonder that he would become complacent. But still, to attempt to learn the ancient beast language just by browsing through books, he is underestimating the occupation!"
  2713.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen said with a slight frown on his face.
  2714.  Initially, he bore great expectations of this young man... However, after hearing the solution the other party came up with, all of his goodwill for the other party vanished.
  2715.  Knocking the Nightmare Beast out... You must be pulling my leg!
  2716.  To tame a savage beast, one had to learn its habits, likes, dislikes, and such. Forcibly knocking the other party out would only incur its resentment.
  2717.  That fellow had a proud nature. It was already difficult to tame, and if they were to really knock it out, the possibility would probably drop to zero.
  2718.  "Indeed!" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing nodded in agreement.
  2719.  "Let's not talk about him. How are the challengers of the Ten Beasts Cage faring?" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen asked.
  2720.  While the group was tending to the Nightmare Beast, the Ten Beasts Cage had been busy as well.
  2721.  Many of the geniuses who came to Xuanyuan Kingdom were stirred by Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's speech, and they were spurred to give it a try.
  2722.  "I took a look before coming here, and the challengers... aren't doing too well!" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing flashed a bitter smile.
  2723.  After bringing Zhang Xuan to the library, he took a look, and the sight he saw brought a bitter smile to his face.
  2724.  Beast Tamer Zhang had pummeled the Whirlwind Wolves and easily passed the first stage previously, even winning their admiration in the process of doing so. As though emulating his success, the first few challengers also charged straight at the Whirlwind Wolves. However... they ended up as the one being pummeled instead, and two of them were even nearly gnawed to death.
  2725.  One of the more formidable geniuses managed to get past the Whirlwind Wolves and proceeded on to face the Tiger Head Beast.
  2726.  He imitated Zhang Xuan's strategy and struck the other party's abdomen. The result? His arms almost fell off from the rebound, and the momentary opening from that nearly turned him into a lump of meat paste.
  2727.  In less than an hour, more than ten geniuses had already fallen. On top of that, the majority of them didn't even clear the first stage.
  2728.  Even the famous Jiang Nanping, Fang Jin, and Luo Tang had given it a try. A handful of them was even stronger than Zhang Xuan, but they were still defeated in the first stage.
  2729.  Those wolves were obedient as though pugs before Zhang Xuan, so the challengers didn't think of them as a threat. Yet, when it came to them, they showed their true might as predators of the forest.
  2730.  "If it were that easy to clear the Ten Beasts Cage, there wouldn't be no successful challenger for the past thousand years!"
  2731.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen seemed to have anticipated this result, and he shook his head in lamentation.
  2732.  He knew very well the difficulty of the Ten Beasts Cage. He didn't underestimate it just because Zhang Xuan cleared it easily.
  2733.  "Un!" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing nodded. At this moment, he suddenly recalled a matter and said, "Right, the ruckus Beast Tamer Zhang caused by challenging the Ten Beasts Cage is too great. I'm afraid that... even if we were to host the Beast Taming Competition now, there wouldn't be much point to it!"
  2734.  "Oh?" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen fell into deep contemplation.
  2735.  "Beast Tamer Zhang is young, and he meets the prerequisites for the Beast Taming Competition... After he cleared the Ten Beasts Cage, his prestige has soared. Under such circumstances, there won't be much point in winning the champion seat..." Grand Elder Wei Yuqing smiled bitterly.
  2736.  "You mean that... everyone views Beast Tamer Zhang as their goal? So, even if we conduct the Beast Taming Competition and someone wins the champion seat, as long as the champion doesn't clear the Ten Beasts Challenge, he won't be recognized by the masses?"
  2737.  Xie Jiuchen came to a realization.
  2738.  If the jade that came before was too radiant, it would dull the glow of those trailing behind.
  2739.  This Beast Tamer Zhang was clearly such a jade.
  2740.  He cleared the Ten Beasts Cage in a single go, breaking the thousand year record of Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall. Even if someone were to be hailed as the champion of the Beast Taming Competition, as long as he doesn't clear the Ten Beasts Cage, the prestige of his achievement would surely be compromised.
  2741.  "Indeed!" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing nodded.
  2742.  "This..."
  2743.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's smiled bitterly.
  2744.  Actually, it wasn't that he'd neglected this matter. It was just that, from the very start, he didn't expect that fellow to clear the Ten Beasts Cage, let alone clearing it so easily!
  2745.  "Since that's the case, pass down an order saying that... the content of the Beast Taming Competition this time around will be the Ten Beasts Cage. Whoever passes the challenge will be the champion!" After hesitating for a moment, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen continued, "Also, check which branch does Beast Tamer Zhang belong to. If no one clears the Ten Beasts Cage... He'll be declared as the champion!"
  2746.  "Alright!" Wei Yuqing nodded.
  2747.  This was the only solution left.
  2748.  If Zhang Xuan knew that he could win the champion seat on top of earning the spirit beast blood essence through challenging the Ten Beasts Cage, it would be hard to say what he would feel.
  2749.  However, at this very moment, a helpless frown was etched deeply on his forehead.
  2750.  After a day of hard work, he finally collected all of the books in the Beast Hall into the Library of Heaven's Path.
  2751.  Upon doing so, he thought that it should be easy for him to compile all of the ancient beast language books to create an accurate manual on the language. However... after taking a look, he finally understood why Xie Jiuchen and Grand Elder Wei Yuqing didn't think well of him.
  2752.  The predecessors had indeed left behind many books on the ancient beast language, and written in these books were their personal insights on the verbalization of the language. However... after verifying the contents with the Library of Heaven's Path, Zhang Xuan realized that the words that were authentic... numbered less than ten!
  2753.  How could one communicate with savage beasts with less than ten words?
  2754.  To think that there would be only ten correct words in several hundred ancient beast language books...
  2755.  It was no wonder that no one succeeded. With this level of accuracy in the ancient texts, it would take a miracle for one to successfully learn the language.
  2756.  "Seems like learning the ancient beast language is impossible..."
  2757.  Zhang Xuan shook his head in disappointment.
  2758.  If he had mastered the ancient beast language through the Library of Heaven's Path, it would be much easier for him to tame savage beasts in the future. However, from the looks of it now, it seemed like he had underestimated the matter.
  2759.  The ancient beast language was a creation of Kong shi, and if one could learn it that easily, there would not be so many stumped beast tamers in the world.
  2760.  "Hmm? There seems to be another book on the ancient beast language over there..."
  2761.  Just as Zhang Xuan was about to leave the library to convince Xie Jiuchen to knock out the Nightmare Beast, his eyes suddenly caught sight of a book lying in the corner of the room.
  2762.  It was a thick book with the word 'Language' written in an ancient script on its cover.
  2763.  As it was placed in a remote corner, he didn't notice it previously.
  2764.  He walked over and took it out.
  2765.  This book was around ten fingers thick, and a thick layer of dust cloaked its cover. Its pages had a yellowish tint, hinting at a long history behind them. It seemed to have been placed here for innumerable years, unnoticed by any.
  2766.  "Flaws!"
  2767.  Touching it, a similar book appeared on the shelves within the Library of Heaven's Path.
  2768.  "Hmm? This isn't ancient beast language?"
  2769.  Flipping it open, Zhang Xuan was taken aback.
  2770.  Written within the book was the introduction of a unique language, as well as the way to verbalize it. However, there was a clear distinction between it and the ancient beast language. The book didn't reveal what exactly was that language, and the details provided by the Library of Heaven's Path didn't reveal anything significant about its origin either.
  2771.  "There is a total of three correct words!"
  2772.  Zhang Xuan flipped through the book.
  2773.  There were thousands of words described in the ten-fingers thick book, but after verification from the Library of Heaven's Path, there were only three correct ones.
  2774.  "Compile!"
  2775.  Zhang Xuan gathered all of the correct portions to form an entirely new book.
  2776.  "I should try these three words first..."
  2777.  Taking a deep breath, Zhang Xuan drove his zhenqi according to the circulation method derived from the book through the Library of Heaven's Path.
  2778.  "Moo!"
  2779.  A sound echoed, and the world around Zhang Xuan seemed to tremor violently for an instant. At the same time, his body swayed, and the sight before him turned dark.
  2780.  "What... kind of language is this? How can it be so fearsome?"
  2781.  The immense energy expenditure from verbalizing that single word had nearly knocked him out. He quickly took deep breaths to recover.
  2782.  Just verbalizing a single sound had nearly sapped his zhenqi dry. On top of that, his instincts told him that if not for his incredibly pure Heaven's Path zhenqi, even with the knowledge of the correct verbalization method, he wouldn't have been able to verbalize that sound.
  2783.  After studying the ancient beast language, he realized that even though it was difficult to verbalize the words, it wasn't too hard to speak fluently once one grasps the correct zhenqi circulation method. This logic seemed to apply to the mysterious language as well.
  2784.  But just verbalizing a single sound had nearly caused him to pass out! That was way too fearsome!
  2785.  "It is said that the more formidable a language is, the more difficult it is to verbalize it. It will have a high requirement on the purity of one's zhenqi as well. Could this language have some kind of impressive background to it?"
  2786.  Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.
  2787.  Even though he was bewildered by the existence of such a mysterious language, his bewilderment did little to dampen his agitation.
  2788.  Having read innumerable books, he knew that humans weren't the only race in the Master Teacher Continent. There were innumerable other races, and each of them had their own unique language; the more formidable a race is, the more powerful their words will be. At the same time, there would be a higher requirement on the purity of one's zhenqi to verbalize those words.
  2789.  On this aspect, Heaven's Path zhenqi stood at the top, even among the ranks of superior zhenqi.
  2790.  But despite this, Zhang Xuan was still unable to sustain the expenditure from voicing out the words. What kind of language did these three words originate from for them to be so powerful?
  2791.  After studying it for half a day, he realized that he couldn't interpret the contents of the ancient book. In fact, he couldn't even read a single word. Thus, he shook his head and gave up.
  2792.  "Given that I have only learned a few words, I can't depend on the ancient beast language anymore..."
  2793.  Zhang Xuan thought that he could return accomplished with the ancient beast language in his arsenal.
  2794.  "But in any case, I should still try and see if I can hoodwink the Nightmare Beast with these words. It would be good if I succeed. Otherwise, I'll have to look for other solutions!"
  2795.  Stretching his back lazily, Zhang Xuan walked out of the library and headed toward the courtyard where the Nightmare Beast was housed.
  2796.  Even though he had only learned a few words, through the Library of Heaven's Path, he was certain that these were authentic words from the ancient beast language. Perhaps, he might be able to convince the other party with just these words.
  2797.  If, on the off chance, he succeeds, he would be able to earn thirty spirit beast blood essence immediately.
  2798.  Otherwise, he would have to find a way or another to knock the Nightmare Beast out.
  2799.  "Beast Tamer Zhang!"
  2800.  Soon, he arrived at the courtyard. Before walking in, he saw many figures walking anxiously about the previously remote courtyard.
  2801.  The huge group of beast tamers that he saw above when he was clearing the Ten Beasts Cage were all here.
  2802.  "What happened?"
  2803.  Zhang Xuan walked in doubtfully, and he immediately saw two familiar figures amidst the crowd.
  2804.  "Beast Tamer Zhang!"
  2805.  The other party also saw him, and they walked up to him.
  2806.  "Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang, why are you two here?"
  2807.  Zhang Xuan was perplexed.
  2808.  These two were the beast tamers from the Xuanluo Mountain Range branch, Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang.
  2809.  "Why are we here?" Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang coughed. "The Beast Taming Competition has been brought forward, but we weren't able to contact you. Thus, we came here in advance!"
  2810.  "The Beast Taming Competition has been brought forward?" Zhang Xuan blinked his eyes in surprise.
  2811.  If the other party hadn't raised this matter, he would have already forgotten the issue.
  2812.  Ever since arriving at Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall, he immediately rushed to the Ten Beasts Cage. Right after that, he went to the courtyard to meet the Nightmare Beast before busying himself at the library. As such, he had no way of knowing that the Beast Taming Competition had been brought forward.
  2813.  Besides, he didn't explicitly agree to the competition then. Thus, he didn't pay much attention to the matter.
  2814.  "You didn't know?"
  2815.  Seeing the confused expression on the other party's face, the two great beast tamers swayed.
  2816.  "I didn't!" Zhang Xuan confirmed their suspicions.
  2817.  "But... you are the champion of the competition!" The two beast tamers scratched their heads in frenzy.
  2818.  Are you for real? Just a moment ago... Hall Master Xie Jiuchen announced that Zhang Xuan was the champion of the Beast Taming Competition!
  2819.  He even specially visited them to offer his congratulations...
  2820.  Despite being the champion, Zhang Xuan actually didn't even know that the competition had been brought forward...
  2821.  Can you get any more confused than that?
  2822.  "Champion? What champion?"
  2823.  Not only were the duo baffled, Zhang Xuan was also bewildered by the situation as well.
  2824.  I don't even know when the competition is held, how in the world did I become the champion?
  2825.  "The content of the Beast Taming Competition this time is the Ten Beasts Cage. Of all of the participants, you're the only one who succeeded... So naturally, you became the champion!"
  2826.  Seeing that the other party really knew nothing at all, Hall Master Feng could only explain the situation speechlessly.
  2827.  To think that even someone as confused as him could become the champion, he was truly speechless.
  2828.  For every single competition, their Xuanluo Mountain Range branch would always go around searching for talents to vie for a good placing. Yet, they had never succeeded...
  2829.  This time, they managed to win the championship, yet the candidate himself didn't even know what was happening.
  2830.  "I see... Is there any prize for the champion?"
  2831.  After hearing that he became the champion just because he challenged the Ten Beasts Cage, Zhang Xuan was speechless. But soon, recalling something, his eyes lit up.
  2832.  Becoming the champion wasn't anything much to him, what he was more concerned about was the reward!
  2833.  If he could win twenty or thirty spirit beast blood essence, he could spare himself much hassle.
  2834.  "The reward is five spirit stones. I have already claimed it for you, you can check on it!"
  2835.  At which, Hall Master Feng took out a narrow jade box. Opening it, five spirit stones placed side by side appeared before Zhang Xuan's eyes.
  2836.  "Just these?"
  2837.  Zhang Xuan thought that he would be able to earn generous rewards by winning the championship. Yet, for the reward to be only five spirit stones, the Beast Hall was truly miserly.
  2838.  However, no matter how little the reward was, it was still useful to him. There was no reason for him to reject it.
  2839.  After keeping the spirit stones into his storage ring, he glanced at the surroundings and asked, "What's happening? Why are so many people gathered here?"
  2840.  Yesterday, when he came, a formation was set up here, and no outsiders were allowed to enter. Why did the situation become like that all of the sudden?
  2841.  "The Beast Hall caught a Half-Transcension savage beast, and they wish to tame it. However, they had been unable to find a feasible method to do so. The reason why the pushed forward the Beast Taming Competition was to gather the hall masters, elders, and talented beast tamers from all around Xuanyuan Kingdom here to brainstorm on a viable method to tame the Nightmare Beast!" Hall Master Feng explained.
  2842.  The motive of pushing the competition forward was for this savage beast. Since the competition was already over, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen decided to gather all of the beast tamers here to brainstorm over this matter.
  2843.  This led to the current commotion outside of the courtyard.
  2844.  "Oh!" Zhang Xuan came to a realization.
  2845.  It seemed like the other party didn't think that he would succeed in learning the ancient beast language.
  2846.  But it was no wonder why the other party would think so. Even with the prowess of the Library of Heaven's Path, Zhang Xuan had only found a few correct words. It would take a miracle for anyone to learn the language through those books.
  2847.  "Has anyone succeeded yet?" Zhang Xuan asked.
  2848.  "No one has succeeded yet. A Half-Transcension savage beast is too strong, the possibility of succeeding is extremely low..."
  2849.  Shaking his head, Hall Master Feng sighed.
  2850.  Even a 3-star beast tamer like Hall Master Xie Jiuchen was helpless before the Nightmare Beast. How could normal beast tamers like them have any good ideas?
  2851.  Several ideas were brought up, but they were all refuted.
  2852.  "Look, the genius Wei Youdao intends to give it a try!"
  2853.  "Wei Youdao? The genius who managed to reach the third stage of the Ten Beasts Cage yesterday?"
  2854.  "Yes, that's him..."
  2855.  ...
  2856.  Just as the trio was talking, a commotion broke out among the crowd. Zhang Xuan turned around and saw a youngster walking toward the Nightmare Beast in the metal cage.
  2857.  In front of the metal cage stood Hall Master Xie Jiu Chen, Grand Elder Wei Yuqing, and a few other beast tamers. A grim expression hung on their faces.
  2858.  They also knew that it was unlikely for anyone to succeed, and they were already prepared for the worst-case scenario.
  2862.  Chapter 425
  2864.  At this moment, the Nightmare Beast was currently lying lazily on the ground. It wasn't even angry; it just couldn't be bothered to lift his head to glance at the other party. Instead, it seemed to be using some kind of unique method to heal the injuries it had sustained.
  2865.  "Hall Master, I would like to give it a try!"
  2866.  Walking forward, Wei Youdao clasped his fists.
  2867.  "Go on!" Glancing at Grand Elder Wei Yuqing, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen nodded.
  2868.  The grandson of his old friend had been blessed with exceptional talent for beast taming, and the other party had made a name for himself among the younger generation
  2869.  If not for Zhang Xuan's abrupt appearance, Wei Youdao might very well become the number one genius of Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall's younger generation.
  2870.  In any case, there was no better solution for the matter at the moment. If the Nightmare Beast were to recover substantially from its injuries, it would be impossible for the Beast Hall to confine it any further. Since that was the case, he might as well grant everyone a chance. Perhaps, someone might just succeed.
  2871.  "Thank you, hall master!"
  2872.  Taking a deep breath, Wei Youdao walked up to the Nightmare Beast.
  2873.  With a flick on his wrist, a jade bottle appeared in his palm.
  2874.  Uncorking the cap, a dense fragrance wafted out, revitalizing everyone's spirit.
  2875.  "It's the Seven-colored Honey from the Cloud Mist Mountain!"
  2876.  "It's said that the Zongshi realm savage beast Heaven Snow Bee concocted this honey from the nectar gathered from seven different colored flowers. It has an alluring fragrance, and it's incomparably sweet. Even spirit beasts would find it difficult to rein in their craving!"
  2877.  "This thing is incomparably expensive and rare. Even with plenty of spirit stones at hand, obtaining it is no easy matter. Yet, to think that he would have an entire bottle of it!"
  2878.  "Since he is willing to take even that out, the Nightmare Beast should probably cave in!"
  2879.  ...
  2880.  Catching a whiff of the fragrance from the jade bottle, a huge commotion was stirred in the surroundings.
  2881.  The Seven-colored Honey was formed by seven different colored nectars. It possessed a fragrance that opened up one's pores with a single whiff.
  2882.  Savage beasts tended to be gluttonous; it would be difficult for the other party to hold back from such a delicacy.
  2883.  "The Seven-colored Honey is ranked fifth among the ten most favored objects of savage beasts. It is impressive that Wei Youdao was able to obtain such a good item, not bad!"
  2884.  Hall Master Feng's eyes also lit up.
  2885.  "Ten most favored objects of savage beasts? There's such a ranking?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.
  2886.  He had read nearly all of the books in the Beast Hall, but he had never heard of such a ranking.
  2887.  "There is!"
  2888.  Hall Master Feng chuckled. "Actually, we only created this list out of boredom, and it isn't officially recognized by the Beast Hall, so it isn't recorded in any book. Seven-colored Honey isn't just fragrant, more importantly, it has the effect of nourishing and expanding a savage beast's meridians! Usually, if a beast tamer were to take out a single droplet of it, he would be able to induce Complete Submission in a Zongshi realm savage beast. The jade bottle that Wei Youdao might be small, but there are at least several dozens of droplets in it. He must be truly determined if he is taking so many droplets out at once!"
  2889.  "Nourish and expand a savage beast's meridians?"
  2890.  Upon hearing the effects of the Seven-colored Honey, Zhang Xuan was astounded.
  2891.  The meridians of humans and savage beasts had a certain cross sectional area. If one were to drive one's zhenqi too quickly, it might cause one's zhenqi to seep outward, resulting in severe internal injuries.
  2892.  Expanding one's meridians was equivalent to increasing the quantity of zhenqi one could drive within a specific period of time. This quality made the Seven-colored Honey extremely valuable. Putting aside savage beasts, even the eyes of the cultivators in the area reddened in desire upon learning of the effects of the Seven-colored Honey,
  2893.  "What other objects are there in this ranking?" Zhang Xuan couldn't help but ask curiously.
  2894.  If he were to know the most favored objects of savage beasts, it might help him in taming powerful savage beasts in the future.
  2895.  "As it's unofficial, it's mostly speculation. The publicly acknowledged number one object is Dragon Blood, number two is the inner core of spirit beasts, number three is ancient beast blood essence, number four is Godfall Flower, and number five is Seven-colored Honey!"
  2896.  "I see!" Zhang Xuan nodded.
  2897.  He had heard of the first four objects.
  2898.  The Dragon Tribe was incomparably powerful. If a savage beast were to possess the slightest trace of the Dragon Bloodline, it would be significantly stronger than normal savage beasts.
  2899.  Taking the Nightmare Beast for example, even though the Dragon Bloodline within it was so meagre that it could be disregarded, it still granted it the potential to reach Half-Transcension.
  2900.  Just this in itself made the Dragon Bloodline a desired object that could send all savage beasts and spirit beasts into a frenzy.
  2901.  As for the ancient beast blood essence, as shown in the Xuanluo Mountain Range branch, it possessed the same effects as well. If used appropriately, it could induce a Bloodline Evolution in a savage beast.
  2902.  As for the inner core of a savage beast, it was something that spirit beasts nurture and cultivate day and night over a long period of time. It harnessed the essence of their cultivation and strength. If a savage beast could obtain it, even if it still wasn't able to make the leap to become a spirit beast, its cultivation would definitely be enhanced significantly.
  2903.  As for the Godfall Flower, rumor had it that it could nurture a savage beast's spirit.
  2904.  Of these four incredible objects, the very fact that the Seven-colored Honey could be placed at the fifth place proved testimony to its fearsome effects.
  2905.  Zhang Xuan couldn't help but take a glance at the situation.
  2906.  As expected, upon catching a whiff of the fragrance, the lazy Nightmare Beast in the cage was stirred into action. It lifted its massive head, and a glaring radiance pierced from its eyes.
  2907.  It was clearly interested in the object.
  2908.  Grabbing the Seven-colored Honey in his hands, Wei Youdao confidently declared, "I know that you understand the human language, and you know our purpose here. As long as you swear to the Dragon Bloodline within your body to remain loyal to the Beast Hall, this bottle of Seven-colored Honey will be yours!"
  2909.  With this object, he didn't need to resort to any ploy. He only had to state his conditions.
  2910.  "Roar!"
  2911.  The Nightmare Beast was initially rather interested in it, but after hearing Wei Youdao's words, it began to lie back down lazily.
  2912.  "I know that you've attempted a breakthrough to become a spirit beast and failed. The Seven-colored Honey can expand your meridians and heal your wounds. It could help you surpass your bottleneck, so why do you remain so obstinate? Besides, you're only pledging loyalty to the Beast Hall, not to an individual. If you do so, the Beast Hall will surely devote massive resources to your cultivation and your growth... I hope that you can consider this matter!" Wei Youdao said.
  2913.  Even though his words were moving, the Nightmare Beast remained indifferent.
  2914.  There was no difference to whom it would pledge loyalty to. In its eyes, it was still becoming the puppet of the humans. Rather than being restricted, it would prefer to venture out and live its life as it pleased.
  2915.  "Seems like it's a failure!"
  2916.  The crowd had finally seen a flicker of hope, but upon seeing this sight, their expression sunk again.
  2917.  They thought that the Seven-colored Honey, ranked fifth on the list, could move the Nightmare Beast. However, they seemed to have underestimate the fellow's control.
  2918.  "Even though the Seven-colored Honey is irresistible to ordinary savage beasts, this Nightmare Beast isn't too far away from reaching the level of a spirit beast. As such, its effects would be severely limited. On top of that, as a proud bearer of the Dragon Bloodline, how could it serve the humans for just a bit of Seven-colored Honey?"
  2919.  Among the crowd, a 2-star pinnacle beast tamer commented.
  2920.  "Indeed. The Dragon Tribe is one of the strongest tribes in the continent, and they have the pride matching their standing. Even though this fellow's bloodline might be weak, it still won't lower its head to humans just over such small benefits. The only way for it to work is to offer it Dragon Blood!"
  2921.  "Dragon Blood? You must be joking! Do you think that it's that easy to find some? Putting aside how difficult it is to find a member of the Dragon Tribe, even if you manage to find one, it would be impossible to subdue it! Even the weakest of their members is a Half-Transcension, like this Nightmare Beast before us. It isn't a being that normal beast tamers like us can hunt down."
  2922.  A commotion broke out.
  2923.  The Beast Taming Competition had gathered dozens of hall masters and elders from the surrounding kingdoms. To be able to become the head of their organizations, their eye of discernment and knowledge far exceeded that of ordinary beast tamers.
  2924.  The Seven-colored Honey was valuable, but it wasn't sufficient to make a savage beast with a hint of Dragon Bloodline lower its head.
  2925.  "My apologies!"
  2926.  After a moment of persuasion, the Nightmare Beast still remained unmoved. In the end, Wei Youdao could only retreat in defeat.
  2927.  "Is there anyone else who likes to try?"
  2928.  Expecting this outcome, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen sighed. Turning to the crowd yet again, he asked.
  2929.  Silence.
  2930.  Initially, after hearing this news, many people were tempted to give it a try. However, after seeing the 2-star pinnacle and 3-star primary beast tamers falling in defeat, the others lost their courage as well.
  2931.  "Allow me!"
  2932.  Suddenly, a faint voice broke the silence.
  2933.  "It's Beast Tamer Zhang Xuan!"
  2934.  "Since he managed to clear the Ten Beasts Cage so easily, he must have a deep insight into beast taming. Perhaps, he just might succeed!"
  2935.  "I don't deny that his beast taming skills are incredible, but his cultivation is way too low!"
  2936.  "That's true. It's already a formidable feat for a beast tamer to tame a savage beast one or two small cultivation realm above him... He is only at Zongshi realm pinnacle while the other party is at Half-Transcension. That's a total of six small cultivation realms. It's impossible for him to successfully tame it!"
  2937.  "Indeed. If he were at Zhizun realm pinnacle, it might still be possible. But given his current strength... I don't think that he'll succeed!"
  2938.  After identifying the source of the voice, the crowd flew into an uproar.
  2939.  Zhang Xuan's feat of clearing the Ten Beasts Cage had awed everyone in the Beast Hall. Thus, almost everyone here had heard of his name.
  2940.  His appearance had generated hope in some, but most simply shook their heads grimly.
  2941.  Beast taming wasn't just about technique, strength also played a major role.
  2942.  If one's cultivation realm differed too much from the savage beast, it would only look down on one. Given the lack of respect, how could it possibly allow one to tame it?
  2943.  "I've heard that he came here to give it a try after clearing the Ten Beasts Cage yesterday, but he failed!"
  2944.  "Then why is he still volunteering again? Does he have a better idea in mind?"
  2945.  "I don't know. Let's wait and see then..."
  2946.  There were some who knew that Zhang Xuan had already attempted yesterday. Even though they didn't know what had happened, given that the Nightmare Beast hadn't been tamed yet, it was clear that he had failed.
  2947.  "You... succeeded in learning the language?"
  2948.  Upon seeing Zhang Xuan, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's eyes lit up.
  2949.  That fellow ran to the library, claiming that he was going to learn the ancient beast language. Yet, he appeared here today. Did it mean that he had succeeded in learning the language?
  2950.  "Succeed? I'm still far from that..."
  2951.  Zhang Xuan shook his head.
  2952.  It wasn't that the ancient beast language was too difficult, but that the level of this Beast Hall was simply too low. There were insufficient books here for the Library of Heaven's Path to work its wonders.
  2953.  "Then..."
  2954.  Hearing Zhang Xuan admit that he was still far from success, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen was baffled.
  2955.  "I've only learned a few sounds, so I would like to give it a try. If it doesn't work, we can try the method I mentioned the previous time!" Zhang Xuan said.
  2956.  "The method you mentioned?"
  2957.  Hearing those words, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen fell speechless.
  2958.  Given how that fellow ran off to the library to study, he thought that he had given up on the idea. To think that he was still harboring those thoughts!
  2962.  Chapter 426
  2964.  "The ancient beast language is expansive and profound. It's impossible to succeed just by learning a few sounds!" Grand Elder Wei Yuqing interjected.
  2965.  The other party said that he would study the language, and he cooped himself in the library for an entire day. Despite everything, Wei Yuqing still bore some expectations of the other party, yet he returned saying that he had only learned a few sounds... Are you here to amuse us?
  2966.  Even if you had learned the entire ancient beast language, it still remains an uncertainty whether that fellow will listen to you. With just a few sounds, do you think that the other party will bother with you?
  2967.  You must be joking!
  2968.  Given Zhang Xuan's declaration of 'Let me try!', they thought that he was very confident of the matter. Yet... to think that he was here just to cause trouble.
  2969.  Seemed like even top geniuses weren't reliable either...
  2970.  "If it doesn't work, you all should just think of a way to knock it out!"
  2971.  Honestly speaking, Zhang Xuan did not have much confidence either, given that he had only learned a few sounds.
  2972.  "We'll talk about that later. You should give it a try first..."
  2973.  Afraid that the fellow would continue pestering him on the matter, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen hurriedly interjected.
  2974.  What the heck is going through your mind!
  2975.  Just because you managed to tame the Whirlwind Wolves by pummeling them, do you think that the same method will work again?
  2976.  This is the Nightmare Beast, a top-notch savage beast possessing the Dragon Bloodline, a proud and noble existence. Even if you were to beat it to death, it would not lower its head to you.
  2977.  If it were that simple, they would have long done it.
  2978.  "Alright!"
  2979.  Sensing the other party's reluctance, Zhang Xuan decided to give it a try first. Thus, he took two steps forward to the Nightmare Beast.
  2980.  The massive savage beast was nonchalant to Zhang Xuan's presence. It didn't even bother taking a glance at him.
  2981.  "He's starting..."
  2982.  Wei Youdao clenched his fists tightly.
  2983.  He had even gone to the extent of taking out the Seven-colored Honey, but it proved to be useless. What kind of solution would the fellow who managed to clear the Ten Beasts Cage come up with?
  2984.  He stared fixedly at the situation in front with widened eyes, fearful that he would miss out a single detail. However, in the next moment, his lips couldn't help but twitch.
  2985.  That fellow didn't take out anything of interest to the Nightmare Beast, and instead, he simply frowned. After a long moment of struggling, a bizarre sound suddenly escaped from his throat.
  2986.  "Gu!"
  2987.  It sounded like lightning, and no one could understand what it meant.
  2988.  "This is ancient beast language?"
  2989.  Wei Youdao didn't comprehend the other party's bizarre action, but Hall Master Xie Jiuchen and Grand Elder Wei Yuqing's face immediately tightened. They hurriedly turned their gazes over to the Nightmare Beast.
  2990.  That fellow had gone off to study the ancient beast language previously, so it was likely that this sound was a part of the language.
  2991.  Even though it was just a single sound, there was an off-chance that it might just work!
  2992.  Under the intense gazes of the crowd, the lazy Nightmare Beast suddenly opened its eyes...
  2993.  Then, it yawned lazily, lay down, and fell silent.
  2994.  "It is ineffective?"
  2995.  Seeing that it was completely ineffective, Zhang Xuan scratched his head.
  2996.  Of the ancient beast language, Zhang Xuan had only learned a total of eight words. He had no problem reading or verbalizing it, but as the meaning wasn't written in the books, he couldn't tell what it was either.
  2997.  In other words, he only knew how to speak those words, he didn't know what they meant at all.
  2998.  Even if he were to voice out all of them, that fellow still wouldn't know what he was up to.
  2999.  "The next one."
  3000.  Even so, it was still worth a try. Thus, Zhang Xuan opened his mouth once more, "Wu!"
  3001.  It sounded like the call of an eagle, crisp and bright, piercing one's ears.
  3002.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen and Grand Elder Wei Yuqing hurriedly turned their gazes over, but the Nightmare Beast seemed to have fallen into a deeper sleep. With its paws cushioning its head, it lay comfortably on the spot.
  3003.  "This... So, is it working or not?"
  3004.  The duo stared at one another in confusion.
  3005.  If that fellow's ancient beast language was useful, why was there no response from the Nightmare Beast?
  3006.  But at the same time, the Nightmare Beast did at least adjust its sleeping posture, so whether it was completely useless or not...
  3007.  Could the sounds that Zhang Xuan was voicing a lullaby...
  3008.  I thought that you went away to learn the ancient beast language, why did you learn a lullaby instead?
  3009.  What is the use of your lullaby!
  3010.  What I want is to tame it, not for it to sleep...
  3011.  "Ji!"
  3012.  Amidst their bewilderment, the young man before him voiced the third sound.
  3013.  This time, not only did the Nightmare Beast get into a comfortable sleeping posture, it even stuck its tongue out, and saliva was flowing out of its mouth.
  3014.  "The heck!"
  3015.  "With just three notes, he managed to bring the Nightmare Beast into a deep sleep?"
  3016.  The surroundings beast tamers were stunned.
  3017.  They thought that the young genius would use some kind of inconceivable beast taming technique on the Nightmare Beast.
  3018.  While their thoughts were spot-on, it was completely different from what they were thinking.
  3019.  Aren't we supposed to tame it? What do you mean by luring it to sleep?
  3020.  "Hmm?" Zhang Xuan was baffled as well.
  3021.  However, upon seeing the sight, his eyes lit up.
  3022.  "This is good as well. If I can knock it out with these words, I won't have to waste my effort on trying to knock it out!"
  3023.  Besides the ancient beast language, Zhang Xuan had a backup plan. He could knock the Nightmare Beast out, and through the Library of Heaven's Path, he would be able to determine its flaws and tame it.
  3024.  But it was a pity that Xie Jiuchen, Wei Yuqing, and the others refused to cooperate with him, and Zhang Xuan wasn't a match for the Nightmare Beast himself. Thus, he had been unable to carry it out. If he could lure it to sleep through the ancient beast language, that would be perfect.
  3025.  "Wu Ya Hai Wu Wu!"
  3026.  The more he thought about it, the happier he got. Thus, he voiced out the remaining words all at once.
  3027.  Hearing those words, the crowd immediately turned their gazes to the Nightmare Beast.
  3028.  This was especially so for Hall Master Xie Jiuchen. Anxiety could be seen in his eyes.
  3029.  However, with a single look, he suddenly felt a wave of vertigo striking him.
  3030.  The drowsy Nightmare Beast abruptly opened its eyes, and its massive body rose up.
  3031.  Roar!
  3032.  A deafening roar pierced through the heavens, parting the clouds above. The crowd in the surroundings felt light-headed under the powerful roar.
  3033.  At the same moment, the massive head suddenly charged straight toward the metal cage.
  3034.  Weng!
  3035.  The formation immediately activated, sealing its movements. Even so, under the powerful charge, the sturdy metal cage was bent out of shape, and it seemed as though it would collapse soon.
  3036.  "This is bad..."
  3037.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's eyes narrowed, and his face reflected his astonishment.
  3038.  He thought that the fellow was still immobile from its severe injuries. To think that he had recovered sufficiently to stand up and exert such offensive might after a few days of recuperation.
  3039.  But of course, perhaps it was agitated by Beast Tamer Zhang's 'ancient beast language', it seemed to be in an extremely bad mood.
  3040.  If the Nightmare Beast were to escape under such conditions, the Beast Hall would be in grave danger. Most likely, it might be wiped off the face of the world.
  3041.  "See what you've done..."
  3042.  The more Hall Master Xie Jiuchen thought about it, the more furious he became. Thus, he turned around and chastised Zhang Xuan.
  3043.  What in the world is this?
  3044.  I asked you here to tame the savage beast, not to provoke it.
  3045.  "Elders, prepare the [Constellation Beast Confinement Formation]!"
  3046.  Knowing that it was useless to blame this fellow at this point, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen bellowed.
  3047.  "Yes!"
  3048.  The elders of Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall also knew how dangerous the situation was, so they immediately got into action. They hurriedly rushed to their places with a grim expression.
  3049.  The Constellation Beast Confinement Formation was a powerful formation used to trap savage beasts. Many of the elders in the Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall studied and practiced it. As long as they ran to their allocated location to infuse their zhenqi into the formation, they would be able to activate it even without an in-depth understanding of the formations.
  3050.  "What's going on?"
  3051.  "Beast Tamer Zhang seems to have provoked that savage beast?"
  3052.  "Isn't he here to tame it? How did he end up provoking it instead?"
  3053.  ...
  3054.  Wei Youdao, Jiang Nanping, and others also felt nervous upon seeing the situation.
  3055.  That was a Half-Transcension savage beast! Once it went on a rampage, the entire Beast Hall would be reduced to ruins!
  3056.  Hong hong hong!
  3057.  Amidst everyone's shocked gazes, the Nightmare Beast threw its body at the metal cage several more times, and a huge hole, through which he could escape, appeared in it.
  3058.  Weng!
  3059.  As soon as its head appeared outside, a clear buzz suddenly echoed. The Constellation Beast Confinement Formation had been activated. A white light shot out from the locations of the elders, forming a gigantic net that wrapped itself around the Nightmare Beast.
  3060.  Trapped by the gigantic net of light, the Nightmare Beast became even more irritated. It howled furiously, and its giant claws grabbed at empty air.
  3061.  Tzzzzzz!
  3062.  White energy emanations reminiscent of sword qi shot out from the claws of the Nightmare Beast, striking straight at the net trapping it.
  3063.  The net tremored violently, and as though a shield struck by a powerful hammer, a deep reverberation sounded.
  3064.  Pu! Pu!
  3065.  Under the massive force, some of the elders standing at the center of the formation spat out large mouthfuls of blood.
  3066.  Half-Transcension savage beasts were already an extremely strong existence, and this fellow possessed the Dragon Bloodline on top of that. Its immense strength allowed it to match up to even a Transcendent Mortal expert. Even though the elders were strong as well, most of them were only at Zhizun realm intermediate and advanced stage. They weren't a match for this fellow at all.
  3067.  "Hurry up and infuse more zhenqi in to reinforce the formation..."
  3068.  Seeing that the Nightmare Beast was about to escape, Xie Jiuchen panicked. He hurriedly called for help.
  3069.  As soon as the formation collapses, the entire Beast Hall would surely be destroyed. They could not back away at this point.
  3070.  Hong long!
  3071.  Knowing the severity of the issue, most of the elders immediately got into action. They charged forward and infused all of their zhenqi into the formation.
  3072.  Accompanying the furious surge of zhenqi into the formation, the darkened net suddenly glowed brilliantly once more.
  3073.  While the formation had been strengthened, the Nightmare Beast seemed to have derived strength from its rage as well. Roaring furiously once more, its lower limbs pushed against the ground, and its massive body struck the massive net in midair.
  3074.  Si la!
  3075.  Under the violent power contained in the massive body, the Beast Confinement Net caved in and was torn apart.
  3076.  Deng deng deng deng!
  3077.  All of the elders who had operated the formation collapsed onto the floor with pale faces.
  3078.  Hu!
  3079.  After escaping from the formation, the Nightmare Beast glared at Zhang Xuan with widened eyes. Carrying unparalleled strength in its body, it charged swiftly toward him.
  3080.  "It's over..."
  3081.  Seeing that the formation and metal cage had failed to contain the Nightmare Beast, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's face was ghastly pale.
  3082.  He didn't expect that the savage beast would suddenly go on a rampage in the midst of the beast taming process.
  3083.  Given that so many people were unable to withstand the might of the Nightmare Beast, no matter how talented Beast Tamer Zhang was, he would surely be torn to shreds.
  3084.  "Moo!"
  3085.  Knowing that it was impossible to save the other party, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen was about to avert his gaze when the young man released another bizarre sound.
  3086.  Xie Jiuchen staggered.
  3087.  It was precisely because of your random babbling that provoked this fellow. Yet, to think that you wouldn't learn your lesson...
  3088.  Are you that intent to die?
  3089.  Just as Hall Master Xie Jiuchen was about to urge Zhang Xuan to hurry up and leave instead of continuing to dabble in the ancient beast language or whatever it was, he saw the Nightmare Beast suddenly kneeling onto the floor after hearing the sound. It stuck out its tongue, and it licked the young man all over. Its appearance... was no different from the Whirlwind Wolves back then.
  3090.  "Word of Submission, Bloodline Suppression... Could this be the True Voice of Dragons?"
  3091.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's eyes narrowed, and his face paled.
  3092.  "What in the world was going on?"
  3096.  Chapter 427
  3098.  The True Voice of Dragons was a language that only ancient Pureblooded Dragons were capable of using. As long as one's Dragon Bloodline didn't reach the level of a Pureblooded Dragon, a single word would cause a suppression from its bloodline, forcing it into submission.
  3099.  The Nightmare Beast was still baring its fangs at Beast Tamer Zhang previously, but at the very next moment, it suddenly fell to the floor and became as tame as a pup. If this wasn't the language depicted in the legends, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen had no idea what other languages were capable of such a feat.
  3100.  But... didn't this language disappear along with the Dragon Tribe, its heritage lost?
  3101.  How did he learn of it?
  3102.  More importantly... Even if the members of the Dragon Tribe were to impart the True Voice of Dragons to him, it was impossible for humans to learn it.
  3103.  This was not just a matter of talent. Even if one possessed superior zhenqi, the human body was still unable to withstand its sharp notes.
  3104.  This sound had to travel through all of the meridians within one's body and harmonize all of one's acupoints before it could be produced. Even if one cultivated the most profound cultivation technique, it was impossible for one to open up all of their meridians and acupoints!
  3105.  "Can it really be... that he's the True Incarnation of Dragons?"
  3106.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen narrowed his eyes, and his body trembled uncontrollably.
  3107.  Legends had it that the Dragon Tribe traveled across the world, and they took on many forms. Some became beasts, some became humans, some became spirits, some became monsters... No one could discern their true identity.
  3108.  Just by pummeling the Whirlwind Wolves, the latter immediately submitted to him and fawned on him; with a single fist, he caused the Tiger Head Beasts to play dead; with just a few words, he made the Steel-armed Golden Ape waved him goodbye, as though buddies with decades of history behind them...
  3109.  If he isn't a True Incarnation of Dragons, how can he possibly achieve such ridiculous feats?
  3110.  Even 5-star beast tamers are incapable of such a feat!
  3111.  "Regardless of whether he is one, I mustn't reveal this matter... Otherwise, I'll surely be silenced!"
  3112.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's face paled.
  3113.  The members of the Dragon Tribe were incomparably strong, and from birth, they were granted with powerful destructive might.
  3114.  If this Beast Tamer Zhang was a True Incarnation of Dragons, and he exposed the other party's true identity when he wished to conceal the fact, he might incur the wrath and killing intent of the other party to himself.
  3115.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's conjectures caused his face to slowly pale in fear.
  3116.  On the other hand, the crowd, baffled by the sight before them, was about to go insane from bewilderment.
  3117.  The rage of the Nightmare Beast was not feigned in the least; even the grade-3 pinnacle formation maintained by so many elders was torn apart. Its might was truly fearsome.
  3118.  Yet, this strong, proud fellow was suddenly lying on the floor, licking the other party's pants... What in the world happened in between?
  3119.  "What is it doing?"
  3120.  "I've no idea. Could it be that... there's something about Beast Tamer Zhang's pants that's even more delicious than the Seven-colored Honey? Is that why it's licking it non-stop?"
  3121.  "It can't be that... it has been tamed? But even if it's tamed, it couldn't possibly have changed its attitude so quickly!"
  3122.  ...
  3123.  Some of the older beast tamers tore their beards out, but their minds were too preoccupied for them to feel pain.
  3124.  The sight before them was simply too frightening.
  3125.  In the blink of an eye, a Half-Transcension savage beast, who was thinking of slaughtering everyone here just a moment ago, was suddenly lying so docilely on the floor. No one could accept this abrupt twist.
  3126.  "With a scream... this fellow was tamed?"
  3127.  Wei Youdao, Jiang Nanping, and the others stared at one another, and their heads were about to burst from shock.
  3128.  Wei Youdao had taken out the Seven-colored Honey, which was ranked fifth on the list, but even so, he was disregarded. Just when they thought that this haughty fellow could never be tamed... Beast Tamer Zhang simply cried out a word, and that fellow immediately sprawled on the floor and fawned on the other party, as though afraid that the other party would not take him in...
  3129.  When did a Half-Transcension savage beast became so shameless?
  3130.  Was it insane, or were our eyes playing tricks on us?
  3131.  "Hmm?"
  3132.  In truth, Zhang Xuan was dumbfounded as well.
  3133.  Previously, when he accidentally agitated the Nightmare Beast through the ancient beast language, he was anxious as well.
  3134.  He only gave that bizarre language a try, especially since he could escape with the Heaven's Path Movement Art if he failed. He didn't think that the other party's attitude would change completely after hearing it.
  3135.  If only he'd known before those words were so formidable, he wouldn't have wasted his effort with the ancient beast language.
  3136.  Glancing at the massive head, which kept cuddling itself up to him, Zhang Xuan suppressed his astonishment and asked, "You wish to submit to me?"
  3137.  "Roar!"
  3138.  The Nightmare Beast hurriedly nodded its head.
  3139.  "This..." Even though the other party had admitted to the matter, Zhang Xuan was still a little dumbfounded.
  3140.  Wasn't it being... a little too easy?
  3141.  "Then... let's establish the contract then!"
  3142.  Even though Zhang Xuan was bewildered, he knew that this was a good opportunity. Touching the other party's head, he drew a droplet of blood from the tip of his forefinger.
  3143.  As though fearing that Zhang Xuan would change his mind, the Nightmare Beast hurriedly swallowed it with a contented look.
  3144.  After which, Zhang Xuan felt a will being bound to his own, allowing him to communicate with the other party.
  3145.  "This is... Complete Submission?"
  3146.  The beast tamers in the surroundings felt light-headed.
  3147.  Just by shouting a few bizarre sounds, the other party actually succeeded. When did taming a Half-Transcension savage beast become so easy?
  3148.  "To think that we even thought about competing with him..."
  3149.  Many of the geniuses of the younger generation were on the verge of tears.
  3150.  Even though Zhang Xuan had passed the Ten Beasts Cage, there were still a few who refused to concede.
  3151.  However, upon seeing this sight... they realized that the difference in their capability was simply too vast...
  3152.  Even Hall Master Xie Jiuchen, a 3-star beast tamer, was unable to succeed, yet, in just a dozen breaths or so, the other party was already done. This feat was so incredible that it felt that it could not have been done by a human.
  3153.  "This is a truly master beast tamer!"
  3154.  Someone amidst the crowd sighed.
  3155.  Hearing those words, the rest nodded their heads in agreement.
  3156.  Most probably, only masters of this level would be capable of taming the Nightmare Beast so easily and clear the Ten Beasts Cage in half a tea's time...
  3157.  Everyone turned their gazes toward the 'master', curious to see how he would do now that he had established a contract... only to see the other party walking toward Hall Master Xie Jiuchen.
  3158.  "Hall Master Xie, I've already tamed this fellow, so twenty droplets of spirit beast blood essence... Wait, you said that you're going to give me ten more. When will you be passing those to me?"
  3159.  "Spirit beast blood essence..."
  3160.  Xie Jiuchen's body swayed, and his mouth twitched.
  3161.  When I told you to tame this Nightmare Beast, I meant that you should convince it to serve the Beast Hall as the organization's tamed beast.
  3162.  Yet... not only did you take it for yourself, you even have to cheek to ask for compensation...
  3163.  Can you be more reasonable?
  3164.  It is just like I have asked you to help me court a beautiful lady that I met with much difficulty, and yet, you seduced her for yourself... and you even expect me to pay you for it...
  3165.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen felt so stifled inside that he was on the verge of throwing up blood.
  3166.  You cannot be so unreasonable...
  3167.  "Beast Tamer Zhang, you have tamed the Nightmare Beast to become your tamed beast. Isn't it inappropriate for you to expect us to pay you spirit beast blood essence like that?"
  3168.  Seeing the hall master go speechless from rage, Grand Elder Wei Yuqing could not help but interject.
  3169.  "Inappropriate? Didn't I tame the Nightmare Beast?" Zhang Xuan asked.
  3170.  "That's right..."
  3171.  "Didn't you say that you'll pay me the spirit beast blood essence as long as I tame it?" Zhang Xuan continued.
  3172.  "Yes..."
  3173.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen was on the verge of tears.
  3174.  Initially, he thought that no matter how formidable this fellow was, he was only a Zongshi realm pinnacle cultivator. Given how the Nightmare Beast disregarded even them, how could it possibly submit to such a weak fellow?
  3175.  Never in their dreams did they expect that the other party would really succeed...
  3176.  "Since you've agreed to it, then we should get it over and done with. Otherwise... I'll go and clear the Ten Beasts Cage!" Zhang Xuan said.
  3177.  "Forget it. Grand Elder Wei, go and fetch the spirit beast blood essence.
  3178.  The corner of Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's lips twitched, and he hurriedly waved his hands.
  3179.  There was no way to undo the matter of the Nightmare Beast anymore. On the other hand, if that fellow were to continue challenging the Ten Beasts Cage, it would not be long before all of the savage beasts in the Beast Hall would become his...
  3180.  If that truly happened, then as the hall master of the Beast Hall, he would become a huge laughingstock...
  3181.  "Alright!"
  3182.  Even though Grand Elder Wei Yuqing felt frustrated as well, he still fulfilled the hall master's command. A moment later, he returned with a jade bottle in his hands.
  3183.  Taking the jade bottle over, Zhang Xuan uncapped the lid and took a look. Scarlet blood flowed within the container, and it filled up to half of the bottle. Making a rough estimation, he confirmed there were around thirty droplets inside.
  3184.  "Great!"
  3185.  Zhang Xuan's purpose at the Beast Hall was this. Having obtained what he wanted, Zhang Xuan happily placed the bottle into his storage ring.
  3186.  Seeing the sight, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's heart bled.
  3187.  Despite the huge accumulation of Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall over a span of a thousand years, it only had around fifty droplets here. Having more than half of it taken away in an instant, he could not help but feel a sense of loss.
  3188.  However, upon thinking that it was possible for the other party to be a True Incarnation of Dragons, he hurriedly pushed down his displeasure.
  3189.  "Alright, there's no use for you to follow me. You might as well submit to the Beast Hall and stay here! As long as you agree to it, I'll take care of the afflictions you are suffering from. It's also not entirely impossible for me to help you become a spirit beast!"
  3190.  Oblivious to Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's reactions, Zhang Xuan turned to the Nightmare Beast and waved his hands casually.
  3191.  This fellow was strong, but it was not capable of flying. Thus, its usability was limited to Zhang Xuan.
  3192.  Xuanyuan Kingdom was only a temporary resting point. Zhang Xuan had to reach the Myriad Kingdom Alliance within three months, and it would be impossible for him to take the other party along. Since that was the case, he might as well sell a favor to the Beast Hall.
  3193.  Of course, if the other party had not given the spirit beast blood essence to him, he would've rather let the Nightmare Beast loose than help tame it for the Beast Hall.
  3194.  In the end, Zhang Xuan was no Samaritan. If the other party had reneged on his promise, why should he help them?
  3195.  "You... What did you say? You want the Nightmare Beast to submit to our Beast Hall?"
  3196.  Initially, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen was displeased by the other party's extortion, but upon hearing his words, his breathing hastened in agitation.
  3197.  "Un!"
  3198.  Zhang Xuan waved his hands casually.
  3199.  "This..." Hall Master Xie Jiuchen and Grand Elder Wei Yuqing were stunned. Their eyes slowly turned red.
  3200.  This was a Half-Transcension savage beast! If anyone of them were to tame it, it would be impossible for them to give it up. Yet, this fellow was saying that he would give it to them. Wasn't he being too generous?
  3201.  They thought that the other party was a selfish and greedy person who only knew how to extort from others. However, Zhang Xuan's actions had changed their opinion of him.
  3202.  Perhaps, he really might have some urgent use for the spirit beast blood essence.
  3203.  A Half-Transcension savage beast which possessed the potential to make the breakthrough to become a spirit beast was clearly much more valuable than thirty droplets of spirit beast blood essence. In fact, even a hundred droplets would still be unable to match up to its value.
  3204.  Since the other party was willing to give away such a formidable savage beast directly, how could he possibly be a greedy person?
  3205.  "We... We misunderstood him. Geniuses have their own pride, so how could he possibly act dishonorably just for this bit of interest..."
  3206.  A thought suddenly appeared in their heads. The impression the two had of Beast Tamer Zhang immediately went through a 180-degree reversal.
  3207.  But at that moment, the young man before them suddenly spoke up hesitantly, "Oh, right... Since I convinced the Nightmare Beast to submit to Beast Hall, shouldn't you all offer some token of appreciation? For example, spirit stones, pills, medicinal herbs, or that sort. I wouldn't mind a carriage or two of them..."
  3208.  "..." Hall Master Xie Jiuchen and Grand Elder Wei Yuqing.
  3212.  Chapter 428
  3214.  We are the Beast Hall, not some spirit stone mining clan. How much of wealth do you think we possess?
  3215.  Still a carriage or two... Just a few dozen would already be almost their entire stock...
  3216.  As for pills, medicinal herbs, and the sort, even if the Beast Hall had them, they are mainly reserved for the savage beasts. How in the world are we going to find so many for you?
  3217.  They had just thought that this fellow was generous when he gave himself in right after...
  3218.  "Beast Tamer Zhang, you must be jesting. It's not that we don't want to give those to you, we simply don't have that many resources here..." Hall Master Xie Jiuchen replied with a reddened face.
  3219.  "It's alright if you don't have those. However, there's something that I really require, and I hope that you won't turn me down!" Zhang Xuan turned to look at them.
  3220.  "Feel free to speak!"
  3221.  "I need over a thousand Half-Zhizun and Zhizun realm cultivation technique manuals. There are no requirements to their quality, and the more there are, the better it is!" Zhang Xuan said.
  3222.  Zhang Xuan's motive wasn't spirit stones or medicinal herbs, but this.
  3223.  Only with sufficient cultivation technique could he form the Zhizun realm Heaven's Path Divine Art and achieve a breakthrough.
  3224.  No matter what, if he wanted to avenge Lu Chong, he would require strength.
  3225.  "A thousand Half-Zhizun and Zhizun realm cultivation technique manuals?"
  3226.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen blinked.
  3227.  What did he need those for?
  3228.  It's not like you could boil cultivation techniques together to make a stew... On top of that, to demand nothing of their quality.
  3229.  "This is simple, I can prepare them for you. However, I'll require at least three days!" After pondering for a moment, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen nodded.
  3230.  Zhizun realm cultivation techniques were valuable in Tianwu Kingdom, and it was nigh impossible to find even a single one in the market. However, in Xuanyuan Kingdom, most clans would possess several books. Collecting a thousand of them was troublesome, but with the connections of the Beast Hall, it would not be too difficult.
  3231.  "Fine!"
  3232.  Hearing that it was possible for the other party to collect all of them, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.
  3233.  With this, he had met two main goals he had at the Beast Hall, spirit beast blood essence and cultivation technique manuals.
  3234.  "Alright, I'll cure your wounds now!"
  3235.  Zhang Xuan turned to look at the Nightmare Beast.
  3236.  The fellow had suffered some afflictions when it failed in its breakthrough to Transcendent Mortal realm. Previously, Zhang Xuan had promised to treat it as part of his deal, so it was time for him to fulfill the end of his bargain.
  3237.  "Roar!"
  3238.  The Nightmare Beast knew that it would not be able to follow behind Zhang Xuan once its injuries had recovered, so it howled in reluctance.
  3239.  The other party was an expert capable of producing the True Voice of Dragons. If it were to follow behind him, it would surely be able to reach great heights in the future.
  3240.  Staying at this Beast Hall meant losing this great opportunity.
  3241.  However, the master had already made his stand. Contractually-bound to Zhang Xuan, it did not dare to protest.
  3242.  "For me to solve your problem, I've to know what problems you are suffering from first!"
  3243.  Ignoring its unhappiness, Zhang Xuan glanced at it and said, "Alright... Knock yourself out!"
  3244.  "Roar???"
  3245.  The Nightmare Beast widened its eyes in bewilderment.
  3246.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen and Grand Elder Wei Yuqing were speechless as well.
  3247.  It seemed like this fellow had not given up his intention of knocking the Nightmare Beast out...
  3248.  "What are you roaring for, hurry up!"
  3249.  Zhang Xuan chastised with a slight frown.
  3250.  He had no time to waste here, he needed to make use of his time to cultivate Heaven's Path Golden Body 2-dan.
  3251.  "Roar~~~~"
  3252.  It stared at Zhang Xuan pleadingly, but upon seeing the other party's determined gaze, it gritted its teeth before striking its massive hand on its head.
  3253.  Padah!
  3254.  The sight before it turned dark, and it passed out.
  3255.  If Xie Jiuchen and the others wanted to knock it out, they would probably have to go through a huge hassle. It was much simpler for it to do the work itself.
  3256.  "What is it doing?"
  3257.  "What's happening?"
  3258.  When the Nightmare Beast barged out of its cage, the other beast tamers immediately retreated far away. Thus, they missed out on the conversation of the others. However, upon seeing the huge fellow knock itself out, bizarre expressions appeared on their faces.
  3259.  "Beast Tamer Zhang is about to treat that huge fellow!"
  3260.  Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang chuckled.
  3261.  "Treat?" Luo Tang, Fang Jin, and the others were bewildered.
  3262.  One had to knock out savage beasts before treating them?
  3263.  "This is Beast Tamer Zhang's unique diagnosis method, the Unconscious Treatment Method!" Hall Master Feng explained.
  3264.  "Unconscious Treatment Method? Beast Pummeling Taming Method... What the heck is with his techniques?"
  3265.  The duo found themselves at the end of their tolerance for this insanity.
  3266.  They had seen many eccentric things in this world, but such a bizarre sight was one they could have never imagined.
  3267.  Ever since they were apprentice beast tamers, there was an iron-clad rule seared deep in their minds: To tame a savage beast, one must cultivate an intimate relationship with it, and conflicts are a huge taboo.
  3268.  Yet...
  3269.  Yet, the Beast Pummeling Taming Method and Unconscious Treatment Method...
  3270.  If anyone else were to try pummeling a savage beast, they would definitely be beaten to death. Yet, not only was this fellow still in perfect condition, he even managed to get the savage beast to submit to it...
  3271.  Just by thinking about it made them feel stifled.
  3272.  Amidst everyone's bewildered and gloomy gazes, Zhang Xuan had already touched the Nightmare Beast and formed a corresponding book. Flipping through it, he found the root of the fellow's illness.
  3273.  "Indeed, he suffered severe injuries from his failed breakthrough. Not only are his meridians injured, his internal organs are also damaged. He will require the nourishment of medicinal herbs... I'll write down a prescription for you now. If you were to treat him, it'll help you in earning his good will!" Zhang Xuan said.
  3274.  This fellow was indeed severely injured. After all, if that wasn't the case, it would have been impossible for the Beast Hall to capture him.
  3275.  On top of that, he overexerted himself previously, exacerbating his injuries.
  3276.  Even though Zhang Xuan could treat it without the Library of Heaven's Path given his current level of medical knowledge, he would be only able to treat its symptoms, not the root of its illness.
  3277.  Knowing the specific location of the injuries had made it much simpler to cure the Nightmare Beast. However, to heal it to the point that it could try for Transcendent Mortal realm once more would still take at least half a year.
  3278.  Of course, if Zhang Xuan were to use his Heaven's Path zhenqi, the other party's recovery rate would be boosted.
  3279.  However, Zhang Xuan's current cultivation realm was far too lacking as compared to the other party. Putting aside the doubt of the effectiveness of the Heaven's Path zhenqi under such circumstances, there was a chance that Zhang Xuan's pure zhenqi might be revealed, and this would bring him a whole string of trouble.
  3280.  Thus, he would rather dump the problem on the Beast Hall. In any case, this would also serve as a platform for them to strike up a relationship with the Nightmare Beast.
  3281.  "Yes!" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen nodded.
  3282.  Zhang Xuan took out a piece of a paper and a brush, and started writing down a prescription. The main ingredient of the prescription just so happened to be Wei Youdao's Seven-colored Honey.
  3283.  He was only responsible for providing the prescription. As for how the other party would negotiate the matter, that was no longer a matter for him to worry over.
  3284.  "I need a quiet chamber!"
  3285.  After dealing with this matter, Zhang Xuan raised his request.
  3286.  Hall Master Xie Jiuchen did not dare to keep Zhang Xuan waiting. He hurriedly prepared a quiet and spacious residence for him.
  3287.  This Beast Tamer Zhang had successfully cleared the Ten Beasts Cage. Just that in itself was sufficient reason for the Beast Hall to give him a residence already.
  3288.  Not to mention, the other party even tamed the Nightmare Beast and gave it to the Beast Hall. It would be hard for the Beast Hall to return this debt.
  3289.  After settling Zhao Ya and the others in, Zhang Xuan turned to Hall Master Xie Jiuchen and asked, "Right, Hall Master Xie, may I trouble you on another matter?"
  3290.  "Feel free to speak!" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen chuckled.
  3291.  Despite this fellow's young age, Xie Jiuchen already viewed him as a fellow peer, or perhaps, even a senior.
  3292.  Putting all things aside, just the fact that Beast Tamer Zhang was able to tame the Nightmare Beast so easily and produce the True Voice of Dragons showed that his capability was far beyond his.
  3293.  "May I trouble you to assign a person to escort a friend of mine to Gale Valley of the Duskfall Mountains?"
  3294.  Zhang Xuan called Sun Qiang over by gesturing to him.
  3295.  "Duskfall Mountains... Gale Valley? You are going to the... Poison Hall?" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen narrowed his eyes.
  3296.  The Xuanyuan Kingdom Poison Hall branch was well-hidden, and very few people knew of its exact position. Even so, as the head of the Beast Hall, Xie Jiuchen was well-informed on such matters.
  3297.  It was in Gale Valley!
  3298.  That region was usually forbidden lands for ordinary cultivators. Why was Beast Tamer Zhang sending his subordinate over?
  3299.  "You know of the Poison Hall as well? Indeed, I need him to make a trip for me!"
  3300.  Zhang Xuan chuckled.
  3301.  "But... the surrounding area of the Poison Hall is treacherous land..." Hall Master Xie Jiuchen tried to talk Zhang Xuan out of it.
  3302.  The Poison Hall had a horrible reputation, and there were many casualties under them. To abruptly pay a visit was an extremely dangerous affair.
  3303.  More importantly, this subordinate of his was only at Dingli realm!
  3304.  "Ah, I have a friend at the Poison Hall, and I just need Sun Qiang to look for him in my stead. There won't be any danger, so you don't have to worry! It's just that I need someone to protect him on the way to avoid unnecessary trouble," Zhang Xuan explained.
  3305.  Back then, when Gu Mu left, he had left Zhang Xuan with a token, saying that he could bring it to look for him when he needed help.
  3306.  Since Zhang Xuan was going against the Xuanyuan royal family now, he needed all the help he could get.
  3307.  However, Zhang Xuan urgently needed to cultivate now so that he could gain sufficient strength to exact his vengeance. Thus, after much contemplation, he decided to send Sun Qiang over.
  3308.  This fellow might be arrogant, but he was able to retain his composure even before experts like Su Fan and Ling Yuheng. As such, he was in a much better position than Zhao Ya and the others.
  3309.  "Alright then! I'll go make preparations!"
  3310.  Hearing that Zhang Xuan had a friend at the Poison Hall, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen hesitated for a moment before eventually nodding his head.
  3311.  Then, after the other party left, Zhang Xuan turned around to face Sun Qiang.
  3312.  "Butler Sun, I have something I require your help on."
  3313.  "Young master, feel free to speak!" Sun Qiang hurriedly clasped his fist.
  3314.  As the sole direct disciple of the old master, Sun Qiang had to obey Zhang Xuan's commands.
  3315.  "Take this token, visit a poison master named Gu Mu in the Gale Valley Poison Hall and have him meet me at Xuanyuan Kingdom!" Zhang Xuan instructed, taking out a token.
  3316.  "Alright!" Sun Qiang nodded his head. "May I know if this Gu Mu is young master's friend? How should I address him?"