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  1. Spin Up
  2.  RECOV Servo Op=0100 Resp=0005[0x00000000][0x0000B545][0x0000B54A][0x0000B565][0x0000B581][0x0000B5C3][0x0000B5FD][0x0000B601][0x0000B60E][0x0000B61A][0x0000B625][0x0000B66D][0x0000B6A5][0x0000B72A][0x0000B79C][0x0000B7BC][0x0000B7C9][0x0000B814][0x0000B960][0x0000BA10]
  3.  Trans.
  5. Rst 0x10M
  6.  MC Internal LPC Process
  7.  Spin Up
  8.  RECOV Servo Op=0155 Resp=0005
  9.  RECOV Servo Op=0055 Resp=0005
  10.  RECOV Servo Op=0165 Resp=0005
  11.  RECOV Servo Op=0055 Resp=0005
  12.  RECOV Servo Op=0155 Resp=0005
  13.  RECOV Servo Op=0055 Resp=0005 PASS
  14.  RECOV Servo Op=0165 Resp=0005
  15.  RECOV Servo Op=0055 Resp=0005
  16.  RECOV Servo Op=0165 Resp=0005
  17. Starting LBA of RW Request=00131FDC  Length=0000013C
  18. ProcessRWError -Read-   at LBA 00131FDC  Sense Code=43110081
  19. RTL exceeded
  20. Starting LBA of RW Request=00131FE0  Length=00000138
  21. ProcessRWError -Read-   at LBA 00131FFE  Sense Code=C3160080
  22. RTL exceeded
  23. Starting LBA of RW Request=00132000  Length=00000118
  24. ProcessRWError -Read-   at LBA 00132013  Sense Code=43110081
  25. RTL exceeded
  26. Starting LBA of RW Request=00132014  Length=00000104
  27. ProcessRWError -Read-   at LBA 00132015  Sense Code=C3160080
  28. RTL exceeded
  29. Starting LBA of RW Request=00132018  Length=00000100
  30. ProcessRWError -Read-   at LBA 00132030  Sense Code=43110081
  31. Starting LBA of RW Request=00132018  Length=00000100
  32. ProcessRWError -Read-   at LBA 00132031  Sense Code=43110081
  33. RTL exceeded
  34. Starting LBA of RW Request=00132034  Length=000000E4
  35. ProcessRWError -Read-   at LBA 00132034  Sense Code=C3160080
  36. RTL exceeded
  37. Starting LBA of RW Request=00132038  Length=000000E0
  38. ProcessRWError -Read-   at LBA 001320C6  Sense Code=C3160080
  39. RTL exceeded
  40. Starting LBA of RW Request=001320C8  Length=00000050
  41. ProcessRWError -Read-   at LBA 001320F5  Sense Code=C3160080
  42. RTL exceeded
  43.  RECOV Servo Op=0065 Resp=0005
  44.  RECOV Servo Op=0165 Resp=0005
  45. No HOST FIS-ReadyStatusFlags 0002A185

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